RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara

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Your face when you realized you were just crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar! (😱)! ConDRAGulations to the new current reigning queen, Aquaria.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race, the fiercest competition on primetime returns with its 10th season. Each supersized, 90-minute episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race will give fans more fashion, lip-syncs and drag than ever before.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara uzvid.com/u-VH1




29-Iyn, 2018

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i love beef
i love beef Kun oldin
my thoughts about the aquaria v eureka lip sync are all over, yes they both did amazing and they should both be praised for their work, but i feel as if aquaria didn't prove herself as much as i felt she could've done so. everytime eureka did something, the crowd went wild with excitement, while aquaria was struggling, and trying too hard. in the long run, i feel as if eureka was to stay, the final decision on who gets the crown would make or break the show. i also feel that the only way aquaria would've won was a double shante, this makes it seem very shady, and i disagree with the way the finale was set up.
HjE GachaPlayer
HjE GachaPlayer Kun oldin
Asia is so sweeeeeeeet
HjE GachaPlayer
HjE GachaPlayer Kun oldin
I cant even hear the vid that they are watching!
H Steven
H Steven Kun oldin
I love season 10 members
Memes Meme
Memes Meme 2 kun oldin
I’m so happy that she won so fucking happy
Marten Stolle
Marten Stolle 3 kun oldin
i love you, ich liebe euch, und mich natürlich. ;-)
J A 3 kun oldin
Why don’t they just do it live?
GarethDaviesArt 7 kun oldin
This is the best ive seen eureka look. my queen
blake groschen
blake groschen 7 kun oldin
this always makes me so happy
PeaGames 7 kun oldin
this was so cute
massimo squecco
massimo squecco 7 kun oldin
Ru. s ARMY OF TRANNIES to wake up all the sleeping supporters of Donald. Isn't that ironic?
Tristin Robinson
Tristin Robinson 8 kun oldin
4 New York Queens winning in a row
Ben Greene
Ben Greene 10 kun oldin
4:20 me when i get a 40 on a test and watch my grade go down
Lottie Ashmore
Lottie Ashmore 13 kun oldin
Why on a reaction vid when Cameron had to acc talk he wore that mouth thing. Honestly confused
Jordan Carrion
Jordan Carrion 13 kun oldin
How much I Hate Eureka ugh Jesus GROSS
Aira 15 kun oldin
Why is Eureka ALWAYS crying
Aira 15 kun oldin
I love Kameron
Trinity Fusick
Trinity Fusick 16 kun oldin
Eureka just saying “mom”
yellow meallow
yellow meallow 17 kun oldin
All starzz
yellow meallow
yellow meallow 17 kun oldin
What if eruka didn't have anymore outfits for last season
Danish Babaran
Danish Babaran 20 kun oldin
2:46 aquaria and asia’s reaction to kameron’s grandma 😂😂😂
Roos Rommens
Roos Rommens 22 kun oldin
This was so wholesome!
Roos Rommens
Roos Rommens 22 kun oldin
Aww Eureka bby you're such a sweetheart ♡
Anggi Susilo Simbolon
I love you Asia O'Hara
Pietra Flores
Pietra Flores 26 kun oldin
Isabel Kendrick
Isabel Kendrick 26 kun oldin
2:50 kameron is meeee
victorMtutorials 28 kun oldin
Am I the only one that cried when aquria was crowned 😭😭😭
Roby0o l ROBLOX l
Wait.. Šo when they reacted 5o the top3 lip syncing did they do the lip syncs like 4 times with changing with the other Queen. Sorry i Made no sense. BUT why are they lookin like they dont remmber lip syncing and why were they shocked bout dublē thing if they already experianced it
Jas Celo
Jas Celo 9 kun oldin
hate to break it to you, but ..... Santa is not real henny lol
Roby0o l ROBLOX l
*gennemen start yo ingines* OMG i died
eissa wael
eissa wael Oy oldin
I love how eureka is crying because she lost and aquaria os sitting their like i defeated u
icelandic horsemanship
I fucking knew that she would win the second she walked into the werk room! All hail the queen!
Liya&Mo 246
Liya&Mo 246 Oy oldin
Am i the only one who wanted a butterfly backstory?
Hendry Savas
Hendry Savas Oy oldin
Who os the Guy at the end?!
Alli Arshad
Alli Arshad Oy oldin
Why don’t they just film the finale as live TV ? Wait..r u saying they announced 3 different winner and the actual winner will be reveal on tv same time like us watching?
Andrew K.
Andrew K. Oy oldin
Start your ainjins
55354gdf Oy oldin
Kameron Looked pissed for some reason
Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak Oy oldin
I wanted to see Asias reaction to her butterfly thingy tho
Mariah Gracia
Mariah Gracia Oy oldin
I literally started laughing when eureka was crying
flavs Joseffo
flavs Joseffo Oy oldin
I wonder if kameron has the same ‘problem’ I do, which is she can’t speak up or be part of groups conversations. I’m not a shy person at all but I am very quiet in a way, I literally can’t have a conversation with more than one or two people no matter how much I force myself too.
arianna De LA rumberg
Did aquaria said a guevo?
Dominic Oy oldin
But why does Kameron look like Mathu Anderson here???
Maria Theresa Francesca Castillo
They're all so supportive and sweet OW MY HEART
Victoria Sabina
But that’s why I 😍 love it
Victoria Sabina
So dramatic
Alexis Oy oldin
Spoiling my self
Annie Rumin
Annie Rumin Oy oldin
DAMN I cried more watching this video than I did my entire wedding day
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
Eureka is amazing & proves that a big girl can be sexy. That being said I’m starting to worry just a bit about her health. I’ve lost people in my life due to complications from obesity. I hope she she remembers to stay as healthy as poss while still being true to her larger than life self : )
Wild Wylee
Wild Wylee Oy oldin
Asia kissing everybody is such a mood
Noel Selph
Noel Selph Oy oldin
I’m so confused how did they not know that she won
Sinful Rose
Sinful Rose Oy oldin
Asia is so sweet ^^❤
Yoah 2 oy oldin
Eureka and Karmeon knew they weren't going to win. They miss the words in that song
Tyler Hebel
Tyler Hebel 2 oy oldin
Love Aquaria, so proud for her and her win! But, does anyone know who the announcer/hype man was at the end there? I'd like to follow him on insta 😂
StanWoodward 2 oy oldin
The way Bebe says engines hurts my sides
Ryan 18
Ryan 18 2 oy oldin
I can't believe eureka was happy for this 😑
henzo arta
henzo arta 2 oy oldin
Did Kameron know she would wear this look to get the crown if she won? SO WEIRD
Danny 2 oy oldin
I have a question...In the show at the theatre they record the top 3 winning...but in the day when the final episode airs, the queens and the public knows who really wins because they edited the episode? Am I correct?
Mallory Lopez
Mallory Lopez 2 oy oldin
I wish they would show the other queens winning
Kayleigh 2 oy oldin
I can see Asia being the mum of all the sisters this season, including texting to see if they've eaten etc.
Anett Vaysberg
Anett Vaysberg 2 oy oldin
Why was eureka crying?
Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull 2 oy oldin
She got caught up in the emotions. She's proud of her fellow queen winning and she's proud of herself for getting this far.
55354gdf 2 oy oldin
Sharron Needles would be so proud
jimin hamilton
jimin hamilton 2 oy oldin
Eureka taking Aquaria's moment is my depression on a daily basis.
holden bryant
holden bryant 2 oy oldin
Eureka cryin bc she knew she wasnt gonna win 😭😂😂😂
Claudi' H.
Claudi' H. 2 oy oldin
Ughhhh they're so cute, I love them all 😭 I always try not to get emotional during these finale reactions but I can't help it.. I love it when they all support each other ✨💕
riica gro
riica gro 2 oy oldin
No mames otra vez lloro 😑
madison rocks with cool videos
Aquaria goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl
Julián Ramz
Julián Ramz 2 oy oldin
Ugh I hate eureka
Gazel Gunhar
Gazel Gunhar 2 oy oldin
i n g e n s
d Katsuya
d Katsuya 2 oy oldin
6:32 Justin bieber up in here lol😂
Roberto Monte
Roberto Monte 2 oy oldin
Kameron with that thing on her mouth. Not cute, not at all.
Brazil 2 oy oldin
Jacob Pacze
Jacob Pacze 2 oy oldin
I feel like this is the purest reaction to winning in drag race herstory
Sylvana Ahmed
Sylvana Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Here to see Kameron’s reaction after Hey Qween
Alex 2 oy oldin
Ok ok but who is that snacc on that stage? He's fine 👀
Juliet Williamson-Waggoner
is this filmed after the finale explain im still confused
Nicholas Ceasar
Nicholas Ceasar 2 oy oldin
what the hell is going on here weren't they all have the finale themselves why are they so surprised? Didnt Aquaria already knew she won??? I'm so confused somebody please explain this catastrophe 😞😟
Dirrty H
Dirrty H Oy oldin
Nicholas Ceasar when they film the finale, they film all three winning. The queens themselves don’t know who actually won until the finale airs. They find out when everyone else does.
Violette Fefeld
Violette Fefeld 2 oy oldin
I can’t watch this video without crying, I’ve watched it over 100x still feel the chills 😭❤️I love you aquaria
John Franz Requena
why is eureka always crying... omg.. annoying
Gays Around The Bay
Who is the host that intros Aquaria in the end. He is pretty 😂😂
Gays Around The Bay
Dirrty H Thanks for the response!
Dirrty H
Dirrty H Oy oldin
Gays Around The Bay Nico Tortorella. He’s an actor from The Following and Younger, and he was a guest judge on one of the season 10 episodes.
Fruittiii 2 oy oldin
Its really sad that you can see that kameron is worried about winning. The fandom has become so toxic tat he didn’t want to win
circled by the wolves
Claire Stinson
Claire Stinson 2 oy oldin
"I love you....I love us"
Roby0o l ROBLOX l
why are they shocked that she won? they alreayd filmed finale. and its thei r''1st'' reaction. how can the reaction be before finale cuz theyre obviously watching the clip already..
BoneMeringue 2 oy oldin
they film multiple crownings...
Mark Jr.
Mark Jr. 2 oy oldin
This is so fake ugh
Justice Leisten
Justice Leisten 2 oy oldin
kameron did not want to win at alllll😂
Gonzalo Estrada
Gonzalo Estrada 2 oy oldin
After 4:38 watching Kamerons Hey Queen it makes sense why she was so nervous and sad about almost winning ❤️ love her
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson 3 oy oldin
When you re-watch this video after watching Kameron's episode of Hey Qween and you see the total relief on her face after she doesn't win (insert laughing emoji x3)
Kayleigh 3 oy oldin
I love how even though none of them knew who was going to win, they all still congratulated Aquaria, like that's drag sister hood if I've ever seen it!
Matthew DeCarlo
Matthew DeCarlo 3 oy oldin
Wait why did eureka act surprised at the double shantay? She was there??? Like I know that they film 3 endings so the queens don’t know who won but I’m still just confused cuz the top 3 did have that lipsync so why was it a surprise
stangerbeebotrixie's 00f
Her smile says everything
Golden Beta
Golden Beta 3 oy oldin
Literally seeing Eureka's breakdown is the cutest moment she is such an unbreakable invincible girl and seeing her cry ... Wow such a world we have
IAMASELENATOR92 3 oy oldin
Conchita looks good
JC Nguyen
JC Nguyen 3 oy oldin
*pretends to be surprised*
trixya 3 oy oldin
Gentlemen, start your ingines
i cried and screamed when aquaria won !!!!!!
luis brooks
luis brooks 3 oy oldin
6:03 what's his name
connor 3 oy oldin
when eureka started crying i fucking lost it i’m crying
2Clarence47 3 oy oldin
Damn, I got sand in my eyes! 😭 Also, Asia was so sweet to all the girls! That was beautiful how she consoled them. I just hope they did the same if they watched her butterfly 🦋 fiasco.
Xiao Sakiyao
Xiao Sakiyao 3 oy oldin
Aquaria seemed so scared..She's honestly just an adorable little cutie, even if she does act arrogant 😍 I loved all of our Finale Four Queens.
Jay Coulee
Jay Coulee 3 oy oldin
Lol did Eureka think she had a shot at winning? Lmfao 😂
froot_loop227 3 oy oldin
I love how Dusty was the first one to hug Aquaria when she left the room, especially after how real Dusty got with aquaria about not being able to call her a friend, and when asked who should win, dusty said aquaria because of how much she grew over the season. Just a thought