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Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue - Alien (Official Video)

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"Alien" is available here:
Download: hollywoodrecs.co/AlienDL
Streaming: hollywoodrecs.co/Alien
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Instagram: instagram.com/sabrinacarpenter
Twitter: twitter.com/sabrinaannlynn
Facebook: facebook.com/sabrinacarpenter
Snapchat: @sabscarpenter
Follow Jonas Blue:
Instagram: instagram.com/jonasblue
Twitter: twitter.com/jonasblue
Facebook: facebook.com/jonasbluemusic
Music video by Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue performing Alien. © 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc




30-Mar, 2018




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Fikrlar 8 771
Faith Milne
Faith Milne 2 soat oldin
Luv u💖
gossen 5
gossen 5 8 soat oldin
I love you
ItsRayven Tillis
spetember 2018
Tanush Chauhan
Tanush Chauhan Kun oldin
Great job sibrina
Avalon Braatz
Avalon Braatz Kun oldin
The black jacket outfit reminds me of maya from gmw... I think it’s just me but eh
Keira Vazquez
Keira Vazquez Kun oldin
Algun latino aquí? :D
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera 2 kun oldin
The guy in this video looks like Justin Timberlake!
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 2 kun oldin
I love your show girl meet s world
Aiden’s Pham
Aiden’s Pham 2 kun oldin
I wanna see your vlogs
Dilancamilo Artunduaga
xoxomars 3 kun oldin
Alkhansa Life
Alkhansa Life 3 kun oldin
Bryan Hall
Bryan Hall 4 kun oldin
👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽 ALIEN
M H 5 kun oldin
ooh, let me discover, all of your colors my favorite part
PD AT 5 kun oldin
ASAD MERCHANT 8 kun oldin
Beautiful song
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 9 kun oldin
2:36 😂
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 9 kun oldin
She has improved with the low notes
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 9 kun oldin
She slayed the acouctics and live version of this song👏🔥♥️🙂😍
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 9 kun oldin
♥️This song♥️This video♥️Sabrina
Poyo Yek
Poyo Yek 10 kun oldin
ok ok.. now we have to save the alien who are trap in this cubicle dimension... so how do we do that?
Evelyn Colyer
Evelyn Colyer 10 kun oldin
Ariana Grande who
sabrina itzitery smith smith
Sabrina carpenter 💜 eres la mejor ya esperamos un concierto aquí en México🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😎😎😎😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😆😆😅😅😗😐😐
Eddie Coastal
Eddie Coastal 10 kun oldin
Hi Sabrina Can you go back to San Diego for a concert next year please
Viktoria Kuusijärvi
kuchenka fl
kuchenka fl 13 kun oldin
I love you Sabrina!
Nikitha Sowmya
Nikitha Sowmya 13 kun oldin
Keep signing
Shanon Leong
Shanon Leong 13 kun oldin
I love this song!!!
DAVID MOLINA 14 kun oldin
yolanda leonard
yolanda leonard 14 kun oldin
This was published on my bday!!💕
Emily's wonderful channel
Sabrina Carpenter you!!!
Sabrina fsns Carpenter
i love you so much
Neil Jacob Nacilla
Neil Jacob Nacilla 15 kun oldin
Oh, my God, CRT PVMs! Too bad they were most likely left unused after this video and they weren't repurposed for retro gaming in RGB.
Ricky Ly
Ricky Ly 15 kun oldin
Suka gayanya Sabrina
Violeta Inanger
Violeta Inanger 16 kun oldin
Sabrina Carpenter❤
Isabelle Ong
Isabelle Ong 16 kun oldin
her voice is BEAUTIFUL ans so,so Sweet
Anwesha Gupta
Anwesha Gupta 16 kun oldin
Awsum song sabrina....loved ur voice....mindblowing track😍😍
Eladio Cuaya
Eladio Cuaya 17 kun oldin
I love you . . I'm lalo
las pop!
las pop! 17 kun oldin
Te quiero Sabrina Carpenter un beso enorme desde Argentina!!😘😘😘🎵🎤
Laurah Rocha
Laurah Rocha 17 kun oldin
o Brasil te ama
Laurah Rocha
Laurah Rocha 17 kun oldin
rumo aos 1 bilhão
Lilizo Munawa
Lilizo Munawa 17 kun oldin
I like that song its so nice so yeah
SisAndBroDuo Raquel
SisAndBroDuo Raquel 17 kun oldin
Eman Shefa
Eman Shefa 18 kun oldin
Sabrina carpenter I AM UR BIGEST FAN EVER
Millen s
Millen s 19 kun oldin
Saya Orch
Saya Orch 19 kun oldin
I love you Sabrina ❤️ 💕
New Horizens 2018
New Horizens 2018 19 kun oldin
005-012--how sinners look when they realize Hell has trapped them in for eternity!
Ackmali Bandrang
Ackmali Bandrang 19 kun oldin
Catchy song. This deserves more views
Mauricio Pancho Cabrera 810
Control mental
jerus madera
jerus madera 20 kun oldin
is very cool sabrina
Barbara Heyer B.
Barbara Heyer B. 21 kun oldin
Nijah Jammer
Nijah Jammer 21 kun oldin
Is it me or is alien said once
Nijah Jammer
Nijah Jammer 19 kun oldin
+Rando M oh okay thx
Rando M
Rando M 19 kun oldin
Nijah Jammer nope. It’s said more then once
LucaTheRussel Hi
LucaTheRussel Hi 21 kun oldin
Ahhhh finally found it !! Heard it on the radio while working today the second time and I just couldn't understand the lyrics right but finally I found it
Sunil Rana
Sunil Rana 21 kun oldin
Sabrina you have a big future ahead Your voice is really very unique and you are beautiful I can hear your songs like 1000 times but i didn’t get tired of listening to them
alexandra nicole
alexandra nicole 21 kun oldin
ilove this song!!! aug 2018 u there? lmk
tinkerblack _
tinkerblack _ 23 kun oldin
Nice song,
Chavonti Williams
Chavonti Williams 23 kun oldin
10m WHATTT she shouldve had 100m by now
Rando M
Rando M 19 kun oldin
Chavonti Williams true dat
kelsey simone
kelsey simone 23 kun oldin
Yes i love you
엑소 갓세븐Min
엑소 갓세븐Min 23 kun oldin
so catchy
EuRice Queen
EuRice Queen 23 kun oldin
Her voice is sooooo good!!!
Luciano Guerra
Luciano Guerra 23 kun oldin
Thank You Sabrina Carpenter.💗
Xzyro the Leyo
Xzyro the Leyo 22 kun oldin
Luciano Guerra you are welcome😁😁😁
Evelyn Medrano
Evelyn Medrano 24 kun oldin
Woo hoo! This is getting more views,omg! Bravo for the viewers who watched this video
Davols 24 kun oldin
This track is fire! It's so good! 👌
Alfian Pratama
Alfian Pratama 24 kun oldin
Hiromi usui
Hiromi usui 25 kun oldin
Your face really look like my gf lol and I love your song 😊❤️
Jishnu 26 kun oldin
anyone else feel like the background drum/bass has a somewhat similarity to the beat in in my feelings? well this was published before so.
Andrew Escalante
Andrew Escalante 26 kun oldin
St6 sleep at alienhive
Andrew Escalante
Andrew Escalante 26 kun oldin
Lots of air traffic
Andrew Escalante
Andrew Escalante 26 kun oldin
Et phone home
Andrew Escalante
Andrew Escalante 26 kun oldin
I got friends all over the world
Andrew Escalante
Andrew Escalante 26 kun oldin
Ufo tonight maybe an old friend
HOWI! 27 kun oldin
Thelma Adusei-Poku
Thelma Adusei-Poku 27 kun oldin
Best of Wishes, love and protection from God, Ms. Sabrina, mmwah!! :)
John Stevenson
John Stevenson 27 kun oldin
Love your music Sabrina. Keep up the great singing! 😀
boramy lean
boramy lean 27 kun oldin
Why on earth are there 3.1k dislikes!!! Screw them!! Love you Sabrina!!!
Rando M
Rando M 27 kun oldin
boramy lean good to know that there are 3.1k people on this world that don’t know what good music sounds like
Ricardo Mirandola
Ricardo Mirandola 29 kun oldin
Laura Chitwood
Laura Chitwood 29 kun oldin
angys herrera
angys herrera 29 kun oldin
I love ... you are great and very special to me ...
DoveCameronFan 29 kun oldin
I just love Sabrina Carpenter 💜 There is not a single song written by her that i can't stand. What is everyone's personal favorite? Mine's "Thumbs" Read More
DoveCameronFan 9 kun oldin
+Rando M i like Harry Potter too lol if you look closely at my profile pic its anime Hermione but i added some cat ears and a flower crown lol
DoveCameronFan 27 kun oldin
+Rando M cool lol
Rando M
Rando M 27 kun oldin
Nope! Didn’t trick me! Also my personal fav is eyes wide open
DoveCameronFan 29 kun oldin
Did i trick you with the read more lol?
MIKE .rophone
MIKE .rophone Oy oldin
1:13 The link for the merch popped up at the right time
Rando M
Rando M 19 kun oldin
MIKE .rophone lol yeah! I’m pretty sure it was planned
Alien itu bukan sakit tapi butuh makan yg banyak. Jadi salah Klo alien itu dibilang cantik. Makan
Ilary Ruggeri
Ilary Ruggeri Oy oldin
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers Oy oldin
Christa Nicole Stephenson
I miss that sabrina
Christa Nicole Stephenson
Where is the old sabrina? The one who wrote can't blame a girl for trying.
Christa Nicole Stephenson
The new sabrina I mean
Christa Nicole Stephenson
+Rando M I know this but this new song is just and a couple others just seem.... weird, I know she is growing and that's good in the music industry. I should know I personally do music and listen to a lot of it. I'm just not used to it.
Rando M
Rando M 27 kun oldin
Christa Nicole Stephenson she’s older now. She progresses to different music. She’s the same Sabrina. But let’s be real here... ... this music is BOMB
Felinday Oy oldin
thanks zara
You So
You So Oy oldin
Current situation
sofinchus Oy oldin
I would like to meet
sofinchus Oy oldin
I LOVE you
Darcey Glenn
Darcey Glenn Oy oldin
I mean u
Darcey Glenn
Darcey Glenn Oy oldin
I look so cool
SuperCharts Master
One word: underrated.
chris Godlewski
She kind of sounds like Ariana grande a little bit
Rando M
Rando M 19 kun oldin
chris Godlewski omg yesss! That’s what I thought too!
Etleva Theodhori
Love it ❤
Protodesk Records
One of my favourite
Sushmita Ramsawak
Almost love has more views than this song omg
Lovely Jackson
Who else watched this after watching Sabs first video? (Picture to burn)
Rando M
Rando M 19 kun oldin
Lovely Jackson not me but it’s so crazy how much she changed! I can’t believe she’s all grown up now! She changed so much
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena Oy oldin
I luv her outfits!!!!💗💗
First Love
Yil oldin
Almost Love
3 oy oldin