RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara

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Your face when you realized you were just crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar! (😱)! ConDRAGulations to the new current reigning queen, Aquaria.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race, the fiercest competition on primetime returns with its 10th season. Each supersized, 90-minute episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race will give fans more fashion, lip-syncs and drag than ever before.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara uzvid.com/u-VH1




29-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 105
Yoah ponds
Yoah ponds 2 kun oldin
Eureka and Karmeon knew they weren't going to win. They miss the words in that song
Tyler Hebel
Tyler Hebel 5 kun oldin
Love Aquaria, so proud for her and her win! But, does anyone know who the announcer/hype man was at the end there? I'd like to follow him on insta 😂
StanWoodward 5 kun oldin
The way Bebe says engines hurts my sides
Ryan 18
Ryan 18 8 kun oldin
I can't believe eureka was happy for this 😑
Abed gyekye
Abed gyekye 10 kun oldin
this is too wicked, everyone in that room will burn in hell.
Abed gyekye
Abed gyekye 10 kun oldin
I wish someone can just planned and bomb this place. This is one place god does not visit. Ladies and gentle the devil and his demons and his crib
henzo arta
henzo arta 10 kun oldin
Did Kameron know she would wear this look to get the crown if she won? SO WEIRD
JustDani 11 kun oldin
I have a question...In the show at the theatre they record the top 3 winning...but in the day when the final episode airs, the queens and the public knows who really wins because they edited the episode? Am I correct?
Mallory Lopez
Mallory Lopez 12 kun oldin
I wish they would show the other queens winning
Kayleigh 12 kun oldin
I can see Asia being the mum of all the sisters this season, including texting to see if they've eaten etc.
Itzz _ Anett
Itzz _ Anett 13 kun oldin
Why was eureka crying?
Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull Kun oldin
She got caught up in the emotions. She's proud of her fellow queen winning and she's proud of herself for getting this far.
55354gdf 13 kun oldin
Sharron Needles would be so proud
jimin hamilton
jimin hamilton 15 kun oldin
Eureka taking Aquaria's moment is my depression on a daily basis.
holden bryant
holden bryant 15 kun oldin
Eureka cryin bc she knew she wasnt gonna win 😭😂😂😂
Claudi' H.
Claudi' H. 15 kun oldin
Ughhhh they're so cute, I love them all 😭 I always try not to get emotional during these finale reactions but I can't help it.. I love it when they all support each other ✨💕
riica gro
riica gro 17 kun oldin
No mames otra vez lloro 😑
madison rocks with cool videos
Aquaria goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl
Julián Ramz
Julián Ramz 18 kun oldin
Ugh I hate eureka
Gazel Gunhar
Gazel Gunhar 18 kun oldin
i n g e n s
d Katsuya
d Katsuya 19 kun oldin
6:32 Justin bieber up in here lol😂
Roberto Monte
Roberto Monte 19 kun oldin
Kameron with that thing on her mouth. Not cute, not at all.
Brazil 20 kun oldin
Jacob Pacze
Jacob Pacze 20 kun oldin
I feel like this is the purest reaction to winning in drag race herstory
Sylvana Ahmed
Sylvana Ahmed 22 kun oldin
Here to see Kameron’s reaction after Hey Qween
Alex 22 kun oldin
Ok ok but who is that snacc on that stage? He's fine 👀
Juliet Williamson-Waggoner
is this filmed after the finale explain im still confused
Nicholas Ceasar
Nicholas Ceasar 23 kun oldin
what the hell is going on here weren't they all have the finale themselves why are they so surprised? Didnt Aquaria already knew she won??? I'm so confused somebody please explain this catastrophe 😞😟
Violette Fefeld
Violette Fefeld 25 kun oldin
I can’t watch this video without crying, I’ve watched it over 100x still feel the chills 😭❤️I love you aquaria
John Franz Requena
John Franz Requena 25 kun oldin
why is eureka always crying... omg.. annoying
Gays Around The Bay
Gays Around The Bay 25 kun oldin
Who is the host that intros Aquaria in the end. He is pretty 😂😂
Edgar Matthews
Edgar Matthews 25 kun oldin
Its really sad that you can see that kameron is worried about winning. The fandom has become so toxic tat he didn’t want to win
circled by the wolves
claire 27 kun oldin
"I love you....I love us"
Roby0o 27 kun oldin
why are they shocked that she won? they alreayd filmed finale. and its thei r''1st'' reaction. how can the reaction be before finale cuz theyre obviously watching the clip already..
BoneMeringue 16 kun oldin
they film multiple crownings...
Mark Jr.
Mark Jr. 27 kun oldin
This is so fake ugh
Justice Leisten
Justice Leisten 28 kun oldin
kameron did not want to win at alllll😂
Gonzalo Estrada
After 4:38 watching Kamerons Hey Queen it makes sense why she was so nervous and sad about almost winning ❤️ love her
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson Oy oldin
When you re-watch this video after watching Kameron's episode of Hey Qween and you see the total relief on her face after she doesn't win (insert laughing emoji x3)
Kayleigh Oy oldin
I love how even though none of them knew who was going to win, they all still congratulated Aquaria, like that's drag sister hood if I've ever seen it!
Matthew DeCarlo
Wait why did eureka act surprised at the double shantay? She was there??? Like I know that they film 3 endings so the queens don’t know who won but I’m still just confused cuz the top 3 did have that lipsync so why was it a surprise
stangerbeebotrixie's 00f
Her smile says everything
Golden Beta
Golden Beta Oy oldin
Literally seeing Eureka's breakdown is the cutest moment she is such an unbreakable invincible girl and seeing her cry ... Wow such a world we have
Conchita looks good
JC Nguyen
JC Nguyen Oy oldin
*pretends to be surprised*
trixya Oy oldin
Gentlemen, start your ingines
i cried and screamed when aquaria won !!!!!!
luis brooks
luis brooks Oy oldin
6:03 what's his name
connor Oy oldin
when eureka started crying i fucking lost it i’m crying
2Clarence47 Oy oldin
Damn, I got sand in my eyes! 😭 Also, Asia was so sweet to all the girls! That was beautiful how she consoled them. I just hope they did the same if they watched her butterfly 🦋 fiasco.
Xiao Sakiyao
Xiao Sakiyao Oy oldin
Aquaria seemed so scared..She's honestly just an adorable little cutie, even if she does act arrogant 😍 I loved all of our Finale Four Queens.
Jay Coulee
Jay Coulee Oy oldin
Lol did Eureka think she had a shot at winning? Lmfao 😂
froot_loop227 Oy oldin
I love how Dusty was the first one to hug Aquaria when she left the room, especially after how real Dusty got with aquaria about not being able to call her a friend, and when asked who should win, dusty said aquaria because of how much she grew over the season. Just a thought
Ruqiyo Mohamed
I love how eureka is just sitting there making jokes and crying and some of the girls just don’t know
Aerin B
Aerin B Oy oldin
I fucking love them 💜💜💜 I need Eureka to hug me
lexie mo
lexie mo Oy oldin
How does their makeup look so flawless and smooth
aimee xo
aimee xo Oy oldin
I’ve never seen the resemblance between aquaria and miz cracker but omg today I keep thinking aquaria is miz cracker
Roby0o Oy oldin
can someoen please ekplain: so they knwo their winner before they record finale but when they ''react'' they didnt watch to actual video right? cuz they would already know. i guess someone in backround tells them and they get all happy. and when they said double shantay they wer elike OMG ANOTHER DOUBLE?-like it didnt happen.. or was the double thing planned?idk...someone please explain! thank you
Ryne Fox
Ryne Fox Oy oldin
Dace B. Your reply is correct
Roby0o Oy oldin
or...did they all film as they were crowned so camaron eureka and aquaria were al crowned but after they edited only 2 person whoa ctualy won..? THIS SI TOO HARD TO FIGURE
Elysia Cassidy
When Kameron's grandma came on I laughed and cried and then chocked on my laughter and tears
Rodrigo paco
Rodrigo paco Oy oldin
Who is the host? Is so handsome lol
Google Account
Gentlemen... Start your injins...
MattyF361 MC
MattyF361 MC Oy oldin
I liked kameron and eureka but like at the final I just didn’t care who won at that point lol just because they’ve got this far and they should be proud
Chlor White
Chlor White Oy oldin
Aquaria snatched my heart right out of my chest
Giancarlo Rv
Giancarlo Rv Oy oldin
Shannon and Izzy Xx
She’s adorable melts my heart luv u baby 💖🌟😫💖💖💖💖
Lana Del Rey is My QWEEN
This Whole Time i Thought Kameron was Wearing a Beard!!😂😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Robert Clark
Robert Clark Oy oldin
I really want to know what Asia whispered in Aquaria's ear when she won. IT looks like a kiss but i'm sure she said something
naomi zara
naomi zara Oy oldin
Gabriela Hajduk
"Jennamen, start your ingines" I WAS CRYING AAAAA
cacota cacota
cacota cacota Oy oldin
Pej Peeves
Pej Peeves Oy oldin
Omg even when Aquaria wins Eureka still can’t shut up.
Luis Miguel Villada Zapata
Come on, I wanted to see Asia’s reaction about the butterflies. I don’t wanna be cruel but it was an important moment, a commentary could be important. Eureka STOP crying.
Gold Heart
Gold Heart Oy oldin
i love eureka but i just feel, personally, she didnt show me as much "greatness" as, lets say Money, eureka competed "okay" in my opinion and ive loved her for so long and seeing her go so far in this season, i wish someone rightfully fitting, would have made it in the top four/three. im just surprised and next to Kameron and Aquaria, eureka looked like she didnt have a chance, in the lipsinc all she did was fall on her knees.
trixya Oy oldin
Angelic Izzy
Angelic Izzy Oy oldin
Aquaria's wig though, unclockable!
Hal Musgrove
Hal Musgrove Oy oldin
*Come through, aquafina!*
naomi zara
naomi zara Oy oldin
love this top 4 sm
Monique Hart’s laugh
Start your ingins
Wenji Msp
Wenji Msp Oy oldin
I like the fact that they didnt know who won cuz all 3 crownings were filmed 🤣
Tina Turnipz
Tina Turnipz Oy oldin
I wonder how asia would have reacted to the butterflies...
Wessel Westdorp
Everyone supporting each other
Wessel Westdorp
i'm kind of happy they didn't show their reaction to asia vs kameron
Austin Miracle
Why do the queens react to their own win
Juan Escobar
Juan Escobar Oy oldin
Name of the guy who presents aquaria? Omgggg
Michael Jimenez
This made me cry😭
Unicorn Dragon
i just can't help but smile every time i watch this
E Z 2 oy oldin
Sasha? Where is you
Chandelier Wise
Chandelier Wise 2 oy oldin
Wait, I'm so confused. Can somebody explain why did they act all surprised when they were just watching a recap of the finale.
Chandelier Wise
Chandelier Wise 2 oy oldin
I'm sad. Anyways, thank you.
AllodsJinjer 2 oy oldin
yes its fake :) look it up
Chandelier Wise
Chandelier Wise 2 oy oldin
So that means they crowned all the finalists? And the reaction of the audience was not real? Because they were there the whole time, or am I missing something?
AllodsJinjer 2 oy oldin
Because they found out who's the winner the night when everyone finds out finale night. to not spoil it they record every finalist wining then they decide who the winner is and they air it :)
Alex Cooney
Alex Cooney 2 oy oldin
watched this while on my break at work. now i’m sobbing. love her so much.
henzo arta
henzo arta 2 oy oldin
Aquaria looks so diferent without the blue eyes!
Miss Yanni
Miss Yanni 2 oy oldin
When they cry I cry.. I love them so much... Anyone of them deserved the crown... I will always and forever be team Asia O'Hara
Courtney Washington
starshopping x
starshopping x 2 oy oldin
eureka trying and failing to be the centre of attention for 7 minutes straight
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed 2 oy oldin
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gracie roblox
gracie roblox 2 oy oldin
start your injins
One Paige At A Time
Kameron, Asia, and Aqua’s reactions were me watching the finale
Angelina Jerantowski
Kameron looks so salty lol
Niamh McLauchlan
Niamh McLauchlan 2 oy oldin
eurekas crying was unnecessary imo i like the queen but every time she starts sobbing i’m like,,, again?
Brooke 2 oy oldin
Awe Aquaria ❤️❤️ love this
Sylveon Love
Sylveon Love 2 oy oldin
Yay kameron didn’t win