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Rob Parker: LeBron James will never win a championship in Los Angeles | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss whether the Lakers will be successful with LeBron James.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Rob Parker: LeBron James will never win a championship in Los Angeles | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




4-Iyl, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will LeBron turn the Lakers into champions again?
Got Game
Got Game Kun oldin
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 2 kun oldin
Absolutely not
XX IVQZ 4 kun oldin
LeBron turning The Lakers into champions? No way. (Just take a look at the teams he'll have to face on his way up during the Play-Offs: Warriors, Rockets, Jazz, Okhlahoma, Spurs, etc. LeBron the new champ of the Western Conference? Only on the deluded mind of the blind and narrow-minded... )
Armourshipping isEternal
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED No, Kevin Durrant(even if he leaves the Warriors next year) wouldn't join LeBron. He's the 2nd best player in the current NBA, he wants to surpass LeBron, not be LeBron's sidekick to winning a title.
TeW33zy 10 kun oldin
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED all you mfs do is pin a comment and never reply back to your followers yah are phoney and fake for that
LebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWin
Lmfao when the lakers had cap room Everyone already saw Kobe tear his Achilles and them lose pau gasol in free agency Dwight left because he's soft mentally, that's why he left Houston who's now title contenders , the hornets and even his home town team don't want him What's funny is Shannon said Kobe was a ball hog, yet lebron takes more shots per game than Kobe? That's funny.
Ricky Webster
Ricky Webster 13 soat oldin
Okay and?? No one outside of golden state is going to win a championship......
johnny concepcion
johnny concepcion 13 soat oldin
parker sucks!!
MJ Crump
MJ Crump 18 soat oldin
I hope he makes Rob the biggest liar in history!
UNCLE ILL Kun oldin
This is great because Rob is always wrong LMFAO
Got Game
Got Game Kun oldin
westbrook and harden need to team up especially if they dont win a chip after next season.
Vernon Chinn
Vernon Chinn Kun oldin
Kawii want his own team new team
Nappy God Lotanna
What if Lebron went to OKC and did what KD couldn’t do for them? 😅
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Kun oldin
Well he’s right as long as gsw stay together and as long as Houston is playing good basketball Lakers ain’t gonna win Lebron should’ve stay in the east 😂
Nucky Mancini
Nucky Mancini 2 kun oldin
Jean C Louivil
Jean C Louivil 2 kun oldin
Don’t talk bad about my Bengals
Jean C Louivil
Jean C Louivil 2 kun oldin
1000% True Rob Parker!
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 2 kun oldin
Lebron went to LA for his own personal gain. He knows he wont be on Jordan level. So hes giving up
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 2 kun oldin
Rob Parker is the worst! He's always negative towards LeBron no matter what which makes him suck as an analyst. I turn the channel whenever he's on!!
Harry Hodge
Harry Hodge 2 kun oldin
I leave for a while and you get rid of Joy? Bummer
Terrell Wilson
Terrell Wilson 4 kun oldin
Rob Parker talks like he only eats peanut butter and lemons.
Kiahree Ogles
Kiahree Ogles 4 kun oldin
Rob Parker will never win a championship because he's a bum and doesn't even play basketball.
Dylan Mason
Dylan Mason 4 kun oldin
Rob Parker is great 👍
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 5 kun oldin
Rob on fire
finesse laflare
finesse laflare 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker looks like the troll from Ernest scared stupid
Feeezzzyyysss 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker a bum
king Ramirez
king Ramirez 6 kun oldin
Everyone knows shannon is a lebrons fan so why yall mfs tripping for??
King Mhellius
King Mhellius 6 kun oldin
Haters of lebron combined wow... hahaha
Zakariah Lafreniere
Nice 666 sign at 25 sec
martinoje _
martinoje _ 6 kun oldin
Not a single game has been played but yet all these "experts" already know how a 4 year span is going to pan out... For the past 3 weeks they have been talking about the same topic just from different angles bruv
Bmoody91 LA
Bmoody91 LA 7 kun oldin
Why do I waste my time watching this? A bunch of people with terrible arguments and stupid “hot takes” This is all such trash
Jeremy Ayala
Jeremy Ayala 7 kun oldin
Jeremy Ayala
Jeremy Ayala 7 kun oldin
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 7 kun oldin
I guess everyone is drinking the Kool Aid re: KD to the Lakers.
Tone Da God
Tone Da God 8 kun oldin
Rob Parker be preaching except when he talks about Brady
SJK The Mechanic
SJK The Mechanic 9 kun oldin
No! Because, he's there to get his movie career going! It's that simple.
Jaiden L
Jaiden L 9 kun oldin
she is way hotter than joy taylor
L.u.V 10 kun oldin
Rob Parker always brings the truth. Love that guy.
Josh Nyamburi
Josh Nyamburi 10 kun oldin
Can’t wait until he brings them a chip😂 although haters will hate regardless 🤷🏾‍♂️
Matthew Berg
Matthew Berg 11 kun oldin
Totally agaree Lebron wont win a championship with LA and lanzo is gone
spydakidd21 12 kun oldin
No body want to be used by Lebron to build his stats and be his closer
Noid A
Noid A 12 kun oldin
poetmm 12 kun oldin
They said the same thing when he went back to Cavs LMAO
Ty Tolbert
Ty Tolbert 12 kun oldin
Rob parker is a hatet
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 6 kun oldin
Ty Tolbert ---?????
Zayne simard moore
Zayne simard moore 12 kun oldin
I’ve said the same thing to my Laker friends and they even agree that Lonzo and Lebron isn’t enough to lead the team past a 7-game series against Golden State.
yeahyeahyep 12 kun oldin
Skip wanted to make sweet, sweet love to Rob as soon as he said "Zero!"
Carlos 3927
Carlos 3927 12 kun oldin
Skip you're wrong. KD won't play with lebron in LA. KD will play this last season with golden state. To win a 3 PEAT . And then he'll make a comeback to OKC . And that'll be a movie type move. Even his mother said it that KD will go back to OkC soon
Thrash Thorn
Thrash Thorn 13 kun oldin
Rob your wrong buddy! History repeats itself for better or for worse. What do the Lakers do? Win Titles!! It's time again Homie!!!
Thrash Thorn
Thrash Thorn 11 kun oldin
Bet 5 dollar's
Ypc Dre
Ypc Dre 11 kun oldin
Thrash Thorn Yall Not Winning Any Tiltes
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders 13 kun oldin
This is the least hated rob Parker segment I’ve ever seen
Joshua Casey
Joshua Casey 13 kun oldin
Melo and Howard.. both NVR been winning players with all respect
Anthony Colon
Anthony Colon 13 kun oldin
Lebron asking KD to join him is the most weakest move ever. The fact that the media holds a double standard with Lebron is disgusting
Kyle Adrien
Kyle Adrien 16 kun oldin
Rob owned Sharpe in this segment
40oz Hemlock
40oz Hemlock 16 kun oldin
Shannon Sharpe is LOST. lol. 3:25
ReaperINC NoMan'sSky
lebron is not there for championships. hes their for his family. he said it himself.
David Crespo
David Crespo 10 kun oldin
ReaperINC NoMan'sSky he never ACTUALLY said that... his kids were enrolled into school in LA, so it was something he had to consider, but it wasn't the deciding factor. If that's the case, why even meet with magic? Just call him n say you're signing
Joe Jennings
Joe Jennings 17 kun oldin
I am no LeBron fan but he's definitely on the back end of his career. He's not worried about winning another ship because his legacy is already cemented. At this point he's focused on retiring, focusing on family, and investing well. What better place to do than LA? To me it was a no brainer.
Ron Cummings
Ron Cummings 18 kun oldin
Lakers aint going win a title with lebron
Renny Williams
Renny Williams 20 kun oldin
I think they’ll 3 peat
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 6 kun oldin
Renny Williams yeah me too
Dennis Roane
Dennis Roane 21 kun oldin
somebody give Lavar a contract already. Tell him to get in shape and come and play, if he is as good as he says he is … suit up.
El Comandante
El Comandante 21 kun oldin
Pob Rarker is a clueless bum full of speculation. Amongst other things.
Johnny Le
Johnny Le 21 kun oldin
This rob guy is fool. He got no. NBA knowledge. Should got fire when lakers are champ in couple year
Freedom For Weedom
Freedom For Weedom 21 kun oldin
Ah yes a Rob Parker video. Doesn't matter how right he could be. *Gets dislike ready*
nashville slim
nashville slim 22 kun oldin
Shannon should clear his throat after that. A lot of jock sniffing and I'm trying to be nice.
nashville slim
nashville slim 22 kun oldin
Love Rob Parker, he's the guy.
Ericson Presents...
Ericson Presents... 22 kun oldin
I know I’m not an expert nba analysis but I just don’t understand how your grading of Lebron James is accurate. And how you continue to count him out. Let’s start with his second go round with The Cavs. Year one. K.E. Goes down with a season ending injury. But Lebron pushes his Cavs to deep in the finals still. So I have to assume that if Kyrie was there and healthy. That’s ring number 3. The next year the warriors got better. But I am assuming the same outcome. So that would be ring number 4. The next year KD joins the warriors. Now this team is pretty much the greatest offense of all time. And although the Cavs lost in 5. There were games that literally could’ve gone either way to give the series a different outcome. Against the best offense ever. These games weren’t like he was having a bad game. They didn’t win but the change of a few plays from his teammates and that’s a possible ring number 5. This year if his team mates and the refs didn’t make crucial bad decisions or make free throws. We are looking at a 1-0 Cavs lead. That momentum and energy would’ve been with the Cavs. So I give this a 50/50 chance of ring number 6. Not to mention. He’s playing with a below average team against the best offense assembled. Those 4 years he balled consistently. The fact that you give him no chance at a finals blows my mind. All the blame lands on his lap. Then you bring Jordan into the conversation. The team he has right now can beat the warriors in my opinion. If they can figure it out. The Warriors are flawed. Houston exposed their weakness last season. And when I look at the Lakers now. I see a team put together that’s going to beat into their weaknesses even further. I feel like no one is talking about the facts in detail. It doesn’t matter that he’s in the West. He’s better than every one in the West lol. If they don’t win this year. They’ll figure it out for next. From a basketball standpoint. They can be beat. Having cousins there means nothing at this point. If he’s back to 100%. Thats fine. The facts still remain in my opinion. I know this is long. But dang. How am I the only one seeing what is about to happen?
bugzie Oneil
bugzie Oneil 22 kun oldin
The warriors are better without Durant and it seems like you've all forgotten that truth
QwertyFollower 22 kun oldin
KD abandoned a good OKC team after blowing a 3-1 lead to the Warriors. Cousins left the Pelicans, and was left with the choice of 29 other teams in the league and chooses to join the Warriors who beat his team in 5 games... Yet people are still hating on LeBron for reasons snaller than this.
DarkDan 2345
DarkDan 2345 23 kun oldin
Skip payless and Rob Parker are idiots and the worst analysts
David.L 23 kun oldin
If this african president said they wont, they will😎
Phuckk You
Phuckk You 23 kun oldin
Rob Parker the biggest hater on tv
LMVP Truth in Facts
LMVP Truth in Facts 24 kun oldin
Two for sure this year and next. Yah crazy they got straight winners and young strong legs on that team
Damien R.
Damien R. 24 kun oldin
Rob Parker as usual is an idiot that can't look beyond his own nose
Dennis B
Dennis B 24 kun oldin
it would not weaken golden state. golden state played one way before Duran and were unstoppable they play another way with Duran and are very beatable. What Duran provides is a man who never has bad games like curry and klay thus a great insurance policy.
uchiha rain
uchiha rain 25 kun oldin
Lebron will put all the haters wrong... lakers will be back on playoff and will win nba championship this year
uchiha rain
uchiha rain 25 kun oldin
Lebron will break all nba records....kobe is great but lebron is by far better all round player
uchiha rain
uchiha rain 25 kun oldin
Lakers will beat warrior rockets thunder and celtics this season.... lebron will be mvp....
Zeref HD
Zeref HD 25 kun oldin
whats the point of the hot girl in middle ? Shes just there to bring views or what ?
Emanuel Brown
Emanuel Brown 14 kun oldin
JOSEPH ADRAGNA 26 kun oldin
Skip know more about bb than shannon
JOSEPH ADRAGNA 26 kun oldin
Nobody wants to play with a ballhog
Frankie Taylor
Frankie Taylor 29 kun oldin
Rob Parker is such a LeBron hater.
steveforprez03 29 kun oldin
Lebron went to the LA for several reasons. Winning a championship isn't one of them
John Lou Calubayan
No rings for Lebron.. Quitness never win.. REAL TALK..
ben233391 Oy oldin
Shannon is nuts, no idea!
Hedrax _SoldierofCHRIST
Rob is right
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Oy oldin
It's clear LeBron will win in LA as soon as he get's another superstar, it doesn't matter who it is.
Joseph Dowd
Joseph Dowd Oy oldin
rob parker is a hater for a living
mitch mavel
mitch mavel Oy oldin
kd is not joining lebro. kd almost has the same amount of titles as lebron minus the finals loses
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo Oy oldin
I wish someone would punch Rob Parker in the face.
Jason Witten
Jason Witten Oy oldin
Ah, Rob Parker.
Tye Harris
Tye Harris Oy oldin
Lakers not winning defensively they horrible and offensively they ok
Cisco M
Cisco M Oy oldin
They should give him s show called the hater of the pros
Cisco M
Cisco M Oy oldin
Does rob act dumb or is he just stupid
Troy Cole
Troy Cole Oy oldin
Let me tell y'all something the reason why don't nobody want to play with LeBron👍 because everyone will be talking about LeBron and showing the brown love and won't show the rest of the players and old love the NBA players know that when you play around LeBron all they talk about is LeBron and they don't get no love for the effort that they put in that's why I don't nobody want to play with him that's why Kyrie Irving left Cavaliers cuz he didn't get no love and LeBron always want to be a boss of everything real NBA players don't want to put up with that b******* that's a fact and the truth, God bless you people👍
Farkas Forever
That take is soooooooo HOT
David Frabm
David Frabm Oy oldin
Jordan is goat. LOL. He was 0-6 against LARRY BIRD in playoffs
Wilson Sy
Wilson Sy Oy oldin
These are 5 players that can win more rings than LeBron who you wouldn't expect: uzvid.com/video/video-MQH44tVdKZU.html&lc=z23bidpoxsithn3rk04t1aokgphcy0k0mqvsmdumrpzhbk0h00410
Anthony Mcqueen
I predict zero titles he needs a team around him to get to the playoffs. One man cant play all 82 games and make it through all the rounds and make the finals ??? Thats insane.
Nathanael Salinas
I as a Laker fan and Previous LeBron Hater accept this New Union between Lakers Fans and LeBron Fans. Kobe said it himself, a true Laker needs no convincing to join the Purple and Gold. LeBron did just that by coming to La with no help. Seeing Paul George choose Okc only Highlights how much of a True Laker LeBron is Now. We Will happily defend him from here on out!
David Cullen
David Cullen Oy oldin
idk y folks hate rob....rob b speaking reality
gmwdim Oy oldin
Smush Parker being mentioned in 2018 LOL
emmit banks
emmit banks Oy oldin
I believe LeBron going to win one ring with LA. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant is two totally different players. LeBron is at the age if he can get a good team around him where you don't have to work so much he's good for the next three to four years. And I believe next year there going to be a couple people coming to LA just to play with LeBron. And LeBron never suffered a major injury he got that in his favor.
Whidbey Hiker
Whidbey Hiker Oy oldin
Breaking News: LaVar Ball said something stupid.
Mark Hutch
Mark Hutch Oy oldin
What did Rob Parker do? It is clearly obvious he personally does not like LeBron James. I change the TV station EVERY TIME I see Rob Parker with a voice on any channel. I cannot stand this clown. He does not matter!
The Universe Galaxy
ba ba booey
Kj Oy oldin
Rob Parker just be talking to talk.. he gives hot takes too boost his notoriety lol