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Sabrina Carpenter - Almost Love - Live from Wango Tango 2018

Sabrina Carpenter
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Megan 3 oy oldin
Girl every performance you do has my ass hyperventilating on the floor
Bre B
Bre B Oy oldin
Megan true
Fernanda Lopez
Megan shjfd
Danika Barron
Danika Barron Oy oldin
um mood
boys over flowers
Gurl u got pinned OMG
Armyman 05
Armyman 05 4 soat oldin
Why does she look like Dove Cameron too me?
sPiCy MeMeS
sPiCy MeMeS 9 soat oldin
I’m actually surprised at myself and HER! Beautiful dance moves, make up on fleek, outfit can literally be my favorite outfit of the year, and HER VOCALS! WHAT THE HELL Y’ALL, SHE SNAPPED and MY FUCKING WIG FLEW AWAY FROM ME. She’s the first EVER pop singer that actually killed me with her stage performances. Yes, I’m that girl that always listens to K-Pop, I’m actually surprised at myself for liking a Pop song. Not that I don’t hate it, but never brings me the excitement you know? I really wanna get to know her more now. And maybe become literally the biggest fan ever 😂😂💖💖 Love you Sabrina! Be healthy!
Anuja Pandey
Anuja Pandey 16 soat oldin
Great performance with great energy. ...love from India
Nicole Antonio
Nicole Antonio Kun oldin
I love you sabrina stefy pla
khiala emerson
khiala emerson 3 kun oldin
She looks incredible, singing and dancing in those heeled boots. I Love Sabrina
Addy B
Addy B 3 kun oldin
The Next Jojo
Alfonso Ricardo Torres Tong
Felicidades mega actuación
vivi official
vivi official 4 kun oldin
Omg I'd love to have her reply I'm really begging
vivi official
vivi official 4 kun oldin
Why does every song of yours make me jump out of whatever I'm doing and dance along?
Dr Anuradha Vyas
Dr Anuradha Vyas 6 kun oldin
I am almost in love with you❤❤ Almost love....but it could be love ..😘😘😘❤❤❤
Rainbow playa64
Rainbow playa64 7 kun oldin
gabi catolé
gabi catolé 8 kun oldin
gabi catolé
gabi catolé 8 kun oldin
Brooklyn Gonzalez
Brooklyn Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
I just want to MEET HER!!!!!! Please Sabrina come to Tulsa. You are awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeomarc Olimpo
Jeomarc Olimpo 8 kun oldin
I loveee you sabrinaaa! Hope you come back here at Philippines .luv uuu 💖 please heart it muahh❤💖💖
Deepika Shankar
Deepika Shankar 9 kun oldin
I live in Singapore and I hope you come there to sing!! You are literelly my whole life!!! I wish I was there!
Deepika Shankar
Deepika Shankar 9 kun oldin
Deepika Shankar
Deepika Shankar 9 kun oldin
Sandoval8 9 kun oldin
Her Voice is sooooo Dammmm!
Angelina Ríos
Angelina Ríos 10 kun oldin
Love Sabrina 💗 ARGENTINA. Que linda 😍 No has pensado en hacer una película?
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis 10 kun oldin
Eduardo Alves
Eduardo Alves 10 kun oldin
OMG biurifol girl
Nini Bel
Nini Bel 10 kun oldin
Queen 👑👑👑😍😍😍
Patrick Dickey
Patrick Dickey 11 kun oldin
She sucks
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 11 kun oldin
I love you
Adister Estrada
Adister Estrada 11 kun oldin
I Love You Sabrina
God Damn Wolf
God Damn Wolf 11 kun oldin
I didn't see her in the begging, them I want back and I was like wahhhh🤔😂
A Bridges
A Bridges 11 kun oldin
She is amazing!!!!!!
pink nightmare
pink nightmare 11 kun oldin
Omg the views 666
Rai Sahab Srivastava
Ok in the curls she looks cute and innocent but on straights she is tolataly hot and sexy.
Martha colon
Martha colon 12 kun oldin
Blown away By my baby girl👅❤❤ ps THAT DANCING MADE MY HEART GO CLIPPTY CLOP😂😂 Ik im late😂
Evans Pare
Evans Pare 12 kun oldin
great performance but I could tell she got tired fast but with the singing and then all the walking and dancing in those higheels it's not surprising.
Disney plus 008
Disney plus 008 12 kun oldin
*Sabrina you are the best !!!* 😁😁😁😁😉😁😉😁😉😁😉 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌
Brock Valesini
Brock Valesini 12 kun oldin
Sabrina is really that bitch I-
Brock Valesini
Brock Valesini 12 kun oldin
She fucking did that
Alison c
Alison c 13 kun oldin
My older sister saw to music video and said that's auto tune then I argue with her then she listen this song live and she change everything and now she love your songs
Patti Miles
Patti Miles 13 kun oldin
ok Christina Aguilera
Rashmi Tiwari
Rashmi Tiwari 13 kun oldin
Laaranyaa Kumar
Laaranyaa Kumar 14 kun oldin
I'm your biggest fan your the best
Patricia de Almeida
Patricia de Almeida 14 kun oldin
Super lover aditiu
Tiphany Dos santos
Tiphany Dos santos 14 kun oldin
Paulina Kołodziejska
Tamirys Silva
Tamirys Silva 15 kun oldin
The best single
Damien Groff
Damien Groff 15 kun oldin
Love ❤️
Damien Groff
Damien Groff 15 kun oldin
Love ❤️👙👙👙👙💍👙👙👙
Triki Yasmina
Triki Yasmina 15 kun oldin
unknown vampire
unknown vampire 16 kun oldin
Im sorry but she was a little bad 😒
erico aurelio bezerra Bezerra
Please marry me...😍
#MisterD 16 kun oldin
She's becoming a Queen
Erick Ramos
Erick Ramos 17 kun oldin
Sabrina carpenter give me a lap dance and then we have some sweet ass
Cynthia Cedeño
Cynthia Cedeño 17 kun oldin
Come to México, plis :( ❤❤❤
karine Justo
karine Justo 17 kun oldin
Love you muito
Carla Ramirez
Carla Ramirez 18 kun oldin
Esa no es la sabrina carpenter que yo conoci y estoy muy descepcionada
Hans Adriel Gabriel
Hans Adriel Gabriel 18 kun oldin
Give Sabrina a bit more time and she'll be up there with Ed, Ari, Camila, Cardi, and the others.
Hye Jeen Chung
Hye Jeen Chung 19 kun oldin
I have watched this perfomance so many time I can't count!!!😆😆😆 GO SABRINA❤❤❤
Mehek Saini
Mehek Saini 19 kun oldin
My wig was found on Jupiter She’s such an amazing 👑 queen
Douwe de Jager
Douwe de Jager 20 kun oldin
The girl at the right side at 3:24 is not having it lol
QueenFaith Vlogger Marmolejo
We Love You Sabrina From Philippines
SkyTangerine :D
SkyTangerine :D 21 kun oldin
I love this song
Kierrica Holmes
Kierrica Holmes 21 kun oldin
She's a thickie. I can't I stan😍😍
Tinh Dang
Tinh Dang 21 kun oldin
Is it just me or does she low-key remind you of CL from 2NE1?
Aniket Thaker
Aniket Thaker 21 kun oldin
Slayyyy girl 😍😍❤️❤️ #Love from UK
Galaxy Fox 101
Galaxy Fox 101 22 kun oldin
Chunky Heel 😍
Autumn Henley
Autumn Henley 22 kun oldin
God is a woman for sure, I'm so in love with her omg 😍😣
Zaina Khan
Zaina Khan 23 kun oldin
You are my favorite singer
Cabaña Misterio
Cabaña Misterio 23 kun oldin
I love her so much 💟💟
Melany Morin
Melany Morin 24 kun oldin
Omg I'm addicted af XDD
Efftesum Rahaman
Efftesum Rahaman 24 kun oldin
Am I the only one who so much affected by that one dancer who has Bob cut hair, daaaaammnn that girl I can't take my eyes off of her.
Jade 24 kun oldin
I love you i love you're song i love you're Voice 😍😍😍😍
Ashley Chacòn
Ashley Chacòn 25 kun oldin
I love you, you are so beautiful
Lily 25 kun oldin
She's so cute and short! 💕
Cosmic Girl
Cosmic Girl 25 kun oldin
Super, nice, cool 😘👌😍
Beetle Gold
Beetle Gold 25 kun oldin
.....I’m speechless just AMAZINGNESS and can we just have a moment of silence for Her OUTFIT I mean so cool!
the guys where dabbing in the beginning...... XD
banker lanoh
banker lanoh 27 kun oldin
I was wondering her that she looks like an angel
banker lanoh
banker lanoh 27 kun oldin
God had given her beautiful voice and cute face
arda prepol
arda prepol 27 kun oldin
Good singer
arda prepol
arda prepol 27 kun oldin
You are very very very very very beatiful
arda prepol
arda prepol 27 kun oldin
R S 28 kun oldin
I feel like her mics off cause I can barely hear or understand her
fam club sabrina carpente #SABRINA
l love sabrina
Edie Stacks
Edie Stacks 29 kun oldin
Sabrina your so grown up and I love the way your voice is maturing it's so pretty! And you are to I love you so much! Can't wait to hear a new song it will be the best one yet! I'm your biggest fan hope you see this comment!
My only angel
My only angel 29 kun oldin
Wooow I love it
crazy gamer
crazy gamer 29 kun oldin
Absolutely perfect she's so beautiful and talented ❤ I like all of her songs 💖Love from India💖
Karma Pullman
Karma Pullman Oy oldin
Maya your from girl meets world
Ayesha Almario
Lady Flava3
Lady Flava3 Oy oldin
I love her
Sreenanda Sajith
Girl you rock
Brianna Harrison
Omg I love you Sabrina, please like my comment. I will piss myself
Gleyson Monteiro
Eu atoro a parte 1:23
Gleyson Monteiro
Eu adoro a parte 2:55
Bayan Oy oldin
Kathleen Joy Almosara
Shes soooooooo beautiful❤❤❤...notice me please
Bella Dean
Bella Dean Oy oldin
I'm not only in love with her voice but also the backup dancer
Hanni - freak
Hanni - freak Oy oldin
When you come to Germany? ❤
Sara Sharma
Sara Sharma Oy oldin
I’m such a big fan! I’m coming to see ur performance in three days and am soooo exited!
Sara Sharma
Sara Sharma Oy oldin
Idk what keeps happening to the comments I leave here but they keep disappearing but slayyyyyyy queen
ChloeSunglass12 GameingWith_Chloe98
Did you hear a voice crack ? 4:03
Yalda ThePanda
She came to my school. Are school payed her to come