Ryan Clark not backing down on Antonio Brown criticisms | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Ryan Clark, and Max Kellerman discuss Antonio Brown’s future with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Clark addresses Brown’s reaction to being branded as self-centered by him.
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8-Yan, 2019

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DBeazRN 3
DBeazRN 3 3 soat oldin
I wouldn’t want a poisonous personality like AB in our locker room. He’s a petulant, spoiled child. He’s talented, but not irreplaceable as evidenced by ...... all of the successful WRs in the NFL. Go home.
Alfy_19 9 soat oldin
Ab pulling a chad Johnson/ Terrell Owens. This is his down fall. Grow the fk up and play. Respect is earned. U want to be a leader act like it. This still Steeler nation with or without you. ✨
Donna Morgan
Donna Morgan 12 soat oldin
Wow, Ryan just made a profound statement. When a person is selfish, in this case referring to AB, he really didn't care if it was Ryan Clark. Antonio just doesn't really stop and think before typing what he typed. He gets upset, throws a tantrum like a two year old. Greatest WR, but Mike Tomlin has a big baby on his hands. That's really sad for a grown rich football player
Stu 13 soat oldin
Very well said Mr. Clark...
RBB RBB 15 soat oldin
How about you treat everyone equally, because the color of someones skin has no relevance
Triz ENY
Triz ENY 16 soat oldin
AB is a childish diva / bitch. Talented....sure.
badmoon710 18 soat oldin
I live right beside Pittsburgh Steelers fans will never understand the only reason Ab, Juju, mike Wallace, Holmes and others were great is cuz of Ben. They blame Ben for every loss but without Ben they are nothing. I’m a die hard redskins fan, and I woulda gave my left pinky for Ben lol, but they take him for granted
OG Moonie
OG Moonie 22 soat oldin
how does he know for a fact that his response wasnt carefully thought out? lol he still throwing slick insults.
bootfan !!
bootfan !! Kun oldin
Steelers will miss playoffs again next season. #FireTomlin
MrFinsforlife Kun oldin
Funny shit. Don't they have a rapist as a QB. Yeah STFU about AB.
Jeremy McDonalD
Jeremy McDonalD Kun oldin
Who cares about race. It’s football. Who cares about what color he is.
Gershom-ology Kun oldin
Man, this got deep lol
dieselshug Kun oldin
Damn I miss Ryan Clark in black and gold.
Michael Haney
Michael Haney Kun oldin
The mink coat has nothing to do with him playing the game at all every player in the league that has money like he has dresses fashionable even when they have a bad game you don't tell them to take off their attire or what they want to wear because they had a bad game
Sion Roberts
Sion Roberts Kun oldin
Kellerman wants you to know he’s ultra woke and not a racist
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire Kun oldin
Max has to whitesplain racism to Ryan. STFU and go cover boxing.
Gary Simons
Gary Simons Kun oldin
Brown is a girlie diva! Get rid of him!
A T Kun oldin
Good job clark... F tnat drama queen crybaby.....😅😣😓😭😢.?..later bitch ass..... your not even the # 1 guy anymore and that kills him.....hahaha.....
Boss Dog
Boss Dog Kun oldin
When y’all give him his money y’all goin create a monster..... wow niggas is fuck niggas bitch ass Ryan Clark mad cause other niggas getting paid smh this white ass nigga
Ryan Maliek
Ryan Maliek 22 soat oldin
Not whatever alien language you tried to write that first comment in.
Ryan Maliek
Ryan Maliek Kun oldin
Oh now you decide to speak (write) in English?
Boss Dog
Boss Dog Kun oldin
What couldn’t you read?
Ryan Maliek
Ryan Maliek Kun oldin
Boss Dog Was that supposed to be in English?
11B89 Kun oldin
Steelers fan, but its time Brown is gone. There is no way he'll be a Steeler next year. He has fractured relationships with his coach, his teammates, especially guys that are leaders on the team like Cam Heyward, Alejandro Villaneuva, Maurkice Pouncey etc... He could not look those guys in the face and expect them to trust him after what he did. As far as I am concerned trade and start fresh. Get rid of the cancer, it's unfortunate, but stuff like this happens. Antonio Brown has become the Terrell Owens of this decade.
The Village Ahead
Is Max the ultimate beta?
The Black Cyde
The Black Cyde Kun oldin
Antonio brown calling him an Uncle Tom while he goes home to his white blonde girlfriend is hilarious
Hittloc 52
Hittloc 52 Kun oldin
Everybody has their on opinion my opinion is Clark hates AB even when AB is rite he pisses on him
Gregory Lewis
Gregory Lewis Kun oldin
He being truthful Ryan Clark is well respected I believe him totally. Brown is a great receiver but is attitude is horrible and it catches up with him. I hate to see a black role model act this way many of young people are watching you. Keep that in mind Mr Brown.
NYC -Jes
NYC -Jes 2 kun oldin
PREACH!!!!! .....all the talent in the world doesn't make him a good teammate or professional or a respected LEADER
Konan Smith
Konan Smith 2 kun oldin
Mental health is a true fact.. dude has mental issues, I've been in a mental health program before and he is has the same problems as most people out in the work world. People that work at taco Bell or drive forklifts display the same issues as An. He's just on TV
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham 2 kun oldin
Kenneth Collins
Kenneth Collins 2 kun oldin
Steven A is, was, always will be a jack ass
LOLatU 2 kun oldin
Calling a spade a spade doesn't have a racist origin at all the word spade might have been used but that doesn't stop you using the word otherwise most word would be banned, words are benign its the intentions to offend that matters
Fenris17 2 kun oldin
calling a spade a spade does not have racist origins. it has ancient greek origins from when a dude by the name of Plutarch instead used greek for fig. then another dude translated it into english in the 1500's and referred to it as a shovel, i.e. spade
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw 2 kun oldin
Ryan is a moron
Aqh2007 2 kun oldin
I can’t agree with anything yet until i hear the full story .. Clark is saying ab got mad after a defender was too physical at Practice . Shit u aren’t suppose to touch receivers at practice like that .. especially after he’s signed a new contract .. Le’veon is missing for a reason
Dom Dolaratchi
Dom Dolaratchi 2 kun oldin
Ryan a og came the the redskins and had us legit
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 2 kun oldin
Marcus Amante
Marcus Amante 2 kun oldin
AB is a diva but what happened when all the players through bell under the bus when he did not sign his contract this year, did AB do that ? What happens when Ben throws everyone plus the water boy under the bus, AB said he just wants the best out of us, their is many moments where he does act like a diva but also many moments where he stays calm, juju gets a lot of love because AB is the main point of focus for defenses, 6 straight years of 100 plus catches, only player to ever do that shit, AB I’d take u any day on my squad, any day 🥇, Steelers been having problems let’s not just throw it all on one man, he’s a monster on the field, this league is about money and wins
Jopri' Bashan
Jopri' Bashan 2 kun oldin
Im from africa. we view ryan clark as a black man. we view antonio brown as a ni**a. they is much difference between the two.
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham 2 kun oldin
Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong 2 kun oldin
Why would the Steelers get trade brown for missing practice. The being benched from a game. When they did absolutely nothing to Big Ben for rape. How many of you fans call for big ben to be traded. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!
R3d33mingFir3 2 kun oldin
Dr Juice Shady
Dr Juice Shady 2 kun oldin
AB need his wig split
We are already dead Fam
Steelers should burn the whole thing down. They should trade Big Ben to the Cardinals. He is the source of all the locker room problems. Even more so than Tomlin. Yeah yeah talent. Steelers are filled to the brim with talented losers. Trade Brown. They could rebuild the team twice. And they have plenty of non cancerous talent. Like Ju Ju and Watt.
frannie magee
frannie magee 2 kun oldin
This is a great response by Ryan Clark, I really respect it.
Dovakin Ethesda
Dovakin Ethesda 2 kun oldin
Dude makes me sick! like those disgusting Cowboys fans haha. Right Steavin?
Chato 2 kun oldin
BlimpCityFeeder 2 kun oldin
When you air people's dirty laundry from your organization that went all out to protect AB by saying it was an injury vs a suspension; there's going to be backlash. I don't see T. Aikman blaming M. irvin and his entourage for the distractions and only winning 3 titles with that squad. I don't see T. Bruschi airing grievances about #85 or R. Moss when things didn't work out in the end. I'm not putting RC in "Snacks" territory but when getting your foot into Mickey Mouse's Door and you go in like that with "Real Talk" the butter biscuits comments will follow. Same with SAS after visiting an HBCU but another story for another day.
Freezie Pop
Freezie Pop 2 kun oldin
I hate the steelers but I now have huge respect for Ryan Clark
Preston Duck
Preston Duck 2 kun oldin
Divas have no place in football
Halloffame geo
Halloffame geo 3 kun oldin
Nigga a chatty patty smh espn using your azz goofy
donald clark
donald clark 3 kun oldin
The real problem is Ben. Ben trying to push AB out of Pittsburgh if he say he love AB as a brother why didn’t he speak up about not trading AB. Ben need to keep his mouth shut. He spoke out on Mason Rudolph saying the Steelers had more concern on defense. He knows Rudolph is going to be great but he doesn’t want him to connect with AB.
Swol 3 kun oldin
Liberal Max had to add in his two cents about the spade comment. Cause you know. He knows exactly what it’s like to be black and have offensive phrases
Abdul M
Abdul M 3 kun oldin
NBA fan watching this NFL drama like...
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 3 kun oldin
Nice comments about bitch boy AB with the top comments. I have nothing to add
Justin R
Justin R 3 kun oldin
“Former black player” You not a black player anymore? 😂
Jim Marquez-Medina
Jim Marquez-Medina 3 kun oldin
I’m a Broncos fan and I really respect the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. Pittsburgh drafts so well. I don’t know the root of the AB problem but as good as he is; the Steelers is your employer. Got to be professional. Steelers will be good they draft so well! AB, Wallace, Sanders, Bryant and now Shuster. 😲
Drewce Juice
Drewce Juice 3 kun oldin
Bought the realest shit I've seen on ESPN in awhile..
Michael Dunlap
Michael Dunlap 3 kun oldin
Ryan Clark, I don't always agree with you, but with the principle of what you are trying to get across here I do. Stephan A. I agree with your perspective here. Speak the truth gentlemen. If they can't handle the truth, that is their problem, but remember try to say the truth in a way that will be best received by your target audience.
Brandon Orgeron
Brandon Orgeron 3 kun oldin
I knew Kellerman was gonna do that when Ryan Clark said spade. Kellerman is the most self righteous person on the panel
dirtyelk1 3 kun oldin
Trade him to buffalo ,and let him see how it feels not to have a good QB throwing him the ball
poweron 360
poweron 360 3 kun oldin
Two Words: Madden Curse.. -Antonia Brown got bit of Viper CURSE. And now slowly rotting from the inside out.
Ephesians 5:11
Ephesians 5:11 3 kun oldin
Mink coat was on the sidelines because Coach permitted it.
JB Griff
JB Griff 3 kun oldin
Ryan Clark is a hypothetical bitch ... Shuckin N Jiving for these mfs that probably laugh @ him when he leaves the roo.
Jazzfan 285
Jazzfan 285 3 kun oldin
There's a reason why Ryan Clark ain't playing no more
Thrilla Cartel
Thrilla Cartel 3 kun oldin
What happens when he gets picked up by the patriots..then Steelers fans that say he needs to go will wish he never left .
Anthony Nafegar
Anthony Nafegar 3 kun oldin
We need more men like clark
TN GURU 3 kun oldin
Bring him 2 da TITANS UP
Barrington Morris
Barrington Morris 3 kun oldin
Too busy shopping for sneakers on Complex.
Barrington Morris
Barrington Morris 3 kun oldin
chris malone
chris malone 3 kun oldin
Ryan clark have to be one the best analyst on espn one of the best in a short time i fuck with dude
ANTWAN FISHER 3 kun oldin
Brown call Clark that just like people call SAS that. Its sad
Fisty McKnuckleson
Fisty McKnuckleson 3 kun oldin
Oh shut up Max! We get it! You’re woke! Now shut up and let the man talk!
DCMAN7116 3 kun oldin
Anytime a player is taking advice from Chad Johnson...he needs to go. Shop him to Buffalo asap. 😁
orion sands
orion sands 3 kun oldin
Please 49ers do not trade 4 him. We need a big WR on a rookie deal.
West Philly Sam
West Philly Sam 3 kun oldin
But that’s not for Clark to say tho you was hating
Neo One
Neo One 3 kun oldin
The truth hurts and Antonio needs to understand he's nobody without the NFL
D.S.G.B Grady BabyTM
But he's better than Julio Jones no bitch he's a baby hahaha
Gary Huckleberry
Gary Huckleberry 3 kun oldin
He speak truth.
Robert Magee
Robert Magee 3 kun oldin
I hate to say it he goes then the steelers will face another blow to their powerful offense even though the havey juju and Conner. Brown is the biggest asset they have
A A D 3 kun oldin
These guys are making millions playing a sport in the greatest nation ever and still bringing up slavery. Then u got the dumbass white guy on his soapbox talking about spade being a racist term, sports has been infected by liberal mental illness. And that race baiting idiot talking about the trials and tribulations being a black man in the sport? Are you kidding me? I am sure a white athlete has the same problems as a black athlete in the NFL, maturity and how u conduct yourself is the measure of a man in that world
It's e.n.
It's e.n. 3 kun oldin
Fire thomlin too lmao
Adan Sugal
Adan Sugal 3 kun oldin
Fuck off Stephen A.
M. Camp
M. Camp 3 kun oldin
Why must everything on this show always devolve into a race issue?
CashCoolerJ 3 kun oldin
Ryans just JEALOUS cause he NEVER got PAID what AB is getting!
Jhonta yuckfou
Jhonta yuckfou 3 kun oldin
Go head let him go I'm sure its its a list of teams just waiting Ryan Clark sounds like a snitch ass girl airing out team business puss
Rally Ross
Rally Ross 3 kun oldin
Clerk is just mad he couldn’t guard shit in the nfl and just salty at ab he sounds like a bitch
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 3 kun oldin
DB coach some where
Mike C.
Mike C. 3 kun oldin
Thank God we have Max to let the black guy know something is racist. Excellent contribution to the segment.
Tyrell Simanu
Tyrell Simanu 4 kun oldin
T.O 2.0
Tyson Mobbs
Tyson Mobbs 4 kun oldin
Max Kellerman jumping in and telling Ryan Clark what’s racist. Man, stfu!
Roy Bey
Roy Bey 4 kun oldin
Bitch ass nigga goofy clown get some nuts not your business you need self respect duck bird ass nigga your the spade dummy get off ypur knees faggot sell out koon black boys twin koons
RL M 4 kun oldin
The only Uncle Tom is Antonio Brown with his classic coonery and buffoonery. T.O. must be his mentor.
Edward Jang
Edward Jang 4 kun oldin
Middle School Drama all over again👀
craig chapman
craig chapman 4 kun oldin
I really dont want people comparing AB and Odell. Im taking Odell every time because his teammates love him
412xtaint 4 kun oldin
He needs to go but the Steelers need to get something big in return, this has been a long time coming.
David Thomas Jr
David Thomas Jr 4 kun oldin
max spoke up regarding "calling a space a spade" #kellerman4prez
janis317 4 kun oldin
Why is Coach T talking to a player about other players contracts, that is assanine.
D M Bowers
D M Bowers 4 kun oldin
Wish i was this eloquent..well said
John Hopper
John Hopper 4 kun oldin
What the fuck does race have to do with this?? Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White I mean jesus christ does every fucking thing come down to race
Aaron Griswold
Aaron Griswold 4 kun oldin
Gee max way to point out the obvious, snowflake
Johnny O
Johnny O 4 kun oldin
I hate to think it or say it 😔 but he's got to go !
Thatkiddadreamer 3528
RyanClark is smart, owned AB
9 kun oldin