Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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#Full Segment | The Four | Season 2 | Episode 1
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FOX will team up with iHeartMedia on the new music competition series THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM. THE FOUR begins where most competitions end: with the four finalists. Four super-talented and fiercely competitive singers, chosen from their auditions by the show’s panel of music industry experts, will try to defend their coveted spots on the stage, as they are challenged individually by new singers determined to replace them. Each week, if any of the four are outperformed, they’ll go home and their challengers will take their place.
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8-Iyn, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 11 122
Sean Kermani
Sean Kermani 23 daqiqa oldin
Good for her
golden chief
golden chief 40 daqiqa oldin
Still trash now u stealing other people's songs wow
LilaIzAUnicorn 5 soat oldin
All the haters made you like this u are amazing that you keep pushing all the hate away good job and you are an amazing singer I don't know how people could hate on you
Abdullah Hazard
Abdullah Hazard 10 soat oldin
What's wrong if someone makes a bad song?? Humans make mistakes..No one should make fun of her like that..
Sir Chucklenuts
Sir Chucklenuts 13 soat oldin
Some people just like to crash and burn
MusicDiLaurentis 16 soat oldin
ally. 16 soat oldin
I won’t lie, Friday sorta sucks. But Rebecca has improved a fuck lot.
Aloha Hawaii
Aloha Hawaii 17 soat oldin
Meghan Trainor is so unlikeable
Gabriella Salas
Gabriella Salas 18 soat oldin
rebecca u are so beatufil so pretty
Isaiah Jonas
Isaiah Jonas 18 soat oldin
As someone who didn't like the Friday song and probably liked at least one of those bad comments, I'm sorry Rebecca. But I really admire your determination though; you'll get that "wow factor" really soon just keep working hard. Best of luck
Winging It
Winging It 19 soat oldin
P diddy and khaled are so full of it tbh.
Bryan Weinhold
Bryan Weinhold 22 soat oldin
Nice Auto-Tune.
Jeffrey Bidwell
Jeffrey Bidwell 23 soat oldin
She is using stupid autotune I hear a metallic simmerbin in her voice
Waluigi Alex
Waluigi Alex Kun oldin
I just want to make everyone aware, auto tune is used in this. It’s such a shame because she’s so talented. But you can definitely hear the metallic shimmer in “You’re” and you can hear doubles in some words. I recommend using headphones to hear these doubles and metallic shimmers on the words. Also, she is being super breathey. (Meaning you take one breath and sing for a long period of time before taking your next breathe) and if anyone sings or is in choir and you try and be super breathey you’ll be underpitch. But here she is just flawless which is the autotune kicking in. 💕 Just wanted to point that out so viewers know this isn’t purely raw live. Do not hate on her for this as this isn’t here fault and she most likely isn’t even aware about this situation.
KayShay Kun oldin
YESSS GIRL GLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salvador OG
Salvador OG Kun oldin
Madison Kendrick
I liked the Friday song it was my jam tbh but she sings so good now always had
Cool kid tejon
Cool kid tejon Kun oldin
I actually loved the song friday and i would sing it at school and also who would have knew Rebecca hade vocals im shooketh
emily collan
emily collan Kun oldin
she is good but I think her sob story made her win some of the judges. I love Rebecca and I watch her youtube videos but I think she could have done better..
Rhodes _02
Rhodes _02 Kun oldin
She was 13 when she did Friday? Or am I just hearing things
Just Alyssa
Just Alyssa Kun oldin
Maegan almost hit Diddy because he didn’t know who she was
haris sabotic
haris sabotic 2 kun oldin
Is she the girl who tought she is Jesusses mother?
Jayme Silver
Jayme Silver 2 kun oldin
Good for her!
Brian Lyons
Brian Lyons 2 kun oldin
I love Friday and all the illegal immigrants who disliked Rebecca Black's video deserve what they're getting right now. Now if we can just get rid of JewTube.
Ivernn Pang
Ivernn Pang 2 kun oldin
Meighan is so sarcastic
Elin Lilja
Elin Lilja 2 kun oldin
stop using autotune please:)
Naya Jabber
Naya Jabber 2 kun oldin
JR3 RDG 2 kun oldin
Bru call me a asshole I don't care that Friday Shit was ass I had to click of after 1 minute
suga lost his swag
suga lost his swag 2 kun oldin
I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for her. But she is awesome at singing
Kyle and Chase w/others
It would’ve been funny if she sang friday
alleycat slimes videos
I love friday
Reed Samples
Reed Samples 2 kun oldin
good singing, but that autotune is so annoying.
Carol Gomes
Carol Gomes 2 kun oldin
Patoo Latoo
Patoo Latoo 3 kun oldin
Shut up meghan
Gabriella Todorova
Gabriella Todorova 3 kun oldin
I'm so glad and happy she never gave up... look at her now, the message was so powerful, it made me tear up
Mohamed Kone
Mohamed Kone 3 kun oldin
It’s cringy it’s cringy
THE PURGE MAN 3 kun oldin
You still suck ASS, your voice is like a banshee having sex with a bagpipe 🎶 -> 🚽
mochis_ jams
mochis_ jams 3 kun oldin
I didnt like Friday (her singing is amazing tho) but love her as a person
rayhan 3 kun oldin
we will Finally get saturday now
Humanity 4 kun oldin
I feel like an asshole for hating thesong now😂😢
Kacper Lisbon
Kacper Lisbon 4 kun oldin
WHAT!? Is that her? her voice is much different!! what! im shocked
red 27
red 27 4 kun oldin
Still 🗑 but better than friday
Amber Nyx
Amber Nyx 4 kun oldin
She honestly didn't deserve the hate. If you don't like Friday then shut up and leave your dislike, no need to comment nasty or hurtful things about her.
왕유월 4 kun oldin
Lexy The queen
Lexy The queen 4 kun oldin
Not going to lie I was one of the people who disliked the song BUT I would never comment it or say something stupid like the haters I am proud on how she handled it and how good she did
johnny dhermy
johnny dhermy 4 kun oldin
20 year old girl acting 13 again Friday was the worst song ever sadly my cat was witb me when I listened to it and 5 mins later he died CAUSE OF U REBBECA FUCK U🖕
johnny dhermy
johnny dhermy 4 kun oldin
I hated the song call me a hater if u want bitch like go kill yourself asshole I hate u Rebbeca black u need to go die and u need to kill yourself
tashalee666 4 kun oldin
If only she had sung Friday...
Shade N Tea
Shade N Tea 4 kun oldin
Friday is so iconic
Shade N Tea
Shade N Tea 4 kun oldin
She’ll come back next season and get really far
Soledad Delgado
Soledad Delgado 4 kun oldin
I am dying lol
I am dying lol 4 kun oldin
Dang she grew up
Mi Lum
Mi Lum 5 kun oldin
Mariam Angela Kenema
She was also in Last Friday Night with Katy Perry
Queen M
Queen M 5 kun oldin
See haters guess how good she is so how about haters just go fuck your self
Lorena Cristina
Lorena Cristina 5 kun oldin
She rocks
Ava A
Ava A 5 kun oldin
I love this she should not get bullied she should be a star ⭐️
Swigfam YT
Swigfam YT 5 kun oldin
Friday was dog shit
iChooseJew 5 kun oldin
Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday Its friday its friday its friday
• Umikochii •
• Umikochii • 5 kun oldin
Rebecca Black is such a queen :’)
Steve Carras
Steve Carras 5 kun oldin
Surprised shes still here Anyone see Miranda Sings’s version with her at Dunkin Donuts 🍩?
Elol elol Elllooolo
Amelia White
Amelia White 6 kun oldin
happy whydontwe
happy whydontwe 6 kun oldin
Yes queen! Stay strong and talented
Kimberly Sosa
Kimberly Sosa 6 kun oldin
“backstreet boys” please end yourself
Haylee Hoani
Haylee Hoani 6 kun oldin
awesome rendition
Esme T
Esme T 6 kun oldin
I’m so glad she came on the show!! I feel bad for all the hate she got on Friday :( but get wrecked haters, her singing voice is amazing😍😍
Sol HAN 6 kun oldin
Meghan Trainor is a sweetheart 💕 Like if u agree
Viktoria S
Viktoria S 6 kun oldin
MUSIC IZ LEF 6 kun oldin
she has a good voice without autotune
Amira Jama
Amira Jama 6 kun oldin
My Shoutout to My Life
Why did she take hate comments too seriously
Bruna Dantas
Bruna Dantas 6 kun oldin
so proud of her
meachamz 6 kun oldin
i'm proud of how well she's taken the hate.
Dude Sah
Dude Sah 6 kun oldin
Diddy is a G
Dragon_Ssavior 7 kun oldin
I literally have chills❤️❤️❤️ I remember when i told my friends that I liked Friday and they were like ew but i still loved it lol congrats rebecca
Randi H
Randi H 7 kun oldin
She got so much hate because 1. The song was stupid 2. She had a very "froggy" voice. She sounded like Kermit the frog
Lil JJ
Lil JJ 7 kun oldin
Just saying I actually liked the song Friday. I was at least 7 or 6 when the song came out. And look at me now I’m 13 I’m youtube making my own stuff. Let this be a lesson,don’t listen to hater, don’t let them keep you from doing what you love, don’t let them make you stop living your life bc life is too short for giving up on yourself and your dreams. I’m proud Rebecca regained her courage.
Roydel Brownie
Roydel Brownie 7 kun oldin
Isn't that the girl from the Friday song
It's Isla!!
It's Isla!! 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry for her. Although Friday was bad I've heard worse. Tbh I think she is just amazing
Erin Cassidy
Erin Cassidy 7 kun oldin
Woah before she started si going I thought it would of been bad..... HER VOICE THO
mushroomng 7 kun oldin
I dislike her friday as well but i never comment stg i dislike that brutally i wish everyone can learn from this dont comment brutal comment even u dont really like stg its very hurtful imagine u r the one who receive all this hateful comments and u have put so much efforts and u r so young...
Ali Nourmohamadi
Ali Nourmohamadi 7 kun oldin
People had the right to hate that song , cause it was so bad . BUT Threatening....
Who am I?
Who am I? 7 kun oldin
Go on Miranda sings channel and listen to the new song fryday XD IM DEAD She is in the vid too
Fan of Too Much
Fan of Too Much 7 kun oldin
She's come a long way since Friday
Its me Z•O•E
Its me Z•O•E 7 kun oldin
you go girl!!😍
Ariane Grand
Ariane Grand 7 kun oldin
On my Birthday
Aileen Vainey
Aileen Vainey 7 kun oldin
Yeesss Rebecca💖💖💖
Elijuah Penn
Elijuah Penn 7 kun oldin
Khalid already thinking of saying his name in her song
Elijuah Penn
Elijuah Penn 7 kun oldin
“It’s Friday Friday” head ass
hugodogobob 7 kun oldin
Through learning the lyrics to all of Friday to annoy school mates I ended up loving the song, cause I'm a cunt.
Dariah Jaffar
Dariah Jaffar 7 kun oldin
To me.. It does sounded good but a little dull.
Roderick Hanlon
Roderick Hanlon 7 kun oldin
Take the the backstory out of the equation & you have a very average rendition of a song. I hate to be a dick but her vocals are lackluster.
Pedro de Carvalho
Pedro de Carvalho 7 kun oldin
came here from Miranda Sings song and just realized it's the same thing
haneen mohamed
haneen mohamed 7 kun oldin
as miranda sings says "HATERS BACK THE F**K OFF!!!!"
Wally At Me
Wally At Me 7 kun oldin
That glow up doe
Mya loves animals
Mya loves animals 8 kun oldin
You go girl prove those HATERS WRONG!
C. Arianna Kuk-Wentworth
She’s good now. Forget about Friday
Alicethe Whiterabbit
Who told this girl she can’t sing? Like they r actually dumb
yAsMiNE. 8 kun oldin
friday was shit don't lie but she 13 lmao and she had a damn glow up
Al's Top ten's and Reviews
where was this voice when friday came out, wow
we broke up
Oy oldin