Ripping Off GameStop Is EASY

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In my time working at Gamestop, I saw 4 people fired and was placed on the chopping block myself. Being a gamestop employee had its moments and quitting stories are great, but this is definitely not one of those. This is a game retailer that likely won't exist in just a few years time, and while I know you guys love these stories, I don't have many left to tell. So enjoy the story of one of my most surreal experiences in my time working at gamestop.

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18-Mar, 2019



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Bewater73 Daqiqa oldin
Bruh I been finessing GameStop with there return policy since it was eb games! Lol
Petr Kotlitel
Petr Kotlitel Soat oldin
i watched the video.. but i didn't click on like after that.. im.. yeah .. :(
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel Soat oldin
Elvis The Alien looking headass
nosworc 2 soat oldin
I'm pretty sure none of this happened....
Ogram Brat
Ogram Brat 3 soat oldin
You know I've been watching your videos for a while and I've never had a problem with any of the GameStops in town we have four or five of them and not once if I've been ripped off or tricked into anything that I don't want they've always been polite they call me when my pre orders come in I mean I'm starting to think that you're making things up just because you had a bad time as an employee.
8debate 4 soat oldin
3.4K GameStop employees dislike this video.
Omega Elliott
Omega Elliott 4 soat oldin
"Bruce" his real name is Christopher Wellington...
Reggie E
Reggie E 6 soat oldin
That hair on your arm is KILLING ME
FinalFantasySete 8 soat oldin
Bruce's mistake was being too greedy. Should have been two or three pricey games per week that no one noticed.
Wolfgang R
Wolfgang R 8 soat oldin
Wait, GameStop is still in business??? I thought that followed Blockbuster a long time ago.
Gavin Burns
Gavin Burns 11 soat oldin
If you buy a new game and then return it a couple days later for all your money back, would that game that you return become a used game?
Y2K Savior
Y2K Savior 14 soat oldin
Be done with GTA V in 7 days? 🤔 No
andrew santigo
andrew santigo 15 soat oldin
*Gamestop has left chat*
Sköll Devours
Sköll Devours 16 soat oldin
I used to do that shit all that time! Lmao! I was all set on games for three whole years and paid virtually nothing. The return policy thing not the dumpster diving. This was back in like 2010ish and I just kinda figured it out one day. Hilarious. Although I REALLY wish I’d thought of or known about the buying a game at ridiculous sale price and selling it to Game Stop for cash. Was that like straight up cash in your pocket cash or like store credit? Cuz if it’s cash, that’s one serious loophole that can basically become a full fledged part-time income and is insane that it’s not illegal.
AcidSugar1414 21 soat oldin
If you ever want to fuck a company over, learn "their rules" better than them and use "their rules" against them as much as possible. Get them to a point where they flat out deny you something that you know you have every right to under "their rules" and if they have a corporate line see what you can get out of them. I feel like i think about this too much...
Michelle Atkins
Michelle Atkins 22 soat oldin
I had bought a 500 dollar Xbox one x, well I wanted to switch to the ps4 because I wanted to play on the PlayStation well anyway I ended up getting back 125 dollars in store credit meaning I can only buy that much worth if stuff in their store specifically. In cash I would have gotten 55 dollars. Keep in mind this thing was only 3 months old so yeah I have personal experience with being screwed over by Gamestop
Abyss Gamez
Abyss Gamez 22 soat oldin
To gamestop. You’ve underestimated the power of japanese technology you evil $&cth! ( a quote from angel cop)
Abyss Gamez
Abyss Gamez 22 soat oldin
To own gamestop yeah ill give them 2 dollars store credit, nah 35 cents
Dane Cunningham
Dane Cunningham 23 soat oldin
Lol, district managers are supposed to field destroy the things going into dumpsters. whoever told you to through it away should be fired. Everyone thinking of fucking around in the dumpsters I wish I could see the looks on your faces when you pull busted ass consoles out. If you fuck around in the dumpster behind where I work without a uniform for one the stores in the strip I'm calling the cops
William Kistler
William Kistler 23 soat oldin
Bruh chill... You're gonna end up killed yourself (AKA MURDERED) if you keep making these videos... Better hope the Clinton's don't have stock in Gamestop.
TailsPrower07 Kun oldin
My brother usually did that. Buy games and return them once he beat them. They actually told him he couldn't do it anymore
Austin Trent
Austin Trent Kun oldin
Dude, don't know if you'll see this but I've had something crazy happen twice at GameStop. Say a game was on sale, I went and bought said game used then I would play for a couple days or so and when I realized I didn't want it anymore I went to return it within the 7 day policy. Thing is, I bought the game on sale and when they rung me up they rung me up for a return of the non sale price. Like one of the games I got just recently on sale was Injustice 2 Legendary edition, bought it for $30 used and got bored of it in a few days, went to return it and they were going to give me $55 back. I pointed it out to them that I didn't pay that price for it both times, but still knowing this myself and how easily they don't pay attention I could go buy a ton of used games on sale and return them once the sale ends and make so much money. Guess these are just things you learn having gone to GameStop for years haha.
Ashley Knight
Ashley Knight Kun oldin
Where r u from cuz the gamestop I work at ship out our damaged systems headsets etc
nicholas hang
nicholas hang Kun oldin
Plot Twist: Bruce doesn't exist, he is actually talking about himself
Ashley Knight
Ashley Knight Kun oldin
We changed it to seven days for pre owned games ALONE. New games aren't allowed. And lmao some people dont need more than seven days to beat a game. Also we now do take ids when they return games after 3 times it tells us we cant return it anymore
Forty1Second Kun oldin
I did exactly this at least 25x. Got a game played it for a week and got another 1 for free over and over. The employees had an attitude about it which made me purposely do it even more
මහ හඬින්
I did this for a whole summer once, they got so pissed lmao
Kommo-o Ultra
Kommo-o Ultra Kun oldin
I’d keep the stuff they through away
Anthony Robinson
I tried to sell my 360 with no cables and they told me i would have to pay them to take it...
Dane Cunningham
Dane Cunningham 23 soat oldin
It has to have all the cables and a controller. It has to be in re sell-able condition, so without the cables/components we have to charge to replace the missing parts. the 360 is nearly worthless now. we are offering basically nothing. I tell most people to hang on to it to watch netflix. Outside of special promotions for previous gen consoles it's not worth selling.
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas Kun oldin
Get that hair off your shoulder
Jr Dlg
Jr Dlg Kun oldin
he could say nigga and i wouldn’t care
Backwood Dee
Backwood Dee Kun oldin
Dude YES! I’ve been doing this for years! I’ve gotten like $3000 worth of games and consoles for free over the last couple years. There’s been at least 5 times a friend comes down for the weekend and I’ll “ rent” a Xbox so my friend and I can play single player games side by side. I mean everything from god of war, assassins creed, halo, call of duty campaigns you name it. Thanks GameStop for all the free gaming:)
Jared Kruschev
Jared Kruschev Kun oldin
I did this when I was like 10 or so with PS2 games. Shit was C A S H.
chris atkisson
chris atkisson Kun oldin
If Bruce was not smarter 🧐 lmao
Oof Kun oldin
“Alright you’re return comes to a total of 34 dollars and 86 cents for you’re 2 unopened PS5’s, NBA2K23 with accurate predictions of the roster, and Minecraft 2”
CLone WaRs
CLone WaRs Kun oldin
F**k GameStop. I buy my games from Walmart
sd1rager Kun oldin
So Bruce is a thief.
sd1rager Kun oldin
You're not telling me anything I don't know yet.
sd1rager Kun oldin
I might do this for RE2.
johnny mendoza
johnny mendoza Kun oldin
The brain lol
Holy Goal
Holy Goal Kun oldin
Ok, 12 and a half dollars for the unreleased PS5. Plud you have to pay extra 11 and 0375 dollars for shipping it to the storage that is on the corner of the store
Jade Mills
Jade Mills Kun oldin
What's up with your left nostril?
Rockstar SuperVillain
super easy its calle d"use ebay" stupid fuck.
Suntorn Pogasic
Suntorn Pogasic 2 kun oldin
Of course I wouldn't do it.... You absolutely should lmao
Rex Holes
Rex Holes 2 kun oldin
The same kind of thing happened at a music store I worked in they were throwing out all kinds of stuff that just had cosmetic damage or could be fixed easily enough but wasnt fit to sell and not worth it to ship back, then one person gets greedy and tries to "throw away" some new thing they want and then its crossing the line into theft, I got a couple of beat up guitars and an amplifier I fixed up the manager didnt give a crap about that stuff
Dylan Clere
Dylan Clere 2 kun oldin
When I was a kid there was a blockbuster at the outlet mall we used to go to all the time, and they would let you rent a game for 2 weeks and return it. Well I rented a game once that I really liked and decided I didn’t want to return it. A month later we got a notice in the mail that we would be charged 15 dollars for the game if we didn’t return it. Keep in mind, to buy the game was like 40 bucks, and it was a 5 dollar rental. So I kept it and got it half price. Sorta. Later on I rented a few more games and didn’t return them and the same thing happened, but the way this block busters policy worked you couldn’t rent another game until you paid for the last one if you didn’t return it, so I just wouldn’t rent them, I’d have friends and family rent them. So I was getting game for 5 bucks at a time and not even paying the 15 dollar late fee on them and just pay half. I had figured out a way to get games for next to nothing. Soon I had an entire drawer full of games that would’ve cost like 200 bucks that I paid like 40 bucks for, and then the blockbuster closed down and I never got charged the difference. Sold them with my ps2 like 15 years ago for 80 bucks
Kaiser Hertzen
Kaiser Hertzen 2 kun oldin
Oh, I didn't know Tony Romo worked at GameStop.....(you look like Tony Romo) brochacho
Ryan Bianucci
Ryan Bianucci 2 kun oldin
Nobody: Me: drives behind the gamestop store
Emanuel Jaramillo
Emanuel Jaramillo 2 kun oldin
Short story, i bought a xbox one x in 2018 it stopped working after a year, i bought another at gamestop and switched the serial numbers returned my non functional xbox to game stop so thank you game stop didnt have to pay to fix my own
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera 2 kun oldin
Yall want easy money? Chinese. Pokemon. Bootlegs. Find those lookalike $10-15 Pokemon Diamond, pearl, platinum, etc, and turn around and sell them to multiple gamestops. Made my money for a switch that way lol.
Flop Studios
Flop Studios 2 kun oldin
I want to go dumpster diving now
Joel 2 kun oldin
That hair on his left arm is annoying me so much !
Dametreis 66
Dametreis 66 2 kun oldin
He talks so fast i put it in 0.75
Goldfish Empire
Goldfish Empire 2 kun oldin
-_- Hhhhhhhhh lol
Eric Atkinson
Eric Atkinson 2 kun oldin
It turns out that GameStop's refurbishment center doesn't put seal stickers back on Ps4's after theyre refurbished which means that seal stickers aren't required for trades or returns as a consequence. Which means that if someone wishes to hurt GameStop financially all one has to do is buy a used Ps4, take a T6 security bit that you can get from Walmart or Home Depot or ebay rather cheaply, open up the casing take a hammer and punch and physically destroy every internal component, shake the loose pieces out reassemble and return it. And you can honestly say that the system isn't working. If you didn't unwrap the cords and cables and reseal it with the same type clear tape you can even pretend it was never opened, which may cause GameStop future customer service issues. But don't use a Power Up Rewards card to do it and give a false name and address for the return because they track that information. You will have cost GameStop one PlayStation 4 system, potential future customer service issues and you will have gotten everything back that you put into it as long as it's within 7 days. But keep in mind it won't work with any system other than the PS4 because other systems DO have to have seal stickers intact.
Eric Atkinson
Eric Atkinson 2 kun oldin
Speaking hypothetically of course.
Luis DeVaulo
Luis DeVaulo 3 kun oldin
Dont know if this ripping off but I got Witcher 3 pre owned and the guy gave me the new complete edition. I was amazed.
TVD- The Remedy
TVD- The Remedy 3 kun oldin
Does Jessica Simpson’s snatch smell rank?
skulletor 3 kun oldin
sell gamestop expensive repro nes games/Fake and act likes it's the real deal....
fartist123 3 kun oldin
Jesse Vaughn
Jesse Vaughn 3 kun oldin
Bought 2 games one time when i saw they were having a buy one get one free on their used games. Ended up finding a working copy of the game i payed for on the ground xD. Went to return the one i payed for and to my surprise since the one i got for free was marked $0.00 on the receipt I got to keep the game that i got for free. Wasnt even trying to rip them off but win for me. I loathe gamestop
John Vazquez
John Vazquez 3 kun oldin
Lol. I do the "return policy" method at best buy while i save up for a better pc
Blind Dog
Blind Dog 3 kun oldin
I ripped of GameStop so much I should be locked up. Every game I’ve bought from them was basically free.
Motion Chicken
Motion Chicken 3 kun oldin
You were fired for not doing something that was never suggested nor required. Hope that manager got fired
Tree-Turtle 3 kun oldin
Yup. That return in a week thing was great. When I was a wee lad with a wee wallet, a blessed GameStop employee told me about this trick. I might have done it around 30 or so times.
THANOScide 3 kun oldin
I wanna go dumpster dive at GameStop now but I don't want Madden lol
Arbiter and Chara Dreemurr
" Bruce: i got a bunch of new not released games now hahaha Also Bruce: wait where's my jacket Manager: LOOKING FOR THIS *holds up jacket* Bruce without the jacket he always wears: thats not mine " 14:04 absolute legend " 15:27 THIS FUCKING GUY
Cibby Kwaka
Cibby Kwaka 3 kun oldin
Bruce sounds like a n!gger
xITz Online
xITz Online 3 kun oldin
I just subbed afnd dude this is funny Love your Vids Keep up the work man! XD
Alberto 3 kun oldin
Stop lying you are Bruce
NoLaKazi 3 kun oldin
I bet the owner of GameStop is related to Donald Trump
Ryuto Uzumaki
Ryuto Uzumaki 3 kun oldin
do you guys know if buy a game with insurance, can I get a new copy if I lot the disc
ethan malje
ethan malje 3 kun oldin
I traded in games and one gane registered for .01¢ I look in the ds shelf they were selling it for 12$
Mithaa Inparajan
Mithaa Inparajan 3 kun oldin
Aii so basically I gotta get a job at GameStop, not bring my jacket to work, and take a box of madden to the baggage to pick it up later that night. Got it😂
Hexagon Lights
Hexagon Lights 4 kun oldin
May have missed it in the vid but if you buy a controller, buy the 10 $ warranty for a year and when its close to the year it ends on, bring your controller back and get a brand new controller after a near year of use
xephael 4 kun oldin
This video would not play on Android picture in picture... apparently they think it's music?
xephael Kun oldin
+I Make Funny Comments Thanks, I know how to bypass it...just letting video author know.
I Make Funny Comments
Use UZvid Vanced.
KapnKelpy 4 kun oldin
I brought in 12 games and they offered me 10 dollars
Zach Spears
Zach Spears 4 kun oldin
His voice starts changing around 13 min in.... pitch gets higher and higher like his voice is going hoarse lol
T7 Velocity
T7 Velocity 4 kun oldin
Bruce snitched on you my guy.
Professor Kush
Professor Kush Kun oldin
Lol shutup nerds.
T7 Velocity
T7 Velocity Kun oldin
Kyle Adams Thanks big dog, real recognize real 😂
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams Kun oldin
I bet you his real name is Bruce too.
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams Kun oldin
I was waiting on somebody to say somethin. You a real one.
Matt Golembiowski
Matt Golembiowski 4 kun oldin
I used to do the return thing all the time. there were two GameStops in the mall I went to I would buy one from one store return to the other and vice versa. don't do the power card thing because then they can keep track of your returns and they try and Blacklist you just pay the extra five bucks or whatever and you're golden
Martin Carbonella
Martin Carbonella 4 kun oldin
Gamestop makes there money off of used game sales, not so much from new games because they only get a small percentage from the markup at retail price. Funny I may still make a video about this, I use to buy used games and they had a deal where you trade in ANY 2 PRE - OWNED GAMES GET A PRE - OWNED GAME FOR FREE at Blockbuster, so I'd get cheap used games at any location and trade them in for a higher priced used game.... and then trade that in for blockbuster store credit at another location to buy a PSP. Long process but it was when I was a kid and had time.
Derpy 4 kun oldin
Me as an average player completed GTA 5 in 1 day and 2 hours.... so if you can speed run....
Cralo 4 kun oldin
I might try dumpster diving I’ve never done it before. I have a few GameStop stores to choose from. I sold my ps4 a while ago, maybe I’ll get lucky lol
Paul Basquez
Paul Basquez 4 kun oldin
just fyi he lied about 6 times i seen
Ian Sullivan
Ian Sullivan 4 kun oldin
Does the trade in thing still work
Cr3w IronWolf
Cr3w IronWolf 4 kun oldin
I got a game that was one week old for $1.76
Hyromonoxide GamingClips
Many many years ago when our GameStop was called Software Etc (I was probably 15 or 16) I bought a new N64 GameShark and swapped the version stickers with an old one and returned the old one as the new. Don't remember if it was for store credit to get another game or cash, I haven't done anything like that since but karma came back to me years later when I bought a supposed new copy of Dance Dance Revolution. I watched the manager look in the big box and tape it shut. So after I buy this I noticed the box felt light and to my surprise there was no dance pad inside like there should have been. The manager told me it wasn't his problem I'd have to contact whatever game company.
Blane Erwin
Blane Erwin 4 kun oldin
It turns out if you don't pay your employees well and treat them poorly, they will not be invested in the success of your business. Who would have thought?
J Smith
J Smith 4 kun oldin
Bull shit story
JPRO1400 P
JPRO1400 P 4 kun oldin
TheMattMattik 4 kun oldin
Pffffff I was doing this when I was 12......14 years ago. Old news lol
Dick Simmons
Dick Simmons 4 kun oldin
If you take back what was said about spiderman ps4, you wouldn't get what's deserved.
Liam East
Liam East 4 kun oldin
Stories are stupid I thought you would show a video of you doing it, dummy
thomas williams
thomas williams 4 kun oldin
Poor Bruce
Dan Cino
Dan Cino 4 kun oldin
Fall out 76 hater
Mason Blackwell
Mason Blackwell 4 kun oldin
Everything this guys saying is bullshit. Gamestop is a business they are there to make money not give out free shit
EGPMH 4 kun oldin
The GameStop in the town next to mine locks their dumpsters, but this doesn’t help; I’ve seen people use bolt cutters to get in it anyway .
Mr Pieraldi
Mr Pieraldi 4 kun oldin
you deserve some sort of an award just for giving some strangers a super solid fuckin robin hood style. god damn hero
PFSnypr 4 kun oldin
When i was a kid they scammed me out of my ps3, i got $15
Aultrie 2 kun oldin
Lol in the UK you get all your money back
Talking Strange
Talking Strange 4 kun oldin
Gamestop wants to know your location.
Hideika 4 kun oldin
Bruce is a savage LOL
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