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Richard Jefferson says AD is the 'most likely' choice to join the Lakers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Richard Jefferson joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright on today's show. Jefferson explains why he thinks Anthony Davis is the player who's primed to join LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Richard Jefferson says AD is the 'most likely' choice to join the Lakers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




18-Dek, 2018

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Is Anthony Davis a good fit for the Lakers?
RICHIE BREEZE 22 kun oldin
Only reason I'll trade Igram & kuz a pick for AD ✍
clayton parker
clayton parker 27 kun oldin
I think the raptors should trade kawhi to the Lakers and get something in return because they will be the biggest losers next year if they don't get NOTHING in return for him
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi 28 kun oldin
Lol Jefferson is a Bronsexual toxic fanboy too, KD is right all along 👀
Dr. Drake Ramoray
Dr. Drake Ramoray 28 kun oldin
This show is so annoying. Especially the weasel white guy with the huge nose who kinda of looks like Tom Green if he were to shave his head. They should replace him with Jefferson.
CedRock starr
CedRock starr 28 kun oldin
Kawhi is no doubt the best fit. Then it’s KD. Then AD or Giannis or somebody. Kawhi does what Lebron clearly lacks defensively and can set the DEFENSIVE tone for the young bucks. Long term he is THE best fit and if the Clips get Kawhi and KD it’s officially a wrap on the Lake Show. They would have dropped the ball on that so they BETTER think about that.
oj lala vallejos
oj lala vallejos 6 kun oldin
Imagine a lineup consisting of... Zo, Kuzma, Lebron, AD, and Zubac 😭
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 11 kun oldin
I'm a simple man. I watch and listen to Richard Jefferson. I click the like button.
Anthony October
Anthony October 12 kun oldin
uh o
Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker 13 kun oldin
Lmfao Durant, that snake, ain't going nowhere
Ver Giron
Ver Giron 14 kun oldin
for me, no nba superstar will be a food fit playing with lebron james. AD and lebron has different style of play. AD's stats will surely go down playing with lebron,
baddestone147 16 kun oldin
Geesh these guys only talk about the lakers! As a laker fan keep it coming lol
PhantomOfDarkness 16 kun oldin
RJ would make a great GM one day.
CheyosWorld 16 kun oldin
nick wright is delusional
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 16 kun oldin
jefferson said is right, bacause AD join the Lakers, Lebron & these young core . he will get his ring even later this team will be his. both WIN WIN SITUATION FOR ANTHONY DAVIS. HIS LEGACY WILL SEAL A DEAL IF HE SIGN WITH THE LAKERS LATER.
BRBallin1 17 kun oldin
Los Angeles "We're Signing Every All-Star Free Agent" Lakers
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn 17 kun oldin
Nick Wright would argue with Einstein about physics. Richard is a smart dude and Nick is like 5' 2". Even if he doesn't agree with him he should still assume Rich is probably right.
Voice of Validity
Voice of Validity 18 kun oldin
Harden + AD > LeBron + AD or KD + AD
The SportsBook
The SportsBook 19 kun oldin
AD would be Chris Bosh 2.0 Also Nick Wright has no NBA IQ whatsoever...
mixsignal91 20 kun oldin
When the NBA returns to normal Nick says. Oh it will be normal to have the#1 player and probably the #3 player on the same team with an excellent young core and solid vets? Gotcha
2008rhj 23 kun oldin
No way kd go to New York. Wishful thinking. Stay at warriors for 4-peat
Louis Baez
Louis Baez 23 kun oldin
I think nick Wright grossly understates curry's impact on the league, in this current state of basketball.
Louis Baez
Louis Baez 23 kun oldin
RIP Nick Wright, on the low RJ got takes and experience, mixed with fine articulation. He gets the W.
Chiniwins Bastards
Chiniwins Bastards 23 kun oldin
Lebron, can win with anyone
daniel khan
daniel khan 24 kun oldin
Anthony Davis is overrated.before you get crazy on me let me explain.people make him out to be a god.the pelican put so mutch talent around him and his team is still 15-18.you got jrue holiday who can score at an all star level and is an elite defender.niko mirotic is an effiecient scorer a decent defender and a deep range dead eye.randle is just a two way power house and is developing range.and they have such great bench players who compliment Davis.and even with all this talent Davis can’t lead this team and they 13th in their conference after starting the Season 5-0.this is why ad is overrated
T York
T York 26 kun oldin
I hate Nick's Texans takes.... but I TOTALLY agree they're sleeping on A.D., which is crazy considering R.J. played for a long time.
ariel guerrero
ariel guerrero 26 kun oldin
best Joel Embiid impression
Incredible World
Incredible World 26 kun oldin
Very good video! Keep making good content and you will build up rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and also we can subscribe back!
chee ho lim
chee ho lim 26 kun oldin
Look at what Kevin Love gets? he was an all-star before joining lebron’s team
Brandon Fernandez
Brandon Fernandez 27 kun oldin
Lakers Trade B. Ingram $5,757,120 K. Caldwell-Pope $12,000,000 R. Rondo $9,000,000 2019 1st rd 2020 1st rd Pelicans Trade A. Davis $25,434,263 E. Payton $3,000,000 Lakers Depth Chart C: J. Mcgee T. Chandler I. Zubac PF: A. Davis K. Kuzma M. Wagner SF: L. James L. Stephenson M. Beasley SG: J. Hart S. Mykhailiuk A. Caruso PG: L. Ball E. Payton I. Bonga Pelicans Depth Chart C: J. Randle J. Okafor PF: N. Mirotic Cheick Diallo S. Hill SF: B. Ingram E. Moore W. Johnson SG: J. Holiday K. Caldwell- Pope PG: R. Rondo T. Frazier I. Clark
HerculesClyde 27 kun oldin
Kawhi Literally said i’m not going to LA. That CTE must be creeping up on Cris
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 27 kun oldin
"1+1 does not equal 2" Where did Cris Carter go to school??? Go Blue!
Cash Inc Films Inc Films
Call me something negative then tell me watch it 😂.. Ninja knuck you . Go best friend - go best friend- go best friend
alex marques
alex marques 27 kun oldin
You can’t let non basketball dudes talk about basketball. Cuz then you’re gonna have someone like rj rip you up
cakesandpi 28 kun oldin
AD will go where he gets the ball most the time, more money on/off the court, bigger city that has cap space and good young core.
Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson 28 kun oldin
This talk show sucks only here for Richard Chris or Nick never know what they're talking about and Nick head shape annoys me
B Soul
B Soul 28 kun oldin
Davis, jrue holiday, wesley johnson for ingram,kuzma,ball,hart, 2 1st round picks. Then pelicans can flip those 2 1st rounder for tristan thompson. Then trade hart for fultz and 1st rounder.
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 28 kun oldin
Ok here’s an idea pick up A.Rivers off waivers package KCP rondo and hart for Beal that’ll put you in the WCF then trade Ingram kuzma and 2 first round picks for AD he’s not staying in NO let’s face it in the summer lebron Beal and AD and some nice role players ring in 19
Ricky Stansbury
Ricky Stansbury 28 kun oldin
Richard J. a veteran of many many years, and this guy who's never played *nothing* gonna try to convince him. Ridiculously crazy!
Matt McLeay
Matt McLeay 28 kun oldin
Nick Wright is a bloody fool lol. His love for lebron clouds every statement he makes
L Boogie
L Boogie 28 kun oldin
Kuzma is that guy a high level scorer....here is the problem....he is in his second year and still is developing so by the time he ready t average 24 points and score t will Leron will be old.....I knowfor a fact KUZZZZZZZZ is iggggtme he just not when the defense-makes-adjustments-come-playoff-crunchtime-ready! media pissing pelicansof..i dont blame pelicans and the league for geting mad at lakers and im a laker fan.
Joshua Ajadi
Joshua Ajadi 28 kun oldin
I like how RJ respectfully disagrees with Nick unlike CC who just rude ☠️
veerchasm1 28 kun oldin
AD should be everyone’s target 🎯
CaliDizzle 28 kun oldin
LBJ & AD look out now u know the league is in trouble . Back to Back titles
Duc Luc
Duc Luc 28 kun oldin
Lebron is one of the best at forming super teams. He will be a great GM in the future
StateOfShock 28 kun oldin
How is nick still on tv between his nose and annoying voice not even included how bias he is.
F#ck Being Fat
F#ck Being Fat 28 kun oldin
Nick Wright is nauseating
Joe Ponce
Joe Ponce 28 kun oldin
Nick always has that "who farted" face
edgar juarez
edgar juarez 28 kun oldin
Richard Jefferson voice is surprising
vtownboxingfan 28 kun oldin
Nicks wheels really get wobbly here @3:20
Jacob Bostock
Jacob Bostock 28 kun oldin
RJ must be so angry listening to this little boy beside him who's never played an NBA game. "you guys are grossly underestimating AD's influence on the defensive end". Mr. Wright he's actually played against the guy.
Tyrone Tyler
Tyrone Tyler 28 kun oldin
Hahaha everybody was saying the lakers will and will never ever geted a next superstar player ever to play for the lakers. And look what happens. The lakers get the biggest super mega star LeBron James. So everybody was wrong on that one. Ok that was number one. Number two the laker will get Anthony Davis as soon as possible. Hahaha go lakers.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez 28 kun oldin
Nick Wright really looked a former nba player in the face and an nfl player who had an nba player brother in the face and told them they were wrong hahah. They weren’t even disrespecting Lebron but he’s still hurt
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe 28 kun oldin
LeBron and AD vs KD and Kawhi? Lakers vs Clippers? 4 times a year + playoffs? That city would be on fire
Uptown Monsta
Uptown Monsta 28 kun oldin
Every star is not built for LA. Is AD? Talent wise? Yes. Personality wise? Eeeeh........ Carter obviously doesn’t know basketball if he thinks that the games greatest lob catcher couldn’t catch lobs from the game’s greatest passer. Think Harden to Capela on roids.
PRESIDENTIAL 28 kun oldin
Stout Bordeaux
Stout Bordeaux 28 kun oldin
All this chitter, chat about who the Lakers want, but reality is not all top free agents want to play with LeBron! The sports media a joke first it was PG and he said no thanks, Chris Paul resigned with Rockets said no Thank you, and Kyrie said no Thank you!
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi 28 kun oldin
Lol Jefferson is a Bronsexual toxic fanboy too, KD is right all along 👀
Matthew Fenton
Matthew Fenton 28 kun oldin
Nick is on point with this one AD is really underrated and not looked upon as a top 5 player in the league and he is. Just like labron in Cleveland at his first go around they had plenty of time to build around him and could not. move to LA
Israel Lett
Israel Lett 28 kun oldin
What jersey number would AD get if he plays with Lebron
I P 28 kun oldin
These guys and their hypotheticals
Jason President
Jason President 28 kun oldin
We need shooters and defense. Kawhi
Dorian Wright
Dorian Wright 28 kun oldin
Kid would be a good fit anywhere. He can do it all on both ends of the floor.
Masih Ahmad
Masih Ahmad 28 kun oldin
Richard Jefferson look like he 22
Regular Old Plumbus
Regular Old Plumbus 28 kun oldin
No LeBrick needs good 3 and D players AD doesn't deserve Love's fate
R 28 kun oldin
Waste of time to play with a 34 years old LeBron (possibly 35 if he waits free agency), AD will join forces with someone else.
Fr Eak
Fr Eak 28 kun oldin
Klay & Steph vs LeBron & AD vs KD & Kwahi vs Kyrie & Buttler
Brett Smith
Brett Smith 28 kun oldin
Is that Jenny chick a smoker? She sounds like a smoker
ItMeRagnarok 28 kun oldin
plot twist AD stays in NOLA KD slithers to the big easy, league explodes
George Harry
George Harry 28 kun oldin
Lebron needs another superstar? I thought he was the greatest? He shouldn’t need that much help. Kobe did it with gasol. Pippen wasn’t a superstar. They were great players but not mvp caliber players like AD. Davis been carrying the pelicans since he got into the league
Connor Riccilli
Connor Riccilli 28 kun oldin
1. Lebron 2. Kawhi 3. KD 4. Steph 5. Ad 6. Giannis 7. Harden 8. Westbrook 9. Dame 10. Embiid
C Y 28 kun oldin
why is Carter on here ?!?!? he knows nothing about basketball .... NOTHING!!!
Ryan Schreder
Ryan Schreder 28 kun oldin
I agree with Nick on this one. AD isn't just a paint player. The thing that makes AD special is the fact that he can do it all and dominate the game by himself. Aside from that, AD may be their best option. I don't think the Lakers are going to be able to grab Kawhii because he would probably pick the Clippers over playing with LeBron.
Ezwins 28 kun oldin
Media wants everyone to go to LA its insane.. this is fantasy basketball at its finest
Harvey Bell
Harvey Bell 28 kun oldin
I feel like If ad goes to lakers kd stays in gsw to stop them winning also it overshadows how kd joined a 73 and 9 team becouse you are stopping the second best player of all time and ad who could be the best pf of all time
kasimk4 28 kun oldin
Wrong. Stop lying.
Jose Nino
Jose Nino 28 kun oldin
AD to a non playoff team? wTH? he wants to win a championship...not merely a playoffs spot..lol
G 28 kun oldin
The media is trying their best to plant these roster changes in the Lakers organizations heads. They're usually wrong
Jay Parker
Jay Parker 28 kun oldin
Top 5: A.D. Khawi LeBron K.D. Greek Freak Sorry Kyrie's not showing it this year
SherlockHemlock 28 kun oldin
The overall problem with what has happened with Lebron's career is that without reaching the absolute top (meaning winning the Finals) it has put a spoke in peoples wheel in terms of replacing the perceived GOAT. What I find hilarious, is the fact that a man can win 3 rings and replace a man with a perfect 6 and 0 record. Now lets be clear...Jordan himself replaced a man with 11...however Jordan never once said he is the GOAT...others did. Also Jordan's finals record is unblemished and never has he been outplayed or outclassed in a Finals series...Please see Lebron 2011 meltdown...or his 2007 clubbing...or the one that people try to blame Dwayne Wade and his teammates for, his rematch in 2014 versus the Spurs where he got clubbed once again. Lebron, to his credit and much to Draymond Greens dismay ( I agree with the suspension btw) climbed pass a 73 and 9 win team. That alone however does not supplant you as the GOAT. Duncan beat you twice and has 5 rings...Kobe has 5 rings...Magic Johnson has 5 rings...Larry Bird...Please MIss me with this Lebron madness
SherlockHemlock 28 kun oldin
The hypocrisy in NIck Wright comments is so blasphemous. "The regular nba...where there aren't three all time greats on a team". I cry BS. What was Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh and Lebron. Don't hurry I'll wait. Secondly no one considers Klay Thompson an All Time great in the strictest sense of the word...at least not like a Dwayne Wade or Bosh. I think Thompson made one All Nba team...3rd team in recent memory (he made 2 third teams in 2014-15 and 2015-16). And why are we shoving this narrative down the peoples throat that Lebron "MUST" get this next superstar to play with. The Lakers have a good record with what they have, secondly if you are "the goat" elevate the team and show your worth. I'm tired of the continued narrative and I'm happy Kobe brought it up last Finals, that counter the narrative...that Lebron teammates are garbage. They were good enough to get you to the Finals, and good enough to get you to near winning game 1, elevate your team and stop with all the excuses. The story of Lebron's career, when he wins, he is the second coming of Jesus, when he loses, he has no help. Please Miss me with the BS. Quite frankly I'd like AD to stay in New Orleans. for my memory isn't that short and I remember why the last lockout occurred, they wanted "Parity". Yet we are now to decimate a team in New Orleans, a small market to start with, to help prop up Lebron. Please Miss me with the BS
Childs Play
Childs Play 28 kun oldin
Haters : No NBA Star wants to play with Lebron. King Lebron : You all pheasant think that i like to play with them.
Gabe Easter
Gabe Easter 28 kun oldin
I think it's funny how everyone thinks that if KD leaves, the Warriors are no longer a contender. As if they didn't win a chip and get to the Finals two years back-to-back without him.
Ryan Gardner
Ryan Gardner 28 kun oldin
+Gabe Easter yup but I liked gsw way b4 kd I've always liked curry way back to Davidson
Gabe Easter
Gabe Easter 28 kun oldin
+Ryan Gardner I don't think he's going to leave either. I think everyone just likes to push that narrative because they hate how dominant the Warriors have become.
Ryan Gardner
Ryan Gardner 28 kun oldin
I know what u saying but I really don't think he will tho
Dsnutss 28 kun oldin
Don't let Nick Wright fool you, he does not know Ball!
Dsnutss 28 kun oldin
Just look at Chris and Richard's faces when Nick speaks. They don't respect his opinion. Body language is powerful!
WhoAm I
WhoAm I 28 kun oldin
Nick 3 all time greats in GS.... Nick you had no problem when it was 3 all time greats in Miami and now you and the rest of the media trying to help Lebron get 2 other all time greats.... laughable
Sebastian 28 kun oldin
I used to dog on Nick ... Now I just feel sorry for him... Dude is sponsored by KY jelly for god sakes ! Taking CC's D all day.
darkkeg 28 kun oldin
They act like he wont stay with a supermax deal
Dashawn Warren
Dashawn Warren 28 kun oldin
I hate that the media keeps trying to make people go to the Lakers
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige 28 kun oldin
Will AD be able to bear with media attentions every day and every game in the Lakers? Who cares.
Sam Jorden
Sam Jorden 28 kun oldin
I’m glad they’re trying to teach Nick Wrong the game of basketball. He has no business reporting the sport!
MonkeySkywalker3 28 kun oldin
This how I know he ain’t going, they’re mostly wrong on these topics
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 28 kun oldin
Lol I never understood how can u argue with a person who actually played professional basketball 😂😂😂
third eye order
third eye order 28 kun oldin
Once Upon A Time In A Golden State NBA.
Romello Gene
Romello Gene 28 kun oldin
Nick wright trying to explain to RJ on how Lebron plays lol RJ won with Lebron how you gonna tell him what Lebron needs lol
CedRock starr
CedRock starr 28 kun oldin
Nick’s fanboyism gets in the way of his observation and judgement on Lebron topics. Kawhi & KD and a MUCH BETTER combo than Lebron and KD. MUUUUCH better. Lakers wouldn’t win a title.
hugo d
hugo d 28 kun oldin
AD will not go to the Lakers for a simple reason : who's gonna give up #23 ?
Darkreapah psn
Darkreapah psn 28 kun oldin
Lakers dont have enough to give to get AD.Pelicans aint giving up AD for Brandam Ingram and rose.
fjjdghrfigj 28 kun oldin
LBJ best player in game, Kd second best player KL third best play and AD 4th best player.. and each gna pair up some way the league is great
Jermaine J
Jermaine J 28 kun oldin
Further proof of KD comment about the media fanboys. The day after LeBron gets blown out by the Wizards not a peep on LeBron or the Lakers. Don’t give me it was football Monday they have covered him on Mondays before. Now on a Tuesday when other teams playing big games they cover a TRADE that isn’t taking place until February if not the off season.
Curtis Williams
Curtis Williams 28 kun oldin
Why are they talking bout a AD to lakers when the his team has said that he will never be traded
LiquidSwords03 28 kun oldin
Don’t think any super star wants to play with Lebron. His super team days ended with the Heat.
w00t777 28 kun oldin
Nick Wright is such a desperate lebron fanboy, watching him trying to force his point in this debate is real sad, LOL
bojo perez
bojo perez 29 kun oldin
dont ever join lbj.. hes a career destroyer
Manujya Ghosh
Manujya Ghosh 29 kun oldin
Cris Carter doesn't really make much sense😂
The JP
The JP 29 kun oldin
This richard jefferson thinks lebron so much of god but wants AD in the team. BS!!! Hhahahahaha Also, nick wright, your a 👃! Squidward moronic face
se Ba
se Ba 29 kun oldin
If they get AD , they need a 3 point shooter. Or heavily focus defense team. It would be hard to go in the paint with that team n they gonna be unstoppable driving in. You gonna need to get a coach that can manage it tho