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As a huge geek I thought it time I break down the medical scenes from the Marvel movie Doctor Strange from a real doctor's perspective! I'll explain how accurate it is, a bit more about what's happening on screen and share some of my experiences too!
I try and bring something different to each video, so if you enjoyed this please check out my other reviews of Medical TV dramas; House MD, Scrubs, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and ER!
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8-Yan, 2019

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Blade_Mas1er719 Soat oldin
What happen to the right side of your face?
John JohnRN86
John JohnRN86 Soat oldin
Not to mention doctors don’t know where equipment is and a nurse would be documenting this event,drawing up meds, assessing vital signs, calling for orders to be placed, putting in IVs, calling radiology to prepare the OR just in case the ICU isnt an option, anesthesia and respiratory therapists would be involved. In the US it would definitely be a large team involved
bRenegadez Soat oldin
You kind of look like Doctor Strange 😂
Arokhantos Soat oldin
This guy can never watch a movie with scenes in hospital 🤣
John JohnRN86
John JohnRN86 Soat oldin
Nurses are the real victims of these medical movies and shows. Many of the things they portray doctors doing- WE DO IT! BEfore attending become attending they are medical students and have to work their way up. Nurses may be teaching them better than their higher ups and catching their mistakes.
John JohnRN86
John JohnRN86 Soat oldin
I’m an operating room registered nurse and this movie kills me. But I’m so used to movies and tv projecting nonsense about what goes on in the hospital or healthcare. He literally scrubs and then puts his mask on. 😲🙄. The mask go on and off during surgery 😲😵 smh .
Saayan Dutta
Saayan Dutta Soat oldin
He explanation is graphic I mean 🤢🤢🤢🤮
FrosT Moore
FrosT Moore Soat oldin
so even simple actions from this movies requires research ... Movies are not easy to make afterall..good job Doc for breaking down terms and practices when it comes to Medical works..
Blaze 2 soat oldin
Awesome video! I really enjoy learning how accurate these medical scenes in shows and movies are
AdrianPlayz YT
AdrianPlayz YT 2 soat oldin
Do all doctors have a messy hair?
Saskia McKenna
Saskia McKenna 2 soat oldin
The spinal injury mentioned in the car is Rhodes’ injury from civil war, cool Easter egg
Atlas Marvel
Atlas Marvel 2 soat oldin
Why is there always some obscure channel that is owned by a person that is in a certain profession that is featured in some blockbuster movie or popular show that just so happens to want to analyze certain scenes to prove how legit they are? Singing instructors, lawyers, doctors, soldiers, when will it end?
Mark Van Velzor II
Mark Van Velzor II 2 soat oldin
I got a question. About two years ago my mother had to go for an xray in her chest she needed assistance to help and to continue to stand the xray tech warned me i said its ok now i did take a blast of radiation 4 times for four pictures would i be ok or do i need to worry since you said it has long term effect
SuperKoolW Boss
SuperKoolW Boss 2 soat oldin
He kind of look like him?
Melvin Vélez
Melvin Vélez 2 soat oldin
holy shit I have a wayyyyyyyyyyyy higher respect for doctors now after hearing the amount of work you all go through.
I’m wanting to become a surgeon any tips?
Nickel M
Nickel M 2 soat oldin
How does nobody else think he looks like a mix between Benedict Cumberbatch and Freddie Highmore, particularly in the thumbnail
Crafting and Fun!
Crafting and Fun! 2 soat oldin
You kind of actually look like Benedict Cumberbatch now that’s what I call a coincidence!
Ad Man
Ad Man 2 soat oldin
Doc Hope looks like Cumberbatch
محمد امين
محمد امين 3 soat oldin
I don't understand most of what you said 😅😅😅
T1J 3 soat oldin
ive seen so many "Real X responds" videos, but yours are the best because you provide more detailed educational explanations without getting too esoteric
Alya Ferrari
Alya Ferrari 3 soat oldin
This is my first time on the channel and honestly only clicked because of Doctor Strange (haha). I'm basically still a student and wow, I feel like being entertained and also educated like I'm in biology class. Absolutely a fun video. Loved it.
Eli Brasier
Eli Brasier 3 soat oldin
Now I'm scared for my heart.
Candy K
Candy K 3 soat oldin
An easy way to remember most of the Vertebrae - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner From top to bottom: 7 Cervical, 12 Thoracic, and 5 Lumbar All that's left is the sacrum and coccyx. I'm a massage therapy student in an 800 hour program. Kinesiology, and Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (AP&P) are large parts of my education. 75%+ grading is required, but most students are above and beyond 80%.
Mishra Man
Mishra Man 3 soat oldin
He actually looks like Dr strange
CaRtEr Random
CaRtEr Random 3 soat oldin
Love it
xXxGRONKxXx 3 soat oldin
React to House M.D.!
Ron_Williams_Art 3 soat oldin
How cool would it be if that general was Dr octopus? Like, maybe he was a military scientist who's life was ruined when he had that injury, and the legs were supposed to help him with walk again
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 3 soat oldin
You look a bit like Dr. Kaut from “Mord mit Aussicht“
JustClout 3 soat oldin
Jesus Christ your a doctor already! YOU DONT NEED MORE MONEY 😂😂😂
big chungus
big chungus 3 soat oldin
luisdrossh 3 soat oldin
I think i am ready to operate someone
Philip Van Inting
Philip Van Inting 3 soat oldin
Wraith 3 soat oldin
when he got stabbed he should've just used the eye of agamotto to undo the wound.
vert!cal Soat oldin
He didn’t know how to use it at the time though
Night And Day
Night And Day 3 soat oldin
10:37 so do doctors always crash?
Yoo Kyungwan
Yoo Kyungwan 3 soat oldin
Wow, i love how you explain things in detail. If my professors talk like you then I'd probably ace every goddamn exam.
Eric 3 soat oldin
8:20 that's war machine from Civil War ;)
juanrios 3322
juanrios 3322 3 soat oldin
So much vocabulary
UnknownPigeon 3 soat oldin
Night And Day
Night And Day 3 soat oldin
Put my scull back
Feluto 4 soat oldin
I got my first blowjob to this movie lol
Feluto Soat oldin
​+vert!cal um okay?
vert!cal Soat oldin
Andre Pintor Rodriguez
Doctor Hope looks like Doctor Strange
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan 4 soat oldin
Real vampires reacts to Twilight
TheGrimReaper03 4 soat oldin
You should collab with dr.mike.
John Rivera
John Rivera 4 soat oldin
Is it just me, or does he kind of look like doctor strange
Darth Swahl
Darth Swahl 4 soat oldin
It’s pretty bad ass that you do this! I really enjoyed it, keep it up!
Jack Skatter.
Jack Skatter. 4 soat oldin
I find it really cool how he not only tells us most of this stuff is pretty accurate but doesnt hold back on the issues with the surgery, and gives us a full explanation Its also pretty greay that he accepts its a movie and its not meant to be completely accurate.
Ian G14
Ian G14 4 soat oldin
I found this very interesting and loved how you picked out everything and went into further explanation. 11/10 would watch this many times
rasha15 4 soat oldin
you'd think the bullet lodged in the head is a far-fetched idea, but I just had a patient 2 days ago who's had a bullet in his brain for many years!
James Tobin
James Tobin 4 soat oldin
Why do you look more like dr strange than dr strange😂😂
Joseph Raymond
Joseph Raymond 4 soat oldin
i find it interesting that they did get a lot of things right or close to right in the movie
Amber Granger
Amber Granger 4 soat oldin
I've been on a binge watch of your videos since I'm sick today (ironic) and my god, your videos are so binge worthy! Not only is your content entertaining, but also fascinating! I've learned so much more in the past couple of hours of watching your videos than I did in school LOL
Emelyn Malihah
Emelyn Malihah 4 soat oldin
i dont understand 87% of what hes saying but i love this video
KPeach 4 soat oldin
Germaphobe? Jk btw for the angry people
1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT
The ONLY thing I didn't like about this movie was when he crashed his Lamborghini. I understand that that's literally the entire cause of this movie, but dude, you're driving a quarter million dollar supercar, focus on the road!
Taylor Breckenridge
Taylor Breckenridge 4 soat oldin
I like your eyes.
xXJewels 604Xx
xXJewels 604Xx 4 soat oldin
Real hammer reacts to thor hammer scenes
1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT
1:51 how did you not notice his gloves' missing?!
Nocturnal Lycan
Nocturnal Lycan 5 soat oldin
Doctor Strange: Watches over the Universe and responds to potential threats Doctor Hope: Watches videos and responds to their inaccuracies.
stock694 5 soat oldin
Great video! Very insightful :)
Hill 5 soat oldin
What kind of doctor have time to make youtube content and still have time for hospital duty?
Animatedzombiemango gaming
I actually knew some of these things before the movie came out
dougie cook
dougie cook 5 soat oldin
you kinda look like benedict cumberbatch but a more attractive version
Zelaznog16 _
Zelaznog16 _ 5 soat oldin
Greek and Latin roots also help to break large words down to a more understandable level
puchaczytacz 5 soat oldin
Am I the only one seeing Dr Hope Benedict Cumberbatch's look alike?
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 5 soat oldin
is that a real doctor that looks like benedict cumberbach reviewing a fake doctor of benedict cumberbach in doctor strange?
Mitchell Nakamoto
Mitchell Nakamoto 5 soat oldin
*REAL IRON* reacts to Iron man
Jessica Lan
Jessica Lan 5 soat oldin
at first when this was showed up on my home page i thought i would dislike it but i actually enjoyed it a lot like it was so cool lol
senselocke 5 soat oldin
Wonder if the idea was to show Strange putting on his mask _before_ washing his hands, and the editor didn't know.
Mitchell Nakamoto
Mitchell Nakamoto 5 soat oldin
Birth control company CEO reacts to Thanos’s snap
Dee Pee
Dee Pee 5 soat oldin
Super interesting video. Glad I clicked on it
Eldrago destructor
Eldrago destructor 5 soat oldin
Stop pausing
the puginator
the puginator 5 soat oldin
Doctor reacts to dr.phil
MARKEL AKPABIO 5 soat oldin
This nigga look like doctor strange lol
MORONI LOPEZ 5 soat oldin
Moroni 10:23 Book of Mormon 23 And Christ truly said unto our fathers: If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me.
Vernard Latimer
Vernard Latimer 5 soat oldin
At 8:30 the guy on the radio was talking about war machine 😉
Hasazil Mitchell
Hasazil Mitchell 5 soat oldin
He looks more like doctor strange than doctor strange
keilaxo 5 soat oldin
Oh cool, Benedict Cumberbatch reacting to Benedict Cumberbatch.
sanmoron 5 soat oldin
Those puns.. OMG!!! Really awesome work on details and commentary too.
KINGKREAPER 5 soat oldin
Can u do the good doctor
KINGKREAPER 5 soat oldin
Can u do the good doctor
Colour Sound
Colour Sound 5 soat oldin
Dude you look like Benedict Cumberbatch.
Zeno _ReloadZz
Zeno _ReloadZz 5 soat oldin
The best 22 minutes of my life..
COME’ HIR YA CONT 5 soat oldin
This is the only channel where we actually enjoy listening to reactors in reaction videos.
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas 5 soat oldin
An actual doctor describing the top of your skull as the "domey bit" I cant stop laughing
Aeon 5 soat oldin
if you'd meet and talk to a doctor, you will realize they are all douche bags and want to show how smart and better they are, oh that's arrogance.
Kiyle Greene
Kiyle Greene 5 soat oldin
@8:19 I just realized he’s talking about rhodey
David Deckerman
David Deckerman 5 soat oldin
what kind of doctor are you? My moms a pediatrician and she always says that when they perform CPR, they never push on the chest hard enough in tv shows and movies😂.
Hernandez Gaming
Hernandez Gaming 5 soat oldin
Feels like I’m in a foreign language class
Kyle S.
Kyle S. 5 soat oldin
8:18 isn't that Don Cheadle in war machine
Banana Ryan
Banana Ryan 5 soat oldin
Dr hope, search up Dr Mike on UZvid, he is like you
L0b0 to Will0
L0b0 to Will0 5 soat oldin
Dr.Strange look alike found, irony.... He is a doctor 👌👌👌
that one guy 500
that one guy 500 5 soat oldin
I'm not a doctor, but assessing a lot of these issues is pretty obviouse for anyone with a decent understanding of anatomy. Fixing them on the other hand . . .
Supermario24 5 soat oldin
Real grape reacts to infinity war
Fikri Firas Santosa
Fikri Firas Santosa 5 soat oldin
im not a fan of medical stuff but i like this, keep it up doc.
Hornycricket 5 soat oldin
The no hats and no masks thing really got my goat.. but i guess if you cover up the actor’s face, then that is less screen time?.... * meditative pose* ummm, it’s only a movie, ummmmm
Charles Bergeron
Charles Bergeron 6 soat oldin
I think he trained dr strange and help bring agent Coulson back to life. Basically an agent of shield so yeah...
McGregor Man
McGregor Man 6 soat oldin
I just realized they were referencing Don Cheadle’s character when they were talking about the colonel who got injured
Elheffa 6 soat oldin
Funny story the first time I got surgery my surgeons were playing five finger death punch but it was cool
Big Papa
Big Papa 6 soat oldin
Very informative video. In a way that I can understand.