Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ruby Rose chats with Jimmy about how she's processing her emotions after being cast as the new Batwoman in an upcoming CW series and explains how bats and bat wings have always been part of her life.
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Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman




9-Avg, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 001
Apollo C
Apollo C 3 soat oldin
She seems like a nice women,I like her accent,but her batwoman was so stiff and dull. There's no emotion. She needs to show this on the show
SHAEY LIFE 6 soat oldin
The jokeress 🤩
Dark Archer 22
Dark Archer 22 12 soat oldin
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
Barry fanboying over Batman & batgirl in elseworlds was such a mood.
Hazel C
Hazel C 14 soat oldin
Woah...She’s Australian?
091696g 15 soat oldin
good for her but come on seriously she a hot beautiful girl who has a distinct look to her. it also helps that background is almost the same to batwoman and it also help she do look believable to be batwoman . Good looking people are fortunate
Johnny 16 soat oldin
Talk about being type cast as the obvious lesbian who's somehow as tough as men.
The Daily Nerd
The Daily Nerd 17 soat oldin
Good for her! I hope she get's her own series. Oh please CW put it to series!!!!!
Reynard Nathaniel
Reynard Nathaniel 18 soat oldin
I am fine if CW makes batwoman TV series, but I just hope that CW NEVER makes Batman TV series
Jake Laburay
Jake Laburay 19 soat oldin
You know what ruby rose is maybe my second favorite actress on the arrowverse kate cassidy is #1
letícia f.
letícia f. Kun oldin
I just watched Elseworlds part 2 and she did a fucking great job
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
letícia f. YUP she’s so badass
She's a terrible actress.
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
R.I.P KING Kun oldin
Ok...but wheres the bat tho...and I mean the OG
Sasha Rasin
Sasha Rasin Kun oldin
gets emotional? has no one told her she's fucking shit at it yet?
Marcelino Vazquez
Ruby Rose why are you wasting your time on the The CW when you should on the movies with Superman Wonder Woman and Batman of course
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
The ArrowVerse is dope and has a larger audience than the dc shit movies, she’s better off on CW.
Marcelino Vazquez
+DEVASTATOR THE GAMER that's not what I mean I she can either be in the movies or do a Daredevil and have her own show that isn't part of the arrowverse
There's no point, the actors for super man and Batman are leaving
srushti mund
srushti mund Kun oldin
I don't get what's wrong with these toxic people. Everybody complained about Grant Gustin being The flash saying that he was too thin and blah blah blah. But now, nobody wants anybody other than Grant Gustin to be the flash. Why can't you people just give somebody a chance and see if you like 'em. People are so spoiled these days, they start crying before even watching the thing. I am disappointed at the fans.
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
srushti mund FINALLY someone who’s mentally stable in this comment section. Grant gustin turned out to be perfect for his role so these ppl can go trip over a knife. And now they’re complaining about her being batwomen, but why? She turned out amazing for the role, and I’ve only seen her in the elseworlds crossover but shes absolutely awesome.
Steel Xcaliber
Steel Xcaliber Kun oldin
She did a competent job this episode, but the script gave her fuck all to do. She's nothing but badass for the whole episode. There's no reason to care about this character. Yet.
Ashu Singh
Ashu Singh Kun oldin
Who is here after the elseworlds crossover??
YouTube Fan
YouTube Fan 8 soat oldin
Kyo Mebi
Kyo Mebi 11 soat oldin
She did a great job.
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
Ashu Singh ME
Varun Hans
Varun Hans 2 kun oldin
I’m happy she’s playing Batwoman but she looks more like a Catwoman in my opinion just saying 🤔
Faded Evolution
Faded Evolution Kun oldin
I actually thought that was catwoman
I am Barracuda
I am Barracuda 2 kun oldin
You kidding me, DC has bad history in casting (Not all, but most of the cast). Now Ruby just need to prove that I'm wrong
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
I am Barracuda ok what about the flash casting? And I mean the entire flash cast, they’ve chosen the best actors for the roles including grant gustin. His shape doesn’t matter he’s still perfect as the flash, I think flash should have proved you wrong long ago.
Alejandro Escajeda Romero
Arrow The Flash Supergirl GOTHAM DC Comic Canal 5
Glotzbiene 3 kun oldin
Girls... I'm seriously looking forward to this.... All the haters will see that the chance that DC was given her is well invested! Thank you DC and you will rock it Ruby!! Greets from Germany
BlahBlah Blah
BlahBlah Blah 5 kun oldin
#RubyRose you're so freaking beautiful😍
Andy Clare
Andy Clare 8 kun oldin
She's by far the worst actress I've ever watched.
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
Why tho? Are you guys gonna just judge her based on this interview or have you actually seen her as batwomen?
berner 10 kun oldin
Don't worry folks, identity politics will seep into this show and ruin it.
TITANMAN251 12 kun oldin
I'll check out the Batwoman show.
marie 7
marie 7 12 kun oldin
i’m literally bi because of her
Virka Odinenko
Virka Odinenko 12 kun oldin
Sure we need more such role models for young girls. Specifically - the more tattoo the better.
Angel Garach
Angel Garach 13 kun oldin
She is a stunning
Jason Bryant
Jason Bryant 15 kun oldin
Another LBGTQAWXYZ blah blah blah beIN shoved down our throats, trying to "rewrite" something never broken in the first place.
Ana A
Ana A Soat oldin
+Jason Bryant Refer to "I'm not Dumb"'s comment above
I’m not Dumb
I’m not Dumb 13 soat oldin
But did you know that batgirl was gay in the comics?
Jason Bryant
Jason Bryant Kun oldin
Ana A It's true
Ana A
Ana A Kun oldin
Dude, chill.
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 16 kun oldin
I want Batman show so bad but hey Batwoman Yea! 😑😑😑
i am dead in the inside
I never thought that there was actually someone named Ruby rose, the only Ruby rose I know of is from an animated web series I watch
theX one
theX one 17 kun oldin
She will fit the role perfectly
Rockangel91 18 kun oldin
Huge congrats to her on getting the role of an iconic superhero, soooo can't wait for this crossover, really looking forward to seeing her take on Batwoman and seeing Barry and Oliver switching 😊😊
Linda Laviņa
Linda Laviņa 18 kun oldin
One word: gorgeous
Joseph Raja
Joseph Raja 19 kun oldin
I want to see that series
John Hawkes
John Hawkes 20 kun oldin
the comment section really smells like tuna.
Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez 21 kun oldin
Shes gender fluid so she can be batwoman and batman
Brianna Smith
Brianna Smith 22 kun oldin
“Be yourself because everyone else is taken” Love that! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jai Addison
Jai Addison 23 kun oldin
Other than bat woman, she should be the older Catwoman at the end of Gotham!
Christopher Sainduc
Christopher Sainduc 23 kun oldin
Look at him he so happy loll
Lakeview Recording Studio
Own it hermanita
jack mayhoffer
jack mayhoffer 23 kun oldin
Well, on the bright side commissioner Gorden doesn’t have to worry about Batman hooking up with Batwoman. She isn’t into his bat dong.
moonlight 25 kun oldin
i´m really happy to see her act batwoman:D
Mariamii Akeel
Mariamii Akeel 25 kun oldin
She could be a great cat woman tbh
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye 26 kun oldin
She seems like Catwoman though
MRL 29 kun oldin
Huh and here I am still waiting for CW to make a CATWOMAN series!!! Though I love Ruby and I couldn't be more excited for her!!!!
arik singh
arik singh 29 kun oldin
We waited for Batwoman, And look what we get. I just hope acting and character build would be Ok. If not it will go straight to the gutter.
Ben S
Ben S Oy oldin
OMG, Jimmy is soooo annoying. So awkward and nervous all the time. Looks like he's on meth or something. How did he ever get this gig??
Love Ruby Rose, I am looking forward to seeing her play Batwoman. I think she will play the role well.
StrikerJM 23 kun oldin
The first trailer with batwoman is out
Utkarsh S
Utkarsh S Oy oldin
It's time men start taking on women roles! Who is up for Cat-man??
Fedor Brockmann
I like her but she truly can't act. Just watch John Wick 2 and you'll know
Kathlee7n w
Kathlee7n w Oy oldin
but she is a perfect batwoman. got that madmax dont need a man tough tomboy vibes. boxer family is close to batwoman's army family ties. perfect counter to batman. the hero gotham need growing up. that ruby rose deserves. no vaccum sealed suits here!
Benedikte No hate, just watching
I feel like jimmy finda out about the person, befor they arrives. Ellen could learn something!
BADASS Gemini Oy oldin
She's such a beautiful woman.
Rome Robert
Rome Robert Oy oldin
Is she gay though 🤔
Marco Zolo
Marco Zolo Oy oldin
Ah shit I thought she was talking about the new birds of prey movie. It was just CW verse. Anyways better than nothing. I guess Margot Robbie would know whose going to be Batgirl in the next DCU movie for 2020
rayshawn howard
she is so beautiful and she's playing Batwoman even though I didn't even know that Batwoman existed until I heard Ruby Rose getting the part I know about Batgirl I've seen her in the cartoons and I played as her in the Arkham game called Arkham Knight so is Batgirl Batwoman because she's older because I know for a fact Superwoman don't exist just Supergirl so please somebody correct me if I'm wrong or right if they the same person
Jason Yang
Jason Yang Oy oldin
I didnt even know there was a batwoman
Batwomen was always gay. Don’t know why it’s such a big deal.
Menibor1 Oy oldin
The problem is that she is a terrible actor......
ima direwolf
ima direwolf Oy oldin
Still think she suck at acting tbh but the amount of hate she get is unnecessary imo. I don't like her so I won't watch the show, no need to harass her on social media everyday.
Pauly b blaze
Pauly b blaze Oy oldin
She's batwoman till she gets recasted for the big screen wait...dc has no idea what is going on
Bima Sudiarto
Bima Sudiarto Oy oldin
CW films are all about Political Correctness rather than actual films.
Bima Sudiarto
Bima Sudiarto Oy oldin
+Andrew Torrens Supergirl, Legends, etc
Andrew Torrens
what cw films
Benedikte No hate, just watching
Jimmy «This is the best interview I had» Me «Yes, yes it is😌you are lucky to meet an angel like that»
k3zzia Oy oldin
Clara Eva Simpson
So jealous, good for her
Nathan Henn
Nathan Henn Oy oldin
finally, queer women actually playing queer women! LGBT+ actors playing Lgbt+ characters!
JoeMama'sBaby'sSister'sAuntie Jay
Is batwoman & batgirl the same character or a different character?
Andrew Torrens
JoeMama'sBaby'sSister'sAuntie Jay batwoman was later introduced into the dc universe as a seperate character whom, much like batgirl, takes up the “bat” mantle without the guidance and supervision of batman. They are completely separate characters but have somewhat similar backgrounds and so they are sometimes confused as being variations of the same character.
XxRulerxX Oy oldin
Shes an amazing human and so lovely and kind and giving and I'm crying because I'll never get to meet her 😭
Equos Oy oldin
do you really have to identify with everything you see on TV? yeeezus,,,,,,
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Oy oldin
Ruby Rose seems cool and kind, why are people hating on her?
whataslacker Oy oldin
This interview is obviously prior to the bullying she was subjected to online. She is so excited to play this character and the internet just had to ruin that for her.
Tony Young
Tony Young Oy oldin
I overuse this joke, but may as well do it here. If there is a Batman shampoo, there should be a Conditioner Gordon. But how about a Batwoman Shampoo and Conditioner because she can go either way.
Tyler Jhonson
Tyler Jhonson Oy oldin
Great just what we needed a gay character ruining Batman, this is bullshit. Enough with this gay agenda ruining great characters and stories just to promote some sick lifestyle. They put a gay character in everything nowdays, enough is enough.
Tyler Jhonson
Tyler Jhonson Oy oldin
Man fuck those CW shows, no one cares about it. they need to leave the Batman mythology alone. They have done enough damage and stupid changes to the original characters and stories as it is.
Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas Oy oldin
Wow sorry but as great as ruby is she just doesn’t have the look for batwoman
Adam Oy oldin
Anyone else find her NOT attractive? Like a 10 year old boy mixed with a lesbian with justin bieber
Eric Miksanek
Eric Miksanek Oy oldin
She’s beautiful. It’s a shame
Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 2 oy oldin
So DC are still making movies , even though they lost there batman & superman
jessica butler
jessica butler 2 oy oldin
Christopher Frost
justin bieber as batwoman? weird
Gaming Noob
Gaming Noob 2 oy oldin
Bat woman? Since when has there been a bat woman?
sweiland75 2 oy oldin
Did she not get fired from being Batwoman because of people not liking her being cast as Batwoman?
princess starr
princess starr 2 oy oldin
Fandoms got your back,Ruby!!! We love you and good luck!!!
Bobby Torres
Bobby Torres 2 oy oldin
She is so amazing. Best of luck
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W 2 oy oldin
As far as I'm concerned, this is yet another fail for DC.
Brad AmeerBeg
Brad AmeerBeg 2 oy oldin
I'm emotional about that poor excuse for an actor being cast as batwomen too, fucking pointless.
Jye Parry
Jye Parry 2 oy oldin
Can't wait to see Ruby Rose as Batwoman she's going to own it.
mentalplane 2 oy oldin
She is so stunning, too bad she likes girls
Edward Creter
Edward Creter 2 oy oldin
Is there a worse role model for women than Ruby Rose to play superhero? Actually yes, there's still Brie Larson as Captain Underpants, oops, Marvel!
DÇx TheSlasher
DÇx TheSlasher 2 oy oldin
Ok she's so sexy but seriously what has she to do in a movie like this? And what is the reason? I just don't see her as the batwoman!
neosrt10 2 oy oldin
She looks more like the Joker
hamudy Yj
hamudy Yj 2 oy oldin
the one who casted her as batwoman have to get a promotion. am talking you'll
Zatara Glover
Zatara Glover 2 oy oldin
She just said she couldn’t find no one she could identify with. Wtf. Sure welcome to my world. Please give me a break
Zatara Glover
Zatara Glover 2 oy oldin
She should of been cast for the women joker or cat woman. Not batwomen
arktana 2 oy oldin
FEMINAZI LGBT bullcrap, promoted by regresive lefty hollywood to brainwash kids and make stright normal women miserable and feminize and castrate males. disgusting.
Love the casting choice, love the outfit, fucking hate Jimmy Fallon. Fake ass bitch Fallon.
Skkorm 2 oy oldin
As a DC comic book fan, I am so stoked about a live action Batwoman. People who don’t read comics are missing how great the new 52 Batwoman series was (before Dan Dideo interferes with the story direction enough to make the entire creative team quit). Batwoman is an incredibly interesting, layered, powerful character. And in the current lexicon on Hollywood actors, Ruby Rose is a fantastic choice. I honestly cannot wait to see the story they do with it.
Johnny 16 soat oldin
I would rather have a live action batgirl.
Miss Roux -
Miss Roux - 5 kun oldin
Can you help me with the comics, please?
erato 2 oy oldin
really wish they would have cast a JEWISH actress.