Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

Marques Brownlee
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From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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11-Yan, 2019

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yt 14 daqiqa oldin
Yes I would do it. But You still need people to fill the car whit gas.
boooger joj
boooger joj 15 daqiqa oldin
Fake the person could steal the car there not that stupid or are they xd
Shato Sakurin
Shato Sakurin Soat oldin
What if you get pulled over
Omar Abid
Omar Abid 2 soat oldin
Watching while brushing 😬
hulio papi
hulio papi 2 soat oldin
if i was a cop id pull them over and ask for liscense and registration
Fiji Fi
Fiji Fi 2 soat oldin
You better call Monica NOW before the Prius drives you into a container that will be shipped to an island.
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez 2 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Justin Huang
Justin Huang 3 soat oldin
AI is real. While safety may increase, that is an entire industry of jobs vanishing. Taxi drivers, delivery cars, shipping trucks will be gone. AI isn’t limited to these types of jobs either! Hopefully life will improve for all!
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 3 soat oldin
My girls asked "would you get in this car?"...I said I don't know. She said "I kind of like it, because if you're tired your could just get driven around".... Lol...
Tony C
Tony C 3 soat oldin
Brought to you by Yandex russian hacking while you ride.
Corey Marshall
Corey Marshall 3 soat oldin
Максим Альжанов
Ебаните лайк сюда чтоб американцы думали типа я что-то умное сказал.
Lukash Hoynatsky
Lukash Hoynatsky 4 soat oldin
gerard 4 soat oldin
You notice they always try this stuff in open areas try that in New York City and let me know how that turn out
Андрей Фролов
Yeah that's all good and fun, but! Have you seen the roads in Russia? Even consider the fact that this is a Russian tech company it will took ages to put these cars into the streets considering the fact that Yandex recently emerged Uber and if they will try to replace these poor souls who made small money because of the gas prices, the fees and etc. this won't be easy. But for the concept it's really good, it's really sorry that Yandex search is a shit.
Miguel Musni
Miguel Musni 4 soat oldin
so you’re taking the jobs of taxi drivers?
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 5 soat oldin
I would love to try this ....amazing ......the future is here .... EMBRACE IT!!!! VERY INFORMATIVE, GREAT VIDEO !!!!
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 5 soat oldin
Greenscreeen 🥬
DazikenHD 5 soat oldin
That iPad cable looks painful
Plutot Crever
Plutot Crever 5 soat oldin
Pouaahaha! Collective ubris. We are witnessing a collective hallucination. Self driving cars wont, ever, happen. Can you imagine a self driving car ramming a crowded Christmas market ? And just you wait until the car makers realize that if we have access to self driving cars picking us up at our door and go park themselves then we don't have any reason to buy our own car anymore ? And try to get out of the California fires with your self driving car. Good f*cking luck. And self driving cars cannot deal with black ice, holes, sand/dust, etc. Self driving cars on private circuits in CA is one thing. Real life roads in Iowa, Michigan, etc is another. All you see here is a bunch of Silicon Valley geeks attracting millions over millions in investments, creating a buzz and a business out of thin air.
JONASXD360 5 soat oldin
What about waymo, the self driving car company from Google?
Alamda Ali
Alamda Ali 6 soat oldin
Frank John Alex
Frank John Alex 6 soat oldin
How many of us are excited for this... I think driving a car is a pleasure in itself.....I don't want the future to take that away from us...!
sounak sengupta
sounak sengupta 6 soat oldin
That’s a Russian company yandex
JuCRoQ JuCRoQ 7 soat oldin
В России дороги не позволяют?
crzykoment 7 soat oldin
plot twist: it was actualy remote controlled by someone , and also can see you 24/7 by cameras, and even monitor you when you go to strip club etc.
CommieBash 7 soat oldin
NO WAY. I will NEVER be in a driverless car. Whats the point?? People should not support this crap! As all this automation comes into fruition... More and more PEOPLE will be without jobs. And dont even start with the usual defender crap: “well, we will need humans to monitor, program and service these new systems...”. UMMMM.... NO YOU WONT. Are you kidding me??!! Its not bad enough that you people are applauding your own unemployment, you also have ZERO FORESIGHT, INSIGHT, and COMMON SENSE....
Hamse Ali
Hamse Ali 7 soat oldin
Hell yes
RoNf0i thE MoDDER
RoNf0i thE MoDDER 8 soat oldin
Welcome in 2020
luka geo
luka geo 8 soat oldin
Fuck russua, fuck yandex.
Random Slacker
Random Slacker 9 soat oldin
With enough radar waves you will be able to microwave your food while walking on a sidewalk in the city ;)
Mihai Plopsoreanu
Mihai Plopsoreanu 9 soat oldin
Is this sa same company that made the "automated robot" wich had an actual human inside in attempt to cheat on AI tests? Just asking
Kevin Ace
Kevin Ace 9 soat oldin
so cool
Mike Ung
Mike Ung 10 soat oldin
If this shit becomes successful then say goodbye to uber and lyft
danial Raja
danial Raja 10 soat oldin
What if the taxi gets hijacked 😬
ank 11 soat oldin
why does that have a steering wheel if its driverless ?
widelings 12 soat oldin
Driverless car *has stearing wheel*
Ritan Barman
Ritan Barman 12 soat oldin
Oh man it's so cool
The World Is Mine
The World Is Mine 12 soat oldin
I don’t like this.
TIlak Sevak
TIlak Sevak 12 soat oldin
Конечно, тут ниху## им делать ! Видели бы дороги тут!!
And then Yandex supports new iron curtain in Russia
Periflow 13 soat oldin
Yandex is russians google, but what is it doing on the car?
ullas babu
ullas babu 13 soat oldin
May be taxi drivers become taxi attendents - just to enter the destination and to collect money.
LAGMI20 13 soat oldin
Well taxi drivers are going to be with no jobs sooner
ullas babu
ullas babu 13 soat oldin
Who came just for the comments?
Putra Raziq
Putra Raziq 14 soat oldin
The dislikes are all from taxi drivers
Kalyan Shankar Haldar
Kalyan Shankar Haldar 14 soat oldin
So professional drivers are going to loose their job!
Tarun Jay
Tarun Jay 15 soat oldin
Im scared but i would like to take a ride in driverless car
finnedKarma 15 soat oldin
What if you get pulled over?
John V. Fischer
John V. Fischer 15 soat oldin