Ryan Clark not backing down on Antonio Brown criticisms | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark, and Max Kellerman discuss Antonio Brown’s future with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Clark addresses Brown’s reaction to being branded as self-centered by him.
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8-Yan, 2019



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Marvid Eladiv
Marvid Eladiv 13 soat oldin
The steelers franchise will face many many losing seasons from now onwards this 2019 season and onwards. The Steelers organization are horrible and the whole management should be fired! Bunch of losers! The owner should sell the team!
Crayola MusicLLC.
Sell out
Crayola MusicLLC.
This nigga sound crazy it’s bout respect he say they don’t respect they players they act like they the horse and players the sheep
Smallmouthnation 3 kun oldin
Same applies to the NYG locker room before they moved OBJ
Sick Puppy
Sick Puppy 3 kun oldin
Ryan Clark is a smart guy, he's not a puppet like so many others! Kiddos to him for his honesty. AB is a total Bitch, always will be.
Rodney Leavy
Rodney Leavy 3 kun oldin
Man fuck that , football is such a dangerous sport , Brown dont owe anyone an apology, he left and still got paid , Football is all about self and ur money, it's not high school nor college
Amil Revis
Amil Revis 3 kun oldin
I'm a Steelers fan I'm glad a.b and L bell is gone... but here is the catch 22... I think the Steelers as an organization is bullshit they constantly underpay the best players and expect them to just kiss ass... no....
Jared Brooks
Jared Brooks 3 kun oldin
Did Clark call out Ben for being childish? Saying what he said as the supposed leader of the Steelers?
Chandra Richardson
Chandra Richardson 4 kun oldin
Good job of rewording Ryan's word Stephen A.
Robert Jacques
Robert Jacques 4 kun oldin
AB is the truth if you cant see that you are blind
Kurt Barry
Kurt Barry 4 kun oldin
White ppl love sell out niggas
Jackie Crisco
Jackie Crisco 4 kun oldin
ESPN needs more people like Ryan Clark
974 ofn
974 ofn 5 kun oldin
You can look in his face and tell that he has a personal problem with ab success
CAF420ALLDAY7 5 kun oldin
Good thing the bills didnt end up getting him in the trade what a toxic ass teammate fucking diva like bitch
T. REiD 5 kun oldin
Shut up and play....AB isn't with it.
cyranonow 5 kun oldin
Good look Max for pointing out that spade reference. Just so people know
markochips markochips
The statement was a figure of speech....Chill snowflake
Chasing and Achieving
frandemarco 5 kun oldin
gitbuckets 5 kun oldin
Stephen A always sound like he about to drool.
gitbuckets 4 kun oldin
+Emmy Whiten he just sounds like he's about to spit all over the place when he talks. Like he has overactive salvia glands. It's annoying lol. Just listen to him and watch him. He has to speak a certain way and pause to gather the extra saliva back in to his cheek when he speaks for too many sentences lol. Just pay attention to it. I pick up on small things easily. It's an annoying skill lol
Emmy Whiten
Emmy Whiten 5 kun oldin
Lol tf??
Jim Fox
Jim Fox 5 kun oldin
Right on Ryan - you know how that AHOLE was/IS you were there not these so called experts......
Johnnie Green
Johnnie Green 5 kun oldin
How you a brother hating on another brother?? Your sad bro g code
Dee1Tv 6 kun oldin
So.... Bell leaves, Brown is now leaving... Now Ryan Clark knows everything? Big Ben and Tomlin is tearing the team apart.
Dee1Tv 6 kun oldin
Head coach told AB he could leave. When is a mink coat wrong? Ryan Clark is a sellout. Listen to his explanation. Ryan Clark isn't in the locker room. Reality is reality Oh yeah... SUBSCRIBE to my channel
Anthony Pierre
Anthony Pierre 6 kun oldin
AB stood up for himself. it has nothing to do with supporting your own race because Leveon had a problem with the organization and its very funny how this not mentioned considering that leveons its recent. is clark gonna say the same thing for that too? when your two best players are having problems with the team and want to be traded? Clark is a trained house cat Lmaooo. As far as im concered Ben touches little girls and has no reason to see be on the roster and he still has pull. get out of here! Lmaooo. he just mad cuz like 39 its it was his last good season after being shit for 2 seasons before that LOL
Tbe Twon
Tbe Twon 6 kun oldin
Tetanus Clark a ass kisser period No body talking to dick lebeu that way smh tf outta her who is he Jesus respect goes both was
Tbe Twon
Tbe Twon 6 kun oldin
The fuck wrong with these nigga acting like u owe the team anything when u risking ur life day in and day but they got Big Ben doing all type of fuck shit smh the nfl a cult now tf 🤦🏾‍♂️
B Niu
B Niu 6 kun oldin
He hatin kuz he was getting done up everyday in practice...lol
Christine Ford Sports Illustrated Spokeswoman
Ryan Clark is a good guy. I have always liked him and he is a very ration and mature human being. Flat out a good guy.
gary purewal
gary purewal 6 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-NqgUDouDlZM.html Look at this clip by AB talking to Lebron James...
Lamarcus Brown
Lamarcus Brown 6 kun oldin
Ryan Clark sounds jeolous because he never was close to as good a player as AB
Lamarcus Brown
Lamarcus Brown 5 kun oldin
+cory white Dude that comment was stupid you can be a better player at a different position idiot
cory white
cory white 5 kun oldin
Yeah he also has a sickle cell triat that limited his playing time so, I would agree, but also I'm sure you didn't know that. Oh, and something else I'm sure, from your comment at least that you didn't know, that he was not a reciever, he was a safety genius....
highcollide 6 kun oldin
ryan clarke sounds like a jealous lil school girl. ryan grow tf up you lil sissy. you sound like a bitch complaining on her period. shut yo punk ass up clarke you a sorry excuse and waste of human flesh
Bradley Ray
Bradley Ray 6 kun oldin
Wtf does everybody bring racism into everything for none of the shit is racist yall get payed to talk sports news not color can we please stop with racist this racist that because for 1 I don't see white people goin out and publically stating that because they're white they're automatically meant to support everything white. These shows are jokes and just a way to make money not to give sports news I'm a Pittsburgh fan but when people criticize AB for doing what he felt needed done is a dumb*** and needs to realize that if there are chemistry problems in the locker room you keep it private right so why is AB getting all the hate when Ben is the reason this raider trade happened and guess what they got a third and fifth round pick for a verteran wide out who is in my opinion the best damn wide receiver in the league you have to respect him on a level that is worthy of AB and keep the things between each other please stop the hate and racism talking about I'm black so I should support him no y'all want equality give it to us and stop with AB hate when he got publically called out by someone who he thought was his brother
ghettojue 6 kun oldin
Only white people agree with Ryan clark they love to see a black man speak negatively about another brother
LOL FUCKING STOP if the glove dont fit
Wayne Swanson
Wayne Swanson 6 kun oldin
It took the educated white guy to correct the black guy for using white supremacist language
PatientMental 7 kun oldin
Basically he said AB is dumb as a brick
likeo 7 kun oldin
SAS cosign you uncle Tom
Saimone T
Saimone T 7 kun oldin
Ryan Clark snitching on his old locker room to a major network. The real sell out is Ryan Clark, not AB
steven khamou
steven khamou 6 kun oldin
youre an idiot
1phone1gamer 7 kun oldin
Ryan clark one of the best hard hitting Safety to play for the steelers. AB is a little gurl.
David Smith
David Smith 7 kun oldin
You can tell ab was killing Ryan Clark and company in practice and letting them know about it. Lol
David Smith
David Smith 7 kun oldin
Only jealous men speak on other men's money
Cyprian Cox
Cyprian Cox 7 kun oldin
This is the kind of BULLSHIT that bothers me. Why does the phrase "calling a spade a spade" a racist statement. How is it? Since I am black, what am I supposed to do when I hear that phrase? Start crying. We're constantly turning ourselves into wimps. Yet it's ok for a black person to refer to a white male as a "white boy ".
T Co
T Co 7 kun oldin
Ryan Clark isnt against black football players he’s against idiots. He isn’t “dancin for massa” on espn...he feels AB is an idiot so he’s just calling AB...an idiot. No race need be involved, That’s all.
Ace Heru
Ace Heru 7 kun oldin
Nah he's telling locker room business and throwing one of his old teammates under the bus knowing AB is trying to work a contract but clearly it didn't work🤷🏾‍♂️
Alex Cedeno
Alex Cedeno 7 kun oldin
Why does it always have to be about what color u are? Is first take the new political show
Damien Brady
Damien Brady 7 kun oldin
Molly shut the fuck up
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 7 kun oldin
Antonio Brown is a crybaby and I'm glad that we traded him, there's no space for a diva on our team. We are at Championship organization and we don't have time for people like Le'Veon Bell play Antonio Brown who want to make everything about them, they have to be the center of attention let them get that somewhere else
Travis Blair
Travis Blair 7 kun oldin
Alonzo Armstead
Alonzo Armstead 5 kun oldin
How is it clownery? Brown has a problem with Ben! Ben has too many privileges! What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Obviously Brown clearly disliked playing in Pittsburgh! 🤷🏿‍♂️
Rishaun Butler
Rishaun Butler 7 kun oldin
Same delivery every time lol starts talk calm then bam 🔊
n0HeARtVaDoR 7 kun oldin
I’m happy he’s with the raiders but I hope he doesn’t bring this mentality too
Charlie Barz
Charlie Barz 7 kun oldin
Ryan clark tried to fight ab over dick lebow wtf clown ass system guy
Sioux056 7 kun oldin
U go Ryan!! We know what time it is---STEELER NATION
tommy daggett
tommy daggett 8 kun oldin
Ryan Clark: words of wisdom
Erotix Elite Entertainment
Its going to be interesting to see How Gruden ultimately handles such a Diva, in comparison to Mack whom he let go and that is WAY more talented and beneficial to Chicago...
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 8 kun oldin
You a whole bitch for telling locker room secrets 9
Sclass Entertainment
I think we all forgot. Ryan Clark got his job at ESPN, by insulting SAS, oh how fast we forget. But AB out of line calling him n uncle tom
MrRobDolo 8 kun oldin
Ryan Clark knows what it feels like to be a trump supporter, they’ll just call you Uncle Tom or a coon for not following the same ideology 🤷‍♂️
Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark 5 kun oldin
Horrible analogy!! From watching this clip that's what conclusion u came to??? Smh!
FreakSquadEnt5 8 kun oldin
You hated on the man cuz he was bout to get money you were never worth 🤦🏾‍♂️ Everybody not gone kiss ass like y’all who wanna be commentators when you retire 😂
Macadelic Miller
Macadelic Miller 8 kun oldin
Ab gone kick his ass 🤣
Andrew Garate
Andrew Garate 8 kun oldin
Ryan Clark calling it right. The real AB is an arrogant POS.
Omar Ortega
Omar Ortega 8 kun oldin
RC speaking big facts 💯
Andrew McQuilkin
Andrew McQuilkin 8 kun oldin
Antonio Brown your career in the NFL isn't about color it's about your mindset and right now you are messing up your career because of your own ignorance there's up and coming players that will happily take your job for a quarter of the pay and do a great job. I suggest you get your mind straight and make better decisions about your relationship with your head your but and your career. Grow up stop acting like a baby your not God so stop trying to be cause that Job is already taken. Start being a roll model for today's youth not a path of destruction for them. Life isn't about money it's about the good works you do and the way you change the world around you.
Garrett Powell
Garrett Powell 8 kun oldin
This video has 666k views for me rn...
The Star
The Star 8 kun oldin
Wow but that’s what happens when you lack respect.
Uno Jones
Uno Jones 8 kun oldin
Spoken like what Antonio Brown said he was..first of all who the fuck are you to go to the staff and say "you know you creating a monster when you give him that money" that's strike number one.. strike number two is who the fuck are you trying to check the teammate when he's having an issue with the member of the staff? That's some straw boss yessa boss ass shit
Phi'Del Blocker
Phi'Del Blocker 9 kun oldin
Trade BROWN to the CHIEFS if he's SUCH a cancer!!! ...Bet they won't do THAT!!! #CHIEFSorDIE
Terry Raybon
Terry Raybon 6 kun oldin
Phi'Del Blocker 😂😂😂
The Path Forward
The Path Forward 9 kun oldin
The Black culture is reprobated and currupt.
Ty Jones
Ty Jones 9 kun oldin
Much respect to Ryan Clark
SuperPat88 9 kun oldin
Note to AB and others of his caliber: When you're working/performing for your employer, your #1 obligation is to put forth an effort the higher-ups can appreciate. This means... you don't run off your mouth and talk shit about those in positions who can impact upon your status in the given company. They supply the funds that go to your bank account... which then impacts on your utilities... your housing... your lifestyle... the food in your fridge and pantry... the clothes you wear when not in their gear... and so on. Behave yourself; don't give them cause to make things unpleasant for you. Refuse to folow that piece of advice, and you're nothing else but A DAMNED FOOL.
Miles Greer
Miles Greer 9 kun oldin
Kellerman: "that's a racist phrase... do you think what he said about you (a racist trope) is true?" Really Max? Why does it even matter?
Rick B
Rick B 5 kun oldin
Shut up Max trying to interject that public relations silliness. That was ironic 😂 RC wasn’t even remotely thinking that!! Somebody tell Max that some people grow up with that term & it wasn’t racial until divisionists snowflakes made it that🤣😂🤣
MUTshane 9 kun oldin
Antionio brown is so goddamn pathetic. If he keeps up with this bull absolutely no team is gonna want to sign him, yet alone trade for him
Tyler Mathis
Tyler Mathis 9 kun oldin
Max just corrected a black man for saying something he thought was racist. What a joke....
Tyler Mathis
Tyler Mathis 4 kun oldin
Kurt Barry max just basically told a black man that he should be offended by what he himself said instead of letting it go.
Kurt Barry
Kurt Barry 4 kun oldin
Tyler Mathis we are racist and so what
Sayreal Shite
Sayreal Shite 9 kun oldin
Dumbass Clark using racist phrases not knowing where the shit derived from.
Geoffrey Kelly
Geoffrey Kelly 9 kun oldin
Ryan please talk to Odell too!!!
corey john
corey john 9 kun oldin
Ryan u tripping, & it’s sounds like you this all from some personal be that happened on the field... and the fact that a WR flashed out on a defensive coach is normal football behavior... not saying that it’s rite but that type stuff happens all the time in HS, college and the pros... wideouts getting mad because u been a lil too physical with them...
Worm 9 kun oldin
Who cares what the NFL or ESPN does anymore...F them and their all offense league this is what you created now deal with these bitch ass divas that you created!!!!!!GTFOH
Walker Brown
Walker Brown 9 kun oldin
Watched the Antonio Brown ESPN interview. Watched this response by Ryan Clark. Love me some Ryan Clark. He's absolutely right. I'm worried for Antonio in the future.
Matt 10 kun oldin
ryan clark is one of my favorite former steelers. he was sometimes a dumbass with his helmet to helmet hits, but is very respectable to this day. Its a shame to see how AB drove some of my other favorites away from the franchise such as Dick Lebeau
Joe Ortiz
Joe Ortiz 10 kun oldin
Then he needs to go toThe Raiders
Frank Champion
Frank Champion 10 kun oldin
Feel bad for black analysts. Just doing their job and being real and they get called Uncle Tom, coon etc every time they dare say anything remotely critical of any black athlete
DASH 10 kun oldin
Pretty eye opening. Hopefully Gruden see's this and passes on AB. We've got enough to deal with. I really wanted him in Silver and Black but nah we're good homie. Stay in your mansion by your damn self.
Darius I Am King Ervin
Cut the shit Clark. See ppl like myself is fortunate enough to have 2 friends in the nfl right now who has both said to me that you are not allowed to go hard physically in practices against players that are deemed franchise players, meaning they are a long term deal for the fact not only that player doesn’t wanna risk injury in practice, the franchise doesn’t either. So AB was absolutely right for calling out Lewis and Lebeau for the overly physical play with him in PRACTICE because his contract is based upon his ability to be on the field. So Clark miss me with your cooning and buckdancing. It’s funny how only Clark and Bettis are on Ben and the Steelers side. So I guess LeVeon was a cancer too huh. Guess you’re a cancer when you don’t stand for the team owner calling you 1 of 52 kids on a 53 man roster clearing calling you a kid and Ben a grown ass man. Gtfoh
Ja'quavious Moor
Ja'quavious Moor 11 kun oldin
He snitching
SuperPat88 9 kun oldin
@Ja'quavous Moor(open): Mr. Clark's the one keeping things real; AB's only a faker. Above all... you KNOW it!
Rich Muttsmusic
Rich Muttsmusic 11 kun oldin
Ben is raping women, the o line and qb are commenting on the rb contract situation via media, the coach he jumped on field in kickoff, lb coaches starting fights on field. And it’s AB fault.
Rich Muttsmusic
Rich Muttsmusic 11 kun oldin
So he was hating on another dude about to get money.
Rick B
Rick B 5 kun oldin
Rich Muttsmusic lol lol Ryan Clark is a MAN & a LEADER there was no hating here you obviously missed everything he said...unfortunately idiotic culture doesn’t know what being a real man & having integrity is & looks like. AB immediately threw out the racist comment because he acts like a crack head you say “hating cuz dude about to get money” he had money he agreed on for the next 3 years now that could have been increased with you know ( we’ll prolly not lol) MATURITY not acting like a crack head. Dude might be hating cause AB is a bitch all the time. Men on pro football teams don’t act like this crackhead
Rich Muttsmusic
Rich Muttsmusic 11 kun oldin
Ryan Clark stop it Bro.
Kwesi Hicks
Kwesi Hicks 11 kun oldin
Uncle Tom wasn’t the bad person ; sambo is the person that turned on blacks it crazy how people switch it #Foolie wit da Tooly
Django Pratt
Django Pratt 11 kun oldin
Ya dancing for masa boy you are
Django Pratt
Django Pratt 11 kun oldin
Ryan Clark a sell out
Django Pratt
Django Pratt 11 kun oldin
It's never about respect it's about winning franchises wanna win
ceazaro28 11 kun oldin
If u don’t feel u are getting the respect u deserve, u should speak up.. fuck Ryan Clark and the Steelers! Why should AB respect the organization more than it respects him as a player and a man... I love the fact that AB isn’t gonna tap dance for those pecker woods in the front office.. fuck um✊🏾!!
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 11 kun oldin
Get off the word, BEHAVIOR. If ya gonna talk about behavior, talk about that RAPIST behavior, big BEN!
Marcus Armstrong
Marcus Armstrong 11 kun oldin
Yeah he got a white woman why niggas mad about who he dating why we not doing nothing about the government constantly stealing from the black community killing black men on top of all that still have us in slavery fuck what you heard you all got life fucked up
Marcus Armstrong
Marcus Armstrong 11 kun oldin
Bullshiting he not acting out niggas just can't do what white folks do simple
Trent 11 kun oldin
Black people still saying they’re oppressed by whites? They need to wake up and look around. Your skin has nothing to do with your demise, it’s the culture you follow.
2Take Pap The Truth
2Take Pap The Truth 11 kun oldin
Ryan Clark a hoe ..... worrying about other dudes pockets
bigdaddywa diddy
bigdaddywa diddy 11 kun oldin
clark is just another negro pandering to the mainstream. Notice all the caucasians, and tap dancers, agreeing with his position. That is why these negros are on tv to begin with. They NEVER have anything to say about pink athletes. Their job is to be critical of Brown athletes and thats it. If they deviate from that, their asses will be demoted and eventually on the street. They know this so they suk up to pink people with their comments
TCGC2013 11 kun oldin
African-Americans have no loyalty to anything! They sway with the wind and assimilate to whatever is the flavor of the moment. Period. Back to BLACK!
Big Daddy Can
Big Daddy Can 12 kun oldin
Ab behavior is not acceptable but big ben raping ho"s and his behavior is accepted all yall is sambo"s😑
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 11 kun oldin
Tell 'em!!!! Big Ben raping people's daughters, but AB got a behavioral problem. Sure ya right!!!
WE R,A, different animal
THANK YOU Max, a spade a spade, SAD ATHLETE sad
Heriberto Miranda
Heriberto Miranda 12 kun oldin
Fuck AB we got JuJu
Broly Brodie1321
Broly Brodie1321 12 kun oldin
Lets keep it strictly sports , Clark mad cause AB used to light his ass up on the field 😂😂
Antonio Brown: Wide Open
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