Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418
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8-Noy, 2018

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Toad Day Get Toad
Toad Day Get Toad 10 soat oldin
I worked at BK 98-01 and this was a side menu item, but on our POS systems. It wasn’t even on the menu. Only two old ladies ever ordered it. Once in 3 years.
Theodore Sprague
Theodore Sprague 10 soat oldin
2019....stop with the humira ads....UZvid you're making me into a hypochondriac....
Christopher G
Christopher G 12 soat oldin
I had the Whopperito and it wasn't awesome. Don't get me wrong it was okay but I've had better. Burgrito has better Burger Burritos (thanks Glove and Boots).
Shawn Raymond
Shawn Raymond 23 soat oldin
I used to work at bk and the whopperrito had a crappy taco sauce on as well.
Byerboys Outdoors
Should do the McD's version of this and redux the arch deluxe loved those darn things
Overdrive Studios
Hey! Read my comment! Don't skip me... NO DON LEEEEEEAAAVEEE
Cooper Pinley
Cooper Pinley 2 kun oldin
why does that guy sound like Garth from Wayne's world?
Cody Papinchock
Cody Papinchock 2 kun oldin
I find it hilarious that Link gets picky about a normal edible thing such as tomato but will eat coagulated blood cubes, balut or bovine rectum.
Calle Rey
Calle Rey 2 kun oldin
Bro, the snoz on that chick at the end good lord.
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 2 kun oldin
Mmmmm hoagies
Irritate Me
Irritate Me 3 kun oldin
Can we just take a moment to compliment whoever designs the packaging for the foods
Ian Bluemel
Ian Bluemel 4 kun oldin
Im from manhattan kansas!!!!
SmellsOkay 4 kun oldin
I've never had these before but I will probably buy many and eat them all
Limitless 5 kun oldin
8:35 Sanga maybe?
XioNet Music
XioNet Music 5 kun oldin
now im hungry ;-;
bryant ehrat
bryant ehrat 5 kun oldin
Vrung back the Fry burger or the bacon sundae 🤤🤤
Extra Medium
Extra Medium 5 kun oldin
These guys crack me up lol
MrCoffee Time
MrCoffee Time 5 kun oldin
The whopperito was one of my favorite items from burger king.
Chris Sweetser
Chris Sweetser 6 kun oldin
Rhett’s shirt 😂 WILL IT TACOOOOO!!!!
Fritte _
Fritte _ 7 kun oldin
The australians call a sandwiches, a sanger.
Kasi Moore
Kasi Moore 7 kun oldin
The only way to refer to a sandwich here in Australia is by calling it a Sanga! It is law.
Alex Rohde-Barthel
Alex Rohde-Barthel 8 kun oldin
The Whopperito was about twice as big as their re-creation.
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 8 kun oldin
What is this garbage! Disgusting!
tweetthang96 8 kun oldin
You know what BK should bring back? The cheesy tots. They just discontinued them and I am inCENSED (not really but I did really like them so please Burger King?)
Yashwin Chawla
Yashwin Chawla 8 kun oldin
*please don't slurp your burger.*
Ink Jones
Ink Jones 8 kun oldin
Didn’t they bring this back though
Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything
Mac and chetoes gross.
Sin City Slugger
Sin City Slugger 8 kun oldin
Pizza burgers are amazing
PiggieFatNose 9 kun oldin
James Fauvelle
James Fauvelle 9 kun oldin
Just because you like it doesn’t mean other people will
Baku Raijin
Baku Raijin 9 kun oldin
...Why...ARE they called HAMburgers???
Chimera 9 kun oldin
Damn it Link, burritos are not Mexican food.
qjmad 9 kun oldin
I liked the whopper'rito
retro gaming 32254
retro gaming 32254 10 kun oldin
I swear 2017 I went to Burger King and they had a whopperito
OGKofaxis 10 kun oldin
y'know the shirt Rhett was wearing, was it based off the thing the girl made in the mcdonalds life hack
Mario Celis
Mario Celis 10 kun oldin
Whopperitto was good
flipmane 10 kun oldin
I had the whopperito, it was my first experience with burger king in 4 years. It tasted like old beef and weak onions, there was no hint of cheese or sauce and I immediately had to use the bathroom. Imo the only things worth getting at BK are chicken fries, fries, or the spicy chicken sandwich. The deep fried things that are hard to mess up.
Renasai 10 kun oldin
Guess they brought the Mac and Cheetos back because I've had them and they were gross.
Ashley DeRose
Ashley DeRose 10 kun oldin
No. No. No. No. The Big Mac Snack Wrap was wayyyyyyyyy better!
Austin Wortham
Austin Wortham 10 kun oldin
Link is a baby
HEAT Ledger
HEAT Ledger 11 kun oldin
its MACK morrison bruhhh
Jason Fortenberry
Jason Fortenberry 11 kun oldin
Bring back the Whopperito
Mia S
Mia S 11 kun oldin
'Sanga'? That's what we call sandwiches in Australia :D
bluechong 11 kun oldin
Cole R
Cole R 11 kun oldin
Dip cheetos in mac and cheese
bjdenil 11 kun oldin
Next time you are in Australia ask for a Vegimite Sanger.
bjdenil 11 kun oldin
I believe they call sandwiches Sangers in Australia. For some reason I remember something about Salad Sangers being a thing...
FG46 the gamer
FG46 the gamer 12 kun oldin
the thing is those mac and cheese cheetos have been back but not in burger king just a thing at walmart and kmart at least here in WV
Ryan Hackland
Ryan Hackland 12 kun oldin
bring back the angry whopper MAN!
anonymousgamer 12 kun oldin
I was eating Burger King while watching this
KPH3 12 kun oldin
They ended up bringing back the mac and cheetos
Noah Akers
Noah Akers 12 kun oldin
Hey the yumbo you can still get they just use ham from breakfast then bam we did it for the older customers all the time
Coffee Fox
Coffee Fox 12 kun oldin
Wait. Mac and Cheetos are discontinued? The Burgerking at the local Walmart still sells them.
Snow Tigerfirst
Snow Tigerfirst 12 kun oldin
They have the mac and Cheetos all over where I live
Gabriella 12 kun oldin
McDonald's edition ?
Addien Mitchell
Addien Mitchell 12 kun oldin
Us Aussies call sandwiches ‘sangas’ 😂
Casual Accident
Casual Accident 13 kun oldin
Yeah... But, does anyone else remember the Shake em up fries?!?!
dragonsword5 13 kun oldin
Just saying as someone who works at BK. The mac and cheetos that we get, are no where near as well made as the ones you guys made.
Truelegden Vids
Truelegden Vids 13 kun oldin
The whopperito isnt just a whopper made into a burrito. It also has special seasoning that gave it a taco flavoring
Truelegden Vids
Truelegden Vids 13 kun oldin
The yumbo sandwich is a permenant item. Its not advertised but is still on the menu. I work at Bk and have had to make a few.
Sueclib 14 kun oldin
4:04 Lol 😂 it sounded like you said Chino which translates to Chinese in Spanish.
Swank LFE
Swank LFE 14 kun oldin
*patrick star voice* YUMBO WUMBO
amaranthHierophant 14 kun oldin
jeez why do you guys have to be opposed to everything all the time!?
amaranthHierophant 14 kun oldin
I don't respect myself at all, so i'll eat it anytime, the mac n cheetos i mean
Emmeline Griffin
Emmeline Griffin 14 kun oldin
I loved the mac n cheetos!!
ash greninja 12 vids
What about burger king foot lettuce?
Minepat1 15 kun oldin
The yumbo looks like a really bad mcrib
Ash TBo
Ash TBo 15 kun oldin
I was kinda surprised they didn't do the cheesy tots, though I can't remember if they were still going at this point and they do tend to return anyway..
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 15 kun oldin
I’m eating cinnamon graham crackers at 12:12 A.M in the GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING
Skittleslittle 15 kun oldin
also good mythical cinnamon graham crackers
Skittleslittle 15 kun oldin
Good for you
Jaylen Arrogancia
Jaylen Arrogancia 16 kun oldin
"No tomato" but still ate the pizza burger with tomato sauce
Sarah Manz
Sarah Manz 16 kun oldin
Dude burger king has marinara for their mozzarella sticks
Johanna Gray
Johanna Gray 16 kun oldin
I was so hoping you would do the old French Fries! I used to love their fries back in the 80's!
Camoni 16 kun oldin
I got a Dairy Queen ad on the videos
Jordie J
Jordie J 17 kun oldin
Sangas in aus
Jake Lockwood
Jake Lockwood 17 kun oldin
We call em sangas.
David Waller
David Waller 17 kun oldin
no angry burger??
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder 17 kun oldin
Bk in Bakersfield down the street from me still has those
Jon Hurd
Jon Hurd 17 kun oldin
"They've been in the back of the car!" Hilarious.
Matt Wilco
Matt Wilco 18 kun oldin
Why didnt they do they shakem up fries?
Little cute Cat987
Little cute Cat987 19 kun oldin
1like=1prayer for the food that they want to come back
Quentin Pence
Quentin Pence 19 kun oldin
Y’all didn’t even do the A1 ultimate bacon cheeseburger. It’s my favorite fast food burger of all time.
Stefan Parker
Stefan Parker 19 kun oldin
Lets just take some time to appreciate the packaging they made specifically for this vid :]
FreedumFries 19 kun oldin
the whopper burrito was awesome
Annika Peachy pie
Annika Peachy pie 20 kun oldin
Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce the last thing u want in your burger king burger is someone’s foot fungus but as it turns out that might be what you get
rainbow_wolfy 335
rainbow_wolfy 335 20 kun oldin
I tasted the cheeto things once, just to try it and it looks and sounds better
MrBiscuits 21 kun oldin
I love your channel but the mic makes everything in this video a creepy asmr
Marissa Hunter
Marissa Hunter 22 kun oldin
Did you realize that you gave Link a knife?
Fedowicz 22 kun oldin
They keep taking away Cheesy Tots and that pisses me off.
NOOBHUNTER Gaming 22 kun oldin
Both of them have cool hair
ethan fields
ethan fields 22 kun oldin
They definitely called it a whopperit-a in Arkansas
Jason Guevara
Jason Guevara 22 kun oldin
eeeh i ate the mac n cheetos not too long ago when it got re-released. And when it gets the burger king treatment (rather than the Josh treatment), they come out tasting like they've been freezer burned and not nearly as cheesy as what you guys ate. I'd pass on trying to bring this item back tbh lol
Tiana Hinkley
Tiana Hinkley 23 kun oldin
I mean in Australia we still call them sandwich's but its possible he called them a sanga
nicole penkava
nicole penkava 24 kun oldin
Who else here has misophonia and hears that specific sound they make when they bite into something
Insubordinary Marko
Insubordinary Marko 24 kun oldin
The Whopperrito looks like something drunk me would do at 2:45 a.m.
Cesar Lucio
Cesar Lucio 24 kun oldin
I’m hungry now 😋
kevin wardlow
kevin wardlow 25 kun oldin
Bring back the BK stacker... omg it’s like crack
Baby_ Jacy
Baby_ Jacy 25 kun oldin
where I live the first burger you tasted I still have
t millz
t millz 25 kun oldin
Jayde Hocking
Jayde Hocking 25 kun oldin
Any Crazy Ex-girlfriend fans notice Darryl in the Yumbo Ad? 😂
Dakota Emosaurus
Dakota Emosaurus 25 kun oldin
Sandwiches are called sangas in Australia