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Can we determine which chain restaurant will give you the best bread for no dough? Find out! GMM #1379
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14-Sen, 2018

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Good Mythical Morning
Are you bready for this? We've developed a quiz to tell you which bread YOU are with 100% scientific accuracy: bit.ly/GMM_BreadQuiz
Rainbow Unicorn Ruby
Good Mythical Morning the first whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was 17 seconds long
MissDark Myths
MissDark Myths 27 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse!
Jessica Orem
Jessica Orem Oy oldin
can you turn that whatttttttttttttt in to a ringtone for me please
Tomato Town to Tomato temple gross
I got Outback Steakhouse and I love that bread
tattoosbyhugh1 2 oy oldin
The free bread from Longhorn Steakhouse is way better than Outback.
Shelbi Basham
Shelbi Basham 2 soat oldin
Dip your rolls at Texas Roadhouse in their ranch, it’s great, that’s where you got to try it at. Stick to butter at the Cheesecake Factory lol
Pretzel 5 soat oldin
Cheesecake Factory and red lobster bread is the best
Rachel Eileen
Rachel Eileen 5 soat oldin
I’m offended that you moved Olive Garden up. It tastes like they spilt salt on cardboard
Rae Higgins
Rae Higgins 17 soat oldin
Jim and Nick's has the best bread in my opinion
Flip Flop
Flip Flop 18 soat oldin
*i think i'm the only one who doesn't like red lobster biscuits*
megatron 19 soat oldin
At Cracker Barrel they do make you choose between the two, but you can ask for both
Averybun_ 19
Averybun_ 19 Kun oldin
I don’t care what you say outback is the GOD of bread 🔥🥖👑
Sarah and world💕
Krisha Gandhi
Krisha Gandhi Kun oldin
Watched this while eating bread 😂
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 2 kun oldin
You guys need to try Church's Chicken!!!!!
Cooper Sorby
Cooper Sorby 2 kun oldin
Cracker Barrel should be last
SavingThemLost. 2 kun oldin
Shout out to my birthplace of Victorville for providing the cracker barrel
TroylerLover18 3 kun oldin
Well while everyone is fighting on who should be number 1 in the comments I am over here like where is the lucille's bbq biscuit with apple butter?
Aaron  Bishop
Aaron Bishop 3 kun oldin
Tokyo is ruining my ipads speakers 😂😂
Jason Flaherty
Jason Flaherty 3 kun oldin
Totally agree with that final ranking
Luke Halling
Luke Halling 4 kun oldin
You needed the white Cheesecake Factory bread, it’s much better.
Brooke Patricia
Brooke Patricia 4 kun oldin
I don’t see how Texas Roadhouse didn’t beat all of them
Brooke Patricia
Brooke Patricia 4 kun oldin
Hunter Mathess
Hunter Mathess 4 kun oldin
I agree with their ranking 100%
MrJJandJim 5 kun oldin
Y'all never had Longhorn Steakhouse bread? Now THAT is a good bread!
Britney B
Britney B 5 kun oldin
Spoken Louisville like a true Southerner! Thank you! 🎉🥰 Love from Ohio from a person from Louisville! Texas rolls are the best!! 🥰💓
Hannah Truesdale
Hannah Truesdale 6 kun oldin
Literally need that rhett tokyo shirt lmao
Danielle Nicholl
Danielle Nicholl 6 kun oldin
How dare you guys NOT include Golden Corral!!!! Those rolls take the cake!
madestmadhatter 6 kun oldin
Cracker Barrel Corn bread could kick the cheddar bay biscuits ass 9 ways to sunday! It stomps the texas road house's rolls heads into the dust!
ruth omi suarez
ruth omi suarez 7 kun oldin
I called Red lobster the winner before i even clicked the video. Who’s with me?
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 7 kun oldin
You bet your *BOTTOM* that Red Lobster is the best! XD
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 7 kun oldin
*makes a hugs for two dollars stand* hugs are free, huh? 😏
crazyunicorn1234 7 kun oldin
I made Texas Roadhouse bread on thanksgiving
Ian Kürtis
Ian Kürtis 8 kun oldin
#3 should have said "on the ryes" agree?
Hailey Grace
Hailey Grace 8 kun oldin
I was born and lived in Louisville, Kentucky, but I now live in Austin,Texas. Crazy world we live in. huh
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I love Outback bread
LeahScene 9 kun oldin
"Daddy, lick that"
Brandi Egger
Brandi Egger 9 kun oldin
Warm Olive Garden breadsticks dipped in Alfredo is the best of the best. No comparison. If you want cheddar cheese in some bread just make a grilled cheese at home.
matt Sharkey
matt Sharkey 9 kun oldin
I absolutely hate cheddar baked biscuits
LIVicity 9 kun oldin
But long horns bread is great and I am sad it was not tested 😂
Teejay Kaye
Teejay Kaye 10 kun oldin
Damn. I gotta find a Red Lobster near me.
Tuberwolf 10 kun oldin
k xena
k xena 11 kun oldin
but have you tried babes chicken’s biscuits
Dhruvi Patel
Dhruvi Patel 11 kun oldin
I only have ate olive garden out of all of them (vegetarian)
Edgar Aguilar
Edgar Aguilar 11 kun oldin
Church’s chicken is the worst but their biscuits are best
Tender Sheep
Tender Sheep 12 kun oldin
*Outbacks wheat rolls are EXCELLENT with their chocolate sauce!*
Trucker Baty
Trucker Baty 12 kun oldin
Fatz ...fried poppyseed bread balls... dipped in honey cinnamon butter
Laura Fusting
Laura Fusting 12 kun oldin
So glad Link said Louisville (Lou-uh-vul) correctly! Made me so happy. Ha.
demanator 32
demanator 32 13 kun oldin
why no roth cris
Joy Bonthius
Joy Bonthius 13 kun oldin
Blew your entire budget on free bread 😂😭😂
The Irish Polar Bear
Also there is a Cracker Barrel in Maine if you live in like New York or something
Hank Lynne
Hank Lynne 15 kun oldin
Big Hams
Big Hams 15 kun oldin
Texas roadhouse is a favorite here in Kentucky lol.
Java Jackson
Java Jackson 15 kun oldin
The apple butter would’ve helped the Cracker Barrel biscuits 🤷🏼‍♂️
Victoria Nee
Victoria Nee 16 kun oldin
I used to work at Cheesecake. My favorite thing was taking bread breaks. The best bread ever 😩♥️
Ronnean Collins
Ronnean Collins 16 kun oldin
The Outback’s bread 🥖 is the best
Elisabeth Shaw
Elisabeth Shaw 16 kun oldin
"Daddy, lick that"
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart 16 kun oldin
Took the quiz and got "Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits"... gotta say I'm happily satisfied
marlon1215 16 kun oldin
can I make a suggestion for a show? Can you use one of those fancy warm seat bidets for a week and comment? I went to Tokyo recently and man those warm ass toilet seats are a game changer.
Scarlet Phoenix
Scarlet Phoenix 16 kun oldin
Those biscuits shouldn't even could in this bread taste test...
Scarlet Phoenix
Scarlet Phoenix 16 kun oldin
The best breads hands down are Fazoli's and Texas Road House. Nuff Said
Davey Schulz
Davey Schulz 17 kun oldin
Ranch and bread is great especially red lobster and Texas road house bread
Hana Ruran
Hana Ruran 17 kun oldin
Cheesecake Factory gives really good sour dough bread too that u guys didn’t try
Gabb Y
Gabb Y 18 kun oldin
The TOKYO joke is STILL going on.... I LOVE YOU, GUYS!
Miguel Lara
Miguel Lara 18 kun oldin
How is the Cheesecake Factory in last.
EqualsPro 18 kun oldin
I’m eating bread while watching this
Nick Levine
Nick Levine 19 kun oldin
Lmao we finally got a cracker barrel and right down the street Texas road house !
Nick Levine
Nick Levine 19 kun oldin
I'm sorry cheddar bay biscuits are not that good bro
kyrah frank
kyrah frank 20 kun oldin
Omg I live in Victorville!
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson 20 kun oldin
Robbie Bland
Robbie Bland 22 kun oldin
Free bread only tastes good when it's free
Sara Sliger
Sara Sliger 22 kun oldin
You know I’m not that big on red lobster bread but Cracker Barrel yes please
Karli 22 kun oldin
also have never seen someone so offended over _bread_
Karli 22 kun oldin
why didn’t they break one piece and split it
Andrew Huey
Andrew Huey 23 kun oldin
O Charley’s deserves to be on this list sad
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)
Cheddar bay biscuits are the best hands down
Chris Monarch
Chris Monarch 24 kun oldin
How is Lucille‘s not on here lol? Such good bread! 😋
southernbelle875 24 kun oldin
"you know, beyonce has a condition..." i spit my drink out.
Dorian Brendtke
Dorian Brendtke 25 kun oldin
“I think there’s a chef at Cheesecake Factory guys....... I’m PRETTY SURE there is”
LifeWith Peyton!
LifeWith Peyton! 25 kun oldin
Who else forgot that Rhett did the Tokyo thing, and got scared to death? 😝🤪
Damaxus 25 kun oldin
FloraWorld 26 kun oldin
My french ass is crying in baguette sounds
shaun korb
shaun korb 26 kun oldin
being from louisville/clarksville area i have to rep texas roadhouse. its the goat but i prefer the reg butter.
xydoit 27 kun oldin
I don't eat bread because Gluten make me feel bad. But i can watch others eating bread.
Bre  Nixon
Bre Nixon 27 kun oldin
I love this intro for bread
Kels L
Kels L 27 kun oldin
Texas Roadhouse rolls are the best. That is all.
Lliam Ventry
Lliam Ventry 28 kun oldin
Should have made it "on the rye-s"
TheFnames 28 kun oldin
Should have had Goooooooolden Carrol
Idiot with a mask
Idiot with a mask 28 kun oldin
Cracker barrel biscuits are godly But only when hot
Idiot with a mask
Idiot with a mask 28 kun oldin
Red Lobster bread makes me gag Even though it tastes good
The Reel Hero Productions
You have to do Carrabba's bread
Dakota Duran
Dakota Duran 29 kun oldin
Macaroni Grill. Just saying
Sabrina Oy oldin
Rewatching, I realize you guys put nostalgia ahead as you instantly said Cheesecake Factory was better to Olive Garden, but then just felt bad that Olive Garden was last. But overall... free bread always a good deal. 😋
How are ya'll gona have a breadwar and not include Lucilles?!
David Edwards
David Edwards Oy oldin
I’m off work today, just bingeing on GMM
GR8 Vacadious
GR8 Vacadious Oy oldin
I live in Clarksville Indiana and I did not know that
Michael Dorsogna
longhorn is the best... well maybe not better than Red Lobster
Isabella G
Isabella G Oy oldin
As soon as I saw red lobster was one of them...I knew who the winner was gonna be I think we al did
personguy6 Oy oldin
that this is america parody Is the best thing I've ever heard
KingChubbs Oy oldin
Why does he do the Tokyo thing?
SwiftMooseBlz Oy oldin
red lobster has the best bread
c00lmanable Oy oldin
Erin Riney
Erin Riney Oy oldin
I drove by the Texas Roadhouse head quarter
HavenOfZayden Oy oldin
The best bread is from Johnny Carinos, it's amazing dipped in the oil and garlic.