RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara

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Your face when you realized you were just crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar! (😱)! ConDRAGulations to the new current reigning queen, Aquaria.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race, the fiercest competition on primetime returns with its 10th season. Each supersized, 90-minute episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race will give fans more fashion, lip-syncs and drag than ever before.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ 👑 Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O’Hara uzvid.com/u-VH1




29-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 340
Alex Cooney
Alex Cooney 3 soat oldin
watched this while on my break at work. now i’m sobbing. love her so much.
henzo arta
henzo arta 4 soat oldin
Aquaria looks so diferent without the blue eyes!
Miss Yanni
Miss Yanni 12 soat oldin
When they cry I cry.. I love them so much... Anyone of them deserved the crown... I will always and forever be team Asia O'Hara
Courtney Washington
Courtney Washington 15 soat oldin
starshopping x
starshopping x Kun oldin
eureka trying and failing to be the centre of attention for 7 minutes straight
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Kun oldin
teespring.com/m-2464#pid=370&cid=6538&sid=front teespring.com/by-you-and-do-not-be-sympathet#pid=2&cid=573&sid=front
gracie sutton
gracie sutton Kun oldin
start your injins
One Paige At A Time
Kameron, Asia, and Aqua’s reactions were me watching the finale
Angelina Jerantowski
Kameron looks so salty lol
Niamh McLauchlan
Niamh McLauchlan 2 kun oldin
eurekas crying was unnecessary imo i like the queen but every time she starts sobbing i’m like,,, again?
Brooke 2 kun oldin
Awe Aquaria ❤️❤️ love this
Sylveon Love
Sylveon Love 2 kun oldin
Yay kameron didn’t win
Jay Wins
Jay Wins 3 kun oldin
Cade Del Rey
Cade Del Rey 3 kun oldin
So proud of Aquaria. She worked so hard and earned it.
Ethan Del Prado
Ethan Del Prado 4 kun oldin
Aquaria didn’t deserve to win. I’m sorry, but she is not at all a real, quality queen. She doesn’t even have padding, which makes her look completely flat and a bit like a guy.
gracie sutton
gracie sutton 4 kun oldin
If you have no clue what’s going on: They record 3 different videos 1 video saying each drag queens name and they show the correct winner to the girls backstage that’s why their expressions are a bit flat.
Ami Cooper
Ami Cooper 4 kun oldin
Love this!! So entertaining and heartwarming to see them grow so close over the season. No need for the ridiculous amount of hate in the comments, everyone's entitled to express themselves in their own way just as everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Congrats Aquaria!! Love them all though 💖💖💖
antity_ 4 kun oldin
Troy V
Troy V 4 kun oldin
Legends only
Balloons 4 kun oldin
I really thought Kameron was going to win
Jean van Wanrooy
Jean van Wanrooy 5 kun oldin
I think these four girls were so close with eachother.
Kerr Quevedo
Kerr Quevedo 5 kun oldin
this one had me in tears
KC Daniels
KC Daniels 5 kun oldin
I fucking love asia o hara!
rc_kunoichi 5 kun oldin
You are all so wonderful. Wish you all well.
rc_kunoichi 5 kun oldin
Work it queens
rc_kunoichi 5 kun oldin
Beautiful people ❤️
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes 5 kun oldin
Shut up already Eureka
Martha Pena Castaneda
The crown belongs in NYC, for the third time in a row an NYC queen has won. She was the most deserving
Alissa D.
Alissa D. 5 kun oldin
I love Aquaria. "It's the dawning of the age of what?! AQUARIA!!!!"
7b7Ben 5 kun oldin
Why did they cut out the butterfly massacre?
Sammy Bleu
Sammy Bleu 5 kun oldin
Mstar Gaming
Mstar Gaming 6 kun oldin
Kameron looks so pissed
robbiewoo 6 kun oldin
Loly Glambert
Loly Glambert 6 kun oldin
You know I’m only here for eureka
diego tejera
diego tejera 7 kun oldin
somebody knows from where is the aquaria´s wig
diego tejera
diego tejera 7 kun oldin
who was the boy that was next to aquaria´s mom when she kiss her?
Vio Lee
Vio Lee 7 kun oldin
Come thru Aquafina.
The Dark Ghouly Empress
This just in: The guy in the red shirt was pictured making out with Aquaria 😜
oovoo javer
oovoo javer 7 kun oldin
The Dark Ghouly Empress finally someone mentions this lmao
Maureen Reed
Maureen Reed 8 kun oldin
I wanted Mrs craker to win
TheBrendanV 8 kun oldin
Awwww was that dusty at 5:45??
18boweraf3 8 kun oldin
Why is there a lot of hated comments?
gerald surratt
gerald surratt 8 kun oldin
I can never remember a girl from Texas winning the RuPaul show or a pageant girl winning the RuPaul show.
Matthew Pahl
Matthew Pahl 8 kun oldin
“That was the real ruveal of this episode “ AHHHH I love you Aquafina also 2:50 was so funnny
flaukio 9 kun oldin
“start yor eenjins” tf is an eenjin 💀😭😂
Mark Cangiano
Mark Cangiano 9 kun oldin
I feel like they all have weird chemistry.
Shad Hererra
Shad Hererra 9 kun oldin
Cry baby Eureka cried her way to the top.
Victor Zamae
Victor Zamae 9 kun oldin
Love this top 4, love this season, one of my favorites ♥️♥️♥️
mucmomo 10 kun oldin
They are all winners!
alphabet boy
alphabet boy 10 kun oldin
start your EENGINES
Rhys Bird-Murphy
Rhys Bird-Murphy 10 kun oldin
Y was Eureka crying
Crowned Zay
Crowned Zay 10 kun oldin
Where’s asia’s lipsync 😂😂😂
qq q
qq q 10 kun oldin
Where are these edgy little gamer boys coming from... ?? the real *MENTAL ILLNESS* 💀
GIAW .X. 11 kun oldin
They’re all so close. I love them so much ❤️
Beth Greene
Beth Greene 11 kun oldin
Everyone that stuck it in?! 😄 Werrrrk
James Alvarez
James Alvarez 11 kun oldin
My question is who is the guy introducing Aquaria????
Preston Rodriguez
Preston Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
So the finales are not live... an are faked an done four times then they review the one video that they pick their most favorite as the winner an they find out a whole DIFFRENT day to find out.......can you imagine having to fake that you win 1 an losing 3 ..... sounds tiresome😕
Lola Grace Williams
Preston Rodriguez everyone knows
Mom 11 kun oldin
Congrats Aqua!!! (*Honarary Mention*: Asia O'Hara owns my heart)
Christine Perez
Christine Perez 11 kun oldin
The contestants on this show keep impressing me more each season with their talent and character. I just wanted to say that for any homosexual person that is having trouble with their family or faith, just understand that most parents really love their children so they are trying to do what they think is best for their child. They don’t understand that some things you can’t change. For those struggling with their faith, God’s creation is full of diversity. We are not all clones of another person and God made it this way for a reason. You are a natural human (unless you were born an alien from another planet) so don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not natural. If you’re Christian then know that the Bible has many contributions from many different humans over many hundreds of years until it was publicly released. Many pastors, rabbis and clerics still argue today about which parts are divinely inspired or relevant today and which parts are not. I encourage you to read the Bible yourself before letting someone else tell you what it says or means. There is an interesting contradiction within the Bible and that is the reality that the VAST majority of people who ever lived probably went to heaven without ever being exposed to the ‘word of God’. The Bible says for those who have not been exposed to it then God judges their worthiness of heaven based on how they lived. Morality in the Bible can in large part be summarized by the Golden Rule which is “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. Unfortunately many faith based leaders are NOT content with that moral principal. They have their own agendas and they will shamelessly invoke religion to lead people to do hateful, violent or oppressive things to other humans. May God help us heal each other’s wounds! Remember that anyone may posses the seed of hope that can heal their community as long as they can find the strength to cultivate it and courage to share it. Martin Luther King once said, “only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
lyla 07
lyla 07 11 kun oldin
i’ve never ever watched a reality show where the runners up were so supportive for the winner, like this is crazy
Kiallimaxhx 11 kun oldin
Genamen, star chor InGiNeS
Mary Cee
Mary Cee 12 kun oldin
cit2braine 12 kun oldin
Needs moar SHOUTING!
Ginger Moon
Ginger Moon 12 kun oldin
Love aquaria, but why wasn’t Miz Cracker in the top 4!?!
女嫌い 12 kun oldin
Was this the moment Aquaria realized she was actually the winner?
Sam De Smedt
Sam De Smedt 13 kun oldin
eurika cryin at what's probably the messiest lip sync ever lmao
Daniel Lim Js
Daniel Lim Js 13 kun oldin
Aquaria truly deserved the crown, and she can do so much more in her future career! Love the top 4 too
Nathan Doll
Nathan Doll 13 kun oldin
What in the world did we do to deserve someone like Asia O’hara?!?! ❤️❤️
Selim Firat
Selim Firat 13 kun oldin
Can we have a new york queens season? They win every season anyways since season 6. And i would Like to see betty monet miz aja(yes she can compete every season cuz she is amazing) pearl manila pep pep peppermint jiggly pandora i mean cmon it would be gorgeous
Allexisse Charmaine
Allexisse Charmaine 13 kun oldin
the purest smile!!
Jasper Athos
Jasper Athos 13 kun oldin
Eureka, quit crying geeeez
Burgerbitch. 13 kun oldin
Ray Busa
Ray Busa 13 kun oldin
bunch of confused gays.. what is the world coming to..men want to become women and women want to become men....
Zidney Mos
Zidney Mos 11 kun oldin
Prettyee Odd
Prettyee Odd 14 kun oldin
Every winner has one or two hands on their hip for the promo 0.0 And all stars winners had their hand on their hip for their original promo pic
Prettyee Odd
Prettyee Odd 14 kun oldin
Well almost all.... Minus sasha
isabella gray
isabella gray 14 kun oldin
Trinity Sanipass
Trinity Sanipass 14 kun oldin
0:01 start yor ingenes
LOL LOL 14 kun oldin
I have never been so dissapointed and disgusted in the human race. Dear God please help us all.
LOL LOL 11 kun oldin
6 billion people cant be wrong
Zidney Mos
Zidney Mos 11 kun oldin
Sadly, god doesn't exist
Kitt Foxx
Kitt Foxx 14 kun oldin
Zidney Mos
Zidney Mos 11 kun oldin
Heterosexuals🔫 v:
Evan Moskovoy
Evan Moskovoy 14 kun oldin
Why is nobody talking about the butterfly massacre?
Jae 14 kun oldin
Lmao @ Kameron.
damesio jones
damesio jones 14 kun oldin
what the hell is this
damesio jones
damesio jones 11 kun oldin
Diverjen Novaaa big dummy
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
damesio jones • I'm not hurt. I was just trying to help you see a different perspective so u could hopefully keep that negativity to urself. The reason I spoke up toward ur comment is becuz teens come to watch these videos as an outlet. And I'm in disbelief that someone would use there time and energy to put out negativity, when remaining silent takes less effort. This discussion is about this comment but about your behavior. This shows the type of person u r and how you view others. I can only imagine what u think about others in public. I HOPE YOU ARE HUMAN ENOUGH TO RESPECT OTHERS REGARDLESS OF UR PREJUDICE THOUGHTS👍
damesio jones
damesio jones 14 kun oldin
Diverjen Novaaa your getting so hurt over a small coment i made. do you drag?
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
damesio jones • obviously there's no point continuing to discuss this becuz ignorance is incapable of thinking
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
damesio jones • Im not contradicting myself I'm any way... cosplay is the example I use because it's the most known type of drag...if I used the ball scene, the club kid era, or broudway u wouldn't understand.
Scott H
Scott H 14 kun oldin
I would love to be able to sit down and be entertained, but yet again another goddamn show preaching to me on who I should vote for or showing their hatred for the current administration. Yet another show that I will be deleting from my DVR. This shits getting old!
Scott H
Scott H 14 kun oldin
Ryne Fox ~ it’s all the digs and political bullshit! I watch drag race for the entertainment not to be preached to. I’ve deleted so many shows from my DVR watchlist, and sadly drag race was one of them. 😢
Ryne Fox
Ryne Fox 14 kun oldin
Scott H where are they telling you vote for someone or hate something
Rosa Ali
Rosa Ali 14 kun oldin
i can’t believe what i just saw 🤦🏻‍♀️eeeww
Ryne Fox
Ryne Fox 14 kun oldin
Honey please don’t bring negativity to our community
carlos coronado
carlos coronado 14 kun oldin
Just nuke UZvid and end all this degeneracy
Zidney Mos
Zidney Mos 11 kun oldin
What's nuke? :v
yall can't be serious
carlos coronado how can you nuke a website?
Starfire10982 14 kun oldin
momma Asia 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Cindy16 14 kun oldin
I love the top 4 this season , they support each other so cutely 🧡
David C.
David C. 15 kun oldin
Ha. Gayeeeeeeee!
Jessica Vernon
Jessica Vernon 15 kun oldin
Grandma got me crying.
No Thanks
No Thanks 15 kun oldin
Just another LA BEEBOtee
Y so many dislike?
Cggg Phhh
Cggg Phhh 15 kun oldin
Vampire Hunters 2 is better
zach mueller
zach mueller 15 kun oldin
Why are we mainstreaming delusion!
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
zach mueller • as long as he runs with good intentions and not hatred
zach mueller
zach mueller 14 kun oldin
Diverjen Novaaa trump 2020! 🖕🏻
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
zach mueller • It got mainstream because of how good it is. You should be worried y a president who speaks out of hate is mainstream. HAVE A GREAT DAY👍
Saeran Choi
Saeran Choi 15 kun oldin
I don’t even watch this show but this was so soft I’m melting
MIthila 15 kun oldin
Are they transsexual or they guys, dressed for the show?
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
MIthila • They are Drag queens so it's for Artistic purposes, however trans people can also do drag. Transgender is a way of being meanwhile Drag is an art form. HOPED THIS ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION...HAVE A GREAT DAY 👍
a yoinkus
a yoinkus 15 kun oldin
even when aquaria won eureka was trying to get the attention on her haha
Onyx Konquest
Onyx Konquest 15 kun oldin
WTF is this
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
Onyx Konquest • This is a show where people who do drag compete. Drag is an artform that allot of people do to express creativity. Drag comes in all types of ways. For example cartoon/VideoGame cosplaying is a form of drag. It allows you to express yourself creativly using yourself as the canvos. I HOPE THIS ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION AND HAVE A GREAT DAY👍
Brayden S
Brayden S 15 kun oldin
Mental illnesses everywhere!
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
Brayden S • You don't have to be a leberal to be respectful. No need to spead hate.
Brayden S
Brayden S 14 kun oldin
Diverjen Novaaa God, I hate liberals.
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
Brayden S • It is, Depression and Anxiety are all mental illnesses that need to be discussed and make people more aware of. We have to help those who suffer from it. That is why this show is so great. This show discusses how we as humans beings should be loving to one another. It's teaches everyone to respect one another to make this world a better place. HAVE A GREAT DAY 👍
YousefPoosef 15 kun oldin
But their not women their biologicaly men
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
YousefPoosef • lol you got jokes😂 of course they're aren't biological women, nor do they identify as one. I've never seen a women who looked that fashionable and good at makeup. These people are not striving to look like women but to look like goddesses. This is a form of drag. Drag is an artform that allot of people do to express creativity. Drag comes in all types of ways. For example cartoon/VideoGame cosplaying is a form of drag. It allows you to express yourself creativly using yourself as the canvos. HAVE A GREAT DAY 👍
Dumbbells Only
Dumbbells Only 15 kun oldin
.... my goodness
joseph breaux
joseph breaux 15 kun oldin
Omg .. Wishing for the days when these freaks were put down like mad dogs.
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
Of course someone who watches videos about guns and race wars is saying this. HAVE A GREAT DAY👍
Ryne Fox
Ryne Fox 14 kun oldin
Caleb keplinger
Caleb keplinger 15 kun oldin
Okay so this is acceptable now 😂😂 no one sees how hilarious and outrageous this is 😂😂😂😂
Diverjen Novaaa
Diverjen Novaaa 14 kun oldin
Caleb keplinger • Actually we do some forms of drag are done for cometic purposes, however these 4 are doing it for creative expression purposes. Drag is an artform that allot of people do to express creativity. Drag comes in all types of ways. For example cartoon/VideoGame cosplaying is a form of drag. It allows you to express yourself creativly using yourself as the canvos. HAVE A GREAT DAY👍