Razer Phone Unboxing - My New Daily Driver?

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Unboxing the Razer Phone. The first phone from Razer simply titled "Razer Phone". The Razer Phone features several smartphone firsts including the first 120Hz display and the likely the best speakers ever on a smartphone. The Razer Phone also features a Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB Ram and dual 12-megapixel cameras (one wide, one telephoto). Positioned as a gaming smartphone I think the Razer Phone will have mass appeal. It's got a simple matte black design and solid build. Razer was able to pack the fingerprint scanner into the frame as a combo power/lock/fingerprint switch. This unusual implementation proves to be quite convenient. The display isn't as bright as OLED and the camera app leaves something to be desired but the overall package is quite compelling. I'll be inserting my SIM into the Razer Phone and using it as my new daily driver for a while.
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Ethan F
Ethan F 3 oy oldin
A bald head
Jovan Stojkovic
Jovan Stojkovic 3 oy oldin
What is the song you played to sample the speaker???
Tony Patal
Tony Patal 4 oy oldin
can i have your old pixel or any of your used mobile? please..... from a huge fan of yours
kevin baunsit
kevin baunsit 4 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy the best phone for gaming, i wish i could have this phone..😢😢
War Teddys
War Teddys 17 soat oldin
I watched this because I was a little unsure about saving up for one of these as the Razer phone 2 is out, its also more expensive, so now that I now whats good about it and bad about it i'm Happy and i'm gonna buy one of these phone'snow
JIMUSI ROKASHI 3 kun oldin
This Phone Better than Iphone and pc
ĐÈŁTÁ-ÇØRÊ 7 kun oldin
Does the logo at the back change color??
carlug03 8 kun oldin
are this water proof ?
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 8 kun oldin
8:06 -Eating fries and foreign items from between my vehicles seats - THAT TURNS ME ON !!
Corey Franklin
Corey Franklin 9 kun oldin
Hahaha, that impression is funny
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 9 kun oldin
If razer was eco friendly ERAZER
Senjin Omukae
Senjin Omukae 13 kun oldin
Umm sorry, but was the price even mentioned?? are you making this video for the consumer, or for the company??
Maisam Mohamed
Maisam Mohamed 15 kun oldin
Dose any one know what is the name of the song he plays to tests the phones speakers???? ANYONE. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
paulo deleon
paulo deleon 17 kun oldin
Better specs than my printer
JACOB MCCONNELL 17 kun oldin
Is the s9 superior to this, except for ram coz I know s9 only has 6gb, but is the display and audio etc superior in the s9?
Julian Rinck
Julian Rinck 18 kun oldin
holy shit is this epic
Himmy Harson
Himmy Harson 18 kun oldin
Isnt this the second phone they made
arnold estrella
arnold estrella 18 kun oldin
Lew..can you make an unboxing video using a smartphone with one of your best camera.... Since you've been mentioning some of phones with best cameras... Hello from Philippines
Chιmεrα 18 kun oldin
But can it run Minecraft?
IRONHUNTER.OW. 20 kun oldin
so...... a phone turns u on ?!?!? U fucked up man.....
Shadow Cow
Shadow Cow 20 kun oldin
Samsung s8?
jeremy james
jeremy james 20 kun oldin
I've been following y'all for a min. But I still don't know who's music you are playing🤔 This phone is on a new level. Everybody else better step there game up.
Tunga Paynter
Tunga Paynter 24 kun oldin
hey man could u do a video on the Asus ROG phone
gamer knight
gamer knight 26 kun oldin
2:04 .....processing.........
Manuel Elias
Manuel Elias 26 kun oldin
pick 12 phones a year and use each for at least 1 month to make a fair judgment on a phone
AndroidosZ PSZ
AndroidosZ PSZ 26 kun oldin
Its a heavy ass s#$@ phone. Razer software on it sucks and the camera??... wel you don't have one that's how bad it is!
Osan Shouo
Osan Shouo 27 kun oldin
19DEC - $360 NIB... cant wait
Penguin King
Penguin King 28 kun oldin
this phone better than my laptop and my brother's iPhone
Racer Gaming Phone 1337: RTX 2080Ti 128 Gigs of RAM Intel Core I9-9900k
Mister Turnbull
Like all razer products it will work for a year or so and then slowly die on you
vitaemin nn
vitaemin nn Oy oldin
Can you tell me the box measurements i hv to recreate the whole box as a designing assignment soo can u plz tell me the exact thickness, height, and breadth of the box. i would really appreciate it ^^
Ian Bell
Ian Bell Oy oldin
somebody made a phone for me.
Manny Oy oldin
So 1 year later... is Razer still making phones? Was this a success?
Josias Maldonado
Josias Maldonado 21 kun oldin
I guess, Razer phone 2 came out a while back
valentino stojko
Coach Sander
Coach Sander Oy oldin
if im not wrong, a company that is makes gaming computers actualy got better specs than most apple products
Visham Brock
Visham Brock Oy oldin
you looks like connor mc greagor..
Henry Montejo
Henry Montejo Oy oldin
Sony Xperia is good to
Keep It Colour
“You need a device that will give you breath taking visuals, cinematic audio and the power to last all day...” ***cough*** ***cough*** Samsung S9 Plus & Note9 ***cough*** ***cough***
Kjell-Philipp H.
There are humans loving other humans. There are humans loving cars. There are humans loving trains. ... I think I'm in love with a company.
Phil Thomas
Phil Thomas Oy oldin
these bad mfs are only $400 now 0_0 next phone
Akshit Garg
Akshit Garg Oy oldin
4:50 Why it has a Nova Launcher
rain Patterson
Does it come unlocked internationally? Say like in trinidad and tobago
Elite Swag
Elite Swag Oy oldin
Anything is possible including a gaming headphone
Aryan vinod
Aryan vinod Oy oldin
What is the cost of this phone
Byron Filer
Byron Filer 22 kun oldin
Aryan vinod yes
nicolas romero nc r
The only bad think is to much plastic in the front.. more screen and it will be a very good phone to try....
King Gaming
King Gaming Oy oldin
This is gaming focused and isnt focused on looks
El. Wichorris
El. Wichorris Oy oldin
The phone of my dreams but the desing nahhhhh
WeWz PH Oy oldin
Dominic Murphy
Is there cases?
Vergixx 2 oy oldin
You said aluminium wrong
Byron Filer
Byron Filer 22 kun oldin
Vergixx he is american
balaj Zubair
balaj Zubair 2 oy oldin
Subhan Arshad
Subhan Arshad 2 oy oldin
Bro which is the country and price
young turd
young turd 2 oy oldin
I'm going to buy this phone
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 2 oy oldin
Dude, do u always celebrate winter⛷️⛷️⛷️
Chantel Northwest
This is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen I just broke my phone u bet I’m getting this
Truth Facts
Truth Facts 2 oy oldin
PubG ?
TerrarianGamer 2 oy oldin
My dream phone
Delta W
Delta W 2 oy oldin
Warning if you plan to have a 120hz screen phone you cant reverse back to 60hz, trust me xD
Lucas Brambila
Lucas Brambila 2 oy oldin
Please, I know this is an old video but please, could you do a comparison with the razor 2 camera ?
KenPlayz 2 oy oldin
How much does it cost
darksidE playz
darksidE playz 2 oy oldin
Someday razer will make razer calcurator with mechanical keys and lightning
John Khe
John Khe 2 oy oldin
Chris Racer
Chris Racer 2 oy oldin
You must do an Unboxing of "JACK"
Ryan Gerlach
Ryan Gerlach 2 oy oldin
what's in the box!?!?
Smoke Chungus
Smoke Chungus 2 oy oldin
My old phone (Sony Xperia 5) has a finger print unlock too on the power button
Byron Filer
Byron Filer 22 kun oldin
Guddle weird flex but ok
own idea new creation
Please make Hindi video
Razor company is out here finessing.
K. T
K. T 3 oy oldin
The OS is like the Sony Xperia
razer phone
razer phone 3 oy oldin
Watching this on my Razer phone
brruuu h
brruuu h 3 oy oldin
If any of y'all have this phone please tell me ur feedback...
ganesan balasubramaniam
Hope you could do review razor phone 2 and check does it have camera function slow motion
VoReason 3 oy oldin
I wish apple cared about their customers like other companies do...apple seems to do what they want and expect us to conform...other companies do things to make us like them...I mean a customized SIM card ejector.?! That different, unique...I mean just look at that box.! It’s sexy.! 😭😤
Adrian Berceanu
Adrian Berceanu 3 oy oldin
make a razer phone 2 unboxing
Zidane Kaul
Zidane Kaul 3 oy oldin
John JMC
John JMC 3 oy oldin
Are you doing the Razer 2 phone ? And if so when
Ben Shafik
Ben Shafik 3 oy oldin
Just saying don’t buy this just get a normal Samsung smartphone like S9 this kind of stuff isint the best
Heavy metal things
Better than iPhone X?
GhostForce X
GhostForce X 3 oy oldin
Razer 2 vs Samsung Note 9
Yoboma 2020
Yoboma 2020 3 oy oldin
do the razer phone 2
Nilesh Christopher
Do Razer 2 please
oh_that_person 3 oy oldin
Looks like the old Nextbit Robin
oh_that_person 3 oy oldin
It was one of my fave phones wonder if I can trade it in lol
oh_that_person 3 oy oldin
I had the prequel phone nice
oh_that_person 3 oy oldin
Knew it. It is Nextbit was bought by Razer go figure
Jarrett Paige
Jarrett Paige 3 oy oldin
I'm excited to see you Razer Phone 2 Review
Ans Ahmad
Ans Ahmad 3 oy oldin
Looks like a sony phone
Goldi legend
Goldi legend 3 oy oldin
The intro is ridiculous😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel 3 oy oldin
Uncle Lew, please unbox Razor Phone 2.0!!!!! Will be waiting!
S.A.T. Something About Technology
I think Razer phones is brother of Sony phones 😀😀😁😁
Sadnan Sadique
Sadnan Sadique 3 oy oldin
Do the Razer phone 2
fawaz jabareen
fawaz jabareen 3 oy oldin
please give me the phone and i will stop smoking i promise
DR_BOOM 3 oy oldin
I can’t wait to get this
Piigle 3 oy oldin
Proud that my laptop still has better specs
JesseTooSaucy YT
JesseTooSaucy YT 3 oy oldin
I’m a Razer fanboy not gonna lie
talin nalo
talin nalo 3 oy oldin
Itay kadosh
Itay kadosh 3 oy oldin
oh yeah going from 60 to 120 is a HUGE jump
THE EYEPATCH 3 oy oldin
basically humans are using all the tech and brains to make that slab in yo pocket better and better while problems like poverty,starvation homeless go unchecked....
THE EYEPATCH 3 oy oldin
apple will soon go extince hehehe......,
Matteo De Vellis
Matteo De Vellis 3 oy oldin
I hate that high refresh rate is synonymous with gaming. 120Hz makes nagvigating and using the phone so much nicer. I would've totally gotten this phone but I straight up hate Razer. I love this phone and I don't care that it doesn't have a headphone jack and a shitty camera. I can live without those things. But I can't live with trusting Razer for warranty and build quality
Viko Viko
Viko Viko 3 oy oldin
just perfection... have no words
Bmax gaming
Bmax gaming 3 oy oldin
How much does it cost ?and what network does it work with?
Galaxy Snack
Galaxy Snack 3 oy oldin
3:44 shooting stars?
Guesty 1337
Guesty 1337 3 oy oldin
Why has Razor not build in a razor blade into that phone man, THEIR COMPANY IS CALLED RAZOR, ok sorry razor don't kill me please.
Michael Sal
Michael Sal 3 oy oldin
I think any high end company can create a "perfect" phone. They just won't do it. For various reasons (not necessarily bad reasons or sheer profit etc).