Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

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Rich people and poor people came together to see if they could understand each other. Participants included successful businessmen, people experiencing homelessness, and college students. SUBSCRIBE for more! bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 
Mike Makabi
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29-Noy, 2017



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Mike Lombardo
Mike Lombardo 52 daqiqa oldin
The woman is a meth head.
Spencer Ullock
Spencer Ullock Kun oldin
that young rich white guy really needs to take a step back. He has drawn attention to his addiction to "power." Its not the power hes obsessed with.
Draehl .84
Draehl .84 Kun oldin
Personally I chase $ so I can retire ASAP. Not waking up to an alarm clock is #1, but overall being able to live life on your own schedule to focus on hobbies and simple leisure (TV, gaming, cooking, reading, board games with friends, etc.) I don't want massive luxury, but "only" to have free time like you did as a kid on summer break.
Chun Wong
Chun Wong Kun oldin
nice vid
Hashtag Addictt
Hashtag Addictt Kun oldin
The guy with the accent spitting straight FACTS. Intelligence is so attractive.
B. Kasper
B. Kasper Kun oldin
Wouldn’t the middle ground be called middle class?
Eddie Shackelford
Eddie Shackelford 2 kun oldin
I rewatched this a week later because something was bugging me. I figured it out. That young rich guy looks exactly like Adam Sandler's little Nicky
MelissaStarfall 2 kun oldin
Money DOSNT buy happiness.. I am spoiled living with my mom and I just got back from disney.. going back next month and in july again!! It gets boring I have everything i want but I am never happy... I give my stuff away I wish I can be happy then spoiled
marineking09 2 kun oldin
The young rich guy is the same person from the Trump Supporter episode
PixieGirl778 16 soat oldin
Explains a heck of a lot
Nuclear Muscle
Nuclear Muscle 2 kun oldin
The homeless woman is ripped
White Boy Jerry
White Boy Jerry 2 kun oldin
“Not to take... Necessarily.”
Ramegon01 2 kun oldin
these are poor people? so im a f'ing poor guy.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 2 kun oldin
Y'all should do one where the teenagers come in. Popular people vs Nerds. I'm a nerd and used to be popular and I think it would be really great to just have a talk and discuss some things
James Anthony
James Anthony 3 kun oldin
Money isn’t power, money is money lmao
Sed Op
Sed Op 3 kun oldin
in our country 10 TO 20 K per year is rich
CaptiveHat 3 kun oldin
That lady said it’s not drugs or other addiction, but it is. The minority of homeless are the ones not addicted and are there because of pure bad luck and poor choices and not addiction. I’ve lived in towns most my childhood birth -20 years old where I’ve seen people like her every day. She is 100000% a past addict or a current one.
Bianca Alvarez
Bianca Alvarez 4 kun oldin
This was beautiful to watch!!!
Erica Epps
Erica Epps 4 kun oldin
I really hope someone helps the lady especially. I yelled at the end please help her 😥
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 4 kun oldin
3 million bruh
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 4 kun oldin
This is really great!
Bára Vlášková
Bára Vlášková 5 kun oldin
That was actually nice, It surprised me
Helena Reynolds
Helena Reynolds 5 kun oldin
The man with the strong accent seems very humble
Mammon 5 kun oldin
He's not wrong though. People think it's uncommon, but many upper middle class children end up losing their parents' wealth. It's really not what you're born with, but what you do with what you have.
Danny Maulana
Danny Maulana 5 kun oldin
I just find the talks very soothing and full of respect for one another
Smithwrx 7 kun oldin
Money may influence events but the power that changes everything isn't found in money.
Mara P
Mara P 7 kun oldin
Who's that Israeli guy? Would like to hang out.
Nathaly Kim
Nathaly Kim 8 kun oldin
the rich emo dude looks like chirstian bale in batman
Snap: Vxntvge
Snap: Vxntvge 8 kun oldin
“And then he calls us when he wants to commit suicide” 😂
rebelqueen26 9 kun oldin
The guy who said the thing about being 31 and achieving success 10 years ago.... he was woke af. Just hearing him speak made me swoon. He has intelligent conversation
Charlotte Poh
Charlotte Poh 9 kun oldin
3 millionaires but not gucci in sight
PRVN . CESS 10 kun oldin
Mannnn...that man's accent🥵😍 lorrrddddd
Katrina Millings
Katrina Millings 10 kun oldin
I was impressed with the lady who said she'd like to learn from the rich. She probably will someday, because she's looking for the opportunity instead of just accepting her circumstances.
Ded Pihto
Ded Pihto 10 kun oldin
Who the hell is Mike Makabi? All his channels are deleted.
t s ó l a r i a
t s ó l a r i a 10 kun oldin
"I don't need to be okay. I just need - I need to be successful." I can't say if that was good or bad but it was raw as hell to just have him say it
Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher 10 kun oldin
Obsessed with Daryl - what an absolute king.
Bubby Cthulhu
Bubby Cthulhu 10 kun oldin
That was an amazing video
Arianna Nichelle
Arianna Nichelle 10 kun oldin
2 minutes in and i hate steven
Jay Brooks
Jay Brooks 10 kun oldin
This feels like some kind of group meet and Mike is the doctor, professor or something. He's so intelligent and advanced, it shows.
Shohra Mustafa
Shohra Mustafa 10 kun oldin
the guy who was saying to his friends that their wives wouldn't be with them if they didn't have a certain job or a particular and constant income , its not about love only, you cant continue being with someone who is simply not capable to take care of themselves financially specially a man. For me i have lived and raised in a good environment and good financial state of my family and I am continuing this by myself , I cant live with a man and have children from him if he is not capable to give our children a good life and constant financial state . love is not everything , we have responsibilities we need to take care of .
Ini Ubaha
Ini Ubaha 11 kun oldin
Very reasonable group
Callen Hurley
Callen Hurley 11 kun oldin
Daryl’s haircut pisses me off
Zeshan M Husain
Zeshan M Husain 11 kun oldin
I just watched the BLM video and now I’m watching this one somebody needa get their white emo mans
Mikey the Robloxian
Mikey the Robloxian 11 kun oldin
Mike must be super rich because HIS KINDESS AND WISDOM ARE SUPER AMPLIFIED and this just goes along with his “Money will only amplify who you are” statement. Either way I’m sure he’d be happy and a great person
That Girl Reacts
That Girl Reacts 12 kun oldin
Why did the guy behind the cameras say high and low income instead of rich and poor like in the title? 🤔😏
That Girl Reacts
That Girl Reacts 10 kun oldin
Pei Laz lol I know honey, I know. That is not the reason why I wrote my comment. I mean, I know it’s hard to relay tone through written form but i mean, come on! Didn’t the emojis give you a hint? 🙄
Pei Laz
Pei Laz 10 kun oldin
That Girl Reacts It means the same thing.
Paula Gutierrez
Paula Gutierrez 12 kun oldin
"money is energy" i can tell you a thousand ways why it isn't bye going back to study physics II
Rachel Mincy
Rachel Mincy 12 kun oldin
Stop timing these episodes, don’t limit the good conversation!
EDM Electro Swing
EDM Electro Swing 12 kun oldin
rich people probably sold crack and did bad things when they were young
oof 12 kun oldin
The white rich guy looks like a young Trump
indigo la end DTRWHo
I kinda hate rich people, but these guys seem quite sensible?
4 & 20 Black Birds
4 & 20 Black Birds 13 kun oldin
Money=freedom=choices. No money=enslavement=no choices. That's the reality in America.
Latasha Jeffers
Latasha Jeffers 13 kun oldin
"Money can't buy you happiness but it'll pay for the search." ~Prince
The sexier Lee
The sexier Lee 14 kun oldin
Gen z Vs. millenials would be awesome.
Kitty Mittens
Kitty Mittens 14 kun oldin
WTF accent dude is so wise
what ever
what ever 14 kun oldin
Whoever said money can't solve your problems Must not have had enough money to solve 'em
Will Bonin
Will Bonin 14 kun oldin
I’m getting a mafia vibe right now
hecc mcgee
hecc mcgee 15 kun oldin
"currently experiencing homelessness" and you guys arent helping her?
hecc mcgee
hecc mcgee Kun oldin
+Nathan Samra ever heard of rehab Mr wise man?
Nathan Samra
Nathan Samra 2 kun oldin
hecc mcgee money can’t be given to someone. They won’t learn how to earn it, they won’t understand how to obtain even more money once what they have runs out. “You can give man a fish and feed him for a day. Or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for life”
Imam Dewanto
Imam Dewanto 15 kun oldin
the guy with the red shirt reminds me of Lord Varys from GOT.
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 15 kun oldin
It is we who ploughed the prairies, built the cities where they trade Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid Now we stand outcast and starving 'mid the wonders we have made
Sophianah 15 kun oldin
The way mike speaks simulates my brain. Damn! 😍
Amy Erickson
Amy Erickson 15 kun oldin
The tall rich dude in black is also in the black lives matter vs all lives matter video 🧐
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 15 kun oldin
I’m not a fan of Steve’s opening statement. Just changing a person’s POV or belief system won’t make them succeed. He also doesn’t know what level of training, education, or life experience anyone who is down on their luck has. All it takes one shift in sales, a decision, of the economy....and a person’s life is changed completely.
Enzo Lupert
Enzo Lupert 16 kun oldin
I don't know why people hate rich people that much. They always claim that rich kids are spoiled and they don't give respect and value to their parents and the things they have, but clearly the poor kids are way more spoiled and they're out of control. Rich kids tend to be more down-to-earth.
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 15 kun oldin
Poor people spoiled how does that even make sense also rich kids are not down to earth they tend to be the biggest assholes as they are completely ignorant of what its like to struggle, they have no idea what it's like to eat cheap nasty food and wonder what's how you will be able to survive until the next paycheck comes
Jared Williams
Jared Williams 16 kun oldin
Does anybody have Mike’s @?????
Layls 16 kun oldin
“You know, once you attain financial security - whatever that means to you as individuals, you realise it’s all for nothing. (It says it in the bible.) The reality of why we do all we do is because we’re looking to feel fulfilled. And that’s that’s why I would go back because fulfilment doesn’t come from money.” - Some really wise words I wanna cherish 💞, WHO IS HE?
Virgo v
Virgo v 16 kun oldin
While I don't want to judge anyone in this I will say the 'spiritualism' on the rich side got abit grating.
Garrett Brass
Garrett Brass 16 kun oldin
Uh...Am I the only one that sees the "white" younger guy is also the cop from another episode about the black lives matter vs law enforcement?
Jesse Mehler
Jesse Mehler 16 kun oldin
the israeli guy is a G
Janet Reid
Janet Reid 16 kun oldin
I think the only time I ever do that "omg ur a c t u a l l y rich" like critically is when someone says something after losing money like, "ah well it was only 20 dollars." Like OKAY THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER THINGS YOU COULD HAVE DONE WITH THAT MONEY THO WYM ITS O N L Y 20 DOLLARS? Like I get it they probably got many 20 dollars but that don't mean they aren't still considerably valuable.
Batswana Modipane
Batswana Modipane 17 kun oldin
This was bland, kinda confirms that the drift between society has more to do with rich n poor these people have zero similarities. Money shapes our lifestyle that’s why the rich people were kinda just having a conversation with one another, they are people who are used to being listened to and they poor feel inferior so they feel like they can just listen n learn hence their position in society (money = power)
Anthony 17 kun oldin
Everyone wants to be rich, that’s a fact of life
Queen of Moderation
Queen of Moderation 17 kun oldin
The guy with Arabic accent is very wise. Daryl is giving me all type of wrong vibes.
Clem 17 kun oldin
the guy in the cap @ 3:18, powerful words of wisdom.
Blaze40fizzle 17 kun oldin
Money is fun coupons
Mz modae'
Mz modae' 18 kun oldin
3:04 - 3:28 I love this man's words. Beautifully perfect 👌
Kylie E
Kylie E 18 kun oldin
What's Little Nicky doing on here?! Lol. And the man with the perfect facial hair and accent... I like him. Real smart humble man.. and I'm glad he put Little Nicky in his place.
Jacob Denzel
Jacob Denzel 18 kun oldin
Thats a pretty good hug you got there??
Lashall Mccoy
Lashall Mccoy 19 kun oldin
From 4:44 to 4:55 I was uncomfortable 🥵
Tiffani Butler
Tiffani Butler 19 kun oldin
They couldn't find any low-income people who weren't all minorities? 🙄 Lol would've at least loved to see a woman in the high-income group. These selections just highlight how the conversation of money in the U.S. is typically male dominant.
emma wally
emma wally 19 kun oldin
The phrase "money is power" makes no sense to me. Power is something everyone has, it can be harnessed and used in proper situations. Money is merely something you spend in exchange for something else. The amount of wealth you aquire doesn't mean you cannot make an impact.
Ruby Wants Friends
Ruby Wants Friends 19 kun oldin
I had no concern about watching this before bed, I mean who would? But Daryl really scared me....he was on that law enforcement one too and was a little off.....
Gavin Fischer
Gavin Fischer 20 kun oldin
What’s with that click noise every time a new question pops up? Sounds like the noise that creepy girl in the movie hereditary made
Hannah Elliott
Hannah Elliott 20 kun oldin
This is my favorite one yet. Definitely the most wisdom I’ve heard from both sides.
Marvel-ous Nintenerd Queen
The best books that show that 2 sides struggle: The Great Gatsby, the Outsiders, and the Hunger Games. They show that poor≠unhappy and rich≠happy.
Creeping Shooter
Creeping Shooter 20 kun oldin
Jealousy is evolutionary.
Kağan Boz
Kağan Boz 20 kun oldin
6:30 camera knows what he's shotting
edmizzle foshizzle
edmizzle foshizzle 20 kun oldin
All I need is a start and I'll finish I been working at burger king for 17 years straight all I knw I wish I could own my own home I work hard but it's still just a dream wouldn't want to be rich I'm ok just surving
crimdus 10 kun oldin
edmizzle foshizzle Sometimes we’re stuck at places man, I wish you the best.
Char Látte
Char Látte 20 kun oldin
does anyone else think steven could be hal coopers dad from riverdale
Yagirl 21 kun oldin
The Arabian guy is handsome and so wise and intellectual omg❤️❤️❤️❤️
Penny Hardaway
Penny Hardaway 21 kun oldin
Money doesn't guarantee happiness but being broke guarantees misery!!
MaxXx SH
MaxXx SH 21 kun oldin
Wasn't that guy in black shirt the same guy in the BLM/Law Enforcement video?
Sad Lion
Sad Lion 21 kun oldin
me with airpods talking to my friends that dont have airpods
Samantha Tardif
Samantha Tardif 21 kun oldin
I enjoyed this very much
Lucas Liam
Lucas Liam 22 kun oldin
I judge people based on their wealth. If they’re rich I think that they’re rich and vice versa.
skArpPT 22 kun oldin
I make 40k a year. I'm not rich, I dont own my own home and I struggle at times. But my life is fulfilled. I have a beautiful daughter and wife that think the world of me. Money doesn't make you happy, it only makes life easier.
Kirsty McKenna
Kirsty McKenna 22 kun oldin
Is one of those guys also in the law enforcement vs black lives matter video?
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 22 kun oldin
I loved this so much
chloe benson
chloe benson 22 kun oldin
one of the rich ppl looks exactly like frank iero
calltyshon 23 kun oldin
Wait. So no one noticed Daryl in this Rich and Poor see eye to eye video, is also the same Daryl from the Black Lives Matter and Law Enforcement see eye to eye video???
Kimberly Chitando
Kimberly Chitando 23 kun oldin
Mike is fine and wise af.😍
andYz00m 23 kun oldin
Its funny how people always say power, shiny things, WOMEN. I wish they could have found a wealthy woman for this panel. Would have been more interesting.
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