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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018

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The Baddest Woman on the Planet competes on Raw for the very first time.
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7-Avg, 2018

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 8 797
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 3 soat oldin
WWE Is Fake
Marieli Alamillo
Marieli Alamillo 5 soat oldin
Love you ronda❤❤😍😍😍
Juicy Juice
Juicy Juice 6 soat oldin
So fake but love it!!
Venom8419 6 soat oldin
Rousey shows up every WWE women superstar. Kind of embarrassing that shes been in the business since wrestlemania and can actually wrestle better than them.
Grant simms
Grant simms 7 soat oldin
How can a mma fighter go to being a fake performer
R Sake
R Sake 8 soat oldin
Show dogs and a pony
fes cohen
fes cohen 9 soat oldin
Alexa pitch
Kashman Escobar
Kashman Escobar 9 soat oldin
Man... Ronda Turns Me On! 😘😘
cd c
cd c 9 soat oldin
This is where UFC fighters go to die.
Valentina Sigarini
Valentina Sigarini 9 soat oldin
Ronda is my spirit animal
Calum Mcgaw
Calum Mcgaw 10 soat oldin
I know it’s fake fighting but at least make it look kinda real. Cringe when you can clearly see the punches and kicks don’t connect.
buck stanley
buck stanley 11 soat oldin
Who watches this insanity?
Suzette Tebelman-Ford
California watcher. lol
Jules Z
Jules Z 12 soat oldin
Whoa. This is a funny joke
TimewithAva '
TimewithAva ' 13 soat oldin
he said that bliss tapet
teti nurrahman
teti nurrahman 13 soat oldin
I love when ronda rousey smiles
наиля Саруханова
ессссссс родна роузи я твоя фонатка ронда раузи раузи
EfektMasy 15 soat oldin
Only in America. Circus
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 15 soat oldin
jajajaja . jajajaja .jajajaja jajajaja.. Amanda Nunes?????
Joaquina Ricardo Naeine
Eu gosto de assistir WWE.
Clarence M
Clarence M 22 soat oldin
Rousey is stiff.
Jhosetty Castillo
Jhosetty Castillo 22 soat oldin
Ronda rousey te quiero!!💕
SpecialK 22 soat oldin
It used to be a Big debate if this stuff was Fake or Real, but the have gotten lazy with making it real. It's so predictable. I watch post 2000 stuff.
big daddy
big daddy 23 soat oldin
General Cyclone
General Cyclone Kun oldin
Right haven’t watched wwe in ages but is it just me or does everyone women’s match end in a tap out victory ?
DanteJames4 Kun oldin
I'm actually really happy for Ronda wow and her "That title is MINE" legit gave me chills wow
leungwingchi Kun oldin
....suite rousey very well...absolute trash!
PRoWrestLing Clips
Don’t really understand why people are so hyped about Ronda she’s basically just a female version of brock
Musiqum Kun oldin
C Gordon
C Gordon Kun oldin
Respect the BANK but dear lord that looks awful. How do grown adults watch this? Truly terrible 🤮
Connor Rouse
Connor Rouse Kun oldin
They kept referring Alicia Fox as Alexa Bliss..
Diamond Tello
Diamond Tello Kun oldin
Go RONDA ✊❤❤❤
// *Up In The Club* \\
Wrestling is fake. What's the big deal?? Why not watch REAL ufc, or boxing instead?!?! 😐
King Cal
King Cal Kun oldin
Female Brock Lesnar.
warren Thomas
warren Thomas Kun oldin
Dem hands !!! Them hands WOW.... she's improved from her ufc days
ItsG Kun oldin
I mean I’m a big fan of wrestling but c’mon we all know that wwe is fake it’s just acting and I’m so sick of it... and everyone loses against Ronda so...
Rose Roblox
Rose Roblox Kun oldin
2:08 bliss taps?
Shahid Aslam
Shahid Aslam Kun oldin
Rouda is best fighter
Heva hayuva Majid
Boyd Shaw
Boyd Shaw Kun oldin
Foxy deserves better
Longballs Longballs
would have loved this when I was about 10
Nagham Na
Nagham Na Kun oldin
انا مع روندا روزي انا بحبك كتير روندا اقوى مصارعة في العالم
Anuj pal
Anuj pal Kun oldin
Very good
Oumaima Firdows
Oumaima Firdows Kun oldin
يا الله كريم تاخد روندا روزي حزام مصارعه حره يا الله
Khmer New
Khmer New Kun oldin
Alexa suck
Scorer Scored
Scorer Scored Kun oldin
I want Ronda to be my girlfriend, during days she'll be my bodyguard and during nights I'll body massage her.
MADilshan Kun oldin
Classic Ronda Rousey !
Bekah Toms
Bekah Toms Kun oldin
People who are not in the ring should not get involved
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar Kun oldin
Ronda ko chodne mei bada mazza aayega
LaPhantomde Kun oldin
It’s a true story
Marvelous Games
Marvelous Games Kun oldin
#28 On Trending But Why And How?
Essalehi Walid
Essalehi Walid Kun oldin
I love ronda rousey ❤❤❤❤
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Kun oldin
That's just embarrassing.
Safdar Live
Safdar Live Kun oldin
Great tozy
Analyzing Guy
Analyzing Guy Kun oldin
If Ronda Rousey ever got her beautiful legs in a figure four, I wonder if she would submit.
Kristen Jett
Kristen Jett Kun oldin
Why hasn't she killed herself? Wtf 😂
Khaylee Levert
Khaylee Levert Kun oldin
Yeah Natalia and randa is the best
Wei-Han Liu
Wei-Han Liu Kun oldin
What a waste of talent. Go get your real title back in a real competition, Rousey.
Gary Waddell
Gary Waddell Kun oldin
Alexis : do you realize that there are better looking lot lizzards in a truck stop than you and there more women than you will ever be GIVE IT UP BIMBO
Gary Waddell
Gary Waddell Kun oldin
Alicia you are a pig
Tripper Harrison
Bliss is built like a big thumb ...
Del Stewart
Del Stewart 2 kun oldin
So now all of a sudden it's legal to close fist punch in wrestling. LMFAO!! They just change the rules as it suits them these days. No wonder no one watches anymore.
ROVER25X 2 kun oldin
Well Rhonda can't win a real fight so I guess winning a fake one is a real low for her.
Pennie Mathis
Pennie Mathis 2 kun oldin
Angel Tovar
Angel Tovar 2 kun oldin
"Head movement, Head movement!"
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman 2 kun oldin
All this fake wrestling... what a load of bollocks.. her carrier has certainly taken a dive
Bob Linglang
Bob Linglang 2 kun oldin
all the people who are saying how can people watch WWE its clearly fake... WE KNOW ITS FAKE, it's not a sport- it's ENTERTAINMENT!
Isabelle 6
Isabelle 6 2 kun oldin
Ronda rousey💘💘
Ryan Boddy
Ryan Boddy 2 kun oldin
Head movement
Arthur Kay
Arthur Kay 2 kun oldin
The wwe BETTERRRRRRR!! find competition to keep up with Ronda
michaelm jacques
michaelm jacques 2 kun oldin
Subscribe to SAVAGE PABLO UZvid channel madness Live
Millie Twist
Millie Twist 2 kun oldin
Couldnt stop laughing hysterically
martin cho
martin cho 2 kun oldin
0:42 rousey is so terrible at acting
chris 2 kun oldin
Fake AF smh@ronda mma made u and u wrestling lmfao
Wilmer Day
Wilmer Day 2 kun oldin
Ronda sweetcheeks Rousey !!!Mmmmm-M!!!!
Wilmer Day
Wilmer Day 2 kun oldin
And also the other HOTHONEYS!
forgotaboutdres 2 kun oldin
has she taken a legit bump yet? taking a powerbomb or choke slam-esque type of slam yet?
Ghassan Kubba
Ghassan Kubba 2 kun oldin
2 07 was wrong
drum major Amaya
drum major Amaya 2 kun oldin
Kevin Andrew So
Kevin Andrew So 2 kun oldin
Stop saying bliss taps!!! Alicia fox!!
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 2 kun oldin
Lmao when you suck at MMA so you gotta stay relevant somehow
Ridz 39
Ridz 39 2 kun oldin
Even tho wrestling is fake I can tell them body throw hurt
Sara Love
Sara Love 2 kun oldin
Rousey good!! 😃 I love Ronda Rousey
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 2 kun oldin
“Arm Bar, Locked In Bliss Taps” Yeah because Alexa bliss was in the match aha
D D 2 kun oldin
Alexa I hope Rhonda rips that arm of and beats u with it,u can’t fight
Wesley Bollens
Wesley Bollens 2 kun oldin
Boooo rhondy finisher sucks rhondy should beter stad sucking dicks your nobody go back to ufc and get your als kicked wwe is no place for you
FOOTBALLisLIFE 2 kun oldin
*Rounda Rousey is amazing*
azure rainbow
azure rainbow Kun oldin
Yes,Ronda Rousey is amazing.
qwerty asd
qwerty asd 2 kun oldin
funny man
funny man 2 kun oldin
elvis presley
elvis presley 2 kun oldin
humpling 2 kun oldin
That microphone bounce though
D 416
D 416 2 kun oldin
Will Ronda actually win? She should have won vs NiaJax. WWE clearly loves their Harley Quinn version of a wrestler in Bliss.
Jason Starkx
Jason Starkx 2 kun oldin
Ronda Rousey: The female version Brock Lesnar; The strength, the explosiveness, the on-ring dominant attitude and everything else. She's at a whole different level. She is a fighter, the other girls are performers.
Lukas Hahn
Lukas Hahn 2 kun oldin
Pls Rousey go back to ufc
rabiya begum
rabiya begum 2 kun oldin
your my one of the most favorte wwe
rabiya begum
rabiya begum 2 kun oldin
i am waiting for your beating alexa
rabiya begum
rabiya begum 2 kun oldin
wowww super ronda rusev
Aida Berdibek kyzy
Aida Berdibek kyzy 2 kun oldin
I love you Ronda Rousey
Antisepticeye 2 kun oldin
RIP mic 2018-2018 2:54
Brosybro Donald
Brosybro Donald 2 kun oldin
Rondas cringy af
Brosybro Donald
Brosybro Donald 2 kun oldin
Alicia got manhandled
anosferatus 2 kun oldin
oh how the mighty have fallen...swallowing their pride and all.
PairedBow 2882
PairedBow 2882 2 kun oldin
2:53 just imagine if the mic hit her face XD
Chucky/Mikal Simmons
I was there but me and my mom left after the segment
Lan Tuyet
Lan Tuyet 2 kun oldin
Brock and ALlax are a shamful couper