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26-May, 2016




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LifeBeingRosy Xx
LifeBeingRosy Xx 59 daqiqa oldin
So thisssss is what would happen if you mixed Monica with Chandler 😂
Parrot 16 soat oldin
i paused at 3:03 and i can't breath.
Golden Carrot Games
Golden Carrot Games 22 soat oldin
You call yourself fat yet you still aren’t fat enough to cover up all of your horrible content. Disclaimer: I am kidding!!!! This is supposed to be funny!!!! I don’t mean any of this!!!!! Shane you are amazing and the reason I turned gay. To much? Okay, I’ll go home. Bye.
Victoria Hann
Victoria Hann Kun oldin
0:28 - 0:30 me when I look in the mirror
Scorpionz Kun oldin
Just got a pig hoodie I’m so excited
TubularKeanna Fricks
Am I the only one who wants to shave Shane's side burns in this vid
arianna howard
arianna howard 2 kun oldin
is this just me or this looks like when u eat a pound of hot dogs u turn into a hairy one *wink* *wink*
Emily Renderos
Emily Renderos 3 kun oldin
You look kinda skinny and you look kind of fat at the same time and you look like a table man lol 😂😂
Empty_ Soul
Empty_ Soul 3 kun oldin
#2yearslate But can I just say your hair was straighter than me and you
Aliya Endicott
Aliya Endicott 4 kun oldin
You look like a you tuber u what to meet you aaaaa
Emmalee Gaming And Entertainment
Photo 1:That outfit you were Waring looks like something Drew or Garrett would ware lol Photo 2: why do you look like Annie when she had a break down
Joseph Alfaro
Joseph Alfaro 4 kun oldin
you look like a mix of Napolean Dynamite and Damien from Mean Girls
rankingthings 5 kun oldin
The 2006 kids choice awards lmao
rob gman
rob gman 6 kun oldin
#shanedawson i am so sorry but you look like that kid that likes little children and likes to snif coco beans behind the school
Harley Davis
Harley Davis 6 kun oldin
can we just apperciate how skinny shane looks in this vid
Fun with Jackson
Fun with Jackson 7 kun oldin
Your hair was straighter then you will ever be
Jenna Bago
Jenna Bago 7 kun oldin
that picture is actually DISTURBING
just kenzie
just kenzie 7 kun oldin
Here's a roast for you shane You look like the ompalompa from the Willy wonkey chocolate factery
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 8 kun oldin
What’s your favourite show I know friends you need some friends
gacha gamer star light
In that last photo of you from in the video. you look like a marshmallow with a wig and clothes on
Malimonkee spare __
Shanes shoulders looks skinnier XD (no tea no shade)
Animated FoxyGirl
Animated FoxyGirl 9 kun oldin
You look like that kid from Drake and Josh. Side by side comparison!!!!
Kenya Estrada
Kenya Estrada 9 kun oldin
Shane: that’s when I was this Me: (guessing) 👩 woman , pig 🐷 Me : I got it right
Misty Smith
Misty Smith 9 kun oldin
Shane you need to make a new video because if been watching the same videos over and over again
Alejandra Reyes
Alejandra Reyes 9 kun oldin
He’s so fat but now he’s scene
Angelina Rivera
Angelina Rivera 9 kun oldin
when James Charles gets SHOOKKKKKKKKKKK
78Nicolette Mason
78Nicolette Mason 10 kun oldin
You look like someone from Walmart.
Lillian Watson
Lillian Watson 13 kun oldin
I love you so the best I can do for the pic at the end is acknowledging that you looked like an Eric Cartman reject. I believe non e of this, you are absolutely perfect, I just don't know how to be mean.
Sam YouTubeSFT
Sam YouTubeSFT 15 kun oldin
It looks like someone poored milk chocolate on your head and it melted for 3 days and that's how your hair turned out........?
genevieve xx
genevieve xx 16 kun oldin
I've never laughed at any of your videos as hard as I did at this one
Vivian Frederick
Vivian Frederick 16 kun oldin
I'd roast you, but my mom told me not to burn trash 😎
Emma Sutton
Emma Sutton 16 kun oldin
OMG i love u
Tory Fields
Tory Fields 17 kun oldin
I honestly get so sad when I see overweight kids. Like I know they’re perfect and they’re gonna be fine but they’re gonna go through so much shit and bullying and people telling them they are not lovable before they get there. I’ve been there. To little Shane: you’re gonna be ok hunny.
RenWinchester 8201
RenWinchester 8201 17 kun oldin
You looked like Drake from Drake and Josh
ace taylor
ace taylor 17 kun oldin
this isn’t even a roast i just think it’s so amazing how far you come in your life and how you have changed. when i first saw that picture i didn’t even think it was you, that’s how much you have changed and i think that’s so cool😍
Maison Shinn
Maison Shinn 17 kun oldin
I could never roast you i Stan you too much
The Nerdy Kitty
The Nerdy Kitty 19 kun oldin
Why didn’t they make a joke about feona
i dont knoe
i dont knoe 19 kun oldin
Is anyone else binging his old videos😭
Carmen Rosario
Carmen Rosario 19 kun oldin
Im 10
i dont knoe
i dont knoe 19 kun oldin
And I'm dead
Danie Delport
Danie Delport 20 kun oldin
before god made a choice about hair
Kitoke Akuma
Kitoke Akuma 20 kun oldin
i'd roast you but i'm afraid you'd eat it
Mara Kessler
Mara Kessler 21 kun oldin
My mom is skinnyer than u but really not.. and uhh. CURLY NUTTLELA!! (I SPELLED THAT WRONG IK I WAS SUPPOST TO..) But really like you look like swallowed 1 mil tvs and never pooped am out.
Kermit Punk
Kermit Punk 21 kun oldin
Lazy 22 kun oldin
Shane: “I fucking love you guys more then anything” Also Shane: “I’m gonna let you assholes roast me”
TheRandomTroll 22 kun oldin
Hey, what's up you guys, yes.
Trinity Smith
Trinity Smith 22 kun oldin
he looks like the manager at Kmart who is VERY excited to be there
birdy big
birdy big 23 kun oldin
LOL 😮😆😆💩💩🙊🙊🙊🙊👍👎👍👍👍👍👍
FoxThe BearWolf
FoxThe BearWolf 23 kun oldin
When you see your skinny friends eating Taco Bell and not gaining a single pound
Loridana Samoila
Loridana Samoila 23 kun oldin
Its normal that i actually love this hairstyle?😅
Bitch I’m Shook
Bitch I’m Shook 23 kun oldin
0:28 your not at bad Shane at just bad pic
I'm Done
7 oy oldin