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26-May, 2016




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Fikrlar 23 507
karina princess
karina princess 3 kun oldin
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 3 kun oldin
You look like you just been raped
My Chemical Rejects
"You looks like a soccor mom named Sherrin"
Miley Evans
Miley Evans 5 kun oldin
I can relate every time I put a thing on Snapchat or something it happens and it's not even intended 😂😂
Perfect Gymnastics
Perfect Gymnastics 7 kun oldin
Why in the second picture you look like someone took a shit on you and called it *Human*
Frankie mordecai
Frankie mordecai 7 kun oldin
you are the best UZvidr ever
Abster Townz
Abster Townz 9 kun oldin
Awww Shane I don't have the soul to roast you
Jesy Parrilla
Jesy Parrilla 9 kun oldin
I’m dead lmaooo
Emma Young
Emma Young 9 kun oldin
I do kinda miss the old Shane but the Shane you are now is good I fucking love ya I have your book I hate my selfie
Aniyah LaShae Turner
Shane in that picture at the end is thay one fat kid in every movie
Yourmaster 55
Yourmaster 55 10 kun oldin
R you sure that last Photograph you because you look like a lonely teen You Said to rost you so I did The rost was fake I love you Shane 1 fan
Hopella 'w'
Hopella 'w' 11 kun oldin
He’s a snack l
Crow Chained Angel
Crow Chained Angel 16 kun oldin
*when the kids at school laugh behind your back and calling you the marshmallow man but all your doing is thinking about lunch* no hate love ya Shane just had to when u gave me the opportunity and when I saw ur pic xD I know u already did the vid but I still wanted to.
Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb 16 kun oldin
Yes bitch my hair was LAID FOR THE GODS 😂😂😂😂
Grace Booker
Grace Booker 17 kun oldin
The only reason that the face on the shirt is smiling is because he can’t see the body of the person wearing him
Amberly Avery
Amberly Avery 17 kun oldin
your hair in that photo looks like lil pump
Esteban Rivera
Esteban Rivera 18 kun oldin
He looks like jack black
Faye Grace
Faye Grace 19 kun oldin
When you did that video where Siri reads your comments and one person saying “I have been waiting for galaxy Nutella shampoo” this is where they got it from! 😂😂 1:24
lil_nut 19 kun oldin
you look like you fell asleep and ate chips and tried to look depressed
help me
help me 20 kun oldin
Shane was so different in this video compared to now 😭 I love that he became more himself in his videos.
Lianne Marie
Lianne Marie 20 kun oldin
That shirt your wearing is the only happy thing in this picture
Brooke Moore
Brooke Moore 21 kun oldin
Lol brown curly fries
Sylo Entertainment
Sylo Entertainment 24 kun oldin
Btw you kinda found a cure for gayness bisexuality
Hazelle Zamora
Hazelle Zamora 25 kun oldin
Ok I’ll roast You think all those years in the closet you could get dressed right
Hazelle Zamora
Hazelle Zamora 25 kun oldin
No hate Shane’s my qweeeeen
UniquElY lps
UniquElY lps 25 kun oldin
*Debby has left the chat*
Emma Mackinnon
Emma Mackinnon 26 kun oldin
3:43 you look like the teachers pet that thinks their cool but everyone hates her
izzt colors and draws
I'll roast! First the hair is like a chocolate feel on you're face
GREYS ANatomy and twilight Is bae xx
I just ate ten wars heads at one pray for me ! 😭😹❤️
Mr Sarcasm
Mr Sarcasm 28 kun oldin
You don't need to *OOOOooooooOooooOOOooo* I'll go home now
Brendan O'Rourke
Brendan O'Rourke 28 kun oldin
uh Shane r u okay cause at the end of the video u randomly showed us that picture of Cookie Monster
Paws Full of Ashes LPS
Wait that was you? Wow you really were fat fuck...
Welcome to hell
Welcome to hell 28 kun oldin
I’ve done this on Instagram but nobody cared for it
Live love That vlog life
I swear that there is curly fries if Shanes head 😂😂 no a-fence love your vids
Sadai Juanillo Garcia
You look like you just eat 15 boxes of donuts and your mom ate them all
Lina Wallgren
Lina Wallgren 29 kun oldin
Zosia Krasnopolska
luna lover
luna lover Oy oldin
I just realized that when Shane did the reading hate comments video and someone posted I’m waiting for the Nutella galaxy shampoo video, that was from this video
Jessica TØP
Jessica TØP Oy oldin
Hey, what's up you guys *NO*
pause at 0:02 I just paused at a derp face xD
Darkrider 587
Darkrider 587 Oy oldin
Dang this was before all of his documentaries and new content
Katy Eyre
Katy Eyre Oy oldin
This was posted on my birthday
cakeboy92 Oy oldin
I love your videos im so Happy when you cut that Ellen looking hair cut u had when u were younger u didn't have to tell us that u gay or bi that long as hair said it all
christina tucker
Paige Hankins
Paige Hankins Oy oldin
You look like your about to kill someone
Viola Mauricio Gonzales
You look like that kid from Sam & Cat butt old fat and worse sorry I really big fan but you requested it
Nadiya Love
Nadiya Love Oy oldin
You look like spoungbob when he such up all the water
L4il4ii Oy oldin
I can't roast you you are to perfect❤️🤠
emma ruthie
emma ruthie Oy oldin
Sharon is my moms name..😂💀
Lexie Heeks
Lexie Heeks Oy oldin
The only thing the straightner worked on was your sexuality
Heaven Van Assche
I don’t mean to be mean here, but if you call yourself a pig. Dose this mean it’s a pig roasting?
grace tenor
grace tenor Oy oldin
That picture of you at the end of the video made you look like an iCarly reject who wanted to play Freddie benson
Panro 6
Panro 6 Oy oldin
2:51 is my mood always
Panro 6
Panro 6 Oy oldin
So is 2:55
Hopes Yyyy
Hopes Yyyy Oy oldin
Cloud of Reverie
He looks like Meredith from The Office.
Kenna Wolf
Kenna Wolf Oy oldin
you look like a rapist poodle 3:39
Xxx.extremekarma 122
Man Shane I can't roast ur cute ass
Vision Satellite
emily xavier carter
When you thought that Shane's worst hair era was the conditioner addict but you see his childhood/teen hair. Aside from that permed mop on your head you looked cute LOL
Astro Oy oldin
he looks like one of this stock photos
GamerX 1ST PRO
You look like ryland just pooped on your head then rejected you lol
KinkinGamer K.G.
Shane I’m the banana that has rotting brown stuff and that everybody hates 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Erin Hemby
Erin Hemby Oy oldin
I keep watching this because it's so funny! Lol
Titi Riddoch
Titi Riddoch Oy oldin
That looks like me if I were fat. Wait that is me... fuck
Just_ Annabell
Your hair is as straight as your sexuality
Summer jasmin
Summer jasmin Oy oldin
shane went from a balloon to a twig to perfect
Carola Alburquerque
The hair is kind of 2007-2009 Georg from Tokio Hotel hair, they used to say he got licked by a cow. But a little more extreme. I love Shane. 😂😍
Carola Alburquerque
Random A Hole/ Dark Humored Individual: "You look like a funeral director!" Shane: "I also look like I really enjoy my job! Sooo, do you want him cremated, or...?" 😂 LOVE. This. Guy! 😍
Raluca Budis
Raluca Budis Oy oldin
I mean...i'm mostly lesbian...and I'd smash you hahaha
Alicia Almendarez
I loveeee Shane but the picture of him looks like he could be in a math textbook
All In One
All In One Oy oldin
Fuck you Shane Dawson
Addy Payne
Addy Payne Oy oldin
Here is a little roast; Hey what’s up you guys, yes! Hey what’s up you guys, yes! Hey what’s up you guys, yes! Hey what’s up you guys, yes! Hey what’s up you *gays* , no!
VlogSquad ATM
VlogSquad ATM Oy oldin
When you grab whatever is clean for school and then someone comments on your outfit
Mallory and Henry and Calvin Youmans
I'm not a ass hole (I'm 12) you look cool I take my brother's phone and I made him subscribe to you and Ryland
Abby tv
Abby tv Oy oldin
You look like a long hair cat that that got wet
Paige Fader
Paige Fader Oy oldin
I’m roasting u Me: Wanna see the biggest ranch bottle in the world Shane: It’s in my fridge
Dabney Edwards
Dabney Edwards
Love it
Til Mo
Til Mo Oy oldin
When you're hair looks like something died then was made into a rug and placed on your head
U look like ed sheeran but fat
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones Oy oldin
This turned into him one upping tje roast comments and roasting himself 😂😂
m o e
m o e Oy oldin
U look like a high giraffe
Welcome to hell
Laughing my ass off and also remembering the memories from way back when
BKPlayz Oy oldin
Bunnygirl18 Oy oldin
It’s when you where a woman
Past Shane is *T R A G I C*
Pat the cat
Pat the cat Oy oldin
You said to roast the pick in the end of the video soooo...You look like Ray Toro's long lost fat cousin. You also look like your hair could be a birds nest.
Kathy Begutter
Scooby dooby doo were are you he shaggy shaggy 1 and shaggy 2
Tiffany McLucas
*”You look like a soccer mom named Sharon”*
Merissa Longanbach
Theres no reason for rosting him he is cute
Maggie Lane
Maggie Lane Oy oldin
When u go to the salon but ur hairdresser fucked up
Janessa the Wannabe Emo Pastel
When the straightener worked for the hair but not the sexuality Edit: Is anyone else rewatching Shane videos since he turned into a Netflix show?
Grace Dennewitz
Grace Dennewitz Kun oldin
What's his show called
Mystical _pet_owner !
Awe u look cute
Pen_On Paper_Inkspill
**violenlty spits blood** I AM FUCKING DYING.
Lillian Vaughn
You look like you just got hit by a truck
Ariana 33
Ariana 33 Oy oldin
Here's my roast: hi miss do you know where the hair salon is cause you need to go
Ariana 33
Ariana 33 Oy oldin
0:56 - 1:06 no adio okieeee|
lil miss mary jane
Tell me why i had that same hair in middle school??? 😂😂😂
kawaii girl life :3 cute!!!
I can't Roast you because i look less bette than you
Kaitlyn Leombruno
3:24 it hair looks like ramen noodles except ur hair wasent blond. Ily💛💛💛
PFFT. SHANE?! more like.. shame. i’m sorry.
4 yil oldin
The Truth
8 oy oldin
I'm Done
5 oy oldin