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As a huge geek I thought it time I break down the medical scenes from the Marvel movie Doctor Strange from a real doctor's perspective! I'll explain how accurate it is, a bit more about what's happening on screen and share some of my experiences too!
I try and bring something different to each video, so if you enjoyed this please check out my other reviews of Medical TV dramas; House MD, Scrubs, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and ER!
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Dr Hope's Sick Notes
So here is my first medical movie reaction! There are some cracking medical scenes in Doctor Strange, and a had loads of requests to give them a look, I do get a bit nerdy explaining things, but hey! that's what I'm here for. Timestamps: 00:43: Intro scene with Doctor Strange in theatre 03:06: First case of bullet in brainstem 08:07: Medical cases talked about in car scene 10:54: Doctor Strange rehab 12:20: Doctor Strange cardiac arrest in theatre after being stabbed 18:47: Ancient One in theatre after head injury
carlos Rivas
carlos Rivas 9 kun oldin
again the ancient one diher stuff to keep him alive. she did what is necessary as an old keltic woman to help someone of obvious english ancestry as her, Benedict cumber- i mean Dr strange.
carlos Rivas
carlos Rivas 9 kun oldin
Strange response: i asked your help once, you denied me.,
carlos Rivas
carlos Rivas 9 kun oldin
Again this the american doctor with years past his surgical residency into his attending and beyond. he is a bit a jackass in his fast sports car.
carlos Rivas
carlos Rivas 9 kun oldin
the ring light is too close to you maybe? i know you might have one? slightly father away and it will show off your beautiful blue eyes.
Not Actually A Black Guy
When you react to the scene starting at about 19:34 it's hard for me to not hope you'll also acknowledge and comment on the significance of him allowing the other surgeon to do the job instead of himself. Showing the overall progress of Dr. Strange through his arc as a hero and changed man. Going from totally selfish and narcissistic to selfless and humble. Willing to let go of his ego and let someone he sees as kind the inferior surgeon mentally perform because he physically cannot do it himself. Plus you can tell he just doesn't like that guy much generally. Lol. But I understand you're probably just wanting to remain objective and true to the main purpose of your videos.
Not Actually A Black Guy
I guess it just leaves me asking myself "did the doctor man understand the emotional side this part as well?" Those things can be less apparent. And it would provide a kind of objective/subjective balance that could be cool to see you walk through.
Not Actually A Black Guy
The patient with the electric implant struck by lightning is interesting to see a real doctor react to because a lot of people think that may be an Easter egg/reference for a new Marvel hero. I've heard it usually be explained as a possible reference to Captain Marvel I think.
Luis Fonseca
Luis Fonseca 13 soat oldin
Real doctor watches movie CRANK.
benson tran
benson tran 15 soat oldin
Could you react to tf2 Meet The Medic?
Sage2000 18 soat oldin
Good review without being a jerk. Thank you!!!
Josh Staver
Josh Staver 22 soat oldin
Alexandria Patricio
This video reminded me of someone (Doctor Mike?) I dunno even the "good hand washing technique" was the same check doctor Mike's vid and judge for yourself it's "Real doctor reacts to The Good Doctor". No hate btw...
Viktor Jangsell
Viktor Jangsell Kun oldin
you look hella stoned
the1tigglet 2 kun oldin
The mid thorazic fracture is actually a reference to Warmachine armor flyer in the Avengers. ;)
Onexshotx Blackwing
Chest compression's Chest compression's Chest compression's!
Prince Silvermane
Prince Silvermane 3 kun oldin
Would you actually need so much surgery and pins on your hands? That part always struck me as a little odd. There was some line from Strange about the way that they did it was more damaging than it should have been. But that could always be his arrogance.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 3 kun oldin
Holy fuck did I just learn so much
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Roy Mustang Ackerman
Real robot reacts to Iron Man
ba de ya say that you remember
real widow react to black widow or terminator react to winter soldier
shabrina z
shabrina z 3 kun oldin
Wow 4.4 million. hopefully Strange would still be practicing meds in the second movie
Frankie T
Frankie T 4 kun oldin
Real toys react to Toy Story
A'laigne MacGregor
A'laigne MacGregor 4 kun oldin
He looks like Benedict :O
Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
The spine ingery was rodie A.K.A war machine in the events of civil war
Doggo Boi
Doggo Boi 5 kun oldin
Real Iron reacts to Iron Man
Higher Vibez
Higher Vibez 5 kun oldin
So what is doctors talk about nba, gsw are the Golden State Warriors
Rance Kidder
Rance Kidder 5 kun oldin
Universal healthcare in the UK must not cover braces.
superduperjoi 5 kun oldin
Real Mermaid Reacts to Aquaman
ALAN THAMPI 6 kun oldin
I want this guy to operate me 😂 He Knows his stuff👌😂
Sameer Sharma
Sameer Sharma 6 kun oldin
people try to make money in mysterious ways.
Nour Wanace
Nour Wanace 6 kun oldin
He looks like Bilbo Baggins
SupDawg444 6 kun oldin
Crazy how the human skull has a hinge on it for easy opening
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson 7 kun oldin
For some reason it just now dawned on me that when he said colonel crushed his spine they’re talking about Rhodes
there was a guy in the states who got shot in the head and the bullet passed almost right through without causing damage but some pressure caused issued till it was removed. pretty uncommon id suspect but might be where they got the idea.
if im not mistaken its when the sac surrounding the heart gets punctured and fills with blood and causes pressure on the heart preventing it from beating.
itd be cool to get your imput on surgeries done in history. theres an indian legend about a guy doing surgeries like 2000 years ago. as well as some actual crazy accounts of pretty complex surgeries done back in the day. pretty sure one of the medieval kings of europe had a pretty crazy one and lived. always found it kinda strange they managed to oull stuff like this off back in those days yet we are always told how bad medical technology and practices were in those days. like the aztecs fixing hematoma's with obsidian knives and cutting out bits of the skull.
Rolomir Fenrir
Rolomir Fenrir 7 kun oldin
Don't oil the springs, hearing it creak was rather funny.
Kapitan Gövienov
Kapitan Gövienov 7 kun oldin
Real Black Widow reacts to Black widow
Аня Ильдейкина
Ничо не поняла, но интересно
TRUE LXRD 8 kun oldin
real Tree react to groot would be awesome
hehe 8 kun oldin
Real widow reacts to black widow
Jaylee Gale
Jaylee Gale 8 kun oldin
This dude is actually rly smart tho like
L Jay
L Jay 8 kun oldin
Speaking of heart rhythms, does he have any leads on?
Sarah Kruse Abrahams Paulin
Hey, great video! Could you please review the episode "His last vow" from Sherlock? It has a few medical scenes that I'd like to see you talk about. Thank you for your videos, they are jusy awesome! Keep up the good work!
Ninja Y.
Ninja Y. 8 kun oldin
This vids title should be "*Watching myself during surgery*"
D-VIII A-IX 8 kun oldin
Dr hope looks like Benedict Cumbeerbatch from the side
Andrew Grabowski
Andrew Grabowski 8 kun oldin
Since you're a big Marvel fan, can you examine the Tony Stark injury from the first Iron Man movie? I don't know if you're a surgeon or any background of being an engineer but I'd love to know how realistic the injury is and the technique to fix the injury is, especially since it was in the middle of the Afghan desert in 2008 of all times. Just has my curiosity hightened to get your take on what happened vs what should've happened.
Azzedination 8 kun oldin
Real jew react to boy in the white pajamas
S Butcher
S Butcher 8 kun oldin
A red skull reacts to a specific scene in infinity war
Yvonne Palarion
Yvonne Palarion 9 kun oldin
Please react to Yong Pal please , Hospital Ship and Doctor Stranger a korean drama please thank you
Evianna Faye
Evianna Faye 9 kun oldin
I agree with your assessment on the cardiac tamponade scene, I would be pressing the call bell for assistance....and have a whole med team there.
Doodle Boy
Doodle Boy 9 kun oldin
I am here for 8:13 Sound of the Lamborghini V10
Skit Less
Skit Less 9 kun oldin
You look like him...
Gio Productions
Gio Productions 9 kun oldin
Loved it, thank you!
Gio Productions
Gio Productions 9 kun oldin
Real dick leaves a stupid comment Idk how this works..
carlos Rivas
carlos Rivas 9 kun oldin
So tony stark, a genius engineer who shown he can do just about anything, all he had to do was offer Dr Strange perfect hands, and the doc would have defeated Thanos the first time?
ALexpWTFISTHAT 9 kun oldin
Nice to see that little nod to previous Marvel movies in Dr. Strange. The Air Force captain with a mid-thoracic burst fracture (or whatever that was) was probably a reference to the failed Hammer Industries armoured suit that was trying to emulate Tony Stark's Iron Man suit hahaha
unknown 9 kun oldin
If you like cells at work and surgery shows you should try doing a review of black jack (anime) it is based on a 1973 manga by osamu tazuka (creator of astro boy) the godfather of anime. It follows a underground surgeon who is very talented and perform operations for the poor who cant afford it (something like a medical robin hood).
J Town
J Town 9 kun oldin
Real Actors react to Real Doctor's reaction of them Acting like Doctors
J Town
J Town 9 kun oldin
How did a surgeon of his caliber not have his hands insured for some massive amount through Lloyds of London?
Grace Faith
Grace Faith 9 kun oldin
fantastic. loved seeing the science behind the movie.
Knockoff Transformers
But is his handwriting ok?
Rashdan1994 10 kun oldin
One of the best UZvid recommendation with great comments 😂
Stephen Beaton
Stephen Beaton 10 kun oldin
I like how you explain things I am not looking into the medical profession but, I am still interested in these kinds of things. Though I am more interested in the musculoskeletal system,
Keshler Sanon
Keshler Sanon 10 kun oldin
I just realized the billy guy was talking about Rhodes who became paralyzed🤯
Loltol1234 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or does he kinda look like dr strange
Mazuko Uzumaki
Mazuko Uzumaki 10 kun oldin
8:18 i just now realized the guy on the phone was talking about war machine😱
Juliana Karasawa
Juliana Karasawa 10 kun oldin
Nice commentary! Put in very simple terms for the laymen without taking the fun from the movie
Liron Koren
Liron Koren 10 kun oldin
React to code black
Magnus Schwerdtfeger
What would you do when the two other types of cardiac arrest occur?
Macy B
Macy B 10 kun oldin
Super interesting! I actually learned a lot watching!
『SNZV』 10 kun oldin
Anger Man reacts to The Hulk
Alberto Lamorena Tan Jr
A pleasure to watch your videos Doctor.
Salty.Bitters. 11 kun oldin
Female reacts to Ironman
Premier Sammyboy
Premier Sammyboy 11 kun oldin
why would someone even dislike this video
Drawing Prodigy
Drawing Prodigy 11 kun oldin
Real bat reacts to Batman.
upperganger 11 kun oldin
This thorough explanation is so good that I'm starting to really get into knowing about medical terms more. I love the fact filmmakers are also starting to acknowledge the importance of accuracy of scenes with real world practice, it gives a sense of magnitude to make the scenes more alive.
iSellYew -
iSellYew - 11 kun oldin
*Real Spider Reacts To Spider-Man*
Demon Queen
Demon Queen 11 kun oldin
in .... theatre?????
Dave Cheney
Dave Cheney 11 kun oldin
Since you taught us about medical stuff in Doctor Strange maybe do the doctors from Star Trek
Ricardo Builes
Ricardo Builes 11 kun oldin
WildWolf 11 kun oldin
This was much more interesting to watch than expected
javd25 11 kun oldin
Could you review Saving Hope? It’s a show on Hulu
Rah_ul g
Rah_ul g 11 kun oldin
I planed to watch this for just 5 min but here i am .. !! Till the end
Dailydailey 11 kun oldin
He look like doctor strange as well
Alan Rico
Alan Rico 11 kun oldin
You pause too much
Selman Yılmaz
Selman Yılmaz 11 kun oldin
He really looks like Charlie from Lost
Young Boy
Young Boy 11 kun oldin
Real ant reacts to Ant-Man
Brenden Neal
Brenden Neal 12 kun oldin
One of the most interesting videos I’ve ever watched :)
Jedi J03Y
Jedi J03Y 12 kun oldin
Bill Cosby reacts to the Kardashians
John Smith
John Smith 11 kun oldin
Jedi J03Y You are not gang to get that because they do not visit people that are in jail for sex crimes.
legomation reviews
legomation reviews 12 kun oldin
Real tree reacts to groot
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 12 kun oldin
Real taxi driver reacts to Taxi Driver.
Zaya Moone
Zaya Moone 12 kun oldin
This was very interesting and entertaining to watch!
Jonathan Lumbreras
Jonathan Lumbreras 12 kun oldin
Real panther reacts to black panther
Jack Daniel's in the lion's den
Honestly you do kinda look like Benedict Cumberbatch from certain angles
Cyk 12 kun oldin
Alright, I'll be VERY original on this one, but from the front view I think you look like Watson in Sherlock Holmes (the one with Benedict/ younger, obviously), but from 3/4 you just look like Benedict himself. So besides the fact that this video was pretty informative and interesting, I found it kind of funny to see this ahah
Sahar Lerk
Sahar Lerk 13 kun oldin
I liked this video bc im a marvel fan and i learned things while watching
ariennye42 13 kun oldin
This was fantastic! I love this movie, but cringe through the medical scenes. It drives me crazy the basic stuff that they do wrong. As you said, some of it is forgivable being a superhero movie and all, but scrubbing in? Come on! And if my brain is exposed on the operating table, my medical team had better be wearing masks in theatre! Thank you for this great little expose and educational lesson. This doctor is glad its not just me noticing this stuff. I expect more accuracy in the real life part of million dollar movies, even if/until magic, aliens, or supers come along. Then they can do whatever they want. (my late husband felt the same way about computer stuff in "real life scenes" in movies.) And I totally play music in surgery. :}
angela’s blessings
is it just me or does dr hope look like dr strange ...😂
Musa myBoi
Musa myBoi 13 kun oldin
Real Thanos Reacts to infinity War
bursegsardaukar 13 kun oldin
4:31 Hamlet time
Serina Seras
Serina Seras 13 kun oldin
Your smile is adorable and I love how enthusiastic you are when discussing medicine. Jealous of everyone who has you in grand rounds
Parsipolo !
Parsipolo ! 14 kun oldin
Oh...the comment section I'm dieing xD
Paldins Gaming
Paldins Gaming 14 kun oldin
OMG I just realized that the military colonel that fractured his spine in "prototype armor" was Rhodes in the War Machine suit. I feel so stupid. 9:00
Ana Oakenshield
Ana Oakenshield 14 kun oldin
I’ve learned more from this video than in 2 years of biology holy shit
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