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Can we determine which chain restaurant will give you the best bread for no dough? Find out! GMM #1379
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14-Sen, 2018



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Good Mythical Morning
Are you bready for this? We've developed a quiz to tell you which bread YOU are with 100% scientific accuracy: bit.ly/GMM_BreadQuiz
Bleh Kshek
Bleh Kshek 22 kun oldin
Would you try super sour candys?
Rainbow Unicorn Ruby
Good Mythical Morning the first whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was 17 seconds long
MissDark Myths
MissDark Myths 3 oy oldin
Texas Roadhouse!
Jessica Orem
Jessica Orem 3 oy oldin
can you turn that whatttttttttttttt in to a ringtone for me please
Tomato Town to Tomato temple gross
I got Outback Steakhouse and I love that bread
Tepuitoru Pop
Tepuitoru Pop Kun oldin
Kitsune-157 Kun oldin
I swear we don't have free bread at restaurants in the UK. Maybe I'm going to the wrong places... 😕
NightShade The Wolf
That intro of this is america tho 🔥
Im Addiction
Im Addiction 3 kun oldin
as a red lobster worker who has made these biscuits I am proud they were ranked #1
Nugget 3 kun oldin
I miss this intro
Bryce Atwood
Bryce Atwood 4 kun oldin
Lol I live in Corydon Indiana which is right next to Clarksville so I go to Texas Roadhouse and it’s the best ever
Jonah Goldstein
Jonah Goldstein 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one that adores Olive Garden's Breadsticks? Especially in Olive Oil?
ZEKE TORONYI 4 kun oldin
When last did u do tht skit the tokyo scream damn i thts pure nostalgia
Alie G.
Alie G. 4 kun oldin
You all need to try to dip your Olive Garden breadsticks in ranch it’s so good!
Alexander John Babbage
A local restaurant called John's Place has this absolutely phenomenal bread.
Drew Conner
Drew Conner 4 kun oldin
What is the song at 5:48
Becca Fiedler
Becca Fiedler 5 kun oldin
NO! Cornbread muffins are superior.💯💯💯💯
darcipeeps 6 kun oldin
You know...Beyoncé has a condition...on which she will take you to Red Lobster
Brandon Floyd
Brandon Floyd 6 kun oldin
Hello from Clarksville, Indiana! I work in Louisville what a shout out.
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 8 kun oldin
*Red Lobster and Texas Road house are my favorite breads from resturaunts*
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 8 kun oldin
Skip 6:08 - 6:23 - 6:37 save yourself
Dadyfishboi 11
Dadyfishboi 11 8 kun oldin
Red lobster biscuits are the best I would eat nothing but them for a month
David Kraft
David Kraft 8 kun oldin
Best magical free bread in my opinion, East side marios
Edwin Estrada
Edwin Estrada 8 kun oldin
Here’s a fact, Olive Garden bread sticks actually have margarine, not butter lol, I should know I’m a Togo’s specialist at the Olive Garden
Daisyhead By Mary
Daisyhead By Mary 9 kun oldin
Oh man I agreed with this so much till y’all moved the nasty garlic salt breadsticks above number #6
Harmony Cachola-Peck
Red lobster biscuits with ranch is literally to die for
Jace Penn
Jace Penn 9 kun oldin
I live in clarksville!!!!! WOOO. Shouldnt be proud of that...
john hudson
john hudson 9 kun oldin
Honorable Mention, @GoodMythicalMorning: Spinnaker’s flower pot bread loaf. 🥴🥖🍞
jake adams
jake adams 9 kun oldin
ferretshadowprod 9 kun oldin
The bread at cheesecake factory is shipped in boxes from a generic whole sale bakery commonly used at most major restaurants. Respectfully, -former cheesecake factory chef
This_One_Kid 10 kun oldin
Unfair in the fact that you didn’t dip each “bread” in its own butter/jam. You only did certain ones, and left out the Cheesecake Factory and Texas Roadhouse dips. Texas Roadhouse’s whipped cinnamon butter makes their rolls three times better and it’s sad to see you left it out. Cheesecake Factory just has plain butter, but the bread isn’t anything without it. It’s just my opinion, which I’m not supposed to give.
breanna young
breanna young 9 kun oldin
They did use the cinnamon butter for Texas Roadhouse though
brandon acker
brandon acker 10 kun oldin
Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO has bread that may very well compete with Red Lobster. They also throw it at you!!
shelley Griego
shelley Griego 11 kun oldin
I always by the red lobster biscuit mix at the store near me Rett all the time: DONT GIVE LINK KNIFES PEOPLE!!!!!! Rett right now: *drops knife* sorry I’m getting excited
Purple Exorcist
Purple Exorcist 11 kun oldin
I live in Indiana and I've never eaten at at a Texas Roadhouse
Rob L
Rob L 11 kun oldin
Rhett with his eyes fully open is a disgusting sight to see..
forty9er49221 11 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 12 kun oldin
My waiter did that too!!!! It’s gots be a Cheescake factory scam!
Miranda Ann
Miranda Ann 13 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse rolls are one of my favorites with regular butter or the sweet butter
Amamkoncahuanquichu 13 kun oldin
Outback is a den of satanists? The best people I know are satanist.
TheSpawnOfYouTube 13 kun oldin
Bread at the machine shed in iowa.. friggin amazing (last time I was there they had bread)
Littlejoe boi
Littlejoe boi 13 kun oldin
The thumbnail gave it away
Robotic Hearted
Robotic Hearted 14 kun oldin
6:07 well that had to happen
Lexie Romeo
Lexie Romeo 14 kun oldin
There’s like 9 chefs working on one line at cheese cake and the bread is made in house lol
Lexie Romeo
Lexie Romeo 14 kun oldin
I work at cheese cake factory
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 14 kun oldin
Texas roadhouse will always be my favorite!
Rod Belding
Rod Belding 15 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse bread is a problem. I always get full on the bread before my meal even gets there then I can never eat the meal.
Sagely Heaton
Sagely Heaton 15 kun oldin
Kady Saucy
Kady Saucy 15 kun oldin
They forgot the Alfredo sauce for the Olive Garden breadsticks!!
Drew Winchester
Drew Winchester 16 kun oldin
Red Lobster biscuits really are the best ❤️
G Julian Cantu
G Julian Cantu 17 kun oldin
Post Malone wouldn’t be happy
Emma Christian
Emma Christian 17 kun oldin
I don’t like red lobster but I like their bread it is to die for
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 18 kun oldin
Can someone explain the origin of the Tokyo joke to me?
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 13 kun oldin
+Tiffany Nguyen thank you!!
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen 13 kun oldin
their video “odd self-defence techniques” at the end with the mail
Julian Startzman
Julian Startzman 18 kun oldin
what do you do for a living? "I get paid to eat multiple varieties of bread"
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer 18 kun oldin
3:07 I thought Rhett was gonna say, "Where did you get your jacket at?"
Prodigy NHL
Prodigy NHL 18 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, and Crackerbarrel are all better here in Texas
Mango's World
Mango's World 18 kun oldin
The trurh
Victoria Jimenez
Victoria Jimenez 18 kun oldin
9:47 , you’re welcome
J.L.G 19 kun oldin
Red lobster should be renamed bread lobster
J.L.G 19 kun oldin
Shoutout to all gluten free people who can finish watching this whole video
J.L.G 19 kun oldin
6:08-6:35 what’s his deal with Tokyo 😂
NoContentCarter 17 kun oldin
J.L.G It’s an ongoing joke they have. Any time link says Tokyo, Rhett has to say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
Soulless Ginger
Soulless Ginger 19 kun oldin
Rhett probably felt bad about making a joke about Aunt Swan.
Marvin Rivera
Marvin Rivera 20 kun oldin
Please go to Tokyo already
randy landis
randy landis 20 kun oldin
saltgrass is the best
LiebeAlle 20 kun oldin
I'm so hungry...
GoldHayes 21 kun oldin
Dip it in blue cheese dressing. They have the best blue cheese dressing ever.
Varonica  Diaz
Varonica Diaz 21 kun oldin
"Daddy, lick that" 😂😂😂
Wendy Simone
Wendy Simone 21 kun oldin
Mmmmmm...I like cheetos!
Sophie Oedel
Sophie Oedel 21 kun oldin
Tinder date: Good Mythical what? Sorry never heard of it. Me (shoving bread sticks in purse): I gotta go
pa rty
pa rty 21 kun oldin
I can’t believe you put red lobster at the top.. and cheese cake factory last.. lets do the real order.. 1 Texas Roadhouse 2 Cheesecake Factory 3 red lobster 4 outback 5 Cracker Barrel 6 Olive Garden
TheGrandestOfPas 5 kun oldin
Not even close to being right
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen 22 kun oldin
I need the Tokyo thing as an alarm. That'd make me fly out of bed so quickly lol
Emma Lou
Emma Lou 22 kun oldin
Glad to see cracker barrel made top three seeing that we handmake them and bake them in store every 30 minutes
Todd Eubanks
Todd Eubanks 22 kun oldin
Nah man O’charlie’s is where its at
Jazzy Marie Hijazi
Jazzy Marie Hijazi 22 kun oldin
Anna Fed241
Anna Fed241 22 kun oldin
Now I really want Texas Roadhouse rolls
Zack 23 kun oldin
If you go to Olive Garden you have to ask for a bowl of fettuccine sauce for your bread sticks😍😍👌👌
Wigen 23 kun oldin
Who takes one bite from a breadstick and just puts it back ?
Liz W
Liz W 23 kun oldin
Olive Garden breadsticks definitely need to be at the back, they aren’t even fresh when they come into the restaurant, they are frozen, as much of Olive Garden is. OG is gross.
Oofing Llama
Oofing Llama 23 kun oldin
I have never been to red lobster
MilliVanilli 24 kun oldin
Love the intro bread rap lol!
Vannessa sandoval
Vannessa sandoval 24 kun oldin
Awesome I'm from Victorville, just saying so sorry you had to deal with the traffic to get here.
Monia 24 kun oldin
Did they do the title of the song of the game, to the tune to As if it’s your last by blackpink? 🤣
grace mabel
grace mabel 24 kun oldin
if you don't eat olive garden breadsticks with alfredo sauce then you're doing it completely wrong
grace mabel
grace mabel 24 kun oldin
i got an olive garden ad in the middle of this... wack
sterling sandlin
sterling sandlin 24 kun oldin
I didn't know I went to the first Texas roadhouse once a month
Cher Poston
Cher Poston 24 kun oldin
How did you know I used my dad's Netflix password. #stalker
Nina Dees
Nina Dees 25 kun oldin
rhett's shirt is WIIIILD
åťhəñæ nloxy
åťhəñæ nloxy 25 kun oldin
*_Mommy that guy is licking his rolls_* _-Rhett 2018_
ifollowrivers 26 kun oldin
All of these breads are good and pure.
Lindsay Jolley
Lindsay Jolley 26 kun oldin
God the crackerbarrel in Victorville is horrible
The Joker
The Joker 26 kun oldin
you know If you remove the oats from the Cheesecake Factory bread it would look a lot like the outback bread
Haylie ?
Haylie ? 27 kun oldin
Sydney 27 kun oldin
Am i the only one who hates red lobsters bread
dabz The Clown
dabz The Clown 27 kun oldin
Link looks like a 20 year old lesbian
daisy nguyen
daisy nguyen 27 kun oldin
my mom told me that the brown bread was chocolate.
Government of the IKC
How dare you put Olive Garden on 5!
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes 29 kun oldin
What happened to the Tokyo T-shirt I just tried to buy one I couldn’t find one
I made this so I could comment
Texas Roadhouse is the best smh should have been 1st
gabriella_the _rarity
Red lobster #1
Sally W.
Sally W. 29 kun oldin
Red Lobster Biscuits for the win! Yeah! I make those Cheddar Bay biscuits at home. My rankings would be, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrel, Outback Steakhouse, and Cheesecake Factory.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 29 kun oldin
Ayeeeee I live in Victorville
Katie Starks
Katie Starks Oy oldin
So I live in Jeffersonville Indiana, which is basically the same city as Louisville and Clarksville. Literally they all run together. But what I came here to say is I had no idea the first Texas road house location was here nor did I know it’s head quarters were here. I eat at that location all the time lol
Super Puggle
Super Puggle Oy oldin
Love Outbacks
Eomma BTS
Eomma BTS Oy oldin
Where can I get Rhett’s shirt
AlyssaL34 Oy oldin
6:07 TOKYO
? ?
? ? Oy oldin
When you get good grades Mom: WHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT
I have a confession.
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