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HI SISTERS!! For today's new video, we take a trip down memory lane... to my FIRST EVER UZvid VIDEO. It's been a long 3 years and a crazy journey but I thought it would be so much fun to see how much my personality, video quality, and makeup skills have improved. I recreated the original look using my favorite products now. Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




21-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 23 098
Lmao That’s Nice
“THAT IS YELLOWWW!! That is LITERALLY YELLOWWW! Nothing has changed, I still can’t match my foundation; but OH MY LORDDD.”
Mirna&Iva&Nera YT
Mirna&Iva&Nera YT 2 soat oldin
9:16- 9:28 me looking at my grades
Samuel The Weird Kid
James- “that was 7 minutes of my life that i will never get back” *checks time bar* me- but i’ve watched this for 12 minutes...
Beverly Rogers
Beverly Rogers 2 soat oldin
14:00 anybody else see him looking like grant from the tv show flash
Da cute Onna
Da cute Onna 3 soat oldin
‘Nothing has changed, I still can’t match my foundation” you are right James you can’t lol this is a complete joke I love your videos and truthfully it’s probably not your fault, your skin must just be hard to match. Love your vids though
subaru08STI 4 soat oldin
3 years later he should react to this video 😂
Mile Gimenez
Mile Gimenez 4 soat oldin
This Katy Perry makeup ayes vibes 💕
Emma Cook
Emma Cook 4 soat oldin
hey for people who are deaf these captions with little comments in them are incredibly confusing please dont do that
Jayanna Guisinger
Jayanna Guisinger 4 soat oldin
U lokk beautiful no matter what james we all love u so much i am ur biggest fan can u add me an ur snapchat it is. #sister squad for life
Naheed Begum
Naheed Begum 4 soat oldin
James nails are soo long
puta shook
puta shook 5 soat oldin
I just watched this in VR😐
Daniella & Robin
Daniella & Robin 5 soat oldin
wait does he have blue contacts now or r they natural
Lourdes Turner
Lourdes Turner 6 soat oldin
#sister squad!!!!!!!!!
skylar kay
skylar kay 8 soat oldin
James in 3 years from now is gonna be cringing just as hard as he was from 3 years ago
Pola Smibbyson
Pola Smibbyson 8 soat oldin
James doesn’t have blood James has MAC fix+
Lluvia Anaya
Lluvia Anaya 9 soat oldin
what do you use to have such flawless skin like 😮
Chiana Hedgeman
Chiana Hedgeman 9 soat oldin
Honestly, funniest thing about this video was watching your facial expressions and reactions as you went through the tutorial 😂😂😂😂. Loved it...
Sidney Jacobs
Sidney Jacobs 10 soat oldin
3019? Anyone?
yu liang
yu liang 10 soat oldin
I love you so much and might me the only person I watch every day
Madelyn Neyman
Madelyn Neyman 12 soat oldin
not being mean im just wandering james how much setting spray you inhale
Gabrielle Benning
Gabrielle Benning 12 soat oldin
James from 3 years ago is me trying to do my makeup everyday
Natsume Hatake
Natsume Hatake 13 soat oldin
I know the feeling when u look at yourself 2 years ago😹😹😹🔥
Jordan L
Jordan L 14 soat oldin
Watching this video after his palette launch makes me wonder if he created this look using his Morphe palette!
Devayani Pandey
Devayani Pandey 15 soat oldin
He looks like Halsey after completing the whole makeup 😍😍♥️
August Sugar
August Sugar 17 soat oldin
Okay but seriously tho?? He was SO cute.. like.. he's whsjsjjsjs i wanna hold him and pinch his cheeks?? Altho it's the same person but honestly they give off two different vibes.. and u can tell that the old james is a bit shy and not as confident and i'm just-
chante bronkhorst
chante bronkhorst 20 soat oldin
Love you!!!
Martha Rivera
Martha Rivera 22 soat oldin
I don't think you needed to be so hard on yourself! You had to start somewhere!! ❤❤❤. It wasn't horrible! Lol :)
BrokenAngel The fallen one
Me and my emo ass: *hears TØP is the background of the video* * SCREAMS THE LYRICS*
Chelsey Mua
Chelsey Mua 23 soat oldin
Honestly the glow up tho 😂
Salma Belni
Salma Belni 23 soat oldin
The BEST foundation match congrats you made it sister ❤❤
Chelsey Mua
Chelsey Mua 23 soat oldin
Has anyone else been here since video one??? Ilysm James
Geeti Persson
Geeti Persson 23 soat oldin
Humans evolved from apes. James Charles evolved from a serpent.
Crazy Rebel Gaming
Oh my god there's 2 genders did you know that?
Gianna Rodriguez
Lol my mom has that powder 😂 Anyway love you ❤️❤️
Sapati Tufaga
Sapati Tufaga Kun oldin
Are we looking the best? No. Are we looking okay? That's for you to decide.
Samantha Clancy
Samantha Clancy Kun oldin
very mermaid glam!
Kayla Gonzalez
Kayla Gonzalez Kun oldin
This is a little cringey
Yamileth Caniff
Yamileth Caniff Kun oldin
Okay idk if its just me or back then without makeup, he looks like Cameron D
kayla woods
kayla woods Kun oldin
Wish you could do my makeup it's always so fabulous 😍😘
maisie zwart
maisie zwart Kun oldin
omg those eyebrows were mine like 2 years ago oh my god am i happy i spent $60 at the beuty therapist to get them fixed and now i tame them almost everyday and i love my eyebrows ahahahha and james to help you feel better i used to put liquid highlight on after i did all my powders! ahahahahhahahah
Krystal Johnson
Krystal Johnson Kun oldin
James, I love youuu your so inspiring And Pleaseplease Add meh in a video as a shoutout? Names Krystal Johnson
Aime Marvin
Aime Marvin Kun oldin
Making me sister scared when you talk slow!!!!
Umm I just don't know what to say about this... ;-;
Nayyy Gang!!
Nayyy Gang!! Kun oldin
James Charles shook Jeffery star on the floor❤️😍
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez Kun oldin
Hey sisters
Olivia Bielby
Olivia Bielby Kun oldin
He was defo using the sister James Charles pallette for his eyes 😂😂
Aleena Weber
Aleena Weber Kun oldin
I legit remember watching this when you posted it then stalking your insta😂😂
Chloe Thomas
Chloe Thomas Kun oldin
He always sounds like he needs to cough 😂😂😂😂😂 ( love u James )
Hilary Brauburger
I wish you could do my makeup lol
FUFU KAKES Kun oldin
Omg 19 years old now I feel old!
Sana Subhani
Sana Subhani Kun oldin
"i still cant match my foundation but.." lmao lost it there
Wiga wiga
Wiga wiga Kun oldin
New subscriber here😊😘❤
Wiga wiga
Wiga wiga Kun oldin
Ur so funny😂😂😂I LOVe you😂😂😂
Brooke Ashley
Brooke Ashley Kun oldin
OmI his hair ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nazakat Aslam
Nazakat Aslam Kun oldin
Straw Berry
Straw Berry Kun oldin
James! You are so cute!!!! M sure it would be fun to hang out with you!
Vanessa Rose daylight
Lol he is throwing shade to his past self lol me all the time
Vanessa Parton
Vanessa Parton Kun oldin
That progress is so amazing James, think of it as ONLY three years and you are where you are now! Truly inspiring me to be more confident sister!
Winter Wulff
Winter Wulff Kun oldin
I don't get make up Aaaaaa I just watch it because it fascinating to watch people change
CJ Conrad
CJ Conrad Kun oldin
Long way baby💕💕
Monisha Muthuraman
U re awsome james❤
isabel maria santiago diaz
cj wins
cj wins Kun oldin
You are your worst critic.. I do hate the man bun tho 😂😂
Dododo Dadad
Dododo Dadad Kun oldin
Hi James 👋🏻
Sylvia Kramer
Sylvia Kramer Kun oldin
Umm is his safety pin ear ring a REAL safety pin????
Sylvia Kramer
Sylvia Kramer Kun oldin
James going off for 30 minutes straight 😂😂😂
Natalie Manis
Natalie Manis Kun oldin
They eyelook was fire tbh but them eyebrows though sis Anastasia was not wrong 🤣 it wasn't near as bad as you thought though
lluvia martinez
lluvia martinez Kun oldin
lps Psycho Studios
I like when you had the whith hari
Zeia Hunter
Zeia Hunter Kun oldin
and i suck to 0-0
Zeia Hunter
Zeia Hunter Kun oldin
hey James i just started to watch your vids and its enspired me to try makeup cause im kinda tomboy sooo yea and i dont like the color pink... but the things im starting out with is primer,lipsic,a morphy eyeshadow that is my sisters and consealer
Haley Miller
Haley Miller Kun oldin
You need to try Lash Next Door
Syd Thekid
Syd Thekid Kun oldin
I love that he can give constructive criticism to himself. Legit!!
Samantha Vallis-Cameron
Cool make up
Hannah Thornberry
Hannah Thornberry 2 kun oldin
You did really good
Chloe Boocock
Chloe Boocock 2 kun oldin
This is not pUmKiN glam!
Alexandra Todorovic
4:45 it’s YELLOW but it still doesn’t matter cuz I still can’t match my foundation -James Charles
Sadie Wroblewski
Sadie Wroblewski 2 kun oldin
Okay anyone else wondering how james sprays his face while talking like hes a makeup goddddd
Abby Alejandrino
Abby Alejandrino 2 kun oldin
I love I smmmmmm
Savanna Rene
Savanna Rene 2 kun oldin
I LOVE IT! James! OMG! I fell in love with this look!
Isa Slavic
Isa Slavic 2 kun oldin
One of my fav videos. Sister James you are iconic
Jonathan Ostos
Jonathan Ostos 2 kun oldin
I loved this video 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zeth MSP ;p
Zeth MSP ;p 2 kun oldin
Sister *shook*
Eileen Standing Crow
Kerry Ann Hinkson
Kerry Ann Hinkson 2 kun oldin
I am deceased... my carcass is withering away... I laughed so hard all the way through 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bryce Zeitner
Bryce Zeitner 2 kun oldin
Man bun is a sister no no, we should’ve told him sooner
Yutika MSP
Yutika MSP 2 kun oldin
6:24 my subtitles were *haha oh SHIT*
perfect angels
perfect angels 2 kun oldin
You should do a night routine some day please
megalomaniac kitten
Love a sister that can laugh at the past 😘
on the roll
on the roll 2 kun oldin
His first makeup tutorial was when I was like 7 and now I'm 10 and I'm obsessed with James I don't know why was that important to say
Rocky Hohn
Rocky Hohn 2 kun oldin
Ellie Duckett
Ellie Duckett 2 kun oldin
james today and three years ago are two different people
Karley Woods
Karley Woods 2 kun oldin
I CAN SEE HOW MUCH YOU CHANGED but yet still so so pretty and stylish but your foundation is like gray but I'm not trying to hate sister James your a good UZvidr UZvidr
Sarah Mullins
Sarah Mullins 2 kun oldin
skin care routine pleeeeasee
Grisel Acosta
Grisel Acosta 2 kun oldin
i looked at the original video and thought 'oh it isnt too bad' JEEEZ LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE 30:27 SIDE TO SIDE James improved sooo much
Darlia Valdez
Darlia Valdez 2 kun oldin
Baby , stop dissing yourself so hard. Noone else is. Like you were fine your still fine.your just beautifyinggg .and beautifieng all of ussss.
Laiana Foster
Laiana Foster 2 kun oldin
When James saw that concealer he said WOAH😁
Nikki Travis
Nikki Travis 2 kun oldin
James, you still have brow issues! There is no arch in your brows. Your brows should not begin before the crease of the inner eye and you still need to lightly thin them out. Work on your speaking, run-on sentences and talking too fast.
B&D Family Videos
B&D Family Videos 3 kun oldin
Dear James Charles, James Charles old sixteen year old him has won the bronze MUA metal and the real sister has one the GOLDEN SISTER MUA METAL!!!!!!! Love a good sister!
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