RED Hydrogen One Review: I Wanted this to be Great!

Marques Brownlee
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RED Hydrogen One. The RED Media Machine. Is it worth the hype?
RED Hydrogen One: www.h4v.com/overview
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2-Noy, 2018

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Tony Francis Degan
What breed of dog is that??
James Lentsoane
James Lentsoane 5 soat oldin
Great review ma guy!!!
AdorableAaron 7 soat oldin
The 3ds did it better.
Christian Salas
Christian Salas 7 soat oldin
I learned about you because of the JRP Good stuff !
Syncergamer 7 soat oldin
The Best Thrusting Song Ever... 😂😂
M Martin
M Martin 8 soat oldin
So they remade my old LG Optimus 3D and trying to sell it as new technology...
Dan Lorenze
Dan Lorenze 9 soat oldin
Great review...
Roshan Thomas
Roshan Thomas 10 soat oldin
That 3d display tech is so gimmicky, you'd probably use that for the initial 2 or 3 months and the fad just dies off.
sith vearak
sith vearak 10 soat oldin
LG Optimus phonr used to have this technology but stop! I love this technology so much! 3D
Sando-Metal 10 soat oldin
Great concepts can die or thrive just because of one factor..... Timing.
Shigeruken 11 soat oldin
That's just a 3ds screen my dude.
Styleth 11 soat oldin
How to flex on them kids... Go to 0:01
koikoikoi 11 soat oldin
12:05 i guess they never miss, huh?
George Zuniga
George Zuniga 12 soat oldin
Not tooo sure..... but you cooooooollll, Might not have $20,000 in a life time, but you gooood. Keeepp it coming.
Insane pro
Insane pro 12 soat oldin
camera company makes a phone with not using their own camera ??? WHATTTTTTTTTTTT
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez 12 soat oldin
Love how MKBHD is much a Deadmau5 fan as I am lol
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero 13 soat oldin
The competition for smartphones is only getting worse and RED releases a phone that looks like it's from 2013. Not to mention that it has worse specs at an even worse price. What's the point of this phone?
Austin Thrash
Austin Thrash 13 soat oldin
Respect you highly, you have probably some of the best reviews and great finally seeing you on Rogan
Mike Ci
Mike Ci 14 soat oldin
HTC Evo 3D tho
TheScottSpot 14 soat oldin
So, I buy a $1299 dollars now for a phone with last years specs, for the hope that these modules which come out next year will give it the hardware features that I expected in the first place? Yeaaaahhh, this is a money grab and a very poorly executed one.
Supamonkey 15 soat oldin
I remember my amazon fire phone with the same 3D effects and pictures.
EnderGummy 15 soat oldin
intro song?
Ipo Kapu
Ipo Kapu 15 soat oldin
the specs and to some degree the looks are exactly what I am looking for in a phone. Having a 3rd party company doing the camera is a bit embarrassing though. If the price was cut in half I might consider buying one (huge battery, good display size with some wideness to it, a grippy and durable case)
LiK 15 soat oldin
Joe Rogan is a moron.
Sharpmaxwell C
Sharpmaxwell C 15 soat oldin
6:31 i guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya mwah
Tarek Akl
Tarek Akl 18 soat oldin
6:31 I guess they never miss huh
Joe John
Joe John 19 soat oldin
Back of it reminds me of HAL 9000.
yu zhou
yu zhou 19 soat oldin
Reminds me the early 3d phones, lg optimus 3d and htc evo 3d
Micheál Healy
Micheál Healy 20 soat oldin
Hydrogen 2? Surely the second one will be called Helium...
Mirza Zaheer
Mirza Zaheer 21 soat oldin
A big lol
M. Cutler
M. Cutler 21 soat oldin
What a waste of money...If you wanna spend that much money on metal just buy sum jewelry😂😂🤪
Elexure 22 soat oldin
This is how Apple becomes “innovative”.. I’m sure they’ll take this and put it on their phone..but will make it better.
Nitish Sharma
Nitish Sharma 22 soat oldin
Reminds me of HTC EVO 3D
Fee Kun oldin
@MKBHD does the Camera module appear removable? A hardware revision in 4 months would be a poor move.
Fee Kun oldin
Kraig Kun oldin
They basically took their manufacturing and marketing logic from their cameras and applied it to making a phone, ie "we'll stick a Red logo on it and people will pay a stupid amount of money for it". It didn't work.
Evann D'Adamo
Evann D'Adamo Kun oldin
Is it like the 3DS?
Antoine Allen
Antoine Allen Kun oldin
Good full review. And basically its MEH, still not really ready. keep up the good reviews man.
Blitz Here
Blitz Here Kun oldin
Adverbs are a part of the English language that we could actually remove from the dictionary and no meaning would be lost. Case in point, remove the word actually from the last sentence.
Ste Dunn
Ste Dunn Kun oldin
LOL! What was they thinking? Hey let's make an average mid/top end mobile, slap our name on it and charge a disgusting amount of money...
Gabriel Rosu
Gabriel Rosu Kun oldin
Really appreciate the honesty man, big thumbs up, unlike Peter McCanon who bit the poisoned apple of selling out.
realitytunnel Kun oldin
First of all, respect for collaborating with Red but still being brutally honest, you just gained a new subscriber for that. Second, not sure what people were really expecting camera and sound-wise. It's a phone. It has a tiny sensor. It has tiny speakers. Image quality and sound quality will reflect this. I know it's a massive shock to the smartphone generation that you can't get a full cinematic experience out of this, but as Scotty would point out - 'You cannae defy the laws o' physics!'
Middle Finger
Middle Finger Kun oldin
Sheesh? Holographic.. Samsung will figure out that in the future as well as apple. I remember when sony had that sort of holographic board game with the cards. The technology is definitely here.. they had a game like a virtual laser tag last year ago wear you had to wear some glasses and have the gun.. so getting close.. that would be kool to see an image face timing someone projected from the screen.
Beeps Mcfadden
Beeps Mcfadden Kun oldin
Its a parallax display.
ok Ok
ok Ok Kun oldin
6:31 I guess they nver miss huh? You got a boyfriend? Ibet he dosen't kiss yaa! *muah* He gon' find another girl and he won't miss yaa!
Limping Hippy
Limping Hippy Kun oldin
Damn your kit are so insane
tha801GAME Kun oldin
Hey mkbhd..would u consider selling the device u got..I'm interested because I wanna shoot 3d videos
Lurr17 Kun oldin
so it's a $1300 Evo 3D? hard pass
Ra Va
Ra Va Kun oldin
I've notice you're a pixel fanboy
Madtrack Kun oldin
Wow, it looks amazing compared to my IPhone SE
Tigon Kun oldin
I don't know of this is just me but I can see it and I'm watching this on 2x speed at 360p
Scon Dogger
Scon Dogger Kun oldin
Where is the link to the interview with Jim Jannard?
Akilleus Kun oldin
Like a 3ds
Ramen Boy
Ramen Boy Kun oldin
It could be the next essential when it comes to updates and software updates
DashThunderman Kun oldin
Honestly I was seeing it kinda on camera the
Making a tiny camera system based around a fast paced industry like the phone one was always going to be a disaster ... I foresaw this when I watched the original video by Marques (where he was not allowed to show the front of the device). The question on my mind back then was why Red didn't attempt the make a small camera to compete in the space that the small 4K cameras exist (sub $4,000) - surely that would have been a better bet financially? This product will weaken the image of the RED brand for the lower end buyers - (most of us on UZvid actually) ... what - you think the "upcoming" sensor module will be had for $800? More like $3000 I'm guessing. Now think who is going to buy this product. What a wasted opportunity.
Jay Blader
Jay Blader Kun oldin
Alvarado Road Productions
RED 's approach to their smartphone is STUPID. The holographic display didn't work on the Amazon Fire Phone. And if RED, a specialty high-quality camera manufacturer, is making a smartphone, they should make sure the CAMERA IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE ON A SMARTPHONE...
Why isn’t your channel name MKBHD like you announce yourself as?
KingRoyalFame _
KingRoyalFame _ Kun oldin
This channels a wannabe unbox therapy
Jake Blackstone
Jake Blackstone Kun oldin
The info about silicon is incorrect. Red doesn't make sensors used in Red cameras.
FirePixsel Kun oldin
love the Deadmau5 intro!
Faith Barbie
Faith Barbie Kun oldin
I wanna get this
Orlyy Kun oldin
Honestly the only reason I was excited for this phone was their camera's. The fact that they're not using their own is quite sad, and disappointing.
Alexander Morris
Vaporware? Seems like a current trend with modern tech these days. Kind of like Samsung's foldable phone keep being pushed out. Tech that's too far ahead of its time and average user isn't going to pay for less than acceptable specs at $1295. Especially consider the iphone xs max and note 9 is in the same price range with better displays/specs. Hydrogen one seems too niche to be adapted to mainstream android phones. Again 4d and holo content is gimmicky and definitely won't sell the phone in 2018 or 2019. Motorolla tried those modules for phones and failed to deliver units to market with it.
Patrick Kendall
Patrick Kendall Kun oldin
A lot of egos were bruised here, I Appreciate the honesty.
Original Name
Original Name Kun oldin
Try recording with 2 cameras (right and left eye) and merging the videos together in post
Forty Miles West
So glad I did not get sucked in by this phone :) Thanks for being honest
omegaPe Kun oldin
Damn this video looks FANTASTIC
Rob Gates
Rob Gates Kun oldin
The 3d effects kind of remind me of the HTC Evo 3d sprint had way back in the day.
Mr. Mx Tech
Mr. Mx Tech Kun oldin
They are going to sell this phone in Mexico same place were we dont even gent the pixel phones nore the razer or Rog phone Mexico is not even that familiar with RED marketing is completely off on this!!
remy m
remy m Kun oldin
Even the design looks like a failure :/
Matt Gibb
Matt Gibb Kun oldin
stinky video. very bad aura. get yourself checked out. mate.
Jerimbo 2 kun oldin
so its just a 3ds
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 2 kun oldin
Anybody remember the Amazon fire phone that did this? Also a flop
Stince Vaples
Stince Vaples 2 kun oldin
He didn’t sell you this phone he sold you reds next phone project! Well done Red!
Devin Derrickson
Devin Derrickson 2 kun oldin
5:04 He reacted like you pulled a pistol.
Anton Hofstede
Anton Hofstede 2 kun oldin
The 6t has a much better camers. I surprised. Not that the 6t isn't stunning in many ways. This phone seems like a big gimmick.
Mikel Reese
Mikel Reese 2 kun oldin
Hit or Miss, guess they never miss huh
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson 2 kun oldin
Good review. Keeping it real allows for improvements. Hopefully Jim takes it to heart and makes some improvements.
soaky4 2 kun oldin
Didn't Amazon try (and fail at) that holographic stuff years ago with their Fire Phone?
Alfred Chan
Alfred Chan 2 kun oldin
Yoooo got a little suggestion, it would be even better if your videos are 60 fps! love your videos!!
Jamil ahmed
Jamil ahmed 2 kun oldin
If it was 120hz. It would be a different incarnation of the razer phone 1.
Jason C.
Jason C. 2 kun oldin
No Thanks. Its overpriced and overrated.
GabbishLee Gifted
GabbishLee Gifted 2 kun oldin
Whyyyyy.. not just keep cameras cameras and phones phones? so they don’t have to compromise on performance on either side.. I rather carry two DOPE reasonably sized devices than one , not so great sized device with annoying performances and unreached expectations. Just saying.. I don’t think the real techy people care that much that you can immediately send a pic.. most go home and edit footage anyways.. so what’s the real need for awesome Cameras on phones? I feel like drones with camera are more fun anyways
Noah Nobody
Noah Nobody 2 kun oldin
Homer, you've ruined me! As far as I'm concerned, I have no brother.
Rigging Doctor
Rigging Doctor 2 kun oldin
Sweet review! But can it edit videos for a UZvid channel like an iPad can?
Temba DJ Sly Cujoe
Temba DJ Sly Cujoe 2 kun oldin
Even with the modular capabilities, is it really worth it with the phone base price plus the price of the modular device? Doesn't seem worth it to me. If it wasn't for the Red name, this phone was gonna get ignored lol
SATYA PRAKASH 2 kun oldin
As honest as it can get💐
Max Haddock
Max Haddock 2 kun oldin
Seems like this four view is literally Just the 3D mode on the Nintendo 3ds
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Did they not do their research with that htc evo 3d. It was just a terrible phone. I had it, it was bad.
Infamous Lion X
Infamous Lion X 2 kun oldin
The phone looks absolutely horrible 🥴
elisabeth grill
elisabeth grill 2 kun oldin
Who buys that?
GMT 2 kun oldin
I still think its funny how people believe carbon fibre in such small amounts can make it more expensive.
fishbong 2 kun oldin
LOL, my HTC EVO 3D supported UZvid 3D videos 7 years ago.
Sourab Kumar
Sourab Kumar 2 kun oldin
It was funny! LOL!
KELVIN PATRICK 2 kun oldin
Thanks. You just saved me some $ until i can see these modules in 2019. I still have faith though!
NerdishTech 2 kun oldin
Honestly I feel the reason they waited to release modules was to see how well the phone would do. I wouldn't be surprised if they just dipped out entirely because how poorly it might end up doing.
Viraj Waghanna
Viraj Waghanna 2 kun oldin
No camera comparison? Looks like he really didn't wanted to upset RED as it might affect the sponsorships for other devices.
Иван Иванов
I wanted this review to be great. And it was!
6 kun oldin