Recreating Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued McDonald's menu items and are both tasting & testing them to see if their cancellation was a blessing or a mistake. GMM #1374
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7-Sen, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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Crowfeather uwu
Crowfeather uwu 3 soat oldin
The Hula Burger: The first vegetarian burger
rselby0654 8 soat oldin
On the commercial the pineapple is clearly on top of a meat patty. You need to redo this lol
Hector A. Bernal
Hector A. Bernal 9 soat oldin
I’m from Downey California
Kage Kiba
Kage Kiba 14 soat oldin
U forgot Australia
Alyssa McFarland
Alyssa McFarland 19 soat oldin
Fish McBites
Ben Greenberg
Ben Greenberg 19 soat oldin
I think the fried apple pies are in China
SPACE Gaming
SPACE Gaming 21 soat oldin
The Philippines still have the fried apple pie
SPACE Gaming
SPACE Gaming 21 soat oldin
We also had a rice bun burger which was weird
Tiffany Eel
Tiffany Eel Kun oldin
ads back then were insane
Tiffany Eel
Tiffany Eel Kun oldin
took me a hot minute to figure out the fry guy joke
Madi TheWeirdAlpaca
Also MacSnacWraps
Madi TheWeirdAlpaca
In Texas we still have fried apple pie...
MrZee Kun oldin
Seriously? The fried apple pie is selective locations only? I've never even heard of baked apple pies where I'm from (which is in fact one of these exact locations)
TheSikoraShow !!!
Why he keep touching his food
Bruno Duarte
Bruno Duarte Kun oldin
the fried ones are a lot diferent in portugal wtf xD and we still have them today
Russell Kun oldin
Anyone who doesn't like cheese and pineapple is a heretic, it's especially amazing on pizza.
Silver Kun oldin
YOu can still the fried apple pies at a local mcdonalds near me in Iowa
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad Kun oldin
i live in hawaii and i’ve never seen a baked mcdonald’s apple pie
giraffe912 2 kun oldin
We have the fried apple pie in the UK its gorgeous
Aly O'Mally
Aly O'Mally 2 kun oldin
I'd love a *McWeiner*
D Dr Lister & Dr Gadget
Hi there the beep fryed Apple still exists in the UK
MissAquaGamer 2 kun oldin
Hawaii might as well be another country as expensive as it is to visit 😭😭
Aporonear YOU
Aporonear YOU 2 kun oldin
My big brother used to eat the mc rib such nostalgia
M&H In the kitchen
M&H In the kitchen 2 kun oldin
The still have the fried apple pies in England
Nameless GP
Nameless GP 2 kun oldin
8:01 bust a nut but she keep succin
kyle calvert
kyle calvert 2 kun oldin
Rhett Opens this like Lemony Snicket
coro4ever 2 kun oldin
The McDonalds in China have fried pies but not apple. Most places have pineapple, taro, and mango.
Shari l b
Shari l b 2 kun oldin
Here to crush on Link
Sarah Gagliano
Sarah Gagliano 2 kun oldin
RamR 2 kun oldin
Rip McRib but had one last week at school
Angry seagull
Angry seagull 3 kun oldin
Apple pies are is Australia
FozzieatDetour BillNye
No DLT or Arch Deluxe?
R.P. McMurphy
R.P. McMurphy 3 kun oldin
There was a beef patty in the hula burger commercial.
Adolf Eichmann
Adolf Eichmann 3 kun oldin
Fried apple cakes are sold here in the Czech Rep too. Its so delish.
Kaptain Awesome
Kaptain Awesome 3 kun oldin
We get fried apple pies in uk mcdonalds :P cheese and pineapple is also a thing here during parties you will stick a bit of each on a stick to eat.
Cameron S.
Cameron S. 3 kun oldin
7:53 “you like finding wholes and think about what you can put in them”
ThatBeedrill 61705
ThatBeedrill 61705 3 kun oldin
They're restaurant should be called Good Mythical Meals
dhl671 3 kun oldin
Hey dumbos, Hawaii is part of America.. So is Guam and we also have them pies. Inform the mythical kingdom, correctly!!
Amy Ling
Amy Ling 3 kun oldin
We have fried apple pie in Malaysia! They have seasonal flavours like banana, taro, lychee and etc. But they're all fried
Namipam 3 kun oldin
McRib is discontinued in the us? In Germany they still sell it hahaha it is one of the most loved brugers although it is kind of nasty 😂
Namipam 3 kun oldin
I am even more confused 😂😂 we still have the Fried Apple Pie here
Raukura Cave
Raukura Cave 3 kun oldin
New Zealand has the fried one. Never seen the baked one b4
andrew eminson
andrew eminson 3 kun oldin
Fried apple pie is available in most McDonalds in the UK!
LanaGT 3 kun oldin
Australia sells the fried apple pies in literally every store.
Master of Disguise
Master of Disguise 3 kun oldin
CONTINENTAL U...... oh. Sorry Stevie.
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix 4 kun oldin
Ahh I've always want to try to onion nuggets. I reckon I'd be getting a 10 piece chicken nugget with a side of Onion Nuggets everytime I stopped.
Llama Ahmed
Llama Ahmed 4 kun oldin
You can get a mcpoutine in Canadian McDonalds
Sarah Carman
Sarah Carman 4 kun oldin
They have the fried apple pies in England as well
Kaworu Nagisa
Kaworu Nagisa 4 kun oldin
Where is the McDonald's pizza?
DXMXN HXLL 4 kun oldin
The fried apple pies were definitely better
kokoro 4 kun oldin
singapore has fried... pies??? i’m confused it’s all fried here
Ninjaz2 4 kun oldin
Recently here in Japan they did a faceoff between three burgers at McDonald's. The most popular of the three would become a regular item on the menu. The McRib was one of the contenders, and ended up losing just barely to the chicken teriyaki filet sandwich. At first I was disappointed because I also love the McRib, but then I tried the Chicken Teriyaki Filet, and...well. Ok. Fair enough.
Epic Wolf Cortisse
Epic Wolf Cortisse 4 kun oldin
ACTUALLY the apple pie is in Arizona
Sawyer Haney
Sawyer Haney 4 kun oldin
I miss the fish mcbites
Sophie Guptill
Sophie Guptill 4 kun oldin
We have the fried apple pies in NZ just thought I’d put that out there, I’ve never seen a baked one and as usual NZ was forgotten
Extra Medium
Extra Medium 4 kun oldin
These guys are both very different and very alike
Tracy Taylor
Tracy Taylor 4 kun oldin
I really wish they’d bring back the raspberry danish
Marney Olson
Marney Olson 4 kun oldin
I miss the buffalo chicken snap wrap. Better than the chipotle.
John Dobson
John Dobson 4 kun oldin
They're gonna act like they didn't make that hole joke
Janelle Lawrence
Janelle Lawrence 5 kun oldin
Swear all the maccie D's in Wales serve fried apple pies, if I'm wrong, someone tell me if I'm wrong
The Maximillion Gaming
Jinxhijinx 5 kun oldin
They only had the apple pies introduced to australia two years ago if i remember correctly, and they did limited runs of a caramel and custard pie. Those were the best.
Robert Steele
Robert Steele 5 kun oldin
Bring back from the 1990s the mcpizza
Skie MC
Skie MC 5 kun oldin
In the uk they r fried
Kara senpai
Kara senpai 5 kun oldin
Damn Stevie you took my comment lol
ethma forever
ethma forever 5 kun oldin
In britan we don't have the normal apple pie. We have fried. Its GUD👅 edit: Our's aren't hollow at all there fully filled
Shane Simmons
Shane Simmons 5 kun oldin
Pretty sure we still have the deep-fried one in the UK
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes 5 kun oldin
In the UK we still have fried apple pies, we’ve never had baked apple pies at maccies
Farukh Khan
Farukh Khan 5 kun oldin
casey niestack did a McDonald lobster roll
Annalise Banuelos
Annalise Banuelos 5 kun oldin
dont you just love hearing them chew
Ava Mooltrey
Ava Mooltrey 5 kun oldin
Oh my goodness McDonald's french fries has beef flavoring in it? So I'm not really a vegetarian :-(
Hell0_0 0_0
Hell0_0 0_0 5 kun oldin
after seeing this video a little bit ago I actually wanted to try the fried apple pie, so I set off from Grand Rapids Michigan to California. And after a day and a half of travel I finally got to the wondrous mickey ds that sells such a beautiful desert. And I must say that it was a semi waste of time because I spent 35 hours of driving to get this pie and it tastes the same except for the crispness. owo
Charlotte Bensted
Charlotte Bensted 5 kun oldin
Aus does the fried ones
Kazi Iqbal
Kazi Iqbal 6 kun oldin
Lemme point out that when they tested the hula burger someone said something to the the effect of “ ‘scuse me, they didn’t put the meat on my burger”
kavya 004
kavya 004 6 kun oldin
we have fried apple pie in new zealand too lol
Keiana Smith
Keiana Smith 6 kun oldin
Hawaii is apart of America
RandomPotBrowny 6 kun oldin
The McGangBang
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson 6 kun oldin
Awww I forgot that 3 years ago they took fried apple pies away from Kentucky dang it now I want one
hypedup gaming
hypedup gaming 6 kun oldin
Lol in Aus we have fried apple pies and chicken snack wraps
Australia only has the fried apple pie and sometimes other flavors like caramel etc.
Jessica Innes
Jessica Innes 6 kun oldin
... Australia only does fried apple pie lmao, i was thinking wtf is a baked apple pie from maccas
Cassandra Pocaigue
Cassandra Pocaigue 6 kun oldin
That fried apple pie is my favorite!!! I didn’t know that they didn’t serve that in the mainland US! 😩😩😩
Sam Pollock
Sam Pollock 6 kun oldin
Ayee McRib is back in Australia UZvid!!!!
Sam Pollock
Sam Pollock 6 kun oldin
Also Australian Macca's only sell fried pies lol what happened to our baked ones
. XY.
. XY. 6 kun oldin
wow in central europe i am sure we only have had the fried one since erhernity. that's some cool shit.
I'm ST
I'm ST 6 kun oldin
How has no one tried putting a pineapple ring in a donut? And why did I think of this?
José Luiz Amaral
José Luiz Amaral 6 kun oldin
Here in Brazil we only have fried apple pie
Michael DeSanta
Michael DeSanta 6 kun oldin
I'm just gonna' say it: Are you guys Portland Hipsters?
Mr Mustachio
Mr Mustachio 7 kun oldin
Who remembers those fish filet nuggets things
Red Asgard
Red Asgard 7 kun oldin
The Mega Tamago from japan mcdonalds was really good, i'm use to okinawa mcdonals just calling it a clubhouse mac, was a big mac with a egg patty also added on top of the beef patty, now that all day breakfast is a thing i love ruining someones day by asking for a egg patty on my big mac cause 99% of them can't operate the register to save their life.
Yo Man
Yo Man 7 kun oldin
I live in Australia and until you said it I didn’t even know what baked apple pies
Sarah McCartney
Sarah McCartney 7 kun oldin
Australia still does the fried apple pie.
Brendan Wilson
Brendan Wilson 7 kun oldin
Why didn't they just put meat in it then? I think it would've been a good burger
xd MrBlinkyM
xd MrBlinkyM 7 kun oldin
What about szeaswan sauce
WELCOME TO HELL ! 7 kun oldin
I’m so happy I live in Hawaii because our apple pie is the bomb.
Ren Quion
Ren Quion 7 kun oldin
We never lost that fried apple pie in Mcdonalds in the Philippines o-o Still available hahaha
HiiiKevin 7 kun oldin
I see the tension between you two
HardCoreCanavor 7 kun oldin
I'm a vegetarian oof
Brendan Jones
Brendan Jones 7 kun oldin
Miserable Loss like the Mulan Szechuan sauce... We all agree Rick it will be missed!
ToxicGass 7 kun oldin
McDonald's tasted test vid Burger King ad Thx UZvid
DeathRiden 7 kun oldin
link the dirty minded man "i love finding holes to put things iin
Rayser 8 kun oldin
"And grab a hold of Ronald's hand" Rhett: "Oh gosh"
ImATallMidget 8 kun oldin
Y'all can also get the fird applepie in sweden, just lettin ya know
Dan D
Dan D 8 kun oldin
You dont have fried apple pies? The UK has just fried ones, they're brilliant!