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FightHype.com was on hand in New York, New York where former champion Luis Collazo won a split decision victory over contender Samuel Vargas in their welterweight showdown. You don't want to miss what those in attendance had to say about the performance and much more. Check it out!




18-Mar, 2019



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KomandantGorske Garde
KomandantGorske Garde 16 soat oldin
Bull shit. Mikey won
big w
big w 11 kun oldin
Mikey obviously took that fight for a big check .but who could blame him ?
Steven Rivera
Steven Rivera 12 kun oldin
Is not hard to rate garcia the right answer was shit.
BlownIncome 14 kun oldin
Much respect for this guy and Mikey Garcia. I'll definitely be watching more of his future fights👍
Ericston  Sloan
Ericston Sloan 15 kun oldin
Simply put Mikey was no match for Spence,I'm still a Mikey Garcia fan.👊🏾👊🏾
shermaine callahan
shermaine callahan 19 kun oldin
Respect! Robert Garcia told the truth!
Igor Begovic
Igor Begovic 20 kun oldin
Mikey had no business being in the ring with spence. Mikey needs to unify HIS division
VegasRider702 21 kun oldin
Mikey ain't win 1 damn round... Got his ass whooped. Finally fought a real nigga and got that ass spanked real good. Go back to 135 homez! 😂😂😂
Robert Vasquez
Robert Vasquez 21 kun oldin
Mikey should of pulled a AB and said he won
Lawrence Mulemwa
Lawrence Mulemwa 22 kun oldin
Yeah, Robert was brutally honest. Its easy to criticize from outside. And that's what Mikey thought he saw, the flaws in Errol watching from outside. Inside, it became a totally different story but man Mikey has got courage and for that he deserves some respect. But too much courage doesn't do him or any body for that matter any good. Like Oscar de La hoya observed in his fight against Pacman, you got to be smart and know when the game is up.
Chris Cruise
Chris Cruise 22 kun oldin
Robert Garcia is a corrupt sack of shit that puts homosexual needs in front of the other %95 of us. You ruined Long Beach and to top it off he changed law to do a 3rd term. The only reason he was ever elected is because Mexicans and gays and those afraid to be homophobic voted for him unanimously. Another Liberal Democrat destroying another Californian city. Shame on you
TakinIt TooYu
TakinIt TooYu 24 kun oldin
Dominated ALL 12 rounds
jose garcia
jose garcia 25 kun oldin
I like both but I knew this was a mismatch from the beginning. Spence is a natural middleweight and mikey a natural lightweight. Until Spence faces Crawford who's called him out (TWICE) or goes up to face munguia, Charlo, hurd, or canelo! Hes not in no p4p top 5.
Mandy Petersen
Mandy Petersen 25 kun oldin
A Spence vs Maidana fight would be 100 percent straight FIRE... 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ruben Arredondo
Ruben Arredondo 26 kun oldin
Nothing but love and respect for the whole Garcia camp! Mikey is still one of my best fighters ever!
Marc Doromal
Marc Doromal 26 kun oldin
I beat that boy - AB
Ate chang
Ate chang 26 kun oldin
Mukhang lahat ng hinawakan mo talo.....
Manny D
Manny D 27 kun oldin
After a fight go to the hospital. Expecially on that level win or lose
Esteban Lozano
Esteban Lozano 27 kun oldin
OG SPMEX 27 kun oldin
I’m 17 and in my own process of becoming a boxer. I want to be one of Roberts fighters, it really is a dream and hopefully it can come true one day
jliveslife 27 kun oldin
I was laughing at the brainwashed Mexicans they were actually saying he was going to knock out real Spence? Anyone with half a brain should have seen this coming you're an idiot if you thought Mikey was going to win
Nolan 28 kun oldin
I love people in sports who are 100 percent honest, regardless of whether it adds to or diminishes their brand and reputation. We need more people like Robert and Mikey Garcia in sports.
Smooth Luciano
Smooth Luciano 28 kun oldin
freddie rodriguez
freddie rodriguez 29 kun oldin
I like Robert but he is a terrible trainer
The Original American
Wasn't even a challenging sparring match for Spence. Why did Mikey even show up
John Laslow
John Laslow 29 kun oldin
What can he say? His brother got his ass kicked simple as that.
John airnumberbed
John airnumberbed 29 kun oldin
What really surprised me was Errol's defense. He was very conscience of getting hit early in the fight. When he fel Mikey had nothing to offer, then he opened up his offensive arsenal.
toxic S_G
toxic S_G 29 kun oldin
Some people need to realize that for some people its not about winning. Cause either way. A big promo= big bands. Goes both ways either you win or lose👏
The Kool One CB4L
The Kool One CB4L 29 kun oldin
Mad respect for the whole Garcia family👏👏👏👏
Bxing Head22
Bxing Head22 Oy oldin
Oh so you thought one of the most avoided fighters in Welter. Wasn't gonna have knowledge or tricks up his sleeve ?
Dsean860 Oy oldin
I hears mikey got deported afyer his loss to an african
Dsean860 Oy oldin
Robert is the lamest coach of 2019 hold this L for 2019
Mikegomez Gomez
Not to smart, but a least now you know, it couldn't be done but you tried, my respect to you mikey, viva la raza, a true warrior. Blessings.
Lakers World
Lakers World Oy oldin
You could train night and day but if you feel your opponents punch your not coming forward period
Dominick Morales
He put plaster in Margarito’s wraps...
Marius Kunz
Marius Kunz Oy oldin
got to like them both, so down to earth. if i would ever become a pro id like Robert to be my coach and fight along side mikey, that would be the most fun
jerome francois
Class Act...
T. Murray
T. Murray Oy oldin
Talkn bot ,keepn it real!!
huge900 Oy oldin
He beat that boii! That boii knows he lost, he knows Mickey beat that boii! Lmao something browner said to Mickey backstage.
simon neke
simon neke Oy oldin
I told you:Mikey wasn't hurt.It was just another day on the job.
James Akinselure
You'll get him in a rematch. WHATEVER!!!
Temachyotl Oy oldin
Mikey is a natural super-featherweight, he looks fat at lightweight. The fight against Spence was just a money maker, it all depended on whether Mikey could out speed Spence. He was too slow. Never had a chance without the Speed. Spence was too big physically. Spence is a decent fighter but Crawford can beat him easier than what most people think.
Steven Edwards
was one sided yes but mad respect for Mikey for stepping up and challenging himself . I think you will be a better fighter for it as you move forward.. In with one of the hardest hitters at 147 and he couldn't knock you out that says a lot for you..
Lakia B
Lakia B Oy oldin
Mickey got neutralized by the jab. He had now answers. Too much of a jump
Rumpled Trumpskin
Spence is no Mayweather
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen Oy oldin
J Star
J Star Oy oldin
Here you have a man that has all the reason in the world to make excuses and he tells nothing but the truth💥 some boxing judges need to use this as an example👊💥!!!
smiley5284 Oy oldin
Fight swift spence if you think ur that good.. I dare you.. show the balls mickey showed!
Joseph Wiseman Ra
He has my respect after that tell all interview.
Randy White
Randy White Oy oldin
He keeps it 💯 much respect to him and Garcia
PNG 4 Oy oldin
Robert spoke with truth and nuff respect. I always knew that Spence would be too good for him. People see his quite persona and mistake it for weakness when actually it is everything but that. Mikey I think would have done better with Keith Thurman as I think he is the weakest of the bunch in that weight category. I want to see Mikey continue as he's a really good fighter and seemingly a good guy. The interview did good for boxing and his honesty was refreshing!!!
Joseph Conant
Joseph Conant Oy oldin
Mikey got heart and I give credit for taking the challenge, but shout out Triple D and the Champion of the city Spence one time
mro aho
mro aho Oy oldin
Robert Garcia’ always tells the truth
tashun` miller
Mad respect to this guy he didn’t have any excuses
Eduardo Hinojosa
Nun but respect for Robert and Mickey 🥊💯
KingJerry2323 Oy oldin
Best fighter going up two weight classes to meet another great fighter at his own weight class which on fight night looked bigger than 147. So yes of course eroll was gonna have an easy victory
jose619 diaz
jose619 diaz Oy oldin
Should of stop it wasnt the fact that mikey wasnt getting hurt, he was taking punishment all night and mikey had no answer for anything errol brought so ye a should of stop it.
Edward Strong
Edward Strong Oy oldin
Damnnn..Robert Garcia kept it 100..good shit. You never see that.
Red Storm
Red Storm Oy oldin
Spence knocked the taco meat out of Garcia for 12 rounds
Luke Duke
Luke Duke Oy oldin
Spense hasn't fought anyone. GGG will crush him BJS will out box him.
Reyes Ramon
Reyes Ramon Oy oldin
Sam Shepard not even the same weight class lol
MrMARCUS2503 Oy oldin
I have so much respect for Mikey. I was supporting Spence but Mikey is one of the few fighters who took an L but didn't lose. I'm still seeking words to describe him. Hope this fight catapults him further. I'm now a fan. Move up and go the distance with a fighter he should've never fought. MUCH RESPECT MIKEY GARCIA. Speechless.
RAW asshitshow
Maidana would fuck Mickey up.
DedByMonday Oy oldin
Granpa... your brother couldn't handle the Boy....just say that! geez... Roberto went up too much! thats been seen before and ...we know a guy cant do it...so. congratss to roberto...but go home and find someone in your own weight class!
Jorge Montana
Jorge Montana Oy oldin
Mikey Garcia necesita retirarse que NO represente a Mexico , una vergüenza para los boxeadores mexicanos
Hungry Rabbit
Hungry Rabbit Oy oldin
Mickey had spence backing up in the 1st 3 rounds, and he couldn't even knock him out! Spence is overrated, will get demolished by Canelo!
terrence samps
Mikey: I see something
James Rayston
James Rayston Oy oldin
Let the hands go and win You sitting duck
Iron Man
Iron Man Oy oldin
Robert Garcia always tells it how it is, real dude. Mikey just fight the best dude in the division, so the outcome was already known, but at least he challenged himself.
Gatillo Frio
Gatillo Frio Oy oldin
Lets give credit where credit is due. No excuses. They called spence out knowing it was going to be a hard fight to win. But No Risk No Reward. That goes for spence too. He could have tried harder for the ko in the later rnds.
Kenieth Woods
Kenieth Woods Oy oldin
I was going for Spence but i respect the shit out of The Garcia family, if that was Ab bitch ass he would be saying he won
Da Sports Seal
This was an amazing interview. Well done bro...
Young Prince
Young Prince Oy oldin
Mikey def da best fighter he had...he still a great...earl just a monster at his weight class mikey shouldnt have even stepped to det...i ratha seen him fight Crawford
Francis Be
Francis Be Oy oldin
Mikey is too heavy too slow going up
Billy McSwain
Billy McSwain Oy oldin
That's what happens when you fight outside your weight class dummy
Jeffrey Vanarsdale
Sometimes you whoop ass, sometimes you get your ass whooped, it is what it is.
bammy lo
bammy lo Oy oldin
Mikey and Robert been had my respect before he beat Robert Easter Jr
abcmaya Oy oldin
How does Errol compare to Mayweather? He knocked floyd out during sparring. That's how too he is.
eredding Oy oldin
Mikey can hold this L... Especially after all that crap he was talking... Take yo ass back down to 135-140... 147 is another level.. Mikey wouldn't have beat bud either
travel squadd.
Nothing but respect for mikey for taking the opportunity...most fighters avoid him...Robert garcia gave a honest assessment and didn't dodge questions...respect
stillholden Oy oldin
Great interview.. Robert Garcia is a stand up dude
Meme Martinez
Meme Martinez Oy oldin
Long arms reach advantage and knowing how to use it won the fight, only chance Mikey had was to stay close and outbox Spence like Canelo does it but Spence did it perfect, smart. I hope he doesn't fight Pacman because it'll be the other way around. Mismatch like this one. Pacman too much.
BoxingToYou Oy oldin
What else could he say!!!!!
BoxingToYou Oy oldin
# Beatdown
t m
t m Oy oldin
Mickey did the ab dance with errol he didnt fight that sucks man. He shoudve listened to his dad n robert. But he got greety with the money oportunities outthere for boxers..sr garcia said to mickey get a 5 yr 8 fight make 10 million then well see whats outhere. But they were gonna pick fighters he can beat etc but mickey got greety. Chingao 👎
Lupe Chavez
Lupe Chavez Oy oldin
Viva Mexico, black n brown getting down. Best fights
Harriel Freeman
Mikey did a good job of blocking a lot of the head shots. Mikey's not 147 pounder should stay at 140 maybe 135
Father with Fragrance
How was he not hurt but he couldn’t fire back? He was punished every round and went into a shell, Mikey is a warrior but he was hurt badly and if Spence would have pressured it, he would have knocked Garcia out
gaming with persia
Can't wait to he bounce back f*** where I was talkin about it he didn't quit
gaming with persia
I'm on my feet for sale fan he's no quitter he was rolling with a lot of the punches and he didn't quit I'm a fan
Truth Hitman
Truth Hitman Oy oldin
With all due respect to Manny Pacquiao, he can still fight but it's unfair to call him out and get him to fight Errol Spence when Manny is way past his prime. What has boxing come to ? LOL NO !!! The person who SHOULD be call out is Kieth Thurman, who holds a version of one of the welterweight titles. There should only be ONE champion, not 2 or 3. WHO is the real champion of the world ? We will only find out when all these so called champions fight each other.
Mood 19
Mood 19 Oy oldin
huge respect to this true humble couch n a brother.
Jim Lindsey
Jim Lindsey Oy oldin
Spence had a answer for everything Mikey did? What did you prep Mikey for Robert? I'm sorry but Robert needs to quit, he's training nothing but loses lately.
chugg norris
chugg norris Oy oldin
Mikey should've boxed Lomachenko instead. Mikey is textbook and nothing too special. He wont do anything too spectacular but he wont be caught sleeping. His power, speed, and skills are above average but he is very disciplined
Phillip Sanders
I give Mikey alot of credit for hanging in there with The Beast!
KLJF Oy oldin
"whatever mikey did" .... fuck off you dick , mikey DID N O T H I N G .
Mary Keovphan
Mary Keovphan Oy oldin
We see something
Roberto Toyos
Roberto Toyos Oy oldin
That just tells you how we latinos look at reality, Robert knows that Spence was the better man and that's it.
The Body Snatcher
Thank you!! No excuses
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina Oy oldin
It’s so annoying to see racist remarks by all these STUPID & Ignorant low class Mexicans AND blacks when we are here to post or read intelligent analysis of a fight regardless of who won or lost or what their race is. Don’t discredit the fighters who were the ones taking the punches and trying to give the fans a bang for their money. Kudos to all the ones making smart comments about the fight one way or the other.
amanichi Oy oldin
as a boxing fan i love the Garcia Family.
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