Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued McDonald's menu items and are both tasting & testing them to see if their cancellation was a blessing or a mistake. GMM #1374
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7-Sen, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 12 039
Bowser 12 soat oldin
We have the fried apple pies in Australia :D I get to see them cooked (as I work there)
Serene .T3am Fortified
Shrek misses the onion nuggets more than anyone
Cassia McCarthy
Cassia McCarthy 16 soat oldin
UK doesn't do baked apple pies it just does fried!! 😋
Cxxkiefxktxry 202
In Europe WE only have Them Fried
Galaxy Flare
Galaxy Flare Kun oldin
Everyone liked the fried apple pie ones on mcdonalds on our country, so we still have fried apple pies in all franchises in our country!
Gatlin forestadventures
In Washington where I live they still serve fried apple pies 🙂🙂🙂
Ava Martin
Ava Martin 2 kun oldin
i think every were in the uk has fried apple pie and they are the bomb x
Serpens The King
Serpens The King 2 kun oldin
In Slovakia you can still get fried apple pie and other flavoured "pies" and they are really good.
Trae Watkins
Trae Watkins 2 kun oldin
the rule of thirds should not have been used as part of how they reach that is the massive bulk they buy in making it WAY cheaper that what we can buy the stuff at.
Aden Schwagel
Aden Schwagel 2 kun oldin
9:15 "BeStEr
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 2 kun oldin
In South Carolina all the Apple Pie’s are still fried.
Dan Stepins
Dan Stepins 3 kun oldin
APPLE pie is served in UK aswell
Reuben Hester
Reuben Hester 3 kun oldin
Omg here in the UK they are ONLY fried!🇬🇧
Kitsune-157 4 kun oldin
What kind of huge pack of McDs fries is that?! 😱 Is that an American thing?
Kitsune-157 2 kun oldin
+Anne Gardner That's crazy! 😱
Anne Gardner
Anne Gardner 2 kun oldin
Kitsune-157 that’s a medium in the US
dylan 575
dylan 575 4 kun oldin
2:13 will it nugget
Cornmill Phil
Cornmill Phil 5 kun oldin
no I don't officer
Dania Garza
Dania Garza 5 kun oldin
In mexico they actually put pineapple on butgers bur they put beef and ham on them as well
Eric M
Eric M 5 kun oldin
They still make the deep fried apple pie in Canada
No Man
No Man 5 kun oldin
The apple pie is still fried in Saudi Arabia. I didn't know that McDonalds made a baked apple pie instead of a fried one.
John Doe
John Doe 5 kun oldin
Do you two idiots not realize that America means two continents?
Demu c:
Demu c: 5 kun oldin
in england, we still have the fried apple pies
Mikealson rogers
Mikealson rogers 5 kun oldin
Sitting here wondering how the uk still has the fried apple pie given the restrictions it has on the rest of the McDonald's menu
Alex bullock
Alex bullock 5 kun oldin
Australia and New Zealand pies are still fried, so good!
JordyT1998 4 kun oldin
But don't they have McCafe on the box? Can you tell me what it says because I haven't ordered a Apple Pie in a while
Nebulosis 6 kun oldin
I can’t stop watching the “it’s got real pineapple” part lol
Sir Joseph
Sir Joseph 7 kun oldin
what about the apple slices and caramel!
it's gametime
it's gametime 8 kun oldin
they still sell the fried apple pie in the netherlands
Ross Batten
Ross Batten 8 kun oldin
They still do fried apple pies all over Australia
Catherine S
Catherine S 9 kun oldin
I was totally about to comment on that Hawaii thing when she said it. Oh and the Hulu burger isn't vegan, it has cheese on it.
Hayley Bishop
Hayley Bishop 9 kun oldin
In Maine, they have the McLobster still
Azrael 10 kun oldin
I saw the pineapple burger with meat tho...
Tabitha Riggins
Tabitha Riggins 11 kun oldin
Onion rings have to be made with thick, crisp, fresh onions and not fried too long to avoid the whole onion coming out when you bite them.
Brittany May
Brittany May 11 kun oldin
Hawaii is still in America Rhett As they recognize that two seconds later
kattertots the great
Jack's (not jack in the box) in Alabama has fried apple pies
jolikes kiwi
jolikes kiwi 11 kun oldin
The fried apple pie is also still avaible in germany
shelley Griego
shelley Griego 11 kun oldin
They have fried apple pie ware I live in texas
Kylie_ Dancer
Kylie_ Dancer 9 kun oldin
YO ITS GEMMNUSS 11 kun oldin
Gmm good mythical morning
Katrin Pavlova
Katrin Pavlova 12 kun oldin
we have the fried one in Bulgaria still
Christina Sodeikat
Christina Sodeikat 12 kun oldin
in Germany they still sell the fried Apple pie (I think it's the apple pie you talk about, never tasted it) called 'Apfeltasche', some times they also sell a fried chocolate cherry pie
thatonecookie 123
thatonecookie 123 12 kun oldin
If it's wack or if that shit smack
R3TRO 12 kun oldin
In Europe the are only fried apple pies at mac Donalds
Devil Gargosha
Devil Gargosha 12 kun oldin
i need to get something straight, Hawaii is part of the U.S, not part of the continential U.S
Buddy Rodrigues
Buddy Rodrigues 12 kun oldin
They sell fried apple pies in the uk too
Serina Robinson
Serina Robinson 12 kun oldin
8:02 I’m dying 😂😂😂😂
Taylor Paige
Taylor Paige 12 kun oldin
I'm from Australia and the only form of McDonald's apple pies you can get are fried lol
Vocalic Gaming14
Vocalic Gaming14 12 kun oldin
We have apple pies where I live
The Best Bananer
The Best Bananer 13 kun oldin
Wow I'm watching this during lent
Zuzia Tecław
Zuzia Tecław 13 kun oldin
In Poland appeared pies are fried, and all pies are fried and mctasty xD
Saints United
Saints United 13 kun oldin
why do we connect pine apple to howaii when pineapples are native to south america
xander Gibson
xander Gibson 14 kun oldin
You can get the fried apple pies in Georgia I get them all the time
Doggo Pure
Doggo Pure 14 kun oldin
did anyone else hear link say "satubated" instead of saturated
Lars Forsberg
Lars Forsberg 14 kun oldin
Why does Link keep picking out an item and send it to Rhet. Just send a box and don't touch his food Link!
Anthony Toledo
Anthony Toledo 14 kun oldin
The apple pies are fried here in Texas
T T 14 kun oldin
The pineapple burger has thinner pineapple and a meat patty in the commercial shown.. Might make a world of difference
Stephanie Cocking
Stephanie Cocking 14 kun oldin
I didn’t even know McDonald’s did a baked apple pie (as an Australian who worked there for 3 years) the only apple pie we’ve got here is fried.
bGormo 15 kun oldin
Shoulda eaten the grilled cheese. It is discontinued in Canada 😞
invs ink
invs ink 15 kun oldin
ok mate sure weird nuggets .. but why are you Garth from Wayne's world ?
hugo lopez
hugo lopez 15 kun oldin
I wanna see Rhett and link's kids to feed them just McDonalds and see if they still think that fast food is good for you, not even twise a year the shit is good they are killing kid with all the grease
TopHatTim 123
TopHatTim 123 15 kun oldin
wild man
wild man 16 kun oldin
Fried apple pies are life in Canada lol
Sonja Wood
Sonja Wood 16 kun oldin
If you wan tan easy to eat onion ring just get onion rings from Burger King. They do the same thing that McDonald's did with the onion nuggets.
WoodHoody 16 kun oldin
The fried apple pie is still a thing in Germany...
Shocking bang Lay
Shocking bang Lay 16 kun oldin
They have the fried apple pies in Hawaii
Zach P. Films
Zach P. Films 16 kun oldin
5:00 can we realize that link said the only place to get fried apple pie is Downey California but you can also get it in Hawaii
someone mega awesome
RNP McDonald’s food 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
adrian gasiewski
adrian gasiewski 17 kun oldin
uhh... fried apple pies have been in the UK for years now...
ayten Els
ayten Els 17 kun oldin
In all arabic countries we only have the fried apple pies... i didnt even know McDonald’s do baked ones! 😂
Chaser Plays
Chaser Plays 17 kun oldin
They apparently still sell the McLobster in Maine
Montana Gardiner
Montana Gardiner 17 kun oldin
Apple pie in aus is fried...they're darker in colour though .
Yasmin Seah
Yasmin Seah 17 kun oldin
We only have the fried Apple pie in Singapore
Posontic 18 kun oldin
seshwon sos
Jubal Bishop
Jubal Bishop 18 kun oldin
Nice save stevie
Raijin 18 kun oldin
Beef tallow is way better for you than just cooking it in vegetable oil.
Johan Fallou
Johan Fallou 19 kun oldin
In sweden we have only fried Apple pie, no baked
Kylie_ Dancer
Kylie_ Dancer 9 kun oldin
Jørgen Lund Johannessen
Johan Fallou Norway too
Alik Dordzhiev
Alik Dordzhiev 19 kun oldin
link is kinda an asshole to the crew
OriginalSparkstar 19 kun oldin
HOLD DA PHONE! Looking at that commercial the hula burger was a mc donalds burger with pineapple on top not just a pineapple round
OriginalSparkstar 17 kun oldin
+Nolan Hartley ah
Nolan Hartley
Nolan Hartley 17 kun oldin
That was the golden grill burger. They said they couldn't find the hula
Jia Jie Sheng
Jia Jie Sheng 19 kun oldin
You can get fried apple pie in australia
Faris Siddiqui
Faris Siddiqui 19 kun oldin
Does anyone remember the fish nuggets a few years ago? They were actually pretty good
Caitlin Jessica
Caitlin Jessica 20 kun oldin
Fish McNuggets?
Jason Bird
Jason Bird 20 kun oldin
We have those fried apple pies in Australia, they even released a fried custard pie. ;)
best gameplay
best gameplay 20 kun oldin
u can also get the apple thing sometimes in the netherlands
Ivan Roque
Ivan Roque 20 kun oldin
Whataburger sells fried apple pies 😂
CaptainOfLunch 21 kun oldin
We’ve only ever had the fried one in Australia
Monica Merritt-Lampl
Personally loved when we had the McRib but as an employee it was a nightmare to produce all around
carlos A barrera
carlos A barrera 22 kun oldin
Never been a big McDonald's fries fan... they have a strong egg flavor for some reason.
DarkDonutt 22 kun oldin
"you like finding holes and thinking about what you can put in them" -Rhett 2018
Griffin Overton
Griffin Overton 22 kun oldin
McRibs are back! as of 2019
Cecília Guimarães
Cecília Guimarães 22 kun oldin
In Brazil we've got apple and banana fried pie
Fatma Turac
Fatma Turac 22 kun oldin
um.... Australia has fried apple pies all year round
Johannes Bammer
Johannes Bammer 22 kun oldin
this video makes me theorize about mcdonalds contrabanding since the 60s
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 22 kun oldin
Maine Still has McLobsters
Theme Park Magic
Theme Park Magic 22 kun oldin
ITS MY BELLY BUTTON!!! Just a random comment, bye...
Nick Butler
Nick Butler 22 kun oldin
Don't worry Rhett and Link, you did not insult my home state Hawai'i.
Bj Borja
Bj Borja 22 kun oldin
Wait. There’s baked apple pie from McDonald’s?!! They only serve the fried one here ! ( Guam🇬🇺)
doge gamming
doge gamming 22 kun oldin
McDonald land is scary
Mario Naccarato
Mario Naccarato 23 kun oldin
2:25 LMAO!
Chris Visser-Fee
Chris Visser-Fee 23 kun oldin
"California, Mexico and Hawaii" And for some reason literally all of New Zealand.
Alex Nick
Alex Nick 23 kun oldin
We have deep fried apple pie in every mcdonalds here in philippine up until now
Ariana McDonald
Ariana McDonald 23 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure ive had a fried apple pie from McDonald’s recently. I’ve never seen the baked ones in my town tbh 😂😂 I thought they were fried everywhere!!
Adam Rab
Adam Rab 23 kun oldin
I was about to say that
fen4ri 23 kun oldin
"Ronald bites the end off a this... what does he do with all that space? HE HIDES. " Full sttop end quote aha im always wondering wtf is going through Link's head
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