Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV

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Red Velvet's the 5th mini album "RBB" is out!
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/RBB
01 RBB (Really Bad Boy)
02 Butterflies
03 So Good
04 멋있게 (Sassy Me)
05 Taste
06 RBB (Really Bad Boy) (English Ver.)
Red Velvet Official
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment




30-Noy, 2018

Red VelvetRBBReally Bad BoyBad BoyIRENESEULGIWENDYJOYYERI레드벨벳알비비배드보이아이린슬기웬디조이예리



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Seulgi yaaaaaa
Sapphire Elite
Sapphire Elite Soat oldin
Hit like if your streaming right now ❤️
Random Person
Random Person Soat oldin
_fifth harmony's im in love with a monster has left the chat_
Ika Fatmawati
Ika Fatmawati Soat oldin
Fighting reveluvs❣
안돼그렇게 해서는
monbebe Soat oldin
Lets keep streaming!!!
Angeles Rosewood
Angeles Rosewood Soat oldin
Yeri's hair is iconic
Purita Salgado
Purita Salgado Soat oldin
Chocho Light
Chocho Light Soat oldin
0:28 what people hear: "one one one one one" what i hear"wik wik wik wik" 😂
sara bellotta
sara bellotta Soat oldin
Lamento decirlo pero no me gusta la canción, a lo mejor el concepto si, pero la canción no.
belu tamara montoya cadillo
No es mi favorita pero si me gusta pero las demás canciones del mini album si están geniales escuchalas😊😊😊
I’am Alyzsa Hernandez but call meh Lysa Hernandez
1,2,5...So my teacher teaches me the wrong Math
PurpleJay 95
PurpleJay 95 Soat oldin
Fransheska RosarioP
Omg omg omg he is a really bad boy
Thao Tran
Thao Tran Soat oldin
Hello U r so ugly and dirty
Kamryn Soat oldin
I have a lot of trouble telling them apart. Does anyone have any tips?
Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ
I would help but I don't know how exactly to describe people's facial features properly. All I can do for you is point them out. 0:17 from left to right... Wendy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, Joy.
The Slacker
The Slacker 2 soat oldin
Danielle Park
Danielle Park 2 soat oldin
No sé porqué pero sentí como si estuviera escuchando a Fifth Harmony jsjsjs
Tzienisty 181818
Tzienisty 181818 2 soat oldin
teori oh teori
syasha shukri
syasha shukri 2 soat oldin
proud to be reveluv
syasha shukri
syasha shukri 2 soat oldin
irene 💖
stuffbyduff 2 soat oldin
Redmare is coming to Toronto!!!! 😍😍😍
Jaime Yap
Jaime Yap 2 soat oldin
Feel so sad for the queens who made this great comeback for us but they couldn't get a win in music shows.😢
Gaby Mtz
Gaby Mtz Soat oldin
The thing was that the album came out on a friday* so the first week of promotion the music shows couldn't nominated them cause they needed the album sales, air time..* to do so (see how this has nothing to do with "flop", charts bla bla 🙄) so this week they can finally be nominate it, like music bank just did and they only lost cause they were against a very popular BG.. but don't worry, tomorrow saturday & sunday are the last music shows the girls will be promoting so we just have to wait & hope for the nominations and support them so they can win 🏆, oh and even next week they can be nominated it so yeah keep supporting RV. Don't feel sad, this was all SM's fault for the bad timing.
kiki koko
kiki koko 2 soat oldin
They hasn't win any trophy on music show yet ??
kiki koko
kiki koko Soat oldin
+폐물레드벨벳 thats sad..this Queen Of Concept should win at leats 10 trophies with this comeback..
폐물레드벨벳 2 soat oldin
Not yet.
Cotton Joe
Cotton Joe 2 soat oldin
Ok, for those of you who say people who don't like this song are fake Revelus, just stop. You don't have to like every song of theirs to love and support them. People have different opinions, so let them be. No they are not a fake fan, and no they are not an anti. I'm pretty most of you guys probably fell in love with Red Velvet listening to Russian Roulette, Bad Boy, Dumb Dumb, or another pretty famous track of theirs. It was because of your tastes and preferences that you stuck with them. Just because someone doesn't like one of their songs, doesn't mean they hate Red Velvet. That's such an immature way to think, and it's honestly probably driving off people who are interested in Red Velvet, but don't want to get involved in the fandom because they think it's not welcoming.
wen junhui Wen
wen junhui Wen 2 soat oldin
Who looks through the comments when their watching the m/v ??? 😂
Oh Nanana
Oh Nanana 2 soat oldin
I want BlackVelvet together (blackpink x red velvet) can't imagine how lit it is 💖
Tim Wong
Tim Wong 2 soat oldin
Jet Kids
Jet Kids 3 soat oldin
Dream me JoY ^_^
jr park
jr park 3 soat oldin
최고의 걸그룹 송 왠만해선 나는 트와이스한테도 좋아요 안누름. 왠디가 진짜 대단해보임. “꺅~~~~” ㅋㅋㅋ
Mademoiselle 3 soat oldin
I love you
La Friendzone
La Friendzone 3 soat oldin
Yeri totally owned this era
Constanza Mavera Abarca González
todavía no creo que SMTOWN será en Chile, y que vendrá Red Velvet 🤩🤩🤩
belu tamara montoya cadillo
Que suerte!!!! Quisiera vivir en Chile
Exo AreTheLegends
Exo AreTheLegends 4 soat oldin
Did Irene get even any lines ?
폐물레드벨벳 2 soat oldin
Yes, you can hear her.
Gaby Mtz
Gaby Mtz 2 soat oldin
Yes, watch the video
pinkredbie 4 soat oldin
Let's get RBB her first win let's do it
Muh Moon Sugar
Muh Moon Sugar 4 soat oldin
1:59 - 2:55 actually nutted...holy fuck
0:17 아이린 이 의상 너무 잘어울려요ㅠ
Fabiha Begum
Fabiha Begum 4 soat oldin
dini handikasari
dini handikasari 4 soat oldin
Can we reach 19M Vi3ws before Music Core started? Let's gooo....
Fernanda Olen
Fernanda Olen 4 soat oldin
Retro Queens
Red Velvet got me gone crazy
_ttran_ 4 soat oldin
oh my god joys part killed me (1.59)
Magic Nightcore
Magic Nightcore 4 soat oldin
cant wait for extremely bad boy
J chan hyung
J chan hyung 4 soat oldin
Eribel Then
Eribel Then 5 soat oldin
This reminds me a bit of I'm in love with a monster by 5th harmony!
Kaye Musume
Kaye Musume 3 soat oldin
Eribel Then It’s got that funky jazz band feel to it right? That baritone saxophone adds a bit of twang on the music though I wish they used it a bit. Have you listened to the other songs in the album?
Arie _L
Arie _L 5 soat oldin
i like it😍
zeiku kim
zeiku kim 5 soat oldin
Que hermoso mis hojos se van a murir de tanta hermosura que vieron es estos 3:15
Jocelyn SHINEEandBTS
I Love This Song So Much Red Velvet Really Bad Boy
ChocateKitty Katz
ChocateKitty Katz 6 soat oldin
Get this vid to over 100M
Monsenstar 9994
Monsenstar 9994 6 soat oldin
Irene dolphin voice
EXO-L Plink
EXO-L Plink 6 soat oldin
Plinks here ;)
EXO-L Plink
EXO-L Plink 6 soat oldin
Exols here ;)
Roaa Shams
Roaa Shams 6 soat oldin
Guys let's go help blinks stream dudud ,like they helped us in rbb
SuYeolYam 4 soat oldin
Roaa Shams I don’t think that song needs more help tbh. It’s doing fine.
Trinidad Vergara
Trinidad Vergara 6 soat oldin
This is yeri’s era, u can fight me in this one
Kang Slaygi
Kang Slaygi 6 soat oldin
JUST WANT TO REMINDER YOU AGAIN LUVIES, we don't know what happened in the back, we don't know how much pressure they feel when they prepare comeback to give us the best, we don't know everything! But you all know this year is one of hard year for RV side despite the many achievements they got, they got robbed from awards show, the hate they got were also no joke. Yeahh i know awards just awards, appreciate them for their music and maybe you can say it really doesn't affect them so much because many awards cheating. But, how can many of you act like they don't sad and thought about that at all. They're artist, big or small achievement is really meaningful for them. As our fandom grow bigger i really hope we will work more hard for them and be more strong and support them no matter what happen in the future, you never know when their fame will be down, you never know what sm plan, so use the chance to gain more for them. We still can't even give them at least one music show winning💔 it hurts, because i know how much effort they put in this comeback including vocals, dance and stage presence. They through a lot, but we still can give the best for them. We seriously doesn't deserves them, sometimes i feel down and fail as a luvies because still not give what they deserves after much hardwork and pressure they through a lot :(( SO PLEASE DO YOUR BEST, DON'T START TO TRY FROM NEXT COMEBACK. START TO DO THAT FROM NOW, ALTHOUGH ITS A BIT LATE BUT, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER DO THAT. LET'S MAKE THEM HAPPY FOR LONG TIME
BLACK PINK in your area
dragonOL2 6 soat oldin
love RV!!! Joy in this video tho...
Alberta Anindiadhari
18.5M views!! - the views decreasing!! please keep stre3aming guys
* rvslay *
* rvslay * 7 soat oldin
Ae Rin Lee
Ae Rin Lee 7 soat oldin
keemi kim
keemi kim 7 soat oldin
i cant believe this flop. still remember how reveluv saying they ended other big 3 girl group bc of this song.. i think reveluv should be humble bc ur words can make other fandom turn off..redvelvet get many support especially from blinks since blackvelvet are friends but lets repect their group as well..
riffgroove 2 soat oldin
I smell bullshit....
Hyunggu Yanie
Hyunggu Yanie 3 soat oldin
keemi kim flop??? Who of us said that??? Lol
Kaye Musume
Kaye Musume 3 soat oldin
keemi kim You don’t have to go all their concerts, buy all their cds and merch to be considered a fan. You just have to support the group as best as you can. You came in here saying this song is a flop and how US/WE reveluvs need to be humble because other groups won’t help us in viewing? Have you even seen the comments from trolls and haters in this comments section? I suggest you backtrack and see for yourself. I for one will not just sit here and let others bash the girls. If you have seen my other comments towards others, I have been nothing but civil but I am at my tipping point. I will not be humble if people bash the group I like.
tatymex 4 soat oldin
You "reveluv" but "i can't believe this flop", "our redvelvet have *3* members who can sing" "reveluv can't stream".. shame on you" wow you really are REVELUV!! 🙄 I mean if you really are does it sound like we ALL will be saying "we ended other girl groups" 🙄 i've been here the whole time since the song came out and i've never saw any of those comments and if you did then you as a multifandom should know there's a lot of trolls like in any fandom. Cmon, are you for real?? We *always* support gg cause we know how hard it is for *them/US* so please don't try to make REVELUV look bad just because some trolls 🙄 .. Reveluv dissing other groups give me a break 😒 and you know i've also seen comments from onces/blinks laughing at us and all (don't tell me you haven't) and i don't go YOU ALL BLINKS, ONCES should be more humble!! (Or hope you do like you did to us) Because i do know those are just trolls, we all real* GG fandoms are friends 😒 and how do you even know reveluv don't stream more than 15 times like you?? And obviously just like you they all work and study you don't even know them so don't say they don't do it, get over yourself
tatymex 4 soat oldin
+dope dope bts well i have never saw any of that and i've been here the whole time
Hector Keith
Hector Keith 7 soat oldin
I love Red Velvet, but i really dont like this song too much. I like the start of it, but it just doesnt seem to go anywhere, to me. One thing especially I take issue with is when they repeat the word "really" five times. Maybe they someone could write lyrics instead. Maybe I'm dumb. What do you guys think?
riffgroove 2 soat oldin
"Repetitive...." Remember ROOKIE or DUMB DUMB?
Kaye Musume
Kaye Musume 3 soat oldin
There is no wrong or right opinion. With that said, you listened to the side tracks yet?
Joseph P
Joseph P 6 soat oldin
I think everyone has the right to their own opinion.
winko 7 soat oldin
1:33 🎵 oh my god🎵
liv mei
liv mei 7 soat oldin
This song reminds me to the old kpop 🤔
Ashley Medal
Ashley Medal 7 soat oldin
Joy parts is always my favorite 2:00 and after that
better think about it twice
We got first win or not yet?
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 6 soat oldin
Not yet
chaimae monroig
chaimae monroig 7 soat oldin
When is the music show?
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 6 soat oldin
+chaimae monroig no problem, actually it's at 3:30pm kst but here's the stream so you won't miss it uzvid.com/video/video-G7XVMH0IIsU.html
chaimae monroig
chaimae monroig 6 soat oldin
+silly rabbit thank you 💕
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 6 soat oldin
Music core is december 15, 3:15pm kst
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
nedia joseph
nedia joseph 7 soat oldin
I heard this and searched “Ariana grande bad boy”
ANGIELY 7 soat oldin
Porque red velvet no esta yendo a las premiaciones ??
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 6 soat oldin
Pero este 20 si van a los korea popular music awards, si pueden voten! twitter.com/SupportRV/status/1067030063160295425?s=19
Sephora G.
Sephora G. 7 soat oldin
Creo que es por problemas de la SM. Ningún grupo de la compañía está participando :(
I only know bangtan sonedon
So underrated :((
Sousou sâ fã
Sousou sâ fã 7 soat oldin
❤Red vlevet❤
John Ozen
John Ozen 7 soat oldin
Me cagaaaaaaaaaan!
John Ozen
John Ozen Soat oldin
+silly rabbit ya pues bebé, tranquila, besitos
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 3 soat oldin
+John Ozen ni me enojo, me da risa 😂
John Ozen
John Ozen 3 soat oldin
+silly rabbit hay me encanta, cada uno tiene derecho de expresar lo que siente no? Me caga que la SM le de canciones tan caca a un grupo super potencial, por eso me cagan, no te enojes, también me gusta su música, las sigo desde Happiness cuando aún eran 4, besitos 😘
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 3 soat oldin
+John Ozen de nada, ya se sabe que sólo eso quieren ese tipo de comentarios, espero te haya servido
John Ozen
John Ozen 6 soat oldin
+silly rabbit gracias por prestarle atención a lo que digo 😍😘
Yellow Bear
Yellow Bear 8 soat oldin
red velvet back with another excellent album. truly a must-have. each track is unique and full of taste, its just so good. five out of five! 🍉🍍🍊🥝🍇
Bae Joohyun
Bae Joohyun 8 soat oldin
SAD Red Velvet can't 1st win 😭
I am Minari
I am Minari 4 soat oldin
There still a chance in MBC MUSIC CORE later today. Goodluck luvies 💖 Its so hard to win in Music Shows this days.. Competition is so tough
silly rabbit
silly rabbit 6 soat oldin
They only lost 1, they can still win tomorro, sunday and even later
i'M pRoUd Of YoU
i'M pRoUd Of YoU 8 soat oldin
Per qualche strano motivo qualche parte del video mi ricorda Boombaya delle Black Pink
Deluded Cat
Deluded Cat 8 soat oldin
Wendy looks so beautiful!!!! People don't sleep on her visuals...
Reveluv Irene
Reveluv Irene 8 soat oldin
kickin it with my girls let's party How does this have anything to do with a really bad boy? But I do love the lyrics I love You Red Velvet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow reveluv you did well 😀 it's okay 😍😄
Yoyo Edwards
Yoyo Edwards 8 soat oldin
matias riga
matias riga 8 soat oldin
in the comment: 20% about red velvet 80% about 1,2,5 !
That One Ugly Kid
That One Ugly Kid 9 soat oldin
im so happy this concept fits Yeri's body type better(the clothes look better on her than the past era's(not that they weren't pretty, they just didn't suit as well))
Aya Senhaji
Aya Senhaji 9 soat oldin
these vocals and hight notes r killing mee tho
Milena Esc
Milena Esc 9 soat oldin
Poxa, achei meio repetitivo -;
Ramana Kumar
Ramana Kumar 9 soat oldin
I💗 this song why Joy parts very rare
Bling Bling
Bling Bling 10 soat oldin
1,2,5 😂 UGH i luv them😍💜💜💜
Lɪsᴀ MɪɴLɪ Ꭲᕼᗴ ᗩᖇᗰᎩ
This reminds me of hotel Transylvania! 😂♥ My new favorite Girl Group❤
jack frost as taeyong
jack frost as taeyong 10 soat oldin
yana banana
yana banana 10 soat oldin
Can we just say thank you to Kaycee for the choreo😄😘💙
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
Redddddd veeeeelvet
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin
dream lilo
dream lilo 10 soat oldin