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Rob Parker: LeBron James will never win a championship in Los Angeles | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss whether the Lakers will be successful with LeBron James.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Rob Parker: LeBron James will never win a championship in Los Angeles | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




4-Iyl, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will LeBron turn the Lakers into champions again?
+Google Account Leonard doesnt want to play with lebron
Axl Through
Axl Through 2 oy oldin
Antonio Tucker lakers and New York are the most expensive basketball team , warriors they just starting wining 3 years ago and never were relevant A lakers team with sixteen championship you calling them loser 😂😂😂😂 when you’re team has barely three is just laughable I guess 16 championship is no better than three championship like golden state,!lmao the only reason they’re winning because they have four star players that’s it , I can’t talk about basketball with a hard head person the every time you speak the less sense You made without having facts to valid your statement. 😂😂😂😂😂
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 2 oy oldin
+Axl Through a bandwagon is when you agree with a organization is doing and you you're happy that they're winning Championship I'm telling you that the Lakers are losers and they'll never win anything Point Blank. The Golden State Warriors are in the way and it's a lot of other teams in the Western Conference that's better than the Lakers the Lakers probably won't even make the playoffs do you understand that they're just not good enough and they don't have the surrounding cash in in their organization to amount to anything so they might make a AC maybe a 7c and could be a six seed if they're lucky but I don't even if they'll do that because they don't have the Personnel to go anywhere LeBron James is at the end of his career he ran out of Cleveland because he got swept 4 games to 0 and he's just looking for some comfort and some sunshine on his way out of the NBA furthermore he's past his prime the man is old and he just doesn't have it anymore so let the fans enjoy him while it lasts because he just sign his final NBA contract now do you understand basketball 👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👆👆👆
Axl Through
Axl Through 2 oy oldin
Antonio Tucker kd couldn’t lead his own team to the finals and just team up with gsw because was the easiest way to win a championship Three rings you call them a winnes😂😂😂😂😂😂 Go back with your bandwagons friend comeback when you make a valid basketball statement And don’t make yourself sound more pathetic
Axl Through
Axl Through 2 oy oldin
Antonio Tucker yeah sixteen championship will closed your mouth!lol lakers been winning since the 80’s Golden state three championship can’t even compare to lakers legacy
Micheal Johnson
Micheal Johnson 19 soat oldin
Sharpe can't talk Kobe is better than Bron do you think he would've lost in 6 straight finals
Micheal Johnson
Micheal Johnson 19 soat oldin
Parker right again stack team again for Bron
christopher womack
christopher womack 23 soat oldin
You see how Shannon changed the subject. Rob was talking bout no players joining and Shannon didn’t even elaborate.
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw 2 kun oldin
Shannon needs to wake up LeBron is not the goat
Joseph S
Joseph S 2 kun oldin
Lebroom is lucky he has 3 if he was on the West he would have 1 maybe.
佐罗AJ 3 kun oldin
I have no idea what these superstars are thinking not wanting to play with LeBron. If you join with him, you’re instantly a title contender smh.
justin cox
justin cox 5 kun oldin
I'm a simple man, I see Rob Parker and I dislike. We don't "love to hate" Rob. We actually just hate him. He's an idiot.
Arthur Younger
Arthur Younger 6 kun oldin
Shannon sharp is an idiot
Pat Coverson
Pat Coverson 13 kun oldin
Labron like to play with veteran guy to bell him out
Cannon 21
Cannon 21 Oy oldin
Rob Parker is the worse commentator ever!! He knows nothing about sports he's a cooning fool!! They pay him to say nonsense!!
Terrelle Williams
Terrelle Williams 10 kun oldin
Cannon 21 nick Wright is worst Then Collin/Rob
Nickendy Pierre
Rob said Tom Brady was never gonna win a super bowl after the lost to the Giants.
Liquid Pkt
Liquid Pkt Oy oldin
Don’t b talkin abt cincinnati Shannon!😂🙄
DJQuan718 Oy oldin
"Yeah but the difference is if you play with Lebron you get the brunt of everything that's bad. You get that"
Serial lova/MARCL
U crossed paths with the real monsters of this world, do u get that
ILL BOMBER! Oy oldin
If he dont get any help HE WONT!
BleachFan 2.0
BleachFan 2.0 Oy oldin
In other words Lebron is a ball hog. It hurts the entire team because their skills wouldn't be on display
KevinProNOW Oy oldin
We need UCLA Zo. The Zo who use to pull up from half court with no hesitation, the Zo who use to go up and dunk everything in the paint, the Zo that was throwing all types of dimes no matter where he was at on the floor if we get that Zo with Bron being Bron and BI at least averaging 20 we can definitely make the WCF
EJ Swavv
EJ Swavv 2 oy oldin
Robs horrible
Brandon Quinlog
Brandon Quinlog 2 oy oldin
There’s this team called the warriors that are pretty good....but things we know, Lavar is an idiot
milkee798 2 oy oldin
Ohhhmyyygoddddd !!! THIS GUY!!
MrKillian1983 2 oy oldin
Kobe is better then Lebron and no one wanted to play with him, so f course no one wants to play with crybaby James.
Tree Brown
Tree Brown 2 oy oldin
KD will never be a Flop Boys!!!!
Quinton Robert
Quinton Robert 2 oy oldin
Did Shannon realize that everyone that was a free agent passed on playing with LeBron
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 2 oy oldin
Rob Parker has never been just so on the money in his life he pulled this one off right at the right time because they're saying he's great he's the greatest in fact they said LeBron James is the best basketball player to ever live and now is the time to prove it will see if he's just that in these next four years and I'm not a believer 😬😬😬🤑🤑🤑😵
Akkk 2 oy oldin
Rob parker looked stupid when he tried to say that lavar said that liangeli would be drafted. Lavar always said that liangelo wouldnt make it to the nba. He better thank skip for chabging the topic or hed have embarassed himself on national tv
Aaron Humphries
Aaron Humphries 2 oy oldin
I believe Shannon is in real l9ve with the King
The Guy
The Guy 2 oy oldin
I am not a LeBron dickrider, but I really want to see and listen to the excuses for LeBron if he takes these kids to the finals or at least the Playoffs finals IN THE WEST.
Christianbutler8 2 oy oldin
Ioannis Papageorgiou
Rob is the worst
Kiero B
Kiero B 2 oy oldin
Did Rob Parker leave ESPN because Cari Champion wasn't giving him any play???
Tara Lets
Tara Lets 2 oy oldin
I just view it to give it a dislike because of Rob Parker
Mother Russia
Mother Russia 2 oy oldin
I was dead when Rob Parker at the beginning was like uhhh zero. The man is hella pessimistic
papinbala 2 oy oldin
The Lakers need to get rid of Lonzo Ball No one needs the circus that Lavar keeps hanging over the team
papinbala 2 oy oldin
Rob Parker looks like a NBA Jam player
Corey Singleton
Corey Singleton 2 oy oldin
Rob I hope you know PG signed with OKC b4 Lebron went to LA. So you saying players dont wanna play with lebron is hilarious.
The Flight Boyz Music/sports Reactions
Everybody know this but act like LeSwitchTeams James is Michael Jordan👀😭😭💀💀
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 2 oy oldin
Bron teams aren't stacked tho? Bosh wasn't even top 5 PF in 2010-11 and Irving wasn't a top 5 PG first years with Bron
Kaleb Pyle
Kaleb Pyle 2 oy oldin
Why they keep thinking lonzo gonna get traded they not trading him
Aaron Degraff
Aaron Degraff 2 oy oldin
Rob Parker is the 2nd biggest LeBron hater behind skip
Sky Team
Sky Team 2 oy oldin
Shannon is a clown 🤡 x 10000000000 always hating on Kobe
J J 2 oy oldin
It's quite hilarious that the narrative when Kobe was in his prime was the "no one wanted to play with Kobe" because he's a ball hog etc. Now you have LeBron, who is a pass first player, you have these clowns saying no one wants to play with LeBron. Let's be real, Kobe and LeBron are just on another stratosphere and these other stars don't wanna share the limelight. That's it.
Sidney Williams
Sidney Williams 2 oy oldin
rob parker should get a job on family feud because sports broadcasting is not for him. he is a hater and what predictions did he ever get right
Serial lova/MARCL
It's time yo fam supports me until I arise
Sidney Williams
Sidney Williams 2 oy oldin
this guys voice is too annoying
Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes 2 oy oldin
Rob Parker is the Black Skip Bayless
TheFly212 2 oy oldin
Oh yeah man, Kobe was such a ball hog. Totally true. Oh wait... He's got 6,306 assists.... SIX THOUSAND. What a ball hog guys!
T DAWG 2 oy oldin
Jeffrey Ingram
Jeffrey Ingram 3 oy oldin
Rob looks like he drinks a lot.
Tater Puddin
Tater Puddin 3 oy oldin
Every Mexican I've talked to about basketball in the last 10 years predicted this
Farhanking7864 2 oy oldin
Stalin was Lenins Hoe lmfaooo
RASHTG 3 oy oldin
Skip is savage.. "Yes, you got assets.... Lonzo Ball". lol
GreezyMajor 17
GreezyMajor 17 3 oy oldin
And Why Is It Lonzo, Like What Does His Contribute, Its Lebron And Ingram Honestly
GreezyMajor 17
GreezyMajor 17 3 oy oldin
They Need Dwight, Drummond, Or A Dominant Center And A Above Average Sixth Man And They'll Be Lethal Honestly
Ross Best
Ross Best 3 oy oldin
Rob Parker is a cornball brother.
Aaron 3 oy oldin
Shannon saying he was the only guy that was ever wrong, somehow thats also funny
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 3 oy oldin
LeBron James doesn't have the pieces in place to help him win a championship with the LA Lakers at this time it is possible that he could get the right players around him in Los Angeles but time is dwindling away and time means everything when a athlete is aging like LeBron James he's 34 years old he's at the end of his career he needs to win now and the players play a run-and-gun basketball style in the Western Conference he's not in the Eastern Conference anymore the style of play is different most teams in the Western Conference are looking to score on average a hundred points or better LeBron James better enhance his shooting skills and I mean fast if he ever plans to Dethrone the great Golden State Warriors... I see the Golden State Warriors at this point making history in the modern era winning championships I see no team no organization stopping them from their ride to Greatness which they're already at LeBron James needs help that's the bottom line if you don't get the proper players he'll never win another championship...
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 3 oy oldin
RobParker= corn ball brotha
Serial lova/MARCL
Alamo James
Alamo James 3 oy oldin
Kareem was actually 42 when he retired. His minutes dropped off, incrementally, after 1980, though. He could’ve retired in 1985, but he played another 4 seasons. I think the difficulty, now, is going to be getting great players at a discount in a very expensive city, like LA. They’ll get guys who are in their twilight years who just want to win a title, but as long as LeBron insists on playing his style of play, nothing will change, in terms of winning championships. I’m not convinced that Rondo and James is going to be a good match. This is potentially volatile, in my view. Lonzo will need to either improve dramatically as a shooter or he will be gone within the next two seasons, from this team.
Edgar Brito
Edgar Brito 3 oy oldin
No one want to play with leflop.lepat.stat
Sly Coop
Sly Coop 3 oy oldin
This 💩is a joke now Labum and all the 3 of Ball ⛹ brothers!💯😂😂😂😂
Shayne McCory
Shayne McCory 3 oy oldin
LeBron will never win a championship in Cleveland... LeBron will never win a championship in Miami... LeBron will never win a championship in _______tbd
Weng Kwong Wong
Weng Kwong Wong 3 oy oldin
Rob Parker can stay at home and shut up
Al 3 oy oldin
Rob Parker is the Donald Trump of sportscasting.
The art of competition
both made good points. but damn if lebron goes to a good team hes trying to make a super team if he goes to a bad team he doesnt care about winning anymore. lol fml.
HAWG! 3 oy oldin
Blue dres!
moyetee2 3 oy oldin
Rob Parker also said LeBron would never bring a championship to the Cavaliers but he did I wish this do we just get fired him as a reporter he just sucks he's just seeing stuff to stay on the air and cause controversy is guys never played not one sporting his life and don't know nothing about sports at all
Dan R
Dan R 3 oy oldin
Statements like this are stupid... a lot can happen, trades, injuries, free agency, improvement of players and sometimes even luck plays a part. I remember people saying Lebron will never win a championship, when he finally did, it became he will never win again.. the truth is nobody knows what the future holds, even GS was irrelevant a couple of years ago and now are the top dogs. Rob Parker please find another career, undisputed please find Broussard..
Sports Noise
Sports Noise 3 oy oldin
Lonzo is okay it only been one year I mean God damn it who the fk cared about kyrie until Bron join them. Lonzo will be a lot better every year and Rob who the fk is your team
MrAlmiranda 3 oy oldin
Skip and his son
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 oy oldin
Im just waiting for lebron to be washed up and come to phx like the rest usually do😁
deedub1029 3 oy oldin
Shannon luv ya man but stop knocking kobe for having shaq becz lebron aint won no chips without superstars wade bosh kyrie and love.
Gregory Bush
Gregory Bush 3 oy oldin
Rob Parker stay speaking the truth
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas 3 oy oldin
Who is the lady? She is gorgeous!
GmanBadmon20 3 oy oldin
Lost credibility when he mentioned melo. People act like lebron and melo are so close. Lebrons closer to wade and paul. Cleveland had a chance to get melo whea bron was there. Bron doesnt want to play with melo.
C Sack
C Sack 3 oy oldin
Did Rob actually play any sports passed high school???
Brandon Drew
Brandon Drew 3 oy oldin
I do remember Kobe wanting a trade post Shaq error.
Apollo4 3 oy oldin
Rah Montana
Rah Montana 3 oy oldin
Lebrons going to get exposed for the fair not good shooter he is
aldrin phillips
aldrin phillips 3 oy oldin
Blob Parker will never grow a brain in that UGLY head of his!!!
P Ags
P Ags 3 oy oldin
Love the what-ifs and when this happens arguments for LeBron and the Lakers. I got one from a biased born and raised SF Bay boy, what if my dubs stay together for the next 4 years just to troll the Lakers? Then doesn't matter who goes to LA, they losing every year.
Gabriel Obedoza Jr
Gabriel Obedoza Jr
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
I cant wait until LBJ wins another chip in the next 1-2 years...everyone in these comments is going to be salllllty
Khalid Holmes
Khalid Holmes 3 oy oldin
Y’all making predictions like y’all done seen all the games already
Khalid Holmes
Khalid Holmes 3 oy oldin
Damn can we watch a game first ? 😕
ShadowRPGaming 3 oy oldin
I know the real reason why Kyrie left he didn't won't that track record like LeBron in loses in the finals
Andres Young
Andres Young 3 oy oldin
Skip is an idiot and need to retire
Volvo Ford
Volvo Ford 4 oy oldin
Rob Parker did you destroy the king mural?
Craka Jack
Craka Jack 4 oy oldin
Lebrun just going to team to team looking for a ring
Dajia Brown
Dajia Brown 4 oy oldin
Shannon has a point any team Lebron went to it would be a super team but saying Zo2 and Lbj wont win a chip is wrong and stupid and also Lebron isnt just a player that goes to teams that are stacked when he wentback to clevland the year before they wnet 33 49 they were not good Kyrie wasn't developed and they din dint have Kevin Love so that was no super team
Vince Figueroa
Vince Figueroa 4 oy oldin
I agree bron is no chasin chips
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 4 oy oldin
rob parker is a joke
Gaming4evah 4 oy oldin
Sad but true really, LeBron is in an unfortunate situation
drew erving
drew erving 4 oy oldin
Rob Parker is an affirmative action hire. That is a fact.
Forever Gooner
Forever Gooner 4 oy oldin
Idk why people take Rob Parker serious. He is a big troll.
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 4 oy oldin
Rob tells the truth
LebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWin
Lmfao when the lakers had cap room Everyone already saw Kobe tear his Achilles and them lose pau gasol in free agency Dwight left because he's soft mentally, that's why he left Houston who's now title contenders , the hornets and even his home town team don't want him What's funny is Shannon said Kobe was a ball hog, yet lebron takes more shots per game than Kobe? That's funny.
Ricky Webster
Ricky Webster 4 oy oldin
Okay and?? No one outside of golden state is going to win a championship......
johnny concepcion
parker sucks!!
MJ Crump
MJ Crump 4 oy oldin
I hope he makes Rob the biggest liar in history!
UNCLE ILL 4 oy oldin
This is great because Rob is always wrong LMFAO