Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Rhett & Link take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Do Rhett & Link live together? Are they a couple? Are they actually friends?? The hilarious pair answer all these questions, and more!

”Internetainers” Rhett & Link are the hosts of the most-watched daily talk show on the internet, Good Mythical Morning, which airs weekdays on UZvid.com/GoodMythicalMorning.
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Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




3-Okt, 2018



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RiZeDeadShXt 5 soat oldin
4:55 I'm never gonna look at them the same😂
scorpions vs kings
I cant tell if they're joking or not sometimes i hope they were joking when they said that they're not really friends anymore and that their channel is for entertainment purposes only
Blodo Kun oldin
Stevie stole the show
Ryleigh Kun oldin
*Our kids are in the public school system being brainwashed*
Chickenphat Kun oldin
4:51 I laughed so hard I spit my cereal milk on my phone 😂
stila peiceofgarbage
Stevie is a Fashion icon
Maren Roxy 253
Maren Roxy 253 3 kun oldin
I love Rhett’s voice!
Kaiya W.
Kaiya W. 3 kun oldin
At 1:09 I was shook, then I realized that they were probably joking, right?
Kaiya W.
Kaiya W. 3 kun oldin
I MEAN 1:00
Dustin YT
Dustin YT 3 kun oldin
4:36 Rhett: Have you ever put butter in your ears...
Weeblon musk
Weeblon musk 4 kun oldin
Link: “Have you ever put butter in your ear?” *ten seconds of awkward silence*
ppprX 4 kun oldin
"Are Rhett and Link Furries ?" No need to be offensive lol
RevisedProfanity 5 kun oldin
Link: I love furries Also Link: I am a furry (moves on without further comment)
emily is not heere
emily is not heere 4 kun oldin
VickyG117 6 kun oldin
Link is so beautiful 🥰
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 7 kun oldin
Lmao Link said he is a furry 😂 I hope he is joking.
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 7 kun oldin
Best one ever💖💖
Paige McMaster
Paige McMaster 7 kun oldin
Wow that is some light foundation on rhett. Looks like they did it themselves in one of their makeup tests.
Creeper X15
Creeper X15 7 kun oldin
Good mythical morning
Carnie Campbell
Carnie Campbell 9 kun oldin
They are definitely an old married couple since they’re matching their outfits now.
Tirth Patel
Tirth Patel 9 kun oldin
How is Link so bad at using tools and generic household objects, and yet he has an engineering degree 😂
Rio Bacani
Rio Bacani 10 kun oldin
Wait so their not actually friends!?🤔🤔
Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer 8 kun oldin
Guess not
Hazzmati 10 kun oldin
I liked link's shirt where would you get those
Chapmangl7 10 kun oldin
Hazzmati maybe target? :)
Nikola Donut
Nikola Donut 10 kun oldin
*Wait..they have legs?*
Kacie Moore
Kacie Moore 10 kun oldin
Let’s goooo NC - Charlotte
William Taylor
William Taylor 11 kun oldin
You know people are going to take their jokes about being a couple and being a furry seriously...
PLeb 12 kun oldin
Im gonna say the t word
ddcs0s 12 kun oldin
Google is indeed a powerful tool ... It can give you those addresses they didn't want to give you themselves an you should probably be a bit worried if someone is looking for you on a search engine
Shailyn Marshall
Shailyn Marshall 13 kun oldin
What is the “t” word
PLeb 12 kun oldin
The t word
Great 3/rt Videos
Great 3/rt Videos 13 kun oldin
If people followed their show, read their book, they'd know pretty much all these answers
Monkey16NL 13 kun oldin
So they are not really friends 😨
Elias D
Elias D 13 kun oldin
Rhett can sing, sounds like the old music though
Macc Frank
Macc Frank 14 kun oldin
"are Rhett and Link stoners?" (Rhett) "Ha"
zFriedzz 14 kun oldin
Are Rhett and Link stoners? Rhett: ah u ye- Link: NO
Kyle Beck
Kyle Beck 15 kun oldin
"are Rhett and Link stoners" link gave an answer but Rhett...I mean look at his eyes
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 15 kun oldin
Burbank, California
jaxon smith
jaxon smith 15 kun oldin
Were they actually being serious about the friend question
Lena Monroe
Lena Monroe Kun oldin
+jaxon smith nah they fool a lot of people with it lol
jaxon smith
jaxon smith Kun oldin
Ya I new that was a dumbass question thanks
Lena Monroe
Lena Monroe Kun oldin
No lol. They've said in ear biscuits that it's sort of a running joke.
I_I_I_am_tommy 4
I_I_I_am_tommy 4 15 kun oldin
1:24 Rhetts definitely a stoner
Sydney Parks
Sydney Parks 15 kun oldin
So no, they can't actually sing .
Levi Johansen
Levi Johansen 15 kun oldin
ur bad kid
ur bad kid 16 kun oldin
Rhett can play the coffee grinder
MorePulp 16 kun oldin
Is 1:00 supposed to be a joke?
zolikajordan 16 kun oldin
Wait so they're not even friends
Cheyenne Hunt
Cheyenne Hunt 17 kun oldin
here 16 kun oldin
Sammy time
Sammy time 17 kun oldin
I didn’t know they used to homeschool. So cool bc I was homeschooled. Random information. 😂
Bye Felicia P
Bye Felicia P 17 kun oldin
WOW it completely changed my perspective toward them I always thought they were nice and friends
Mitch Rice
Mitch Rice 17 kun oldin
I don't know about that last part but public schools are essentially a liberal brainwashing system
Weird Random Doodles
Of course they can sing. They were the Bentley brothers on what’s in the bible
Computer Bags
Computer Bags 18 kun oldin
There is actually a GMM video called, “Can You Eat That? (GAME)”
Myles Riley
Myles Riley 19 kun oldin
Waaaaaaiiiiiiit they aren't friends
Lucy Brayton
Lucy Brayton 19 kun oldin
*sarcasm* entered the chat
simgal 19 kun oldin
Rhett: where do Rhett and Link live? Also Rhett: One seven three- Link: Now lets be vague about this-
Sarah Weals
Sarah Weals 20 kun oldin
You have real jobs this is it dont underestimate the job of entertainment it has been around since the beginning of time
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 20 kun oldin
Dolly 21 kun oldin
rhett looks so young and so handsome still! amazing
Owain Macarthur
Owain Macarthur 21 kun oldin
Why does they sound so tense
Owain Macarthur
Owain Macarthur 21 kun oldin
Why do they sound so tense
Sofie Møbes
Sofie Møbes 21 kun oldin
I never know then Rhett is joking
Saige Leigh
Saige Leigh 22 kun oldin
I cant tell if hes joking about the public school thing lol
Lol Dude
Lol Dude 22 kun oldin
Hey these guys are funny, they should make a UZvid channel
Lol Dude
Lol Dude Kun oldin
George Koro lol it’s a joke
poisonous pickle
George Koro
George Koro 8 kun oldin
Katie PlaysRoblox
Katie PlaysRoblox 16 kun oldin
*face plant*
Hannah Armstrong
Hannah Armstrong 22 kun oldin
Am I the only person who think Link looks like Todd Grinnell???
Ali 22 kun oldin
i member watching bret and twink. good ol days
Sea Bass
Sea Bass 23 kun oldin
Surely they are actually friends
Karbon Oasis
Karbon Oasis 24 kun oldin
I really hope most of this video is a joke
naughty_swagger 24 kun oldin
Rub some bacon on it
miui mamh hj
miui mamh hj 24 kun oldin
Uhhh stevee is short like short short.
Noodle Cup
Noodle Cup 25 kun oldin
0:29 0_0
Alex.L 25 kun oldin
There is so much sarcasm in this video that on some questions i feared they werent kidding.
Nerd Gamer
Nerd Gamer 25 kun oldin
I just love how they’re always completing each other’s sentences
Lukulele 26 kun oldin
I wish gmm was more like this.
Savvy l
Savvy l 27 kun oldin
They're wearing the same color shirt😂I'm dying
Dio Olini
Dio Olini 27 kun oldin
Bring on Ryan Higa plsssss
Dobby 27 kun oldin
lusya The Furry
lusya The Furry 27 kun oldin
YES link is a furry!
Amature Lover
Amature Lover 27 kun oldin
Its so hard to tell if they're being sarcastic on some of these
Andrei Monponbanua
Andrei Monponbanua 27 kun oldin
Wait they’re not friends?!
Michał 27 kun oldin
3:50 ok, u got a new sub
N English
N English 28 kun oldin
This is where careers go to die
Satan 28 kun oldin
Do rhett and link curse NooOoOoOoOooo Shitballs
Tall Skinny games
Tall Skinny games 28 kun oldin
Yes yes yes I have been waiting fo this
Plague Doctor • 5 years ago
0:53 ThEIr nOT FRieNdS?
Kushan Desai
Kushan Desai 28 kun oldin
Link kinda looks like Paul Rudd
Rakia games and more
Link has gray hairs
Puff Ball
Puff Ball 29 kun oldin
You guys finally did it!!!😃😃
Stevie Lynn
Stevie Lynn 29 kun oldin
Ayyye another Stevie
Niom 29 kun oldin
Links starting to grey
Niom 29 kun oldin
1:40 Quote of the century!
rhys green
rhys green 29 kun oldin
ok where my likes at ;p
Keith -Indy- Mossey
Are they for real not friends outside gmm,
Koralea Roessler
Did he just say he thinks global warming isn’t real uhhh he needs to check his facts I hope he’s joking
Oh My Gamers
Oh My Gamers Oy oldin
Are Rhett and link brothers? Link: no Rhett: *offended*
Namjoon is my baby
Wait...Rhett is a republican 🥴
Guilherme Melo
Anyone one else heartbroken when they said they aren’t friends anymore, just for “entertainment purposes only”
Jan Cool Pro
Jan Cool Pro Oy oldin
oH cRaP i DiDn'T kNoW tHeY wErE a CoUpLe.
Zedeye Oy oldin
K this kinda made me reevaluate my childhood
Nicole Rowley
Nicole Rowley Oy oldin
6:43 i live in same town as them and their sons (lincoln and locke) go to my school
Succubitch Oy oldin
Friendship goals
phoebecatgirl Oy oldin
YES! I KNW it!
Crisis-P Oy oldin
I am MAD that they spoiled it.... I haven't watched it yet and was considering... until they spoiled it.
Crisis-P Oy oldin
I feel like new people wouldn't be able to tell if they are joking or not on those first few questions. They are both so sarcastic in this interview like lmao there is no enthusiasm.
Naomi Nnedi
Naomi Nnedi Oy oldin
Link: Let's be vague about this.
Saara Huttunen
does anyone know if they really homeschooled their kids and why?
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