River Treasure: I Found a Working iPhone 7 PLUS, GoPro, Keys, Money (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!)

Man + River
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Wow, today's River Treasure hunt was incredible! While snorkeling in the river, I found 3 phones (iphone 7 plus, iphone 7, samsung j36v), and the iPhone 7 plus still worked, so I was able to contact the owner and return the phone. Her reaction was priceless, she was so thrilled to have her $1,000 phone back in perfect condition! I also found a working GoPro Hero 4 session, on a GoPro stick. I found lots of sunglasses, a pair of car keys, a flask FULL of alcohol, a pair of children's swimming goggles, a fishing lure and weight, a bunch of other stuff!
Check out my previous River Treasure video: uzvid.com/video/video-nvb8DlW7_xM.html
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Camera used:
Gopro Hero 4 Black
iPhone 6s




23-Okt, 2017

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ItsanLFX Yil oldin
And I found a working refrigerator with food in it that hasn't expired at the bottom of the Hudson's bay
CrystalBunny Productions
Any Canadians out here?
maliyah baldeo
maliyah baldeo 14 kun oldin
+Man + River Do you know the odd1sout? (James Rallison)
maliyah baldeo
maliyah baldeo 14 kun oldin
how the heck ;-;
ItsanLFX what the hell?😂😂
Hesham Torky
Hesham Torky Oy oldin
ItsanLFX I dare u too eat it XD
squishy girl kenzie
squishy girl kenzie 14 soat oldin
Well done dallas keep going searching it will make peoples day😜😃😄😁😛:)))))))
jaswinder singh
jaswinder singh 2 kun oldin
God bless u brother love you from India Punjab State 😇😇😇👍👍👍
jaswinder singh
jaswinder singh 2 kun oldin
God bless u love u from India Punjab State 😇😇😇
Odhran Lynch
Odhran Lynch 2 kun oldin
Move the camera away from your face pls
Kero Ayman
Kero Ayman 3 kun oldin
Meijinlung Maringmei
Who watching this video only to see the owner 🤓
Aragsan Ali
Aragsan Ali 4 kun oldin
Subscribe blz
Ionasku Alexander
Ionasku Alexander 4 kun oldin
what she said: I just graduated college. what she meant: I have a huge debt and I'm unemployed
q t
q t 4 kun oldin
El iPhone es mío se me perdio
q t
q t 4 kun oldin
toufik khan
toufik khan 4 kun oldin
নোয়াখাইল্লা প্লিজ
Abb Jordan
Abb Jordan 5 kun oldin
Returns phones but not GoPros lol
Deny Priyatna
Deny Priyatna 8 kun oldin
why a lot of phone can be there?
Laura Rubini
Laura Rubini 8 kun oldin
Qualcuno italiano?🙄
Алиса гимнастика
От тебя воняет
Sandra Ruzicic
Sandra Ruzicic 11 kun oldin
Bendykid983 6
Bendykid983 6 12 kun oldin
6:21 imagine if the person who owned the car to those keys just hear there car unlock 3 times 😂
Dan Donnelly
Dan Donnelly 12 kun oldin
I lost the new iPhone in Pennsylvania
Dan Donnelly
Dan Donnelly 12 kun oldin
I love this dude
Arsh Jesani
Arsh Jesani 12 kun oldin
I really want to go in this River. Plz tell me where it is by
Hayley Kibble
Hayley Kibble 13 kun oldin
Can l have it is my phone 21 milton way nicole
Nefeli Zhula OTR
Nefeli Zhula OTR 13 kun oldin
ryusei tamashiro
ryusei tamashiro 14 kun oldin
Jessica House
Jessica House 14 kun oldin
Rn its 6 48 and the phone said 6 44
savage kitty555
savage kitty555 14 kun oldin
Its a samsung galaxy grand prime, i have that type of phone
maliyah baldeo
maliyah baldeo 14 kun oldin
3:41 - 3:42... My mind *NUUUU THE STICK....oh wait...it's with it's family ;-;*
kelvyn sucesso
kelvyn sucesso 15 kun oldin
Adele Lielā
Adele Lielā 15 kun oldin
2:54 look's like a man leg
Bros vs hockey
Bros vs hockey 16 kun oldin
Ur rich
Natasha Irene
Natasha Irene 17 kun oldin
What if some of these phones belongs to dead people, who committed suicide at the river. Damn.
XxxMaddie_ PlayzxxX
XxxMaddie_ PlayzxxX 18 kun oldin
I wanna go to that river
Никита Аристов
Dis is fantastik
Daliney Medina
Daliney Medina 19 kun oldin
I love watching your vids
Denise Velazquez
Denise Velazquez 19 kun oldin
5:36 iphone
gamergal 22
gamergal 22 20 kun oldin
If I see somthing.. creepy.. u cheer me up and I forget all about it so TYSM!! 👍👍👍
Zorin Puii
Zorin Puii 20 kun oldin
u are so kind that phones iphones watch so many other thing that u gave to owner and when they say i will payu said no!!
Milissa Queen
Milissa Queen 21 kun oldin
Hi i love you canel
azarath vilar
azarath vilar 22 kun oldin
I want to be like you
jd kelliePlayz
jd kelliePlayz 22 kun oldin
i like your vids
Macarena del castillo
Man 😂 you should get new gloves I mean i will buy you if you don’t
Nini Berdzenishvili
Nini Berdzenishvili 22 kun oldin
Joe Stuff
Joe Stuff 23 kun oldin
good job
Samantha Riccobono
Samantha Riccobono 24 kun oldin
5:37 , your welcome
Adam Maturino
Adam Maturino 26 kun oldin
U have super good videos
aurea silva
aurea silva 28 kun oldin
Muito legal da parte dele devolver as coisas aos donos, se fosse outro venderia para se aproveitar
saucegaysucks 28 kun oldin
I thought you were going to try and return the gopro or anything else in there. Would be cool if there was a facebook group for fans/people who go to river and you post pics of the lost things. Still nice of you, also thank you for throwing trash away when you find it. Need more people like you around.
Isabella Marshal
You are the best
mega play
mega play Oy oldin
Quem é brasileiro deixa o joinha
Zuzanna W
Zuzanna W Oy oldin
I mean THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!😄
Sumit Pall
Sumit Pall Oy oldin
Awesome job
Raquel Levin
Raquel Levin Oy oldin
I'm so proud of you son
Akip Oy oldin
Alina Segal
Alina Segal Oy oldin
8:14 😂😂😂
Nicolette Jayne
It'll be cool if you have a glass container for all the coins you pick up from the lakes then count them every end of the year
XQ VloG Oy oldin
Có ai nghĩ là họ vứt xuống k
Hesham Torky
Hesham Torky Oy oldin
Are you Ready for lunch time looked like he was peeing in the water
Jackson Pereira
Oi sou do Brasil gosto muito dos seus vídeos parabéns
Om Kumar
Om Kumar Oy oldin
Bhai aek phon mero ko Dede plz
Carlitos Mendoza
Aquí ríos bas
mark salud
mark salud Oy oldin
I love this channel because the item that he get has returned to the owner
joyster time
joyster time Oy oldin
*subtitles whooing *
son ar
son ar Oy oldin
once you get used to it it's like when it's under water it's clean but when u bring it up it's like soooo dirty
danica manahan
i think you have a sun glasses collection now 😁😁
Jah Abcede
Jah Abcede Oy oldin
What do you guys do when you found an android? Do you still see it if it works or just junk it up?
Priyanka Sutradhar
Nice video
Ela Ela
Ela Ela Oy oldin
Nu-mi dai mie telefonul
Eduardo Mendez
Adrielly Augusto
Pros Br 1metro = 3feets De nada
Loko Da Cabeça
Alguém q fala português aí ?
Christia Ledesma
Dallas is so cool!😍
Block Builder
Block Builder Oy oldin
Kto z Polski
Zaid 2369
Zaid 2369 Oy oldin
How old are You man + river
Daya Taorem
Daya Taorem Oy oldin
I love you Dallas
Evercoss M50next
Dimanakah letak itu
Rene Corona
Rene Corona Oy oldin
Me regalas un aifon
Wewe Jos
Wewe Jos Oy oldin
An honi maswo
Sir Noman
Sir Noman Oy oldin
I'm a big fan! :) I have a question. What do you do with the phones that work but have a password? Can you bring them to a phone store or the police station so you can still find the owner?
Adriana Abdul Aziz
What you gonna do when the phone don't have the owner
gl mil grau
gl mil grau Oy oldin
Só eu que sou brasileira
Jordyn& Cici’s slime
Dallas I recently lost my iPhoneX in Oregon it was in the middle of that same river can you meet and give it to me in Houston Texas please?
Natalia Leonora
You found the owner 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Appreciate it
kyrieaerys Elergaryen
Me encantan tus vídeos sobre todo porque tratándose de dinero y celulares eres muy honesto para encontrar a sus dueños. Like if you are watching in 2019
taya iLG
taya iLG Oy oldin
Woohoo 👏
All Kopiboutique
what the name of the river?
Idan Gernapeg
Idan Gernapeg Oy oldin
Ah bohong ni pasti
jenny mae
jenny mae Oy oldin
Teacher Teacher
You should bring some kind of mesh bag with you to put stuff in.
قلب جرئ
قلب جرئ Oy oldin
Very nice job. I love watching urban doing. Merry Christmas from egypt
Ryann McCardle
The GoPro isn’t yours so give to owner if found stupid u can’t keep something that isn’t yours.
SAK LOLO Oy oldin
why do you still have to put up those who have found it
Nathalie Rochon
Lư Tuyền
Lư Tuyền Oy oldin
I like so much
LittleAlien Oy oldin
u posted this on my birthday!!!!
Livia Hibberson
Sometimes I wonder if he puts things in the river. (Probably not)
rafał sajnóg
Heitor Caixeta
Mano vc é muito burro dar os iphone
Heitor Caixeta
Alquem Alguém do Brasil
Grebek rumah rafi Ahmad Nskdmn
kebanyaan kacamata
Kemoya Murphy
Kemoya Murphy Oy oldin
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