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Reacting to my first youtube video!
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Rachel Lynne
Rachel Lynne 7 soat oldin
Woww I can't believe you used to work at the MAC in Natick!! I went there all the time around that time and i probably saw you there at one point and didn't even know! That's so crazy to think about because i now work in that mall
Bridget Pressley
I can't even finish watching this with your mean girl attitude. Girl bye.
Stefanie Vella
Stefanie Vella Kun oldin
Can we have a tutorial of this look!
Jess Lock
Jess Lock Kun oldin
Stop not picking at yourself lol you were awesome then and are amazing now ! Love u Jac keep up the great work !
Adriana Akuma
Adriana Akuma 2 kun oldin
The bloopers always made me laugh ❣️
M Hall
M Hall 2 kun oldin
I opted out of watching this video at first but I decided to watch it. I love you so much Jaclyn but I wasn’t a fan. You almost seem like a mean girl. It makes me sad
angela garza
angela garza 2 kun oldin
The first video that I Watched from you was when you were filming in your kitchen like 5-6 years ago. You were my inspiration to make my YT channel, so thank you for that 😘 you are awesome and beautiful ❤️
Erin Wilks
Erin Wilks 3 kun oldin
Dont speak about younger girls so critically hmm
Jilon 6 kun oldin
STOP TALKING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! YOU SOUND RIDICULOUS!!! Like who are you trying to be?
Daniella Veras
Daniella Veras 6 kun oldin
This video is friggin hilarious girl! 😂😂
TheLazyHousewife 6 kun oldin
You go girl!! I love seeing how you started and now look at you! You’re extremely successful and doing you! 😃💕🤗
benita pira
benita pira 6 kun oldin
i laughed so hard thankyou just made my night ..
Valerie Gonzales
Valerie Gonzales 6 kun oldin
Well jacalyn! It looks to me like you made it! 😍
Penny dawn19
Penny dawn19 6 kun oldin
Wow the comments though. Everyone is their own worst critic. We all have insecurities about something.
Vibe J.
Vibe J. 6 kun oldin
I miss the bloopers!!! 😭😍😂
Sofi Murillo
Sofi Murillo 7 kun oldin
I laughed at this video so much!!! People need to lighten up. Jaclyn was very real in this video, you would all be lying to yourselves if you said you weren’t hard on yourself at all. I enjoyed this video, and she added her typical comedic comments to it that she always adds to her videos bc it’s her personality.
Kamisa 7 kun oldin
🙄 You're seriously too much.. Your lips weren't that damn small. Your lips now aren't really much bigger than your lips before.
monique bibby
monique bibby 7 kun oldin
I loved your bloopers 😂😍
Slaydevayy 7 kun oldin
It‘s Not thaaat bad tbh💕 I‘ve seen worse!
Bianca V
Bianca V 7 kun oldin
We’re really proud of you❤️
Nina Sama
Nina Sama 7 kun oldin
Hahahahahaha hahahahahha hahahaha ur so funny omg I love it
Rubi R. Sanchez
Rubi R. Sanchez 7 kun oldin
The way you ripped yourself apart over things that don’t really matter is heart breaking. You were trying the best that you could and that was just the beginning of your journey, there’s allot you didn’t know back then in comparison to now. That’s the whole point is to learn and grow! NEVER! hold against yourself what you did not know it’s so unfair !
Tiffany Sanchez
Tiffany Sanchez 7 kun oldin
This was hilarious!
Raeneta Franklin
Raeneta Franklin 7 kun oldin
The stifling brush!😫😂 Don’t even get me started on my first video 😂 😘
Rose Mary
Rose Mary 7 kun oldin
I can now see why she’s now divorced!
Veronica Gomez
Veronica Gomez 8 kun oldin
Why??? Jaclyn why??? I wanna now why??? are you so hard to your self You do know that people that look up to you see this and you make them feel the same away about them self
Tatum Hinson
Tatum Hinson 8 kun oldin
I hate hearing her say “ex husband” it’s so sad
Jay TM
Jay TM 8 kun oldin
You let the internet change you girl
Jay TM
Jay TM 8 kun oldin
I started watching you 2-3 years ago and you’re nothing like before you are so different it’s break my heart
Jay TM
Jay TM 8 kun oldin
You judge yourself so much ! Like whyyyyy
Liza Gennaro
Liza Gennaro 9 kun oldin
OMG, I so needed this tonight. I just found you and and you are adorable! Thank you for making me laugh.
Mariah Anderson
Mariah Anderson 10 kun oldin
Yikes personality :(
KaJaySo Makeup
KaJaySo Makeup 11 kun oldin
Love this video, found this so inspiring.
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan 11 kun oldin
As you said every day you want to make your work or life even better than really one should never forget where you actually came from and from where you started . All the best jaclyn we all love you
Twentyøne Chemical dicos
her eyes are so hypnotizing in this video
Lyonna Reid
Lyonna Reid 14 kun oldin
I love how much you teach! It's the reason I started watching. Please continue!
Savannah Riel
Savannah Riel 15 kun oldin
“You should use some Fix Plus bitch!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead hahahaha
Nusrat Afrin
Nusrat Afrin 15 kun oldin
Don’t be so hard on yourself..you’re amazing..😘
fAixA qAyyUm
fAixA qAyyUm 15 kun oldin
You are our motivation
Tammy Versa
Tammy Versa 15 kun oldin
katie whaley
katie whaley 17 kun oldin
Rowyn Mitchell
Rowyn Mitchell 18 kun oldin
i don’t think there was anything wrong with her, i’m saying this because she was so so hard and negative and critical on herself. that’s where a lot of youtubers even right now are starting. everyyyybody has to start somewhere and jaclyn is a perfect representation of that. it’s crazy to see how far you’ve come jaclyn. love you
Rowyn Mitchell
Rowyn Mitchell 18 kun oldin
she looks so amazing in this video
Lauren Pacheco
Lauren Pacheco 18 kun oldin
i'm dying watching this. OMG, jaclyn you're hilarious. ps, your makeup looks fantastic. and your eyes are so amazing. this is a cool video.
Amanda Bowers
Amanda Bowers 18 kun oldin
Your teaching style is one of my favorite things about your videos! I love hearing about your technique and seeing every step to getting the final look!!
Regan Bennett
Regan Bennett 18 kun oldin
Very shallow
Lydia Andrew
Lydia Andrew 18 kun oldin
The besst😂
Shawnee Jerome
Shawnee Jerome 18 kun oldin
I actually really like the dance sessions you used to do❤️ and the singing. It made me laugh and it was just fun❤️
Andy  Beers
Andy Beers 18 kun oldin
Omg Nails game is fierce. You Rock
Michele Elehcim
Michele Elehcim 18 kun oldin
You look so freaking beautiful omg!!!
Franchesca Bulduan
Franchesca Bulduan 19 kun oldin
I used to watch u when u started. Until this day I remember some of your tutorials and even the backgrounds lol. And I remember this video! Been a fan since day one ☝️
Hailee Hutman
Hailee Hutman 20 kun oldin
Please do a video of this face you have on lol
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 22 kun oldin
You look amazing in this video, as usual though
Kelly, Kelly
Kelly, Kelly 22 kun oldin
Authentic vs well,not so much 🤔
Lauren Foster
Lauren Foster 24 kun oldin
I loved this video I was laughing right with you. Love the new energy keep it up!
Amaryllis Feliz
Amaryllis Feliz 25 kun oldin
I actually love This vídeo because as a beginner I am terrified to start. But seeing you look back at the starting point you definitely are on top of the line you are an awesome. inspiration.
Esmeralda Nava
Esmeralda Nava 25 kun oldin
Ur ur worst critic lol I think u did a good job back in the days
A Bugs Lifee
A Bugs Lifee 25 kun oldin
I loveeeee this video. I love the woman you are telling the young girl in you to stop talking down to yourself. Everyone’s hating for what?!
Nicole Fishburn
Nicole Fishburn 26 kun oldin
Lol I love this ! I love how your like talking shit to your self 😂😂your awesome
Alissa Greene
Alissa Greene 26 kun oldin
I'm sitting here getting mad at Jaclyn for being mean to Jaclyn. I'm like "Leave my baby alone! She gotta grow!"
Lisa Garofolo
Lisa Garofolo 26 kun oldin
She’s so stuck up. I can’t watch her anymore. 🤮
Julia Hennecke
Julia Hennecke 26 kun oldin
How money and fame can change people....:(
Susan V
Susan V 27 kun oldin
I love working in my garden so I like my stubby nails 😜
Vanessa Minser
Vanessa Minser 28 kun oldin
What was the lip gloss that you used after Candy Yum Yum?
Sonja So
Sonja So 28 kun oldin
Dear Jaclyn, it is so sad and bad how irreverent and disrespectful you are talking about YOURSELF :( I find as this was your first video you should be proud for the courage and it was really quiet good!
Darja 28 kun oldin
Girl why you being so hard on yourself
ERIKA PENA 28 kun oldin
Your bloopers I loveeeed!! That’s really why I continued to watch your videos because you kept it real and fun! Bring them back!!! 🙏🏻🙌😘 love you Jaclyn!
inno cat
inno cat 28 kun oldin
Seriously , I was laughing so hard while watching this , And I was curious about comment and when I have seen the comments lots of people do not like it, I think they took it too seriously but they are right though, myself too feeling same way like she was not watching herself but some other person video , I think her thinking is change and may be I understand why she did that bcz "before someone else criticized sh already accept her weak side so anyone can not make her mood off." Btw after watching this video and comments I want to see another video of your reacting and answer these comment. REQUEST PLZZZ
Natalie Clark
Natalie Clark 29 kun oldin
Honestly you are such a disrespectful narcissistic shit head. All of us fell in love with you back then for the way you were THEN!!!! You should be thanking that Jaclyn back then because without her you couldn’t be the snotty materialistic obnoxious person you are now. Without that Jaclyn you wouldn’t have all of us who supported you then even when your lighting wasn’t great or your video quality was fuzzy. We didn’t know any better! UZvid wasn’t the production back that like it is today. It was real it was authentic and that’s what captivated the millions of us who literally would stay up until all hours of the night watching your videos over and over because you were amazing and such a damn great makeup artist! We are all fully aware you will never be the same but damn shut up already. You’re just an insecure today as you say you were back then. Probably more now than ever because you have the entire world looking at you with everything to lose. Be humble and appreciative of your growth instead of acting like Regina George. It’s not a good look at all. You really need to think about more than just yourself. You’re offending every single one of us that watched THOSE videos over and over again and loved them.
Simply X Mari
Simply X Mari 29 kun oldin
Love this 😂 and thanks for the positive words ❤️❤️
Abbie Kramer
Abbie Kramer 29 kun oldin
And I miss the bloopers :-( Those were what made you seem real and relatable. Bring 'em back!
Abbie Kramer
Abbie Kramer 29 kun oldin
Note to self: don't start a youtube channel because apparently you will be ashamed of it and make fun of yourself years later :-(
Jessica Crowe
Jessica Crowe 29 kun oldin
I loved the bloopers!! They are my favorite part!
Sarah Browning
New to your channel sweets!! Saw you on james’ channel and thought I’d check you out!! I’m new to the whole UZvid thing and defiantly adding you to my list!! Love love 😘😘🇦🇺
Sarah G
Sarah G Oy oldin
This is my absolute FAVE love ya
Karla G
Karla G Oy oldin
You are still with anxiety and depression.
I C Oy oldin
I like the down to earth, natural Jaclyn....not being mean, just keeping it real.
Catarina Ostafi
gurl you just lost a subscriber. the way you act towards your past self!! makes me wonder what you're truly like with other people. you keep pointing physical 'flaws' that all people have and they're perfectly normal! You keep going like ' oh did you know Kim? cause you knew her sooo well' . You don't even truly know her now. And who cares??? It's about the make up techniques and tricks not about who you know. I never leave harsh comments but gurl...get over yourself!
Victoria Nicole Blaha
This is inspiring. Um working on my channel now and I do that even know where to start. It's about makeup, fashion, and my health journey since I deal with PCOS and hypothyroidism. I always get discouraged by my own self and insecurities. This video and your ending inspiration makes me want to continue trying to make my first video. Well...my first makeup/fashion video. I have one up of my American Idol Audition. LOL Thank you, Jaclyn!
stephanie p
stephanie p Oy oldin
Should of used fix plus bitch ...😂😂😂😂❤️
Luna Sf
Luna Sf Oy oldin
I'm honestly living for this nail color. I'd love to know what it is.
Kelliann DeCarlo
I thought this was HILARIOUS
Kelliann DeCarlo
DYING hahahahahahahahahahaha
Katherine Japour
Started from the bottom now you're there!
Adele W
Adele W Oy oldin
Love the words of wisdom :)
Ruby Rose_8
Ruby Rose_8 Oy oldin
Can you do a house tour please
Tommi Whittenbrug
Yasss!! girl you inspire me in life so much. You are so strong. just wanted to show you some love!!! Also this is Katie D. im using my coworkers account to watch your videos at work lol.
Amber Harbour
Amber Harbour Oy oldin
This video really made me not enjoy watching Jaclyn.
Sierraa Veanueva
I love you and you have such strong even through your hard time and how you talk about how you were at your lowest and still followed your dreams thanks for being role model
learn more about you
She have amazing eyes 🐱
Adriana Caraballo
Exaggerating much 😑 young Jac was popping
Rosemary E
Rosemary E Oy oldin
What lip are you wearing, it's absolutely gorgeous
Rebecca DUiese
I love love love you!! Your personality is so beautiful😭😍 !! Don’t u ever change xx
Marlee Hoffman
I love you❤️ You’ve inspired me to do what I’ve been wanting to do and start my own channel. I’m scared and nervous about it, but the best things in life are never easy. Love you Jaclyn!
judith morales
Gurl!!! You look 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 with dark hair ❤️
Indra Bravo
Indra Bravo Oy oldin
I've been a fan for awhile now, but after seeing this pretty much says what fame (money) does to a person. Always remember where you started from. Luxury never last long.
Rafaela Carvalho
It’s funny because I used to live in Florida and now I live in boston
Kate Simpson
Kate Simpson Oy oldin
I actually really loved how you used to teach so much! Btw your eyes look so perfect!!! As usual, though 😉
Kailey Crocker
I have candy yum-yum
JustMeXO Oy oldin
Stfu!!! Hahaha you are so damn cute in this video. "No,no,no don't do that" I fucking love you. This would so be me if I made a video like this. Oh btw I used to love your lips, besides your personality that was one of my favorite things about you. Weird.....I know!