Rebecca Black: She Is Back And Has a MESSAGE To The HATERS - 'Bye, Bye, Bye'! | S2E1 | The Four

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#Full Segment | The Four | Season 2 | Episode 1
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8-Iyn, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 13 225
Gabby Aguilera
Gabby Aguilera 39 daqiqa oldin
Great singing you are so pretty!!!
Dj Dex
Dj Dex 7 soat oldin
Parabens! voce merece tudo de bom!
Ella P
Ella P 10 soat oldin
At my middle school on Friday they played Friday
Grikjang Sangma
Grikjang Sangma 17 soat oldin
nice song carry on dear...
jenna maria
jenna maria Kun oldin
her song is definitely an iconic meme but im honestly so proud of her. she deserves this aw.
Basic Xemy
Basic Xemy Kun oldin
I’d like to apologize to Rebecca Black. For ANYTHING negative that I’ve ever said, Thought, or commented. She’s amazing. :)
Your a good singer hunny but they scammed you
MintyFreshhh Kun oldin
Wow. I'm Watching This On A Friday. My Life's A Meme.
Eva joy
Eva joy Kun oldin
Its friday friday😫
Alicia T
Alicia T Kun oldin
I didn’t like Friday but Rebecca black is a great singer now
Kivion Iles
Kivion Iles Kun oldin
Was she singing this on a Friday?
Peel andPatch
Peel andPatch Kun oldin
omg!! I was like one of the few views not hating Friday and I am fan girling soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard
SlickYoungbuck x
She wasn't singing anything too impressive. I know a million girls who can sing exactly like that with better vocal control. Lame.
Roy Munson
Roy Munson 2 kun oldin
Rebecca Black all like "People don't think it be like it is but it do."
Christian Garrido
Christian Garrido 2 kun oldin
Friday ¡... Freebirdddd 🔥
melissa rosina
melissa rosina 2 kun oldin
New Number Who Dis?
She's so good
New Number Who Dis?
Friday was a terrible song but I knew she could make better music and she did and I love her beautiful voice
Ryan Callahan
Ryan Callahan 3 kun oldin
Holy Crap... I better go change that dislike to a like
Melysa Y
Melysa Y 3 kun oldin
I NEED the studio version...OMG
ησяα 3 kun oldin
she got so much better at singing!
Pervy Hokage
Pervy Hokage 3 kun oldin
Soundless 3 kun oldin
No lie Friday wasn’t good. But good on her with the redemption lol
Parwana Iskandari
Parwana Iskandari 3 kun oldin
Who’s here from Tristan
Julia Shriver
Julia Shriver 4 kun oldin
I feel like the worst thing that has ever happened to this girl was being cyber bullied and every one feels so sorry for her. ever been abused raped robbed institutionalized? Try living in the real world bitch just for one day. You always had your family. I never had anyone. I can sing too and maybe if I'd had money and support id be somewhere too.
Julia Shriver
Julia Shriver 4 kun oldin
She has not been to hell and back. Being in hell is being raped and robbed and abused your whole life. That girl has always had her family. She's had a blessed life.
Julie 4 kun oldin
I feel like the worst thing that has ever happened to this girl was being cyber bullied and every one feels so sorry for her. ever been abused rapes robbed instututionalized? Try living in the real world botch just for one day. You always had your family. I never had anyone. I can sing too and maybe if I'd had money and support id be somewhere too.
Victor Mendoza
Victor Mendoza 4 kun oldin
Monday Monday
Youtuber Enkai
Youtuber Enkai 4 kun oldin
I hope Rebecca Black see all the comments here ... Because i watch "Friday".. so many negative comments there and so many dislikes.. I feel sad for her.. No matter what happen Rebecca go achieve your dreams.😊 "Keep moving Forward"... We're here to support you.😇😊😊
Cockstruction Worker
“You should never let anyone tell you that what you love to do is wrong” *I like to touch children*
no thx
no thx 4 kun oldin
all i can say is sorry tbh
Nathania Amaris
Nathania Amaris 4 kun oldin
omg im crying
Zoe Charles
Zoe Charles 4 kun oldin
She's beautiful and when she was younger to go through that cyberbullying, it's cruel.
LemonLimeHD livingston
Deadass the best glo up yet
G!RLS RULE 5 kun oldin
Hi, Haters how you feel now?
fahmida afroz
fahmida afroz 5 kun oldin
God I kept getting goosebumps!!
lyrics queen
lyrics queen 5 kun oldin
4:01 kim kardashian is that you?
Rudy Hernandez
Rudy Hernandez 5 kun oldin
She is lovely
Zakariya Violet
Zakariya Violet 5 kun oldin
I never hated Friday
•Ritu B•
•Ritu B• 5 kun oldin
We all know friday was ass but Rebecca went off in this episode
Honey Topics
Honey Topics 6 kun oldin
*HATERS have left the chat*
31redorange08 6 kun oldin
2:36 It wasn't tons, it was millions of people who disliked the song.
1danyalonso 6 kun oldin
I play friday every friday liked the song when it came out like it now
Mono Chrome
Mono Chrome 6 kun oldin
Dj Khaled should be banned from all media outlets. I'm "they"!
Pervy Hokage
Pervy Hokage 6 kun oldin
Friday wasnt even bad
Phoenix Blackblood
Phoenix Blackblood 6 kun oldin
Victor Stewart
Victor Stewart 6 kun oldin
I'm gonna sit here and hate but all imma say is Friday didn't sound half as good as this performance.
DANGEROUS Chicka 6 kun oldin
You are a strong woman you have all it takes to do it
Gamer Rain
Gamer Rain 6 kun oldin
*sings and dance to Friday as it came on*
Thai Phan
Thai Phan 7 kun oldin
so she cannnn sing.... all grown up and hot as hell...... just that friday song was so shit it sent goosebumps up my spine everytime i heard it......like to see more of her
1 MAR From MARs
1 MAR From MARs 7 kun oldin
Boiled Lettuce
Boiled Lettuce 7 kun oldin
circuswannabe 7 kun oldin
*7 years later* ...*jacob sartorius enters the stage*
Louis Jr.
Louis Jr. 7 kun oldin
Welcome Back Rebecca Black!
Lyrebird Siege
Lyrebird Siege 7 kun oldin
Naaaaahh she still suck
Charlie Westfort
Charlie Westfort 8 kun oldin
damn she slayed *goes back to friday*
Pbarkhan Wright
Pbarkhan Wright 8 kun oldin
Love the outfit girl
Wolfnrun 8 kun oldin
I love you Rebecca. I'm so sorry for what happened to you
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly 8 kun oldin
Omg I feel so bad for Rebecca her life blew up in the worst way ever when she was only 13 honestly u sound amazing
Genessi Barot
Genessi Barot 8 kun oldin
I love the one contestant who was cheering her on that’s power
Nourine Rasmy
Nourine Rasmy 8 kun oldin
When it’s time for the third blue ring and you pause to see the answer in the comments.😂
Lucas Liew
Lucas Liew 8 kun oldin
Well, lets be honest, she still can't sing. In my humble opinion...
Iamis Goud
Iamis Goud 9 kun oldin
Diddi's a dick grates on me! Figuratively speaking
kj_ mspDX
kj_ mspDX 9 kun oldin
Haters just got played
Texanboiii 9 kun oldin
Lmao I’m watching this on a Friday haha
Billie Jennings
Billie Jennings 9 kun oldin
Never really got all the hatred and fucking DEATH THREATS to a little girl singing a silly song. People just love to emote online not giving a shit. But that’s why she is “famous”, people just love to hate and bully over bad things. Ironically making money for the people they think suck.
HyunA and E'DAWN are made for each other
she never deserved them all those hate comments.She was only 13 people!!
YourDaddyPotato 9 kun oldin
why did everyone start waving
YourDaddyPotato 9 kun oldin
bruhhhh its fucking youtube what the fuck did you expect
Xezaki 10 kun oldin
This was such an amazing performance... but i'm sorry I can hear auto tune... I'm not judging her cos this performance was mind blowing compared to when she was 13. BUT WHY DID THEY PUT AUTO TUNE ON HER VOICE SHE COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT IT!!
Elisheva Desser
Elisheva Desser 10 kun oldin
ugh this is so sad i so wish that hadn't happened to her!!!
Alfa Uno
Alfa Uno 11 kun oldin
Dj Khaled a judge? Wow this world had been so generous to him, God bless his untalented ass.
Ducken '
Ducken ' 3 kun oldin
This might be my favorite comment of all time btw
Ducken '
Ducken ' 3 kun oldin
Seriously tho
Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B
in his own words.. "Bless Up" "Another one.." lol
LuneTea 11 kun oldin
Little autotune on the mic Becs.
Breathtaking• Besson
The put *NSYNC on what song it was in the intro
Breathtaking• Besson
Anam Tij
Anam Tij 11 kun oldin
Это пример того, что не нужно лезть на сцену раньше времени.)
RamiT 11 kun oldin
That's an epic black friday comeback..
Mario Debora
Mario Debora 11 kun oldin
Deep voice
Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen 11 kun oldin
Why are people saying sry to her. They don’t genuinely mean it they just feel bad for her. U bullied her deal with it, what now u feel bad for her? Let’s face it, if she never talked about this story again lots of people wouldn’t feel bad about cyber bullying her. Now, she’s a good singer, but even still Friday was bad there’s nothing around that don’t try to be nice to her about it. It’s an irony though when the song came out I never heard the actual song and instead heard it from friends singing so I sang the song too, but just heard the song last year it’s pretty bad. She has a good voice, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna say I feel bad for u I do but it’s not genuine since it’s only from this story if she never said any of this I wouldn’t of found out and I only just found out she’s infamous today I always thought she was famous. U bullied her deal with it. Now if I bullied her I would say sry too but it wouldn’t be genuine I’m sure of that, but I didn’t bully her since I didn’t even hear the actual song till 2017. I listen to more songs before 2009 and anime songs so obviously I wouldn’t hear the song. I just found out about all star from smash mouth/shrek today lol
Cringey Creater
Cringey Creater 12 kun oldin
I feel like if you let those comments get to your head, you’re mentally week.
Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen 12 kun oldin
I don’t understand, isn’t she still famous? So why is she on talent shows when she’s still famous
batman1736 12 kun oldin
You can tell he is no different from the people who was shitting on her at 13 he was already giving her negative vibes as soon as she walked on stage then he claps when she gets picked fake ass nigga.
batman1736 12 kun oldin
Diddy is a bitch
Slice of cheese
Slice of cheese 12 kun oldin
gvdahino 12 kun oldin
Now this is her voice! Shame years ago I hated that heavily autotuned, Friday song was. 😯
josh munoz
josh munoz 13 kun oldin
Stupid bitch said no it's backstreet boys that's NSYNC smh
Sylvanna Mitrevska
Sylvanna Mitrevska 13 kun oldin
Her story is inspiring and I'm glad she never gave up😊 but I think her voice is ok. They used autotune so I don't think she would of sounded that great without it also her story had alot to do with her going through...people already had their minds made up before she even opened her mouth.
deathpearl360 13 kun oldin
I never knew rebecca black was 13 when she made that song. I thought she was some teenage high school girl looking for fast fame at the time. I also remember i hated the song but had i known she was just 13, i would have taken the song more lightly. Keep fighting rebecca.
I'm so sorry for all the hate comments
Anda Gheorghe
Anda Gheorghe 13 kun oldin
That's my friday girl ❤❤
tete henkes
tete henkes 13 kun oldin
And still she sucks
fabulousvelvet 1
fabulousvelvet 1 13 kun oldin
Yaaasssss Queen
Naomi Tatu
Naomi Tatu 13 kun oldin
Why didn’t she sing like this on Friday, if she had a lot of people would have liked the song. I didn’t like it at first because it wasn’t real, in the sense that it had to much auto tune, but this was amazing.
Shiranai LS01
Shiranai LS01 13 kun oldin
I really like that song actually and I don't why people hate it. For me the music video is funny and that is why I love it.
Rosey Sanchez
Rosey Sanchez 13 kun oldin
I loved friday then and i still love it today and i love her even more!!!!!!!
xxAmazonxxx 13 kun oldin
Her voice sounds so good. It was a perfect song for her to sing.
edmina becovic
edmina becovic 13 kun oldin
Rebecca actually went to my high school and my brothers current middle school and i live in Aneheim
Rae F
Rae F 13 kun oldin
i am speechless
RiAd ViDs
RiAd ViDs 13 kun oldin
WAIT...SHE WAS 13??????? I THOUGHT SHES LIKE 15 OR 16!!!!!!!
pinkfloydd 14 kun oldin
when its friday my whole classroom be like, “ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!” tbh i dont even know if they knew who the artist was; Rebecca Black.. 😂