Realme 2 Pro Unboxing - The $200 Real Deal

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Realme 2 Pro Giveaway - gleam.io/Y9EFB/realme-2-pro-giveaway
Unboxing the new Realme 2 Pro. The latest smartphone from the Realme brand starting around $200 USD.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
Realme 2 Pro Giveaway - gleam.io/Y9EFB/realme-2-pro-giveaway
JakeFox 15 kun oldin
You should try out the Huawei p smart 2019, I belive that it is a great deal, I have it
derbel mohamed sadok
Kan you give mee this phone please
Leonel Martinez
Leonel Martinez 2 oy oldin
Review the umidigi 1 Max is worth the price
Jared Champagne
Jared Champagne 4 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy these contests are fake, no one has won anything lol
A.X. Bhowmik
A.X. Bhowmik 5 oy oldin
i need it :( 😭😭😭😭😭😭
AJ T 18 daqiqa oldin
Realme, redmi, xiaomi
Easy Passive Income
Easy Passive Income 49 daqiqa oldin
i hope it doesn't smell bad.
Zhenyu Wang
Zhenyu Wang 13 soat oldin
where can we buy
Chris Charles
Chris Charles 20 soat oldin
sir is this waterproof
Božidar Štrbac
Phone looks like mi 8 lite
Ronald T.
Ronald T. Kun oldin
I want to have one!
David Dowson
David Dowson Kun oldin
hi there lou I love watching your streams with different tech,i am currently out of work and I know that people are gonna think that im been a doosh for asking you do you have an old phone I could buy from you.i do live in England but only if you can ,ill still keep watching and liking your vids .if you can let me know thanks lou.keep up the good work.
Aaniraj Assorted Plants and seedlings
Is this phone available for purchase yet?
Raymond Irizarry
I don't understand what's the big deal about type c or usb. As long as it charges your device and transfers media then that's all that matters
marlton mason
marlton mason 2 kun oldin
Went to try and buy this redme phone and yah first off you can only buy it from crooked ass ebay and the topper it's just about 300 EVERYWHERE, can u please explain???
marlton mason
marlton mason 2 kun oldin
I don't know why but every time I'm interested in a product your reviewing it's NEVER the price you say it is bro, Smh starting to get a little crazy
Alexandra Sevilla
Alexandra Sevilla 2 kun oldin
Brian Guzman
Brian Guzman 2 kun oldin
Is this usable in USA? T-Mobile?
Rishad's vlogs
Rishad's vlogs 2 kun oldin
Watching it in this phone
Roger Tee
Roger Tee 2 kun oldin
Where can i buy this
Nomi Plays
Nomi Plays 2 kun oldin
now its 450 usd wth
ronch550 3 kun oldin
I hope you review the Realme 3 soon. Comes with a Helio P60 (133,000 score in AnTuTu). In my neck of the woods the 3GB/32GB costs $132, 3GB/64GB $151, and 4GB/64GB $189. The middle variant (3/64) makes the 3/32 look like a bad deal and the 4/64 looks like it's asking too much for just 1GB of RAM more. Unless they limit production of the 3/64 to sell the two other variants, the 3/64 is obviously the best bang for the buckazoid.
Hoodxo Calum
Hoodxo Calum 4 kun oldin
Still looking for this damn phone
adrian blade
adrian blade 4 kun oldin
5:05 Pup: you tell him Lew
Richmonde Etcubañas
buddy plss its my graduation day plss give it to me
blue ice
blue ice 5 kun oldin
Realistic review yet eloquent speech!
matt #sun
matt #sun 6 kun oldin
Your channel good. No ads
Sandeep Bobille
Sandeep Bobille 6 kun oldin
This is my phone... and it's a great phone
Glitchy King
Glitchy King 6 kun oldin
Looks like the oneplus 6t dude.Yes i know im being obvious but still...
Luis Raúl Juarbe
Luis Raúl Juarbe 8 kun oldin
Coukd you please try the nokia 8 and make a comparison vs one plus 6 or 6t? Also, try the nokia 9
Bodo Language Learn
Water test
Demetrius Almanza2
Demetrius Almanza2 9 kun oldin
When it said 4:35 on the phone I was like “hmm... I wanna check what time it is” then I checked it was 4:35 so I tried to take a screenshot for proof but I couldn’t do it in time, love your vida
Tanzeela Ahmad
Tanzeela Ahmad 9 kun oldin
check out the honor 8x
masoud omer
masoud omer 10 kun oldin
Can you review Realme c1 plz
徐唯翔 11 kun oldin
It looks just like oppo AX7
Siva's Games
Siva's Games 11 kun oldin
Make video on REALME 3
Don Gerra Marco
Don Gerra Marco 11 kun oldin
umidigi f1
Scp 035
Scp 035 11 kun oldin
How many phones does unbox therapy have? Unbox therapy: yes!
Switch Andro
Switch Andro 12 kun oldin
review is nice but humor sucks!!!!
Ryan Sola
Ryan Sola 13 kun oldin
It looks like an Oppo f9 but the Oppo has more higher pixel front and back and the Oppo has a quick charge
Khai Mrant
Khai Mrant 13 kun oldin
Anyone know where i can buy it in US?
slowdive 14 kun oldin
Is the "pro" a PS4 thing? They even copy the font and the line and shit
Sedat S.
Sedat S. 14 kun oldin
that is good but in 3 months comes the price performance winner ##### Umidigi Z3 Pro ##### i think it wil be 300 -350$ . But xiaomi mi mix 3 5G is one of my favorite with 385.000 antutu points, but that is a little expensive
Hugo L
Hugo L 14 kun oldin
I have an iPhone 7 is this a downgrade?
Shakera Lewin Uncut
Shakera Lewin Uncut 15 kun oldin
How's the flash
JakeFox 15 kun oldin
You should try out the Huawei p smart 2019, I belive that it is a great deal, I have it
DHIRAJ AGARWAL 16 kun oldin
does the phone has lagging issues??? I have heard people saying so after using it for 7-8 months
Kimpie Paarntie
Kimpie Paarntie 16 kun oldin
Austin Miller
Austin Miller 17 kun oldin
Can u unbox realme 3
Yoongi Meow
Yoongi Meow 18 kun oldin
Real Me = RM ❤
Anghel Dela Guardia
Anghel Dela Guardia 20 kun oldin
Can i have 1? Im using only 512 mb ram phone.
Amar Shukla
Amar Shukla 20 kun oldin
Unbox real me 3
yui kadir
yui kadir 20 kun oldin
in asia iphone is not a popular phone anymore
DrHouse2004 21 kun oldin
6:03 I'm a taxi driver and you can be surprised by all kinda girls a took during 5 years!
DrHouse2004 21 kun oldin
In Quebec its impossible to find lower price phone! Only in wall mart!
Micro Consumer
Micro Consumer 21 kun oldin
pelese review redmi note 7 and note 7 pro
KALMADO 21 kun oldin
Incomplete review!🖕🏻
Carmencita Encinas
Carmencita Encinas 23 kun oldin
Do Elephone a5!
marlene meileen
marlene meileen 24 kun oldin
Unfortunately no sensor at front side, can't using smart cover
Ari 25 kun oldin
Watching on my iPhone 6s+
Liridon Emsha
Liridon Emsha 25 kun oldin
you did not tell us the winner
AftershockPS3 25 kun oldin
Screen better than iphone xr
Paul MillsMills
Paul MillsMills 25 kun oldin
I've got a one plus 3. What's the best Android phone out currently?
Tanay Maithani
Tanay Maithani 23 kun oldin
One plus 6T McLaren Edition (8GB Ram + 256 GB)
jeffbigfan13 26 kun oldin
If i close my eyes i swear zach braff is reviewing phones. Which logically is where his career would be at
Conscire Shooter
Conscire Shooter 26 kun oldin
Do realme 3. It'll release soon
americanboy 27 kun oldin
Only two things about cheap smartphones from China when you live in US - almost none support carriers, so, basically, you can't call, text, etc; and almost no updates from manufacturer to fix problems & if you break it, i bet nobody around you will fix it, only apple&samsung are what guys around are able to fix, unfortunately.
MOHAMED BEYLE 27 kun oldin
Musa Madha
Musa Madha 27 kun oldin
amz olama
amz olama 28 kun oldin
Justin Fenix
Justin Fenix 29 kun oldin
lol the screen to body ratio is only 84% , you're saying 90%
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed 29 kun oldin
Plz can you make a video of Samsung galaxy m20 plzzzzzzzz
Sherwin Jungco
Sherwin Jungco 29 kun oldin
Sir is there any other give aways you will give . I really need phone in my study cuz next time i will join. Hahaha poor kid here from philippines..
Richard Lionheart
Where can I buy this phone? I'm in the Netherlands but I can't find it anywhere!?!
umair malik
umair malik Oy oldin
only problem is that it has under clocked processor
Rupam Das
Rupam Das Oy oldin
I use this phone. And its really really awesome
Ray Madagmit
Ray Madagmit Oy oldin
I Like your Videos dude well explained and Because of your video I can Choose now a better phone ( Thumbs Up )
Gita Shah
Gita Shah Oy oldin
What site did you get it from
Gita Shah
Gita Shah Oy oldin
This phone is so good. Should I get it
Siddharth Singh
Check out Asus Max pro M2
wiCkeD SunnY
wiCkeD SunnY Oy oldin
How can i download the howling wolf picture which is in ur phones wallpaper for this video... Please tell me
Uthish Guhan
Uthish Guhan Oy oldin
It’s only 150 usd to india
Mohammed Armaan
Just disliked almost all the comments
Mohammed Armaan
Except Lew's of course
Kartik Chhabra
Watching in realme 2 pro
Royal Enfield Thug
How much ram is in this phone which you have
Daniel Asuncion
Everybody forgot about this, Nobody Won! LOL
Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan
Wow,wolverines ke tu?..200dolar=RM200,murah...bungkus 1kontena ke Malaysia...ok :-) kira rakyat ada berapa ramai,berikan kepada mereka seorang satu tajaan kerajaan...ok:-) masukkan sekali bacaan Al-Qur'an termasuk terjemahan untuk penerima semua...faham?..
Raymond XL
Raymond XL Oy oldin
Which should i buy??? Realme pro 2 OR Redmi note 6 pro HELP!!!!
teletubie Glassy
Am interested..
that literally looks like oneplus 6t
Karthik V
Karthik V Oy oldin
With love from India
RAVE Oy oldin
I got my honor play Kirin 970 smartphone for 200
Tony Rendon
Tony Rendon Oy oldin
The 4K Video trgrd me
sunny patel
sunny patel Oy oldin
A similar value phone which is even more enticing is Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. People would like to see your take on it.
Ariana De Grande
When the megapixel of this 200$ phone is bigger than apples Iphone X which is 1000$
Technologies TutorialS
Mega pixel doesn't matter rendering quality does
Manki Kuski
Manki Kuski Oy oldin
What kind of OnePlus6T copy is that!
swarna mohanty
Realme2 pro is the best smart phone available.
Mohammad Hijazi
Do the m20
Ayam Goreng
Ayam Goreng Oy oldin
This is video is Verry cool
Anadi Pandey
Anadi Pandey Oy oldin
You should also check out the Samsung M20
Nitesh Nayak
Nitesh Nayak Oy oldin
All specs you mentioned are fake.... It come with MTK Helio p60 processor no snapdragon No 16+16 dual rear camera..
Manuhas Nayaka K N
It's Snapdragon 660 Processor and he said 2 16MP i.e 2+16MP
Aman ibn Kalam Azad
I just love this phone
Pedro Ramirez
Pedro Ramirez Oy oldin
Redmi note 5, enough said
Baharul Khan
Baharul Khan Oy oldin
This is not tft display...,this is ips display
:3 Oy oldin
What about gaming can it handle for example pubg?
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