Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends

League of Legends
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Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power-and terrible ruin.

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26-Iyl, 2018



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DeeJay Ad
DeeJay Ad Soat oldin
Skinny kratos
TheBlack N
TheBlack N 18 soat oldin
Susan looks so gentle come on riot. He deserves more than that
Iri Miriam
Iri Miriam 2 kun oldin
Heheheheheheh it’s like the infinity stones...
YEETABIX MIX 2 kun oldin
X_Fox PH
X_Fox PH 3 kun oldin
Why do I feel Thanos vibes From rize?
huybui207 4 kun oldin
Martin Mystery
Martin Mystery 5 kun oldin
What? The leaves sound like pieces of metal.
Oof Destroyer
Oof Destroyer 4 kun oldin
leaves from a Petricite tree
Shoko 5 kun oldin
3:42 Dormammu I've come to bargain !
Сергій Мартиненко
Need open world adventure game about Ryze.
sten 0n
sten 0n 7 kun oldin
Make the desert monster a champ now
ako po si
ako po si 9 kun oldin
He's looking for the space stone
jawad ishaqat
jawad ishaqat 10 kun oldin
best cenematic evera ALover rf3us3eaw2Q
GamerOtaku dontqjudgeMe
I see one rune is missing! I think one new rune will release soon!
Gnorse 8 kun oldin
nah, it's probably inspiration
Restaurante Chino
Restaurante Chino 11 kun oldin
I think this guy is thano's brother
Bamboozler 11 kun oldin
maining ryze now
Garadun Truesdale
Garadun Truesdale 15 kun oldin
Oh, I get it. He can't let go of inspiration because of how broken stopwatch used to be with his ulty.
Lolaczyk 16 kun oldin
Is it just me who found it kind of strange that the leaves he brushed away at the start sounded like stone brushing against the stone underneath them
Oof Destroyer
Oof Destroyer 4 kun oldin
+Lolaczyk It's a tree made of rock harvested by Demacians which has the property to cancel magic in a way. I suppose the leaves also are kinda stonish
Lolaczyk 4 kun oldin
+Oof Destroyer I'm not super familiar with League lore but I'll look it up :)
Oof Destroyer
Oof Destroyer 4 kun oldin
Leaves are from a Petricite tree
MalCrow 17 kun oldin
Where is my sona 7u7
Kathleen Povadora
Kathleen Povadora 17 kun oldin
Commended! Goooseeeee bummmmpssssssssssssssssssssssss!! Fantasticcccccccccccccc!
AnotherYasuo Main
AnotherYasuo Main 21 kun oldin
I smell a touch of Blizzard in the animation and graphics. Hmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Riot. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Jan Gruchala
Jan Gruchala 22 kun oldin
Insert name
Insert name 22 kun oldin
War No one: Evelynn:
mert fevzi Deveci
mert fevzi Deveci 23 kun oldin
He needs to find 1 more, he can finally rest
Eric 23 kun oldin
another rework?
This Yellow Face
This Yellow Face 24 kun oldin
2:59 this has to be fake, Nasus isn't in top lane farming
This Yellow Face
This Yellow Face 24 kun oldin
3:52 new Vel'koz skin looks great i remember Ryze's voice being raspier. really gives him character.
Delilah's Last
Delilah's Last 25 kun oldin
“Ryze, let it go. It is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who wards alone will not teach. Soloqueue is such a place. I know how you feel, Ryze. You are broken, you do not like to lose. I know because I too have learned the meta. But it is because you cherish LP, that you must protect it." 4:55
AkulTV 25 kun oldin
2:59 When stacked nasus comes from top lane after 30 minute mark
marc 28 kun oldin
riot needs to make an anime these cinematics are gold
Hòa Phạm
Hòa Phạm 29 kun oldin
Good movie, too
Bouncy Animations
Did anyone else notice one of the rune stone things were missing
smash cha
smash cha Oy oldin
Purple guy collecting stones with unfathomable power... Hmmm. It's the last infinity stone missing
Hugo Naze
Hugo Naze Oy oldin
Really fan of all u're doing, about champs stories, LoL universe, different way of playing, you're really great, hope u will never stop to evolve in that wonderful, so great universe ! Gl hf :D
The Wolf himself
So we just witnessed Ryze rise, everybody, clap now
Michael Campbell
They say 'If you want to test a man's character, give him power'....
sleepy Boi
sleepy Boi Oy oldin
Another 10 Years and then the LoL-CU will be ready for WorldruneWar
Tatezaray - The Mightiest Swordsman
Theres this so called “World Rune”, ancients and forgotten... ita so powerfull that one could carve mountains, drain oceans, and burn skies... and its so powerfull that ryze can’t even use it because it can do such terrifying things ... ... ... ... ... Ryze uses hail of blades
Bumbaa Munhbayasgalan
Wow. I never thought Ryze is main protagonist of league of legends.
This Yellow Face
This Yellow Face 24 kun oldin
Areshy Oy oldin
I'm trying to main this bad boi.
Dito Oy oldin
5:03 Let it go, let it go
S H Oy oldin
2:53 Daddy Nautilus
Lupus Rex
Lupus Rex Oy oldin
2:45 Boob animation
Jotaro Basketball
Why wasn't this called Ryze: Rise to power
Asher Gu.
Asher Gu. Oy oldin
Bloody Rose
Bloody Rose Oy oldin
2:42 this remembers me the miss fortune's animation workshop that riot has
Hoàng Anh Trần Huy
2:47 look at miss fortune ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Adrian Corpus Ávila
Cool cool.
Isak Boman
Isak Boman Oy oldin
i was weak then naive so i vowed never again 44% winrate eks de
NEMONI T.M Oy oldin
"Rice": Call of power | Cinematic - League of Legends hhaha
Belle Cruz
Belle Cruz Oy oldin
Just here for Sona
Kamen Zhelyazkov
Now I see... Riot is calling everyone who plays Ryze with domination first tree. Riot wants them to stop and let the domination tree go. Probably use something else instead. Smart idea to create the video to reduce the trolls in the game...
Mark Ongtengco
BUT we need a Nami cinematic/animation
Hiro w
Hiro w Oy oldin
r y z e r e w o r k.
KIRIANxtalia cc009
David Schofield
Ryze is perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Allan Juarez Garcia
jaja :v
blackjohnny0 Oy oldin
In 2010 Ryze was insanely OP.
Geizler X
Geizler X Oy oldin
Anyone here getting some clues on end game?
Fury ET
Fury ET Oy oldin
thanos and kratos mixed together
W Smiles
W Smiles Oy oldin
The infinity runes
Alexander Seide
Some say I have too much power, the ability to carry the game but my true power is to run it down mid.
Lazer K.
Lazer K. Oy oldin
When i find them all, i will fade away :(
Pothead Pikachu
Ryze = Thanos?
GiovanniTm Oy oldin
Awaken is best awaken > Ryze call of power
Kavinth Amirthanathar
Ryze was wideboi before Kylo
Tiny Tiny Tim
Tiny Tiny Tim Oy oldin
infinity stones
Ace Oy oldin
its time for a mini series where we see ryze roaming runeterra
Have Fun w/ Emman
2:58 nasus small af... Being dog is hard though
Based on the final line, it seems this entire cinematic was made for all who forget to save rune pages :)))
Frog Guru
Frog Guru Oy oldin
Ryze infinity war
mega carnerinho
As cinco jóias do infinito
Thom Bos
Thom Bos Oy oldin
kinda a let down that this cinematic only has 4 million views which is really nothing compared to other cinematics
Captain Volibear
Captain Volibear 2 oy oldin
4:09 top 10 dbz fights
SmoothCriminal 2 oy oldin
Getting lord of the rings vibes here
Fjólubláa Brauðristin
Ryze is definitely the middle of "power" in the League Universe
Wursheep Animation
This would be a cool game
raynac224 2 oy oldin
so um... is that demacia. ya know while magic eating trees?
Haki 2 oy oldin
I just read Gnar's bio, it metioned a strange monster with tentacles and one eye wich killed all of Gnar's comrades and froze him for ages in the former Freljord. Could it be that Ryze fought one of those (or actually the same) things in this movie? What are they? Are they from the void? I'm sensing something dangerous coming for the world.
Arthur Almeida
That was an Observador (Observer in portuguese) idk what the name in english cuz I can't find nothing in google, so probably they have another name in english, but they are the creatures that Freljord fought againts in the past (Avarosa time), they was sealed in Howling Abyss.
kah zeh
kah zeh 2 oy oldin
warcraft has a movie , why not lol too?
CaptainHAX Gaming
Ryze stop wasting ult running around the map and help us take baron
Reality YT
Reality YT 2 oy oldin
NoW tHaTs AlOt Of PoWeR
AyzekUorren 2 oy oldin
Why this Cinematic have just 3kk ?
Cameron C.
Cameron C. 2 oy oldin
When did thanos get so skinny
Snub 2 oy oldin
*One of the chosen who can take on Thanos*
I’m a forking Weeb
Thanos wants to know that location
Prisonedearth3 2 oy oldin
Upvote if you are ryze main
Wendel Campos
Wendel Campos 2 oy oldin
sona bobs has nerfed so hard
Richard Vera
Richard Vera 2 oy oldin
Wow, he has four of the five infinity stones, I thought there were six though.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson 2 oy oldin
so hes missing the soul stone
Tigerlein 2 oy oldin
Deckard cain:D
Nguyên Bảo
Nguyên Bảo 2 oy oldin
6 months 3.9m views Awaken 2 days 13m views
Didy's Site
Didy's Site 2 oy oldin
It's kinda weird looking to Miss Fortune without her pirate hat
zongivila 2 oy oldin
Thanos and the Infinity Stones XD
frank 2 oy oldin
podría alguien por favor decirme humildemente que son esas cosas de diferentes colores (min: 5:09) que el coloca en lo que parecen columnas.. (?).... no juego lol pero amo sus animaciones :v
đức tiến lê
Ryze can beat Thanos !
YuSin HD
YuSin HD 2 oy oldin
3:10 my favorite support
Kaanneti 2 oy oldin
My Main <3
daraxiong19 2 oy oldin
I just realized this whole thing was about the honor system.
Nolan Chai
Nolan Chai 2 oy oldin
Ryze = ultimate cameo master
Another Pvper
Another Pvper 2 oy oldin
Riot's Version of *thanos*
AndiK 2 oy oldin
Who fed Ryze?
Cast for fun
Cast for fun 2 oy oldin
This is a movie!!
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