Reggie Miller Talked Trash to Michael Jordan Once

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Reggie recalls the time he trash talked Michael Jordan and talks about his old rivalry with director Spike Lee.
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Reggie Miller Talked Trash to Michael Jordan Once




6-Mar, 2015

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eric medina
eric medina 23 soat oldin
I think some Jordan haters here would love to think that players talk-thrashed Jordan. Dude, you did that and Jordan scored 50 on you, your whole city was going to blame you for the loss. Jordan was not Lebron. Players had to thread a little more cafrefully.
Diego Savage
Diego Savage 2 kun oldin
Lol Reggie’s one of the most trash talking nba players 😂
AGee O.
AGee O. 3 kun oldin
Another player will neva be talked about like MJ The 🐐. He could be King GOAT.
Lawrence Ortiz
Lawrence Ortiz 3 kun oldin
Lol love this interview😀😁😂
jaytok7 5 kun oldin
and MJ once trashed talked JOHN ROGERS.....haha now let that sink in
Major Hugo
Major Hugo 8 kun oldin
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin 10 kun oldin
Ppl only want to hear one narrative about Jordan , that he was unstoppable. Reggie did talk more trash but wants to give into the greatness of Jordan and is exaggerating. Pippen said lebron was better and got wrecked for it. There’s only one story ppl want to hear when it comes to Jordan.
MrVapipelayer 15 kun oldin
That's why he's the G.O.A.T king James 😆
Joshua Harner
Joshua Harner 19 kun oldin
reggie miller seems like a fun guy to hang out with and talk to
Sean P
Sean P 19 kun oldin
Theres a new kid on town😂😂😂
DeepCrxzy 19 kun oldin
Man he’s lying thats gary paytons story
Devonte Lafleur
Devonte Lafleur 23 kun oldin
Love Reggie personality and competitive spirit truly “one of “the greatest shooters of all time
Iron Worker 444
Iron Worker 444 24 kun oldin
That’s great material!
fat bastard
fat bastard 26 kun oldin
Great player, 3 point extraordinaire.
Vyx 26 kun oldin
Instead of trash talking Reggie started giving Michael pushes to get back at him whenever Michael annoyed him 😂
sunny1378 27 kun oldin
Watch the video. Jordan elbows Reggie in the head before the push.
DLX the Abstract
DLX the Abstract 29 kun oldin
Reggie! The guy you personally hated....but you had to have him on your squad.
Anthony Williams
If you never saw Cheryl play you missed something special. She bust your ass
Chris Donahue
Chris Donahue Oy oldin
He is just telling a good story,can’t you guys just appreciate that
adrian francis
😂😂 I'd love to watch Michael play live after some one trash talked him
Robert Johnson
Kobe bust Reggie ass in the finals
Vince Ngo
Vince Ngo Oy oldin
Didn't know president O played in the NBA. Wtf
Mr. Woods
Mr. Woods Oy oldin
I wonder how Reggie Miller feels about having shitty weed named after him.
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Reggie Miller for president!
whobitmyname 2 oy oldin
3:50 with the Tony Montana voice.
Daniel Worley
Daniel Worley 2 oy oldin
California idiots.
Pete Jefferson
Pete Jefferson 2 oy oldin
Reggie is very funny and always entertaining when playing. His personality really help the game. Good guy.
Derrick Bennett
Derrick Bennett 2 oy oldin
baracks brother
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 2 oy oldin
Yeah... What is this never talking trash to Jordan again? Jordan actually took a swing at him... Or was he just talking about Jordan's father to someone else on the bulls and Jordan took that swing? NBA Historians... help?
IAM Candace
IAM Candace 2 oy oldin
What about his fight and the fact he got ejected? Lol
curtis south
curtis south 2 oy oldin
Reggie Miller was a GREAT! I miss watching him play!
Roxann Webbe
Roxann Webbe 2 oy oldin
Funny stories
OGAquaranus 2 oy oldin
my favourite player all time in my childhood!
Raymond Tyler
Raymond Tyler 2 oy oldin
I met Reggie in Philly...pretty nice guy.
Erik's Channel
Erik's Channel 2 oy oldin
Now i know Obama was his biggest fan.. and took his sense of humor and voice.
peguyjean2011 3 oy oldin
MJ and RM were my favorite players of all time. Oh, Man... I miss the 90's.
Charles Edward Battee
Nice guy
Kelvin Sturdivant
I wonder did he talk trash to Kobe Bryant too?
beavis408 3 oy oldin
One thing Jordan never did was troll an entire city. Respect to Miller on that.
R 3 oy oldin
"I was only kidddinng."
Playing games
Playing games 3 oy oldin
If Michael was in the league today.... The league would be over.
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi 3 oy oldin
Lmaooooo moral of the story do NOT smack talk black jesus
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi 3 oy oldin
Reggie Miller was such a weapon on the court
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs 3 oy oldin
Reggie is still fine
Rangda Rangda
Rangda Rangda 4 oy oldin
fuckin love Reggie
Racerdude777 4 oy oldin
What was so awesome about the NBA back then (maybe even now) guys could go at each other like Reggie and MJ did and stay really good friends...
Shurd Gurdi
Shurd Gurdi 4 oy oldin
At least he ain’t no pussy
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he got served by 2 mikes
NbaAndre 5 oy oldin
He trash talked his way out of nba2k
6 kun oldin