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French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS... this episode is next level!
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25-Mar, 2019



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William Kamper
William Kamper Soat oldin
Congrats on your 40.511.155 subcribes!
Aayan Shahab Sarwar
Joshua Molloy
Joshua Molloy Soat oldin
I noticed they changed there thumbnail since it wasn’t very pg 😂 and they were getting no views
virendra tiwari
virendra tiwari Soat oldin
For ? Mark u can put to break your all gadgets like mobile and laptops
Catherine Cooper
Catherine Cooper Soat oldin
my mouth puckered just watching them eat the lemon.
Alexander Espinoza
Eat a ghost pepper.
Gamer Boy!!
Gamer Boy!! Soat oldin
You waste alot of food
Hunnain Rathore
Hunnain Rathore Soat oldin
Ashwin Ashokan
Ashwin Ashokan Soat oldin
ഇതെങ്ങനെ കേരളത്തിൽ trending ആയി?
Akhil Raj
Akhil Raj Soat oldin
Love that laugh at 16:30
Raphael Brasil
Raphael Brasil Soat oldin
I want more blops
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Soat oldin
Is it okay to eat ur teammate?) Cody: omnomnom :3
For wheel unfortunate you should put eat a pack of meal worms
Dev Dev
Dev Dev Soat oldin
? Put wax you hairs on your head
Dancer cool
Dancer cool Soat oldin
Molly Claire
Molly Claire Soat oldin
I thought you guys were perfect because your name is dude perfect
Dancer cool
Dancer cool Soat oldin
Very boring
Vidar Gauti
Vidar Gauti Soat oldin
Ice buket
Adam 'is SHITE' 'sucks' Hassanain
IDK y, but one of the consuquences for wheel unfortunate should be go in a pool and inhale through your nose as hard as you can 10 times! like so DP can see!
Arthur Fill
Arthur Fill Soat oldin
Could we do School Stereotypes? You guys are the best by the way!!!!
Parth Tripathi
Parth Tripathi Soat oldin
Wasn’t the title human French toast
TGS_Mini 0148
TGS_Mini 0148 Soat oldin
Big oof
Вячеслав Сычёв
More bloops dude
Samuel Richardson
I want the PC
Aaz Soat oldin
Tie tie your tie
Nikhil Japaul
Nikhil Japaul Soat oldin
I always love Overtime ! And I love all dude perfect members 🙏🙏
Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy Soat oldin
All sports battle 4 plz
Mohammed Ali Muslim
Love you guys
Vivek Pal
Vivek Pal Soat oldin
16:45 So much food wasted. You know what that needs? Unsub!
Yash Bodas
Yash Bodas Soat oldin
you guys bring me means all of the youtube guys so much exiting vedios im a big fan of u guys
ShadowSquad Gameplay
make them go bald as a wheel unfortunate
Xenon 11
Xenon 11 Soat oldin
TEXT : '' DUDE`` to 888111
Darkwoon Woon
Darkwoon Woon Soat oldin
Jessica McKamie
Jessica McKamie Soat oldin
What happens when Tyler gets selected to spin the real
Mael Rouvier
Mael Rouvier Soat oldin
Sous titer
jason joashon
jason joashon Soat oldin
Happy 40 Million subs
Elizabeth Thornton
Dude to 88811
Thijs Soat oldin
Please do some more stereotypes, I love it!
Hurricaine 1070
Hurricaine 1070 Soat oldin
The voice box idea is cool but i feel as though you've shot yourself in the foot
Koky Lolovac
Koky Lolovac Soat oldin
New voice box is amazing but cool not cool I No. 1
Shimzy YT
Shimzy YT Soat oldin
The 4.5k likes are from all the vegans crying about the wasted egg
TTV.Tryhard Soat oldin
I texted dude I subbed I liked the video I put bell notifications on so I literally did more than I was supposed to lol
GAMING stiles
GAMING stiles Soat oldin
Des français ?
widya denox
widya denox Soat oldin
Orang indonesia mana suaranya!!!!!
Manuel López Sánchez
Clean a car with your body
Turjjo Paul
Turjjo Paul Soat oldin
who is from BANGLADESH. like
Gondeliero Soat oldin
Márton Ferenczi
Márton Ferenczi Soat oldin
why did you wasted a lot of food?? thats so not nice
Chloe Miranda
Chloe Miranda Soat oldin
Ohmygosh the guitar one😭😭I’m cringing but laughing
Erblin Beqa
Erblin Beqa Soat oldin
Kids in Africa could have eaten that
Hilary Clinton
Hilary Clinton Soat oldin
11:34 that reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
hakonhelgi Soat oldin
Is that water in the bowl.... 10:48
Megalexmen101 Mantecon
Maybe spin twice for the wheel unfortunate
soul7 BA
soul7 BA Soat oldin
I love this segment 🤣👍👍👍😍
Emil Kaufmann
Emil Kaufmann Soat oldin
You should have thar tabllet and walking around and eating a lemon like an social experiment
Alexey Cherepanov
More bloopers please。◕‿◕。
Vrzi Soat oldin
Ok buddy who pressed 7
BisonBoltz 11
BisonBoltz 11 Soat oldin
Pls add 'put makeup for day and run in public'
Louise Moore
Louise Moore Soat oldin
This is 1 on trending. Well done
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Soat oldin
The secret to Dude Prefect: Try Try Again
Daboss868 Soat oldin
It was my birthday a few days ago can u guys plz do school or amusement park/roller coaster stereotypes
Nathan L
Nathan L Soat oldin
What happens when ty gets chosen? Who’s the golden boy ...
Vinicius Gouveia
Vinicius Gouveia Soat oldin
Fisk patrocina nois
Emil Lundell
Emil Lundell Soat oldin
akshat pawar
akshat pawar Soat oldin
sangeeta kujur
sangeeta kujur Soat oldin
I want that dude perfect custom gaming pc😋
Muhammad Danish Rauf
😂😂🤣 6:30
atma prakash
atma prakash Soat oldin
Dp i am your friend
Leo Venegas
Leo Venegas Soat oldin
Hey guys! Watch my new cover of Ariana Grande in my channel! ♥️🔥
Therealjuan GD
Therealjuan GD Soat oldin
Just awesome!!!
Dre amer
Dre amer Soat oldin
Comment Go to school
Jellybean 06
Jellybean 06 Soat oldin
Oh Cory Has Eyebrows again!😂😂
Chubby Chubby Chipmunk
Léo Meynent
Léo Meynent Soat oldin
Gennex Corporation
Cool not cool is the best
IDKute llama
IDKute llama Soat oldin
Im just waiting for someone to own a cat😂
SavagePenguin21 21
Congrats on 1 trending
Jameela Hassan
Jameela Hassan Soat oldin
Slap neymar jr
Schwrdz PlaysYT
Schwrdz PlaysYT Soat oldin
Chris Jonkers
Chris Jonkers Soat oldin
Voice box is a great idea 😀😃
Suaim Khalil
Suaim Khalil Soat oldin
The message to 888111 cannot br sent from India.
comedy bros
comedy bros Soat oldin
Hi dudes. You should ADD getting your head Bald. Like if you agree
surojeet ghosh
surojeet ghosh Soat oldin
Whats about "walk upside down for 1 mile" as a new unfortunate ending? :D 349
Tj Maxx
Tj Maxx Soat oldin
The next wheel unfortunate punishment should be get shot by a paint gun by each dude
Jax How
Jax How Soat oldin
What happens if Tyler gets picked for Wheel Unfortunate?
Shailaja Patil
Shailaja Patil Soat oldin
Wow a 20 mins long video of a foriegn youtuber is trending in india at 3 wow Congrats hou have many fans in india
WoW BILLYX Soat oldin
19:10 toasty
NOBERT CROG Soat oldin
New unfortunate wheel piece, it’s much smaller than the rest, but it’s a “pass your turn” and whoever spun the wheel chooses someone else to spin
Zip Boy
Zip Boy Soat oldin
use a old computer from 1995
Ethan Richardson
Ethan Richardson Soat oldin
I love your Overtime song!!!
khmer lonely
khmer lonely Soat oldin
Marius Caspersen
Marius Caspersen Soat oldin
Queen_ tt
Queen_ tt Soat oldin
For well unfortunate:They have to shave their head,eyebrows and to top that they have to wax their whole body all at once!
Cole Weiler
Cole Weiler Soat oldin
I could tell it was a pc before he uncovered it
fresh_cizzorz Soat oldin
dude perfect I fink you should do a video where you fling something very skinny throw a door like the midel it
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen Soat oldin
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen Soat oldin
Henry Simcox
Henry Simcox Soat oldin
Are you doing OT 10 (FINALE)
M M Soat oldin
I wonder what happens if Ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate
Meme Soat oldin
I need that bag for school pls😭
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