RED Hydrogen One Review: I Wanted this to be Great!

Marques Brownlee
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RED Hydrogen One. The RED Media Machine. Is it worth the hype?
RED Hydrogen One: www.h4v.com/overview
Full Joe Rogan podcast: uzvid.com/video/video-QSGaMUBC4Mc.html
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2-Noy, 2018



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Ethan Cushing
Ethan Cushing 17 soat oldin
It’s like a 3DS!
HardstylerDK 22 soat oldin
This is from their website What until now took an entire theater full of speakers to accomplish now fits in your hand.
Lolly Kun oldin
Remember when Nintendo did this on the 3ds
The company that put all their thoughts into this phone can take pictures and video better than any other phone on the market and the why that it does it
You have no idea what your talking about when it's comes to the red obviously you have not done enough home work on the red ,instead your just giving your idea of a phone
Santiago De los Reyes
Nintendo 3DS made this long long ago
photag216 2 kun oldin
What a complete disappointment. *smh* They should of said f*ck all the weird features, and just make a huge, perfect RED sensor and lens in it. I would be so happy. Don’t care about any of that other stuff. ALTHOOOOUGH, having super loud, and “large” sounding - sound, would be super nice too lol. What a huge bummer..
Jose Barajas
Jose Barajas 2 kun oldin
This guys got pay by apple lol because I have the same phone and I can do anything he days better than iPhone 😁😁
Sean's DIY & Reviews
Camera looks like a Moto.
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo 4 kun oldin
Now you have a reason to spent a $1,300.00 on a *Foldable Phone*
멘토르석사 4 kun oldin
Most horrible phone of the year ever by far
Cianawesome Grout
Cianawesome Grout 4 kun oldin
I saw it on camera.......
Lil Indomie
Lil Indomie 5 kun oldin
Finally nintendo releases the *3ds phone*
Avrysatos 5 kun oldin
So is the 3d screen line a Nintendo 3ds style thing?
TTV-TwitchgoD-YT 8 kun oldin
I love that he makes the videos wide for the iPhone x
Aurélien ETIENNE
Aurélien ETIENNE 8 kun oldin
It would be fun to have a red camera sensor capable of having a big sense lol
Joel Chew
Joel Chew 9 kun oldin
6:30 I guess they never miss huh
Little Big
Little Big 10 kun oldin
Please review the Mi 9
blinkingred 12 kun oldin
so 3ds the phone
First i was thinking its a motorola mod case
Virgil Clinton
Virgil Clinton 18 kun oldin
The HTC evo 3d, to me, was better
Ben Laurence
Ben Laurence 18 kun oldin
I think the more they work on and improve the phone it will get better (obvious statement I know lol) but the potential is there. I think if Red keeps with it, this phone could be a replacement for vloggers who lug around dslr’s
qem 20 kun oldin
I'd prefer a 3ds
Piper Hayze Media
Piper Hayze Media 21 kun oldin
what makes this pointless is that the only reason anyone would buy this is for the camera..that what the name Red carries..beyond that who cares its just an android phone...and they fucked that one aspect up making it a useless
Toasty Volvo
Toasty Volvo 21 kun oldin
A bezel has never bothered me. Market tells us not to want a bezel but what is the problem with a bezel? If you can open your eyes; nothing.
Sierra Symone
Sierra Symone 22 kun oldin
I could see the holograms easily
Sir John A. Macdonald
So basically the same technology as my 6 year old 3DS for 200$...
TaKeN_Alpha 24 kun oldin
The easiest way I found to describe how the screen looks is that it kinda seems like the original Nintendo 3DS screens, to not get a major headache you need to sit in a “sweet spot”
Ginpachi-sensei 25 kun oldin
Idiots who say an apple logo on the back would've made this phone great should shut up. Please, if apple had released this phone, people would know the features are gonna get better. If apple made this phone, it wouldn't be the first phone from a company that doesn't make smartphones in the first place, would it?
Ginpachi-sensei 25 kun oldin
Oh yes, I should add that I've never used an iPhone. Don't call me a mindless apple fanboy
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor 27 kun oldin
It's new...
T Chowdhury
T Chowdhury 27 kun oldin
can you revisit the phone?
Josh Winslow
Josh Winslow 27 kun oldin
Taaha Tahir
Taaha Tahir 28 kun oldin
fortnite and markass brown lee
skuldug12 Oy oldin
the holographic 3d depth pictures have been around since the nintendo 3ds :/
Paul Madsen
Paul Madsen Oy oldin
If you'd use it, you'd see that it IS great! The Red H1 runs circles around my boring Note 8 in every way! Did you even turn yours on?
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith Oy oldin
1300 for carbon and metal.. yea right
HotButtery PopCorn
I had a phone in 2010 that was called HTC EVO 4g, and the camera on the phone was a 5mp and it had 3d capabilities and I can kind of see the "4 view" function on the phone display although it is slightly visible it reminds me of that phones video and photo visuals while taken/captured in "3d mode." If you haven't heard of this phone before and compared the two I think you should make a video on the two's comparisons so you can see if they're quite the same. Just a bit of useless knowledge for you! Have a good day!
TheToxizX Oy oldin
6:30 I guess they never miss huh
you're all cheeks at life
TheToxizX Dead meme.
Da One
Da One Oy oldin
5:05 oh I'm in the shot
Da One
Da One Oy oldin
+you're all cheeks at life nah lol
you're all cheeks at life
Da One That’s you?
Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen Oy oldin
Remember the LG p920?
Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
Truth is that phones now reach far beyond we need in every aspect, except cameras. They need to stop producing phones with cameras and start producing cameras with phones.
Sharu Tamonud
Sharu Tamonud Oy oldin
reminds me of the 3ds
Simon Ambrister
Waste of money ...the battery take hrs to charge...only charge fast with it's special charger
andrea bernardini
The Terminator phone
mishoboy mishoboy
Htc made this 20 thousand years ago
Stroller Boy
Stroller Boy Oy oldin
Do something with that hair bruh!
Stroller Boy
Stroller Boy Oy oldin
Get that crop cut.
systdow666 Oy oldin
so if its not “holographic” why are they advertising shit floating over the display? thats not marketing thats false advertisement not even borderline deceptive it is deceptive
DaIeDenton Oy oldin
Marques, as much as I like Red and respect the company. You need to stop promoting their shit. This phone was a circus act and a flop.
Tuomas Leone
Tuomas Leone Oy oldin
looking forward to the follow-up to this video now that the promised modules are not coming.
Mr.Wobbles Oy oldin
the famous camera maker company does not make the camera part of the phone. No sale. Shame on you RED for getting our collective hopes up.
who makes it?
jeremiah mendez
3d screen? is like the amazon fire using they 4 cameras in front for the games. The differences here is that Red is using this tech on their photos... This tech have to evolve
Areatrance Oy oldin
I really loved everything about this phone the first time I held it in a store, but I have quickly changed my mind after realizing it is not water resistant, nor is the CPU any newer than 2017. Red almost had it, they only needed a new CPU to justify the price, and Water Resistance is a must for users like me!
Devon Oy oldin
3ds phone
Pazelloxu Oy oldin
New Brand
williams milton
Phones like thèse cant keep up with the market. So i will never by one. They lack so much and they take to long to get there. And when they get there phones like tge s10 will be doing something new. So its a no for me.😞😞😞
Sean Jayson
Sean Jayson Oy oldin
A carbon fiber WATCH JERRYRIG
Harry Kane
Harry Kane Oy oldin
Hal 9000?
Jew Dyke
Jew Dyke Oy oldin
Just get a 3DS lmao
Angel Snowflakes
I wouldn't waste a 100 bucks to get it. Lol.
Nikole Powell
Nikole Powell Oy oldin
it's a 3DS screen on steroids basically
D D Oy oldin
Is it like the 3ds?
Ronin Sanati
Ronin Sanati 2 oy oldin
Sounds like my Nintendo 3ds
Arturo Marroquin
Arturo Marroquin 2 oy oldin
Good And Honest Review, Thank you 👍
Petr Turek
Petr Turek 2 oy oldin
I guess they -never- sometimes miss, huh
Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw 2 oy oldin
yeh wont be buying this
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Dude... it's straight up butt ugly. Any other description of it's art style is wrong.
Networte 2 oy oldin
Cool video but.. what's the damn intro song called?!
PkwyDrive13 2 oy oldin
I honestly love the look, I like the look more than my s9+ and others
Clarence So
Clarence So 2 oy oldin
Oh i see 3D
Clarence So
Clarence So 2 oy oldin
Built for the military Soldier:oh shit my phone got shot Other soldier:don't forget that phones a tank Soldier:oh thank god
Begone instagram normie
Ummm... excuse me, you just knocked off the nintendo 3ds it can take 3d photo and video, and literally play 100s of games in 3d If only the 3ds dual cameras weren’t 0.3 (not a typo) megapixels...
Mark Pedzinski
Mark Pedzinski 2 oy oldin
OMG you all paying these dudes toys
FamousNATE187 2 oy oldin
I Had this on my HTC EVO 3D 4G......🧓
SKILD SKREAM 2 oy oldin
i love you so much for making your videos the ratio you do they work perfect on my s9+ your fuckin awesome bro, n have the best advice on tech
Abel Salaz
Abel Salaz 2 oy oldin
I had it for a month , the 3d gets old really quick , i hardly used this. Sold it bougth me a s9+
Rodney McFadden
Rodney McFadden 2 oy oldin
Are there any movies, shows you can watch with it in 3d?
David Baker
David Baker 2 oy oldin
You make a great video in general, I appreciate watching them. Smart, straight forward, unbiased, and my source of frustration with other video makers...no excessive cuts and edits.
Muhammad Ayyad
Muhammad Ayyad 2 oy oldin
Just got the phone today without any knowledge of it, bought it impulsively lol. But I checked out the camera and speakers and I think they're great tbh. There are some let downs, mainly software related. Compared to my old s8 it just feels very very basic. But it seems to me like this phone can have some really good potential, or just utterly fail. I'm not yet ready to accept that I wasted my money lol.
Joe Russo
Joe Russo 2 oy oldin
They probably just took an off the shelf phone and tried to pass it off as a red camera in a phone.
SVTStrikesback 2 oy oldin
I can see the 3d effect from the phone on my phone. I’m sure it’s much more dramatic in real life, but I can definitely see a little of it from what’s in the foreground vs the background.
Creepy Gaming
Creepy Gaming 2 oy oldin
11:55 ouuuuh... yikes!
Beast 2 oy oldin
6:31 Hit or miss I guess they never miss.. HUH?
Sami askari
Sami askari 2 oy oldin
Anybody remember HTC 3D from 7/8 years ago?
shinra358 2 oy oldin
but is the battery removable???
starsunderer 2 oy oldin
they want to appear to be high end and charge high end prices and use low end parts. So why is it any better red? Make us a great platform to attach lenses to ( which no one has done well btw) that also happens to be a smartphone / computer. I feel like they have to fix this with modules or they'll loose their red reputation.
Arkadi Danielyan
Arkadi Danielyan 2 oy oldin
When i read red hydro chydro shit and that it is 1300 dollars i thought they finally made a camera that can show clothed girls naked.
Krish Hiranandani
You watch monsters vs aliens
TheBlinkerdelux 2 oy oldin
what is the name of song at start the video???
CAMPER_KILLA_TR 2 oy oldin
it's like the old htc and lg 3d phones
M1HX1L 1400
M1HX1L 1400 2 oy oldin
Ясно, на моей 3дс круче
constantinos schinas
guys in red are hugely retarded morrons. instead of making no phone or at least the absolute high tech raw video enabled smartphone with exchangeable mini lens system, a phone-red camera monitor with 5G streaming or other phography related stuff, they focus on whatever design and whatever trendy trash stereoscopic viewing that makes up for a horrdndous experience. but it is the same guys promising 18K cinemascope modular video sensor back in 2007, remember? ;)
constantinos schinas
really. did you ever expect by the red team idiots to be any good? it smelled like a sea rat from second one.
Jordan Thistle
Jordan Thistle 2 oy oldin
I would say buy it, even if it's just for the investment. If red nails it with the modular systems and it becomes the next generation of phones and you have the very first production phone. You will have something like what the original iPhone in original box. Then you just made a solid investment.
Saloni Desai
Saloni Desai 3 oy oldin
from where did u get that mkbhd light made ? i really need for my brand..
HOLAR 474 3 oy oldin
zack phy
zack phy 3 oy oldin
Why the hell would one of the most respected and best high end camera makers make a phone where ppl are gonna expect GREAT picture quality and change an extreme amount and then stick an off the shelf sensor in it? Doesnt make any since.
zack phy
zack phy 3 oy oldin
Ohhhh its like me beloved Evo 3d that I got like 8 years ago and still dig out from time to time to take 3d pics cause of the novelty of it, I want it lol, but as a backup-toy. FYI the evo 3d also had to use a separate app store for its 3d content also, but they even got gameloft to partner and make 3d ports of their other big mobile games specifically for the phone. This was when gameloft made the best mobile games(though they were knockoffs of popular AAA console games at the time) with no microtransactions or timers or anything. I have Modern Combat on mine and its baiscally like a 3ds, an old 3ds without the fact tracking though.
TMC 3 oy oldin
Stay woke people lol
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