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French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS... this episode is next level!
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25-Mar, 2019



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GoldArcher 42
GoldArcher 42 Soat oldin
If dude perfect is in overtime is their channel coming to an end 🧐
Kimberly Ashley Grant
I am an AC
Tricia Taylor
Tricia Taylor Soat oldin
_ Asei1733 _
_ Asei1733 _ Soat oldin
New favorite segment is bloops
Justin Joseph
Justin Joseph Soat oldin
the ? should be eat a whole pinapple
CoZe Flank
CoZe Flank Soat oldin
NEED LIKES plz I’m desperate me and my sister are seeing who can get the most likes
Bre Samps
Bre Samps Soat oldin
My mom would LOVE those beef jerky flowers
Wyatt Harper11240
Unfortunately should have wax your legs and arms
ROBLOX with charleigh World
Cory’s eyebrows still haven’t grown XD lol
Camelia Youngcake
Add in: Ride a horse
Annamaria Balazs
Annamaria Balazs Soat oldin
For ?it shud be get shot by codys band gun
ROBLOX with charleigh World
Do bloops
Braian Cueva
Braian Cueva Soat oldin
Y los subtítulos donde están? :(
Gaming ForGoods
Gaming ForGoods Soat oldin
Ideas for wheel unfortunate: Get bitten by a dog. Break up with your loved one. Eat a old pepper. Get shot by a nerf gun. Kiss a dude perfect member. Lose all your money. Lose your favorite pet.
pug and rocco Ayala
Idea:listen to deathcore with headphones, full volume
Haziq Soat oldin
Dont waste food btw huge fan❤️❤️
Awesome Spencer Boom!
Who was here before the name change
Raul Efren Najera Bahena
I’m from Mexico
Sir Fox
Sir Fox Soat oldin
If Ty spun the wheel, who would play Ned Forrester?
FLDaspect Games
FLDaspect Games Soat oldin
you should start a segment called What's on My Recommended?!!
NEWBOLT95 Soat oldin
11:23 reeeeeeeeeee why
DubiousSpade375 Soat oldin
#1 trending in the uk
Daryl T
Daryl T Soat oldin
All the beeping from the blooper segment gave me anxiety
Ben Bonjour
Ben Bonjour Soat oldin
The most payed job Being Mrbeast friend
Larkin McMorris
Larkin McMorris Soat oldin
A consequence should be they dye their hair bright green, yellow, or orange and the have to wear it like that for a month. Pls shoutout if you choose mine
Evie Tipton
Evie Tipton Soat oldin
Omy goodness you guys are awesome
Allyson Truitt
Allyson Truitt Soat oldin
We got my dad that bouquet of beef jerky flowers 😂😂😂 Also Cory’s eyebrows are still only halfway there😂
Rory Perdue
Rory Perdue Soat oldin
Bloops is amazing it almost made cry laughing
Mahalia Carbon
Mahalia Carbon Soat oldin
wheel unfortunate cosequence get 10 cheese burger an eat it all
UzzyDaMLGPro Soat oldin
*You are unconscious after drowning.* James Charles is about to give you CPR. *Like to prevent this.*
Daddy Bleach
Daddy Bleach Soat oldin
Smh you should send me that custom dude perfect pc
Simonstar Soat oldin
Gaming ForGoods
Gaming ForGoods Soat oldin
I am subbed and have shared the vid
GlassShards Soat oldin
I really want to get French toasted it looks kinda fun lol
Slides and Thrill Rides
Coby as actually hilarious
Cooper TrHbd
Cooper TrHbd Soat oldin
How does Cory have his eyebrows?
UzzyDaMLGPro Soat oldin
James Charles just gave you the sloppiest wettest kiss. *Like to undo.*
Anderson Comfort
Anderson Comfort Soat oldin
wheel unfortunate consequsce go bald or for garret get a wig
Nick Flores
Nick Flores Soat oldin
Mouse trap
Eli Bateman
Eli Bateman Soat oldin
? Should be luck 1 foot of the Walmart bathroom floor
Laura Norman
Laura Norman Soat oldin
Wheel Unfortunate consequence sleep in a pig pen!
Zake Maj
Zake Maj Soat oldin
Proof dude perfect isn’t fake
SeaneRX Soat oldin
WHO WANTS COOKIE? {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🍪 cost = 1 sssssuuubBBBbbb Thank you ^_^
Dima Greizha
Dima Greizha Soat oldin
krashleywest1 Soat oldin
Get dunked in a tub of mayonnaise and stay for an hour shave your head and paint it pink eat a big hunk of Limburger cheese be an editor in the next Overtime video
boi garrison
boi garrison Soat oldin
There is to much beeping in bloops
Sam Zany
Sam Zany Soat oldin
Who is better Tyler Ned forester
Sam Zany
Sam Zany Soat oldin
If you said both you are very smart
PJ Muhich
PJ Muhich Soat oldin
I think that the question mark on wheel unfortunate should be something that the fans choose every week as long as it's approved by dude perfect (from a fan)
Ppp Pppp
Ppp Pppp Soat oldin
Wasted food
Юрий Коваленок
Friends the Americans! How did you go to school, College or University ?
Cricket Store
Cricket Store Soat oldin
I was laughing so hard when Cory got French toasted in wheel unfortunate. Like if you agree!
Charliepancakes Cook On!!
I have an idea for stereotypes and you will be blown away. Trick Shot Stereotypes! I know genius right! Like if you agree. It’s perfect(no pun intended)because Dude Perfect is mainly about trickshots!
Adrian Lindahl
Adrian Lindahl Soat oldin
Imagine impractical jokers & Dude perfect Doing a collab
Hey boiz tap my profile pic
Haven Wilson
Haven Wilson Soat oldin
1. I woke up Two. I met my crush 3.we lived happily ever after Real order:2,3,1
Sweaty_Bot 79
Sweaty_Bot 79 Soat oldin
Best toast ever!!!!!!
X X X Soat oldin
Hendrik Koch
Hendrik Koch Soat oldin
Food wasting...
João Guilherme B Correa
What are you doing?! Kids in Africa could have eaten that Coby
PowerPenguin Soat oldin
The ? one should be that you hire people to slap the loser in the face with a frozen fish for half an hour
Yesboiiiiis Soat oldin
Dye hair as consequence
Jonah Brown
Jonah Brown Soat oldin
But wouldn't he get salmonella?
Jyuan Abaya
Jyuan Abaya Soat oldin
no. 18 trending on the Philippines 🇵🇭
Kid Renaissance
Kid Renaissance Soat oldin
On overtime 9 put on the wheel Jump in the pool with clothes on
Ole Hagemann
Ole Hagemann Soat oldin
How about a format „one timers“ - and the Story behind it
Sherbert. Soat oldin
Love it. 11:12 I was dying
Bloop ._.
Bloop ._. Soat oldin
Bloop ._.
Bloop ._. Soat oldin
Everyone keeps calling me, watsup?
Brookelyn Johnson
My friend Barlow was in that
Ruben Ramos
Ruben Ramos Soat oldin
Play fortnite until you win Solos for The Wheel of Unfortunate
S Bell
S Bell Soat oldin
How about dying your beard or hair blue for a losing spin.
Əl Gıo
Əl Gıo Soat oldin
I want Coby to drink a cows milk
Gregory Koomey
Gregory Koomey Soat oldin
Here’s a consequence: Forfeit the next battle and during the battle you have to swim in a pool of a mystery substance (Ned picks the item) Oh also during the battle, you have to wear a dress and makeup after the battle.
Cooper Sargent
Cooper Sargent Soat oldin
You guys should do a parlour battle
Cooper Sargent
Cooper Sargent Soat oldin
Rich Malinowski
Rich Malinowski Soat oldin
ty hates buget but what about all the rage monster
Thomas Ratledge
Thomas Ratledge Soat oldin
Sup you are all legends
Amir Haidar
Amir Haidar Soat oldin
Noah Lawrence
Noah Lawrence Soat oldin
Wheel unfortunate ideas - watch 1 hour or nyan cat
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Soat oldin
Wheel Unfortunate Ideas: Drive to Oklahoma and talk to everyone you see in public. My name is Andrew and I will be giving more ideas.
GriffenfacePlays Soat oldin
11:05 who else heard Cody swear??
Shane Cortez
Shane Cortez Soat oldin
2:10 what a waist of food
GriffenfacePlays Soat oldin
Congrats on #1 on trending y’all deserve it!
Kaleb Polhill
Kaleb Polhill Soat oldin
Ham suit in a dog park
C Y Soat oldin
can you buy those pcs?
Lego Guy Productions
One of the best.
Jhonn Greenn
Jhonn Greenn Soat oldin
CUTE CATS. Fund raising for a child needing special needs equipment have other items in sale too. Please spread the word. eBay item number 362597226477. If you don't want to buy at least help by copying and pasting onto your next video or sharing on FB please.
Aldo ambrosio magaña
Oh yeah it’s back bois
beze boy
beze boy Soat oldin
I farted...
Austin Smith
Austin Smith Soat oldin
The earth is not round or flat its a dog
Azpect Soat oldin
15:10 make that one "step on legos"
Itz Bahb
Itz Bahb Soat oldin
Chris Evans
Chris Evans Soat oldin
A blank could be to ask a stranger for their shoe then lick it
Remington Pomroy
Remington Pomroy Soat oldin
That girl on the right are used to date her in second grade
johnathan gordon
johnathan gordon Soat oldin
Drink a milkshake of sour candies
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah I love you guys
Teehee186 Soat oldin
Kelcie and Friends
I love over time you should do this more often
Robert OConnor
Robert OConnor Soat oldin
I have a new unfortunate get egged
YeBoi Whippy
YeBoi Whippy Soat oldin
#1 on trending!!!! Great job guys 😁😁
Xx TheBoyRansomeness xX
Change the location of the voicebox if you're gonna do it again
Game Stryker
Game Stryker Soat oldin
Nice job on trending
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