Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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9-Avg, 2018

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Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez Soat oldin
And it’ll never run an up-to-date operating system. Pass.
Jeanne Kathleen Amoroso
Please do a camera comparison with iphone x, pleaaase. 😊
_Bob McCoy
_Bob McCoy 2 soat oldin
Batão D'Almeida
Batão D'Almeida 2 soat oldin
starting to sell out Marques...
GM 79
GM 79 2 soat oldin
Great vid man
Evan 4 soat oldin
Let's just hope it doesn't come with a 'bang'
Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser 5 soat oldin
For me, the Galaxy Note 9 is easily The Phone of 2018
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 5 soat oldin
Could you do a review on the sony xz2 and xz2 compact
DiGiTyDarKMaN 5 soat oldin
Just Pre-ordered this last night. Upgrading from the S8+ which to be honest still works and suits my needs perfectly. I've had no issues with this phone but I'm too tempted to snag the 512GB model of the Note 9.
Devesh Vyas
Devesh Vyas 6 soat oldin
Question for your next Q&A video : Which iphone to buy other than iphone x and why?
kashif mansha
kashif mansha 6 soat oldin
okay cool very cool ..now please cut your nails
TheDEVELOPER 7 soat oldin
I feel like I'm looking at the Pixel2 XL because of the less edges curvature comparing it with the Galaxy Note8
Lucky Here
Lucky Here 7 soat oldin
Technology= Money!........... LOTS OF MONEYYYyyyy!!!!!!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😨😰😂
w35t51d369 7 soat oldin
I'm happy with my iphone 7 :)
OneMinuteFixed 7 soat oldin
Yes but can it run crysis?
Z Talks
Z Talks 8 soat oldin
Sir, Kerala (place in india), is facing huge flood now. Can you please stand with us, Can you please talk about us in your channel. It can help many.
Mas Ia
Mas Ia 8 soat oldin
I guess you will not able to charge it 😅
Mas Ia
Mas Ia 8 soat oldin
Can you connect the new bluetooth spen to the note 8?
Donovan Sharp
Donovan Sharp 9 soat oldin
Lol why do I have an iPhone. I’m coming back Samsung, I’m sorry for ever leaving you
McBastard Tv
McBastard Tv 9 soat oldin
Do you ever cover tablets
Dnyanesh Avhad
Dnyanesh Avhad 9 soat oldin
Who won't to insert MEMORY CARD
Sobi Sobika
Sobi Sobika 9 soat oldin
Should I wait for the 9th gen laptops or go with current available laptops?
Aslam Assain
Aslam Assain 10 soat oldin
512 gb of storage,litterlly made me laugh 😂
Susan Haye
Susan Haye 10 soat oldin
I have a note8 and I thought this was amazing until I saw the 9..im in love 😘😍
Susan Haye
Susan Haye 10 soat oldin
I have a note8 and I thought this was amazing until I saw the 9..im in love 😘😍
Cavid Nagiyev
Cavid Nagiyev 11 soat oldin
I hate big youtube channels saying "let me know in the comments" like he's going to read tens of thousands of comments
bahaa hameed
bahaa hameed 11 soat oldin
Dev 2d: note 9 "over rated !" Mkbhd: note 9 ! "Under rated..." ouch..
Joshua Pack
Joshua Pack 11 soat oldin
I'm getting it! :D
chupacabra20 12 soat oldin
Does it have much bloatware on it?
Ebert Auw Yang
Ebert Auw Yang 12 soat oldin
I barely reach 32gb on my Pixel phone, 512gb?
Anthony Paull
Anthony Paull 13 soat oldin
Just upgraded my plan from my S8+ to the Note 9. Very pumped!
Make iT BiG
Make iT BiG 13 soat oldin
I need your email. I have painted your picture
Patrick van Hugten
Patrick van Hugten 13 soat oldin
Ugly phone
Deny Bluffer
Deny Bluffer 14 soat oldin
Why dont you guys show us the stock walpapers and animation on lockscreen and Aod on Note 9? Are these things present or removed? Everyone shows same in review plz show in depth i luv infinity walpapers nd its efects on lockscreen and Aod thanks is this presentvin note 9 or not?
guess what
guess what 15 soat oldin
watching this on my s2
Clinton Whoo
Clinton Whoo 15 soat oldin
Great review Marques
7evend 16 soat oldin
You didn't mention the stereo speakers
ChaosToTheEnd 16 soat oldin
But super capacitors aren’t batteries.They are capacitors, just more super
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 16 soat oldin
Hey Marques, really curious to know your thoughts on screen protectors. Glass, plastic? Do you use them? Are they necessary?
Rich Gee
Rich Gee 17 soat oldin
I'm sad that the black version doesn't have the yellow s-pen.
Edis Djerlek
Edis Djerlek 17 soat oldin
Shut up and take all my monies Samsung
DropKickedWatermellon 17 soat oldin
8 gb of ram on a phone?
The B
The B 17 soat oldin
512 GB is the way. Other company TAKE NOTE
Rawies Jurawan
Rawies Jurawan 18 soat oldin
If that is zo damm good phone! Than use ist for a 1 year as your daily driver
Kunwar RajDev Singh
Kunwar RajDev Singh 18 soat oldin
Hey MKBHD i m huge fan of your videos m from india your videos are my fav stuffs on youtube keep making cool stuff like this being a tech lover you just give a new wish list to every time i see your videos
Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen 19 soat oldin
Wut? you don't even mention the stereo speakers never seen on notes before.
JoshtheTurtle 20 soat oldin
+ 2 processors
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan 21 soat oldin
Already on pre order. AT&T BOGO with free headphones for each phone.
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 21 soat oldin
I always enjoy watching your videos
LostWonGaming 21 soat oldin
Not sure why no one has noticed or mentioned the fact that the Note 9 has larger bezels than the Note 8 and the S9 plus.
Eric N
Eric N 21 soat oldin
"Assuming it doesn't explode." This line made me smile. +1
عبدالرحمن نبيه
ولا اي اندهاش - Not even a little bit amazed
RojasTKD7 22 soat oldin
I don't understand the it's the same as last year argument. Yeah it's a similar design to last years Note 8. So what, it a nice design. Other have given us newer designs this year and we've gotten notches and missing headphone jacks. Kudos to Samsung for not giving us a notch and sticking with the headphone jack. I just wish and hope we can get these devices for less than a $1000!
♠Ripley♠ 23 soat oldin
My laste note was a note 3, so yea, it's a significant upgrade.
victor davou
victor davou 23 soat oldin
Great Phone! Samsung has finally won the war.
Suleman Rahman
Suleman Rahman 23 soat oldin
The only balanced review out there. Please do one for the new galaxy watch !!
WhiteWi 23 soat oldin
Ryan Harrison
Ryan Harrison Kun oldin
pause 2:01 DAME TU COSITA
Jame Smith
Jame Smith Kun oldin
Absolutely my next phone switching from S7 Edge.
Edwin Gary
Edwin Gary Kun oldin
I can't wait for the 24th to get my hands on the Note 9. I've been very happy with my Note 8 and the 9 is even more impressive.
wj P
wj P Kun oldin
samsung fan boy , i would not advise anyone with a note 8 to upgrade to this phone ,
Chris B
Chris B 8 soat oldin
I also have the Note 8. Why do you think it's not worth upgrading? Still have my note 4 too!
Karrar Haidar
Karrar Haidar Kun oldin
I watched this video with my note 9 I am from Iraq and I get it yesterday after 6 days from the official announcement
tings Kun oldin
I’m sorry but that lavender colour is grim af 😩
Trollface Kun oldin
Can you log my epic games account so i can get the galaxy skin?😉🤔
A H Kun oldin
Get this or wait for a phone that supports 5G?
Joao M. Alvarez
Joao M. Alvarez Kun oldin
Ryan Malik
Ryan Malik Kun oldin
OPPO comes up with a similar remote to take pictures and play music when they introduced N1 and N3 back in 2014. but I guess Samsung does it better
Asher Faisal
Asher Faisal Kun oldin
That is so true what he just said about this phone. I first thought that as well that it is just an incremental upgrade but it really is a dream phone covering up pretty much everything.
Main Man
Main Man Kun oldin
Looks like an incremental upgrade to an s8 plus.. i'll pass
BillyDarylle Quilang
Awwww man cant afford it hahaha... Can u give me one🤗
Greg Keane
Greg Keane Kun oldin
sounds like a killer phone...but its samsung...samsung bloatware.
NEKOXP_VG Kun oldin
Fabio Raitz
Fabio Raitz Kun oldin
Now the S Pen can work as a remote detonator.
Giovanni Hernandez
It looks like a great phone the only thing i cant stand is that bixby shit.
Rahul Johnson
Rahul Johnson Kun oldin
Spectacular Video as usual! Also thanks MKBHD for inspiring to start my own tech channel :)
Vignesh Wikie
Vignesh Wikie Kun oldin
Brother u look like younget version of Idris Elba.. Little James bond then😊
Tejas Gole
Tejas Gole Kun oldin
love u
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed Kun oldin
2:04 ... Any lizzza fan😍😍😍😍😍😍?
As times progresses there are only so many things you can do to improve a cellphone.
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza Kun oldin
Plzz made!!! quick hand's on video note 9😉😉😉😉
ema93a Kun oldin
It's not worth spending money on a top of the line smartphone. At the end of the day people use them to waste their time, there aren't many advantages to paying so much more. Mine will cost less than 200€ and it will do everything I want it to do.
Reuben Mort
Reuben Mort Kun oldin
I have been offered this phone as an upgrade deal, they want my old s7 and £43 a month, no upfront fees and i also get 32g data a month. this sounds like a good deal to me, does anyone else think so to??
Uncle Meat
Uncle Meat Kun oldin
"Something you might've thought of like a dream phone a couple years ago" a headphone jack
Francois Blair
Francois Blair Kun oldin
Samsung has done it again
Mykal Monteith
Mykal Monteith Kun oldin
Review the samsung galaxy tab s4
IamAniceGuy Kun oldin
How easy to transfer files between the phone and my PC? This could easily be used as pocket external storage.
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles Kun oldin
great pun at 3:37
neelmani bagaria
did it take about half an hour to film this video? besides that, it pretty much covers everything we need to know about this fine piece of tech. Good job keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
elijah weller
elijah weller Kun oldin
Android pie review????
Tech through Toni
This phone is boring!
Gabriel Accioli
Gabriel Accioli Kun oldin
Best 2018 smartphone.
Tom Blake
Tom Blake Kun oldin
What I don't like is they made it so you have to get the 512GB to get the 8GB of RAM. My note 8 already has 6GB of RAM. Samsung made it so to get more RAM than previous model you have to get the higher tier. I don't agree with that at all and will NOT fall victim to it. BASE model should have all better specs than a previous year. Couple this with the fact that my Note 8 has cracks on the back which, even though they don't affect a single feature or function on the phone, affect my trade-in value just as much as if cracks were on the front making the phone almost unusable. Yes I am bitter about this, cracks on the back are NOTHING like cracks on the front yet are treated as just as devastating to value. This all adds up to a position where I do not see the value in upgrading, and conversely a trade-in wouldn't value my phone enough either.
J- way180
J- way180 Kun oldin
Fix your audio. To much SSSSSS SSSTTTT.
Ramit Dutta
Ramit Dutta Kun oldin
This is what a Note actually should be...unlike other OEMs...its more than just a pro variant of S9+
Aasil Afridi
Aasil Afridi Kun oldin
Best phone of 2017: Note 8 Best phone of 2018: Note 9
The Kid Fisherman
Stop making fake iPhones
Dre TrunkSlump Drizzah
Definitely my next phone!!!
Gerardo Kun oldin
Love this phone
Dejan Medakovic
Dejan Medakovic Kun oldin
Cant wait for mine to be shipped to me 24th August. My LG G5 is moving to a retirement home.
The Storm
The Storm Kun oldin
You say all Android phones are "underrated".
6 kun oldin