RED Hydrogen One Review: I Wanted this to be Great!

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HOLAR 474 Kun oldin
zack phy
zack phy Kun oldin
Why the hell would one of the most respected and best high end camera makers make a phone where ppl are gonna expect GREAT picture quality and change an extreme amount and then stick an off the shelf sensor in it? Doesnt make any since.
zack phy
zack phy Kun oldin
Ohhhh its like me beloved Evo 3d that I got like 8 years ago and still dig out from time to time to take 3d pics cause of the novelty of it, I want it lol, but as a backup-toy. FYI the evo 3d also had to use a separate app store for its 3d content also, but they even got gameloft to partner and make 3d ports of their other big mobile games specifically for the phone. This was when gameloft made the best mobile games(though they were knockoffs of popular AAA console games at the time) with no microtransactions or timers or anything. I have Modern Combat on mine and its baiscally like a 3ds, an old 3ds without the fact tracking though.
JMJL28 2 kun oldin
Stay woke people lol
Yodaba 710
Yodaba 710 2 kun oldin
Remember the htc evo 3D
Neiman Skywalka
Neiman Skywalka 2 kun oldin
Waste of money.
Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson 3 kun oldin
Marques, Since this review has your thoughts on this phone changed? I read another review that said these negative reviews were before the updates fixed a lot of the problems.
ShamsulMEMES 3 kun oldin
people say the red hydrogen is the 2nd phone that can display 3D photo but its not.the 2nd phone that can display 3D photo is a chinese phone called DingDing.i use to own that phone but i forgot the name but its really.....nice....
Dan 4 kun oldin
12:04 I guess they never miss huh?
Faddn 4 kun oldin
This phone is the ultimate click bate, it's not a hydrogen phone..
No thankyou
No thankyou 5 kun oldin
Really impressed with this review. Hit all my questions and MB convey's an open honesty which i find appealing af. 10/10
Michael Schoener
Michael Schoener 7 kun oldin
So it's a better version of a three ds that can make calls lol
Get Colett
Get Colett 7 kun oldin
Is this what you wanted
RASDKB 7 kun oldin
Hey Jim, do not jump without putting your jump shoes on beforehand. Even though it is kinda important Marketing isn't just hot air.
Lucas Whitfield
Lucas Whitfield 8 kun oldin
terrozer Legend
terrozer Legend 8 kun oldin
I guess they never miss, huh?
Beat the Filibuster
The holographic thing looks like the one from the Nintendo 3DS
Beat the Filibuster
Smooth Hippo
Smooth Hippo 10 kun oldin
Is this what you wanted?
Swapnil Das
Swapnil Das 11 kun oldin
That's an ugly-ass phone.
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 12 kun oldin
Would if red partnered with red to make a product red hydrogen one phone wouldn’t that be funny but it would never happen
Thomas Gulf City Jefferson
Mark-ASS Brown Lee. (You can thank Will Smiff)
CR1992 12 kun oldin
Everything it has can be found in a $250 Chinese phone, even better in many of those phones today.
S K 12 kun oldin
the worst phone I bought in my life.
shootingpandas75 12 kun oldin
I can't find the JJ interview you mentioned. Did you post it?
Pup 13 kun oldin
who’s watching on a red hydrogen one? *yeah... no*
MrLoueylou424 14 kun oldin
This phone is so innovative. The lenticular sample photos you shared are exciting. They've certainly created an atmosphere. I'm buying this tomorrow!!!
Lancy 14 kun oldin
There's a weird thing. "Holographic technology" in RED Hydrogen just a realization of Nintendo's 3D on display in 3DS. Actually, this can't cost so many as hydrogen. And camera from ,maybe, sony? Maybe it's the WORST smartphone of the year(
Tupic 15 kun oldin
12:04 I guess they never miss huh?
Nicholas K Girard
Nicholas K Girard 15 kun oldin
Red had the chance to go for the best camera on the mobile market and went for dudes who keep phones on a belt strap and just by the latest technology regardless of quality.
Александр Александрович
Что этот нигер себе позволяет?(с) :)
The Barbiter
The Barbiter 15 kun oldin
3DS, the *phone*.
Caramel Vanilla
Caramel Vanilla 16 kun oldin
But does have good use of space
YoBoiJohn 16 kun oldin
so its hit or miss in this way?
ErrorCode 16 kun oldin
So the 3D thing is similar to the 3DS
renee p
renee p 17 kun oldin
That is the most ugliest phone I’ve ever seen... ewwh.
heinicraft LP
heinicraft LP 17 kun oldin
is this 3d effect like on the nintendo 3ds ?
Browning Bros
Browning Bros 17 kun oldin
MKBHD and Unbox Therapy are the best tech channels. Period.
Chintan Dalal
Chintan Dalal 17 kun oldin
whats the intro music?
Paul 18 kun oldin
So its like the Ninetndo 3DS, which is tbh, really old by now. In my opinion a nice feature, but kinda useless
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques 19 kun oldin
MKBHD, PLEASE find Sharp sh007 and make a comparison of both of those phones!!!
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques 19 kun oldin
Sharp sh 007 allows you to watch 3D on it's screeen without glasses and runs full android as wel. Red phone- poop bubble!
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona 19 kun oldin
Nice Tesla Surfboard in the background.
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona 19 kun oldin
Basically 3DS technology in a phone.
Lil Beep bop
Lil Beep bop 19 kun oldin
I never subscribed to him but it made me sub this is major trash
No name ok
No name ok 19 kun oldin
It's the current year and people still pushing the 3d gimmick.
Felix Nijenkamp
Felix Nijenkamp 19 kun oldin
Markass Brownie
Lisa W
Lisa W 19 kun oldin
I liked the look of the phone at least. I'm sick of Samsung curved edges. If I can't put the Otterbox defender case on it I don't want it so looking at other phones.
Rob Baker
Rob Baker 19 kun oldin
This guy really knows his stuff. I find myself constantly.impressed by his reviews.
Fred-D 19 kun oldin
that looks like a nextbit robin on steroids
Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger 20 kun oldin
im 14 and i got this for Christmas from my mom and im really mad because i feel like my mom got scammed and i didnt really need this video to see that this thing is kinda shit, i just needed a way to explain that to my mom without sounding ungrateful, so thank you for the vid bro.
my pop socket fell off
Guy on the Fay
Guy on the Fay 20 kun oldin
T Traveller Tells Truth
6:31 I am switching video... I am stuck...
Omania 21 kun oldin
But can it run Crisis?
Kerry Melton
Kerry Melton 21 kun oldin
i just bought one and i notice the 4 view pic disappear and you have to take another 4 view pic to even see your old ones also the 4 view does not seem to work on my front facing camera any tips
Pododododo Ehoh
Pododododo Ehoh 21 kun oldin
A new 3ds very cool
Sunny Syem
Sunny Syem 21 kun oldin
was i the only one who thought there was gonna be holographic things coming from the back??? surely not
Damian Castagnoli
Damian Castagnoli 22 kun oldin
I guess they never miss huh
Seven Deadly Sins Escanor
Is this what you wanted?
Jacob Ashburner
Jacob Ashburner 22 kun oldin
Hal...... Is that you.
Keine Ahnung
Keine Ahnung 22 kun oldin
12:04 I guess, they never miss, HUH?
Roman Malinovskiy
Roman Malinovskiy 23 kun oldin
10:50 a red hydrogen. GG Mark-ass, GG.
Maverickmace 23 kun oldin
So its a nintendo 3ds screen more or less...
Mr&Mrs Morrice
Mr&Mrs Morrice 23 kun oldin
so its an overpriced paperweight, and here i was just using a mug to hold my paper down
Black Film Guild
Black Film Guild 23 kun oldin
This is what I had on my EVO 3D 8 years ago!
Rico Andrade
Rico Andrade 23 kun oldin
What was RED thinking? No one cares about a 3D screen. What we expected from a RED phone is RED camera technology. Give us a decent OLED display and a kickass camera on the phone no frills. Thats all we asked for
the shadow
the shadow 23 kun oldin
If you lisson closely you can hear his lip smakin
Bio Dio
Bio Dio 24 kun oldin
5:02 You guys see that dude noticing he was in the shot then quickly back away
Aelia Yousaf
Aelia Yousaf 24 kun oldin
probably the worst and useless tech of 2018
nabet Fareeth
nabet Fareeth 24 kun oldin
Dan Waters
Dan Waters 25 kun oldin
1200 dollar viewmaster
adam kassous
adam kassous 25 kun oldin
This phones look makes me feel sick
ruth surrey
ruth surrey 25 kun oldin
I own this phone and feel you are being way too hard on this company. An overpriced Flop? not cool
Elechain 25 kun oldin
6:31 *i GUesS tHEy NevER miSS HuH*
Luke 26 kun oldin
That display is sick but until apple adopts it nothing’s happening here.
Faith Hunter
Faith Hunter 26 kun oldin
6:31 hit or miss? I guess they never miss hung? You got a boyfriend but I bet he doesn’t kiss ya!
Ashuj 26 kun oldin
UI looks like Sony 2013's phone, if anyone used those Xperia devices!
Henry .LT
Henry .LT 26 kun oldin
When you let an incel make a phone
Pete W
Pete W 27 kun oldin
As a former production sound guy, I can hear your Red camera LOL. Just found you, great video! Subscribed and following!
Rocket docket
Rocket docket 27 kun oldin
This was a disappointment
kinlo456 27 kun oldin
The price the put on the phone kill the phone.
eggegg eggegg
eggegg eggegg 28 kun oldin
Fuck jim
A. Kessler
A. Kessler 28 kun oldin
There doesn't seem to be a 3d standard. That's what we need right now
kunjunction1 28 kun oldin
did anyone test the 3d recordings for vr? would be interesting to see this phone shoot for each eye
Александр Макаренко
Russian word: "HUYNYA" This is "HUYNYA" DICK
Александр Макаренко
Sam Case
Sam Case 29 kun oldin
You’ve bought a 1300 dollar Nintendo 3ds
Lone 29 kun oldin
I’m upset, the camera had to be the one thing...the one thing man come on
kishan parekh
kishan parekh 29 kun oldin
Can you do a review of the sony rx 100 m6
Constablehaze Oy oldin
i remember when HTC came out with the dual camera's and depth images and everyone thought it was dumb, really they were just a head of the time's. Now everyone is claiming so and so started the dual camera's, totally forgetting about the true pioneer's HTC.
js100serch Oy oldin
1300 dollars?, that's $25,830 pesos in my poor country.
James M
James M Oy oldin
Love Joe Rogan xD His reaction is so good. :P
Jamal mac
Jamal mac Oy oldin
Get ready for Samsung to elaborate on this idea and hype it to be the “next big thing”.
Erik Victoria
Erik Victoria Oy oldin
D. O. A.... Last year's tech at tomorrow's prices... Camera module? Lmao... If I need a mudule, I'm just bringing my Canon and taking a real photo! Talk about an epic fail!
Rishi Makhanlal
Why would I want to take a picture of my baby to watch it in 3D?
dragons vain
dragons vain Oy oldin
Kinda reminds me of the amazon fire phone xD
Todd Gunter Jr
This phone sounds like Nintendo made it. Not sure if you remember the Virtual Boy. Total flop. My cousin had one. I couldn't play it for 5 minutes without wanting to toss it in the street and hope a big rig flattens it.
Quốc Bảo Ngô Hồng
This phone looks like my first ever phone, So SO Cheap appearance of theme and icon. It is so Ugly