Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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#Full Segment | The Four | Season 2 | Episode 1
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FOX will team up with iHeartMedia on the new music competition series THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM. THE FOUR begins where most competitions end: with the four finalists. Four super-talented and fiercely competitive singers, chosen from their auditions by the show’s panel of music industry experts, will try to defend their coveted spots on the stage, as they are challenged individually by new singers determined to replace them. Each week, if any of the four are outperformed, they’ll go home and their challengers will take their place.
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8-Iyn, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 12 567
OOF 2 soat oldin
I feel kind of bad for her because I remember making fun of her when I was like 9
Natalie Ortiz
Natalie Ortiz Soat oldin
Bianca Del Read-A-Hoe
shes been through hell and back but im glad katy perry chose her to be in TGIF and go on tour with her. some great things did eventually come out of it despite the haters.
Mo Chouchane
Mo Chouchane 4 soat oldin
i came back here for the 3rd time she inspired the heck out of me
Mo Chouchane
Mo Chouchane 4 soat oldin
man the internet is cruel sometimes!!
Mo Chouchane
Mo Chouchane 4 soat oldin
people really don't know how much it affected her when she was 13
Joseph Shaffer
Joseph Shaffer 6 soat oldin
Damn 10 years later and she still sucks
Elijah Angel
Elijah Angel 7 soat oldin
Her voice is beautiful
Ariff 88
Ariff 88 7 soat oldin
this is so sad...ALEXA!!!
Lucasgamer -roblox
Lucasgamer -roblox 9 soat oldin
Rhianna Hawke
Rhianna Hawke 18 soat oldin
how can 2.9k people hate this. she is amazing. and deserves more likes.
RodWebs 21 soat oldin
Hey friday was bad and her singing was bad back then but she sounds good now
RodWebs 21 soat oldin
This is so sad Alexa play Friday
Rowan Quinn
Rowan Quinn 21 soat oldin
She should of sang one of her songs... Foolish is an amazing track.. I'm bump it all the time.
Preslee Taylor
Preslee Taylor 23 soat oldin
I love this song
Nany93 Mes
Nany93 Mes Kun oldin
stay strong you have a strong voice
Saleh Sami
Saleh Sami Kun oldin
random crazes
random crazes Kun oldin
Thanos has 1000 health. 1 like = 1 health Can we kill him?
random crazes
random crazes Kun oldin
She should of sang friday
Mike G
Mike G Kun oldin
She should have sang this song for her battle against James and she might have had a chance of beating him
Veronica Hryshkevich
It's Friday guys
HeihachiChaolan Kun oldin
Khaled still a fuckin clown lmao
Valerie Perin
Valerie Perin 19 soat oldin
Jamie Arrowood
Jamie Arrowood Kun oldin
Rebecca Black deserves to be there more than fergie
Rosewend Productions
Yes girl! get it!!
Melissa Tofaeono
Meghan fangirling and P-Diddy and DJ Khalid are like so confused of who she is like omg, should we know who she is?
Tobias lyfe
Tobias lyfe Kun oldin
I'm over here dying in the comment section but the shit they say is fucked up
Clyde Greenstreet
Don't give up Rebecca u matter and so does your voice
connor Kun oldin
vict oria
vict oria Kun oldin
What a change from Friday!!!
Taylor Brigance
Taylor Brigance 2 kun oldin
Diddy is like Kanye West’s Twitter irl
Dipanker Chatterjee
rebecca black sang friday in a horrendously pathetic way and the backlash was justified! Why are they having this show??What are they judging here?? She should have learnt singing like this time and have sung then ..People love ,praise and respect singers who can sing..Life is just..not fair!
Sharee Esper
Sharee Esper 2 kun oldin
I want her to record this as a full song!
Kat ie
Kat ie 2 kun oldin
What’s better Friday or it’s everyday bro Tough decision 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Anish Chowdhury
Anish Chowdhury Kun oldin
Friday because the message of Friday was not bad unlike It's Everyday Bro
Marco Longoria
Marco Longoria 2 kun oldin
Jeez fergie looks crazy
Marco Longoria
Marco Longoria 2 kun oldin
Bye bye bye is she finally going to off herself
Miyuki Lalramchuani
Erisa D
Erisa D 2 kun oldin
Haters... look whos the good singer nowwwww!!!!
May Ball
May Ball 2 kun oldin
Dana Iti
Dana Iti 2 kun oldin
I love this performance
최승현 2 kun oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I hear some autotune in this song. If she wanted that bad to prove people that she can sing, then why compensate her vocal? maybe it's not thoght as cheating in america..? i don't know...(sorry for my bad english. im a foreigner)
SunShd 30 daqiqa oldin
I just came here following a video of a vocal singer complaining about that, they do that to every performance on those TV shows saddly
oceanx102 2 soat oldin
최승현 yes there is autotune
Ivan Toapanta
Ivan Toapanta 2 kun oldin
Megan Trainor is such an ugly human pig.
Amber Marez
Amber Marez 2 kun oldin
Starts at 3:17
Moon1ight Queen
Moon1ight Queen 2 kun oldin
I wish she could start singing for vevo again...
Tyrant Gregcag
Tyrant Gregcag 2 kun oldin
Holy cow! Even *I* was not expecting such a soft, majestic tone 😮! Way to go, Rebecca 😎👍🏻!!!
Julia Lotter
Julia Lotter 3 kun oldin
Tom_AC11 3 kun oldin
bri bri
bri bri 3 kun oldin
Léna Lockhart
Léna Lockhart 3 kun oldin
Dude at 4:44 was so supportive, we all need someone like that in our life lmao
Christmas Masden
Christmas Masden 3 kun oldin
Love it
Missy F
Missy F 3 kun oldin
She should do musical theater, she'd be a good Elphaba
Gilles Kreusch
Gilles Kreusch 3 kun oldin
She looks like Lena Luthor
Nic Needs A Dab
Nic Needs A Dab 3 kun oldin
Patrice Wilson made friday lmfao
Shelby Berman
Shelby Berman 3 kun oldin
She needs to cool it on the fillers and injections yikes
Arun Dewan
Arun Dewan 3 kun oldin
Too much autotune
Simming simmer
Simming simmer 3 kun oldin
Death threats??? This is too much for a 13 year old girl who just wanna make music. BITCH WHO IS THAT JERK IMMA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM
Simming simmer
Simming simmer 3 kun oldin
lol I only paid attention to fergie queen of national anthem ❤❤
xMarcus 14
xMarcus 14 3 kun oldin
It’s friday
Alecia wehbe
Alecia wehbe 3 kun oldin
I got chills and they multiplying
Yonz World
Yonz World 3 kun oldin
This shit ain’t sad, the bitch got rich off a trash song
Seth Owens
Seth Owens 3 kun oldin
Amazing ❤️
Trikkz 3 kun oldin
Road 35
Road 35 4 kun oldin
Good job Rebecca
giant fluffy unicorns
Tbh i hated friday (i was really young when i saw it so I didn’t really comment mean stuff except like “ i hate this song” or something) butttttttt wooooooowwwwwwwwww glow up My dad said that he didn’t like that song but the singer shouldn’t get any hate
AestheticLexa Msp
AestheticLexa Msp 4 kun oldin
4:45 to 4:47 😭 the guy with the weave at the end is a mood
Cammiboe 4 kun oldin
Friday may have been “catchy” but it was a seriously garbage song and her voice was garbage in it, especially with all that autotune. Her voice has since definitely improved
maritza sierr
maritza sierr 4 kun oldin
I love Rebecca black so much
Izda Bomb
Izda Bomb 4 kun oldin
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 4 kun oldin
Friday loved that song and God Bless u sweetie
ms&mrreckoning 4 kun oldin
Why is she on there lol
Al Nawras
Al Nawras 4 kun oldin
I dont know whether to dislike because of all the singers I hate on this show, or to like because of rebecca black.
ina gadadavida
ina gadadavida 4 kun oldin
She didn't deserve all that shit at 13. I'm so glad she has stuck with her passion. She really does sound great, and I would really like to hear more from her.
Olivia Nelson
Olivia Nelson 4 kun oldin
I listen to that song every Friday and I love it
Superkrem 4 kun oldin
I never left any comments but I spoke bad about friday to my friends and I would like to apologize for that, I was so young and foolish back then so, this is my apology, you have changed alot to the better and I am hoping you have great success because you’re a talented girl. Sorry again and do your thing.
Reyna Villegas
Reyna Villegas 4 kun oldin
Reyna Villegas
Reyna Villegas 4 kun oldin
I liked Friday
julixX :D
julixX :D 4 kun oldin
*literal definition of QUEEN*
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown 4 kun oldin
I loved "Friday". I think the nasty comments were likely trolls paid by production companies to keep new talent out. Chin up girl.
Carla Saavedra
Carla Saavedra 5 kun oldin
Umm I can sing but like I sound like a dieing cat
Rosabelle Bunny
Rosabelle Bunny 5 kun oldin
3:24 *When your mom buys Oreos without you asking*
Nada Colić
Nada Colić 5 kun oldin
I honestly feel bad, but she didn't really sing that well in that song... But THIS! Damn!
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen 5 kun oldin
I'm literally crying 😭😭😭😭😭
Brittany Acosta
Brittany Acosta 5 kun oldin
This is so great Rebecca I want to make my comeback for American Idol
Autumn Whittington
Autumn Whittington 5 kun oldin
This is auto tuned. She's still really talented but there is auto tune
Crazy Court
Crazy Court 5 kun oldin
She didnt have a "awesome voice" on friday but that song was fr catchy
Amy Connell
Amy Connell 5 kun oldin
the real question is, why does it look like she threw on her boyfriends shirt and forgot to put trousers on? also, she's got a nice voice but she's nowhere near the best they've had on this show
meme_ imfurst
meme_ imfurst 5 kun oldin
We stan a glo up shistar
Gia’s show
Gia’s show 5 kun oldin
Listen the bitch got hate but she also got 125million view
Trendy Blue Zar
Trendy Blue Zar 5 kun oldin
she sure did
bagntang 5 kun oldin
friday was a bop whoever doesnt like it you can leave but she sounds so awesome now oOf
bagntang 5 kun oldin
i stan so hard
chimchim 5 kun oldin
Kat M
Kat M 5 kun oldin
Wow this girl can singgg I expected her to sing like she did when she did Friday
coryxkenshin booger
Me: dang i fucked up
Filmmaker 5 kun oldin
Watching this on a Friday............
Luna Patterson
Luna Patterson 5 kun oldin
Your song was great! I can not even imagine all that hate at thirteen. I am so sorry for everything.
aespugic 6 kun oldin
im on her team and u cant change my mind
Kayla Jenkins
Kayla Jenkins 6 kun oldin
Her voice definitely improved but......still she didn’t sound that good. But love her message
blackt 26
blackt 26 6 kun oldin
Soooo...who said she can‘t sing again?
blackt 26
blackt 26 5 kun oldin
wanzee twotee Well I disliked Friday, too, and I still hate it, but it‘s not like she can‘t sing. She‘s actually really good!
wanzee twotee
wanzee twotee 5 kun oldin
The millions of people who disliked her 'Friday' video
TrAvii m Muñoz
TrAvii m Muñoz 6 kun oldin
See the auto-tune was the problem with the song she has a beautiful voice
criztu 6 kun oldin
Who's still watching this on Friday?
RUNLukaRUN 6 kun oldin
Well... looking at today's music "friday" wasn't that bad...
Dedysteady Channel
Dedysteady Channel 6 kun oldin
I was just sad to know your past.. so touching 😭😭😭