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The best way to keep warm in January is with a roast..... of myself... by you guys... and a fast food joint.. and a famous drag queen. Watch me react to my subscribers break my heart and make me cry while I roast myself into a juicy fx burn makeup look.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Glam&Gore 2 oy oldin
For the curious: the burn looks blue because of the color correction on the video- I use the same correction every video & it doesn’t look blue on my screen so I didn’t realize! My bad! -crispy smurf
DeetsterB 5 kun oldin
Glam&Gore just made me think of Nightcrawler from the X-men. Same shade of blue. I imagined him getting set fire by Pyro.
Alana Adams
Alana Adams 12 kun oldin
I want to see a horror teletubbie
Gail Tennant
Gail Tennant 13 kun oldin
we Stan a crispy Smurf xD
{Gacha Raven}
{Gacha Raven} 17 kun oldin
Crispy Smurf........ Can I please go did in a hole? Thank you very much.
Taegan Yeet
Taegan Yeet 20 kun oldin
Glam&Gore the burn side of your face is when you take off your makeup. JK I love you sooooooo much I even used duo eye lash glue to copy your tutorials ❤️❤️😘
Keira Langemann
Keira Langemann 2 soat oldin
that shoulder blob tho
Sleepy Smurf
Sleepy Smurf 4 soat oldin
*I guess William's nickname is "Willy" then.*
Celine Kwai
Celine Kwai 5 soat oldin
What's her intro say
Zoe’s Planet X
Zoe’s Planet X 21 soat oldin
Her a$$ is how I know “pancake a$$ syndrome” is a thing. P.S - I am sorry zombae queen
Sammi Tackel
Sammi Tackel Kun oldin
I think it’s so cute that Mykie thinks she can take someone’s life with a pallet knife.
Emma Fitch
Emma Fitch Kun oldin
You are as close to getting a boyfriend as your eyebrows are to hair line Lol soorrryy myke
seacat 82
seacat 82 Kun oldin
Your face in this video looks like a cartoon moon
Simply Strawberrylover
I toth this was a burn makeup tutorial not a burger makeup tutorial(Sorry I love you and your content)🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔
Love is what is
Love is what is 2 kun oldin
Behind Mykies adorable laughing there is just slight pain behind them eyes.
Skylar Winchester
Skylar Winchester 2 kun oldin
I can't find the original tweet to find these roasts :(
Kris King
Kris King 2 kun oldin
One might say it’s an 8 head
This isnt a roast but your laugh is so adorable😂💕 I literally can’t roast ppl it is so hard for me lol
Hp _ socialmediaspam
Not a roast, but sometimes the way you talk/joke reminds me of Jenna Marbles. I love watching her vlogs too.
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 3 kun oldin
I hated birdbox too
Kestalami Kun oldin
Ik it sucked
mitzy V
mitzy V 3 kun oldin
Your eyebrows are about as real as your love life-Mitzy
Kestalami Kun oldin
Yet she has the sweetest most loving bf lmao
G_ A
G_ A 3 kun oldin
Like you're super pretty and I love your video's, you seem so nice I think you should bring out your own cosmetic brand
Sheila Aaa
Sheila Aaa 4 kun oldin
I'm so curious to see you roast bird box, i also didn't liked the movie
Mary Webster
Mary Webster 4 kun oldin
is her natural hair color brown?
Kestalami Kun oldin
Dark Potato
Dark Potato 4 kun oldin
(Btw I’m so sorry but I just thought of a good roast) when you made yourself into an alien astronaut I didn’t see a difference (I’m sorry 😂)
Libby Hands
Libby Hands 4 kun oldin
Your tan looks like someone rubbed Cheeto dust all over you, but the packet ran out.... (Love ya mykie!!!!)
Shauna Riggs
Shauna Riggs 4 kun oldin
Love you Mykie but...i think that burn made Freddy Crouger body concious.
Danny O’Flanagan
Danny O’Flanagan 4 kun oldin
Will-am he’ll kill you for mispronouncing his name,get him on and make him,look like a human 😂🏳️‍🌈
Tom Storm
Tom Storm 3 kun oldin
(You call a drag queen the women that they are when they're in drag :) ) Ya no she better roast Mykie back lmao
Emma Cerak
Emma Cerak 4 kun oldin
Okay why was this look blue
danielle g
danielle g 4 kun oldin
mykie is such a great person. even though a drag queen is roasting her she still has the respect to call her “her”❤️
naye v
naye v 5 kun oldin
Girl you really cute dont let ppl put you done hit me up on snapchat Papi_Chuloo98
Izzy does not make videos
mykie i love ur spray tan no joke dont change a thing about yourself
DeetsterB 5 kun oldin
I can’t roast you. I just love watching your videos too much and find you fun! BTW the blue made me think you were going for Nightcrawler being burned by Pyro. Same shade of blue.
i. Chaerin
i. Chaerin 5 kun oldin
PLZ DO THE BIRDBOX VIDEO!! Cmon I’d love yo see your take on it
Juliana Estrada
Juliana Estrada 5 kun oldin
You seem like that person in a horror movie that hears something outside goes to see what it is and locks the door behind them.
HANNAH FREI 5 kun oldin
I got a roast I cant tell if you are saying "water" or "what are"
Amanda Duncan
Amanda Duncan 5 kun oldin
I think that's why you dont have eyebrows they got scared cause every time you looked in the mirror they died so they fell of
Amanda Duncan
Amanda Duncan 5 kun oldin
Whenever you go somewhere scary you arnt scared because you've seen yourself in the mirror so many times🤔😎
Luna Cordillera
Luna Cordillera 5 kun oldin
I would roast you but my mom said not to burn trash
Grace 5 kun oldin
Omg it would look good with holo lipgloss (I am weird) 🙃
Alexia Sato
Alexia Sato 6 kun oldin
Blue, burnt babe. (With blood...)
Hannah Safrit
Hannah Safrit 6 kun oldin
Mykie, your fake tan tho........ you’re so cute pale. Keep the pale ❤️
Ronan at 2fps
Ronan at 2fps 6 kun oldin
When lamp shading gets to a new level of insecurity SOS I can’t roast
Bunnygirl18 6 kun oldin
Ok I have something idk if it’s a roast *mykie is looking for stuff and I walk over* me: hey what are you looking for? mykie: my eyebrows. Me: oh, I can’t help you with that they’re to far gone I hope I spelled it right, tell me if I didn’t.
Bunnygirl18 6 kun oldin
Ok this isn’t a roast but, you’re so flamin hot your burned
AWSOMNESS Z 6 kun oldin
your laugh changes every single time
The group of friends
How to be you 101
Panda Baddie
Panda Baddie 6 kun oldin
i know im late but heres my roast or mean comment, when you have no makeup on you look like a ball sack, sorry hun love you and your vids!
the 7th grade emo phase
true birdbox sucks
Veronika Marinov
Veronika Marinov 6 kun oldin
Her copyright is expired!
Jacqueline Fink
Jacqueline Fink 6 kun oldin
Your personality is awful. You seem wayy too fake when you try so hard to be "relatable."
Team M Squad
Team M Squad 7 kun oldin
I need to do somthing to I’m sorry here I go you look like Donald Trump with the Orange tan OMG IM SO SORRYYYY btw I love you and your videos
BANANA QUEEN 7 kun oldin
Your tan is worse than my love life And it’s DOA Love u ❤️
Shanie Beauty
Shanie Beauty 7 kun oldin
When she falls and breaks her head open and the panic isn’t because she’s gonna die but because if she does she wont be able to turn it into fx (not really a roast)
The Life Of Liv
The Life Of Liv 7 kun oldin
19:35 😂
Naomi Minniefield
Naomi Minniefield 7 kun oldin
Lauren Pender
Lauren Pender 7 kun oldin
that piece of whatever it is falling off at 28:11 looks just about like your content quality (idk love you sry)
Ss Weston
Ss Weston 7 kun oldin
we play weres waldo mykie plays weres my eyebrows
Pixi Furlong
Pixi Furlong 7 kun oldin
I keep getting tinder ads on Glam & Gore vids!!! Ahhhhhh
Bri MacD
Bri MacD 7 kun oldin
The fact that every time she tried to say Willam she popped up a different variation of William got me laughing so hard that I choked on my fries
Nora Celeste
Nora Celeste 7 kun oldin
Wow she has the voice, body, and skill of a toddler 🤷‍♀️ Omg I’m sorry ❤️❤️
Aubrinana 00
Aubrinana 00 8 kun oldin
*Philipa Soo screaming in the background*
rylanslife34 9 kun oldin
When she said Alexa play careless whisper the Alexa in my kitchen started playing it😂
Angel Mullins
Angel Mullins 9 kun oldin
You triggered my alexa
Katelyn Harvey
Katelyn Harvey 9 kun oldin
Do a bird box video aswell💛💛💛
Alisha Polanco
Alisha Polanco 9 kun oldin
The thumbnail...haaaaaahahaha girl you are too much! 😂😂😂
Anna Roth
Anna Roth 10 kun oldin
Hey here’s a roast warning (even tho I can’t roast) : your videos target wannabe walking dead people, no not because of the makeup because of your personality
madison almond
madison almond 10 kun oldin
My baby sister loves baby voices she loves you videos
PierceTheChemicalSirens ThatPanic!AtDiscos
I know I’m super late for this but, your mustache has more hair than your eyebrows
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 10 kun oldin
AAAA *roasts*
bgraham29 10 kun oldin
You try to make funny content, but every time you try you fail miserably (I'm sorry, I'm terrible at this)
Ahriya Miller
Ahriya Miller 10 kun oldin
i like how they mention that a youtuber is so irrelevant that Wendy's didn't want to roast her but i want to point out the fact that Wendy's roasts people who aren't famous and people barely anyone knows so...
Mikey Vorhees
Mikey Vorhees 11 kun oldin
Your face had me craving marshmallows
Kerri-Lee Audley
Kerri-Lee Audley 12 kun oldin
My Alexa just started playing careless Whisper at 12.53 hilarious and kinda weird
ßēē Grēåtfûl
ßēē Grēåtfûl 12 kun oldin
i love you 💟 so like, i'm not a very creative person, so i decided to rhyme with fire BC why not? i came up with one i will definitely keep to myself? because it doesn't sound like you at all, i'm just a pain in the ass. but i came up with another one that is less mean. *aggressively whips* glam and gore? more like, gLaM aNd bOrE y̶e̶e̶h̶a̶W̶ jkjk, ilysm you're my world 🌍
Debbie Spears
Debbie Spears 12 kun oldin
Bellalistic X
Bellalistic X 12 kun oldin
Mykie would look like a literal potato if she were bald
26:20 me to Ok no you asked for more roasts
Ashlyn Belcher
Ashlyn Belcher 12 kun oldin
Where this wig more plzzzzzz
Zombae is the closest I have and ever will to be called bae
Quinn Corbin
Quinn Corbin 12 kun oldin
pewdiepie used Elon Musk to save him....... but no one can save the 15 mins we wasted on watching you listen to careless whispers
Sheani Henderson
Sheani Henderson 12 kun oldin
Even without sfx makeup, you look like a dungeon dragon. Sorry I love u 🤪 zombae
Allisen kay
Allisen kay 13 kun oldin
I still want to see the birdbox video
I ship it! All of it.
My Roast: This make up looks like if Mystique from X-men fell face first on the pavement and got her skin ripped off in places.
Olivia Leeman
Olivia Leeman 13 kun oldin
How did you not say boom roasted at all in this video
danielle g
danielle g 13 kun oldin
I feel like her fan name should be “hello important babes”
Brudne Skarpetki
Brudne Skarpetki 13 kun oldin
You look like freaking Santa elf!
Lori Jennings
Lori Jennings 13 kun oldin
I think they ordered the drag queen on amazon! Lol XD 😎😎😝😝😝😂😂😂
April Johnson
April Johnson 13 kun oldin
I have the same type of socks! But they are Chinese Food menus
Rachel Amato
Rachel Amato 13 kun oldin
And again I agree she doesn't need a camera crew at all. An editor sure. But the camera just sits in one position so I'm confused why she needs them.
Rachel Amato
Rachel Amato 13 kun oldin
For sure she would be the first one in a horror movie to die. For sure!!
Mia McKee
Mia McKee 13 kun oldin
-crispy smurf😂
Ivona Kozakova
Ivona Kozakova 13 kun oldin
but can you still roust bird box please we are so alike
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount 13 kun oldin
Willam isn't just the queen from A Star is Born omg I'm so upset. 😬😬😬
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount 13 kun oldin
Oh god, oh no you said William. ☕
Homie Coolguy
Homie Coolguy 13 kun oldin
has mykie even realised there is a latex drop on her forehead?!?
GamingWithBrandon 13 kun oldin
Your hairline is so far back you look like the girl from saw 3 who got her scalp ripped off
Kristen Frost
Kristen Frost 13 kun oldin
I love you videos bc it is so interesting and I want to do gore makeup
Ella S. :3
Ella S. :3 13 kun oldin
I have a roast, That ground up coffee is almost as dried up as your career. I'm so sorry I love you!
Kayla Allen
Kayla Allen 13 kun oldin
Please Like If You Would Love For Mykie To Do A Silent Hill Nurse Look. I Think It Would Be Great ! Get This To The Top!
Malaya Aird
Malaya Aird 13 kun oldin
I hated it too
abslicanimates 13 kun oldin
Ur awsome its a perfect way to keep yourself warm is should do it lol 😂
Leah 14 kun oldin
I could not roast you not just because I love you it’s because I suck at roasting 😂
Lily Owen
Lily Owen 14 kun oldin
The only reson people click on your better help like is because they were forced to watch you videos. Jk i love your videos sorry mikie
Mel- Mel1970
Mel- Mel1970 16 kun oldin
Willam. Not William. It's just what Willams way. He is awesome. You 2 would be funny collabing together.
Pika Corn Animations animations
He/she actually asked to colab with her! The comment is towards the top!
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