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ROSES - juice WRLD ft. Brendon Urie (LYRICS)

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5-Dek, 2018



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ally anderson
ally anderson Oy oldin
God, Brendon has auto tune because it's the song type. It's supposed to sound heavy with the auto tune. Yes, we get he doesn't need it, but it's the way it's supposed to sound. Give it a rest.
Dark immortal Prime Gaming
Too much autotune
Gothic Girlz
Gothic Girlz 23 soat oldin
ally anderson and obviously he likes it soo,I mean he’s sounds amazing either way💀 it’s just pure talent
Naythan Mondragon
Thanks for explaining that to these retards
Sarah Noble
Sarah Noble Kun oldin
Hi what's your name
Arianna Diaz
Arianna Diaz 2 kun oldin
Mr. Bean17 nahhhhhh
BaP BaP 33 daqiqa oldin
my bf tried to cheat on me and i caught him and he removed me off his friends list on discord );
Phxntom Xeno
Phxntom Xeno 47 daqiqa oldin
Lmao Juice carried!!!!! I don't listen to Brendon but I'm sure he's good. For me the way he came on was asssssss. But my opinion doesn't matter because Juice is my favorite artist anyway.
anna burr
anna burr 54 daqiqa oldin
This makes me feel like I'm having a conversation with my ex. I'm Brendon.
Daniela Animates
Daniela Animates Soat oldin
My freind sent me here I basically made a group with all sinners at my school so yea
Moon21 Start21
Moon21 Start21 Soat oldin
Tick tock users like
yellow darkness
yellow darkness Soat oldin
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue You Broke My Heart? I’m setting your di*k on fire. :)
The Alkhateeb Fanily Alkhateeb
Love this mans songs
xEmoTrxsh 3 soat oldin
All; Omfg brendon Urie Me; *Omfg Juice wrld*
Faze Boonce
Faze Boonce 3 soat oldin
I am Hard
Irvin Nolasco
Irvin Nolasco 3 soat oldin
i like this song roses are red
Caity Rose
Caity Rose 3 soat oldin
2019 anyone ??
Mya Dockery
Mya Dockery 4 soat oldin
i just got some head lol
Radian 4 soat oldin
Roses are red 🌹. Violets are blue 🌼=⭕. My heart is dead 💔☠. Im such a fool 😔.
Cydney Wilson
Cydney Wilson 4 soat oldin
Juice WRLD sounds like he is choking I actually suck
Kaleb Adams
Kaleb Adams 4 soat oldin
Love this but rip xxx
Wild Crap
Wild Crap 5 soat oldin
This heartbreak music is such a passion👍
KingCash 6 soat oldin
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Dark immortal Prime Gaming
Brendon has so much autotune omg
Kyle Watkins
Kyle Watkins 10 soat oldin
Roses are red violets are blue you killed x I’m a fool
only bangerZ
only bangerZ 11 soat oldin
tekashi69: roses are red violents are blue she was hot so i banged her but she 13 🥵
Sasha Khamoo
Sasha Khamoo 15 soat oldin
jucie wrld + Brendon + AMAZING!!!
B L A C K R O S E 18 soat oldin
this is when all the emo's start to listen to the song? (No hate on them ofc) 🤟🖤
blueindigo 19 soat oldin
this is so fucking trash
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez 20 soat oldin
Story of my life
I Play
I Play 20 soat oldin
Roses are red violets are blue, sometimes i get clickbaited and so do you Not this time though this is the real deal!!
Gacha Lonely
Gacha Lonely 20 soat oldin
Here a replay button just Incase you broke yours (like me) 0:14 It cost a like :3 (please?....)
Amanda A
Amanda A 20 soat oldin
Keep coming back😍😍
It’s Alicen
It’s Alicen 21 soat oldin
I just gotten in a break up. This song actually helped me. It put my anger and sadness away. It learned me a lesson, some boys are bitches, I should go to the unpopular guys. 💜
Little Fox
Little Fox 21 soat oldin
Actually I always hear this song cause the i was with she’s just a bitch
ernie trevlac
ernie trevlac 21 soat oldin
" I'm such a fool :( "
Myriam lopez
Myriam lopez 22 soat oldin
Brendon urie aka the best person in the world part comes on 1:59
Isabella Teran
Isabella Teran 22 soat oldin
juice wrld and brandon are the combo that we never knew we needed.
Tristen Smith
Tristen Smith 22 soat oldin
Michele Scodro
Michele Scodro 23 soat oldin
24MiaBella Bersani
24MiaBella Bersani 23 soat oldin
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naythan Mondragon
Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark Kun oldin
1:58 is brendon your welcome
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen Kun oldin
This song is the best 2019 anyone
Mia Modica
Mia Modica Kun oldin
bruh if you start the Litlle Einsteins theme song at the same time, they line up. issa fire remix
Yasmin Ibanez
Yasmin Ibanez Kun oldin
Roses are red violets are blue and such a fool why did I fall for you~~~~
Depression Forever
My kinda song
Cowboysfan2186 YT
Anyone in 2019
Cowboysfan2186 YT
Best song ever like if u think I’m right
Emely Vasquez
Emely Vasquez Kun oldin
Official Archh
Official Archh Kun oldin
song is literally perfect❤
lil stick
lil stick Kun oldin
This has been playing in my head all day went to work at my local tbell and played it all night long same with up church and Lil peep
Soda Productions
Anyone else think this song isn’t very good?
Jaklin Jekova
Jaklin Jekova Kun oldin
2048 anyone?
PrincessJamie Crespo
I think we're all here because of Brendon Urie........
Dylan Cessford
Dylan Cessford Kun oldin
This song explains me so much because of a girl I like and she just didn’t care even tho I was there for her everyday and now I wonder y I did fall for her
Stephen Martinez
I never thought juice wrld and Brendon Urie would make a song but boy am I glad they did
GmannBmx Kun oldin
Cynthia Balcazar
OMG how i feel about my ex
This song bassicaly described my life rn
Andrea Rodriguez
Most iconic duo but it’s good 😍
Carter Crantford
This song is lowkey growing on me. I used to think it was weird and now I find I’m listening to it more and more, thinking about how this relates to me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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How do u get Permission to upload music
FlyBeCarryingU Kun oldin
why did i fall for you?
Kermit Lover
Kermit Lover Kun oldin
I don’t care that it’s auto tune it’s brendon , brendon is my life
Jacob Ledbetter
Jacob Ledbetter Kun oldin
you should get a face cam
Hadleigh Allmon
Hadleigh Allmon Kun oldin
this song is actually fire
i Frozen
i Frozen Kun oldin
"Roses are red, violets are blue, my heart is dead, I'm such a fool" 😭💔
Paris PlayZ
Paris PlayZ Kun oldin
Who else came for brendon
Tee Vee
Tee Vee 2 kun oldin
*if a dude sends you this to you wtf does that mean sksksksksksk*
AtRiskk 2 kun oldin
Juice dont need auto tune 👌👌
Ellie !
Ellie ! 2 kun oldin
I support Brendon n all but his auto tune makes him sound all different and tbh i don’t like it but the song is 🔥🔥🔥
Marlene Gonzalez romero
Roses are red.Violets are blue.My heart is dead.Im such a fool.My heart is dead of all the times i got used and they way they cheated one me. Im scared to fall in love . IM AFARID TO FALL IN LOVE.Why did i fall for you i was better when i didn't love you and they are hell ppl out in the world and i ended up loving you what should i do?
Abby Mcghan
Abby Mcghan 2 kun oldin
*Roses are red, that part is true, but violets are violet, not fucking blue, why did I fall for you?*
Keyona Black
Keyona Black 2 kun oldin
David Sherman
David Sherman 2 kun oldin
Yanch Beebo
Susan Tietje
Susan Tietje 2 kun oldin
*Roses are red (check)* *violets are blue (check)* *i love this song (check)* *you should too (check)* *why did you not listennn* *you are a biggg fool* LOL LIKE IF YOU AGREE 😂😊
Brooklyn.Blossom 2 kun oldin
Why is no one commenting about the earrape at 3:14 💀💀
A-V-A C-A-D-O 2 kun oldin
roses are red
Daniela correa
Daniela correa 2 kun oldin
tik tok ruined this song who agrees
Bri Bouldin
Bri Bouldin 2 kun oldin
I wish x could have been in this song🖤😭
disaster 2 kun oldin
It’s simple. I see Brendon’s name I click
Senty Thea
Senty Thea 2 kun oldin
damn Beebs u had me cryin
rico 420
rico 420 2 kun oldin
This heart breaking music is a passion 💯💔
Rainbow Paws
Rainbow Paws 2 kun oldin
Who hurt this man
Demetri Hill
Demetri Hill 2 kun oldin
Sounds like he says acik
Jada Andrews
Jada Andrews 2 kun oldin
Jamisyn Larmon
Jamisyn Larmon 2 kun oldin
(°¿°) -
XDYolo _boy73
XDYolo _boy73 2 kun oldin
"This heart brake music is passion"
Taylor Ahring
Taylor Ahring 2 kun oldin
I feel like this is more of a filter over Brendon’s voice rather than auto tune m, yaknow. Like it’s not fixing his voice it’s giving it a style(?)
Jessica Sigala
Jessica Sigala 2 kun oldin
True facts in this awsome song😣😣😣
Savage bunny risa
Savage bunny risa 2 kun oldin
I was here for juice wrld but then seen Brandon was in it and clicked and its lit I love it.
That trans Kid
That trans Kid 2 kun oldin
Idk but I love this song but it's 4am my m8 is sleeping and I just started crying but I never had before?????? Wtf guess I'm thinking of bad things again. I'm want it die again. Edit:update still listening to this at 6:12am
Lexie D
Lexie D 2 kun oldin
I like his voice either way.... Brendon urie is my idol
ISOxDAWG 2 kun oldin
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hoi.
Tana Tube
Tana Tube 2 kun oldin
dj boss
dj boss 2 kun oldin
Rip x❤💓💔
sOmEoNe nIcE
sOmEoNe nIcE 2 kun oldin
Who knew this duo was a great one? 😍
Bella The Majestic SHreK PokemAn
I honestly don't care that much for Brendon ://
melancholy loser
melancholy loser 3 kun oldin
Keelan Stephens
Keelan Stephens 3 kun oldin
M*J*O !
M*J*O ! 3 kun oldin
*im such a fool*
Panic!AtTheDiscoismylife134 BrendonUrie
*juice wrld:* "this a tragedy" *Brendon:* sorry man I can't help ya I only write sins not tragedies
Panic!AtTheDiscoismylife134 BrendonUrie
Oof ily brendon
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