Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Rhett & Link take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Do Rhett & Link live together? Are they a couple? Are they actually friends?? The hilarious pair answer all these questions, and more!

”Internetainers” Rhett & Link are the hosts of the most-watched daily talk show on the internet, Good Mythical Morning, which airs weekdays on UZvid.com/GoodMythicalMorning.
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Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




3-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 872
UndieBandit 17 daqiqa oldin
I was genuinely interested how they met Stevie and how she became such a big part of the crew
The Three Brothers
The Three Brothers 34 daqiqa oldin
In play recorder
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose Soat oldin
I guess the searches have changed in 2 months... now the first one is “Are Rhett and Link Friends”
MoneyB 2 soat oldin
That makes me sad that they don’t have that friendship that they used to😓
cocotemtation __
cocotemtation __ 3 soat oldin
Why does Stevie always dress like a homeless hipster?
Mythical beast
Mythical beast 5 soat oldin
I feel like Rhett is a lot more with it than link.
eric rosen
eric rosen 9 soat oldin
plz tell me he was joking when he said they werent friends
Mark Kelley
Mark Kelley 17 soat oldin
I live in Georgia! North or South of Atlanta?
InsaneTacoz 18 soat oldin
Jeez, the things Stevie does for them
Tristan Pearson
Tristan Pearson 18 soat oldin
4:58 Me trying to curse in middle school.
lexi monson
lexi monson 19 soat oldin
Can we mention the fact that they don't believe that global warming is real...
Kira King
Kira King 20 soat oldin
Literally I don’t think a hair cut has ever affected someone’s attractiveness like links hair cut did. Zam zaddy
Angel Jordan
Angel Jordan 21 soat oldin
Have..you ever put..butter in your ears...
FiniteInfinity 21 soat oldin
I can usually tell when Rhett’s joking but when he was talkin bout school I couldn’t and now I’m scared they actually believe that 😭
The FBI Kun oldin
Link: *I aM a fUrRy*
Maddymaehey Animations
Hello I’m Rhett and I’m link. Today we are going to be answering the internets most asked questions. Let’s talk about that.
Alice Dole
Alice Dole Kun oldin
Jimmy Small
Jimmy Small Kun oldin
Are they not real friends?
ItsSkyline Kun oldin
Nate Dog
Nate Dog Kun oldin
3:48 is honestly so true 😂
Amirool Bahri
Amirool Bahri Kun oldin
Elizabeth Waldron
Do people searching this actually watch gmm? Google searches never make sense
Kendra MorrissE
Kendra MorrissE Kun oldin
2:38 Rhett and wink
Gamber63 Kun oldin
They just done it like it's their video man
yoko skyes
yoko skyes Kun oldin
Wait, I’m confused. So Rhett and Link aren’t friends in real life?
.07% Milk
.07% Milk 2 kun oldin
Someone pls tell me Rhett’s kidding about global warming
Lyndon Swan
Lyndon Swan 2 kun oldin
notice how Rhett didn't deny being a stoner. if anything he might have said ya lol
The Great Bidoof
The Great Bidoof 2 kun oldin
Stop brainwashing your kids!!!
Low Battery
Low Battery 2 kun oldin
I’ll take the singing as a no😂😂
Hildy van Hefeweizen
I knew Rhett was a crispy critter.
Gentle Eve
Gentle Eve 2 kun oldin
Omg. The homeschool answer was amazing. They act like they’re kidding but those who know... KNOW.
Lia 2 kun oldin
"have you ever put butter in your ears....."
Lakia Boyd
Lakia Boyd 2 kun oldin
Wait are they actually not friends anymore
Flea Bug
Flea Bug 3 kun oldin
Love there sarcasm
Pat1711 3 kun oldin
Link is a furry, confirmed
Blue Friday
Blue Friday 3 kun oldin
Ohhhh I never knew the whole ear biscuits uploading thing. I always wondered “why did they just upload this I heard it last week on Spotify?” But that makes sense. They wait to release the video form got it
Elsche Rix
Elsche Rix 3 kun oldin
They are so sassy XD
michaeltd578 4 kun oldin
But i wanted to hear how they met Stevie...
Robot Productions
Robot Productions 5 kun oldin
Someone tell Link what a furry does
Raven 1082
Raven 1082 7 kun oldin
I love that they don't answer anything seriously
Slayer 724
Slayer 724 8 kun oldin
The Pudge
The Pudge 8 kun oldin
3:46 100% Agree!
Addison Mccormick
Addison Mccormick 12 kun oldin
Wait, so are they not actually friends?
Gabriel Marchbank
Gabriel Marchbank 8 kun oldin
Addison Mccormick idk i was thinking the same thing
Sean Brogan
Sean Brogan 12 kun oldin
Links watch is on fleek. What is it?
IwillgameENDu 15 kun oldin
4:59 is my fav food
immrberger 16 kun oldin
Thanks for answering!
SDS4800 16 kun oldin
Rhett: We homeschool because the public education system is a liberal conspiracy to brainwash children into believing things like global warming is real I dont know if he was being sarcastic or not. But i love this man! 😂😂😂😂
Kilava1231 17 kun oldin
please DON'T stage a fight haha. I hate that bull and will unsub so friggin quick unless it is purposefully goofy and lasts one day
kicking it with skeletons
I never thought Link would be a furry smh.
Desteny Auclair
Desteny Auclair 18 kun oldin
They both have such beautiful eyes!!❤️❤️
inkypxrchment 19 kun oldin
I absolutely love this comedic duo.
Galaxy Tube
Galaxy Tube 19 kun oldin
I live in Georgia!!!!
Caity Wylie
Caity Wylie 19 kun oldin
Their sarcasm is so good, I can't even tell when they're joking
Izaac Strickland
Izaac Strickland 20 kun oldin
Do y'all miss links old hair
Paula Ayoma
Paula Ayoma 20 kun oldin
Is links hair turning grey?
Mariposa 20 kun oldin
That homeschool answer: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
Molly Bricker
Molly Bricker 20 kun oldin
Are they friends or no?
Mike Vaknansky
Mike Vaknansky 21 kun oldin
When you don’t know which ones which…
mythical beast
mythical beast 26 kun oldin
4:56 Hecc no lmao
gothcostco 27 kun oldin
i've been watching gmm since 2012 love them!
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love 27 kun oldin
I love these sooo much can you PLEASE do one with some of RoosterTeeth for my friend? It’d mean sooo much to her and I like to watch these
Natalie Beck
Natalie Beck 28 kun oldin
I love how they always joke about them just being friends for entertainment! 😂😂😂 It’s always hard to tell if they’re joking or not though because they’re so good at keeping straight faces!
Dirk Dykstra
Dirk Dykstra Oy oldin
I love that Stevie was actually there
me vs life 6
me vs life 6 Oy oldin
I think link ans i could totally be friends
Jennifer Wiemeier
So there not friends?
Charly Hotchkiss
Does Rhett truly not believe in climate change or was that all sarcasm?
Simon Holmqvist
Oh now you really offended me! It's difficult to play the recorder GOOD. Although people is much more impressed when someone can play a little violin!
Aishwarya Chopra
Did you just burp and call me leenk at the same time
Jadon ARey
Jadon ARey Oy oldin
They’re not friends in real life?😢
+Jadon ARey No, it really didn't.
Jadon ARey
Jadon ARey Oy oldin
CurryKingWurst I know I’ve watched them since season 5 and I know their sarcasm, but this sounded serious.
They're also very sarcastic. You'd pick up on their sarcasm after you've watched them for a few years.
Taylor Nordin
Taylor Nordin Oy oldin
Anybody else unsettled by Rhett saying global warming isn’t real?
The MountianDude
I would love to see a Rhett V. Link PayPerView cage match
Caroline Keen
Caroline Keen Oy oldin
I kind of have less respect for them after this video. ☹
Caroline Keen
Caroline Keen Oy oldin
+Tay K.T. idk
Tay K.T.
Tay K.T. Oy oldin
why's that?
Brady Wilsom
Brady Wilsom Oy oldin
I think that person means song biscuits
Fire ball gamer Train
I love me me’s
Fortnite US
Fortnite US Oy oldin
Are they actually not friends?
Fortnite US
Fortnite US Oy oldin
+CurryKingWurst thx
Sadwich Nyan ;3
loop it! 4:59
Sadwich Nyan ;3
are rhett and link living together? not anymore no ?!?!?!??!?!?!
Sadwich Nyan ;3
I've shown my mom some of their vids and told her they're both married she understood they're married with each other 😂😂😂
This is the best one!
Marnie Kenderes
Cali Vickery
Cali Vickery Oy oldin
Rhett saying 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat' with the cat would have made this vid so good :)
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines Oy oldin
Omg they remind me so much of Shane and Ryan 😂😂
Kt Qt
Kt Qt Oy oldin
I was surprised when stevie actually came out lol
Alex H.
Alex H. Oy oldin
Link is a furry confirmed
Tgamer 22
Tgamer 22 Oy oldin
I’ve met them they are really nice
Kiro Percelli
Kiro Percelli Oy oldin
I wonder how many questions they answered for real
Kere! AtTheDisco
"Are Rhett and Link a couple?" *STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS GOOGLE*
Bubblan Bubblan
i’m not famous but i google myself daily
Omg I’ve been waiting for this for forever!!!!!!!! I LOVE Rhett and Link❤️
Evellyn Lichnov
...the part abt their kids do they really not believe global warming is real???
Have you ever heard of sarcasm?
People that dont understand sarcasm will think they are bootyholes 😂
Oh Sehun
Oh Sehun Oy oldin
*Let's talk about that*
Andrew Toons
Andrew Toons Oy oldin
I thought you guys were friends...
niklaus !!!!!
niklaus !!!!! Oy oldin
I wonder if all these celebrities will ever give an honest truthful answer instead of a sarcastic answer... a man can only dream .. hahaha
Grace  Porter
Grace Porter Oy oldin
Rhett's definitely a stoner😂
Christopher Lynn
1:27 I dont believe that. Look at that lie face
Sammy Yousefie
i remember when the episode they started the tokyo bit came out and honestly its the most monumental thing ive ever witnessed