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Sabrina Carpenter - Eyes Wide Open (Official Video)

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Sabrina Carpenter - Eyes Wide Open (Official Video)
Sabrina’s debut album, “Eyes Wide Open” is available now!
iTunes: smarturl.it/sca1
Amazon: smarturl.it/scama1
Streaming: smarturl.it/scsa1




15-Iyn, 2015

Sabrina CarpenterGirl Meets World



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Momentos Divertidos
Momentos Divertidos 6 soat oldin
Está canción me trae muchos recuerdos
shubhankar munshi
shubhankar munshi 9 soat oldin
november 2018 ??? anyone
Crazy Aisy
Crazy Aisy 20 soat oldin
Has this queen ever made a disappointing song in her life?? *No. Sue me if you want*
Josh Theis
Josh Theis 22 soat oldin
So Beautiful
nessie millersyjgjyakualajalai
When I listen to this song
nessie millersyjgjyakualajalai
I think about my pappy
Angel Lazaro
Angel Lazaro Kun oldin
Raisa_Miah 123
Raisa_Miah 123 Kun oldin
*Sabrina is SOOOO pretty!!!*
Marleeka Choat
Marleeka Choat Kun oldin
If you think Mrs Carpenter has a voice of a angel👼 give me a like
Viviana Jimenez
Viviana Jimenez Kun oldin
damn I remember when this song first came out
Camila romanella Rosas teran
Q linda cancion
Yery Error
Yery Error 2 kun oldin
Nov 2018 anyone.. just me 😢
Soy Male
Soy Male 2 kun oldin
deku power
deku power 2 kun oldin
Sabrina is so hot
Bijou Loveless
Bijou Loveless 3 kun oldin
Oh didnt know she sang this
unsweetener 3 kun oldin
Chantelle 3 kun oldin
Omg memories coming now😭💖 I sang this song at my school competition in 2016 and I won 3rd Place🙌🏽💕 ( It was the first song I ever sang on a competition )💜
Santanah Allison
Santanah Allison 3 kun oldin
November 17th still listening lol
Lil Baby
Lil Baby 3 kun oldin
November 2018?❤😭
carmen edecia evies
David Says Lol
David Says Lol 3 kun oldin
Ok can we take a moment to talk about her amazing drawing
ALORD PLAY 3 kun oldin
ilove you sabrina
crazy gamer
crazy gamer 3 kun oldin
Anyone here after sue me??
Nilesh bhoyar
Nilesh bhoyar 3 kun oldin
2018 😂
Jabari Leonard
Jabari Leonard 3 kun oldin
She’s so beautiful 😫❤️
2016imhere 3 kun oldin
Her hair always looks like it needs some serious tlc
Brenda Gonzales
Brenda Gonzales 3 kun oldin
2018 eyes wide open
Delmarcus Verges
Delmarcus Verges 4 kun oldin
I love this song sabrina is so talented
Freyja Lange
Freyja Lange 4 kun oldin
I Love this beautiful song, i can hear ist for hour and more! I LOVE YOUU ☺☺☺☺
Sin Orbit
Sin Orbit 4 kun oldin
If you like this song give a 👍🏻up
Lucia Mar Games
Lucia Mar Games 5 kun oldin
e ey eye eyes eyes w eyes wi eyes wid eyes wide eyes wide o eyes wide op eyes wide ope eyes wide open eyes wide ope eyes wide op eyes wide o eyes wide eyes wid eyes wi eyes w eyes eye ey e
Brenda Gonzales
Brenda Gonzales 5 kun oldin
Brenda Gonzales
Brenda Gonzales 5 kun oldin
Fernanda Vieira
Fernanda Vieira 5 kun oldin
Drihelly Raquel
Drihelly Raquel 5 kun oldin
Amo essa musica! Acho a letra bonita :3
Hoàng Nguyễn Lâm
Who wants a cake? {\__/} ( • w •) / ⊃🎂 1 cake = 1 like :)))
Cleo Taylor
Cleo Taylor 6 kun oldin
OMG I can't stop watching this video from 3 years...... And by the way that dress is too gorgeous......
Guadalupe Guerrero
Guadalupe Guerrero 7 kun oldin
I love sabrina carpenter😍😍
Selena Kyle
Selena Kyle 7 kun oldin
You hav a good voice .
Yoko Sofia
Yoko Sofia 7 kun oldin
que linda es esta cancion
Kaylee McGrew
Kaylee McGrew 7 kun oldin
this song was the reson i started drawing eyes is that weird
Shanna Dummer
Shanna Dummer 7 kun oldin
I love this
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster 8 kun oldin
Give a like if you love her dress
Mathi Dukardt
Mathi Dukardt 8 kun oldin
Nuevo albun Singular ya salio :o
Talia Sizemore
Talia Sizemore 9 kun oldin
I feel like this song was written because you have to keep your eyes open for everything that happens to you even if it’s good or bad. If you think it’s about something else, comment.
Otniel Romeo
Otniel Romeo 9 kun oldin
DOPPELGANGERS Sabrina Carpenter - Britt Robertson Victoria Justice - Nina Dobrev Selena Gomez - Lucy Hale Dua Lipa - Adelaide Kane Sarah Hyland - Mila Kunis Christina Masterson - Maggie Q Carrie Underwood - Emily Osment
Dakota Nugent
Dakota Nugent 9 kun oldin
love bless u
lil gacha ridin hood
Sabrina _ Carpenter
I love Sabrina C who agrees ❤️
Miriam Ottenstein
Miriam Ottenstein 10 kun oldin
This was posted on my birthday!
Jalicia Boulton
Jalicia Boulton 10 kun oldin
I miss the way she use to sing, but she is getting there 😊😋
Angela Maximino
Angela Maximino 10 kun oldin
Você. Esta. Cadaves. Mais. Linda. ♥️💞💞💞
Digna Villasis
Digna Villasis 10 kun oldin
Da un like di te gusta
Weng Yanguas
Weng Yanguas 10 kun oldin
Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper 11 kun oldin
TN Toys
TN Toys 11 kun oldin
TN Toys
TN Toys 11 kun oldin
elida marroquin
elida marroquin 11 kun oldin
Namrita Sharma
Namrita Sharma 11 kun oldin
this song should have atleast a 100M VIEWS
cooper pepe
cooper pepe 12 kun oldin
anyone in 2018??????
anyely caceres
anyely caceres 12 kun oldin
is a beautiful song. I love this song
Melany Mera
Melany Mera 12 kun oldin
Ricardo Aparicio
Ricardo Aparicio 12 kun oldin
like si te encanta tanto como a mi
shadana warren
shadana warren 13 kun oldin
sabrina i wish that i can go see you dec 3 on my birthday but " you can't blame a girl for trying."
Flávia e Marlon Barbosa
I love you ,beautiful
millie rouz
millie rouz 13 kun oldin
obsessed omfg, i love this song sm & i listening this song in 2018.. 🙈💐
divina embate
divina embate 13 kun oldin
Eyes wide open make me idolize her. 4 yrs ago today 😍
Chiqui Mafia
Chiqui Mafia 14 kun oldin
Joder nostalgia de la infancia.
JayDi Gi
JayDi Gi 14 kun oldin
Hello love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hilarion Cevallos
Hilarion Cevallos 15 kun oldin
Qyurcy Markes
Qyurcy Markes 16 kun oldin
Luv this song 💚💚💚💚 🎵🎵🎵🎵
Danielle Saunders
Danielle Saunders 17 kun oldin
Happy Singular month Carpenter's
Extra_Mäë 17 kun oldin
1:06 what is she saying
Edwin Dio
Edwin Dio 17 kun oldin
Isabella Hesley
Isabella Hesley 17 kun oldin
From now to Paris like TEARS!
Anna Baca
Anna Baca 17 kun oldin
I love her voice I can't wait untill I get to dance to this song
carpenterselenator carsonator
Maira Pardo
Maira Pardo 17 kun oldin
Love me gusta la cancion
Sofia Carson
Sofia Carson 17 kun oldin
This is favorites song😍👍
LifeofJitterbug 17 kun oldin
She's so beautiful
Lauren Lemon
Lauren Lemon 18 kun oldin
i love you so much
bigsisterx5 MarineDaughter
i love you sabrina carpenter you help me through hard times when i think about things that i dont want to think about (specificly my crush i love him but i think about him being with a different girl (witch makes me cry)I LOVE MY CRUSH)( like if you have a crush and you love them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (the most likes i have ever gotten is 3)
stephany 101
stephany 101 18 kun oldin
Extraño a Sabrina Carpenter de antes que fuera iluminati su ultima cancion la verdad me entristece mucho hasta donde cayo no soy hater antes la amaba era una de mis idolas con estas hermosas canciones pero ahora ya se fue esa Sabrina que conocia estoy muy triste por eso :(
Angelina Arias Caja
Angelina Arias Caja 18 kun oldin
I love sabrina te conosi xq estuvistes en la serie de el mundo de raily y ps me encantan tus músicas y tmb me gusto tu actuación en el mundo de raily me encata cm eres te quiero 😍😍😚
Durval Fabiano Barbosa
seus olhos nao sao apenas belos,sao mais lindos e brilhantes que a safira cristalina
ARMY Love forever
ARMY Love forever 18 kun oldin
K-POP BRASIL 12 kun oldin
Elias Marcas
Elias Marcas 19 kun oldin
Que bonito canta saludos desde Perú xd
Andrick Rivera
Andrick Rivera 19 kun oldin
2018 y todavía la escucho
anette cervantes
anette cervantes 19 kun oldin
la primera cancion es mi favorita
anette cervantes
anette cervantes 19 kun oldin
me encantan todas estas canciones aunque yo hable español mi musica favorita es ingles
Sammy Style
Sammy Style 19 kun oldin
Someone should make a mashup of this and Please don't Go by Joel Adams. Like if you agree ^_^
Bianka - Chan
Bianka - Chan 20 kun oldin
You remenber "Girl Meet's World" ?
Ronnie Von Fernandes
Courtnee Obray
Courtnee Obray 20 kun oldin
I've listened to all her songs so much I know every word...
Henna Asif
Henna Asif 21 kun oldin
I stop fangirling on her for a emotional reason but i still love her
Henna Asif
Henna Asif 21 kun oldin
For those who saw this coment every night i cry so hard please help
Luis Adolfo Charco Acan
🎉🎉I love you .
m pk
m pk 21 kun oldin
I love the part where she talks about her granddads eyes
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 21 kun oldin
She she was 15 when making this song talk about talent
Keissy Nahir Figueredo Delgado
*I love Sabrina give a like if you do to*
Zendaya - Replay
5 yil oldin