Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

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Rich people and poor people came together to see if they could understand each other. Participants included successful businessmen, people experiencing homelessness, and college students. SUBSCRIBE for more! bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 
Mike Makabi
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Steven Musielski
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29-Noy, 2017

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Chou Tzuyu [Twice]
Damn, Mike. He's someone I'd aspire to be like in the future. Humble, smart and successful.
Healthy Airport
Healthy Airport 6 soat oldin
They need to come up with a less drab "studio" to do this in. lol.
J Dot S
J Dot S 9 soat oldin
I went from hating the hoarse-voiced dude to appreciating his perspective. I thought he was patronizing and condescending at first but he shared some great wisdom. The older guy was also a source of good info. I hope the young guy in the vid can learn from everyone in the group and move forward to a successful life, getting where he wants to be.
Dale Boxsell
Dale Boxsell 23 soat oldin
Money is power but take away the money and they have nothing.
Keci Harvey
Keci Harvey Kun oldin
I love Mike he read on another thing with playing monopoly with real money
Philip Dudum Jr
Philip Dudum Jr Kun oldin
A lot of wisdom in one room.
Meh I gave up.
Meh I gave up. Kun oldin
Even though this might be 100% scripted, I like how they all understood each side, that one isn't like that. That is so stereotypical, they are who they are. Money, status doesn't implify you.
Aidan Lam
Aidan Lam Kun oldin
I wish they addressed stereotypes more to try break that barrier
Verlina Tate
Verlina Tate 2 kun oldin
Mike is beautiful
Stephanie Juliana
Stephanie Juliana 2 kun oldin
I feel that there is not a controversial definition of poor and rich but what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rahmat Go
Rahmat Go 2 kun oldin
she laugh make me uncomfortable
Cheyenne Cramer
Cheyenne Cramer 2 kun oldin
I would love to have a conversation with the Jewish gentleman. I would love to know how he did it and to get advice. He seems so wise.
Arynn Jensen
Arynn Jensen 2 kun oldin
Can i have the hispanic man be my lofe coach please?
YoursTruly #Devine
YoursTruly #Devine 2 kun oldin
Society is fuc*ed-up
Bonor M Ayambem
Bonor M Ayambem 2 kun oldin
The guy in the hat and blue suit is a beautiful soul
Angela 3 kun oldin
The guy with the accent seems so kind and understanding i wanna be his friend and talk to him for hours
R. H.F.
R. H.F. 3 kun oldin
i'm not jealous of you, i just think that your excesses are abhorrent in a world where half the population is barely surviving.
Tayee Jeanne
Tayee Jeanne 3 kun oldin
Mike (with the accent) is someone I think of when I think of someone rich or wealthy. I don’t personally have that much but it is a goal, and when I say that people think of greed not people like Mike. Like he says perfectly that it just makes your personality on a larger scale.
kittysrock16 3 kun oldin
*anyways uhhhhh eat the rich*
Daniel Buckley
Daniel Buckley 3 kun oldin
Steven reminds mw of Robert California
Lindsay Endicott
Lindsay Endicott 4 kun oldin
I LOVE THAT IT SAID "currently experiencing homelessness" as opposed to "homeless". People are more than their current condition.
iabd 4 kun oldin
Shouldve been longer!
Zuo Miaomiao
Zuo Miaomiao 4 kun oldin
the woman looks drug adduct
Jrod 4 kun oldin
coming from a good middle class family and being financially stable for 18 years and but being well aware of all situations i could of been in as a child either poor or more rich makes it hard to relate to both sides. i guess when i get out of college and get either a good or bad paying job i could better understand one then which can lead to the other making more sense to me.
Bellewatches YT
Bellewatches YT 4 kun oldin
this confirms that I am middle class
Jay Dykes
Jay Dykes 4 kun oldin
she geekin off the heroine
Kyle Jumper
Kyle Jumper 4 kun oldin
Blue suit and the old guy are working together after this for sure
Christian Kimmel
Christian Kimmel 4 kun oldin
The women is obvioussly a meth addict
Spade011 4 kun oldin
I don’t get played by rich folk.
JamesHLanier 4 kun oldin
Ugh the poor should've just eaten these shits.
yee yee
yee yee 4 kun oldin
That lady is on sum.
Metal Faced Gamer
Metal Faced Gamer 4 kun oldin
🤔 did anyone gain a job or internship?
petronas25 4 kun oldin
That man with an accent is probably from cartel. He sounds so Escobar-ish...
Jenni Annelieze Mellow
psshh the rich people dominated the discussion. They should've learned something from the humble low incomers....
Zee K
Zee K 5 kun oldin
I 💗 Mike.
Isaac Garrison
Isaac Garrison 6 kun oldin
TVGraphicNerdity 6 kun oldin
That dude with the black shirt with the white on his shoulders is such an ass
Rick James
Rick James 6 kun oldin
Eat the rich
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 6 kun oldin
Maite Gonzalez
Maite Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
I like Steven. I want to be his friend, actually, I want him to mentor me. Hes so well rounded, intelligent, respectful and kind.
AirMover49 6 kun oldin
The old dude and the guy with the accent were the most interesting. I both agreed and disagreed with both of them on every single point it was amazing how intelligent and wise they were.
it's muffin time
it's muffin time 6 kun oldin
tbh the old man and the blue suit guy are so sweet
Phoenix Dion
Phoenix Dion 6 kun oldin
Skateboarders and people who play different sports would be a good one
Pineapplé Abby01
Pineapplé Abby01 7 kun oldin
I was playing bloxburg and this dude UnitedWizards was picking on poor people.
laura 7 kun oldin
The rich guy in the black shirt was also in the "Can black lives matter & law enforcement see eye to eye?" video
Tyrah Tee
Tyrah Tee 8 kun oldin
Late to the party but I gotta get my observations out there. To those doubting Tracy is on something, it’s fairly easy to understand why people would assume that she is, or that she’s starting to come down. Of course, she could be sober, but my inclination says otherwise. She’s fidgety, overly expressive/reactive, goes in and out of intense focus, and when she does lose focus, she zones out in a very strange/uncomfortable posture. Also, the premature aging is very apparent, and her teeth show signs of premature decay. A homeless person could very easily brush their teeth, with or without toothpaste, and not have tooth decay to that extent. Her voice is also very rough which very well could be genetic but with all those other signs, I’m just gonna make the assumption that she’s addicted to something a little harder than cigarettes or alcohol.
Delilah Concepcion
Delilah Concepcion 8 kun oldin
The guy with the accent! He knows what he’s talking about
Dankie 8 kun oldin
VoxelRush 9 kun oldin
4:40 turned into a damn movie. Like that was movie-level discussions and attitude
Coltmoto lucas
Coltmoto lucas 9 kun oldin
Man in the suit is a friggin awesome man
Maya Wilroy
Maya Wilroy 9 kun oldin
I want to be Mike's friend. He seems like a very old soul. Everything he said just echoed wisdom, it was really nice
Matthew Arant
Matthew Arant 9 kun oldin
7:13 money is power but it is power that can be easily used against you. It is not a power that belongs to you. That man will eventually become a shell of who he was. He is obsessed with power that isn't his. He has power, but no strength.
raw life
raw life 9 kun oldin
Mike issa G fr
JAGtheGuardian 9 kun oldin
I want to be like Daryl.
Nate 9 kun oldin
What's wrong with enjoying feeling driven for more?
natalie c
natalie c 9 kun oldin
the two older rich people are so smart and even though they often had differing opinions on things, i took from both of them and i will remember what they have said
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 9 kun oldin
I couldn’t gather enough money that would amount to sitting and speaking to the Arabic guy for a day. Speechless!
Fabiola Murcia
Fabiola Murcia 10 kun oldin
How did Mike get rich at 21? I'm just curious cause most people don't finish college till they are 22. He makes it seem like it's easy to get rich at 21. That sounds sketch.
huh. . .
huh. . . 7 kun oldin
you can start e-commerce at any age.
quasi 10 kun oldin
Fabiola Murcia very true maybe got lucky on stocks?
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 10 kun oldin
In my country, they are all rich.
Jose rico
Jose rico 10 kun oldin
The one guy with the accent is knowledge
Filipina Kitchen
Filipina Kitchen 10 kun oldin
im poor and money don't motivate me. to live simple and happy is what motivates me right now.
Joseph Aguirre
Joseph Aguirre 10 kun oldin
Who is mike? Where can I talk to him? I would love to have conversation with him about how he views life and his spiritual background
XayneGotDa'Sauce 11 kun oldin
Who's the guy with the accent? I wanna learn how he achieved financial security at the age of 21. Edit: Nevermind, God decided to be good today, Jubilee placed his social handles in the description.
Supernatural Superstar
This Jew reads the Bible! I like him!
Landon Chapman
Landon Chapman 11 kun oldin
Tracy needs to lay off the meth
røs 12 kun oldin
okay but Mike needs to tell us how he did it cause he is what I want to be
røs 12 kun oldin
it's Mike again yay!!
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu 12 kun oldin
Interesting thing is the rich people don't dress like they are rich. The rich people dominate this discussion. The poor are...
LeafTreez 12 kun oldin
All six of these people seem like they have uniques perspective on what money means to them.
seAnceTM 12 kun oldin
ive given my last dollars to people who need it more and gone days without eating because i rather them eat because i ate more than them.I much rather suffer than to let others go through it.Even though i have no money really.
TcH Tv
TcH Tv 12 kun oldin
How do they how find these people??? Like what😂😂
adiayah l
adiayah l 12 kun oldin
...am i the only one in love with this mans voice lmao
The Legend
The Legend 12 kun oldin
Why is that one dude in every video. Is he an actor?
Andrew Kun oldin
Theyre all actors lol, views and a good script for money
Anon Nymoose
Anon Nymoose 12 kun oldin
The Legend who?
Becchi 13 kun oldin
The guy in the navy suit needs to write a book because I would buy that in a second.
Ty Matthews
Ty Matthews 13 kun oldin
I Love MIKE!!!! He is so wise and kind and beautiful.
Gay Jesus
Gay Jesus 13 kun oldin
If rick people gave their fair share of their excess wealth then most people could afford to live happily. Unfortunately, greedy rich people are in control of our government and would never allow that to happen.
Jesus Cordova
Jesus Cordova 13 kun oldin
Listening to mike (the middle easterner) makes me wish he would write an autobiography just so I can read it 😂
RubberNinja00 13 kun oldin
The guy with accent cursed the obsessed ben solo so bad saying things about anxiety and “will never make you happy”
LORD OF MEMEZZZ 13 kun oldin
There is no reason you should be homless...NONE...
Nicko G.
Nicko G. 13 kun oldin
Some rich people are incapable of understanding how to even survive if you're not rich. Some years ago I was talking to someone about living on $1100 a month. And it seemed like a great mystery to them, like "WHAT!?!? How do you pay rent and groceries and then gas?" lol. But it's easy as hell to understand what it would be like to be rich. Never wanted it, though. Not enough to get up off the couch. Had money for video games and noodles and stuff. More money than I even needed. But now I'm sick of cup noodles.
Vilox 13 kun oldin
hasn't this daryl guy already been here in episode 7
Hanna Dunn
Hanna Dunn 13 kun oldin
You can definitely tell by the texture of that chicks skin and her sunken cheeks.
Chadd Awsome
Chadd Awsome 13 kun oldin
I think that lady had to pee or she was on something
nowsoh 13 kun oldin
Someone below said “They’re all So respectful and Smart” That goes to show.. us humans. At the end of the day. Are Just Humans, we think , we strive, we love, we worry. We are Human. Money does not make us
Airplanepilot74 13 kun oldin
Military vs disliking the Military
Dr. Soccer
Dr. Soccer 14 kun oldin
The old dude was kinda a douch bag
Rushane Clarke
Rushane Clarke 14 kun oldin
I really enjoy this
Kate R
Kate R 14 kun oldin
Mike sounds like George stone from the Untouchables.
Wait a second Z
Wait a second Z 14 kun oldin
I think this conversation ; just front the camera sadly..
Sumit Borhade
Sumit Borhade 14 kun oldin
Where can I find Mike macabee. I wanna talk to him
Chakshul Pandya
Chakshul Pandya 14 kun oldin
Let me tell you- If you're BORN poor,it's not your fault but if you DIE poor,it's your fault!
Renate Lanzini
Renate Lanzini 15 kun oldin
The guy with the red shirt is so smart and inspiring, th one with the blue suit is awesome.... The other young rich look like a serial killer
Brian Brumfield-Horner
The one rich guy with black hair looks like little Nicky lmao
Madeline M
Madeline M 15 kun oldin
aw i loved them all. lmao “that’s a pretty good hug u got there”
Tammy China
Tammy China 15 kun oldin
This is racist🤦‍♂️
Felix Van Den Berghe
Mike is well spoken. The others as well btw.
Tatyana Morrison
Tatyana Morrison 15 kun oldin
Yo, Mike's voice is so hot.
- KogenoDo -
- KogenoDo - 15 kun oldin
"Money is power" I don't think that is the case, If you're not smart enough you can't manage that money you are earning.
Lucidity Soul
Lucidity Soul 16 kun oldin
I always thought the internet was the downfall of humanity. But that happened a long time ago when currency was first introduced to humans. Money has divided us just as bad as religion. Money being the root of all evil is actually really true if you consider powerful it really is. I miss Mac, he lost his life too drugs. He always said in his music how his money just makes his addictions easier to feed. Maybe bartering was a more sane system than currency. This world is pathetic
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams 16 kun oldin
Tracy was soaking in everything. I believe she will be successful. I hope she connects with Mike especially because you can see she wants to learn. He seems so giving of the knowledge he has. I believe in you Tracy! The other rich guy, not mike or the elder, but the one who has black hair gives off such bad vibes. Not a horrible person but very self centered.. Help him Lord