Red Velvet レッドベルベッド ‘SAPPY’ MV

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Red Velvet JAPAN Digital Single "SAPPY" will be released on January 6th, 2019.
"SAPPY" Music Video is released!
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Red Velvet Japan Official




5-Yan, 2019



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Missy_Rissy 2356
Missy_Rissy 2356 29 daqiqa oldin
who said only Wendy and Seulgi deserves to be acknowledge because of their voice? Excuse me but Joy has a good quality and unique voice too. She really improved a lot. Even Irene and Yeri are a good singers. Find a group where all of the members can pass as the visual, dancer, rapper, and vocal. ONLY RED VELVET.
joy rv
joy rv 3 soat oldin
I keep coming back to watch Sappy because it's such a great song and music video. I love hearing the girls sing in Japanese. Well done Red Velvet!!! QUEENS!!!!
jiminnie is smooth like a snakeu
these vocals omg
Hannah De Asis
Hannah De Asis 4 soat oldin
Why they no music shows performance? This
Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood 2 soat oldin
Because Japan single
Alessandra Coments
Alessandra Coments 8 soat oldin
Gabriela Rocha
Gabriela Rocha 19 soat oldin
I Love the song
Rayan Animation
Rayan Animation 21 soat oldin
wait this is japenese ? well i feel DUMB
Mamta Badonia
Mamta Badonia 23 soat oldin
Why they use so much "boy" in their m/v can't understand them 🤢
Seulgi Slayed
Seulgi Slayed 23 soat oldin
So what does *SAPPY* mean?
Dannyboy Vakatini
My fav bit is 1:15
Dreamie Nutthamon
These Wendy 2:51-2:53😭😭😭
Mauro Ugarte
Mauro Ugarte Kun oldin
Dat trompeta :(
moondai Kun oldin
i love irene's outfit here in this scene 0:57 💕 i hope she wears it somewhere again
moondai 59 daqiqa oldin
+riffgroove thats definitely a fact ♡
riffgroove 8 soat oldin
Irene looks amazing in anything. 💖
Lord BloodWolf
Lord BloodWolf Kun oldin
Kya Lazz
Kya Lazz Kun oldin
BTS. Army
BTS. Army Kun oldin
Arkadaş millet durmadan şarkı çıkırayor blackpink hala çıkaracak 😤😧😬😩
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
:Matcha Green Tae:
:Matcha Green Tae: 2 kun oldin
Why are Wendy's eyebrows yellow? They did her dirty.
Cher 2 kun oldin
97% of the comments are ppl hyping up joy which she deserves cuz yes qween 2% of the comments are ppl complaining about how joy is getting most of the attention and not the others 1% of the comments are ppl commenting about the percentages of comments that are being mentioned lol
the person
the person Kun oldin
Cher and of course there are many about Boys evolution in RV songs😂but these really dominate tho
Jalal Muslim
Jalal Muslim 2 kun oldin
It's a japanese mv right..?
the person
the person Kun oldin
Jalal Muslim yes :)
Baby Midnight
Baby Midnight 2 kun oldin
joy wtaf are u trying to kill sunjae? yes i still ship them come and fite meh
Tyto Alba
Tyto Alba 2 kun oldin
this is an f(x) vibe if I ever felt one.
Agus rodriguez
Agus rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Sugakookies withmochi
Yes joy is pretty *BUT* there are alao 4 more members.
Sugakookies withmochi
Sugakookies withmochi 16 soat oldin
+- Kang Sarang so? They should all be praised in every video
— Kang Sarang
— Kang Sarang 16 soat oldin
Sugakookies withmochi ; The other members get praised in other mv
Sugakookies withmochi
Sugakookies withmochi 16 soat oldin
+- Kang Sarang umm what about the other members there isnt just joy im trying to tell people that there are other members..so dont call me a part pooper thanks!💜
— Kang Sarang
— Kang Sarang 18 soat oldin
Sugakookies withmochi ; Let them praise Joy, you party pooper.
chaimae monroig
chaimae monroig 2 kun oldin
I always thought that irene says "versace young boy" 😩 i feel cheated on
neyeon took my heart
Why aren't y'all talking about wendy? She is so beautiful 😳💌💗💗💗💞
Карина Булатова
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 2 kun oldin
this song is so catchy!
Calvin sebastian
Calvin sebastian 2 kun oldin
This song is fit with anime. For example another s2
I can’t live Without BLUE LEMONADE
15m are c@ming
I can’t live Without BLUE LEMONADE
14 488 488 😁
💙Yumi💙 3 kun oldin
Joy was my bias wrecker in this music video.😂😂
BrocLee 3 kun oldin
How does this only have 14million views....this is unacceptable. THEY DESERVE MORE VIEWS!!!
Meepichi 2 kun oldin
Same thing can be said for the I Just video... amazing song.
Ninisw33t 3 kun oldin
Okay??? Funky love it
Isa Salvatelli
Isa Salvatelli 3 kun oldin
love them
Naty Angel
Naty Angel 3 kun oldin
Las amos me encanta
Grace Danseur
Grace Danseur 3 kun oldin
Calvin sebastian
Calvin sebastian 4 kun oldin
How the heck I hear Japanese song like korean
Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen
ipauna sualau
ipauna sualau 4 kun oldin
You guys seen Wendy's dimple at 0:55😂😂💘 Joy is sooooooo hooooooooot love this era 💗😍👑
Lois C
Lois C 4 kun oldin
I feel like an idiot can someone help me? I'm new to kpop and have no idea what a visual is. Is it just someone they put at the front of the group dance sections? Also I've heard several members of the same group described as lead something (lead rapper ect.). How can there be more than one lead in a group? lmao what does it all mean?
Lois C
Lois C 4 kun oldin
+riffgroove thank you so much, I finally understand it now
riffgroove 4 kun oldin
It's okay, I actually really like it when people admit they *don't* know things. I find it really refreshing. Anyways.... the "Visual" of the group is generally considered the most beautiful member. Of course, this is entirely subjective. When someone says "Red Velvet has 5 visuals!" It's a complimentary term used to say that all 5 are equally beautiful. In Red Velvet, most people consider Irene to be the "Visual" of the group, because she gets the most attention for her looks. "Main" and "Lead" generally mean "first" and "second." For instance, the "Main Vocalist" is the member who usually gets the most lines per song and the most difficult parts to sing. Wendy is considered "Main Vocalist" of Red Velvet. Seulgi is by far Red Velvet's best dancer, so she's referred to as "Main Dancer," but because she also gets a lot of vocal parts, ( second only to Wendy) she's also referred to as "Lead Vocalist." There can only be one "Main" vocalist or dancer per group but there CAN be more than one "Lead" dancer or vocalist in a group. The other term to know is "sub-vocalist" or "sub-dancer." A "sub" is basically anyone else in the group who comes after the "Main" or "Lead" in either category. In Red Velvet... Wendy - Main Vocalist, Lead dancer. Seulgi - Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer. Joy - Lead Vocalist, Sub Dancer. Irene - Sub Vocalist, Lead Dancer. ( and visual ) Yeri - Sub Vocalist, Sub Dancer. I hope this helps!
Everything bySky
Everything bySky 4 kun oldin
Cos I'm old kpop fan so I know little about new ones who can tell me between Red Velvet and Twice and Blackpink which one is more famous?
Lesleigh Aranjuez
Lesleigh Aranjuez 3 kun oldin
+Everything bySky it depends in the country, for example here in the Philippines,people love Bts,Blackpink,Exo and momoland more. But diffrerent with other countries.
Grace Danseur
Grace Danseur 3 kun oldin
Google it.
Everything bySky
Everything bySky 4 kun oldin
+riffgroove I just want to know it's not wrong. If you don't want to answer I will wait for someone who can reply it.
riffgroove 4 kun oldin
That's an odd question... why would it matter to you which group is most famous? How much other people like a group shouldn't affect your decision whether to follow them or not. That seems silly. Follow a group because YOU like them.
Lesleigh Aranjuez
Lesleigh Aranjuez 4 kun oldin
Everything bySky
Everything bySky 4 kun oldin
Cos I'm old kpop fan so I know little about new ones who can tell me between Red Velvet and Twice which one is more famous?
the person
the person 4 kun oldin
Everything bySky well they are both very VERY famous,in some years RV were,in some Twice,but currently,in views,sales is Twice. But all that is matter is that they are both very big and famous :)
Yolotli Estrada
Yolotli Estrada 4 kun oldin
Joy is amazing an inspiration 💚
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
Gabriela Giovanna Barrios Gaona
There is the bad concept, a cute concept and also a girl crush concept. But this queens just have their own concept, Red Velvet concept, thank u next.
the person
the person 4 kun oldin
Gabriela Giovanna Barrios Gaona this comment needs to be on the top👆
Jessica Bond
Jessica Bond 4 kun oldin
15 million fighting!!!~
Opik Sapalas
Opik Sapalas 4 kun oldin
Jeoffrey Gran II
Jeoffrey Gran II 4 kun oldin
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Jeoffrey Gran II
Jeoffrey Gran II 2 soat oldin
+the person I'm just sayin.But it's ok.You can stream both at the same time if you want
the person
the person 4 kun oldin
Jeoffrey Gran II I just watched that mv and came here😂ofcourse that we gonna support it,but now,let's focus on Bad Boy 200m before Irene's birthday :)
Exohoe Fanatic
Exohoe Fanatic 5 kun oldin
3:29 *minutes of me being gay for joy*
Aini TF
Aini TF 5 kun oldin
Loverssss ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kpop Fan
Kpop Fan 5 kun oldin
Reveluvsss, let us support this masterpiece from our precious maknae uzvid.com/video/video--mE4hSQ7j0M.html
짱하나 5 kun oldin
쪼아요 !!
박주현 5 kun oldin
TAEDİME my Real 5 kun oldin
SEULGİİİİ!!!! 💞💞😢😭
TAEDİME my Real 5 kun oldin
My Bias Watermelon👑🍉😂💓
TAEDİME my Real 5 kun oldin
TAEDİME my Real 5 kun oldin
Anastasia Georgina
Anastasia Georgina 5 kun oldin
Joy can step me any day, she's a gem 🥰
Loyal Luviedeul
Loyal Luviedeul 5 kun oldin
Sappy era
Exol Sone Reveluv
Exol Sone Reveluv 5 kun oldin
*894k 🔜 1m*
Exol Sone Reveluv
Exol Sone Reveluv 5 kun oldin
*Dont forget to watch YERI's 'DEAR DAIRY' music video.*
Exol Sone Reveluv
Exol Sone Reveluv 5 kun oldin
List mv to watch : Bad Boy - 🔜200M Power Up - 🔜 80M RBB - 🔜 40M WRITTEN IN THE STARS - 🔜 10M WOW THING - 🔜 40M DEAR DIARY - 🔜 2M ALWAYS IN MY HEART - 🔜 10M COOKIE JAR - 🔜 30M SAPPY - 🔜 20M
rielle asuncion
rielle asuncion 5 kun oldin
can someone talk about seulgi? she's so beautiful here too ;((
チョコグミ 5 kun oldin
スルギ様今回もお洋服が良く似合っておられます。 ウチが着たら「狂ったの?」と思われます。
Kim Ha Ri
Kim Ha Ri 6 kun oldin
I'm dead Yeri ahh😭❤️
tinfawn 6 kun oldin
god how can they be so *_PERFECT_*
XxKid PopxX
XxKid PopxX 6 kun oldin
.-. Why aren’t they killing at least something. Who are these people. They aren’t red velvet. The red velvet either kills or gets killed, WHAT IS THIS. SM LET THEM GO FROM THE DUNGEON.
김원일 6 kun oldin
International fans? I am korean
Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood 6 kun oldin
brain freeze
brain freeze 6 kun oldin
Cleaning up after all the murders ...
Upward Penguin
Upward Penguin 6 kun oldin
18/03 6:52pm
maksim gamuvka
maksim gamuvka 6 kun oldin
Wait, it's not nirvana WTF?
riffgroove 4 kun oldin
Did the 5 Korean girls in the thumbnail photo not clue you in?
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
snappy 6 kun oldin
Red Velvet's comebacks always snatch my wig Oh wait I don't have wig- wHeRe'S mY hAiRs ?
How to be good at Fortnite
진심 일본인들 이거 보고 문화충격 먹었을듯.. ㄷㄷ 진짜 ㄹㅇ Jpop이랑 비교된다 같은 일본어인데도... 😍
revlctzen !!
revlctzen !! 6 kun oldin
revlctzen !!
revlctzen !! 6 kun oldin
revlctzen !!
revlctzen !! 6 kun oldin
High Night
High Night 6 kun oldin
Wendy always responsible for driving
I can’t live Without BLUE LEMONADE
14 364 035 > road to 15m
niqué vlnz
niqué vlnz 7 kun oldin
Irene is stunning ❣
빵꾸똥꾸 진지희
언니들..나..일본어 못하는거 알잖아요..(?)
Lia Gacha
Lia Gacha 7 kun oldin
I like Joy’s hair
Levyathyn 7 kun oldin
I don't know how I missed this one, but I'm glad I did eventually find it.
ɢɑllєтɑs ςღи lєςɦє
The FIVE look beautiful in this video👀🌹💋❤
i want joyri give me joyri
Dear Reveluvs, lets work even harder for next RedVelvet comeback..
Vinis 7 kun oldin
1:07 só brasileiros entenderão kkkkk
Juan Carlos Núñez Galindo
Me encantan las voces de joy y wendy
Yoon Gi Min
Yoon Gi Min 7 kun oldin
Sappy = 🐸 happy 💕 xdddd
StormDIY 7 kun oldin
Oh boy bad boy really bad boy sappy boy *ok then*
XDani Kpop_ArmyX
XDani Kpop_ArmyX 7 kun oldin
R❤ Re❤ Red❤ Red V❤ Red Ve❤ Red Vel❤ Red Velv❤ Red Velve❤ Red Velvet❤ Red Velve❤ Red Velv❤ Red Vel❤ Red Ve❤ Red V❤ Red❤ Re❤ R❤ S💜 Sa💜 Sap💜 Sapp💜 Sappy💜 Sapp💜 Sap💜 Sa💜 S💜 (´∧ω∧`*)
Exol Sone Reveluv
Exol Sone Reveluv 7 kun oldin
Lesleigh Aranjuez
Lesleigh Aranjuez 7 kun oldin
López Fer
López Fer 7 kun oldin
I thought they were saying slap me slap me and I was concerned until I read title again and it's sappy omg
Anyone know where can i find this car wash?😍
Anita Kale
Anita Kale 8 kun oldin
This is such a catchy song! Oops i meant sappy*
sweet tae
sweet tae 8 kun oldin
sm should give rap part to joy (sorry for my poor english)
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