Samsung Galaxy F - REVEALED AGAIN!!!

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Samsung Galaxy F at CES 2019 Secret Reveal, Whats the progress & Release Date Update, Triple Cameras, Galaxy S10 Battery & Camera Leak, S10 Lite Benchmark & More.
source: www.etnews.com/20181228000212?mc=em_001_00001&utm_source=technave
Concept by: uzvid.com/u-Conceptcreator
Foldable Leak: twitter.com/evleaks

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9-Yan, 2019

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Franklin Romero
Franklin Romero Soat oldin
Anyone know the price?
Gino Catalano
Gino Catalano Soat oldin
I don't get what's so great about a tablet phone
Claudiu Stille
Claudiu Stille 8 soat oldin
The s10 is not that great in my opinion i hate the display because of the right top camera. if you watch a lot of youtube you will se my point in landscape mod. 2 i love the samsung M series if i had a s10+ with the display from M series 100% il buy 1 . mi last option for me its tge galaxy F but now you show me the xiaomi version and i think its betherb3cause 1 reason you use the phone like a regular phone and wen you need the extra stretch you just open. not like samsung f you use a smal display and aftet you open and you have everything double or triple
black rose
black rose 13 soat oldin
great video
SsjKenrir 20 soat oldin
Samsung Is just too good for apple
•Zullie Edits•
•Zullie Edits• 23 soat oldin
Well welcome to the future
Bryan N
Bryan N Kun oldin
It's not a phone it's a foldable tablet that you can easily carry in your pocket.
Ouzan Ali
Ouzan Ali Kun oldin
Ouzan Ali
Ouzan Ali Kun oldin
Ouzan Ali
Ouzan Ali Kun oldin
Alexander Ruiz
Alexander Ruiz Kun oldin
I just want to know how the hell someone will make a case for this damn thing.
The Philosopher
The Philosopher Kun oldin
My note 9 is the greatest device I've ever owned
Vernes Choi
Vernes Choi Kun oldin
Why there are Chinese at all of the Samsung’s leak photo? They don’t even make their flagship phone in China.
poodle safari
poodle safari 2 kun oldin
"most powerful foldable phone" yeah as if we have much to choose from
Trevor Lemke
Trevor Lemke 2 kun oldin
Foldable phone with Samsung Dex.
Eman M
Eman M 2 kun oldin
Damn that Indian accent is strong
Osama Asad
Osama Asad 2 kun oldin
Apple is the best, the made foldable ipad 😂😂
Daniel M
Daniel M 2 kun oldin
I'm curious about the bending angle. Do they've managed to be able to fold the phone flat?
PandoraChanel 2 kun oldin
Are you done with click baiting? I would happily resubscribe.
Ryan Hidayat
Ryan Hidayat 2 kun oldin
Nkok lebur ka hp samsung galaxy s9
Addy M
Addy M 2 kun oldin
It's Dark
It's Dark 2 kun oldin
I like this alot
TheDimondBow// TLB
TheDimondBow// TLB 3 kun oldin
Claudia Bailey
Claudia Bailey 3 kun oldin
Xiaomi foldable looks like it would go in your pocket easily
Its folded form would be perfect for a remote control due to its shape.
Omkaar Chougule
Omkaar Chougule 3 kun oldin
At 6:30 when the prototype was folded, he slides/presses something with his thumb. Observe carefully!
Dexter 12 X
Dexter 12 X 3 kun oldin
Your voice sound similar to Enrique..anyone else?
Impressive MvP
Impressive MvP 3 kun oldin
But but but.. samsung phone always hang.. Rog Phone 2 i need it
When will it be released?
MODY 3 kun oldin
Google jj c
Google jj c 4 kun oldin
Samsung Galaxy s10 !!!
Elzero Dragon
Elzero Dragon 4 kun oldin
Folding physics?
Kim Jong Trump
Kim Jong Trump 4 kun oldin
If apple don’t up their innovation this year then they will be finished by 2020.
Ki Ki
Ki Ki 4 kun oldin
old news
James Wilson
James Wilson 4 kun oldin
I don't think it will sell well. There isn't enough practial applications for it.
Vittorio Vaselli
Vittorio Vaselli 4 kun oldin
I like the xiaomi one better
塞尔吉奥 4 kun oldin
Galaxy F (ail)
Mladen Ivanovic
Mladen Ivanovic 4 kun oldin
weird flex, but ok
The Last Orca
The Last Orca 4 kun oldin
Apple is listening carefully
Shajsj Sjsjsnndskkskzz
*Apple steals the whole design of the new Samsung phones* *Samsung: Really?* *Samsung slightly moves the power button up...* *Apple: OMG COPYCATS!!!*
Big Shoot
Big Shoot 4 kun oldin
Yes amesing video
Haziel Corona
Haziel Corona 4 kun oldin
So how would the case work?
Chamilus Santos
Chamilus Santos 4 kun oldin
i have a feeling that galaxy F mau be galaxy note 10🤔
Michel Bruns
Michel Bruns 4 kun oldin
everyday on this stupid scam channel a new leak another new leak oh... another new leak
Raj xD
Raj xD 4 kun oldin
Ed Dorvil
Ed Dorvil 4 kun oldin
1:19 end of the what?
ziggyzaggy Akerejola
Can we have an F in the chat
seeeLAH1 4 kun oldin
cant wait till upgrade my plan for this :D
Urboyb 4 kun oldin
the only reason besides price i wouldnt get it is because it is a first generation product
Magic Mike
Magic Mike 4 kun oldin
There might be a 5000mah battery in the S10 plus they said.
Cookie Run Elijah
Cookie Run Elijah 38 daqiqa oldin
Well thats for the 5g version
The Movie Man
The Movie Man 4 kun oldin
Its Time To Say Goodbye To Apple.
DarkZerol 4 kun oldin
Galaxy F&#k
chinglin30 5 kun oldin
I'm fine with my note 9 lmao
David Montero
David Montero 5 kun oldin
Rip solid otter box cases
keith lee
keith lee 5 kun oldin
Software Experience can be more important the form factor... I am looking forward to seeing it more than S10.. looks like we have to wait way after S10 comes out..
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 5 kun oldin
How long would it take for all of the galaxy note 9 to get the 1 ui
MJYB _100
MJYB _100 5 kun oldin
I’m just concerned about how case manufacturers will handle the foldable device.
Selina Sitole
Selina Sitole 2 kun oldin
Me too but come thunder,come rain ,I am going to get it
James A
James A 5 kun oldin
Samsung Galaxy F U
shogrran 5 kun oldin
Apple 2019: "Who needs a folding LCD?" Apple 2020: "We've innovated a folding iphone. It can fold into a paper airplan and we've called it iphone air."
kevin clayton
kevin clayton 5 kun oldin
I'm still waiting in the NOTE10..I didn't upgrade last year so I'm excited .but the Samsung x looks GOOD
jadon sesay
jadon sesay 5 kun oldin
i dont want it
Danny 5 kun oldin
Big respect to Samsung for sticking with Bixby and trying to improve it.
Blessindisguise 5 kun oldin
I mean it's cool but i just gotta see more and use it. I'll stick with a Note
charles Spurlock
charles Spurlock 5 kun oldin
ZTE & HTC is dead....
McDonald Dumb
McDonald Dumb 5 kun oldin
Samsung is suck
Crypto Jihadi
Crypto Jihadi 5 kun oldin
Glad I got the Note 9. In two years this thing will be polished and cheaper.
iGoD YT 5 kun oldin
No one ui for my s9 yet
Rams Hacks
Rams Hacks 5 kun oldin
Wow your so obsessed with phones that you need to chill and wait till it actually comes out
Brezy Regoreo
Brezy Regoreo 5 kun oldin
Got games?
Heo0 K0jima
Heo0 K0jima 5 kun oldin
I love all these tables rn I want one but I already have phones and tablets
Maks Render
Maks Render 5 kun oldin
Still iPhone X better than this. That weak score really? Buy a real phone not prototype...
Wolfy 5 kun oldin
4gb of ram is enough for the next 4 years
Umbro Khan
Umbro Khan 5 kun oldin
How come you don't make urdu tech video? for people who can't understand English.
PHTX 5 kun oldin
I own both a Samsung tablet and a smartphone, so not very excited. You cannot charge one while using the other with an integrated phone-tablet. Nice to see them innovating though.
Franci2a 5 kun oldin
21:9... that's a crazy and useless resolution for the small phone
ヤガミshin 5 kun oldin
this is phone + tablet
Stefan Alex
Stefan Alex 5 kun oldin
Desenhos HD
Desenhos HD 5 kun oldin
Vai Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
kbizz75 5 kun oldin
What about galaxy M series
Holy Moly
Holy Moly 5 kun oldin
Guys it might be expensive but dont blame samsung plzzzzz because even huawei and oneplus cant make that oled tec and self recover hinge. Its should be expensive for that future technologies.
Wolfielover3874 5 kun oldin
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar 5 kun oldin
Bc tum ne kabi koi fone b dekhaya hai bc sirf videos hi dekha kr views lete ho shame on you😠😠😠😠
sum Gkorng
sum Gkorng 5 kun oldin
You are amazing you promised that when the Samsung galaxy S10 lunch You do a review video right...and can you do a game review for PUBG please😢
J King
J King 5 kun oldin
I'm curious to see what type of phone protection they will come up with for this design. Like cases and screen protectors. Also looking forward to seeing what the hinge will look like as well. I PRAY that it folds completely flat and not with that gap that the renders keep showing...
Dre 5 kun oldin
I hope they improved the English voice to text / command features
Calvin Hart
Calvin Hart 5 kun oldin
*OMG! I am freaking excited*
Allen Sleigh
Allen Sleigh 5 kun oldin
Samsung said folding a screen outward is easy, folding screen inward is much more difficult. So these foldable devices other companies are making doesn’t even compare.
MrJahanGuy 5 kun oldin
The Galaxy F was leaked ever since Samsung got their iconic logo. No seriously, look at the "A" at the logo
YTFanboys2 5 kun oldin
good luck copying apples lineup
cjack202003 5 kun oldin
Fake news. Samsung doesn't have nothing on Apple's foldable iPad.
Lee Upperton
Lee Upperton 5 kun oldin
"super less" lolz
akmal hazim
akmal hazim 5 kun oldin
That chin and forhead is too big when folded
jun casilang
jun casilang 5 kun oldin
Apple will have more features and low prices And Samsung is having a higher price but less features Is becoming reality... So guys keep your galaxy note 9
Bonjie Hoodles
Bonjie Hoodles 5 kun oldin
And now for the bend test...
Ghassan Farooq
Ghassan Farooq 5 kun oldin
How Bout one UI for s8
Francø Tørrēs
Francø Tørrēs 5 kun oldin
And it doesn’t have the ugly thing in the screen that the iPhone X has
Oğuz Mumcu Offical Acount
The powerfull coming phone woow
Qrurie Esp
Qrurie Esp 5 kun oldin
wtf, *but why?*
Im just Average
Im just Average 5 kun oldin
Smart phones have came after in only 10 years. By 2028, mark my words, foldable devices will have come far.