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HI SISTERS!! For today's new video, we take a trip down memory lane... to my FIRST EVER UZvid VIDEO. It's been a long 3 years and a crazy journey but I thought it would be so much fun to see how much my personality, video quality, and makeup skills have improved. I recreated the original look using my favorite products now. Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




21-Sen, 2018



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Keira Couplin
Keira Couplin 3 soat oldin
She is so cute and hot because I love so much and she is so good at makeup and I also love love love her ear rings because they are shiny and bold too and she is so sexy with her cute and adoradble face
Meichelli 5 soat oldin
Omg I cried when he said he was gonna call the police because his jawline was better 3 years ago 😂😂😂
Cam Ferreira
Cam Ferreira 11 soat oldin
he spilled the hate on the old james but honestly i prefer the old one lol
Charity Christwell
Charity Christwell 17 soat oldin
Oh but you still look beautiful
Charity Christwell
Charity Christwell 17 soat oldin
You look way different
Sunshine Mixed With a Little Hurricane
9:35 *Sister still having a sense of Humor*
Lexi and Lina SG
Just imagine in 2 years when he reacts to him reacting to his first video
Spencer Goff
Spencer Goff Kun oldin
These kinds of videos erk me a bit. Like, sure it's funny to see what it was like when you were a *beginner* at your craft, but every *"professional"* was once a *beginner.* James, the majority of your viewers can't do what you do, and at one time, you couldn't do what you do. Who benefits from acting like beginners aren't supposed to be *beginners?*
Snowmanbutternips 2 kun oldin
Still better than what I can do 😂
Ava Janus
Ava Janus 2 kun oldin
if anne shirly cuthbert from anne with an e was alive rn, she would be exactly like you, i think
Ava Janus
Ava Janus Kun oldin
+Kate Livewire definitely!!
Kate Livewire
Kate Livewire Kun oldin
+Ava Janus XD ahh I see it now. Tbh I'd be up for James doing Gilbert's and Anne's makeup. I think they'd look super pretty
Ava Janus
Ava Janus Kun oldin
+Kate Livewire I thought of Anne because she's so... So... What's the word.. enthusiastic and loves nature and stuff like that. Sister James is enthusiastic about makeup
Kate Livewire
Kate Livewire Kun oldin
Idk why you thought of anne but I love that I found a reference to anne with an e in the comments of a James Charles vid???
Devin Noy
Devin Noy 2 kun oldin
You have given me so much confidence because I wear makeup and I get bullied for doing so
Lydia Marty
Lydia Marty 3 kun oldin
LOL...love this. you are a riot :-)
L 3 kun oldin
y’all distracted by his right ear wiggling? well ya are now 😉🤠
yasamin salehi
yasamin salehi 3 kun oldin
That was sooo cute
Kalisa Yoomin
Kalisa Yoomin 3 kun oldin
His reaction is me when I look at old pictures of myself 😂
IThinkImaMango 3 kun oldin
Now this... this is nightmare fuel
Nathalie Serra
Nathalie Serra 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or the volume is quiet compared to other videos?
Faust Productions, 501 c 3
I think you are WAY too hard on yourself! Look at how far you've come in such a short amount of time! You are a color genius!
Child, how dare you?
Past James be wearing mustard for foundation.
Bianca Arellano
Bianca Arellano 4 kun oldin
You were just starting out and only 16 so don’t be embarrassed of your young self i think your so cute !
Gabrielle Faust
Gabrielle Faust 4 kun oldin
21:00 it looks like James as a safety pin in his ear as a earring
Koen Leger
Koen Leger 4 kun oldin
'that is so unfair om calling the police' is like mood
LunarFox gaming! !
LunarFox gaming! ! 4 kun oldin
Hey at least he doesn’t look like Michael Jackson🤪........
maisie 5 kun oldin
love that 109 word sentence bahah
Olivia Fryer
Olivia Fryer 5 kun oldin
Oh The new James Charles I love love you
Nixiamii OwO
Nixiamii OwO 5 kun oldin
21:56 why can I not stop laughing😂
Juveria Moiz
Juveria Moiz 5 kun oldin
Watching it again n still laughing my ass off😂😂😂💔💔
Naysha Gakhar
Naysha Gakhar 5 kun oldin
"JCharles" is cringing me so much😂😂😂
The Queen Of Coconut Heads
*Sister James' 2016 sharpie eyebrows? I C O N I C*
The Queen Of Coconut Heads
James is *dIsGuSTeD* and *T R I G G E R E D* with himself.. a WHOLE mood
legendgirl101 5 kun oldin
I'm really self conscious of my makeup skills and this makes me feel better. Shows how much someone can grow in 3 years.
FloamASMR 5 kun oldin
Mira JJ
Mira JJ 5 kun oldin
can we just take a moment to appreciate that he used a safety pin as an earring
Madeleine F
Madeleine F 5 kun oldin
I am a time traveler so hello James would you like to look like this shows picture of James 2019 16 yo James: huh in a million years Me: huh no in 3 years
Uncle Eddie
Uncle Eddie 5 kun oldin
And, Did Chew Just Turn Your Eyelids Into A Hawaiian 🌺 Ocean Moonlighted View? Literally, Guinness.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️✌🏽
Uncle Eddie
Uncle Eddie 5 kun oldin
My Sister Mommy Is Soooh, Obsessed With You.
Sannel Arce
Sannel Arce 5 kun oldin
Having a fivehead isn’t a bad thing. Just look at Brendon Urie, he has fivehead and he looks great
Rosemary Valenzuela
cant wait to see another one of these 3 yrs later and hear him talking like frikin eminem in rap god
ARMY紫の 6 kun oldin
*James*- im just gonna do a l i g h t s p r i t z -showers his face with the spray- or that could be completely normal and im just an illiterate makeup noob
Kaś 6 kun oldin
I don't understand how people can have that white dry stuff on their lips...it drives me insane 😔😔😔
Kristen Vogel
Kristen Vogel 6 kun oldin
Lookin like Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender
gaurang thakur
gaurang thakur 6 kun oldin
Even though I don't like makeup I love James Charles because he does girls thing but he is still himself.
Cat can drink wine
Cat can drink wine 4 kun oldin
gaurang thakur em... Like every beauty guru who is a guy? 😂 Also make up isn't only for girls. Make up is art. Everybody can do it
lucy heartfilia
lucy heartfilia 6 kun oldin
jojo giggles
jojo giggles 6 kun oldin
The video was very funny. Hate both looks.
taylor works
taylor works 6 kun oldin
James two years ago: hi Guys Welcome to my channel James now: hisisterswelcometomychanneltodaywearegonnabereactingtomyveryfirstvideoonyoutube I am scared
Alpaca Derp
Alpaca Derp 7 kun oldin
His improvement has me *sister **_shook_*
Joanna Ramsey
Joanna Ramsey 7 kun oldin
He said a seven row sentence
Roslyn Baker
Roslyn Baker 7 kun oldin
“Well... that was seven minutes of my life that I won’t ever get back” -James Charles🤣👌🏻
léana Js
léana Js 7 kun oldin
Im french and I looooove your vidéos !
PrÊTTy PrÏncèSß
Your now hairstyle suits u better
Briana Humphrey
Briana Humphrey 7 kun oldin
The lighting though... that is a crime.
Fluffylittle Unicorn
Lilly lashes will not ship to CANADA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Narrow Gate
Narrow Gate 7 kun oldin
Gorgeous job♥️
Idiot With a Hose
Idiot With a Hose 8 kun oldin
*jcharlesbeauty has entered the chat*
Rayne Knutson
Rayne Knutson 8 kun oldin
"James Charles annoying James Charles for 19:21 straight"
Morgan Cecil
Morgan Cecil 8 kun oldin
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 OMG!!!!!
ItsJustLil 8 kun oldin
Talk about roast urself
Angel S
Angel S 8 kun oldin
Temulun Nyamdorj
Temulun Nyamdorj 8 kun oldin
it's okey you will find your foundation :)
Leah Mc cCartney
Leah Mc cCartney 8 kun oldin
Good fountain match today james love u ❤️👍
joonie Rae
joonie Rae 8 kun oldin
You look absolutely fabulous I'll say it loud and I'll say it proud!!!!!!!!! You are gorgeous 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
fera 9 kun oldin
ok but james KILLED the recreated look
Jalen Jaftha
Jalen Jaftha 9 kun oldin
Don’t hate to much on sixteen year old James 😂he did make you what you are today😂💛😗😗
Rease FH
Rease FH 9 kun oldin
Now: Hi Sisters! Back then: HeY GuYs Love you sister!
That One Girl Savannah
I may be off by one or two words, but that one sentence was 110 words XD
Shaina Schuster
Shaina Schuster 9 kun oldin
😮 You are literally trolling yourself 😂
Isabella Panchad
Isabella Panchad 9 kun oldin
I was hoping he was going to recreate the makeup look Using all the same products and doing it the same way as he did in the video ☹️
dale wilson
dale wilson 9 kun oldin
Dont worry youll learn to match one day WE BELIEVE IN YOU 💚
Rosemary Peters
Rosemary Peters 10 kun oldin
lowkey miss the septum ring
Kelsey B.
Kelsey B. 10 kun oldin
I have never met another person with that weird flap of skin on the corner of the eye and it was always so frustrating. I even Googled it and not a single person on the images had it.
flamingo flamingos
flamingo flamingos 10 kun oldin
As soon as he not said sisters I know this was not going to go as planed
slowly falling
slowly falling 10 kun oldin
Did the clique freak out when TØP played as the closing music? Nope just me, okay I'll leave.....
jagadeeswari malla
jagadeeswari malla 10 kun oldin
I love the way he turns red
Angela George
Angela George 11 kun oldin
Wow...? No comment...
Mexly Gaming
Mexly Gaming 11 kun oldin
I just watched your first vid ;-; hah
roberta akegawa
roberta akegawa 11 kun oldin
Just throwing some random video ideas I'd particularly like to see, what about some earring matching makeup, like how would you match a make up to different types of earrings or other accessories
Lucy Locket
Lucy Locket 11 kun oldin
“Well...that’s 7 minutes of my life I will never get back” Me when I’ve finished my homework
Hannah_belmer 11 kun oldin
Ok but like my emo ass thinks that look is actually like Cute
Avery Parr
Avery Parr 11 kun oldin
Soham Ajwani
Soham Ajwani 11 kun oldin
Are you using your palette James?!
Sunniva 11 kun oldin
This was 32 mins of James roasting James
Lucy vanillla wafers with Charly Hi
V L 11 kun oldin
sisters are cringing
The awesome world with Me
You. Are. The. Best
Unikirsten 26
Unikirsten 26 11 kun oldin
Old: hey guys it’s James New: hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my UZvid channel
Halle Argiro
Halle Argiro 12 kun oldin
Watching James reacting the himself from three years ago is hilarious 😂 - use code James for 10% off
Holo Cats
Holo Cats 12 kun oldin
8:29 are we all just gonna ignore that? *okay.*
Jarvey Smith
Jarvey Smith 12 kun oldin
A Dog
A Dog 12 kun oldin
Only James can make a 7 minute makeup tutorial a 30 minute roast on himself
Rachelle Rice
Rachelle Rice 12 kun oldin
Honestly with your hair now your forehead looks good! You really shouldn’t be self conscious about it. Same with your nose. You’re a good looking guy and look amazing with or without makeup!
purple puppy12
purple puppy12 12 kun oldin
God creating sister James: “K, let’s add a little sassiness” *drops in the whole bottle* “Um, that didn’t work out, so let’s add a little sisterness” *drops in 5 cups accidentally* “K, you know what? It’s fine we all need a good sister in our life”
deki mage
deki mage 12 kun oldin
why am i watching this
UnicornLuv Pizza123
UnicornLuv Pizza123 12 kun oldin
"Nothing has changed, I still can't match my foundation." -James Charels 2018
yeahitsamandaa 12 kun oldin
How is he so beautiful without the makeup on high key jealous lol
Anis Umairah
Anis Umairah 12 kun oldin
James, for first time in two years stanning you, this is first time I’m seeing you being in so much stressed. Keep calm sister. You beautiful!
ifuckedyourtiger 12 kun oldin
I'm going to pick a lip that's much more flattering My goth ass: yuh, a black lip🖤🖤🖤 NUDE 🤐
Mira Winemiller
Mira Winemiller 12 kun oldin
5:02 he's literally blushing so hard
Mariah Tinnin
Mariah Tinnin 12 kun oldin
Your eyebrows are sister perfect💋💋
Joi Smith
Joi Smith 12 kun oldin
OMG ........SISTERi noticed at like 12:18 that. You where wearing....a cloths pin......IN YOUR EAR if thats not trends i dont no what is. *goes to find a cloths pin to stick in my ear*
FoxyRoxy #1horrorfan
Trio chrome serpent eyes......(drum roll) sisterslayed
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