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Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue - Alien (Official Video)

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Pre-order #SingularAct1: smarturl.it/SabrinaSingular1
"Alien" is available here:
Download: hollywoodrecs.co/AlienDL
Streaming: hollywoodrecs.co/Alien
Follow Sabrina Carpenter:
Instagram: instagram.com/sabrinacarpenter
Twitter: twitter.com/sabrinaannlynn
Facebook: facebook.com/sabrinacarpenter
Snapchat: @sabscarpenter
Follow Jonas Blue:
Instagram: instagram.com/jonasblue
Twitter: twitter.com/jonasblue
Facebook: facebook.com/jonasbluemusic
Music video by Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue performing Alien. © 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc




30-Mar, 2018




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Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia 4 soat oldin
Why is she so underrated 😫😫😫
so young so talented :oooooo
Julia Sho
Julia Sho 7 soat oldin
Love the song and the video.
Teresa Magallanes
I love that song, you´re amazing!!!
Léo Fonsecca
Léo Fonsecca Kun oldin
Todo dia eu passo aqui pra ouvir essa música 💙🤘
Sara Alves
Sara Alves 2 kun oldin
Brasil aqui? 🤧 nesse momento eu só queria ser um alienígena pra fugir da ditadura MKKKKKK
Baruch Meir Berger
Baruch Meir Berger 2 kun oldin
Anybody still watching in November 2018❤️❤️?
Ashutosh Sarkar
Ashutosh Sarkar 2 kun oldin
Love you
Melody Rasko
Melody Rasko 2 kun oldin
fiona demartino
fiona demartino 3 kun oldin
i love sabrina carpenter ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mlle Lutteo
Mlle Lutteo 3 kun oldin
Happy Sabbanarannacobb
wow i love her much respect! : P
Erin Kaur
Erin Kaur 4 kun oldin
Shagufta Ali
Shagufta Ali 6 kun oldin
So awesome 😊
VISMAYA R 7 kun oldin
SAbrina Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls release singular act 2 on March 11 2019 it's my birthday and it'll be the best birthday present ever!!!!!!
Elias santos
Elias santos 9 kun oldin
Love😋😍 Sabrina
SHAKTI RAJPUT 10 kun oldin
How do you sing
最高ジェシー 12 kun oldin
大好き💓♥️❤️ 日本人で好きな人いますか✋✋
wendy jijon
wendy jijon 13 kun oldin
Sabrina i like you stuff
mimi feco
mimi feco 13 kun oldin
unicornRoos 13 kun oldin
she acts way better than jonas blue
Eryd Rios
Eryd Rios 13 kun oldin
Hi Sabrina carpenter
про100 жопка
Есть ли русские?
Artistically Fun
Artistically Fun 14 kun oldin
Gurl this is underrated
sourpatch24 l gouch
sourpatch24 l gouch 14 kun oldin
Ballora song dis (like if awsome)😉
Karen Cuadra
Karen Cuadra 15 kun oldin
It wasn't Rowan who met the world it was Sabrina!😍😆
Danielle Saunders
Danielle Saunders 16 kun oldin
I wish this was on the album
Darcey Glenn
Darcey Glenn 16 kun oldin
My sister sais I love her songs but hate her singing them WTF is my sister thinking Sabrina Carpenter us the best singer ever 😍😋
Unicorns Are unique
Unicorns Are unique 16 kun oldin
Sabrina carpenter I have been your biggest fan since I was like 6 singing your songs I am now 12 and still love u your AWSOME keep working and make it big
Sabahat Sajjad
Sabahat Sajjad 17 kun oldin
November 2018???
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 17 kun oldin
My favourite singer
vanessa brown
vanessa brown 18 kun oldin
If you love me let me know It would be of alien 😍
НЛОшки ТV 18 kun oldin
I LOVE ALIENS!!!❤❤❤❤💖💖💖👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👍👍👍👍👍👍
Annie King
Annie King 18 kun oldin
Haha I saw an Almost Love ad before this video
Auntie's Blumatos
Auntie's Blumatos 19 kun oldin
obi4am te
Jessica Ganley
Jessica Ganley 19 kun oldin
I am telling the truth about everything. I do still love you I always have. what I did to myself was dangerous. 😭
u tube
u tube 19 kun oldin
Swae Lee sun flower
Mathilde Liambi
Mathilde Liambi 20 kun oldin
Ever since 2nd or first grade is when I met my bfff,Layla and we absolutely lovee Sabrina Carpenter, we would always sing to all her sings and everything me and her said we would be just like her and riley forever and we even had our own bay window cause of them. All I wanna say is thank you Sabrina for everything you are me and Layla role model
Lhady Khooletz
Lhady Khooletz 20 kun oldin
12 na shot ng Red Cane 11 na Snoop Dogg Sampung mga daliri Siyam na singhot na rugby Walong sigaw ng baboy Pitong spray ng Baygon Anim na sampok Limang peso bill Apat na burnek Tatlong singa Dalawang bagong unan At isang basketbol na bago
Lhady Khooletz
Lhady Khooletz 20 kun oldin
Lhady Khooletz
Lhady Khooletz 20 kun oldin
Jeon Kookiee
Jeon Kookiee 20 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed that she kinda sounds like ariana
Allan Mondragon
Allan Mondragon 22 kun oldin
i do
Lorena Santos
Lorena Santos 22 kun oldin
If you love me, let me now!!!!!
Anonymous 22 kun oldin
She is half naked already😱😱😱
Wesley K Oficial
Wesley K Oficial 23 kun oldin
Hino😍❤👏 Love singer
Shaili Bhattacharya
Shaili Bhattacharya 23 kun oldin
She sounds like a mixture of selena and camila
Khampa Narzary
Khampa Narzary 23 kun oldin
Are you Alien?
Bella Star13
Bella Star13 23 kun oldin
This songs feeling so alien 👽 Sooo coool! Rock it like itt a lot!! 😝😍❤😎😅
Nagomi Bieber
Nagomi Bieber 24 kun oldin
SparkleEmoji 767921
SparkleEmoji 767921 26 kun oldin
I love almost every one of her songs. GO SABRINA!!!😍♥️🤩👍
Zia The Gacha
Zia The Gacha 26 kun oldin
I like her voice💋❤❤
elano doll
elano doll 26 kun oldin
november 2018
Alexia Jugureanu
Alexia Jugureanu 28 kun oldin
Very cool
Mothy Fambuena
Mothy Fambuena 28 kun oldin
2021 ?
Camilo Esteban Betancourt Salazar
I love it!
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia 29 kun oldin
Beatiful song 🌠💕
Nathalie Alowou
This song was literally written for me lol. I'm living these song lyrics right now and it's so annoying, seriously if you love me let me know!!!
Nneka Edwards
Nneka Edwards Oy oldin
This is so underrated
Chris Rostrán
I love you 🤭
SparkleEmoji 767921
1:50 - 1:54 she sort of reminds me of Peyton List (Emma) from Jessie or Bunk’d in a way. (BTW no hate, love Sabrina’s music)
wholdson78 Oy oldin
Love you
Ivanna garcia
Ivanna garcia Oy oldin
Love you sabrina o and I olsow just finished girl Meats world
By Mitchel
By Mitchel Oy oldin
I luv this song
Mariam Arshad
Mariam Arshad Oy oldin
Amazing. Very dramatic but that's what makes it so good. Love you Sabrina!! You make our days better just by being alive!! AT least you make mine better. Also, 1:50 your hair looks beautiful!!!
Milk Oy oldin
The screaming man in the background scares me
Haven Mia
Haven Mia Oy oldin
Love you
Rosa Blanc
Rosa Blanc Oy oldin
Sabrina are you single?????😊
queen niya here
Sabrina you are so beautiful and a great singer
A Doshi
A Doshi Oy oldin
Sabrina you’re literally one of the best singers ever!!!
Rama Tilekar
Rama Tilekar Oy oldin
So. Damn. Amazing. 😍
favi e selena sapessi
Sarà che non cago
favi e selena sapessi
Mia madre è un cavallo
Kristina Cunningham
I love this song. She is very hot. 👽👽👽👽
welcome to chili's
Rowan could never
Ayush Upadhyay
Jonas Blue does minimalist EDM. Quite experimental, but good for singers.
anisha sen
anisha sen Oy oldin
2:14Peyton List..
anisha sen
anisha sen Oy oldin
This is my fav english song ever..👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
azumi salazar
azumi salazar Oy oldin
me encanta
pumkin patch
pumkin patch Oy oldin
i wich you come to Newark i have to see you its my dream i like to sing with you plz come to newark
Michael E Lambert
She took a track from rob bass' it takes two and made it work for this song! Way to go, Sabrina! You got it, girl! :-)
luciddude Oy oldin
i love
Joana Segoviano
I like
Danijela Mirkovic
She played the bff of riley😂😂😍
Bedoui Amin
Bedoui Amin Oy oldin
Sabrina is underrated dude ffff
Tina Montemayor
Hey There Sabrina 😁🦄
Vic B
Vic B Oy oldin
Honestly thought it said jonas brothers
Cleo Taylor
Cleo Taylor Oy oldin
October 2018?
Mahi Shabana
Mahi Shabana Oy oldin
Ayelen Melgarejo
Amo esta cancion 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖
Michał Wiśniewsky
2 Bebe Rexha
sky plays
sky plays Oy oldin
sky plays
sky plays Oy oldin
Ariel Resende
Ariel Resende Oy oldin
Não aceito esse clipe incrível e essa música maravilhosa flopar, af
Ketellen Sthefany
Qween_Esther Oy oldin
I am just missing girl meets world and all that
A Man of India
Hart touching sound.....😘😘
First Love
Yil oldin