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Reacting to my first youtube video!
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Isabel Valenzuela
Isabel Valenzuela 3 kun oldin
I love this girl 😂
WhateverRetarded 3 kun oldin
"Damn bitch that's a zoom!" LMAO!! I literally laughed so hard!! Loved this
Ashhleyy vlogs123
Ashhleyy vlogs123 4 kun oldin
You look in drag makeup in this video, and your personality seems toxic. I am pretty sure this is just a video and does not capture your true personality? As a result, you should be careful on how to represent yourself on the internet. I like 2011 makeup better haha
J M 5 kun oldin
You’re a mean girl to yourself lol...Do you react like that to other girls videos who are starting out on UZvid?
Kylieinthehouse 7 kun oldin
You're too hard on yourself. You look totally presentable, pretty, and nothing is wrong with your lips.
Fair_Valley 8 kun oldin
I miss the Jaclyn you tore apart. You and Your lips were fine and you and not the standard over done beauty guru shape.
LocalBlackAndRed -PhPl
I pick the first video any day. You were human.
jlynn8934 14 kun oldin
Girl you are so hilarious calling yourself out on everything! Don't be too critical though, we love that sweet part of you! Yhough admitedly I was feeling pretty anxious too with that zoom too, lol. I gotta say I always thought your lips were super cute, but we all see ourselves differently 🙂 And, by the way, this present-day makeup look here is on POINT. Bea-u-ti-ful. Happy to be seeing the fresh you (maybe bring back some of your cute dorky bloopers once in a while tho too 😉😘)
Ngoc Amanda Vlog
Ngoc Amanda Vlog 20 kun oldin
Thank you..
Malisa Dee and Family
Not saying this to be mean but like you better in early days. You looker better as well.
EandPTV 23 kun oldin
Omg no way!!! I used to work in Natick Mall and now live in Florida too 🤗
Pixie Willow
Pixie Willow 25 kun oldin
Why does this bitch look so busted? Looks like she's been beaten in the face compared to back then.
Margot Brown
Margot Brown 28 kun oldin
Jaclyn can you please do a video on the make up you wore in this video (the reaction video)!? Thank you!
La Bonita
La Bonita Oy oldin
Why are you so stuck up? We like simple, natural. Not the Oh my gosh stuck up type... We will still watch you... We are happy for you that you rank up big time, but why the need to omg you bitch like ughhh... smh
Emp1re_ Val93
Emp1re_ Val93 Oy oldin
Everyone here is acting like you wouldn't talk shit to your past self, damn. Lol
Starlight Rose
If she tore herself apart the way that she did just imagine how she judges other people 💀
maggie 16 kun oldin
We’re our own worse critic. It can also be a defensive mechanism. But let’s not act like we don’t judge either. It’s judgement to say what you have too don’t you think.
Jozie Herrington
Wasn’t insecure about my forehead wrinkles until now 😅
Lexi May
Lexi May Oy oldin
Lol seriously!!!!
Jozie Herrington
Wasn’t insecure about my forehead wrinkles until now 😅
Melissa Schram
Why does everyone think she's tearing herself down? Have you never looked at a picture of yourself from way back when and though "yea, that wasn't a good idea." God I jump on myself for having literal pencil thin eyebrows so bad, no one should of let me out the damn house.
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Please don't make the bitchy face like when you are speaking about how often you had used the pigments....it is really hard but it actually succeeds in making you even uglier.... you do realize that your husband's buddy wouldn't have touched you with his worst enemies dick if you didn't have money....well, after the Vault we will see how long the money AND the relationship last....not long methinks!
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
OMG you actually look passing human in the first video.... you are way prettier then... I have no clue what happened to make your face so HUGE but it was ok then.... I bet you regret whatever you had done that makes you look like an Orange harvest Moon! You didn't have piggy eyes back then....are you blind woman?
sanaya tiva
sanaya tiva Oy oldin
oh she is back..sshe is back in zoom again!!!!!!😆
majamenos Oy oldin
What a terrible reaction video!
Bao Bai Vue
Bao Bai Vue Oy oldin
Your too cute and funny lol!!
Demetra Dema
Demetra Dema Oy oldin
I actually enjoyed Jackly Hill here, I like seeing her vulnerable, humble side
Tristyn Higgins
You honestly sound so stuck up now. I used to love watching you. I’m glad you see it now and you’re trying to fix it. But you should really learn to be more humble and not so snooty.
Liv Morrell
Liv Morrell Oy oldin
I relate to 2018 Jaclyn in this video. Everything that she is saying is because she’s so anxious watching herself. She’s thinking “I’m just saying what everyone is thinking.” She pointed out past Jac being insecure but shows us that living with insecurities and anxieties is something you will always live with. Jaclyn is so relatable to me, personally. She ignites my dreams and helps me overcome my insecurities and anxiety.
Holly Donnelly
“You shoulda used some fix plus BITCH!” 💀 😂
Julia Oy oldin
I see so many negative comments. LET HER GLOW UP! She's def feeling better with herself now and that what counts
Drexyn Ramsey
Drexyn Ramsey Oy oldin
Don’t be so hard on yourself! You didn’t know then what you know now, beautiful! 💕
Valerie Rosel
Valerie Rosel Oy oldin
O. M. G. I think I love you again. You are so freaking funny. Gotta get that palette with sable and soft brown look alikes, since they aren’t available at my MAC in Italy. Stay funny sweetie! Proud of you!
Summer Tanner
Summer Tanner Oy oldin
The face you make when you are highlighting in your video has me DYING 😂😂😂
Janie McDowell
I hated this. Unsubscribing
Alizé Moon
Alizé Moon Oy oldin
Judie with my LifeAsKikay
I'm glad you didn't ''Just stop!'' because then we wouldn't have all the beautiful products and YOU that we have today. Right now I'm where you were in that very video. Watching big youtubers first videos are always encouraging to me haha!
rick burton
rick burton Oy oldin
why u trashed urself!!! he entire video was sad! u wouldnt be where u r now had it not been for THAT video!!
Lance Wright
Lance Wright Oy oldin
Omg. I never comment. But, honestly.. to see you pick yourself apart and talking about this “ girl without anything “ is not only sad but also insulting to so many people around the world who just want to learn.. and not be a puppet for social media. I would highly suggest you sitting down and making a video exactly like that first one you did. So so disappointing
longlegladies Oy oldin
When I was insecure 😟 lol..... was
Monica Mejia
Monica Mejia Oy oldin
The irony in the description. “No negativity on my channel please blah blah blah”
LidiaChavaque Oy oldin
I would a million times rather watch the first video than her now.
cherry pop
cherry pop Oy oldin
wow! you are very mentally ill. i hope you'll aspire to be the girl you once were at some stage. take care, its a tough ride!.
patricia mcnulty
You still looked beautiful....Gorgeous eyes!
Amber Lopez
Amber Lopez Oy oldin
You used to be so much more genuine/nice 😐
Lisa Fanucchi
Lisa Fanucchi Oy oldin
Your lips were pretty!!!
Mariah Michels
Why do I love Jaclyn hill so much
Kirsty Williams
Very sad watching this I’d much rather watch your older videos then your newer ones
My nose is broken too. I hate it. I've been considering taking up the allergy mask like the japanese
Yen Huynh
Yen Huynh Oy oldin
Just because you are a “somebody” right now doesn’t mean you can give your “past” self such criticism. If it wasn’t because of that “imperfect” person, you wouldn’t be here today. Maybe you’re “trying” to be funny in this video but I think you’re doing too much. It just shows money and fame changes some people dramatically. 🙄
Jasmine Guyette
You've grown so much. Your hilarious 😂
PinsNdisney Oy oldin
We really are our own worst enemies/critics aren’t we?! Geez that was hard to watch .. and I’m not talking about your screen recording. Be kind to yourself. 🙏🏼
Victoria Pearce
everyone is so overly sensitive in these comments, give her a break man
Candis Carnegie
this is my first time watching a jaclyn hill make up video. I stumbled upon her closet video and couldn't finish it. I'm all for touting ur success, but it was too much. it's a good thing the girl in the first video is the one that started off bc this one here in the white who imo looks entirely too washed out with her lighting, white outfit, and make up is unbearable! clearly I am not her target audience. I agree w/the posts below...2018 jaclyn is so mean, snarky, and critical of original jaclyn. these make up tutorial gurus get a little coin, house, and collab deal and they forget their humble beginnings. PLUS each and every single one of their channels are the SAME make up styles with the same make up and same cosmetic fillers. IDK what the future holds for any of 'em, but the bottom has to fall out at some point. hopefully her back up plan is strong or her future kids kill her with kindness. #byegirl
Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope Oy oldin
I love when you were a teacher and you would describe every step
Kate Stults
Kate Stults Oy oldin
Amanda Candi
Amanda Candi Oy oldin
You guysssss with the negative comments... I love how much she laughs at herself. I laugh at myself all of the time. It’s not sad 🤣 it’s called growth. She’s not on a high horse, she’s living with her success. She’s proud of herself. Let her enjoy it.
ZenMaster Oy oldin
I like Jaclyn and her videos, but honestly, I haven't seen one in a really long time. When did she get all the work done? The nose, lips, teeth? I know it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, its all in one's head, but I think she looked better before all the work. She's gotten very "moon" face. The overly smooth and puffy face. It's kind of weird. It's what makes her happy I guess. It's just distracting when we were used to what she did look like before.
Erin Elizabeth
If you talk this badly about yourself, I could only imagine how badly you react to someone else’s video.
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams 2 oy oldin
October 8, 2014 “What’s in my bag” video. Jaclyn I love you and I’m proud of you but please go watch this.
kady's vlogs
kady's vlogs 2 oy oldin
To much lighting ???🤔 idk
Fairy Brow Mother
Omg, be nicer to baby Jaclyn!!
Vilde93 2 oy oldin
Katlin Boswell
Katlin Boswell 2 oy oldin
I love you girl! So happy to see you so happy
Maheen Shaiq
Maheen Shaiq 2 oy oldin
I love the way you used to explain and teach. It's why I subscribed to you in the first place. No one taught like you but then you stopped teaching. Hoping to see you bring that back and stop with the editing out clean ups, etc., because we need to learn those too.
FEMININJA 2 oy oldin
your eyes look so different!!!! Maybe it's just the lighting
FEMININJA 2 oy oldin
You just look so rich in this video lmao queen Jaclyn
Stephanie Marzuola
I love the super zoomed in shot. I feel like when it’s too far away, I can’t really get an idea of what’s happening, especially as it comes to eyeliner. Watching lots of beauty UZvidrs, I’ve always wanted more zoom than less! 👀 thanks for keeping it really and inspiring us to keep learning and keep playing!
Well Jasmine Noel make sure you address that feeling to everyone who felt the same way.. buh bye now.
Rachel Lynne
Rachel Lynne 2 oy oldin
Woww I can't believe you used to work at the MAC in Natick!! I went there all the time around that time and i probably saw you there at one point and didn't even know! That's so crazy to think about because i now work in that mall
Bridget Pressley
Bridget Pressley 2 oy oldin
I can't even finish watching this with your mean girl attitude. Girl bye.
Stefanie Vella Cortis
Can we have a tutorial of this look!
Jess Lock
Jess Lock 2 oy oldin
Stop not picking at yourself lol you were awesome then and are amazing now ! Love u Jac keep up the great work !
Dri Dri's Food Diary
The bloopers always made me laugh ❣️
M Hall
M Hall 2 oy oldin
I opted out of watching this video at first but I decided to watch it. I love you so much Jaclyn but I wasn’t a fan. You almost seem like a mean girl. It makes me sad
angela garza
angela garza 2 oy oldin
The first video that I Watched from you was when you were filming in your kitchen like 5-6 years ago. You were my inspiration to make my YT channel, so thank you for that 😘 you are awesome and beautiful ❤️
Erin Wilks
Erin Wilks 2 oy oldin
Dont speak about younger girls so critically hmm
Jilon 2 oy oldin
STOP TALKING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! YOU SOUND RIDICULOUS!!! Like who are you trying to be?
Daniella Veras
Daniella Veras 2 oy oldin
This video is friggin hilarious girl! 😂😂
TheLazyHousewife 2 oy oldin
You go girl!! I love seeing how you started and now look at you! You’re extremely successful and doing you! 😃💕🤗
benita pira
benita pira 2 oy oldin
i laughed so hard thankyou just made my night ..
Valerie Gonzales
Valerie Gonzales 2 oy oldin
Well jacalyn! It looks to me like you made it! 😍
Penny dawn19
Penny dawn19 2 oy oldin
Wow the comments though. Everyone is their own worst critic. We all have insecurities about something.
Vibe J.
Vibe J. 2 oy oldin
I miss the bloopers!!! 😭😍😂
Sofi Murillo
Sofi Murillo 2 oy oldin
I laughed at this video so much!!! People need to lighten up. Jaclyn was very real in this video, you would all be lying to yourselves if you said you weren’t hard on yourself at all. I enjoyed this video, and she added her typical comedic comments to it that she always adds to her videos bc it’s her personality.
Kamisa 2 oy oldin
🙄 You're seriously too much.. Your lips weren't that damn small. Your lips now aren't really much bigger than your lips before.
monique bibby
monique bibby 2 oy oldin
I loved your bloopers 😂😍
Tsy Ch
Tsy Ch 2 oy oldin
It‘s Not thaaat bad tbh💕 I‘ve seen worse!
Bianca V
Bianca V 2 oy oldin
We’re really proud of you❤️
Nina Sama
Nina Sama 2 oy oldin
Hahahahahaha hahahahahha hahahaha ur so funny omg I love it
Tiffany Sanchez
Tiffany Sanchez 2 oy oldin
This was hilarious!
Raeneta Franklin
Raeneta Franklin 2 oy oldin
The stifling brush!😫😂 Don’t even get me started on my first video 😂 😘
Rose Mary
Rose Mary 2 oy oldin
I can now see why she’s now divorced!
Veronica Gomez
Veronica Gomez 2 oy oldin
Why??? Jaclyn why??? I wanna now why??? are you so hard to your self You do know that people that look up to you see this and you make them feel the same away about them self
Tatum Hinson
Tatum Hinson 2 oy oldin
I hate hearing her say “ex husband” it’s so sad
Jay TM
Jay TM 2 oy oldin
You let the internet change you girl
Jay TM
Jay TM 2 oy oldin
I started watching you 2-3 years ago and you’re nothing like before you are so different it’s break my heart
Jay TM
Jay TM 2 oy oldin
You judge yourself so much ! Like whyyyyy
Liza Gennaro
Liza Gennaro 2 oy oldin
OMG, I so needed this tonight. I just found you and and you are adorable! Thank you for making me laugh.
Mariah Anderson
Mariah Anderson 2 oy oldin
Yikes personality :(
KaJaySo Makeup
KaJaySo Makeup 2 oy oldin
Love this video, found this so inspiring.
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan 2 oy oldin
As you said every day you want to make your work or life even better than really one should never forget where you actually came from and from where you started . All the best jaclyn we all love you
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