Russell Brand On Twitter Feud With Trump, Family, Overcoming Addiction | The View

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Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards 4 kun oldin
Lol@"no one made it clear to me by vomiting on me."
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 4 kun oldin
he speaks in this manner because he knows he will be cut off.dude is intelligent.wow ! I will buy the book
Melanie Jarrett
Melanie Jarrett 7 kun oldin
he did drugs to suppress his essence it was too painful in a world that would elect the trumps...then decided eff it...im letting it all out..and its great
- -
- - 8 kun oldin
Did you guys notice the behavior on that man at min 3:19 ? It was like he is inside a computer
2ndrwkng 8 kun oldin
russell is such a genius
Shades of Mindfall
Shades of Mindfall 10 kun oldin
He squishes so much into every moment😮 love his interviews
Sarah Blackman
Sarah Blackman 12 kun oldin
MAGA 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Brenda Me
Brenda Me 12 kun oldin
Flamingo Fan!!! Love the shirt Russell!!!
Diesel Head
Diesel Head 16 kun oldin
Russel Brand, while bias politically bias, a very intelligent man amongst a table of utterly stupid women.
Fuat Kurban
Fuat Kurban 17 kun oldin
The "secret" is: we humans can see and appreciate external beauty (in others) only to the extent of our own inner richness and beauty. On the other hand, we quite often (not always, but I am talking about cases when we do it routinely!) criticize or being negative about others for the "things" that we actually unconsciously hate about ourselves. Many of us probably don't know that because we literally don't want to know that! That mechanism is known and extensively studied and described by psychologists as "cognitive dissonance"... I thought about it while observing how in this particular case, some of us love, admire and appreciate Russel's linguistic and communicative skills, and the way he uses them, while at the same time, others criticize him for being "not really that smart" or "too cocky" or "hypocritical"... So one of my "conclusions" is that in order to be able to love and be kind to others, we have to understand them. But before we will be able to understand them we first of all, have to be honest with our-selves and accept, or come to terms with all the "crap" that we subconsciously "think" about ourselves... That is the key for the Empathy - the uniquely human trait! So, the true Egoist (with a Capital E) is actually capable to love and be kind to others, whereas those of us who we now call egoists are those who choose not to make that choice. A they dont realize that the source of their irritability is inside and not outside...
Julia Morano
Julia Morano 20 kun oldin
Dear Russell, I am so sorry about you having lost not even your sense of humour but your sense of normalcy.
Sarah holland
Sarah holland 20 kun oldin
'the glory of femininity'. Aaaaaand every woman there is instantly onside. The I'm not good enough thing, he nailed it.
beba micou
beba micou 28 kun oldin
I love how whoopie sits back and lets Russell go...
Dead Dentist
Dead Dentist Oy oldin
Russel brand u make me laugh to tears! u r one of my favorite comics. peace and love from San Antonio Texas,Grace
Cheyenne Brennan
I'm a Brit and therefore have grown up with this man and love him dearly, yet I still wonder...don't you ever breathe?!!
Kekistani Help Desk
So voting Clinton would have made us all closer together? Ok Russell.
Becky Anne
Becky Anne Oy oldin
Around 1:53 to 1:59 sounds almost musical/poetic...
Andrew Sydes
Andrew Sydes Oy oldin
About some of the comments. He could come across as being lost in academia but he has lived addiction and recovered from it, so he does not lack life experience or perspective. I am someone who is quite conservative in my values,, but even I can't help but be tempted to hear his articulation and take it on board as food for thought
paul spillane
paul spillane Oy oldin
He talks nearly as fast as Lorelai from Gilmore Girls
Mia Allen
Mia Allen Oy oldin
russell brand is an older version of matt healy
Angron's Stepson
Russell is great. I can just listen to hm talk without anyone else being able to and normally that is irritating.
sopranosd Oy oldin
On top of being incredibly intelligent, well spoken and well informed, this guy is exceedingly handsome -- even with that messy hair.
jan munce
jan munce Oy oldin
He's always going faster than everyone else in the room
Yaser Masood
Yaser Masood Oy oldin
Such a word smith.
Brandy Nicole
Brandy Nicole Oy oldin
Love Russell
A Oy oldin
Russel brand is the best
Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith Oy oldin
Brand is like many people who are in recovery whether for alcoholism or drugs or have been through a serious illness. They certainly think they have had some spiritual awakening and know the answers to the meaning of life. They don’t
S. Y.
S. Y. Oy oldin
Such an eloquent man. Always a joy to hear his wisdom.
catrina.tv Oy oldin
extremely intelligent, but usually.. we learn to pace and gauge ourselves... its refreshing to see him in a realm unbridled
No Snowflakes Allowed
I LOVE Russell... Even though I'm a Deplorable. God Bless a America
elisabecerra4 Oy oldin
i love you russell
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness Oy oldin
The democrat party IS ANTI-AMERICAN. They are a subversive entity for bad deeds, CLEARLY they don't know how to run a country, we can see what happens to our new well running economy now that stifling regulations are gone. Every minority RACE ( there you dems, the only thing on your little brain is race, there's the word you race bait by ) is doing FAR FAR better under a Trump administration then ANY democrat admin since the beginning of time. How sweet it is for EVERYONE!!!!
Snaakie Oy oldin
Ted Tedness You’ll become wiser soon Ted, no worries. All will be well
Bacon Sizzle
Bacon Sizzle Oy oldin
I love Russell's comedy and his personality, but I wish he didn't fall into the mock Trump bs. He is way to brilliant to use such an easy target for a joke.
Damien Howell
Damien Howell Oy oldin
Salute!! Good brother of wisdom ere keep up the good works jah bless
Sharon Fields
Sharon Fields Oy oldin
I wish Russell Brand was a friend of mine. He's so sweet.
J O Oy oldin
They aren't so "warm" with anyone who has a different opinion than "The" View. And drugs have hurt his brain
Russel Brand ... would you like to talk more about "person" ?
How to contanct you with out public media content I'm not sure
iceman11849 Oy oldin
heather huntsman
what a friggen straight up marvelous man, Mad loving you, Peace, Namaste xoxo
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Oy oldin
Ah another one infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome
ccboo2 Oy oldin
Enslavement can be to a boyfriend/husband, parental control, living in the past, constant need of approval, etc. It may do us all good to read his book.
Gigi Dominique
Russell Brand for next President
Don Page
Don Page Oy oldin
When I think serious government and decisions made from good critical thinking the first name in my mind is Russell Brand . God help us all .
Maureen Wagg
Maureen Wagg Oy oldin
Lmao I love Russell. He is brilliant....unlike Trump.
Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston 2 oy oldin
Can't believe the adulation on here for Russel brand, he's an absolute joke figure here in the UK and is seen as such.. Not to be confused by being a comedian, and I use the word loosely. Just shows how debased politics and ideas are in America. .
zondaintheair 2 oy oldin
I was watching the Graham Norton videos and this was among them, so i watched this all the way through, even though it lacked any intellectual merit but I was shocked to see how bad American Television had become. If a programme starts with a political tirade with no redress from those being sullied then it has proved itself to be of no worth to the public. Such a sordid little group of nothings all fluttering around their financial moneypot.
Erik Naa
Erik Naa 2 oy oldin
He would be a great host!
Twich Morgan
Twich Morgan 2 oy oldin
I used to love Brand until he started getting political some years ago, these cheap, well worn jokes are tiresome and just amuses the predicable programmed sheeple,he's totally appropriate for this show who's panel could hear this talk all day even though it offers literally nothing in the evaluation of politics or how we are best to proceed, in fact it simply drives people more apart Brand baffles people with his linguistic skills and quick thinking but offers less and less solutions
jimipurple123 2 oy oldin
Be nice to hang around for a small time
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler 2 oy oldin
You can have as much sex as you want in marriage? Since when?
Uptight Nonchalant
Not funny. Never liked him.
Lord JHarden
Lord JHarden 2 oy oldin
It's so annoying how this guy deliberately talks to show off how articulate he is. Yeah dude, you have a way with words, but you are not smart as you think you are. George Carlin. Also a guy who had a way with words, but had no this arrogant way about him to show it off. When he did show off it was in his comedy. I miss George Carlin so much.
Drea Anderson
Drea Anderson 2 oy oldin
Such a very very SMART guy! Wow!
BassByTheBay 2 oy oldin
There are virtually no celebrities I'm interested in meeting, but I'd love to have dinner with Brand. Intelligent, fascinating guy.
Eric Emerson
Eric Emerson 2 oy oldin
For once what's her face wasn't interrupting the guest every 5 seconds
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts 2 oy oldin
Russell is one of those people who talk a lot when they get anxious. Ben Elton is another.
Bill Robinson
Bill Robinson 2 oy oldin
Big hypocrite especially for being on this Divisive show
Kasun Liyanage
Kasun Liyanage 2 oy oldin
"You are married" Still won't stop sending sex vibes lol. Love the guy.
Stuart Ireland
Stuart Ireland 2 oy oldin
“If you listen to people like Russel Brand you’ll wind up living in a tent by the Thames”. Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols.
Veronica V
Veronica V 2 oy oldin
but Obama did it with class so he was okay was he Russell?
Moderate silent Guy
Low life idiot!!!!!
claire larravide
claire larravide 2 oy oldin
I adore Russell!! He's so eloquent, so intelligent. Yes he rambles but he still makes sense with it. He's also exceptionally good looking... just love him.
Angie Clarke
Angie Clarke 2 oy oldin
Russell Brand is lovely. Too bad he had to endure time with these lunatics who incredibly have a TV show. The View is awful used to watch a long time ago.
Lee Michael Walton
Russell is very inspiring and I congratulate him on the fact that he has freed himself from his addiction. I would, however urge anyone who is suffering from substance abuse to know that there are 12 step groups as Russell said but these are not the only options. 12 step groups are not the only way. It's not a 'one size fits all' case....
dans h
dans h 2 oy oldin
Russell is genius.
Golden Arts
Golden Arts 2 oy oldin
One day you will figure out that Russel Brand uses a very old and dirty trick to get people to think what he is saying means something when it is nothing else than rhymes with some difficult words blended with short "stories" about personal problems that every human being has suffered from. Just try and listen to what he is saying, he is saying what you want to hear, not what you should hear.
Mar Faw
Mar Faw 2 oy oldin
He is a good guy
Michelle 2 oy oldin
Russell Brand for president...oh well...
alma rodriguez
alma rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Russel Brand is a Blast!! And he tells the truth your POTUS is the stupidiest!!
Phoebe Nocera
Phoebe Nocera 2 oy oldin
Russell is wonderful 💜☮️💜
Bri A
Bri A 2 oy oldin
I think his brain must run a million miles a minute like Robin William's mind did.
Penny Payne
Penny Payne 3 oy oldin
laynn 10
laynn 10 3 oy oldin
Oh Russell these women are only comfortable to be around when you agree with them on everything otherwise they make it very uncomfortable. Hypocrites is what they truly are. Just try and disagree with one of them and see how uncomfortable it gets behind that desk.
Neil 3 oy oldin
why do people like this idiot hes a crack head and pervert and has no talent and has the mental age of a five year old, oh yes so do most of this audience
Infovest 3 oy oldin
This is Katy Perry's ex-husband??? WTF. 2 flew over the cuckoo's nest.
hoochijami7 3 oy oldin
Russell would have been a great teacher. I love his vocabulary. He should have his own segment. Great person.
Andrea Allen
Andrea Allen 3 oy oldin
This dude is the best he is so much better then Trump.
coolwater55 3 oy oldin
he has a very expansive mind and thought life, that has to spill out.... some people like this, hard to keep their thoughts in their brain. He manages this eloquently anyway!!
Kara Bassett
Kara Bassett 3 oy oldin
Russell Brand. Whom ever considers or compares you to a modern day Jesus must be as gone on drugs as you are. Since you're " off of drugs now" try working on getting over yourself. Everyone wake up
this is sort of russell brand at his blowhard-iest and inconsequential
Leila Sparks
Leila Sparks 3 oy oldin
Whoopi is my idol also love rus
Tania Battiau
Tania Battiau 3 oy oldin
And your talk and the women you hold company with really talk about bringing people together? Hypocritical, when you were an addict those women would never have had you on their show. I don’t see many illegal refugees, homeless, addicts represented on the show.
ScotchTapeMafia 3 oy oldin
I bought 100% the SAME exact shirt a month ago at Old Navy. Lmao
TI Ted
TI Ted 3 oy oldin
Russell Brand is amazing and great. This was a very moving interview.
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch 3 oy oldin
Hes got a line of B.s. and good with it
Lewis Almeida
Lewis Almeida 3 oy oldin
Is knowledge more important than being? A scientist may have vast knowledge yet be socially inept. Being is all what the individual is, clarity, confusion, beliefs and habits. Knowledge and being must be integrated, wayofspinoza.com
Paweł Wolnicki
Paweł Wolnicki 3 oy oldin
concious program sounds cool though
Paweł Wolnicki
Paweł Wolnicki 3 oy oldin
move away from crazy ideaologs
Caroline Ullrich
Caroline Ullrich 3 oy oldin
Yay for Russell!!! Funny!
judas0l7 3 oy oldin
Funny queer not funny haha
Bill Moree
Bill Moree 3 oy oldin
At 4:13, RB gives the most compelling explanation of the first three steps of AA that I've ever heard.
2016imhere 3 oy oldin
He so attractive
mdbadhru 3 oy oldin
Is it just me or the writing, " View" looks like the mirror image of men. Hmm, Ironic.
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 3 oy oldin
I don't think I've ever seen a full table of imbeciles in one place like this it's amazing it's like seeing a unicorn
Robert Gilbert
Robert Gilbert 3 oy oldin
Coke head
James Jenia
James Jenia 3 oy oldin
Overcoming Addiction? Ha Ha Ha This mental midget has an IQ that would impress an amoeba. Not very bright, not very funny, obviously an ugly fucker with Gay fantasies.
Marwa Dimassi
Marwa Dimassi 3 oy oldin
The timing of that question from Sara really irritated me. Why are you changing the subject to his marriage while he's talking about something so substantial and relevant to society. Either she wanted to change it (intentionally or unintentionally) or producers told her to. That to me is ridiculous, the guy is speaking about something that not many people in society speak about or are even aware it exists. He actually has his own experiences with overcoming these issues. Please let him finish his thoughts on the matter before moving on to the next subject because you come off rude and careless otherwise.
Michael Swanson
Michael Swanson 3 oy oldin
This is how liberal women want men to act. He knows it, and that’s why he feels “so comfortable” around them
Michael Swanson
Michael Swanson 3 oy oldin
But the irony, I don’t believe liberal women are actually attracted to men who act this way. Isn’t that ironic? Women raising boys and training men to act like men they would never marry lmao
Qween Killer
Qween Killer 3 oy oldin
Russell Brand really america thats a new low
Frankie JJ
Frankie JJ 3 oy oldin
Come up for air Russel hahaha