Sacha Baron Cohen on Pranking Politicians

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Sacha talks about 'voting' in the midterm election, pranking politicians like former Vice President Dick Cheney, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and former Rep. Jason Spencer, upsetting conservatives in Arizona with his plans to build a mega mosque, and needing a bullet proof clipboard - all for his very funny show 'Who is America?'
For more of Sacha’s pranks, check out “Who is America?” here…




Lie Witness News - Did You Vote in the Midterms Today? uzvid.com/video/video-UNKRZs_a5vk.html

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Sacha Baron Cohen on Pranking Politicians




7-Noy, 2018



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NickyL Kun oldin
Hate his work but as himself he is quite interesting.
Tal Moore
Tal Moore 2 kun oldin
As an Israeli-American, I gotta say, his Israeli accent is spot on.
pochysama11 2 kun oldin
Brothers grimsby makes me laugh every time... sorry not sorry hahaha (when he sucks the venom out of his brother's balls it's the most hilarious scene I've ever watched 😂)
Comrade Jeb
Comrade Jeb 2 kun oldin
All Jimmy Kimmel is doing is telling us (and Sasha) what happens in the show, lazy uncfeative dude has the easiest job in the world. Why doesn't he ever ask interesting questions? perhapsabout sashas creative process, how he can't stick with the same character for long or his cover will be blown due to it being recognisable
Vasco Miguel
Vasco Miguel 2 kun oldin
Naughty naughty
Epi King
Epi King 2 kun oldin
it is weird watching him being the real Sacha Baron Cohen and not as one of his many characters like Borat...this guy is a comedic genius.
The real Youtuber copyright claimer
So what did we learn from the Jew? Come on goyms this ain’t hard. TALK IS CHEAP
Christian Peterson
Christian Peterson 2 kun oldin
Dude went to Cambridge 😭
Reno Plus
Reno Plus 3 kun oldin
Jimmy: “maybe he was doing a show about you” 😂
Austin De Luna
Austin De Luna 3 kun oldin
Guess the source of this reference? “Uh-huh, well tell the mayor he lost six votes.” This video reminded me about it.
Tommy Two-shoes
Tommy Two-shoes 3 kun oldin
He's starting to look a lot like George Harrison
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird 3 kun oldin
ghee buttersnaps
ghee buttersnaps 4 kun oldin
The day I subscribe to Kimmel is the day he turns into a republican.
Savant Crystian
Savant Crystian 4 kun oldin
It's king Julian!!
OneAndOnlyTyker 5 kun oldin
SBC!!!!! Legend.
benjamin a
benjamin a 6 kun oldin
Jimmy kimmel feeling insecure because he's not remotely funny and he's sitting next to a comedy genius.
Dashiz Nitz
Dashiz Nitz 6 kun oldin
Oh god.... These are real humans :(
sisay Fekadu
sisay Fekadu 7 kun oldin
This is as good as it gets. I am having a chest pain from laughing so hard yesterday!
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney 8 kun oldin
Waterboarding is pretty much my favourite hobby❤❤❤
Jacob Hoss
Jacob Hoss 8 kun oldin
Sacha's American accent needs work.
corn colored hair
corn colored hair 8 kun oldin
His voice 😍😍😍😍😍
7saany 9 kun oldin
Was he seriously able to vote that many times?
nmeunier 9 kun oldin
Candid camera on steroids.
jay long
jay long 9 kun oldin
The audience act like they didnt wana clap for that scene...😀
o o
o o 10 kun oldin
That's incredible. He took that guy out, he resigned!
Anindya Ekbote
Anindya Ekbote 13 kun oldin
Give this man Knighthood 😎
Dox Jupiter
Dox Jupiter 13 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the politician in the butt prank. Even though he is an idiot, his life is now rekt.
João Tava
João Tava 14 kun oldin
I he would have pranked a Democrat he would not be on the show! It just shows how the left lets illegals vote. It is insulting to see him voting and this late night show imbecile just laugh is incredible and I’m without words. Incredible how the left love to insult their own people.
saniya iskakova
saniya iskakova 16 kun oldin
He is so handsome
Mike Sawchyn
Mike Sawchyn 16 kun oldin
I swear hes just an American guy named sam and sacha is just another character lol
Made In China
Made In China 16 kun oldin
this guy sounds like Borat!
Mr & Misses Smith!
Mr & Misses Smith! 18 kun oldin
Whoever doesn't find him funny must be completely dead inside 😂😂😂
Main 2 kun oldin
Your opinion need 20-40 years to turn into fact. Until people who watch him naturally die from inside and out.
VDfewds 11
VDfewds 11 19 kun oldin
This guy is just a freakin legend!! Borat and Ali G are still his best work 😂
Ali Bashti
Ali Bashti 21 kun oldin
I love Sasha. What do you say Jimmy I earned it!!!!???
Chris Klitou
Chris Klitou 23 kun oldin
No such thing as an English citizen he means British citizen
YMYTroops Official
YMYTroops Official 24 kun oldin
He should be FREDDIE MERCURY for QUEEN BIOPIC FILM , If Rami Malek actor for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.. Sacha should be an actor for DONT STOP ME NOW, or WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.. another QUEEN BIOPIC. Queen's fan from MALAYSIA.
Edd 1
Edd 1 25 kun oldin
He's just a typical left wing snake.. all he's shows are aimed at making people on the right look bad plus constantly attacks Christianity in a sly way
Dmitriy Chernoshey
Dmitriy Chernoshey 26 kun oldin
Another Dem troll. Tricking people into playing along then ruining their lives? That's low, very low.
malcolm gregor
malcolm gregor 24 kun oldin
No he is tricking low life scum who are ruining the lives of others.
john g
john g 26 kun oldin
I blame ali G innit 😎😂💚👍
Luke Madams
Luke Madams 26 kun oldin
Sacha Baron Cohen has turned into Tim Westwood
Tele Zab
Tele Zab 26 kun oldin
it shows americans lick israelis ass,his a jewish surveynist he uses comedy to find out what goys think and who they loyal to, America will do anything israel says but will bark at muslims , showing the results that there media(news/movies) is very effective and for the politician who want to be endorsed by israelis so bad,,he shows that he can make them do anything, for example if he was muslim character,could have made all these politicians do these things? hell nah
Alec Jones
Alec Jones 28 kun oldin
After watching Ali G and Who is America, I've come to the conclusion that SBC is not, in fact, a comedian at all, but rather the human avatar of some kind of trickster deity.
Sakke L.
Sakke L. 28 kun oldin
American people laughing on how the leaders of their country, whom they chose, are bending ass backwards for israel. It's not so much about how stupid they are, but when they heard it was for israel they're ready to do whatever. Seriously, your country is just an israel's puppet. Your country is israeli first, second and last and you live only to serve and die for them. Now, how funny is that? What do you think would have happened if they'd said to Cheney to sign a bottle used to waterboard israeli terrorists? Not, so funny anymore?
r2dxhate 28 kun oldin
I want to comically touch his genitals, like a back in time version of me that was more attractive and prepubescent.
Bubba Kushii
Bubba Kushii 29 kun oldin
He’s the funniest Englishmen since Mr. Bean . And those two stand out more then so many other “funny people “
Mmala Mokone
Mmala Mokone 29 kun oldin
This guy as Freddy would've been Electric!!!! Too bad the band members wanted a PG13 version. Rami did a great job though!
A day in the life
A day in the life 29 kun oldin
I was going to see his latest movie but he'd "sold out"
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Oy oldin
Elysium Excalibur
Imagine Sacha in Star Wars! I mean the SW these days, that's what kind of a movie it has become!
evilmoif Oy oldin
He could play Spock methinks....
Aaron Reyes
Aaron Reyes Oy oldin
why u laugh guys this man is devil
SKMC69 Oy oldin
He should have been Freddie Mercury.
brock the beast
They need to make "the dictator 2"
Florin Gabriel
Click the subscribe button, you’ve earned it?? What is wrong with this bastard?
Caŷve M
Caŷve M Oy oldin
jimmys end comment about subbing actually got me to sub ... love that guy
John Barrett
John Barrett Oy oldin
I love it when Jimmy has Mossad underlings on the show. Good to know those guys have a sense of humor as they're wreaking havoc and chaos in our world. ; )
EzyPzy LmnSqzy
Sacha is just a pure comic genius !!!!
SBC Is my favorite comedian and jimmy is my least favorite person in the whole world. Strange interview.
Darren Henderson
I got two fingers into his wife at a party just last year, no joke.
charlie javani
What a legend 😎😎
K J Oy oldin
Love this guy
Dawid Warszawski
Very smart and a clever guy. Typical Jew. Oh without yarmulke and a long sideburns :P
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve Oy oldin
US and A becomes a joke when Sacha comes..
Derek Weinert TV
"Kinderguardians" oh jimmy
fadi hajj
fadi hajj Oy oldin
4:02 "he's a wonderful human being"
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson Oy oldin
Vely nice
ILike Zappa
ILike Zappa Oy oldin
This man has a towering ballsack.
Fatima farah
Fatima farah Oy oldin
Is he not the voice for Julia’s, in Madagascar? I thought he was Indian guy...
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Oy oldin
Arizona makes Alabama look like a liberal wonderland. They've raised racism to a level yet unheard of in the South.
Nick Ireland
Nick Ireland Oy oldin
Mmmmm. Smart arse Jew. Thick on the ground, but in the tradtiion of Danny Kaye and other 4 x2s ain't FUNNY!
Thondup Andrugtsang
Sacha is a genius.
Adam Edwards Music
A man who loves his shoes. Respect. 4:10
BRIAN Oy oldin
Genuis++++ he cleverly brings out the truth in these people
Tony Seccia
Tony Seccia Oy oldin
jay kim
jay kim Oy oldin
my name a borat. i like you. i like sex. its nice ;)
Alana Khoury
Alana Khoury Oy oldin
I love this guy so much!!!
shrekt1000 Oy oldin
i do love Sacha Baron Cohen but I feel like he gets too dark at times. Making fun of horrid politicians is hilarious, but the ones where he goes after more common people aren't as funny in my opinion, kind of like in the mosque one. Although its horrible that those people are so opposed to building a mosque, it's kind of disturbing to see Americans act in such a way. Nathan Fielder is way better at more common folk pranking :)
dani brooks
dani brooks Oy oldin
ALSO go look up Love Line, and the Man Show on Comedy Central.
Zach Z
Zach Z Oy oldin
This is the first time I heard his real voice
Osmanian Oy oldin
Yeah i clicked thumbs down
oh no
oh no Oy oldin
I really hate Jimmy
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Oy oldin
Ali G is that you?
Night Dark
Night Dark Oy oldin
Comedian? This is the greatest journalistic work and reveal I have ever seen.
Playerunknown's Balkan Grounds
Dictators new look is very aladeen to me.
Dick Longflop
Dick Longflop Oy oldin
Sachs baron cohen will go down as one of the most amazing comedians in history
Id on that watch fellas?
lolitahaze02 Oy oldin
Saoirse Ronan, that guy from Black Panther and Sacha... I love it when actors can fake their accent..
Tim Cuffman
Tim Cuffman Oy oldin
Sasha Baron Cohen will go down as one of the greatest comedians of our time, perhaps the greatest.
V Nityanand
V Nityanand Oy oldin
He'll make a good FREDDIE MERCURY 🤗
99 Red Balloons 🎈
how's this possible bahahahahahhahaahhaha
HYFR HYFR Oy oldin
He exposed what is supposed to be exposed
Stephen Cantarero
I don't think hew was really tricking them, just encouraging them to be more of who they already are lmao
BTCSpinner Script
Tom Drake
Tom Drake 2 oy oldin
Free Nelson Mandela
Beth black
Beth black 2 oy oldin
Finally an actual Jew that is really looks like he's from the middle east. Unlike the white ''fake'' jews.
zeppelin1001 2 oy oldin
Gotta watch the series now i guess
Free Manz
Free Manz 2 oy oldin
Cheney? Vice president?.lmao. Sure if you really believe that. lmao. He was the one who ran the show from behind the curtain...
naomi tuson
naomi tuson 2 oy oldin
how do I buy the new seris ?I am a technophobe.
HEXxSURPRISE 2 oy oldin
I really wanna see Sacha as Freddie Mercury 😣❤️
Iboy Iboyan
Iboy Iboyan 2 oy oldin
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