S10 Plus - The Most INNOVATIVE Smartphone of 2019?

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Latest Leaks & Rumors!
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Huge "Thank You!" to NCS for the EPIC music!
(Mostly Tobu, Alan Walker & Jim Yosef)
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19-Dek, 2018

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Maicho Velos
Maicho Velos 4 soat oldin
If iPhone No good looking so Ugly May Be it’s time to Go Back Android
gedeonSword 6 soat oldin
since xiaomi hit the international market, no need for this overpriced phones
Cdx Lynx
Cdx Lynx 11 soat oldin
I think if steve job see apple right now he can got heart attack
Ash Panwar
Ash Panwar 11 soat oldin
Now i hate apple For what they r giving to customers at very very high price Phone r okay but they need to cut around 300-400$ price Personally I’m using iphone xs 256gb But if the nxt iphone will come over 999$ I’m not going to buy any phone over 800-999$
thelox2020 12 soat oldin
Is it me or is this phone looking more and more like the new LG G7
michael Florence
Watching from my galaxy note 9!
Navi Zurc Al Ed
Navi Zurc Al Ed Kun oldin
I use to work at a phone repair store and once Samsung came out with their “innovations” they had tons of issues and no way of repairing them due to the fact that they only had replacements for them.
Navi Zurc Al Ed
Navi Zurc Al Ed Kun oldin
No it’s not. Honor beat them with a all display phone, no piss holes.
Christian Larsen
Christian Larsen 2 kun oldin
1:24 apple music...
Vulconix 2 kun oldin
with the camera in the corner, wouldn't that block some buttons for some apps?
Dalan Singson
Dalan Singson 2 kun oldin
Very thorough. Thank you. If you can find out what happened to the s9 active and if there might be a s10 active that would be amazing. There isn't much on google that I was able to find. I have been holding out for the next Active model.
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 2 kun oldin
Nintendo just leaked the model of the s10 in an ad they sent via email
SpeedoCap 2 kun oldin
344 Apple lovers have disliked this video
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 2 kun oldin
S10 Lite = iPhone XR
Term1backup 2 kun oldin
I personally am waiting for the Samsung x
Decilcious 2 kun oldin
Who has a s8
Josh Vinasco
Josh Vinasco 2 kun oldin
Fucking regret getting an xs max... I'm literally depressed af. But what can I do? Spent over 1k on it so I can't just toss it out. Hating life atm
Nomadic Vet
Nomadic Vet 2 kun oldin
2000 dollars for the phone but people will pay for anything
Charles Tredway
Charles Tredway 2 kun oldin
王太阳 3 kun oldin
I see no innovation at all. Plus, 2019 just started, Wtf?
Julian Marciano
Julian Marciano 3 kun oldin
Even Samsung has better phones then iPhones 📲
SameerSlash 3 kun oldin
Anyone else her watching videos of phones they can't afford?
EuroFight 38
EuroFight 38 3 kun oldin
Now with 3 cameras..... omg whatever takes for raising prices.......
Shiddy -
Shiddy - 3 kun oldin
Am sooo sticking to Note9 besides i have just got it, you don’t expect me to change to that!😂🤙🏿
Ricky Luo
Ricky Luo 3 kun oldin
I started to use the Samsung Galaxy and LG G series since S2/G2. However, I switched to Huawei after S7 because of their Android systems optimization/Customer service quality/Warranty Policy were horrible in China compared to Huawei's. The system became so laggy after one-year or less usage. Are you serious? It forced me to root the device and install third party's optimized ROMs annually for better performance. I will never trust the Korean designed phones anymore.
Die Hard Raider Fan
If you get a cut your finger how would one get into the phone
John Bravo
John Bravo 3 kun oldin
Samsung bites off iPhone 📲 always has always will follow the 🇺🇸tech
Teyr5 3 kun oldin
I prefer samsung to leave a couple of millimeters thicker bezel on the top instead of having a hole there
John Trainor
John Trainor 3 kun oldin
Who else hates Tik Tok ads
Eurostar 07
Eurostar 07 4 kun oldin
Samsung is developing Under Display technology. The camera will actually be underneath the screen, and you wont see it but you can use it normally because the camera is able to see through the screen.
Eurostar 07
Eurostar 07 4 kun oldin
People complaining about the cutouts should have complained YEARS ago when phones had huge bezels but only NOW its a problem for them. lol Some people will never be happy with anything
taramomo3 4 kun oldin
Woww always better than china brands
Noah 4 kun oldin
Watching on iPhone :/
HurkyPlayz Gamez
HurkyPlayz Gamez 4 kun oldin
the back is my least favorite part it's to big for a camera
Jakaviusful 4 kun oldin
I'm still using my Note 3. Once the note 10 drops I'll upgrade.
karen baren
karen baren 4 kun oldin
My S8 shaking like a bitch :(
EpiC4TheDaY 4 kun oldin
Note 9 already better lol....
Markuss Grigulis
Markuss Grigulis 4 kun oldin
I hope that samsung makes a clean display and apple users would see how actually is samsung. I think apple will have this tech in 2022 in their new apple iphone XXX Max
5abivt 4 kun oldin
Can’t wait. Goodbye forever Apple 🍎 👋🏼
The Dominator
The Dominator 4 kun oldin
Guys guys kkkk Samsung make better phones but apple are better at making tablets and computers even thought they are pricey
Mihai Gabriel Szabo
no real improvements right now.. in all phones..... how can u call this innovative? rofl
Sin Slayer
Sin Slayer 4 kun oldin
Get s8 instead of s9 just my opinion.
Xiang Ji
Xiang Ji 4 kun oldin
Looking forward to making this purchase.
Константин Иванов
Who is watching on their s8 or s8+?
Scar Agar And More
Scar Agar And More 4 kun oldin
did anyone notice that apple skipped 9 to beat samsung to 10?
Michael Harter
Michael Harter 4 kun oldin
Looks great! Love my S9 though
Luigi 's
Luigi 's 5 kun oldin
Everyoane says that a hole in the screen is better than a notch. But a hole is far worse then a basel.
Adrian train
Adrian train 5 kun oldin
I wonder why they couldn't figure out how the front cameras to be under the display, and then when you launch the camera that part of the display becomes see-through or clear, kind of like a pair of chrome lens sunglasses sort of thing. Like I'm a relative dumbass but if I can think of it, why can't the super smart think-tank at Samsung come up with that. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy but equally assure it wouldn't be impossible to do...... But hey when they finally do this, remember it was my idea first lol.....
cecollins68 5 kun oldin
Hopefully it has a headphone jack, literally the only reason apple got rid of there headphone jack is because they own "Beats" and have a vested intrest in shilling as many overpriced bluetooth headsets as possible.
peter halasz
peter halasz 5 kun oldin
Nokia had sliding mechanism in their flagship phones 15 years ago, and guess what they still work perfect today.
estro ssa
estro ssa 5 kun oldin
i tell u samsung is evil.
Sergio Ortiz
Sergio Ortiz 5 kun oldin
That purple render looks nice. I would definitely get that phone.
aminami 5 kun oldin
but why would you cut out the camera on a screen protector? That's dumb
DiNo Man
DiNo Man 5 kun oldin
where can i sell my kidney?
I hope Samsung will keep the led notification on the s10
vrx Cld
vrx Cld 7 kun oldin
Watching this on my s6. I have not yet seen any phone that does anything better than my phone. Back in the days phone upgrades were real upgrades in terms of hardware etc but now it's just a slight speed boost, screen size or camera upgrades. I hope S10 proves me wrong.
speedo smith
speedo smith 7 kun oldin
Honor View 20 already has Samsung s10 front panel! Samsung need to catch up they are behide..
Lee Fox
Lee Fox 7 kun oldin
I am intersted in the 10 not all the BS about all the predictors. Talk faster and I will not get any of your relevant BS either !!!!!
MrH 7 kun oldin
How is what everyone else have been doing the last year innovation?
KosmicHQ 7 kun oldin
S10 would be a beast! And S9's prices will fall, So I can buy it :D
Edward Jiang
Edward Jiang 7 kun oldin
I really hope they make better cameras. Samsung has not been doing their design justice with those mediocre camera modules in several recent galaxy phones.
Rohim Uddin
Rohim Uddin 7 kun oldin
Is it me or does this dude speak really fast??
Sharky 8 kun oldin
s10 lite is not equivalent to XS since XS is TOP model ...it is more eq. to XR since this is "badget" option. No matter the size.
Nedialko Nedialkov
Nedialko Nedialkov 8 kun oldin
There are already phones with display cutouts, indisplay fingerprint sensors and 3 cameras... So what exactly is the innovation? No, Sammy will just try to catch up! Fingers crossed they finally fix their F*ing batteris!
Hamza Yousaf
Hamza Yousaf 8 kun oldin
Samsung is doing an awsome job
Tony Geddes
Tony Geddes 8 kun oldin
Currently have an iPhone X. I’m due an upgrade end of Feb and the S10+ will be my next phone. Bye bye Apple 😂
Bikash Mondal
Bikash Mondal 8 kun oldin
High rench ? no big sale
Howard Hankins
Howard Hankins 8 kun oldin
When is it coming out
chaiwa 8 kun oldin
Rumores video......
Tahir Ali
Tahir Ali 8 kun oldin
Who else watching on note 8?
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 8 kun oldin
I like the one that your friend designed... That was boss!!!
Space Bike Music
Space Bike Music 8 kun oldin
I will buy the first bezeless notchless flagship with ....gasp... NO stupid front facing spycam. Oh i mean *selfie* cam. We live in such a narcissistic era.
Ala AlFahad الفهد
رووعة كم احب شركة ال S ولاكن متى سينطلق في الأسواق كلاكسي S10?
Mai Gaspan
Mai Gaspan 9 kun oldin
If they could make a technology that can use fingerprint scanner under the screen, soon they could make camera beneath the screen.
Sam710 9 kun oldin
so excited... dropping my iphone on the bin. 😁👍
Jon Manuel Reyes
Jon Manuel Reyes 9 kun oldin
Apple gone bankrupt
tho vithyea
tho vithyea 9 kun oldin
M going for note10
Ahmed _jk4
Ahmed _jk4 9 kun oldin
I got leak of s10 back omg
Ahmed _jk4
Ahmed _jk4 9 kun oldin
If u get s9 plus android p u can see the front and the back in the settings
HeyItsRye 9 kun oldin
I’m so Poor, I only get to see and touch these phones at BestBuy..
Thomas 10 kun oldin
Well it's not coming out this year :/
Dupas Raja
Dupas Raja 10 kun oldin
Good Research, was a pleasure to watch.
Jasper Farmer
Jasper Farmer 10 kun oldin
2019 just began you spoon
tommy605 10 kun oldin
So, if I get this straight, to avoid a notch in the middle and having to have an option to hide the notch with a black bar for notifications, Sammy's engineers put holes in their display and put an option in to hide the hole with a black bar for notifications. Makes total sense.
zapee 3
zapee 3 10 kun oldin
innovative? whats new?
addicz2 10 kun oldin
Hole in the screen? LoL
Darken Dusk
Darken Dusk 10 kun oldin
For the low price of 2000$ :)
Gerardo Castillo
Gerardo Castillo 11 kun oldin
Did anyone notice him saying Hawawi instead of Huawei?? LOL xD
tom wilson
tom wilson 11 kun oldin
I wish I would have known that the s10 plus was a 6.4 display was on it before. I had an s8 plus and traded to note 9 because of the bigger display. I don't need the pen or use it. Just want screen size. I screwed myself by not waiting. 1250 is alot for a phone
K3rriganZerg 6 kun oldin
The s10's won't be cheaper. Just enjoy ur note 9, it's a nice phone.
Randy Carlisle
Randy Carlisle 11 kun oldin
As a very long time iPhone owner, I’m done with Apple and their BS. I’ll be making the switch to Samsung, soon.
Devante Hall
Devante Hall 11 kun oldin
wow, the S10 render basically crushes my hypothesis :(
Devante Hall
Devante Hall 11 kun oldin
why doesnt samsung embedd the front facing camera sensor 'within' the front screen, just behind the touch screen without any kind of notch or pinhole?
Robert Gittings
Robert Gittings 11 kun oldin
Using an S8, due for an upgrade so I hope s10 is good.
Tracey Frank
Tracey Frank 2 kun oldin
Oshane Willie
Oshane Willie 4 kun oldin
+turkwarrior2 how that battery holding up? Or you got a OEM battery?
turkwarrior2 4 kun oldin
lol im using a s5 so this will be my upgrade for sure
EDM Charts
EDM Charts 11 kun oldin
There is still note 10
Extreme Horsepower
Extreme Horsepower 11 kun oldin
will be changin from iphone to this very soon
Ferrel Brendan
Ferrel Brendan 11 kun oldin
Im looking forward to buy this phone, im done with apple, I just hope they don't make the exynos version, I want the snapdragon one.
Cryostal 11 kun oldin
Just get rid of the front camera. I don't need it.
Palmstar125 11 soat oldin
AIF Ant Farm
AIF Ant Farm Kun oldin
Narcissists are obviously in the majority..
HD Keemii
HD Keemii 3 kun oldin
that's u
Vlad C
Vlad C 12 kun oldin
7:06 Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 has found his brother
Nathan Becker
Nathan Becker 12 kun oldin
What about the note 10 ? I have the S9+ now! And I have never owned a note so I can't wait for the best phone in the world with the note 10 I will be upgrading for sure, I Absolutely love Samsung phone's I really can't wait ,just maybe Samsung can help me with getting the note 10 for being the number one fan in the world lol just not sure if I'll be able to afford the phone I already love so much just a thought 🤔 great job Mr. Samsung
Roidnelius Mastertren
aggressivli 12 kun oldin
time to update my s6