Reading The Worst Things People Have Ever Done

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4-Okt, 2017

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Jubilee 8 oy oldin
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BlassReiter1100cc 7 soat oldin
+Ligeia D.Aurevilly Feel my balls on your chin.
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Ligeia D.Aurevilly 7 soat oldin
+BlassReiter1100cc read the people's comments. Feel the engagement from the people. Help each other is part of human nature. There is a lot more behind
Isolated Cat
Isolated Cat 4 kun oldin
That lady is evil.. She's not wife material, she's baby mama.. Hope that baby grows up, looking like that man she cheated on him with.. DNA test plz, she doesn't deserve the love he's giving.. She's using him to take care of her baby and herself, she's purposely a burden in this poor mans life ..
yoot yeet
yoot yeet Oy oldin
666th like
Emanuel 2 soat oldin
If you cheat you’re literal garbage.
rayman'nt 3 soat oldin
the worst thing ive ever done is exist
carlee saunders
carlee saunders 3 soat oldin
The worst thing I ever did was not tell anyone that I was being rape and molested until years after my rapist died. I will always live with the fear that I did nothing well someone else could also been hurting that same way I was because i couldn't come out and say that my own fresh blood was my rapist. This will always haunt me. More then my own mental health or the domestic violence I lived with. this is my only regret because I was too young to realize that by try to hide myself from him I could of hurt someone else in one of the worst way possible
Maddie Gentile
Maddie Gentile 5 soat oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done was probably let myself slip up and show a girl my self harm scars/cuts, she asked why I do it so I told her, but I also told her why I regret it and how terrible it truly is. The next week I found out she had just started cutting. I’ll never get over the guilt.
Makayla 7879
Makayla 7879 6 soat oldin
The first one made me cry so hard.😢
Cassie’s Life
Cassie’s Life 6 soat oldin
And I though eating the last chip was bad ._.
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Ligeia D.Aurevilly 8 soat oldin
Raish, I am amazed about your strength and the clarity of your message. Please let me know more about your work. I am a physician and i agree with you, but I don't count with a specifical background to truly help people that i find on my way facing suicidal thoughts. Thank you, your words are very powerful to help people in desperate need.
J S 10 soat oldin
The worst things I've ever done was back in the fifth grade where I didn't defend a boy or become his friend when almost everyone in class didn't like because he was different and even then I didn't know why they didn't like him. I even heard one of the other students tell him that he wishes he was dead. I'm so thankful that one of my friends treated him like a friend and I hope he's doing well now. That was nearly 8 years ago and I still feel guilty.
Mackenzie B-G
Mackenzie B-G 10 soat oldin
Oh my god
Ivan creation
Ivan creation 12 soat oldin
This is so mature channel. Jesus helps people that want to make themselves better. And people who do things before thinking doing them, that is so wrong that it's a big mistake for everybody around, but mostly Jesus is hurt of the mistake. May God bless you all 💚
greencyborgninjadude 15 soat oldin
i shot my husband for insurance money
nora hall
nora hall Kun oldin
this is amazing
Smile Dawg
Smile Dawg Kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done was cut myself and I blame it on the cat but then mom found out I still do it
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Kun oldin
everyone in this video is so clapped
arti_ mie
arti_ mie Kun oldin
My parents used to steal stuff from houses that were left for years and containers with clothes just to get food and clothes for us. And they did that almost a half year and that's when I know it that they did that. They always leaved the house at midnight so we didn't know...
Unnamed Royalty
Unnamed Royalty Kun oldin
the worst thing i’ve ever done was when i let my boyfriend take my virginity before i was truly ready. he didn’t rape me, he kept asking me if it was okay, probably because he knew about my past with sexual abuse, and i said yes, but in reality it was kind of because i thought i owed him sex. in the end it was terrible because i was not ready at all, and it messed up our relationship a bit because he felt guilty. luckily we bounced back but it’s a dark point in my life i don’t like.
Jimin oppaaa
Jimin oppaaa Kun oldin
I once had a crush on a boy, he found out. He did not want me to like him so..he bullied me 😅😒😞
buddy Kun oldin
The worst thing i've ever done is when i was 9 years old i stole stuff from a shop, got caught tho..
11w9 081
11w9 081 Kun oldin
i am so lonely i didnt even have a chance to hurt somebody but when i was younger i accidentally left my parrot on the 50 degrees C on the sun and the poor thing died on the spot. i loved that bird so much
Damn my ass though it was gonna b stuff like ‘I dropped food on the floor and put it back on the plate’ or ‘I spat in this dudes food’ this got me depressed
Nicole Jessica Jones
1st one... oof 💔 2nd awe💜 3rd 💔💔💔 4th .... 5th that’s why I’m afraid of love 😔 6th we have the NHS so it’s kinda free but like we pay for it through taxes and awe💙
Corey Williams
Corey Williams Kun oldin
I know I'll probably get lots of hate for this. But the way I personally feel about the woman who's child isn't her husband's or boyfriend's or whatever it was; And she hasn't told him. I think that's honestly despicable and betraying. The guy deserves to know and frankly he deserves so much better.
Sub italian?
bulaboy2007 Kun oldin
Let me tell you something very important! NEVER ABORSH YOUR KID! CRUEL JUST CRUEL!
Mehreeen Bhat
Mehreeen Bhat 2 kun oldin
Does anyone else get sudden anxiety and fear when they hear all those voices talking at once for a few seconds in the beginning of the vedio? No? Just me then, ok.
Unofficial Kiwi
Unofficial Kiwi 2 kun oldin
These people have such deep lives mine would be some crap like "Ate a whole cake by myself
The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka
When I was 11 I was playing an online game and a guy started sexting me ( I didn’t know all the sex stuff back then) and I didn’t tell my mom until she found out and reported him because I didn’t think he was saying anything bad I thought it was like slang or something.
Suryaye Svaha
Suryaye Svaha 2 kun oldin
This deeply affected me and hurt what a terrible secret it must be extremely hurtful for her boyfriend. "When she finally told him he hung himself" this girl and her sex partner are total bitches I hope i could forget this soon.
ChrisNicole Official
I wanna b able to inspire ppl when I'm older and I'd appreciate it if ya would help me reach 100subs. I made a short Video titled "You", and I'd really appreciate it if ya shared it with anyone who needs to hear it
Jumanah Idris
Jumanah Idris 3 kun oldin
I laughed at my Dad as he cried over his dead brother. I was a sexist four-year-old and I thought grown men shouldn't cry. I can't believe I was so callous and so cruel. If I could go back in time I would hug him and comfort him and tell him I was there, but I didn't. I hate myself for that. I know I was only four, and my father has probably forgotten, but I have not. The memory horrifies me every time.
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 4 kun oldin
I came here to feel less bad about myself I hope it works.
krasimira stoyanova
When I was little I bullied people.I teased them and acted all snobby.I hate what I did.There was also a situation last year where there was a guy who liked me, and kept following me around even when I told him to stop. This resulted in me being rude.I regret not handling the situation better.
Chae*zone 4 kun oldin
worst thing i ever did? stayed with a liar. blinded by love and then mentally and verbally abused. i moved away before the abuse but i still struggle with it everyday.
dreamcatcher 11
dreamcatcher 11 4 kun oldin
This is so sad
1:29 JEEZ WHAT!?? omg... I feel so bad for the guy😖
Jade CandyCat
Jade CandyCat 4 kun oldin
0:25 does that sound like Grant Gustin to anyone else?
pressure zone
pressure zone 4 kun oldin
you're not responsible for someone else's suicide
minchiyo 4 kun oldin
me and my classmates said "i hope she dies" after our math teacher because we had a bad relationship but 4 years later she actually died because of cancer and i still feel bad for wishing her to die that day...
Hey It's Sarah.
Hey It's Sarah. 4 kun oldin
When it was my 11th birthday I started feeling pain in my stomach. Turns out I had appendicitis. The pain was unbearable. The worst thing I did was not tell my parents what was happening until I threw up. I went to school as I was slowly dying.
Ev Evenying Gacha
Ev Evenying Gacha 5 kun oldin
Sad stories... :(
Romel Lazy
Romel Lazy 5 kun oldin
I eat stuff like this for breakfast
Bella Skeeter
Bella Skeeter 5 kun oldin
All of this is so sad. The worst thing I’ve ever done was steal a piece of candy from a Marshall’s and I got whooped for it. True story.
疲れた 5 kun oldin
What if the people were just trolling
desire-for-madness 6 kun oldin
My biggest sin is hating myself. Not because of the way that it affects me, but because it often reflects on others, I sometimes harm people without meaning to simply because of my insecurities. I either hurt them or push them away, and they don't deserve that. I've moved countries multiple times to not harm the ones I become close to but it still happens.
Jazmyn 6 kun oldin
Two and a half years ago, while I was in the middle of a manic episode and I was cutting my right wrist open, after I had already sliced my left wrist open, I accidentally stabbed my dad through the hand while he was trying to grab the knife from me. He didnt even flinch.
Margaret Rmah
Margaret Rmah 6 kun oldin
Cutting :/
Actually a Chicken Nugget
I farted in a crowded room, then said "anyone smell popcorn?"
bossy 6 kun oldin
Is it bad that I really don’t feel anything when watching these videos?
Darck Sier
Darck Sier 5 kun oldin
Sam Camoo
Sam Camoo 6 kun oldin
Worst thing I've ever done is cut myself. I had just moved. Missed my friends and dealing with body issues. I broke down when I was about to get in a shower and saw that I got more stretchmarks. I cried most of the night and started cutting myself. I feel like I let down my friends and family. I have friends who are depressed and I always tell them there's a better way than farming themselves. Yet I did it to myself. I've been avoiding talking to them since.
Miua Loft
Miua Loft 6 kun oldin
I am only 15 so I havent lived long. But the worst thing I have probably ever done was either when i yelled at my girlfrienfd for doing self harm instead of sitting down and helping her through it( did that after) OR having to keep my sexuality from my parents and society in general in fear that I am going to be hated and kickes out of the house for it. Ive been Panromantic homosexual for five years and I havent told my parents. I told my closest friends and my best friend now my lobing girlfriend. Dont think i could ever tell them. I get along very well with my parenta and I hate having the thought of them just yelling, being disappointed, telling me to leave, pulling out bible stuff... It's scary. ( jesus loves not hates yo so that would be pretty hypocritical) there was a time in 6th grade where I was so afraid that I thought if I became trans then I could be in a hetero relationship, lasted for a week because 1 it would make matters worse and 2 thats not how that works. After that I would take binder rings and attempt to hurt myself multiple times because I convinced myself that I was a disappointment and that no one would accept me for it and that I would just have a life full of constant hate and judgment I'm great now, so thats awesome👍😎
Kiara Hews
Kiara Hews 6 kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done is take 38 pills in a suicide attempt. It destroyed my mum in so many ways and I didn’t even think about my family at the time. My mum now suffers from depression as a result and I’ve damaged my kidney or liver (I can’t remember which one) permanently. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Miednight 6 kun oldin
This just proves how important honesty is. Everyone should be able to talk to each other and feel safe.
Faith White Vlogs
Faith White Vlogs 6 kun oldin
y the first guy laughing
That Dude
That Dude 6 kun oldin
My shits too fucked up too post an a UZvid comment section, all i can say is i'd be surprised if i still have a soul once i am dead. LOL
Bobby Dazzler
Bobby Dazzler 7 kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done, I’m not sure which of the following are the worst but if you are reading this I guess it’s up to you. 1) I tried hanging myself last summer because I felt the world was too toxic for me and that I had no control over my life. 2) I’ve become to attached to money and brands 3) I’ve hurt people (not going to go into detail because I’m too ashamed to say and legal reasons)
Denise Jackson
Denise Jackson 7 kun oldin
my niece took the hamsters downstairs while I was asleep and she freed him and our dog found the hamster and his guts were spilled everywhere and its fur was messed up from the salvia and it was horrible I wished I could’ve looked harder or kept the dog in her room
1_800_ hobiwater
1_800_ hobiwater 7 kun oldin
I attempted suicide multiole times, and never told my mom
MyStory SoFar
MyStory SoFar 7 kun oldin
1:16 This one hits hard
taylor lelapin
taylor lelapin 7 kun oldin
Sorry for my English . I'm 17 and I have social anxiety (I know that it's not a excuse ) One day ,I was waiting the bus and a grandma with a big bag in her hands run for the bus . I could stop the bus but I do nothing because my minds tell me that I will look ridiculous I feeling so bad and cry so much when I was at home. A other day also a grandma was in the bus and there was no free sit , so I was suppose to give her my place , I wanted , I was on the point to stand up but a other person give her a place . I was feeling so bad because I couldn't stop to thinking to this and I heard the comments in the bus . I regret so much and I promise myself that I will act now no matter what . I'm tired to be a loser who never stand up for myself and stand up for people .
• Limassoleon •
This might be not as bad as the others, but I made a virtual toast to a hamster and I probably jinxed it because she died a few days after. And I feel guilty for my own hamsters death as I gave her a tomato slice the night before she got extremely ill, not knowing they were dangerous. Hamsters might seem like a throwaway first pet to you, but to me they’re my comfort, joy, and favourite animals.
Yuri 8 kun oldin
Worst thing i have ever done: When i was younger i had this “weird” cousin. I only called him weird because he likes raisins,so one day at a family renunion my other cousins and i planned putting cooked spiders that looked like raisins and place it on a plate. We also placed real raisins in it too..........My heart tried to stop me but i still went on with the plan,i gave the plate of raisins to my cousin and he ate it all.3 days later he was in the hospital with a great sickness,im just glad he is still here on earth until today.
Ashley S
Ashley S 8 kun oldin
I think most of the worst things I've done are the things I didn't do. But one that comes to mind that I actually did do is mock a kid super randomly when they asked for a volleyball at a super small water slide park a couple years ago. I have no idea why I did it, it wasn't intentional, I think I just meant to process it in my brain. I regret it everyday and I hope that it didn't have a lasting effect on him... If you're the person that experienced this, I am really, really, really, really sorry. Sometimes I think about what that one thing I said could have done to him and gosh.... It's just really terrible.
me me me
me me me 8 kun oldin
My sister,brothers,freind,and mom did suicide why should not I do it now its just me and myself and I work to get money and a phone and I wont buy a house before I die
↠ Dreams ↞
↠ Dreams ↞ 8 kun oldin
me me me Noo, I don’t know how to help but don’t lose hope yet 😭
m ø ø n s t r u c k ʏᴛ
0:15 *my name's blurryface and i care what you think*
Narin :/
Narin :/ 8 kun oldin
This is why i stay away from relationships
i hate my self
i hate my self 8 kun oldin
i sucked my dick
Aili Bender
Aili Bender 8 kun oldin
"I Haven't told my husband that the baby isn't his." *AHeEEEEEMm* Love Never Dies summarized
Laughable Capricorn
I hope you guys know now what cheating does to someone. 💔💔
ᄒ-ᄒTaeSHOOK 8 kun oldin
I broke somewones nose when i was a kid because he stole my lollipop i guess karma catched up to me all ik 3 years later I was diagnosed with diabetes .
Mad Sweetie
Mad Sweetie 8 kun oldin
When I was young I have fallen for countless of guys and girls They did all the same thing when I told them Rejected me and never spoke or payed attention to me again Until In 6th grade this guy was still so sweet to me Even if he's taken by a girl I still love him
↠ Dreams ↞
↠ Dreams ↞ 8 kun oldin
Mad Sweetie wow 😢
Archisha Nair
Archisha Nair 8 kun oldin
1:20 hurt.
hem hem
hem hem 9 kun oldin
“....he hung himself” Chills
2002 Honda Accord
2002 Honda Accord 9 kun oldin
About half a year ago or so, I ghosted this person I met through discord. She even told me about her depression and how she thought about killing herself multiple times. She said I was one of the few if not the only person that knew about this. She counted on me to be there, but I just stopped talking to her. I don't know why I stopped, but I just did. This is one of the worst things I've ever done and one of my biggest regrets.
narutosbelievin 9 kun oldin
Can this be a series?
Ratatouille is God
Ratatouille is God 9 kun oldin
i really felt the last one
This is a little thing, but I was outside with my fiends playing and my mom drove by and said I had to go to my grandparents house, but I didn’t want to go, did anyways, but when I got there I felt guilty and sad they gave me a popsicle and I still feel really guilty all they do is cheer me up when I’m down and I didn’t want to see them I feel so bad I wish I didn’t say that to my mom 😪😭
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees 9 kun oldin
Had to go to war at young age. Had to work in a factory before war too.
Silvia Anastasia
Silvia Anastasia 9 kun oldin
I cheated on the cashier at a Profi Shopping Center, wich mean i now have a 1.30 RON datory. And I thought it too was bad
BTS LoVeR 9 kun oldin
We are humans... And everyone does mistakes only thing we can do is regret them
Roman Posillico
Roman Posillico 10 kun oldin
The worst thing I have ever done is hurt myself on the behalf of anothers opinion
TheLight IsComingBack
Jesus Christ loves you and is with you through all of this. In Jesus Name Amen. Dont give up on yourself. Turn your eyes on Jesus, and He will sustain you through the storms and give you an awesome victory. In Jesus Name Amen. Isiah 41 :10
Oolalaz 32
Oolalaz 32 10 kun oldin
*When I was 13 I Stole a pack gum for Walmart... I ended up bringing it back though, I felt guilty.*
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 10 kun oldin
I’m sorry but if you know someone is cheating on someone you love, your damn right to tell them! If their partner is being unfaithful, then all parties have a right to know. I would be so pissed if my boyfriend was cheating on me and everyone knew except me cause they thought it “wasn’t their place to tell me” like obviously the boyfriend ain’t going to come clean, so how am I supposed to find out?
where are my jams?
where are my jams? 11 kun oldin
*in second grade, i pulled a kids chair out from under him when we was gonna sit as a prank and he fell but also he hit the back of his head hard and i think something bad happened. nobody knows i did it to this day but i don’t think he died.*
Swirlcookies9 AJ
Swirlcookies9 AJ 11 kun oldin
I cried while watching this video :T
ԲʆuԲԲy ɗøɠɠiɛ
God forgives.
Hot Salsa
Hot Salsa 11 kun oldin
There‘s this girl from my class and I use to just ignore her than starting a fight because she is so annoying... but because I can‘t stand her, all of my friends and all the other people from my class also don‘t like her. I feel really sorry for her but she is always mean when I try to talk to her and insults me and my friends, so why should I do something with her? But now I‘m afraid that this is bullying Is that bullying? Because I don‘t want to bully anyone haha
Aeri Berry
Aeri Berry 11 kun oldin
Hot Salsa mmhmhm idk but like you shouldn’t be mean to her maybe she will stop. And it doesn’t make anything better if you are mean back. So idk it’s kinda bullying even if she started it
DW.Harry 11 kun oldin
The worst thing I did was over exercising (4 hours of cardio 4 to 5 times a week) and begin a kind of eating disorder. My body almost gave up on me and I almost surrendered to it
Danna Paola Albarran
About the medical issues I have gone trough that because I have wanted to disappear so I was not a problem anymore.
Jaden 12 kun oldin
*my hermit crab ran away*
BREAD 7 kun oldin
+Jaden rip hermit crab, you'll be missed ;;
Jaden 7 kun oldin
+BREAD it died the day after
BREAD 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry that your hermit ran away ;;
Sea Foam
Sea Foam 12 kun oldin
I’ve been a bystander for the most of my life. In my first year of university, my friend,Tess , was in an abusive relationship with a guy in third year. He would hit and scream at her, degrade her in everyday possible. The worst part is, she was still deep in love with him and it hurt so much when I saw all those bruises and hickeys on her neck and arms. She was pregnant at the time, and oh god I wish I could’ve helped her when she needed it. I did interfere when things got out of hand and he started to harm her to the point where she blacked out and fainted. I talked to her boyfriend, but when I confronted him he shot himself, along with Tess I don’t know why, but it’s as if they were hiding something.
Sea Foam
Sea Foam 3 soat oldin
Ligeia D.Aurevilly Thank you for giving the advice. I’ve seemed out therapy and I’m a lot better now, but I still can’t shake the fact that I should’ve gotten involved sooner. But still, throughout time, I know I’ll be better.
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Ligeia D.Aurevilly 7 soat oldin
Horrible story. If it helps you out, it is very very difficult to help somebody within a violent relationship. Alone, you couldn't have done a lot. I regret that you feel somewhere guilty of not having being more involved. I think you should go for help yourself. The violence you witnessed is impossible to understand by yourself. We react as human beings, protecting ourselves from trouble and pain. I wish you the best. Think about my little advice for you.
Lara 4 kun oldin
i'm lost for words
•Candie • Is • Me •
I didn’t spend enough time with my Dad before Cancer took him and I didn’t appreciate my grandma enough. I do now, but I still regret it. We wrote letters to people during school and I wrote one to them apologizing even though they’ll never read it..
Rivertides 12 kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done is stay alive.
Aeri Berry
Aeri Berry 11 kun oldin
Rivertides same
mkw.04 12 kun oldin
The worst thing I've done is STAY alive
mkw.04 12 kun oldin
"The worst thing I have ever done was STAY alive."
Guardiann 12 kun oldin
I wish I lived in the US. So many opportunities that aren’t available here, like being a part of the Jubilee cast for an episode
Political Princess
Political Princess 12 kun oldin
I thought this would be funny,oh I was dead wrong...
Birdaget Van Trap
Birdaget Van Trap 12 kun oldin
The worse thing I have ever done before is deciding to give pineapple pizza a chance.
AFD 12 kun oldin
Insulting people I love and hate just because my hate for myself and humans in general blinded me
Casjack 12 kun oldin
I stole a pencil from school once
pero 12 kun oldin
𝓼𝓾𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓭𝓮 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓭𝓮𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓲𝓽 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓼𝓯𝓮𝓻 𝓲𝓽 𝓽𝓸 𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓼.