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9-Yan, 2019

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momoadachi123 Daqiqa oldin
Also, something
momoadachi123 2 daqiqa oldin
Your cat is so pretty
Anastacio Morales
Anastacio Morales 22 daqiqa oldin
“Wow.... is that Lorde?” MIRANDA
adjie REXA
adjie REXA 42 daqiqa oldin
im dying at Jojo's tiktok
Unicorn Plays
Unicorn Plays 47 daqiqa oldin
👩🏽 This is bootiful Mïråñdå 👚 👖 👞
Latara Wallace
Latara Wallace 53 daqiqa oldin
Amanda said awesome and I thought you gave me it was the bomb me a message I love the night in the woods awesome thank you should make a lots of video that they can shoot with a woman I was thinking I won’t know me how do you got to see my favorite UZvid or leave me a message about I don’t Magine my cousin really happy to see you
Umbra 2 soat oldin
What if, one day, we find out that Miranda & Colleen are twins??? What if they're two different people?! I'm calling it, now!!!
lola lantz
lola lantz 2 soat oldin
hi people idek what to say but i commented so.......yea
Niamh VEVO
Niamh VEVO 2 soat oldin
Do more mukbang
Maddy D
Maddy D 3 soat oldin
miranda im worried about you sooooo much
Rosie Bloom
Rosie Bloom 3 soat oldin
Hi Miranda
Natalie Moak
Natalie Moak 3 soat oldin
Hannah Gaede
Hannah Gaede 4 soat oldin
Nettie Jo
Nettie Jo 5 soat oldin
Very good 👍👌
Parkour_k!dz 5 soat oldin
Oof Itz Song
Oof Itz Song 6 soat oldin
This is funny I’m dead😂☠️😂 she always makes me laugh
Makayla Del Alba
Makayla Del Alba 6 soat oldin
Omg you made me cry i love your vids
Aimee Finnis
Aimee Finnis 7 soat oldin
Love your jacket
YEN 7 soat oldin
Like if Miranda sings is annoying
musically_Princess musically
This is donald trump 🏀 🧥 👖 👡
CARYS JACKSOM 8 soat oldin
................... SO CRINGY AHH
The Jesse Sisters
The Jesse Sisters 9 soat oldin
😂 Dr phill
Damarius Jones
Damarius Jones 10 soat oldin
You know jojo
Tomaek 10 soat oldin
Duyguartuc Artuc
Duyguartuc Artuc 10 soat oldin
Veränder mach dich doch nicht so hässlich ey
Fatima BOII! u stupid
Fatima BOII! u stupid 10 soat oldin
and the struggles at night is the last one
Fatima BOII! u stupid
Fatima BOII! u stupid 10 soat oldin
looking after the baby is another one
Fatima BOII! u stupid
Fatima BOII! u stupid 10 soat oldin
breast feeding is one
Taif Aljalani
Taif Aljalani 12 soat oldin
XD this cool bro I love ya
Rachel Moffat
Rachel Moffat 12 soat oldin
Rachel Moffat
Rachel Moffat 12 soat oldin
Alexia _DJcatgame
Alexia _DJcatgame 15 soat oldin
XD the first tiktok video you watch was really funny
Anna Hannon
Anna Hannon 15 soat oldin
Omg I suck on binkies to I’m ten lol
Emanuel Radovici Fan page
I Love you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Laury C.
Laury C. 17 soat oldin
Warning never call your baby stupied
Kayla Darius
Kayla Darius 18 soat oldin
we love you too miranda ❤️
Ella star
Ella star 19 soat oldin
Omg this is so amazing your a great critic! Wow I wish I was as talented as u. Keep being u queen! as I say when people make fun of me for liking u 😞 HATERS BACK OFF!😀
Kaylee and Emma Loving
Omg she said she wasn’t preagnat a little weirdly she prob is
Sadie A
Sadie A 19 soat oldin
She dropped the cat😂😂😂
Alice Swanson
Alice Swanson 19 soat oldin
Hey love you ❤️
Melissa Kasten
Melissa Kasten 20 soat oldin
im so late in following you. you're amazing
Bukola Oyinwola
Bukola Oyinwola 20 soat oldin
I'm a mirfanda
Tatortot234 I’m kinda funny
Bantz Videography
Bantz Videography 20 soat oldin
So thebudday is a pervert
Cool no noice Stuff
Cool no noice Stuff 20 soat oldin
Hi************** you told me to comment something
Crushr YT
Crushr YT 21 soat oldin
1:44 Who is this daddy? -Miranda. He is a pedophile.. Also 3:10 “Naughty” ITS BUDDAY DOES ANYOME KNOW WHO HE IS
Jes L.
Jes L. 21 soat oldin
The last 3 minutes was amazing haha
Pikasweet 21 soat oldin
hiiii i love u
Simply Gail
Simply Gail 22 soat oldin
sArCaSm was played very well 😂
Cailey Rick
Cailey Rick 23 soat oldin
liv g
liv g 23 soat oldin
I love how a tik tok ad came on lol
ILOVECHILIS A lot 23 soat oldin
Sachi Draws
Sachi Draws 23 soat oldin
shOokAshwey YeeYee
shOokAshwey YeeYee 23 soat oldin
Julie Mallo
Julie Mallo Kun oldin
sugar 彡
sugar 彡 Kun oldin
*h o t*
Caring CutieMark
Anna Vignieri
Anna Vignieri Kun oldin
Justin beiber I thought u were a Christian?!?! 😂😂😂
craftyartist120 lover
Is that joe rogan?
It’s all About Noriyah
Haters back off season 3?? Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Sara Smith
Sara Smith Kun oldin
Miranda you suck you are barf 🤮 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢 you wear to much lip stick💄💄💄 you’re a fake Miranda
Queen Lover 2008
The second guy is a pedo
Dana Allegri
Dana Allegri Kun oldin
Every time that *pedophile* showed up I was about to throw my iPad ....Colleen stop promoting this piece of shit.....it’s *disgusting*
duyen Kim
duyen Kim Kun oldin
We love you to
Cora Mcloughlin 123
Queen sway! Btw why is your wipstic not smuggied it pwerfectwo 😦 I am worried for wou!!!
Paige E
Paige E Kun oldin
Ava Hovells
Ava Hovells Kun oldin
Zaine Van Poelgeest
Cunt get a life or jump off a cliff makeup artist would choose jump of the cliff
Hanaa Zouri
Hanaa Zouri Kun oldin
Your coment is sad as hell man
ItzLeo4375 X
ItzLeo4375 X Kun oldin
😂😂😂 stunning omg love it make it a thing
Deleted Account
Deleted Account Kun oldin
Haters back off fan right here just finished all episodes in a few days can u make more they r HILARIOUS new favourite show 😂😂😂💗💗💗💗
Deborah Jean
Deborah Jean Kun oldin
upload the un edited reaction with you breaking character on colleens vlog channel without her knowing (;
Blue Cotton
Blue Cotton Kun oldin
3:08 WOAHHHH 😂😂😂
GalaxyPanda x
GalaxyPanda x Kun oldin
i love your voice Miranda 😂❤ You're awesome!
daily.edits Kun oldin
I lost my shit when she said "a leprechaun" 😂😂😂
TheDogPerson IsGr8
Galaxy Supreme
Galaxy Supreme Kun oldin
No one worried
Galaxy Supreme
Galaxy Supreme Kun oldin
Ha you stoopid pop ur chopper shoot your shit now let’s get busy and these are Tik toks you fucking ignorant shit those aren’t there real voice ugly ass bitch
be you Yo
be you Yo Kun oldin
U dont get the point girl urrrr
be you Yo
be you Yo Kun oldin
Why u always crieyen like a baby
Liyara Volcin
Liyara Volcin Kun oldin
dont forget to subscribe from me its the ONLY way i'll feel better LOL
M I G U 3 L
M I G U 3 L Kun oldin
5:22 killed me 😂😂😂
Dave Pike
Dave Pike Kun oldin
Hi think you are so awesome and beautiful miranda ___ mirfandas
Tricky Kitty
Tricky Kitty Kun oldin
Why does no one like my comments? (My highest is one... which was mine)
Jazzy Herrera❤️
Your a fucker and a birch
rly.exies _
rly.exies _ Kun oldin
*casually drops cat*
finikc peaches
finikc peaches Kun oldin
"yeah I'm trans- *Cuts off* Me:BOI
Slurpii Vlogs
Slurpii Vlogs Kun oldin
1:43 and 3:02 child molester alert
Nicole Lamas
Nicole Lamas 2 kun oldin
Stop calling people fat retarded
kienshing chang
kienshing chang 2 kun oldin
Omg Miranda it is a fake the voice is fake daa.
lps emma
lps emma 2 kun oldin
Derek Hedburn
Derek Hedburn 2 kun oldin
Hi Miranda
Jaida Hess
Jaida Hess 2 kun oldin
More cringe vids(I can’t spell)
Grace Yu
Grace Yu 2 kun oldin
Ahahahaahah i dieeeedddd laughing😂😂😂
Andie Rincon
Andie Rincon 2 kun oldin
Who’s here in 2019 and after the baby 😂
Emma Gosse
Emma Gosse 2 kun oldin
Jaida Hess
Jaida Hess 2 kun oldin
2:32, 2 things, look at Miranda and look at that hair,man And, 4:48, look at Miranda and I have tik tok on my moms phone and that looks like her lol
Fire Cracker
Fire Cracker 2 kun oldin
Wow that was ummmmm great.😐
D4N1_ PR0
D4N1_ PR0 2 kun oldin
Gabby yoyo
Gabby yoyo 2 kun oldin
Ur cringe