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Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power-and terrible ruin.

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26-Iyl, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 19 929
Michał Kulikowski
Michał Kulikowski 16 soat oldin
Well THAT is something. Awesome cinematic!
이정호 Kun oldin
Tanos:infinity ston??
TheOuterLimits Kun oldin
Santiago Chaparro
TROLLZOR808 2 kun oldin
johny _k
johny _k 2 kun oldin
that wintery look when he meet trundle its legit
Life Compilation
Life Compilation 3 kun oldin
Guys where is the inspiration rune
Life Compilation
Life Compilation 3 kun oldin
Guyss is ryze holding the domination rune?
Horselord 6 kun oldin
So technically Ryze is Thanos
Elated 6 kun oldin
Ryze confirmed for Infinity War
shane avlis
shane avlis 8 kun oldin
4:11 Please report Ryze! Hacks! Riot! get the camera
Alex Lusio
Alex Lusio 8 kun oldin
Who fed Sona
SeiNeX 8 kun oldin
when Ryze find that last stone he can stop riot from reworking him, again and again, with a snap of a finger
Ahrihub 9 kun oldin
That power sounds like my ex gf
law trafaga
law trafaga 10 kun oldin
harry potter
harry potter 10 kun oldin
Ns 10992
Ns 10992 11 kun oldin
Give me Thanos..... Faker Ryze said :v !!!!
Minh đỗ
Minh đỗ 11 kun oldin
so in 3:43 is that vel'koz ?
Joker Plague
Joker Plague 11 kun oldin
2:57 What the !"#$% are you doing in my lane? you little sh-.. Nasus-2018
BrutalMusicMixer 12 kun oldin
0:58 are these leaves from metal? That sound lmao
James 12 kun oldin
Skarner and Taric... hmm
Bon Jovi Escamos
Bon Jovi Escamos 12 kun oldin
So like are these stones the ones that we use whenever we choose our runes in the champion select part of the game????
YOURNIGGA 69 13 kun oldin
Reworks...... am i right???
Osvaldo Paniccia
Osvaldo Paniccia 14 kun oldin
Massive Diablo3 conematic ctrl+v
アニメごみ 14 kun oldin
so they gonna Buff ryze where he just snaps a finger and half of the enemy team dies ?!
Envy Man
Envy Man 15 kun oldin
skinny thanos
Kadeem Carnarvon
Kadeem Carnarvon 16 kun oldin
there is one more stone missing guys ryze going to get another rework XD
Lucas Pas
Lucas Pas 16 kun oldin
Atleast now we know how thanos get the aether
The Cereal
The Cereal 16 kun oldin
jesus the music was amazing
I'm Ghostly
I'm Ghostly 16 kun oldin
As we wait for a Movie c:
rasmuslii liinanki
rasmuslii liinanki 16 kun oldin
Do a movie like look at that 5 min cinematic that's alredy a story line to maybe something i loved it
E ?
E ? 16 kun oldin
Cool sona rework
PvP Rat
PvP Rat 17 kun oldin
1 crystal is missing. I beleave that crystals are the runes....
Bacon_ Overlord
Bacon_ Overlord 18 kun oldin
Isn’t ryze just thanos?
james elle
james elle 19 kun oldin
I would definitely support League to make a full animated series with seasons and episodes or movie
Andreas Kpt
Andreas Kpt 19 kun oldin
Ryze can collect the infinity stones but Graves can't have a cigar
LORD Oetam
LORD Oetam 21 kun oldin
The league should create a movie on the point of view of ryze
Akahashi Nakuro
Akahashi Nakuro 21 kun oldin
That leaves sounds sharp af
iSquishy Pei
iSquishy Pei 22 kun oldin
thanos origin
Khôi Hoàng
Khôi Hoàng 24 kun oldin
Sona is beautiful
Walter Antonio Alba An
ryzez was holding dark harvest
clarence siason
clarence siason 26 kun oldin
star wars anyone??????????
Johann 26 kun oldin
I love how the used the scene with MF from the League Animation Workshop
Vibrios V
Vibrios V 26 kun oldin
Why wasnt the LAst thing Vel Koz?
Ms. Ferros
Ms. Ferros 27 kun oldin
riot please make a movie
Dhmhtrhs Fragoulhs
Dhmhtrhs Fragoulhs 27 kun oldin
2:20 ryze in firelands?
Delicious DJ
Delicious DJ Oy oldin
Ryze is collecting Runes
-Nadie- -Nadie-
Ryze: COD-... COP (?
TROLLZOR808 Oy oldin
So ryze is technically Thanos looking for the infinity stones
Trixy 200
Trixy 200 Oy oldin
At 5:58 I really want him to just brake in song
Syzygy Oy oldin
That ryze is already buy rabadon cap
Mustaniz Mohd Yunos
When is this movie coming out?
Retrac752 Oy oldin
thanos ryze
Ishmael Williams
I see Trundle, the troll king. 3:14
GamerOtaku dontqjudgeMe
2:44 100% that is miss fortune 5:03 let it go ❄❄❄
ANDU Oy oldin
miss fortune is so hot
Christopher Thomas
our boi ryze out being the hero we need but don't deserve while everyone else busy being dumb sounds about right.
n n
n n Oy oldin
And this is how AMD Ryzen got it's power.
Smurf ID
Smurf ID Oy oldin
The actual true power Ryze has is maintaining eye contact with Miss Fortune
Pietro Roh
Pietro Roh Oy oldin
Ancient and forgotten, then how do you know?
Daryl Nuñez
Daryl Nuñez Oy oldin
infinity stone haha
MrZelegor Oy oldin
Prove yourself and... RYZE!
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
ryze rework v10 looks great!
Tharusha Rukshan
How is she at 2.52 plz tall me 😘😍
1989frankye Oy oldin
when riot will add that blue skin to vel koz??? when???
Naysan 95
Naysan 95 Oy oldin
Riot pls make a kino movie pleassseee, youre cinematics are sooo amazing i love it
Hoang Luxius
Hoang Luxius Oy oldin
they CAN do a full length movie, but we all know the risk is too much, not enough profit for those huge amount of money and effort
Seth Matteson
Seth Matteson Oy oldin
What kinds of leaves make metal scraping sounds when moved against stone???
Rameez Butt
Rameez Butt Oy oldin
one stone wass missing from the collection.
deathmoverz Oy oldin
Thats not how crescendo works! Wtf
Prince Asking
Prince Asking Oy oldin
Purple Guys is really into collecting stuffs...
\_Ê\// Oy oldin
*For those of you who don't know ryze and thanos are not connecte- yep they are connected* 1: stones✓ 2: purple perv dude✓ 3: strong asf✓ Yep they truly are connected
Ricky Sander
Ricky Sander Oy oldin
Cool new megamind movie.
Clarenzo Oy oldin
four down, one to go
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres Oy oldin
Web need na Lol RPG
They literally make the most epic cinematics and they have one of the best CGI's i've seen in a non-movie related company
jm almonicido
jm almonicido Oy oldin
collecting infinity stones 😂
Anirudh Ganesh
4:10 kids that is ryze's old ultimate...
Oren Wiesz
Oren Wiesz Oy oldin
guys youre all missing out what it means. it means that 5th version of ryze will be the final one
salar komeyshi
Purple man, check Colorful stones, check Trying to collect them, check Ryze is young thanos confirmed
Mar Mar
Mar Mar Oy oldin
“One down...five to go...”
Christian D.
Christian D. Oy oldin
Who fed Ryze ? wtf
“I was weak then... Naive...” “So they reworked me...” “... again.”
Aporonear YOU
Aporonear YOU Oy oldin
What a foreshadowing to the avengers infinity war
AP Channel
AP Channel Oy oldin
You better create a movie
Mir Oy oldin
Johny sins rework
Rakkis97 Oy oldin
I'd watch this show. When does it release? Where will it be streamable? Nowhere? Its not happening? Riot hates us? These are all fair.
Irikko Oy oldin
so... where does brand lore steps in?
Ketchup God
Ketchup God Oy oldin
So which rework of Ryze is this cinematic for?
Kyle Rogness
Kyle Rogness Oy oldin
So what he has one more stone to collect before he can get the infinity gauntlet fired up?
Dark* Hazy
Dark* Hazy Oy oldin
Em i the only one notice that something is missing at 5:10?
George Thompson
Anime Facts
Anime Facts Oy oldin
Yo he is Thanos
Aqw TPT Oy oldin
Last stone is inside tyler1's steroids.
DXN gamer
DXN gamer Oy oldin
This is Thanos:))
Arthur Almeida
Why the best animation from League have the less views number?
Leon K
Leon K Oy oldin
Riot should definitly make a MOBA
Poulsen Oy oldin
Why is one of the stones missing? At 5:08 we see 4 stones light up, but it seems there's a 5th missing on the far right? :thinking:
Arthur Almeida
Is the Inspiration (last rune tree at right in game) if I'm right is with Nunu, the rune was who give life to willump
Black Beard
Black Beard Oy oldin
so whens the moive come out?
Adam B
Adam B Oy oldin
what are those stones
6 oy oldin