Rudy Mancuso - Mama (Official Music Video)

Rudy Mancuso
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She said, I never want to leave you but I gotta go
And then she left me for a reason that I'll never know
But I don't mind
I'm feeling fine
My mama told me all the things that I already know
Sometimes I feel it in my bones just like an animal
She's on my mind
I guess I'm not alright
I've been through this shit so many times
And I can't deny
I'll give it one more try
I'm hoping things go differently this time
'Cause she could be right
She could be right
Mama told me Play it cool
But I can't help if I'm a fool
And in my mind there's only you
'Cause happy endings I can't choose
I guess I'll play it cool
She says you're going way too fast, you've gotta take it slow
This love is like a plant, we gotta let it grow
And I said Why? Sounds like a waste of time
I'm getting tired of tryna be what you want me to be
But mama told me I can't keep playing hide and seek
She's on my mind
I'm not gonna lie
I've been through this shit so many times
And I can't deny
I'll give it one more try
I'm hoping things go differently this time
'Cause she could be right
She could be right
Mama told me Play it cool
But I can't help if I'm a fool
And in my mind there's only you
'Cause happy endings I can't choose
I guess I'll play it cool
I've done the same old things so many times
Some things in life
You just can't rewind
Things don't seem to change although I try
And I know why
And I know why
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29-Iyn, 2018

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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 7 oy oldin
Enjoy. “Mama” is now available on all streaming platforms.
Nestor Figueroa
Rudy this is so amazing
La vaca Loca
La vaca Loca 2 oy oldin
Alexis Saldana
Alexis Saldana 2 oy oldin
Rudy Mancuso this song is the best and awesome 😎
Caroline Kahura
Caroline Kahura 3 oy oldin
Valaria and Natalia Gonzalez and Ambriz
I love you rudy
Talina Riley
Talina Riley Soat oldin
Green screen at 3:14 no hate or anything
mincraft troller troller
Whatever we've learned today:your friends will stab you in the back Listen to your mom Try not to get slapped 😂😂😂
Hayhay . E
Hayhay . E 2 soat oldin
I think hannah is in the bunny
Lisa Cat puff :3
Lisa Cat puff :3 9 soat oldin
I love the song
Stick Lord500
Stick Lord500 15 soat oldin
No👏🏻one👏🏻care👏🏻what👏🏻year👏🏻you👏🏻watching 👏🏻this👏🏻on👏🏻let👏🏻me👏🏻watch👏🏻music👏🏻with👏🏻out👏🏻this👏🏻shit
Limitless 15 soat oldin
listen in 1.25x !
nanoplex extreme
nanoplex extreme 15 soat oldin
I loved this song 2019
alexis contreras
alexis contreras 21 soat oldin
I love your videos 😍
Fedra Hernandez
Fedra Hernandez 23 soat oldin
Eres muy creativo
Olivia l'olive
Olivia l'olive Kun oldin
This song is freaking good❤
unicorn unicorn
unicorn unicorn Kun oldin
I’m 7 and I watch your videos Rudy stop the bad words please
Xbox Gamer
Xbox Gamer Kun oldin
Did he die
Zorox 2012
Zorox 2012 Kun oldin
اكووو عرب بطيارة 😷✌️👍😍
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Kun oldin
1:35 favorite part and the move in it should be as famous as the floss was
Maria Navarro
Maria Navarro Kun oldin
Who still hears this song 2019 like if u do
Amanda Gomez-perez
Your cute
Juan Valencia
Juan Valencia Kun oldin
I dont get why
Esa Khan
Esa Khan 2 kun oldin
In the path to 6 million subs!
*insert channel name* ._.
1:45 is that chantel jeffries
Fortniteking 99
Fortniteking 99 2 kun oldin
Bright ness
Bright ness 2 kun oldin
Is it just me or is this song creepy af
Amityiris Mignot
Amityiris Mignot 2 kun oldin
this is amazing!!!!! love the backstory ❤❤❤❤Like if u agree 👇
Ayoub Bourousi
Ayoub Bourousi 2 kun oldin
fuck you
Eshan Ahmed
Eshan Ahmed 2 kun oldin
I watch in 2019
SpaZe DarkNess
SpaZe DarkNess 2 kun oldin
Who here before 100 mill
Hello World
Hello World 2 kun oldin
Chantel Jeffry’s
Haroon Majeed
Haroon Majeed 2 kun oldin
Great voice brother
Savagehunter214 2 kun oldin
The replay button broke
TRENTYBOOI 005 2 kun oldin
Add song to joox
jakesgamerchannel and vlogs
3:05 it looks so real
Pokemon Jr
Pokemon Jr 2 kun oldin
Ay lo e panda An taygr
Pokemon Jr
Pokemon Jr 2 kun oldin
Ayuda a él por que es mi primo
ITSTRISTAN 3 kun oldin
ITSTRISTAN 3 kun oldin
ITSTRISTAN 3 kun oldin
Alexia Larson
Alexia Larson 3 kun oldin
Can't stop listening to this song!!! Anyone 2k19?
I love my Mama💕💕
omar campos
omar campos 3 kun oldin
I,am selling replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Eber galarga
Eber galarga 3 kun oldin
There Is Nothing Holding Me Back
Rud Y Mancus o
There Is Nothing Holding Me Back
10000000000000000 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Belinda Morales
Belinda Morales 3 kun oldin
Rudy is especially hot in those amigos videos with his other 4 friends and when he liked Hannah😂🤤🤤😕😢
Creeper Craft
Creeper Craft 3 kun oldin
I love my mama
James Bryant
James Bryant 4 kun oldin
Love this video
lordypink girl
lordypink girl 4 kun oldin
2:59 *man i knew something about bunnies were evil*
Rawah ام غمازه
I love it Its my fav 🤞🏻♥️
Thuy Lam
Thuy Lam 4 kun oldin
2:07 Why did you slap yourself? {\_/} (T-T)
mahmoud minnahna
mahmoud minnahna 4 kun oldin
how watched daily!??
G Laurentiu Rau
G Laurentiu Rau 4 kun oldin
DuckiesQuackies 4 kun oldin
The Music Video is a bit weird.. But the song is sooooo good.. Ive replayed this song over a 100 times easily.
Samuel Callender
Samuel Callender 4 kun oldin
This song means something
tomwaits tomwaits
tomwaits tomwaits 4 kun oldin
Most related song, ever.
Sailyn Jimenez
Sailyn Jimenez 4 kun oldin
I love this song I can’t stop playing it
SubTo PewDiePie
SubTo PewDiePie 4 kun oldin
1:12 *(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)*
Last Outlaw 02
Last Outlaw 02 4 kun oldin
2020 Anyone???
kuriTM 4 kun oldin
Furries reeeeee
Flynn 4 kun oldin
I've been listening to this song so many time. I don't think I'm alright.
Saeed Ahmadi
Saeed Ahmadi 4 kun oldin
I love the song So sad): Like if you love the Song
_NALA_ 4 kun oldin
привет , очень круто!))
Darth 3402
Darth 3402 5 kun oldin
0:28 your welcome
Tyss K
Tyss K 5 kun oldin
His voice😍😍
Metchlove Monace
Metchlove Monace 5 kun oldin
I luv it
Aqua Fox
Aqua Fox 5 kun oldin
Lele is the bunny and junpa is the tiger and the panda is Hannah
christian gaming
christian gaming 5 kun oldin
I really like this song
Girly Juarez
Girly Juarez 5 kun oldin
Rudy great music I love you Rudy☺️
Loki Awesome
Loki Awesome 5 kun oldin
Also 2:07
Loki Awesome
Loki Awesome 5 kun oldin
Slap sense cost 1 like 0:27 0:40 0:54 1:42 1:54 2: 07 2:18
David Ochoa
David Ochoa 5 kun oldin
But I don’t mine
Rosa Ortiz
Rosa Ortiz 5 kun oldin
Rudy has una colaboración con la bala porfa
anime gam
anime gam 5 kun oldin
Loki Awesome
Loki Awesome 5 kun oldin
Who else can’t stop watching this I would want to be friends with the animals
Legit Cayla
Legit Cayla 5 kun oldin
OMG I luv this song
OXZ MERO 5 kun oldin
او ما غات
Nikoleta Pencheva
Nikoleta Pencheva 5 kun oldin
Man That's creapy
geovanie rivera
geovanie rivera 5 kun oldin
Nice Rudy mancucso mama cool
Sara Carrasquilla
Sara Carrasquilla 6 kun oldin
💔😭 Feb 14 Valentines Day💔😭
Sara Gill
Sara Gill 6 kun oldin
Anyone still watching in 2019 Bec I love this
Eleven 6 kun oldin
I just came for all the slaps
Ada Flores
Ada Flores 6 kun oldin
Ada Flores
Ada Flores 6 kun oldin
So sad
ماريا! علي
ماريا! علي 6 kun oldin
I love you 😘
Ammar Fathi
Ammar Fathi 6 kun oldin
I don't spik Inglish is beautiful😀😘😍
Ammar Fathi
Ammar Fathi 6 kun oldin
I like you Rudy Marcus
Nis FromYouTube
Nis FromYouTube 6 kun oldin
On V Day , Mr Mancuso You're Awesome ❤️
David Genaro Tenorio Nuñez
No es el video correcto, pero la canción es hermosa 💙💙
Golden Velvet
Golden Velvet 7 kun oldin
lyric kill me. i love this song
Adrianna Rosales
Adrianna Rosales 7 kun oldin
Mama told me play it cool.. but I can’t help if I’m a fool
Yassine Mrabet
Yassine Mrabet 7 kun oldin
My kids 2 and 6 they love your songs Just try not to use bad words 🎩🎩
Gita Hoseini
Gita Hoseini 7 kun oldin
Diana McCaskill
Diana McCaskill 7 kun oldin
I LOVE IT!!!! But I'm just wondering what this is about with all the animals.
Grace Lamb
Grace Lamb 7 kun oldin
Hannah has to be in one of them ❤️😜
Roy van Assema
Roy van Assema 7 kun oldin
Ik vindt het niet zo leuk liedje
B.B.R. Facts
B.B.R. Facts 7 kun oldin
Music with s full of sadness and love
Jihos on
Jihos on 7 kun oldin
you made my Saturday 😎
peanut god
peanut god 7 kun oldin
Is the girl in the video your gf? I love your vids! Keep up the good work❤
Anjel Ridgel
Anjel Ridgel 7 kun oldin
JungJungk00kie 8 kun oldin
My mom was listening to this and told me: “I like this song but now I’m depressed.” I told her “at least it’s amazing” We love you Rudy!
Jazmine Garrido
Jazmine Garrido 8 kun oldin
Gamers attack furries have taken over 😬
Matthew Casterton
Matthew Casterton 8 kun oldin
This scared me..
Sarah Diabe
Sarah Diabe 8 kun oldin
I like this song ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆
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