Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418
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8-Noy, 2018



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Eric Jones
Eric Jones 7 soat oldin
@10:12 Link reminds us all why he’s not allowed to use knives 🔪 🤣
Memes *
Memes * 2 kun oldin
"To Be Discontinued" Is that a JoJo reference?
Dragoonknight 7
Dragoonknight 7 2 kun oldin
I choked when return of the Mac started playing 😂😂 #ChisledAdonis
stephen florio
stephen florio 3 kun oldin
No one: Burger King: TRY OUR NEW PIZZA BURGER! Layered with mozzarella and margarita sauce Italians:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Lanessa Phillips
Lanessa Phillips 4 kun oldin
4:50 you can buy them at the store I have the hot Cheetos Mac and cheese but it's not burger king it's from Cheetos
Trevor Newell
Trevor Newell 5 kun oldin
In Australia they call sandwich bogies
Tyson Nowlin
Tyson Nowlin 5 kun oldin
One major flaw with this is that the quality of Burger King's food is undoubtedly much worse than Josh's food.
Eric Wilsey
Eric Wilsey 5 kun oldin
There's too much cross contamination at Burger King, I won't eat there. Every time I do, it's a major letdown.
Adachi Cabbage
Adachi Cabbage 3 kun oldin
Grow your own food tbh
Andy Le
Andy Le 6 kun oldin
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson 7 kun oldin
I think the reason they are called hamburgers is because they actually had 1/3 of the burger pork and 2/3 of the burger was beef
Possum Boy
Possum Boy 3 kun oldin
They’re called hamburgers cause they originated in Hamburg Germany .......
DejaWiz 7 kun oldin
Hickory Smoked cheese and bacon Whopper from 1997 was the greatest BK burger ever conceived and sold.
Matt Boselli
Matt Boselli 7 kun oldin
Don't slurp your burger that is the slogan of the century
Whiskey Rebel18
Whiskey Rebel18 7 kun oldin
I loved the whopperito and the hotdogs from bk
ZambieDude_Official Banterlopes
The aussie word for sandwich is 'sanga' pronounced as it looks
Logan 8 kun oldin
Stopped at a rest stop last night and there was five different restaurants. BK was one of the options. Zero people in line. Didn’t even cross my mind to eat there.
Dominic Maliksi
Dominic Maliksi 8 kun oldin
Discontinued BK item - Burger King Foot Lettuce
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD 9 kun oldin
Rhett’s shirt, My lord.
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya 10 kun oldin
I used to work at bk and the whopper burrito meat was marinated in a sauce that strangely made me love that burrito. It was really popular in my location but overall didn’t see well
Crocko Rocko
Crocko Rocko 10 kun oldin
Foot lettuce
Kristen Potter
Kristen Potter 10 kun oldin
I miss the Topper burgers. Especially the mushroom one. They were around in 2009, I think i would eat one a day due to it being a pregnancy craving.4 years later when i was pregnant with my daughter and started to crave them again but alas, it was no longer a menu choice *sad face*
TylerandMoRoll 11 kun oldin
Honestly I didn't think the Mac and Cheetos were that great.. Kinda bland. Definitely down to try the Pizza Burger though!
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 11 kun oldin
the old burger king logo is the same as the hungry jacks logo
Johanna Brown
Johanna Brown 11 kun oldin
Do a discounted Pop Tarts flavors episode! Personal favorite= Confetti Cupcake.
ThaPlug 11 kun oldin
Forgot the chicken big king
Cesar Zayas
Cesar Zayas 12 kun oldin
The cheetoh mac and cheese had potential but the actual bk ones were really really salty way too much
mEEp nope
mEEp nope 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who can watch this whole thing and never get hungry 🤢 Burger King so nasty 😷
Isaac Mason
Isaac Mason 12 kun oldin
Burger King foot lettuce
Seth Ogden
Seth Ogden 12 kun oldin
the wopperito is gross..was alot bigger than those one tho.. they were such a regret haha
Seth Ogden
Seth Ogden 12 kun oldin
mmm i used to love the pizza one
YOUNG GAMMER 14 kun oldin
an australian sandwich is a sanger
Ray Reinhart
Ray Reinhart 14 kun oldin
just sayin usually you can find mac n cheetos in the frozen isle of walmart, and it's sort of becoming a kind of annual release for burger king.
Rebecca Rivard
Rebecca Rivard 15 kun oldin
November 8th 2018 was the day I saw you guys :’)
Shay-lynn H
Shay-lynn H 15 kun oldin
Your shirt matches the whopper borito
Meme Vault
Meme Vault 15 kun oldin
White Espada
White Espada 15 kun oldin
Hebhid 16 kun oldin
I think that I see the problem with the Yumbo. They set it to Y for Yumbo, but they should have set it to W for Wumbo.
Justice W.
Justice W. 16 kun oldin
Lol we still have the ham and cheese
Gryfin Puff
Gryfin Puff 16 kun oldin
I think you mean vegimite sandwich
Brian Chamberlain
Brian Chamberlain 16 kun oldin
Mac and cheetos made me vomit, stopped eating BK after that gross experience.
MikeyDaPineapple :D
MikeyDaPineapple :D 17 kun oldin
Whopperritos are the best idk why it was discontinued 😢😭
Jaiden Miscamble
Jaiden Miscamble 17 kun oldin
a popular slang word for "sandwiches" in straya is "sangas" so id imagine he said that, im aussie btw
No One
No One 18 kun oldin
Were I live we still have Mac and Cheetos.
Eric Kuykendall
Eric Kuykendall 19 kun oldin
Is there an episode where they do the same with taco bell items. I'd live them to talk about the volcano burrito
Jake the Gamer
Jake the Gamer 20 kun oldin
When I heard link say “burger king burger” i thought of foot lettuce
OriginalSparkstar 20 kun oldin
They should do discontinued Taco Bell foods
derek demoss
derek demoss 20 kun oldin
Rhett : I don't know man, I just like eatin ( insert name of whatever food he's currently eating). -every G.M.M. food video ever
Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers 21 kun oldin
I want a mythical chef 😫😩
Razzy 21 kun oldin
Strayans call em sangas or toasties
technology man
technology man 21 kun oldin
Hey link tomatoes are awesome
mojo prime
mojo prime 22 kun oldin
sandwich = sanger in australia
Elena Hamel
Elena Hamel 22 kun oldin
I miss their cheesy hashbrowns
Axel Leonidas
Axel Leonidas 23 kun oldin
We have mac wraps at McDonald's now. Its waaaaaayyyy better
Lisa Troiani
Lisa Troiani 23 kun oldin
What about Satis-fries
Roger Stibbins
Roger Stibbins 23 kun oldin
The cheeto ones are way bigger than what they sold...
New channel
New channel 23 kun oldin
Since when are mac and cheetos gone?
david mahoney
david mahoney 23 kun oldin
Completely agree with Rhett on Links not liking everything, dude seriously just eat it and quit bitching
david mahoney
david mahoney 23 kun oldin
But I'm the kinda person that eats everything, very very few things I will not eat
Robert Paugh
Robert Paugh 24 kun oldin
The hot ham and cheese is still sold at bk but it’s not like advertised on the menu
Robert Paugh
Robert Paugh 24 kun oldin
You could still get Mac and Cheetos up to like last year at certain grocery stores but they needed to be heated up
Joseph Pisano
Joseph Pisano 24 kun oldin
“Hi I’m an actor where am I?”
LukeTheCrusher 24 kun oldin
How and where do you guys always make food packaging like Burger King boxes
Excalibur Gaming
Excalibur Gaming 24 kun oldin
Only thing I remember about the whopperrito is that it was gigantic
pinneapeleman123 24 kun oldin
Listen to what Rhett is saying about the Mac and Cheeto’s then look at his shirt
JP Labs
JP Labs 25 kun oldin
Watching this at 1 in the morning. Because it’s a holiday and I haven’t gone to sleep yet.
Danny Leira
Danny Leira 24 kun oldin
What was the holiday
Theredender 25 kun oldin
Wait was the whopperito discontinued?
BadHiVal 25 kun oldin
JZMUSIZZ - 25 kun oldin
International Chiken was the bomb!!
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay 25 kun oldin
Did the Australian call it a ham and salad roll? That's the only thing I could think of other than sandwich
Icy Family
Icy Family 25 kun oldin
Guys in my country they still serve the mozzarella cheese burger! But they don’t have the marinara sauce Because of you guys they brought it back
Sam A
Sam A 25 kun oldin
I don’t trust Burger King or king supers. We Fought to overthrow our king, so who do they think they are?
Will Gardner
Will Gardner 25 kun oldin
Michelle Lu
Michelle Lu 25 kun oldin
Onyxiate 26 kun oldin
A lettuce sandwich is Rabbit food, I guess.
Cat-A- Tronics
Cat-A- Tronics 27 kun oldin
Most of these actually aren’t secret you just got to know what’s on them and we make it and it’s the matter of the certain items and sauces that get discontinued are sometimes stuff we always have so just ask if we can make it that way
CottonDude 28 kun oldin
They should bring back the Burger King Foot Lettuce
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis 28 kun oldin
Am I the only one who remembers the "Yubo"?
moshenmario 28 kun oldin
You can actually buy Frozen Mac and Cheetos from Walmart
altoid Robbins345
altoid Robbins345 29 kun oldin
"No self respecting person would eat this" no self respecting person would go to burger king in the first place so
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson 29 kun oldin
The whopperito I remember having to make those. You’re supposed to chop up the patty and mix it with a special taco sauce. Then you’re supposed to nuke it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Chop up lettuce onions tomatoes and put it all in the wrap. They were pretty good
M C 29 kun oldin
How do I not remember them using Mark Morrison's Return of the Mack for that?! This is probably my all time favorite song I'm disappointed in myself now...
Owen Oy oldin
australians call sandwiches "sangas"
Michael Brice
Michael Brice Oy oldin
Becuase of Hamburg Germany
Komodo Nation
Komodo Nation Oy oldin
William Forrest
Wont eat tomatos but eats animals balls
Tevaliant Oy oldin
I remember eating 3 whopperittoes
Carson Necessary
Did you know buger king have different frys? Before they want back to regular.
Cat-A- Tronics
Cat-A- Tronics 27 kun oldin
Carson Necessary yeah I worked there then and still do my favorite was the Mac and Cheetos
Legalize MarijuanaUSA2020
Pizza burger sounds amazing going to make this myself.
Jeraud Ballard
I don't really think you guys needed to do the Mac & Cheetos, it seems like a seasonal thing at BK that they bring back every once in a while. I can bet it will come back again this year for a 3rd time. They also sold frozen ones in the grocery store.
tgone23 Oy oldin
No. Where is the BK Broiler????!!!????
omgods1 Oy oldin
you know, josh is pretty amazing cooking all that food
Jordan Anderson
Link, you are just like me. Get that red ring of death (tomato) outta here!
deadx 127
deadx 127 Oy oldin
I used to work at Burger King mac and cheese fries we just use regular mac and cheese from his old lady across the street from Mars she was pretty nice and we did just crush up some cheers we didn't like fire them from any company we made them at the Burger King
Xbox Nc beast
Xbox Nc beast Oy oldin
All the history puns that you made I’m going over in school
Lynn Jr Loud
Lynn Jr Loud Oy oldin
Lynn Jr Loud
Lynn Jr Loud Oy oldin
You forgot the nightmare king which went discontinued last year
Star Lord
Star Lord Oy oldin
I dislike the young female woman with the glasses. Eat the whopperito woman, tomato and all.
Jesse Lobsinger
KAI MAXX Oy oldin
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Oy oldin
I remember ordering some Mac and Cheetos when they came back and honestly it was so disgusting. Tasted like chewy plastic. Please don’t bring it back
Jose Hernandez
Burger King actually had hard shell tacos. I'm not sure if they are still on the menu but I used to order them all the time. I was actually really fond of them maybe because I am now know as tacoman by my friends but I honestly really liked them
Actually_ash Oy oldin
im aussie sand we have hungry jacks wich is burger king for aussies but has the same menu
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