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Did you get the news? We're about to die. Russian Doll from Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland arrives February 1st. netflix.com/russiandoll
Watch Russian Doll on Netflix: www.netflix.com/in/title/80211627
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Russian Doll: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




9-Yan, 2019

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Myka Garduque
Myka Garduque Soat oldin
Lmao everyone who only knows HDD and not Groundhog Day
heaux kage
heaux kage 3 soat oldin
she’s probably in a coma
Nafa Kim
Nafa Kim 4 soat oldin
happy death day
Nidhi Ladiwal
Nidhi Ladiwal 6 soat oldin
BACON BACON 8 soat oldin
They just putting the girls from orange is the new black in a movie? oor I'm tripping
Nks lolo
Nks lolo 11 soat oldin
Netflix original content are mostly wack as heck; I mean, who greenlights and funds these duds...
NailaCafé 11 soat oldin
Why did they not thought about it ealier?
sierra janelle
sierra janelle 12 soat oldin
what bandersnatch felt like
bruna x
bruna x 12 soat oldin
How they will make a hole series out of this?
Aércio Da Cruz
Aércio Da Cruz 12 soat oldin
Like a happy birthday death
bruna x
bruna x 12 soat oldin
How they will make a hole series out of this?
andy bayogan
andy bayogan 12 soat oldin
2017 : Before I Fall & Happy Death Day 2018: Happy Death Day 2 U (Trailer) 2019: THIS
sangita dey
sangita dey 14 soat oldin
Happy death day vibe??
sghook3 14 soat oldin
Adult Happy Death Day😣
laylah li
laylah li 14 soat oldin
But what does this have to do with Russian dolls?
Reece E.
Reece E. 15 soat oldin
i clicked on this thinking I'd see Natasha Lyonne play a badass spy called Russian Doll where she killed people but nope, i was wrong. It's happy death day and she still hasn't tried a serious role
Anastasia Roe
Anastasia Roe 15 soat oldin
I mean really to really stick to all the "this has been done before" people, should have waited a day and released it feb 2nd ;)
Peach Cola
Peach Cola 16 soat oldin
Ok Groundhog Day is an official genre of movies
Seven Phoenix
Seven Phoenix 16 soat oldin
i love time loop stories
Shara Ann Tabi
Shara Ann Tabi 17 soat oldin
Looks like. Happy death day and RE:zero
Shara Ann Tabi
Shara Ann Tabi 17 soat oldin
But it seems good and i like the actress..
Alina Nipers
Alina Nipers 17 soat oldin
Алла Борисовна?
DaySpa 17 soat oldin
Yeasss new finally Natasha Lyonne movie!! ;O
Erisa Desu
Erisa Desu 18 soat oldin
Why isn't Awkwafina the leading actress
Saint Igwin
Saint Igwin 18 soat oldin
Это что, блять, АЛЛА ПУГАЧЕВА???
Technicality 19 soat oldin
Groundhog Day has entered the chat
In Search
In Search 19 soat oldin
Пугачева, ЕБАТЬ!
Ovo Estrelado
Ovo Estrelado 20 soat oldin
This plot AGAIN
Екатерина Великая
Я вот тоже подумала сразу, что это что то про Пугачеву…
multifandom fans
multifandom fans 20 soat oldin
Disney Princess Brave live action?
leeluv96 20 soat oldin
Awww man I laughed so much. She reminds me if Rodney Dangerfield😂😂😂
Sarah A.
Sarah A. 21 soat oldin
Just like korean drama called "feel good to die"
jam626 21 soat oldin
How hard is it to not die? 😂
Julia Freeman
Julia Freeman 22 soat oldin
interesting idea. great actress. I hope they will do without stupid stereotypes about Russians. I am glad that the main character has no obvious Russian accent like Red from Orange is the new black . we don't speak like that))))
Valery Sense
Valery Sense Kun oldin
Alla Pugacheva for ever!
Chi Enuma
Chi Enuma Kun oldin
Ok... happy death day but I’m a series??... ok 👍🏽
klaus Alpha Hybrid
i was thinking it looks good but then i read who its by and the trailer got more dumb 💁
hit me with the uwu
BELIEVE it or NOT, Happy death day did not come up with this concept! You degenerates, go out and actually watch films and you will see that movies such as: Naked, Edge of Tomorrow, Groundhog Day - have already developed this concept as WELL
KT Eff
KT Eff Kun oldin
I saw the words Amy and Poehler. I'm in.
nate brito
nate brito Kun oldin
Song ?
Corynn Held
Corynn Held Kun oldin
So it’s Happy Deathday all over again
hit me with the uwu
Corynn Held no
Alex Ostaltsev
Alex Ostaltsev Kun oldin
She looks exactly like Alla Pugacheva in her best years
Unsobill Senior
Unsobill Senior Kun oldin
Russian is new black
Diamond Kun oldin
Cant wait!!
ramsayedits Kun oldin
Orange is the new black fans are shaking
SuperWolfkin Kun oldin
I didnt think it would work as a series until she meet another
Rose Gabrielle Austria
Community's Chaos Remedial Theory?
deceit109 Kun oldin
Its hard not to make the Thrump joke. ;)
Daryll _
Daryll _ Kun oldin
The plot is basically Re:Zero. only she isn't stuck in another world where everything is magical til you get killed
TS7 IS COMING Kun oldin
Happy Death Day 2 U 2
letter bytes
letter bytes Kun oldin
Okay, it's not like Happy Death Day's plot. Really
hit me with the uwu
letter bytes what? Happy death day copied a Netflix film which copied edge of tomorrow which copied ground hog day
Natthida Verwaal
This is after her OITNB, new life.
Hello Lee
Hello Lee Kun oldin
I love Natasha
Beauty Beast
Beauty Beast Kun oldin
Happy death day... come on
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Kun oldin
Looks really boring and random
Михаил Асеев
Ясное дело Алла пугачева пугало знаменитое на весь мир
Maylani Hannah
Maylani Hannah 2 kun oldin
Happy death day..
crapolaist 2 kun oldin
She plays the same character in every film/tv show she does...
Marcos Manzanares
Marcos Manzanares 2 kun oldin
A rip-off of Happy Death Day Minus the serial killer
Jade Davis
Jade Davis 2 kun oldin
There has been sooo many movies with this exact same plot. Why? Can't people just come up with something original??
Salma -
Salma - 2 kun oldin
*HAPPY DEATH DAY-* oh wait wrong vid
Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim 2 kun oldin
Time wasters
Chetan 2 kun oldin
काय फालतुगिरी ???
Nebbs M
Nebbs M 2 kun oldin
I love time loop stories
Corey Clark
Corey Clark 2 kun oldin
So it’s groundhog’s day?
SLAV 2 kun oldin
lol this looks hella fun ill watchit
wowzer 2 kun oldin
BR/NDO 2 kun oldin
We all feel like we’re reliving the same movie premise
Ks Lorenzo
Ks Lorenzo 2 kun oldin
It is like a happy death day movie
jhun dionz
jhun dionz 2 kun oldin
Happy Deathday! Woooohhhoooo! I figured it out! Progressssss!
hit me with the uwu
jhun dionz happy death day was not the first... The wayan wedding movie, edge of tomorrow, Groundhog Day... and a ton more
gemlk21 2 kun oldin
Happy dead day?? is that you? lol
Leah selkie
Leah selkie 2 kun oldin
Well...if its a Netflix special at least we know it'll have a great soundtrack 🎶
Christian Hoover
Christian Hoover 2 kun oldin
oh cool, yet another groundhogs day
google user
google user 2 kun oldin
Why is it called Russian Doll, it might not be so bad getting to die and come back, at least only a few times and no pain please. Wouldn' t want to relive same night but coming back ok. Love Natasha.
LNA 2 kun oldin
am i the only one who screamed when i saw dascha too????? wasn't expecting that. i love natasha & oitnb
GuacamoleJenkins 2 kun oldin
Groundhog Day 2.0
Bolsheviki 2 kun oldin
Groundhog Day, Marlon Wayne's Netflix movie Naked, Happy Death Day...I love Natasha, but damn this shit is played ouuuut
joserro 2 kun oldin
Amazing actress. I know, it’s like Happy Death Day- but get this, this actress is actually likable.
hit me with the uwu
joserro and happy death day is like other “restart the day over again” movies
Na J
Na J 2 kun oldin
Natasha Lyonne keeps getting younger every year, this is going to be epic! Y’all might judge the series but we all know y’all gonna watch it 😂
Soon 2 kun oldin
Maya_27 2 kun oldin
So it's happy death day the show with the cast of OITNB.... I'm here for it
AaYyy, DaTs PrEttY
AaYyy, DaTs PrEttY 2 kun oldin
Another one of these dying than coming back to life again, why Netflix
Deea Edith
Deea Edith 2 kun oldin
I knew she was made for a main role ❤️😍😍❤️
LocalMeme Boi
LocalMeme Boi 2 kun oldin
murat aitmamatov
murat aitmamatov 2 kun oldin
Charles Weisse
Charles Weisse 2 kun oldin
Alla Pugacheva looks great
cheerleaderMelanie 2 kun oldin
I love her as an actress so I’m gonna watch regardless
Claire Ross
Claire Ross 2 kun oldin
The song in the trailer is not like the original, can it be a cover?
Lexi Green
Lexi Green 2 kun oldin
Akasha Eyre
Akasha Eyre 2 kun oldin
*Let’s fuck this party in the mouth* - Natasha Lyonne Aaannd... that’s all I needed. Okay, I’m watching it. Congratulations, Netflix. You got me hooked in under a 2 seconds 👍🏾
Victoria Chernukha
Victoria Chernukha 2 kun oldin
she looks exactly like the soviet singer Alla Pugacheva, look it up!
Kai 2 kun oldin
Nicky 😍
rojanna rustia
rojanna rustia 2 kun oldin
Looks like happy death day
Виктория Андреева
Сериал про примадонну)))
Reza Dranie
Reza Dranie 2 kun oldin
oh, how original..
sallyloves 2 kun oldin
I don't want to see her having sex with men, it just doesn't feel right!
Kays Dash
Kays Dash 2 kun oldin
Meh. Seen it before.
Ishita Paul
Ishita Paul 2 kun oldin
Happy Death Day 😊
Тамара Лукић
she looks like susan saradon
kaffeteria 2 kun oldin
There's no way this isn't an Alla Pugacheva reference. You've got to be kidding me. They even sound very much alike!
Лилия Ли
Лилия Ли 2 kun oldin
Russian comments are all about Alla Pugacheva if you wanna know