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Sabrina Carpenter - Almost Love - Live from Wango Tango 2018

Sabrina Carpenter
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Megan 8 oy oldin
Girl every performance you do has my ass hyperventilating on the floor
Carol penelope
Carol penelope 25 kun oldin
Dance Bubbles
Dance Bubbles Kun oldin
she’s so underrated😍
SmanSher SaemS
SmanSher SaemS 3 kun oldin
You're pretty and humble Lol, Love U...
Anya Webb
Anya Webb 4 kun oldin
I miss this so much!
Rogerio Paulo
Rogerio Paulo 5 kun oldin
2019 😘😘😘😘🤗🤗
altostranho 5 kun oldin
eu podia jurar que seria um hit dos grandes
Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva 6 kun oldin
Love Sabrina 😍 Brasil 🇧🇷
Rohit Chowdhary
Rohit Chowdhary 6 kun oldin
You look so tried. I mean in every performance you get tried. I want to do that think that your tried get away from you. I want to give you smile every single minute. I love you Sabrina carpenter 😍
Rohit Chowdhary
Rohit Chowdhary 6 kun oldin
Every performance you did your best. I will cheer you in every performance. I don't know some people like your performance and some just don't. But I always like performance. I always therefore for you. I love you Sabrina carpenter 😍😍
Rohit Chowdhary
Rohit Chowdhary 6 kun oldin
Every performance your looks crazy me. Beautiful eyes like a sea. Beautiful Face like moon. Beautiful lips like 🌹. Beautiful body like mermaid. You don't know . How much I love you Sabrina carpenter 😍😍😘😘
Rohit Chowdhary
Rohit Chowdhary 6 kun oldin
So beautiful stunning performance. 😍😘
Charles Vincent Tobacco
This flawless single was a gift,👻💖🍪🔥⚡🔻🏹
Laura H
Laura H 11 kun oldin
She keeps getting better and better every live performance she does 😍
lucia gonzales
lucia gonzales 13 kun oldin
Sooo great! 💕
Dark snowflake
Dark snowflake 14 kun oldin
I am tour fan good video 🤗😍
babyxxxspice 14 kun oldin
Shes doing a fantastic job singing live...... Great job S.C. !
するめいか 14 kun oldin
AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs
She so amazing and talented
Tara Etemadi
Tara Etemadi 19 kun oldin
I'm going to a concert in March in Toronto and I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!!
Toshy 19 kun oldin
omg she's so pretty 💜
not cool
not cool 20 kun oldin
This was a really really great performance! She has such a great musical vision and has a long and successful career ahead of her!
isha fooxxie
isha fooxxie 22 kun oldin
the fact that you can sing with such a steady voice WHILE dancing-
ImDeadandBloated 69
ImDeadandBloated 69 24 kun oldin
She's just the cutest little thing! 😍😙🔥
Pedro Matos
Pedro Matos 26 kun oldin
Canta hermoso en vivo 😍😍
Sky He
Sky He 27 kun oldin
1:15 How ... she moved the mic so far away from her mouth but she was still singing
Unbothered 28 kun oldin
Masonic symbolism everywhere
Lerario Gaming HHQ HHQ
She's amazing
perfection team
She is ugly to me...
edits mendes
edits mendes Oy oldin
I Love you , i ' m Brasil , come to Brazil Sabrina ❤🇧🇷
Aniri Libri
Aniri Libri Oy oldin
She reminds me of Anne-Marie in this video
FLdancer00 Oy oldin
I don't know that she should have put this up. . . . 😬
Shyanna Frazier
Sabrina carpenter I look up yo her since I didn't have a mom she has always been an inspiration to me
LUKKA Games Oy oldin
você é linda
Barrington O. A. Smith
A copy of Beyonce. Very good impersonation.
asala heel
asala heel Oy oldin
You do amazing singing 🎤
asala heel
asala heel Oy oldin
My name is Sabrina
Ainsley Hargrove
she is so pretty and an AMAZING singer! ilysm Sabrina! can't wait for future songs!
Live Pop Music
A nossa Little poderosa ❤❤ Sabrina Carpenter
Anubhuti Oy oldin
Amazing 💙 love you sabry Every song made by her is captivating and perfect !😁
lukewarmmess_ Oy oldin
This is flawless.
Nani De La Cruz
Is it just me or did she sound quite out of breath
Mihai Pana
Mihai Pana Oy oldin
Wow your breath control is amazing, how do you do that??
Random Videos
Random Videos Oy oldin
Love from India.... You are so talented girl.... May god bless you... Meeting you is my dream....god knows when it comes true....😊
José Augusto dos Santos
Miraculous Kevishen
Hii..i'm ladybug plzz let's make a duo just the 2 of us n let's sing my theme song from my fav serie Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir..thanks & don't refuse
Divya Badola
Divya Badola Oy oldin
Sabrina carpenter I love you ❤️❤️💖💖 you are the best 🤩🤩👍👍
Joaquín bondoni
Os Navysister
Os Navysister 2 oy oldin
I think this is the best performance you have ever done. Huge fan from Florida. ❤
Wahidullah Zadran
RobParliament 2 oy oldin
Impressive live vocals and backup dancers.
Sumayaa.1 2 oy oldin
She’s so gorgeous it’s crazy
Angelica Diaz
Angelica Diaz 2 oy oldin
you are so Beautiful sabrina😘😙
anthony Jace
anthony Jace 2 oy oldin
Like an angel
Ashalee Canavan
Ashalee Canavan 2 oy oldin
Yes but does she still want uncle boing?
Touger Lor
Touger Lor 2 oy oldin
i want jerk off this girl
Touger Lor
Touger Lor 2 oy oldin
i want fuck have sex with her😍😍😍😍
samantha lee
samantha lee 2 oy oldin
Umm yasssssss your voice is amazing
Bobby Gomez
Bobby Gomez 2 oy oldin
"Thank you so much for having me. You guys are such a cute crowd" My heart can't take the purity in the way she said those words
Βιολετα Παπασωτηριου
From Grecce, we all love you....
Ines Cruz
Ines Cruz 2 oy oldin
Chicos noveais como crecido Sabrina Capter k asta se parece mucho a Ana mena
Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter 2 oy oldin
Yo la amo tanto, no hace auto tune tiene TALENTO, es la mejor es mi idola, la admiro demasiado. 😍
Miiles Daniel Barlaan
She is so cute and good singer I Love Sabrina Carpenter😍😍😍
Ameek 3 oy oldin
The fact that she's singing, dancing and so much more... that too live Makes meeeeee wanna be there tooo Love Sabrina
Ameek 3 oy oldin
She is so hotttt
Alivina Setta
Alivina Setta 3 oy oldin
Damm i don't know that she can sing😱 damm luv ur voice gal😘😍
mermaid 3 oy oldin
sou apaixonada nessa menina
Anuja Das
Anuja Das 3 oy oldin
Such a beautiful voice 👌👌
vmfleming1 3 oy oldin
The Asian Guy....Hot! Hot! Hot!
unrealtoxic2005 2005
aaliyonce 3 oy oldin
They play this video a lot at planet fitness. How old is she?! Maya no!!!
Avanna Veira
Avanna Veira 3 oy oldin
she's 19
Manuel Edgardo Cortez Diego
i love you Sabrina Carpenter
My Name's Not Darren
She's 19
Love Katie
Love Katie 3 oy oldin
With or without music her voice is so good
Ebony Russell
Ebony Russell 3 oy oldin
I was there. She should have not opened.
Karol Sevilla
Karol Sevilla 3 oy oldin
Waow 😱😱😰😰😨😨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘your are my baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
supergirl elina
supergirl elina 3 oy oldin
i love singing and i wanna do some covers plz support me
supergirl elina
supergirl elina 3 oy oldin
i love work for disney how i can do it?
KromeDragon 3 oy oldin
She has great presence, sings decent live and isn't too stiff much better than Selena Gomez that age, and shes so successful, this girl has potential.
Lurve Star
Lurve Star 3 oy oldin
Omg! I love Sabrina Carpenter now! She’s now my favourite female solo singer
Claudia Trochez
Claudia Trochez 3 oy oldin
Sabrina Carpentier quisiera ir a tu concierto pero no puedo porque mi familia no tiene dinero
jackie 3 oy oldin
my girl is so talented! you have to be huge because a voice like that can’t be under appreciated anymore!!
西浦博司 3 oy oldin
welcome to japan!! to hiroshi
Abby G.
Abby G. 3 oy oldin
JayDi Gi
JayDi Gi 3 oy oldin
Jossue Castaneda
Jossue Castaneda 3 oy oldin
Daaam, I didn’t know you had it like thaaat! 🔥🔥🔥
Distrito educativo 0703
I love your voice
Talia Sizemore
Talia Sizemore 3 oy oldin
Sabrina is a really good singer for a girl at her age.
pauli 3 oy oldin
I feel that sabrina is the perfect example on an artist growing with heir audience i've been here since 2014 i was 14 back then and i can clearly tell you i will not be digging the type of music she made back then her experimentation is unique but there is always the "Sabrina touch" im really proud of her
Alecx ART
Alecx ART 3 oy oldin
Just a thought, it would also be cool if they did a stage performance where the concept was from the video where they were dressed in black and turning boys to stones and just all that creepy, beautifully, haunting vibe. Like cool modern witches.
Ellielcraggsx 3 oy oldin
All these people saying it doesn’t sound like it does in the original video. One she’s dancing aswell which is using her breath. Two she’s not in a recording studio if she’s live the acoustics aren’t quite the same. She still sounds amazing though
Durval Fabiano Barbosa
belo show , Sabrina consegue imprimir beleza e talento
Jassiele Cristina
Cade os Brasileiros 🇧🇷
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 3 oy oldin
You have to perform Paris 🤩😍
Hyper Fire Tube
Hyper Fire Tube 3 oy oldin
i think the stage needs mor decore
Salvador Luna
Salvador Luna 3 oy oldin
Listen to it at 1.25 speed and it sounds like an old school Britney spears song. haha Still, I love Sabrina Carpenter's music
aliza majeed
aliza majeed 3 oy oldin
I watch this at least once a day ,i m probably half of the views. LOL
Dimitrios Giotopulos
I'm a simple man....I saw Sabrina Carpenter and I clicked.
Jhon Oliver
Jhon Oliver 3 oy oldin
Her voice is beautiful !!
Ciara McCarthy
Ciara McCarthy 3 oy oldin
I wish I could be there that what I’m asking for Chrismas for Sabrina tickets
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