Reggie Miller Talked Trash to Michael Jordan Once

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Reggie recalls the time he trash talked Michael Jordan and talks about his old rivalry with director Spike Lee.
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Reggie Miller Talked Trash to Michael Jordan Once




6-Mar, 2015

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Derrick Bennett
Derrick Bennett 4 kun oldin
baracks brother
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 6 kun oldin
Yeah... What is this never talking trash to Jordan again? Jordan actually took a swing at him... Or was he just talking about Jordan's father to someone else on the bulls and Jordan took that swing? NBA Historians... help?
IAM Candace
IAM Candace 6 kun oldin
What about his fight and the fact he got ejected? Lol
curtis south
curtis south 8 kun oldin
Reggie Miller was a GREAT! I miss watching him play!
Roxann Webbe
Roxann Webbe 9 kun oldin
Funny stories
OGAquaranus 18 kun oldin
my favourite player all time in my childhood!
Raymond Tyler
Raymond Tyler 20 kun oldin
I met Reggie in Philly...pretty nice guy.
Erik's Channel
Erik's Channel 21 kun oldin
Now i know Obama was his biggest fan.. and took his sense of humor and voice.
Baden Knee
Baden Knee 22 kun oldin
my mouth gave me the edge
peguyjean2011 27 kun oldin
MJ and RM were my favorite players of all time. Oh, Man... I miss the 90's.
Charles Edward Battee
Nice guy
Kelvin Sturdivant
I wonder did he talk trash to Kobe Bryant too?
beavis408 Oy oldin
One thing Jordan never did was troll an entire city. Respect to Miller on that.
d Oy oldin
"I was only kidddinng."
Playing games
Playing games Oy oldin
If Michael was in the league today.... The league would be over.
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi Oy oldin
Lmaooooo moral of the story do NOT smack talk black jesus
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi Oy oldin
Reggie Miller was such a weapon on the court
Lateshia Childs
Reggie is still fine
Rangda Rangda
Rangda Rangda 2 oy oldin
fuckin love Reggie
Racerdude777 2 oy oldin
What was so awesome about the NBA back then (maybe even now) guys could go at each other like Reggie and MJ did and stay really good friends...
Shurd Gurdi
Shurd Gurdi 2 oy oldin
At least he ain’t no pussy
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he got served by 2 mikes
NbaAndre 2 oy oldin
He trash talked his way out of nba2k
NbaAndre 2 oy oldin
Why to *Hate* Kevin Garnett He trash talked so much he took carmelo anthony s wife smelling like honey nut cheerios to saying happy mothers day to tim duncan when his mother died when he was 14... he also said things like an executive being a cancer pateint..
El Able
El Able 3 oy oldin
My bf and I got to meet him at fight he was soooo nice there was a snobby ass groupie tryin him ha but we cracked him up.
FedorMachida Last
Reggie is an all-time great. I loved watching him run his ass off every game. he was amazing and a deserved Hall of Famer.
tarik berair
tarik berair 3 oy oldin
That black Jesus just got me in tearing
amirreza hamidian
So he got flipped off by the two Mikes😂😂
Pn g
Pn g 3 oy oldin
Who is Mike Tyson?
Alam Khan
Alam Khan 3 oy oldin
That was the time when basketball was really fun to watch.
javier jj
javier jj 3 oy oldin
Talk trash to the goat and he stopped you from getting a ring.
Tttt Y
Tttt Y 4 oy oldin
at least that dude telling the story to show respect. thumb up
Chris Grissom
Chris Grissom 4 oy oldin
Didn't Mike, choke his Lil ass out, back in the 90s for talking smack??? The memory loss, is amazing lol.
Iglected 4 oy oldin
That man lights
koryn Philo
koryn Philo 4 oy oldin
Coneon22 TV
Coneon22 TV 4 oy oldin
Was MJ really that good
Kool Cool
Kool Cool 4 oy oldin
They betted? He needs to be banned!
Angelo Capuno
Angelo Capuno 4 oy oldin
Be careful talking to black jesus 😂
B_ Money-247
B_ Money-247 4 oy oldin
McSpitfire 4 oy oldin
N Man me dlf
Jus4kiks 4 oy oldin
He started to get scared the champ would come out :D I would be too....
Kimmie  T
Kimmie T 4 oy oldin
He’s hilarious! Good dude, truly!
Wiped 4 oy oldin
Arsonist Or FlameonArso
Reggie miller was always chill AF
Rob Hansen
Rob Hansen 4 oy oldin
Screw you Reggie, you know darn well Greg Anthony didn’t trip, you pushed him
TitsMcgee 4 oy oldin
Nik B
Nik B 4 oy oldin
reggie lookin like obama now.
Itz Connor
Itz Connor 4 oy oldin
MJ so disrespectful calling himself black Jesus
EternityMTC 4 oy oldin
I seen Reggie hit some CrAZy shots frfr
Nirmalya Kajuri
Nirmalya Kajuri 4 oy oldin
Reggie looks a bit like Jimmy Stewart
Migstaper 4 oy oldin
This guy is so fun yet he doesn’t want to be in 2K 😑
jtizzy12 5 oy oldin
Jimmy is a socialist duechbag
bastardjustice 5 oy oldin
What's funny about this is not the MJ story but the Mike Tyson bet. Mike thought he wasn't even worthy of his time. Come on Mike! 😂
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 5 oy oldin
Wtf??? Has senility set in already, Reggie?... the only weapon you had against MJ was your mouth. The fact the he swung on you showed that you got under his skin once or twice. Jeez, but his azz remember Spike, tho.... Lmao..
justafanintexas 5 oy oldin
MJ kept Miller from the trophy. And he did it with impunity. Miller was a prick when he played.
Eternal River
Eternal River 5 oy oldin
Reggie Miller is the last name I know before I quit watching basketball
Hakan Uzumcu
Hakan Uzumcu 5 oy oldin
This guy reminds me of Obama
Ty Anderson
Ty Anderson 5 oy oldin
Reggie is one of the only guys I've seen piss MJ off so much that MJ attacked him 😂😂😂
vincelfs 5 oy oldin
He was the closest one in beating michael jordan...
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola 5 oy oldin
he is funny
Israel Mercado
Israel Mercado 5 oy oldin
2nd quarter 40 he had 10 lol
Damien Alexander
Damien Alexander 5 oy oldin
Sooooo Reggie was betting on the game of basketball....... hmmmmm.
SevenDeMagnus 5 oy oldin
lol, 14
lumapas 5 oy oldin
MJ even punched Reggie because he keeps on talking.
VicInNocal 5 oy oldin
And then years later he shoved Michael out of the way, took the inbounds pass, and hit the winning shot in Game 6
James Jewkiller
James Jewkiller 5 oy oldin
maybe the greatest clutch player of all-time
CaliG CaliG
CaliG CaliG 5 oy oldin
Reggie for president!
Rebmetpes4 5 oy oldin
How does Reggie do it?! Stay ageless af!
william alderman
william alderman 5 oy oldin
Right here on this show and interview, Reggie Miller reminds me so much or Barrack Obama. They could LITERALLY be brothers.
John Middleton
John Middleton 5 oy oldin
Reggie and mike fight cause he bump him
Daniel Lucas
Daniel Lucas 5 oy oldin
I think I can get wifi off of Reggie's ears
peter tuann
peter tuann 5 oy oldin
OK, Reggie talked a whole lot of trash, but was Reggie funny?
Jan J
Jan J 5 oy oldin
Most have either never talked trash, or, admit it was only "once". Lol
bluebird 5 oy oldin
I haven't followed NBA in a while -- Reggie Miller can tell some funny stories.
dawox23 5 oy oldin
i hated him as a player, how unfair he played, but i love him in his post career. opposite with shaq. great player, boring asf as a commentator
Elite Athletics Martial Arts & CrossFit
Man he looks like Obama
Carl Marc
Carl Marc 6 oy oldin
Reggie looks like Obama's brother
1BrotherMack 6 oy oldin
Reggie Miller talked more crap to the Chicago Bulls than any other player ever !
Ron Christian Costaños
Black Jesus omg! haha
Joe D
Joe D 6 oy oldin
The man just doesn't age
Ashlie Fowers
Ashlie Fowers 6 oy oldin
he is awesome
tucko11 6 oy oldin
Is he related to A-Rod ? LOL
Christopher Carbaugh
One of the greatest Knick killers ever.
Sekekama 6 oy oldin
Except the time at indiana when jordan punched reggie in the face and reggie got ejected not jordan 😂😂😭😭😂😂
Papin 360
Papin 360 6 oy oldin
MJ black Jesus 😎😎😎
R. Flash
R. Flash 6 oy oldin
Reggies sister was a Beast no joke!
Sachin Malhotra
Sachin Malhotra 6 oy oldin
swampThaang 6 oy oldin
I wonder if miller beer ever approached him as a sponsor. It was miller time
bacardibum 6 oy oldin
love reggie's tony montana accent. "i was only kidding!"
Jmriccitelli 6 oy oldin
Reggie Miller is an awesome guest, he has an awesome personality and that's why he works as an NBA commentator
mavis okine
mavis okine 6 oy oldin
😃😃😃😃 nice one Reggie.
Jaybriel Akoi
Jaybriel Akoi 7 oy oldin
I love Reggie Miller. His trash talking was epic.
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper 7 oy oldin
His sister is Taurasi?
Sinister ones Alucard
Reggie was a fantastic ball player
Jm Boyles
Jm Boyles 7 oy oldin
Hahahahahahahah black jesus😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Serda S.
Serda S. 7 oy oldin
SPIKE WASN'T a NYK fan, HE IS AN NYK FAN... 'til the death of him or the relocation of the team... whichever comes first.
Norwegian Chill
Norwegian Chill 8 oy oldin
Reggie is awesome. I loved watching him back in the day. He looks great now.
Jamaican Me Crazy
Who knew... Reggie's got personality.
Jim Willaims
Jim Willaims 8 oy oldin
Spike lee had beef with Reggie too
EggsEzz 8 oy oldin
He reminds me of Barrack Obama while telling the MJ trash talk story, lol..