REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

Rebecca Zamolo
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Watch - Exploring Game Master Top Secret Escape Room House! (Mysterious Clues & Hidden Riddles Found inside) - uzvid.com/video/video-KqV-PUKqDHY.html
Rebecca Zamolo Official Music Video and Lyrics for Game Master Spy 24 Hours Challenge!
▶ ITunes! goo.gl/ziQmtE
▶ Help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve Game Master clues! goo.gl/8eM7mT
▶ ZamFam merch is here! rebeccazamolo.com
Madilyn Bailey- Vocals uzvid.com/u-MadilynBailey
Kyle Hanagami- Choreography uzvid.com/u-kylehanagami
Director- Ryan Parma and Matt Yoakum
Yuliana Maldonado
Hayley Fitzgerald
Lonni olson
Haley Jonae
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2-Dek, 2018

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Madilyn Bailey
Madilyn Bailey 2 oy oldin
Tiffanykitty 11
Tiffanykitty 11 16 soat oldin
I love the chune
LucasGaming TT
LucasGaming TT 20 soat oldin
Great song! You have a great voice! Love you Madilyn!
Viviana Pesantes
Viviana Pesantes 3 kun oldin
Sydnei Hobson
Sydnei Hobson 3 kun oldin
Love it
Rinzuali Hnamte
Rinzuali Hnamte 3 kun oldin
lay mack
lay mack Soat oldin
at 1:32 i saw the game master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emely Cardoso
Emely Cardoso 2 soat oldin
I saw the game master
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 3 soat oldin
Cool song but at 1.31 the game master is there in the bush in the left corner
Charlee Kennoch
Charlee Kennoch 6 soat oldin
omg you did so good in twenty four hours
Sharmila Shetty
Sharmila Shetty 11 soat oldin
Love you Rebecca # ZAMFAM
lexi squad
lexi squad 11 soat oldin
The GM has a song Please can u watch it Rebecca
ish Neil XD
ish Neil XD 13 soat oldin
Your music video is aaammmaazziinnnggg
free movies
free movies 14 soat oldin
The game master said do you see me and happy in your Channel when you time to do when you've had 24 hours to make a music video
Tiffanykitty 11
Tiffanykitty 11 16 soat oldin
I can see him now behind the red chair
KAIDY Smith 16 soat oldin
The game master was in ya vid like if u agree xxx
Brooke Moran
Brooke Moran 16 soat oldin
Why is it called Christmas sweater and why do they keep talking about ugly Christmas sweaters She’s copying wengie s ugly Christmas sweater song. She’s also copying wengies dance moves
LucasGaming TT
LucasGaming TT 20 soat oldin
I saw the game master!!
Naomi Grave
Naomi Grave 23 soat oldin
I saw the game master 1:31
verenice ortiz
verenice ortiz Kun oldin
Look out in 1:32 very closs in the bush behind the red cher
verenice ortiz
verenice ortiz Kun oldin
Like i😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉💖💖❤💕💞💗
Fatumata Jallow
Fatumata Jallow Kun oldin
Green. Green. Green
Tiffanykitty 11
Tiffanykitty 11 Kun oldin
I couldn’t see the game master
Oka Ruto
Oka Ruto Kun oldin
I prefer wengie ugly chrismas sweater
Netzi Guerrero
Netzi Guerrero Kun oldin
l saw the gm in the bush
Rowena Clements
Rowena Clements Kun oldin
The best song ever
Fakhars Kosar
Fakhars Kosar Kun oldin
At 1:31 i saw the game master hit likes if you agree
LPS Adventures
LPS Adventures Kun oldin
I saw the game master in the back round
Cathy Armendariz
Your pretty 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
logan egress
logan egress Kun oldin
At 1:31 I saw the Game Master
Abi Hillard
Abi Hillard Kun oldin
At 1:31 I saw gm!!!
Symphony Islam
Symphony Islam Kun oldin
No offence but you sorta copied Wengie
Funny Si Vines
Funny Si Vines Kun oldin
You may have passed this test but have some fun on your next one Gm
Jennifer White
Jennifer White 2 kun oldin
rz twin hacked your UZvid
Gustavo Hinojosa
Gustavo Hinojosa 2 kun oldin
I love you rebeka i saw the game Master at 1:30 by the bushes
Tarah Clarke
Tarah Clarke Kun oldin
it is rebecca not rebeka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Lane
Jay Lane 2 kun oldin
It was at 1:32 in the video.
Jay Lane
Jay Lane 2 kun oldin
The screen flashed and said,”Do You See Me” The GM was in the back
Rosonda Trammel
Rosonda Trammel 2 kun oldin
I seen the Game Master that is why in the last video it said "do you see me"
lexi squad
lexi squad 2 kun oldin
Love the song!!! 🥇1st winners
Allison Crisafi
Allison Crisafi 2 kun oldin
Allison Crisafi
Allison Crisafi 2 kun oldin
It is a good song but I don’t seem too see the gm if you seem too see it put a thumbs up 👍 if you see it & comment down below love you all🎅🏻🤶🏻👩🏻‍💻👩🏽‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼👍👍🤝🤝🤝👍🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
Jana Barrow
Jana Barrow 2 kun oldin
At 1:32 the Game Master was behind you
mya Ruby
mya Ruby 2 kun oldin
At 1: 31 I saw the game master
Katarina Alvarado
Katarina Alvarado 2 kun oldin
rebecca im 7 years old.I like your vid.
Anita Hernandez
Anita Hernandez 2 kun oldin
did anyone else see the game master in behind at 1:32
Laura elliott
Laura elliott 2 kun oldin
Happy Mod Girl Named Syafiqah Fiqah
I saw the GM AT 1:31
Carolina Mejia
Carolina Mejia 3 kun oldin
At 1:32 the Game Master is peeking out of the chair
Viviana Pesantes
Viviana Pesantes 3 kun oldin
Montaha Mouallem
Montaha Mouallem 3 kun oldin
So good I follow you on tiktok please reply I LOVE you so much
Mary Beth Danner
Mary Beth Danner 3 kun oldin
your back round is white I'm confused
Ionna Keels
Ionna Keels 3 kun oldin
At 1:30 the background is green
Rachel Bell
Rachel Bell 3 kun oldin
Please make more
zoe deery
zoe deery 3 kun oldin
Stephen Sharer is catching you up on subscribers
Princess Freyah
Princess Freyah 3 kun oldin
I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooove you Rebecca and you matt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😌😌😌😌💋
Anjon Chowdhury
Anjon Chowdhury 3 kun oldin
Its cachy
zabby trazona Studio
PHADEBEATS 3 kun oldin
❤️ this song
abigail achiaa
abigail achiaa 3 kun oldin
XD Skornia
XD Skornia 4 kun oldin
I saw the game master at 1:32 he was peeping his head out of the bushes
Billiejo Cichocki
Billiejo Cichocki 4 kun oldin
I love you rebecca
Dazz N Wifey
Dazz N Wifey 4 kun oldin
BB and FOXY22_33
BB and FOXY22_33 4 kun oldin
1:32 gm
Jennifer Garza
Jennifer Garza 4 kun oldin
the backround is green
sarajane.Johnson johnson
At 1:31 I saw the game master
antoinetta taranto
antoinetta taranto 4 kun oldin
I saw the game master in your video!!!!!
Panda The kat
Panda The kat 4 kun oldin
I Watch this at 1.5 and it’s a boppp
Alejandra Vargas
Alejandra Vargas 4 kun oldin
Your twin gamer mather out when you are outside
Scarlet Almanza
Scarlet Almanza 4 kun oldin
I love your song so much
Diem Pham
Diem Pham 4 kun oldin
I saw the game master at 1:31
oreo forever
oreo forever 5 kun oldin
quanurent team quanurent scream Zamfam is coming Hope the quanurent is running
LaZy Cyberx
LaZy Cyberx 5 kun oldin
Rebeca I saw the game master and you need to play the video again on 2:16 you have to play the song
Karina Jimenez
Karina Jimenez 5 kun oldin
The game master was there
Pretty hustlerz
Pretty hustlerz 5 kun oldin
I saw the game master at 1:32
Rubby Gonzalez
Rubby Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
I saw the game master
Larissa Mcnulty
Larissa Mcnulty 5 kun oldin
The Game master is in the back round when you are out side
Rio Boxall
Rio Boxall 5 kun oldin
Gavi Contreras
Gavi Contreras 6 kun oldin
Good song
Tabarek Alobaidi
Tabarek Alobaidi 6 kun oldin
You Are probably Wondering Who The best person in The World Is Read the first word😜😜
Federico Hernandez
Federico Hernandez 6 kun oldin
Janat Haider
Janat Haider 6 kun oldin
this is my one of my favourt song
Sises _
Sises _ 6 kun oldin
Where is the game master
Mariah Knoll
Mariah Knoll 6 kun oldin
I love the song
Rubie Nash
Rubie Nash 6 kun oldin
I love you
Karen Coopey
Karen Coopey 6 kun oldin
Is this aporioet??????????????? Who knows
Elana Tawil
Elana Tawil 7 kun oldin
i see the game master
Sam Fernandes
Sam Fernandes 7 kun oldin
At 1:31 I saw the game master I loved this song❤💙💚💛💜👍👍👍👍👍
Jack vlogs-and games
1:30 backround green
anghel rose cagalawan
rebecca wengies ugly sweater video is much better than you
Nain Calvillo
Nain Calvillo 7 kun oldin
Ugly sweater squad
Flora Martins
Flora Martins 8 kun oldin
Hi Rebecca this is my mom’s phone so we saw the game master when you guys shooting in the background when you guys leave down and put your arms each other
Siana 8 kun oldin
Lyrics Ugly Christmas Sweater Rebecca Zamolo U.G.L.Y, Christmas time is on my mind, Ready to get in that holiday grime, Snow and presents, Hot coco too, Tis this season just for you, So many parties, Go to figure out what to wear to some, Can I just stay home be comfy, Nah get out go and go have some fun, Only one thing on my mind, Is getting my outfit just in time, Cause holidays are coming and we got to get ugly, Got to order on Amazon Prime, Only three colours red, green and white, But looking fresh comes with a price, What this costs 29.99, Usefull, unique, Just for glamourous clichique, Oh you're looking super sweet, Once with you and me, Ugly is better stay ugly forever, You and me together in our ugly Christmas sweaters, A sweater with a bow that doesn't fit, A Christmas tree that your Grandma knit, You can DIY with a needle and thread, Have a Christmas body and you're the head, Stickers work great but sometimes fall, Twining is okay with a creepy doll, Ordiments hung with a safety pin, Use some duck-tape for the win, Christmas cookies and decorating, Lines for Santa don't mind waiting, Buggling up in the cold weather, But the best part is my ugly Christmas sweater, Usefull, unique, Just for glamourous clishique, Oh you're looking super sweet, Once with you and me, Ugly is better stay ugly forever, You and me together in our ugly Christmas sweaters, Oh ugly is better, Oh stay ugly forever, You and me together, In our ugly Christmas sweaters.
Shorouq Aleidi
Shorouq Aleidi 8 kun oldin
I see the game master
Regina Juarez
Regina Juarez 8 kun oldin
Yea. we. have. tu. be. ogle
Grace Parlier
Grace Parlier 8 kun oldin
Hayley Bower
Hayley Bower 8 kun oldin
like if you spotted the Game Master behind the red spiny thing
Kiwiikat 8 kun oldin
I have never cringed so hard...
Alisa Dushyna
Alisa Dushyna 8 kun oldin
Game master !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamarcus Bluester
Jamarcus Bluester 9 kun oldin
The game master in the video
Aphmou Fan #1
Aphmou Fan #1 9 kun oldin
1:32 look at the tree closely
The Smileys!!
The Smileys!! 9 kun oldin
@1:30 it’s green
DrawSoCute Love party
At 1:31 I saw the game master at the back
Danyelle Kreider
Danyelle Kreider 9 kun oldin
Bonito Perez
Bonito Perez 10 kun oldin
I saw the gm in 1:32
Gabriel Padilla
Gabriel Padilla 10 kun oldin
Who else 8s watching this in the month of Valentines Day
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