RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Aquaria Gets Ready for Pride Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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When it comes to drag, Aquaria’s influences include the New York City club scene, pop stars, icons: “Lady Gaga, Madonna-wow, I’m a typical gay boy,” she whips. But this is no typical face.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at The Williamsburg Hotel
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RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Aquaria Gets Ready for Pride Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 756
Kalel 3 soat oldin
I thought it was Katya in the thumbnail😂
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 4 kun oldin
@ 1:26 he looks like anderson cooper :0
Clare Irwin
Clare Irwin 5 kun oldin
first time seeing aquaria do her makeup and im still frickin shook till this moment when she wiped off her eyebrows. just wow
Kirby Brown
Kirby Brown 7 kun oldin
I support lgbt but I hate pride it’s so boring theirs nothing to do every time I go the drag queens don’t even try to look amazing they look crap
Alexa Acide
Alexa Acide 8 kun oldin
*This doesn't have to be super perfect either it just needs to be good*
Kween Liv
Kween Liv 8 kun oldin
The thumbnail kinda looks like Katya
Løner 9 kun oldin
We love a confident queen
Stephanie Mineros
Stephanie Mineros 9 kun oldin
I honestly hate how talented it takes to be able to achieve this level of beauty 😭
please baby, calm down
"Yall aint gonna catch me ff- screwing this up". Nice save 😂
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen 10 kun oldin
Cute, young, down-to-earth, artistic, bubbly!
hemangini gurupriya
hemangini gurupriya 10 kun oldin
thanks! i was reborn after this video
Michelle Jimena
Michelle Jimena 11 kun oldin
edric staana
edric staana 12 kun oldin
He is hot anybody else think the same
Alexandra Michaela
Alexandra Michaela 12 kun oldin
I love her so much!! 💖
Lily Zheng
Lily Zheng 13 kun oldin
I can’t imagine shaving your eyebrows like isn’t it scary
seoul sista
seoul sista 13 kun oldin
Does anyone know what eyeshadow palette she's using? sO pIgMEnTeD.
Simone Lorin
Simone Lorin 14 kun oldin
What was the highlight brand Aquaria used in 3:18?
Nabilla Khan
Nabilla Khan 14 kun oldin
0:12 me taking off my “no makeup makeup look” after school😂
Raphael 15 kun oldin
je t'aime
Laura Harris
Laura Harris 15 kun oldin
Beyond gorgeous, and I'm sitting here feeling like plain jane. *Cry in a corner*
Sri Dewi Tanuwira
Sri Dewi Tanuwira 15 kun oldin
I really love the lip color
Oliver Mackenzie
Oliver Mackenzie 16 kun oldin
Can we get a 73 Questions with Ru
Oliver Mackenzie
Oliver Mackenzie 16 kun oldin
Sugar pill making an appearance on VOGUE
Paolo Gorpia
Paolo Gorpia 16 kun oldin
TOBY B 16 kun oldin
Sorry I missed it, whatever the things she put on her eyes were, shoulda left them off. Better w/o
Phu Quy Pham Thi
Phu Quy Pham Thi 21 kun oldin
Portia Schiferli
Portia Schiferli 22 kun oldin
He has the nicest skin
Gerel I
Gerel I 25 kun oldin
Какой красивый градиент!!!
lauritace 26 kun oldin
Dee Makalea
Dee Makalea 27 kun oldin
You're amazing
Kasia Bell
Kasia Bell 28 kun oldin
''Adding a lil pooch on the nose'' I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHES SUCH A QUEEN
Sabrina Vera
Sabrina Vera 29 kun oldin
They said all the products except for Jeffree stars liquid lip :(
nori de groot
nori de groot Oy oldin
aquaria really alwys knows what kind of look she wants to go for and just..... KILLS it every time. i love her
a cup of myolk tae mhmm
i c o n i c
Mamma Delrey
Mamma Delrey Oy oldin
I mean no disrespect at all, but do drag queens always use the “she/her”? Or is it only when they’re in drag?
Guille Bermudez
impossible for you
🌸 Oy oldin
Indira Falcão
love it
lisbeth young
lisbeth young Oy oldin
her makeup skills are INSANE
m g101
m g101 Oy oldin
Why does she look like Katya in the thumbnail tho??????
Helena Leite
Helena Leite Oy oldin
oh god she does look perfect
Anderson Costa
Logo no comeco estava legal mas depois que acabou e colocou a peruca ficou horrivel realidade!!
Lohan Oy oldin
3:35 aquaria living for her makeup is a mood
Lucas Coppola Bueno
Coco White
Coco White Oy oldin
so good
dorothy callahan
this is very jem and the holograms! i’m soooo super here for it!!!!
Sophia Ellis
Sophia Ellis Oy oldin
Literally can’t decide whether he looks better in drag or without 😍😍
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis Oy oldin
This is utter perfection. She is utter perfection.