Rockets are becoming Warriors' biggest challengers after nightmare start to 2018-19 | The Jump

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In her daily monologue, Rachel Nichols of The Jump breaks down Rockets vs. Nuggets and the absurd James Harden crossover on Jamal Murray, how Houston is making the case that it is the biggest challenger to the Golden State Warriors for a trip to the 2019 NBA Finals even without Chris Paul and Eric Gordon, and the choice facing GM Daryl Morey as the NBA trade deadline approaches.
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8-Yan, 2019



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SADEGH KHEDRY 2 oy oldin
someone tell her stop knocking the pen on tabel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
domino herrero
domino herrero 2 oy oldin
joseph nicholas
joseph nicholas 2 oy oldin
that jimmy butler shiit was just that a rumor.. probably leaked by minny, what has daryl morey done since 2008 that leads you to believe hes that stupid.. the man operates at such a high level and has an elite FO around him that he would never mortgage the future for a rental player.
Greatness Is earned
Lol Warrior fans acting like they weren’t a CP3 injury away from losing in the Conference final last year . Oh and let’s not even mention that the Rockets have beaten them twice this year already . They better be worried about the Rockets because out of all the teams in the conference the Rockets present the most problems for them .
Silver Lucario
Silver Lucario 2 oy oldin
Umm wat
Jerry Long
Jerry Long 2 oy oldin
“Challenge” not beat
No Label Anime
No Label Anime 2 oy oldin
I can not stand this ESPN program. They literally reach on every subject. This Rockets team will lose in the first round. They rely too much on one man who takes 40 shots a game and 30 free throw attempts. We all know you can’t rely on the refs to bail you out during the playoffs reason why Harden never plays to his standards during the playoffs .
jet510 2 oy oldin
Seen this for the past 3 years. Come playoffs all he does is shoot 3s like a headless chicken.
John Petersen
John Petersen 2 oy oldin
Rachel is highly knowledgeable but her delivery makes me cringe.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 2 oy oldin
I hate to say it but it looks like the Rockets should trade CP3 it’s better for them and their future
elliot bizness
elliot bizness 2 oy oldin
Harden is doing it old school...... Carrying a team by himself... Mvp
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz 2 oy oldin
U see guys, it was Melo's fault😂
SNKRBOX EAUX 2 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-5TcHBJ6vcww.html 🤨🤔 if you listen to sports “analysts” on TV you will see their commentary is fair weather. You’re welcome
Derrick James
Derrick James 2 oy oldin
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 2 oy oldin
Why do people keep talking about “greatest challenge to the warriors” most teams can beat the warriors this season. They aren’t impressive at all
SLICENSLASH 2 oy oldin
They can still use a wing like a JR Smith or Iman Shumpert. That hasn't changed, but Austin Rivers has been a surprisingly big help. He's another guy who can dribble, pass, shoot & be a secondary playmaker to Harden.
Yac 2 oy oldin
Last season warriors couldn’t beat the rockets regular season. Playoffs come, they’re making quick work of them until iguodala (underrated piece, their bench’s main playmaker, defender, key piece of their best lineup) goes down. Same story but this year rockets are getting dropped in the 2nd round
Jesus Solis
Jesus Solis 2 oy oldin
I know we haven’t forgotten how bad harden flops in the playoffs tho
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 2 oy oldin
your just realizing this 20 hours ago. old news
Bootlickersports 2 oy oldin
they will miss carmelo and the depth he provided once Harden and CP3 get run into the ground by Dantoni.............
MILLZ NBT 2 oy oldin
Yes your hair looks magnificent Rachel well done lool
John-Pavan Sahota
Il be surprised if we get close to last season come play off time, okc deserve more respect than us this season
H-City Kicks
H-City Kicks 2 oy oldin
Houston Rockets winning it all this year mark my words!!!!!!!!!
jeeperscriminy 2 oy oldin
Them magnetic rims..
ROHIT GOEL 2 oy oldin
So it was all Melos fault then?
Johnny Green
Johnny Green 2 oy oldin
What they was last year🤨
KAIDZ 2 oy oldin
rockets can only beat warriors when they up their defense, but in the playoffs with a 50% boogie? don't know how can they do that. OKC is much better than them in playoffs.
Captain Levi's Page
That what happen to Jamal Murray when his number 1 priority is a Thot Instagram model.
Kyle Briscoe
Kyle Briscoe 2 oy oldin
Until the Rockets beat the Warriors in the playoffs for the Championship, I don't want to hear ANYTHING about them being the biggest threat to them. Ever. Get rid of the Headline.
Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez 2 oy oldin
No respect for the rockets it’s ridiculous we went 7 games with ten everyone else gets fucking blown out and no one says shit and we would have won if cp3 played or if the officiating in 2nd half wasn’t biased af only lost by 9 after 27 missed 3s they should have killed us and they didn’t
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 2 oy oldin
Just wait till he injured and CP3 comes back and gets injured again Also NO FUCK THAT!!! JAMAL DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING FOUL HIM THERE!!!!! FUCK THE REFS!!!
hakeem Jackson
hakeem Jackson 2 oy oldin
S/o to Rachel...idk who writes her segments but her delivery is always 🔥🔥🔥 I could listen to her all day
MV G 2 oy oldin
Regular season. Lets see if Harden doesnt choke in the playoffs
Duane Crooms
Duane Crooms 2 oy oldin
Stop making excuses 4 Harden .He never balls out in the playoffs. Had 2 games to beat the warriors and Houston had a lead in all of those games B4 halftime. Game 7 was atrocious and he was one of the contributors for Houston missing 27 straight 3s. this team is not challenging the warriors . Most importantly they need more defense. They were beating the warriors last year through timely buckets and great Defense .
mambo mambo
mambo mambo 2 oy oldin
Love the curl
hannah Cruz
hannah Cruz 2 oy oldin
No its not the rockets warriors biggest nightmare. It is the warriors rockets biggest nightmare remember when they lose to warriors at wcf. harden cannot move on and want revenge... Salty cannot accept that he lose.. Harden hold grudge to warriors...
Chante Sutton
Chante Sutton 2 oy oldin
Didn't y'all say this last year🤔 Same thing with OKC 😂 I guess y'all will never learn
Sandernista 2 oy oldin
Did something happen to the Bucks and Raptors???
John B
John B 2 oy oldin
Yep Houston Rockets look scary.I would like to see them beat Golden State to make the NBA finals then playing the Raptors Game 7 in Toronto for the Championship that would be awesome.
Martín Camarillo
I knew it was only a matter of time until ESPN jumped back on the Houston bandwagon. They were talking down on the Rockets so much at the beginning of the season and now they can't seem to get enough of them. SMFH. H-Town hold it down. Houston vs everybody.
John B
John B 2 oy oldin
Lawrence looks like a girl.
Russell Westbrook 0
Yeah the rockets are clearly the only team capable of beating the GSW (Cough) OKC LAL DEN
andrew martinez
andrew martinez 2 oy oldin
Warriors been battling themselves since the start of the season but it's always nice to have hope.
Ken Murphy
Ken Murphy 2 oy oldin
These bullshit narratives. What about the thunder who are one game back? The same thing happens with the rockets every year it’s like people have amnesia
V A 2 oy oldin
People could argue as much as they want. But till to this day, the only team to have looked the GS with KD in the eyes are the Rockets. Even Lebron couldn't do shit.
Louis Zavala
Louis Zavala 2 oy oldin
Everybody counted these rockets out LMAO 🤘-Town Texas
Haluk Halis
Haluk Halis 2 oy oldin
This girl is so annoying, I don't think I've ever heard anyone so annoying
Mikasa Eren
Mikasa Eren 2 oy oldin
Rocket won't win because they received their karma from flop scheme during regular season. James Harden flop doesn't work in playoff referee's ain't no forever stupid
Alexander 2016
Alexander 2016 2 oy oldin
I find it funny, that the best team right now, the spurs, are getting ignored in all of those discussions.
SpartanK07 2 oy oldin
Harden will run out of gas by All Star Break
SpartanK07 2 oy oldin
Stop playing, rockets not going anywhere
kostaVHjovanovic 2 oy oldin
god damn that ''he runs out of gas'' thing is stupid. Why does everyone just say that and not think, DAMN, does it sound right taht a dude scores 40, 3 weeks in a row or something, with almost no rest, and then 4 months later he gets tired (cause of that) when he has rest between games THATS NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
I know you rehearsed your show but if anything ever sounded so rehearsed its THIS!!
Miguel Arredondo
Miguel Arredondo 2 oy oldin
rest cp3 until playoffs LMAO
Rossy's 2 oy oldin
rachel nichols looks sloppy with that cleavage...
ATL 1 2 oy oldin
Why does he look like a lesbian
Lynn Stewart
Lynn Stewart 2 oy oldin
When has a single super star won a championship?
Legendary Tony
Legendary Tony 2 oy oldin
Only way GS lose is if they beat themselves
Francis Yu
Francis Yu 2 oy oldin
More Like Choke Rachel idiot!
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller 2 oy oldin
This "threat" thing needs to stop. The Warriors are no longer the juggernaut they used to be. They are now equal to the other championship candidates.
Che'Quan Johnson
Che'Quan Johnson 2 oy oldin
Cp3 going have step up I'm playoff and james have play less Ms when Paul get back
Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
Everyone who isn't a warrior fan: "warriors need 5 all stars to win".. Warriors fans: "We won 3 out 4 championships we gonna have a few guys make the all star team"..
HotLanta ATL
HotLanta ATL 2 oy oldin
And Warriors Still Gonna win the whole damn Championship 😭
Alpha 2 oy oldin
Rockets are comeback team of the year...give them credit they came back from 14th place
Hi Tops 2 Hi Hats
Stop it! They've been saying that for the last 3 years! Stop it!
Mektek19 2 oy oldin
James Harden is a constant reminder that offense is the name of the game. There is no more impactful attribute if an individual player than their offensive ability. You can change the entire out look of a game with a stretch if timely buckets.
Teezy 98
Teezy 98 2 oy oldin
You know you can foul harden by giving him eye contact 😂😂
Naaaahhh... Not with Chris Paul's spider web hamstrings and James Harden choking in the playoffs.
Damien Hawkes
Damien Hawkes 2 oy oldin
Now they are riding the rockets 🤨 jump off their nuts the window is closed right they never keep that same energy
hundred cs
hundred cs 2 oy oldin
GSW is Rockets biggest challange. If not injury, Rockets won the ring last year. Boy GS was lucky
Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson 2 oy oldin
She lookin like a treat
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 2 oy oldin
We say this every year... for the past 3 years!! Just stop.
BronerBeast 2 oy oldin
And rockets never win. This shit gonna keep happening forever and ever. Now is the time to get to the finals and win this shit.
YOUNG SMOKE813 2 oy oldin
DeMarcus Cousins ain't even played yet😎😂
David 5150
David 5150 2 oy oldin
Marlon Miranda
Marlon Miranda 2 oy oldin
No they aren’t! Harden won’t get the calls in the post season
El650Jefe 2 oy oldin
Rockets need to make some type of move. Harden is playing great but he need to save some of that gas for the playoffs. CP3 isn’t reliable. Bruh did not deserve that max deal. Straight robbing the rockets right now.
John Davis
John Davis 2 oy oldin
It’s real funny how much better both rockets and thunder are without Carmello Anthony!!!! Where all the people now saying melo is this and that blah blah and that melo was not the reason blah blah!!!!
they need to get a sf who can shoot and play defense like Convington, can't rely on Daniel House
Fran Batista
Fran Batista 2 oy oldin
1- Golden State 2- Houston 3- OKC 4- Denver 5- Lakers 6- Spurs
The Wight Prince Of Belair
Rachael got that double double today. Let's see if she keeps it up.
Ryan B
Ryan B 2 oy oldin
Hardin will be worn down come playoffs. CP3 will just get hurt again
Omar Evans
Omar Evans 2 oy oldin
Bruh. Rachel just go suck James already my God. This rockets team will get swept lmao.
Kobina Mensah-Afful
I love her monologues.
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 2 oy oldin
I'm a rockets fan and can admit we aren't the only ones that can compete with gsw. The West is crazy this year and even the east is looking better
Don't reach Young blood
Are the rockets built for playoffs or regular season?? Do they need a healthy co star to help James harden
ssimpson11234 2 oy oldin
the OKC disrespect is appalling
United South Enterprises LLC
No other sports show wants to talk about the Rockets beating the number one West seed because they’re Laker azz kissers and fans. Lakers beat a Dallas team sitting in #14 and out of the playoffs and it’s news🤷🏽‍♂️
United South Enterprises LLC
All the Rockets need is one more star or Cp3 gets healthy and nobody can stop them.
Stefan Gvozdenovic
Denver is much better team than rockets.
Stefan Gvozdenovic
+raymond gumbs you will see at the end of season.
raymond gumbs
raymond gumbs 2 oy oldin
Denver hasn't beaten rockets in 3 years. Dantoni has never lost to the nuggets since hes been coach of the rockets 9-0. So stop lol
1st and 15th
1st and 15th 2 oy oldin
LOL that got smoked yesterday
Tulley Novielli
Tulley Novielli 2 oy oldin
zach nichols
zach nichols 2 oy oldin
ain’t gonna do shit in the playoffs lmao
Turo Akira
Turo Akira 2 oy oldin
Y’all better stop lmao OKC will speed the game down and clamp down on these mfs in the playoffs #ThunderUp
Jumpman T
Jumpman T 2 oy oldin
Harden chokes on his own beard pubes in the playoffs😂
Jalen Daniels
Jalen Daniels 2 oy oldin
Rachel nichols and her stupid ass fucking monologues
Pick & Pop
Pick & Pop 2 oy oldin
It was always going to be Rockets! I just find it funny how everyone be changing their opinions each week.
Megan Chelle Elopre
still they gonna lost
Shock 2 oy oldin
Didn’t they say this last year
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Awe, im so glad my squad got it together. They had me really tripping at the beginning of the yr. We will challenge GS and maybe even take their crown!
Official MBM Gang
I hear all this about Harden being "drained" come playoff time. Listen to me ver...or read me very carefully, THE BEST GUARD OF ALL TIME DOESN'T GET DRAINED GUYS. thank you.
Mikasa Eren
Mikasa Eren 2 oy oldin
He ain't the best guard of all time though, have some respect of some legends shooting guards that way more better & impactful than Harden. James Harden is a good player but he can't be called best because his a tricky dirty player with his constant flop scheme. In this era his the most hated NBA superstar by fans because of his flop scheme even some players doesn't like him.
Tyler west
Tyler west 2 oy oldin
Yall said this last year and look what happened😂😂😂😂
Hashem Hamidaddin
Tyler west it was a 7 game series where Houston shot abysmal and there was a 1/72000 chance of that happening
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