Reading The Worst Things People Have Ever Done

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4-Okt, 2017



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Jubilee 10 oy oldin
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Sabertooth 29 kun oldin
Do you accept 12 year olds? xD
Greek_Fire Oy oldin
Hey Jubilee we need more videos like this ❤️
+Ligeia D.Aurevilly Feel my balls on your chin.
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
+BlassReiter1100cc read the people's comments. Feel the engagement from the people. Help each other is part of human nature. There is a lot more behind
AverageLuke 7 daqiqa oldin
My girlfriend is pregnant and I ain't the papi.
Steppawolf 3 soat oldin
Is the last dude Ien Chi?
TadGhostal 3 soat oldin
I’m deeply ashamed of my depression, and attempted suicide(s). Just talking about it has always made me feel weak, disappointed, and ashamed. The fact that my mother could’ve found her dead child’s brains splattered all over the wall is a horrible thought.
Amanda Bisby
Amanda Bisby Kun oldin
Did he say the first part he got chills was the hanging part when that was literally at the end lol (not making fun of the situation cause it was awful, but I just thought it was weird the guy said the first time he got chills was the very last sentence).
Maegan’s World
Maegan’s World 2 kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve done was last year when my friend told me she was cutting herself for weeks on her arms and thighs. She told me not to tell the teachers because she didn’t want to go back to her therapist, and she would cover it up with concealer in the bathroom. Luckily her mom found out and she’s ok now but I don’t know what I would have done if she killed her self because all she ever talked about was hanging herself
Alex Brill
Alex Brill 2 kun oldin
Holy it’s a therapy session in the comments
Chloe Y
Chloe Y 2 kun oldin
A guy made me fall for him and he doesn’t even know I’m alive anymore 😭 oh well
Tony Christianson
Tony Christianson 2 kun oldin
The second one is fucked
Angry Arab
Angry Arab 3 kun oldin
abortion is murder
AJ 2 kun oldin
If you had a twelve-year-old daughter that got pregnant would you make her give birth?
DevilsNachoz 3 kun oldin
The worst thing I have ever done is after my dad hung himself, I was glad that he was dead. He couldn't hurt anyone else anymore.
heiress of stupidity
Suicide isn't the answer. Don't you want to outlive your enemies? Yeah, that's what I thought. Come on, stay alive!
yuseniah 4 kun oldin
I got blackout drunk and told my mom about the multiple times I tried to take my life, while trying to take my life, I was only 15.
nina Colunga
nina Colunga 6 kun oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done and am still trying to figure out is taking that weed I had barely turned 12 and I took it, a week later I tried normal cigarettes I now vape weed and nicotine and I’m 13 I haven’t told anyone because I’m afraid my friends will be disappointed and see me as someone else and every time i vape I wonder how they would feel if they found out and I feel like I’ve gone too far in this hole to get out of it I feel powerless
Lisa J
Lisa J 6 kun oldin
To the person who is carrying the weight of the guy who killed himself because his girlfriend was cheating on him with you - know this: it was not your fault. As an adolescent you are entitled to some level of immature behavior. If someone killed their self over that, they were already suicidal and just not prepared for the normal stressors of life. As a teenager cheating is a normal modern stressor, whether moral or immoral, it is.
Jonathan Liu
Jonathan Liu 8 kun oldin
1:26 he hanged himself*
Dorothy mountain
Dorothy mountain 8 kun oldin
I sometimes feel that I make guys fall in love with me and then I go away. I keep them in my life though. I too have depression and I am becoming sadistic may be. I want to change but it is so difficult.
TheQueen 9 kun oldin
I once drink a little bit of bleach just to see what happened It was today btw If I don’t update I’m dead
Aaliyah Goodman
Aaliyah Goodman 9 kun oldin
the worse thing ive ever done? The worse thing i ever did was not calling the doctor or telling anyone when i was having a miscarriage. i was 16
Joe C
Joe C 9 kun oldin
You're not responsible for someone's death unless you're the one that pulls the trigger. Self responsibility, I know people think/feel it doesn't exist, but it does. Suicide is sad, but it is mostly sad for your friends and family for the selfish decision you make and in turn make them suffer for you inability to cope. It is your place to do so.... if you don't want to get caught then don't do it.
Zen JDM 10 kun oldin
My husband sadly was a Guinness and sadly took his life in front of me and I was young. People get mad at me when I say he's in a better place. Suicide isn't an easy way out when people say that I find it wrong.
#CornucopiaKitty Hannah
It’s funny that I want to share my depedt regret in the comments section on UZvid, but here goes. I regret not leaving my friend group earlier. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because they were good people. I even had a crush on one of them for a long time. But after I started having mental problems, they weren’t there for me. All they wanted to talk about were silly things like Warriors Animators on UZvid. They made me laugh, but they didn’t make me happy. They ignored the important topics, and didn’t help when another in the friend group finally had the courage to ask for help. I was the only one who cared enough to help. But I eventually moved away, and it was one of the best things that happened to me. I just wish I had taken the steps to get new people in my life sooner, as opposed to trying to tell myself I was okay and since they didn’t care, I shouldn’t care either.
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes 13 kun oldin
The guy with the green shirt and sweater seems to know so much about life...he has a huge heart and speaks beautifully....I want to hear more of his thoughts.. this is a very interesting and powerful project....I wish you guys the best in seeing this blossom into something bigger
Typical Variety
Typical Variety 13 kun oldin
This is just sad
K T 15 kun oldin
The worst thing I ever done was calling my ex boyfriend and telling him I was raped. He internalized it so much and victimized me so much it was the lowest part in my life. When I decided to leave him alone and I found someone who loved me and married me. He wanted to come back in my life for good. I stopped believing in him that he would go back saying terrible things to me again. As I moved on to heal he killed himself. I live with this guilt of knowing I tried to love him but he could just see me raped.
momo bb dd
momo bb dd 16 kun oldin
why is the cute girl in the click bait is not in this video ????
Grapes_Are_ Censored
One time my dog wanted to take a walk with me. *I didn't take her.*
Emily McMasters
Emily McMasters 18 kun oldin
I had a best friend and he had been my best friend since I was born his mom and my mo got in a fight and he never talked to me then his friend came to live with me his friend was also my step cousin he then said hi to me after my cousin had talked about me and I rolled my eyes and left and I don’t see him as much bc he is a grade higher and has moved to a different school and I see him from time to time to drop of his brother and he looks at me like I did something wrong and at this point I am thinking if I did
Kitty Cats
Kitty Cats 19 kun oldin
I only talk to one person because my other friend went to another school Now she’s moving to Florida
Aristotle Quintana
Aristotle Quintana 20 kun oldin
The worst thing I ever did was exist because I am transgender and it’s really tough for my parents to understand and I don’t know how the rest of my family will react but one day I will get better if I make it there
ConstantCashFlow Linton
I suggest concept! Co-parents or Co-workers. It would be helpful. My job promotes empathy and compassion, that we never know what someone is going through.... ......but it's a one way standard. We don't do this with each other as Employees or our Employers with us. I genuinely feel it could changes things and that we would be less of a contradiction. It could be the key to communication. 😔😖
Joely_llj 24 kun oldin
Mine prolly think about killing myself a lot
helloindigo 25 kun oldin
Somehow you never fail to get such understanding non judgmental people on these video which is beautiful in itself
no one
no one 27 kun oldin
Was waiting for the girl in the thumbnail to appear
eyesofwater123 29 kun oldin
Worst thing I ever done was persuing and chasing a forbidden relationship when I was younger, nothing involving pedophilia or any sorts as we were 2 years and 2 months apart. The fact is it was something that should have NEVER happen and I still cringe to this day whenever I think about it. I accepted my mistakes and am quietly awaiting judgement. Take it from me: DO NO pursue forbidden fruit.
Ashley Lawrence
These secrets are so deep
My nan abuses me
I think medical care shouldn't cost anything, that's how it is in Britain This is for the first one, by the way
Kaia Møøn
Kaia Møøn Oy oldin
Why am I watching this?!
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner Oy oldin
I've had thoughts of killing someone for money.
AT Star
AT Star Oy oldin
You guys should have played an emotional music
Unknown Oy oldin
Sure it was bad that she cheated on the guy with him, but NO ONE is responsible for someone commiting suicide in such scenarios
Muhim Mandeq
Muhim Mandeq Oy oldin
My boyfriend is cheating on me... we were together like 2yrs... I found out today.. it's eating me up... I just don't feel like being in this world...,when u loved one's hurts u the most
Sidu Arah
Sidu Arah 22 kun oldin
It's gonna be fine, if your boyfriend doesn't love you. Someone else does.
Muhim Mandeq
Muhim Mandeq 29 kun oldin
DADADA DADADAD ohh thanks dear 😘
DADADA DADADAD 29 kun oldin
Muhim Mandeq i hope you’re okay now
Jas Oy oldin
The worst thing ive done was basically pushing away all my friends and becoming borderline anorexic for a boy who didn't even like me
Sofi Cifuvilla
Oh -A
Tasiah Hunter
Tasiah Hunter Oy oldin
The one about guy who hung himself cuz his gf cheated sounds familiar
jan Oy oldin
i guess because im still generally young and canadian, ive never had to worry abt medical bills,, but wow. that one rly,,, god
Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo
I can relate on the medical bill part.
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy Oy oldin
My deepest secret is hooking up with strangers through an app while I was my "friends" house, and it's only reason why I go to his house
Igor Vrdoljak
Igor Vrdoljak Oy oldin
The worst thing i ever did: i listened to britney spears and liked it
justcallme... Oy oldin
QOTD-who or what decides a person's life is "valuable"? How do we and should we measure such a thing?
Loony Hype
Loony Hype Oy oldin
I think , the worst thing I’ve done is killing a kitten . In fact , my father once killed a kitten as a child too . Also , to mention , I wasn’t alone , I was trying to give the kitten a bath . It didn’t die while I gave it a bath tho . It died after the bath .
Confide it
Emily Welker
Emily Welker Oy oldin
Once I met a potato, oh wait thats me, nvm. Like if ya wanna😌💕
Kim Yung Chai
Kim Yung Chai Oy oldin
The Asian man is the deepest one
Gage Heilman
Gage Heilman Oy oldin
The worst thing I've ever done is...... Eat a untoasted eggo
Gideon White
Gideon White Oy oldin
If the guy didn’t tell his cousin about his wife then that would be the secret written instead.
Safa Farhad
Safa Farhad Oy oldin
The worst thing I've done is staying alive when multiple people told me multiple times to die
Asian Trash
Asian Trash Oy oldin
My cousin had an accident and he's once told me that I'm the responsible.
Moon Baby
Moon Baby Oy oldin
My biggest secret is my friend who was a boy his name was josh he tried to message me that night about something he said he needed to tell me i left him on read that night because i was tired when i went to school the next day he wasnt there. He committed suicide ill never know what he was trying to tell me ill never know if i had stayed up that night if he would still be alive ill never know his last thoughts ill never know if i were the reason hes gone.
Diet C o l a
Diet C o l a Oy oldin
The worst thing I have ever done was, while I had cancer I tried to overdose on meds to end the pain. It was too much.
DADADA DADADAD 29 kun oldin
e e hope your’re okay now
bostero y boliviano
Isabel S
Isabel S Oy oldin
Hanged himself*
Kendal R
Kendal R Oy oldin
i cried the whole time
soobin’s angel
The worst thing I’ve ever done? Accused a boy in my class at 8 years old of sexual assault. (Luckily, i fessed up that it was false before it got too serious but I was actually sexually assaulted a few days ago and now I feel dirty and like a bad person)
Honey Oy oldin
You were 8, doesn't matter but what does matter is that you got sexually assaulted and you should contact the police and if severe, get therapy
Milly Pea
Milly Pea Oy oldin
My deepest secret was I dropped a perfume bottle in a shop and it smashed , I blamed it on a child
Kat'lyn Williams
When I was 13 I was playing with my barley 1 year old brother a little to roughly and accidentally pulled his arm out of socket. I was so afraid of what my parents would do to me that I never told them I did it. He was eventually taken to the hospital a few hours later because he wouldn't stop crying and holding his arm. He's okay now but I often think about what happened and how selfish I was being and usually end up crying or having an anxiety attack. I still haven't said anything.
Amiya WHACK Oy oldin
Bruh the worst thing I ever did was steal my cousin’s potato chips? Wtf
Angelina jackson
Leanna Oy oldin
The worst thing I have ever done ..... I was in so much pain from things that people said and did to me , I wanted to seek attention even if it meant it'll only be for a bit . I had an ex that I would text whenever I was having a bad day I would sneak out of the house just to feel a bit of attention , I would walk down a road that had no sidewalk and this one specific night 3 cars pulled up to me and asked if I needed a ride which now to think it's so scary walking alone at 1 am. Id get back to my house at 7 am before my mom woke up , eventually I confessed to her and she was so mad . Now that I have my son I see why she acted the way she did
Kenzy Lee
Kenzy Lee Oy oldin
"I think my laughter is to conceal how much of that is real in my own life." Wow.
Anais B
Anais B Oy oldin
The worst thing I've ever done is let myself progressively die because I was depressed. I started losing my vision at 15 and just let it go for a year I ended up with a 20mm tumor, loosing my eye, and now that I want to live cancer will be the death of me in the near future.
Jinified Oy oldin
That's tough
i found jimins jams
The worst thing I've ever done was steal a pen from a bank
Cookie Rookie
Cookie Rookie Oy oldin
The worst thing ive ever done was forgive a person who was toxic in my life...I was friends with her and even tgough i was i just new she was a bad kid but she could be nice sometimes. all of a sudden she texted me all these rude hurtful things on someone elses phone which happened to be someone who i thought i was friends with 2 i forgave her one day but i dont really hang out like i used to. sometimes i just kind of whished that i went back and punched her right in the nose after all these other things she did to not only me but to my other friends....it was messed up of what else she ended up doing.... but ig I'll save the rest of the story :\
Jojo Animated
Jojo Animated Oy oldin
I’m usually not an emotional person, but these struck deep.
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Oy oldin
The worst thing I’ve ever done was not try to do anything with my crush. Now he is leaving and I’ll never see him again.
Kaisa Raitanen
The worst thing i've ever done was that i grabbed my friend by neck and throwed him on the ground and now he's afraid of me.. And now i don't hurt my friends anymore, i'll hurt myself.
Kaylen H.
Kaylen H. Oy oldin
Don’t do either!! Please get help if you need it. Especially if you think you will hurt someone or yourself. ❤️
Nessa Gladys
Nessa Gladys Oy oldin
1:30 made me ball my eyes out.
Thomas Whiteowl
The worst thing I've ever done is tell my father I didn't care anymore... in my defense, he was committing slow suicide by chronic smoking.
Gabby Simmons
Gabby Simmons Oy oldin
the way they’re trying to be like super dramatic or laughing it off is so fking awkward
April Banks
April Banks Oy oldin
The part about the hanging himself took me out God bless all involved
April Banks
April Banks Oy oldin
problematic loner
I used to hate this girl in my Class when I was in the first grade because she was "annoying"....turns out she was autistic and had lost her dad a year before we knew each other. I used to make fun of her....wish we could meet again so I could apologize
God Oy oldin
This hurts watching this because I try so hard to make everybody happy but I’m not happy myself I trust people to quick and get hurt everytime, I’m starting to give up on trying anymore. I want to die I have nobody to talk to at all. I’m better off dead and alone.
JewbPancetta Oy oldin
Everyone is sad and I’m just laughing my ass off
Tito Oy oldin
damn depression is real
Lika Oy oldin
the weight of feeling responsible for someone’s death is one of the worst and most painful things ever done.
Trisarahtops Oy oldin
This is what buzzfeed should try to be
Donna Barona
Donna Barona Oy oldin
The worst thing I've ever done is hate myself everyday and question myself if still have a purpose to live in this world, ending up to trying to commit suicide twice in my whole existence. I'm 14 and I still am gloomy.
Brooke& Briannaplayz
The worst think I’ve ever done was I told a girl who had just transferred to my school from Mexico to not talk to me because she was taking videos and pictures of me and using them online to catfish guys turns out she also showed them to her parents who said if she didn’t make friends she was going to get deported;-;
Gabriel Vergara
Jessica Biel: The worst thing I've ever done is not naming my baby Batmo.
GalaGuy Oy oldin
0:40 hoe
christina flowers
The second one hit me personally......
Blue blood cell
The worst thing I've ever done was drowning my pet bird canary when I was an elementary school kid and told my mom that it committed suicide by itself. I could still remember I was staring at the dying bird blankly until it was out of breath.
PLUS Oy oldin
"Here's some simple advice: Always be yourself. Never Take Yourself too seriously." -Kermit the Frog.
Neo Virz
Neo Virz Oy oldin
80% of what i did in my life is basically the worst. Life's crazy but i managed to move forward somehow. Maybe luck do exist...
anthony bockhart
I've done that.
Shnebly Oy oldin
That guy shouldn't feel guilty about the other dude hanging himself. She was in a relationship, not him.
JustJ Oy oldin
I hear all these and I'm like I stole candy from a store every day for four years.
Drayonx Draws
Drayonx Draws Oy oldin
that first guy was about to say “thats tough”
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