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11-May, 2018

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Emily Reeve
Emily Reeve 13 soat oldin
"Keep it sparkly" 😂
Camellia John
Camellia John 14 soat oldin
The first time watching don’t mind the intro
jimin's jams
jimin's jams 14 soat oldin
6:10 Miranda? 😂
Shaniyah CW
Shaniyah CW 19 soat oldin
Those curtains are a must have!😍
Phoebe Xo
Phoebe Xo 22 soat oldin
How did she come up with the idea of Miranda sings😂😂😂🤣🤣 like imagine her parents’ faces when they first came across miranda😂😂😂😂😂
Phoebe Xo
Phoebe Xo 22 soat oldin
She low key looks gorgeous in that dress😂💓 I’m kinda loving it
Yasmine Gloeckl
Yasmine Gloeckl 22 soat oldin
where is the red lipstick?
Allison Clay
Allison Clay Kun oldin
I love it
Emily Arroyo
Emily Arroyo Kun oldin
Lol you could have hired my mom she is a hair dresser she is so so so good at HAIR
Rainbow12983 2 kun oldin
Icis Jackson
Icis Jackson 2 kun oldin
I went to prom with a Sophomore when I was senior too. So embarrassing
Cassie Bevan
Cassie Bevan 3 kun oldin
lmao, im in middle school and all of my school dances i didnt dance and wore jeans and hoodies, wat iz mi lif?!?
Taylor Campbell
Taylor Campbell 3 kun oldin
I think it’s hilarious that she kept holding her stomach in it😍
Shes Divine
Shes Divine 3 kun oldin
I had that dolphin necklace ❤️ I ended up giving it to my first love to always remember me, he was stationed in Japan in the military and he still has the necklace 25 yrs later!! I loved that necklace!!
Annie Hovsepian
Annie Hovsepian 3 kun oldin
8:15 literally my whole life
Riley Credico
Riley Credico 4 kun oldin
I love you Colleen
Karla Perez
Karla Perez 4 kun oldin
Ur prom was the year I was born 😂😂
YT_heyletsplayl 4 kun oldin
James Charles is shaking lol
Lilith Phoenix Villareal
Hey cousins
Purple Royalty!!
Purple Royalty!! 4 kun oldin
I am so excited for prom👗2k19
Noodle Bowls
Noodle Bowls 4 kun oldin
Lmao no one ever asked me to prom or any dance either. I didn’t go to prom.
Katie Fusco
Katie Fusco 4 kun oldin
I’m 11 I can do makeup and hair and fashion not the mans cause I don’t want one
Em B
Em B 5 kun oldin
I was born 3 years after her prom
Mireya's Marvellous
Mireya's Marvellous
Litteraly I'm 9 and I know how to do CONTOR
M Vand
M Vand 5 kun oldin
He woulda snuck a butt touch😂😂😂😂😂
Sprinkles the cat
Sprinkles the cat 5 kun oldin
2019 : Flynn and .... Colleen and ..... Flynn and ....... Colleen and ..... Flynn Don’t worry I will stop And Colleen ....
dot2dotgirl 5 kun oldin
"And who could resist asking this to prom" *does miranda face* *everyone starts falling Inlove with you*
Mercedes Lathrop
Mercedes Lathrop 5 kun oldin
I’m 13 I don’t go to dances... I’m never asked 😓😢 I’m a nerd too
Allison Davis
Allison Davis 6 kun oldin
If you would have only known then you could have Miranda's lips a trend.
Emily Elyzabeth G
Emily Elyzabeth G 6 kun oldin
The dress wouldn't zip at first cuz she HAD A LITTLE FLYNN TIMOTHY STOCKLIN INSIDE OF HER!!!!!!!
kelly van de braak
kelly van de braak 6 kun oldin
I don't have prom cause I'm living in the Netherlands
Dana Whipple
Dana Whipple 7 kun oldin
Your so beautiful!!!
nightcore 224
nightcore 224 7 kun oldin
I was born in 2004
Vivian Lucita
Vivian Lucita 7 kun oldin
were u pregnant in this vid
Julie 7 kun oldin
If she filmed it in May, then ya. Could've been pre-filmed tho, to be fair
Isabella Brooker
Isabella Brooker 7 kun oldin
u look prettier now in this dress
C B 7 kun oldin
7:15 her face expression lol
C B 7 kun oldin
4:24 , her face expression is halarious
Emma Robertson
Emma Robertson 7 kun oldin
can I have the dress? ;P :D
Lizzy and Bella Lombardi
Anyone watching after Flynn was born?
abbysoddlife 1
abbysoddlife 1 7 kun oldin
this video came out on my birthday
zozo dionne
zozo dionne 7 kun oldin
After that video Colleen died because she didn't breath, after this day Miranda try to look like Colleen so no one know she's dead. Miranda just take the opportunitie to have another channel with subscribers and make money, that's the truth.
x Leah Byrne x
x Leah Byrne x 7 kun oldin
She was preggo in this 😱❤
Emi Lia
Emi Lia 7 kun oldin
That dress is *BAYUTİFULLL*
Erin & Darcy !!!!!
Erin & Darcy !!!!! 7 kun oldin
OMG look at her face at 2:13 haha
AwesomeBorker 11
AwesomeBorker 11 7 kun oldin
Pause at 9:54 and look at the Miranda poster in the back... Miranda is ashamed!
Lily’s Fun world forever
Lol 4:24 though hahah
Ciara Mae
Ciara Mae 7 kun oldin
When a pregnant women can fit in a dress from 14 years ago 😂
Paris Miller
Paris Miller 8 kun oldin
I wasn’t even born in 2004....
no name no purpose
no name no purpose 8 kun oldin
12:15 omg they are my favourite ship #perfectcouple
Oscar Button
Oscar Button 8 kun oldin
IBTC itty bitty titty community😭😂😂😂😂
Raven Glacier
Raven Glacier 8 kun oldin
4:02 Colleen: What are fishing for anyways? Me: ... YOU'RE FISHING FOR MEN.
Alleah Espenocilla
Alleah Espenocilla 8 kun oldin
I feel bad for Miranda a boy asked me to dance when I’m in Year 6
Nicola Cook
Nicola Cook 8 kun oldin
Omg we have the same sweatshirt
K9 lover looking for a life
This is 🐻 says hi 🐻 says clap your hands oops 🐻 died! Tick Tock peeps
Lilith Phoenix Villareal
So same thing
Lilith Phoenix Villareal
It’s older it’s from the musical.ly
LiMaVill 8 kun oldin
That Devil Wears Prada reference was so cute!
Caitlyn S.
Caitlyn S. 8 kun oldin
lol, I'm cracking up because I am pretty sure I tried on that dress in high school.
Muna Ahmed
Muna Ahmed 8 kun oldin
Wow I was born on 2004
wowplants 8 kun oldin
That dress is honestly so pretty. I have my formal in a few months (what we call prom in New Zealand, and it only happens once in our final year of school) and I'm looking for dress ideas. That's another idea to add to my list!
Monica Hoswell
Monica Hoswell 8 kun oldin
Is it sad that I thought the thumbnail was me...
puppy addiction
puppy addiction 8 kun oldin
You are pretty I don't know why no one asked you to go
Easily Amused
Easily Amused 8 kun oldin
Never went to my prom. And you look stunning.
Girl on YouTube
Girl on YouTube 9 kun oldin
I had that dress too ...
Gaming JaeianXD
Gaming JaeianXD 9 kun oldin
The dress looks so beautiful like omgoodness.💙
blue loves papy
blue loves papy 9 kun oldin
Hannah Biggs
Hannah Biggs 9 kun oldin
you be lookin' on FLEEK!
writerspen010 9 kun oldin
I really loved the dress!! My prom was in 2010, and I think I would have at least tried it on if it were in the stacks when I was searching
Ella Raynsford
Ella Raynsford 9 kun oldin
Why is Miranda always in the background judging her 😂
Ava Berselli
Ava Berselli 9 kun oldin
Isn’t it weird how Colleen was saying “how do you get a man?” But now she’s married (
Marissa LeighAnne
Marissa LeighAnne 10 kun oldin
All the comments from when this vid was posted: OMGEEEE STOCKLEEN IS IT REAL????? Colleen when this vid was posted: Secretly preggo
Alyson Lockett
Alyson Lockett 10 kun oldin
Why was your prom before I was alive
Lugui Dubiela
Lugui Dubiela 10 kun oldin
LoL I Remember a lot of girls wearing those "ringlets" in prom! (I graduated in 2005)
Lugui Dubiela
Lugui Dubiela 10 kun oldin
Its like Elsa's dress, just a little darker
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 10 kun oldin
You actually look so good
Faith Haupt
Faith Haupt 10 kun oldin
So pretty!!
Melissa Friesen
Melissa Friesen 10 kun oldin
I think you look bomb! I feel like that’s something I would have said back in 2000 when I WENT TO PROM! I know, I’m ancient lol love you hinnnney!
kateline540 !
kateline540 ! 10 kun oldin
“Move over Shirley Temple”😂😂😂❤️
Stephen Farrugia
Stephen Farrugia 10 kun oldin
Katlyn Hecker
Katlyn Hecker 11 kun oldin
Nobody ask me to prom
Grace Bates
Grace Bates 11 kun oldin
I literally have that dress in red. To be fair I got it at a vintage store.
Gianna P.
Gianna P. 11 kun oldin
you went to prom before i was even born
MaDiSoN 11 kun oldin
Anyone here from when she gave birth to baby Flynn?!?
The Nerdy Kitty
The Nerdy Kitty 11 kun oldin
11:56 couple goals
Layla Day
Layla Day 11 kun oldin
Does ur mom still like the dress xx
The Bendy Bees
The Bendy Bees 11 kun oldin
5:12 James Charles, duh😂
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook 11 kun oldin
Okay so I never had a date but I went to every school dance. My senior year I wanted a drop dead date. So my mom had these hot guys that worked with her. So we asked one of them to take me. He was the hotest guy there and we had people ask if I paid him. Or was he a relative. This was back in 2003.
Yesenia Munoz
Yesenia Munoz 11 kun oldin
OMG she went to my highschool San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara.
Teagan T
Teagan T 12 kun oldin
you are amazing Colleen
Jessie Long
Jessie Long 12 kun oldin
And this is the night she got preggers with baby Flynn 😍😍 love ya girl
Adriana De Leon
Adriana De Leon 12 kun oldin
14years ago! I wasn’t even Born😂
Erin Picken
Erin Picken 12 kun oldin
0:17... Laura Lee is better than you? Sure......
Marie Pearl Paglinawan
is it me or Dimitri reminds me of Alex Ernst?
AJ T.V 12 kun oldin
beauty queen for the win
Maria Reynolds Valenzuela
“I’m bigger than I was” *PREGNANT*
hi hrm
hi hrm 12 kun oldin
"We ate in my grandmas backyard" Lol.
Amelia Hicks
Amelia Hicks 12 kun oldin
i think that looks nice kinda
Nia Whimper
Nia Whimper 12 kun oldin
she is zipped ''henny''
Layla Day
Layla Day 12 kun oldin
Emma Bath
Emma Bath 12 kun oldin
You should re create some school photos lol
Emma Bath
Emma Bath 12 kun oldin
Omg dolphin jewelry like that was soooo 2004 I remeber stuff like that being everywhere and so popular
Emma Bath
Emma Bath 12 kun oldin
Is it bad I actually realy like that dress? 🤣🤷‍♀️💕omg I might just be a cynical bastard but you and dimitri are my heroes for ruining the couple dances hahhaha