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Sisters! Yesterday was SO much fun (not to mention extremely challenging)! If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up! Also, if you decide to do this same challenge tag me so I can see how you did!
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6-Apr, 2018

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Fikrlar 13 010
Julia Rose
Julia Rose 22 daqiqa oldin
James: $9 for a lipstick?! It’s lipstick!! Also James: *buys $20 lipsticks*
Gabrielle Sultan
Gabrielle Sultan 3 soat oldin
James u rock that flashback Mary shirt😂
Maddy Regan
Maddy Regan 9 soat oldin
9:15 SISTER IAN!!!!!!!!!!
Zara Aziz
Zara Aziz 9 soat oldin
...would James wear a dress or a suit???
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez 11 soat oldin
I love drugstore makeup but everytime I buy a foundation there the color is always wrong and I end up looking HELLA weird
Editfav s
Editfav s Kun oldin
Omg how old is this video that he is still in his old apartment
Gatcha gal Productions
I thought the $100 was just for the make up!!!!! 😂
Popstar Royalty
Popstar Royalty Kun oldin
nice choice I have the same mascara that he bought soo yah
Andrea & Jayden Vlogs
I love how that foundation is his best match. XD
Trash Queen
Trash Queen Kun oldin
“For eyeliner today” points to lips 😂😂😂❤️
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 2 kun oldin
Oh my god! I literally forgot James was a cover girl! Anyone else?
Calley Hunziker
Calley Hunziker 3 kun oldin
Patricia Reisbeck
Patricia Reisbeck 3 kun oldin
I love you games me and my friends wach you like I looooooooooove you sis
meme god
meme god 3 kun oldin
E.L.F Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick & velvet matte lipstick is 3.00 each. stay woke
Gabby Garcia
Gabby Garcia 3 kun oldin
James I all spend 10$ on makeup and15$ on clothes that my life imaginejames going though that
Ms. Blue Queen
Ms. Blue Queen 3 kun oldin
james this is ABSOLUTLY NO HATE but i have seen your eyes blue and brownish hazel ish which true color are they? just strait up wondering and not meant to be rude or anything of the sorts! p.s. love you sister
madelyn allen
madelyn allen 3 kun oldin
what abt 5 below or like marshall’s?💗💗😂
CG Gonzalez
CG Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
3:56 "Bianca" 😂
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen 3 kun oldin
He reminded me of Shane Dawson when he said “hack” for the eyebrow pencil under the eye lol
Kelsey Appleton
Kelsey Appleton 3 kun oldin
This might be my favourite vid from James 🤩🤩
maybemegan 3 kun oldin
so cute!!
Pandacorn_Lucyy It’s lit
A stylish sister on a budget😂😂
mikelowery3103 3 kun oldin
I have that wet and wild eyeshadow pack, so cool that your doing this James
Bradley Faire
Bradley Faire 3 kun oldin
Those brushes weren't in the budget though. Just saying.
Darelis Crispin
Darelis Crispin 3 kun oldin
Skyler Gockenbach
Skyler Gockenbach 4 kun oldin
Was that beauty blender in the budget? 😂
Henry Danger
Henry Danger 4 kun oldin
9:13 IAN IAN
L S GT 4 kun oldin
Alissia Serratore
Alissia Serratore 4 kun oldin
Anyone notice Ian at 9:14
Panda Monium
Panda Monium 4 kun oldin
We love a skipping sister skipping out of CVS
BRIGITTE Silva 4 kun oldin
He goes to thesames stores same location werw i go
Megan Ayan
Megan Ayan 4 kun oldin
19:41. Eteeweetee?
Crazy Cheetah
Crazy Cheetah 4 kun oldin
Little did James know.......in the future...
Abmassey 5
Abmassey 5 4 kun oldin
I also go cheap and use the same concealer
Isabelle Janssen
Isabelle Janssen 5 kun oldin
Hey sister
Sadies Dior
Sadies Dior 5 kun oldin
9:13 *is that Ian lmao?*
Tammy Le
Tammy Le 5 kun oldin
9:13 sister ian!!!
Analeigha Antelope
Analeigha Antelope 5 kun oldin
Does anyone else love that at 2:00 he said" for our mascara" then pointed at his lips😂❤❤❤
Ivana Cosic
Ivana Cosic 5 kun oldin
Actually in Europe you can test drugstore makeup
Elvie Bustin
Elvie Bustin 5 kun oldin
Love how at 9:15 you can see Ian poking out
Ani Aznauryan
Ani Aznauryan 5 kun oldin
James what about the brushes you're using and the beauty blender...... Sister you're cheating😂😂 ly❤️
Ruusupeippo 5 kun oldin
Cheap and creative... and probably bad... lifehack!! Use lipstick as an eyeshadow ;)
AnimeGirl189 5 kun oldin
At 8 i said 1 more vid its 4 in the morning james u keep me woke
dobby potter
dobby potter 5 kun oldin
love u sisters
bubblesdulce 5 kun oldin
For me, this is the most relatable video you've ever posted 😂 Good job, James!
Methumni EG
Methumni EG 5 kun oldin
OH MY LORD!! I just did my eyeliner really well!! thank u James!!! I've been trying to nail my eyeliner ever since I started doing make up!!! and im only 12, so my eyeliner sonly gonna get better!!!yass
Catherine Elise
Catherine Elise 5 kun oldin
gOod EvEnInG (1:53)
Maddy K115
Maddy K115 5 kun oldin
Wait....... He used his own brushes.........
GEO 5 kun oldin
James should have went to Marshall or tjmax or even ross they got contour and eyeshadow pallets for 4.99 and powders for like 3.99 and ect
Sarah Kellenberger
Sarah Kellenberger 5 kun oldin
14:06 Dish is going to be our brows.
Anderson Huynh
Anderson Huynh 6 kun oldin
I look to the corner and see Ian awkwardly standing there @ 9:16 HAHAHA
HI 123
HI 123 6 kun oldin
He should do a only color store make up challenge
Sassy As
Sassy As 6 kun oldin
“Hello? I ab-so-LUTELY do not think so!”-James Charles 2018😂❤️
Anna Laschinger
Anna Laschinger 6 kun oldin
back when james could match his foundation
Carlos Cortez
Carlos Cortez 6 kun oldin
For a video idea you only have 100$ for a week
Maeve Sullivan
Maeve Sullivan 6 kun oldin
Mad Liono
Mad Liono 6 kun oldin
I literally use 1 squirt of foundation and it covers my whole face :D
KAT2004 6 kun oldin
Omg 4 million😂😂
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson 6 kun oldin
I love how the palette labels where to put the colors to help people who don’t know makeup and James thinks they are the shade names. 😂😂😂
grimdar 6 kun oldin
9:14 ian is in the back lol
Madailein Oates
Madailein Oates 6 kun oldin
sister you should have just gone to the dollar store
Isabel Alexander
Isabel Alexander 6 kun oldin
didn’t you spend a couple dollars on cheetos? without them you would’ve made it so I think it counts x
{Starstruck Sility}
9:14 did anyone else see Ian behind James?
texting_weeb 6 kun oldin
Am I the only person who saw Ian in the background when he was looking at the shoes? 😂😂
Candy cane unicorn
Candy cane unicorn 6 kun oldin
You should try doing this video with Poundland makeup. It'll be fun
Gladis Juarez
Gladis Juarez 6 kun oldin
OMG your makeup is so good I would really like to meet you sister
Anonymous Human
Anonymous Human 6 kun oldin
9:14. Hi Ian
Grace Ramey
Grace Ramey 6 kun oldin
Anyone catch sister Ian @ 9:13 ?
cutie pants
cutie pants 6 kun oldin
18:09 what did he just say
Cate lilian
Cate lilian 6 kun oldin
You could do this... or you could go to Sisters-appearel.com for cheap, quality clothing *wink*
seamore termanator
seamore termanator 6 kun oldin
you made this video 1 day before my birthday
Rose Quill
Rose Quill 7 kun oldin
Elf mascara is like 3 dollars
DogGirl 7 kun oldin
but i thin a boy you are but sounds if a girl hahahahhahahhahahhhahhaha
Ester Ionescu
Ester Ionescu 7 kun oldin
I Love you 😘😘😎
Brooke Smith
Brooke Smith 7 kun oldin
Sister Ian 9:12😂
HarryPotterforlife 7 kun oldin
JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeessssssssssss I have homework NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Burrito& Beans
Burrito& Beans 7 kun oldin
20:22 😂
Chloe Wardman
Chloe Wardman 7 kun oldin
2:52 #photobombed
Lucy McDonald
Lucy McDonald 7 kun oldin
please do my makeup
tracy smith
tracy smith 7 kun oldin
Alexandra Peterss
Alexandra Peterss 7 kun oldin
I want him to do this challenge in the uk at Superdrug.. it would be bad because you can literally get lipsticks for £1 🤪
Grace Snowdon
Grace Snowdon 7 kun oldin
It look like I have a camel toe😂👌🏻👌🏻
Dr. apple
Dr. apple 7 kun oldin
Do you guys remember "backwards hat, freckles James ahh he looked so young even know hes 19
Aftyn Watkins
Aftyn Watkins 7 kun oldin
You really need to travel more , there's plenty of Walmarts in Cali. Just not in "richy" neighborhoods lol. But please , travel more.
Aftyn Watkins
Aftyn Watkins 7 kun oldin
For *
Halli Rose
Halli Rose 7 kun oldin
Wtf... What what happen to shishter shnoze?
Angel Queen
Angel Queen 7 kun oldin
omg hi you are a fan of me and my sis and my Brothers
MrGeneloader 8 kun oldin
You should do a full face of free mini testers that you can get at the counters
Sabrina Marie
Sabrina Marie 8 kun oldin
lol james' challenge is my reality
Rayna Craven
Rayna Craven 8 kun oldin
brother was in the background
Skyla West
Skyla West 8 kun oldin
What a nice sister jaw line
Kylie Perraut
Kylie Perraut 8 kun oldin
Tinytoyin 8 kun oldin
9:08 Did you *SEE* the way that woman looked at him? I liked my own comment cause I know no one cares.😭
Hannah Sturgeon
Hannah Sturgeon 8 kun oldin
throwback to when James was so excited about *almost* hitting 4 million subs yet flashforward 9 months and he's at 13...talk about growth
Elizabeth Nicole
Elizabeth Nicole 8 kun oldin
Omg James I love your wing!!! :00 💖💖💖
Katie Morag
Katie Morag 8 kun oldin
17:45 you sound like Shane
Mariam El-Masri
Mariam El-Masri 8 kun oldin
James: HACK!!! Me: jumps up then falls of my bed 😅
Mariam El-Masri
Mariam El-Masri 8 kun oldin
WOW, can there be one video when James doesn’t look AMAZING!!! 😅