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9-Yan, 2019



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Dreams Lps official
“ oooh naughty “
Dreams Lps official
“ I like his kitty cat ears”
Dreams Lps official
“ look at this daddy”
Evie Harvey
Evie Harvey Kun oldin
4:18 you could see her entire chesticol crack!
Tobie Platt
Tobie Platt Kun oldin
OMG this video was posted on my birthday 🎉
Attiana Smart
Attiana Smart Kun oldin
oh nvm i did not know you were on youtube
Attiana Smart
Attiana Smart Kun oldin
you should have blocked the 2 tik tok you reacted to because he flirts with girls under age and send his inappropriate part to girls on snapchat
GuineaPig _Glam
GuineaPig _Glam Kun oldin
This is so funny
gracek 079
gracek 079 2 kun oldin
I died when she said StUNniNg!
tianna cooncome
tianna cooncome 2 kun oldin
you are not good a TikTok
Abby Pierce
Abby Pierce 2 kun oldin
Rossie rose
Rossie rose 2 kun oldin
Coollen Mae Ballinger why you call your self maranda
Lylah Gonzalez
Lylah Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
Ugh u talk to much
Temmy Is Fun!!!
Temmy Is Fun!!! 2 kun oldin
What da hell 5:58 😂
Char Lotte
Char Lotte 2 kun oldin
Bin ich die einzige Deutsche ? 🤣❤🦄
Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts 2 kun oldin
No offense but that first girl still ehhh
Happy Happy
Happy Happy 2 kun oldin
3:45 3:45 3:45 3:45
Marcus Gutierrez
Marcus Gutierrez 2 kun oldin
What is it miranda sing
No Name
No Name 3 kun oldin
My anime life Yay
My anime life Yay 3 kun oldin
I’m sorry that your sad hope you feel better
Blair McCarley
Blair McCarley 3 kun oldin
Hi omg I have been a big fan for a very long time I adore you so much you are amazing you don’t even know like bro I freakin love you!!💝💜💕❤️
Connie Swiss
Connie Swiss 3 kun oldin
Really Miranda Sings the same thing ewwwww
GenGamerGirl LOL
GenGamerGirl LOL 3 kun oldin
Id like TikTok it’s always boring 😒
Leslie DeGroot
Leslie DeGroot 3 kun oldin
Sing so high that the glass explodes
Tynleigh Creasbaum
Tynleigh Creasbaum 3 kun oldin
w wh wha what what?
James Mills
James Mills 3 kun oldin
Maranda I have subscribed to your channel
Daddys.edits and more
Y is her lip stick off but her EYE BROWNS ON FLEEEEK tho (no hate tho)
Gabrielle Kronbergs
I like your video I wish that I can meet you ❤❤❤💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛💟💟💟
Gabrielle Kronbergs
Miranda you are the best UZvid in world 😀😀😁😁😁😃😃😃😄😄☺☺☺❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💟💟
Monet Walker
Monet Walker 3 kun oldin
1:25 yeah..... UR SO RIGHT
Charlize Colata
Charlize Colata 4 kun oldin
Do another video again.
Ivan Hanlon
Ivan Hanlon 4 kun oldin
Hope u get better
Patteson3 4 kun oldin
You will be fine
Nickolas Hernandez
Nickolas Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Thank you for following me on Tik Tok I'm very happy I got so excited and I messaged you if you just click on me
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson 4 kun oldin
I am so sorry for you
Lynndee Titus Hollinger
You are gay and have had sex
Janice Jia
Janice Jia 4 kun oldin
lol that outdo was everything
Giavanna Le
Giavanna Le 6 kun oldin
Lol when you said it’s a leprechaun I laughed so hard I though I was going to pee my pants!!😂😂😂😂😂
Heather Romberger
Heather Romberger 6 kun oldin
Miranda sing is more cringie than any Tik Tok can ever be
jmyra home Platas
jmyra home Platas 6 kun oldin
I'm so sad for you
Sarah Watt
Sarah Watt 6 kun oldin
I feel bad for you 😭
Lauren Coburn
Lauren Coburn 7 kun oldin
WooooAaaah stuNiNg
Lauren Coburn
Lauren Coburn 7 kun oldin
Miranda Notice meee
Nuray Kandemir
Nuray Kandemir 7 kun oldin
I saw your videos in TikTok
Nuray Kandemir
Nuray Kandemir 7 kun oldin
Don’t worry we love you
xxAlexisxx Roblox
xxAlexisxx Roblox 7 kun oldin
9:54 just drops cat
dakelClo 2014
dakelClo 2014 7 kun oldin
This voice xD
SGTGANG 7 kun oldin
Heaven Williams
Heaven Williams 7 kun oldin
Love you
Jacqueline Cooper
Jacqueline Cooper 7 kun oldin
Are you okay
Unicorn Cat
Unicorn Cat 7 kun oldin
I love you Maranda /Colleen
Katelin BrambilaSanchez
Your 😂 funny
Kira Balaban
Kira Balaban 8 kun oldin
I have a TikTok account and I am only 5 years old
Cutie Jannah
Cutie Jannah 7 kun oldin
Kira Balaban yeah right your 5 my cousin is 6 and she's not allowed any social games so ha
Liv Erickson
Liv Erickson 8 kun oldin
0:44 tit tots😂😂
Pineapple Gang
Pineapple Gang 8 kun oldin
Miranda sings u suck I hate u
Latoya Rodriguez
Latoya Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Ti is oc
hilary joseph
hilary joseph 8 kun oldin
Steven Santiago
Steven Santiago 8 kun oldin
Why are you crying right on a video cry baby
Brittney Gilmore
Brittney Gilmore 8 kun oldin
Umm I’m not worried about u so... Ya. And me and my bff hate when u say u taught Ariana grade how to sing when ur not even good at singing
danny manuel
danny manuel 9 kun oldin
When are you going to finish hater back off??
Irene Castillo
Irene Castillo 7 kun oldin
In 2017
irene de pedro
irene de pedro 9 kun oldin
Vari Mulongoyi
Vari Mulongoyi 9 kun oldin
Your very funny ÷] but the sad part is your making me think of my teacher Mrs. Nielsen who just past away a few months ago. So crying and laughing in the same time÷] ÷[
Elisa Mac Gabhann
Elisa Mac Gabhann 10 kun oldin
Nope not at all
Dasha Norris
Dasha Norris 11 kun oldin
"Why would people say this is cringy when it's really not cringy at all? It was inspiring, I saw love stories, I saw my doppelganger, I saw celebrities like Scott and Graveyard girl. Everyone was just really amazing." -Miranda😂 MIRANDASINGS=LEGEND
Yonce High
Yonce High 11 kun oldin
never saw Miranda complimenting that much
Xxravenxx45 mickster
Miranda: lets watch some tit toks...
Binky & Bonney
Binky & Bonney 12 kun oldin
Sometimes I feel like Miranda is going to come through my screen....
Killian Tucker
Killian Tucker 12 kun oldin
So cool elegiac to sexyness
Logan Latham
Logan Latham 12 kun oldin
5:22 😂😭
Sofia Codecido
Sofia Codecido 12 kun oldin
3:38 “ok tell me I’m crazy but I think I found my doppelgänger”
Evelyne Loves pugs
Evelyne Loves pugs 12 kun oldin
I no you are an actor stupid
Allan Ingram
Allan Ingram 12 kun oldin
no celebs safe they all getting wrecked aha
Andrea Cielo
Andrea Cielo 12 kun oldin
At 3:33 miranda thought it was jojo siwa
Maycie Quinn
Maycie Quinn 13 kun oldin
5:22 im dead
Carmela Barrientos
Carmela Barrientos 13 kun oldin
Patryk Fabin
Patryk Fabin 13 kun oldin
I Think moto moto likes you ♡
Kailyn Egerson
Kailyn Egerson 14 kun oldin
You are so not the type to be having sex
Rain H.
Rain H. 14 kun oldin
Hey Miranda I'm ur biggest fan
Molly-Rae Peanut
Molly-Rae Peanut 15 kun oldin
i dont like you sorry
Aprillgamer 1212
Aprillgamer 1212 15 kun oldin
Your prettier
lowcash ——_______—
Sinead Raher
Sinead Raher 15 kun oldin
Samantha Riley
Samantha Riley 15 kun oldin
Most of the vids of u I watch u wear the same thing.
Abigail Lester
Abigail Lester 16 kun oldin
Kaylee Yaney
Kaylee Yaney 16 kun oldin
What’s wrong swetty
Those Three Party Girls
I got a Tik tok add...
DinosaurGirl135M 16 kun oldin
I just got a tiktok notification while watching this
brun ost
brun ost 16 kun oldin
5:22 killed me😂
helloplebz 16 kun oldin
I love it Miranda
cute cat57
cute cat57 16 kun oldin
sup guys
GG Hammer
GG Hammer 16 kun oldin
Maritza Lysette
Maritza Lysette 17 kun oldin
am i the only one who red the title like this: tik TOLKS
Ana Andrita
Ana Andrita 17 kun oldin
You remind me of Maggie Wheeler (Janice) from the sitcom Friends
Lily Catherine
Lily Catherine 17 kun oldin
5:22 A Leprechaun!😂
Gabriella Perry
Gabriella Perry 17 kun oldin
Maranda I'm 8 years old I know about that stuff unhu
jessica hale
jessica hale 17 kun oldin
Aww i love u too
Rainbow Kittycat29
Rainbow Kittycat29 17 kun oldin
You suck
Vv 17 kun oldin
AT THE END tho !!! 😂😂😂
Cheyenne Poole
Cheyenne Poole 17 kun oldin
*Ooh A leprechaun*
MyLifeAsAGirl 17 kun oldin
Don't worry Miranda we are here for you.love you and continue to make more fantastic videos.i loveyou😘😘😘😘😘😆😆
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