Samsung Galaxy S10 - 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!

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Its time to review Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 10 Mind blowing features that might make you wait for it. Beyond Galaxy is coming.
Galaxy S10 Concept: uzvid.com/video/video-J20prAzGApE.html&t=5s
S10 Plus, S10 Lite & S10 Render by: twitter.com/WaqarKhanHD
NEW Samsung RAM - news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-announces-industrys-first-8gb-lpddr5-dram-for-5g-and-ai-powered-mobile-applications
Galaxy S10 Lite, S10 & S10 Plus KGI - www.macrumors.com/2018/03/15/galaxy-s10-face-id-rumor/
Unbreakable Galaxy S10 display - www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=www.forbes.com/sites/marcochiappetta/2018/07/30/samsungs-upcoming-flexible-oled-panel-is-unbreakable-according-to-ul/&refURL=&referrer=
Galaxy S10 New Amoled Effect - www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Anti-SDE-AMOLED-Galaxy-VR-S10-screen-door_id106430
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12-Avg, 2018

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Sunday James
Sunday James 4 soat oldin
When is it coming out
William Knipp
William Knipp Kun oldin
I am very excited to switch back from my current IPhone 6s
BBS 01
BBS 01 2 kun oldin
goodbye apple..
Nigel John
Nigel John 2 kun oldin
None of this moves me to buy a new phone,.. all this technology is out there, except the 5G modem.
Chatterbox 97
Chatterbox 97 4 kun oldin
All the dislikes are apple users
T CREED 66 4 kun oldin
Looks like she was using a rubber hammer lol
Devo Ling
Devo Ling 4 kun oldin
Is the display scratch proof?
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen 6 kun oldin
It doesn’t matter, how much Samsung tries to fit their customers to the latest tech, it’s still just... a Samsung... and the rest of the class like Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. There is iPhone, and then there is everyone else.
slatka mala
slatka mala 6 kun oldin
i think the note 9 is better than this one. idk why, but i think so
longduydang dangduylong
noi chung hinh thuc ben ngoia the la tot toi van thich dung sam sung la bieu tuong yeu thich cua toi qua tuyet voi 👏👏👏☝👍💕
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius 8 kun oldin
Nothing he said will be in the phone.
ak pathan vlogs
ak pathan vlogs 9 kun oldin
5G is bad for people health
Manju Nath
Manju Nath 9 kun oldin
Huawei mate 20 pro already has 7nm chip
Dominick Romero
Dominick Romero 10 kun oldin
My Motorola Razor is still crushing it out here
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 13 kun oldin
😍😍😍dang s10
Anthony Baker
Anthony Baker 13 kun oldin
Watching this 01/01/19 on my galaxy s9 plus happy new year
Rock Jackie
Rock Jackie 14 kun oldin
kya mast hai
minniespad 15 kun oldin
We are switching carriers. So I am thinking of buying either the S9, or S10 Depending on the price.
Nuno Alves
Nuno Alves 15 kun oldin
Can you explain to me what is so exciment over new buttons , new câmeras , full screens and the... edge , the unpleasent edge ...wich is so important ..... in few years time , Samsung , Aplle and others will have to get any new big thing to come otherwise they will in big trouble as there will no improvement to make ....
tombell12 15 kun oldin
You know what I'd like to see make an (unlikely) return? A friggin' removable battery!!
Matt Mendez
Matt Mendez 16 kun oldin
Galaxy s 1million, goes in your brain and gives you superpowers
hucen erushad
hucen erushad 16 kun oldin
As a iphone user I'm shocked how far behind we are at
The Hiking Sailor on the AT 2019
Nothing can touch the Huawei Mate Pro 20.
HOLLOWPOINT 760 17 kun oldin
Wow the note 9 just came out this Oct now there talking about a note 10 lol
Shar T
Shar T 18 kun oldin
When will it be on market ? Then I might be able to buy Galaxy s9 in lower price !
tropicthunderbolt 18 kun oldin
U say its unbreakable. Lol. Wtf u think is Guna be's ppls FIRST test. Lol. Trust. If someone gots to shoot it to test it. Itll be shot
jim blair
jim blair 18 kun oldin
Watching this on my S3🐴
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Forrest 19 kun oldin
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Forrest 19 kun oldin
SO is there a cut out for the camera?
Jessica I
Jessica I 19 kun oldin
Sahibzada FARID KHAN
The projector should be installed in the Samsung Galaxy S10
Bianca Gagné
Bianca Gagné 20 kun oldin
Bye bye apple im going Samsung 🙀
tombell12 21 kun oldin
10 MIND BLOWING features & not one of them is a removable battery? Meh...
Dan R
Dan R 22 kun oldin
Nothing is unbreakable.
Filip Holte Olausen
Filip Holte Olausen 22 kun oldin
Why am I looking at this video at Christmas
Robert Small
Robert Small 23 kun oldin
This Apple Vs. Samsung hating is dumb. It's preference - that's all...posted by people not qualified to judge (technically or commercially)
suhash john
suhash john 27 kun oldin
Marlon Rodriguez
Marlon Rodriguez 28 kun oldin
4 figure price tag, dumb mole on the phone (notch), and no headjack. It was nice using your phones Samsung but your not the ONLY phone manufacturer. Remove the headjack or add a notch and it's goodbye for a lot of people and the price tag hitting $1300 like Red Dragon which is a big paper weight, you can keep it. All smartphone do the same sh** now. You've been warned. If you don't want to lose revenue like the Note 7, don't add a notch, do not remove the headjack and keep it under a four figure price tag. Your consumers are not getting job pay increases to be asking for more money to buy another phone that does exactly what the previous model does.
B 2
B 2 28 kun oldin
But Apple is bring out a Brown IPhone. The First Ever Brown phone, with 3G or is that 3G of Ram. Nobody knows. The screen is to go like the head phone jack...the new 2019 iPhone to be inserted. It’s only what I have heard.
Gary Z
Gary Z 29 kun oldin
unbreakable does not equal unscratchable. plastic is more flexible but much softer than glass and I think we'll see it getting more scratches than a glass panel.
Timothy Jefferson
Timothy Jefferson 29 kun oldin
Ummmm...... did Samsung just copy the LG V40.
biniam mersha
biniam mersha Oy oldin
Guess will buy it cheap by the time they release S 11
Alex Musadin
Alex Musadin Oy oldin
Big Toe
Big Toe Oy oldin
Removable battery!!! I want to be able to replace the old shotty one.
** **
** ** Oy oldin
That s10 thing going to slowly die after 3 yrs.....no thank I’m sticking with Xperia.
A55asin PUBG
A55asin PUBG Oy oldin
Philip T
Philip T Oy oldin
Gosh this guys voice is annoying as hell
imthiyas blue
imthiyas blue Oy oldin
In apple you pay for the logo In samsung you pay for the Innovation!!!😘🙂🙂😊😊✌
East Coast
East Coast Oy oldin
Don't trust Indians
M J A Jarri
M J A Jarri Oy oldin
what is vindow ?
Lives Li
Lives Li Oy oldin
The rear camera is arranged horizontally to be the perfect design!
Lives Li
Lives Li Oy oldin
If it is such a design, it will be perfect! Refused Liu Haiping to kill the apple!
RoySamuel Excellent
It been over for iPhone since s8 tbh
Bishan Kumar
Bishan Kumar Oy oldin
Awesomee review brother
KaysianReigns Oy oldin
This might be a stupid question but is 5g safe?
banana mango
banana mango Oy oldin
I like the 10+
warren duke
warren duke Oy oldin
Where are you from? I've never heard an accent like yours.
warren duke
warren duke 27 kun oldin
+Joker 8BP Thanks for sharing that bit. I look forward to more videos. ;)
Kris Hawkins
Kris Hawkins Oy oldin
Please tell me that the speaker system is going to be better. Maybe a version like the HTC I hope instead of a little speaker at the bottom that I have to cup my hand to hear.
Dragos Verdes
Dragos Verdes Oy oldin
Man you gotta take another tones for speaking. You really really sound like a robot ... pfff you are so boring.
Joshua Duca
Joshua Duca Oy oldin
the final design of Samsung s10
Evan Sawyers
Evan Sawyers Oy oldin
Hi... What do we know about the Mah battery size and life if anything? Otherwise, great video! Mind blasting!!! :)
Sinanga Karen
Sinanga Karen Oy oldin
Is there a way of getting this phone without using money 😅😅😅some of us don't have body parts to sell again 😂
maor vaknin
maor vaknin Oy oldin
I am from Israel 😂
Brilliant Musawenkosi Nala Gwija
Wonderful Galaxy S10 Lite
Chee hwee Ong
Chee hwee Ong Oy oldin
I cant wait for s 10 !,
Emanuel Ortiz
Emanuel Ortiz Oy oldin
4K display? So.....1 hour screen time?
Richard Ward
Richard Ward Oy oldin
Forget the s10 lite waste of time. Don't need 3 different models on offer
Clifford Lewis
Any news when the S 10+Will be launched in the UK and how much please so i can start saving thanks
Raymond Mathews
How much will the 10 &10x cost?? Do you know?
Carlos Estevan
Hopefully this camera good on Snapchat pics and Instagram stories
Andrew Uchiha
Andrew Uchiha Oy oldin
Never thought I'd hear the word chin so much in a video about a phone lol
Saw Rose
Saw Rose Oy oldin
I am waiting for this phone .now I am using iPhone x but I like samsung
Aulie Media
Aulie Media Oy oldin
Mind not blown
Stewart Sanders
I'm English but I never understood a single word this guy said 🤔
Lord Karnage BB
My only question is what universe do we need a 4k display? The screens tiny so like its gonna matter or we will have any 4k content to watch 😂
Britni Fagan
Britni Fagan Oy oldin
I knew I was smart in waiting to upgrade my s8+ I will definitely be getting the 10+ once it's released
Ya know what who else use win 10 I have win 10 and compared to Mac os it looks so trash Microsoft needs to make win 10 look better lol instead of transparency we need glass and more costimization who agrees with me leave a like
1990 Steven Segal Wrist Control
Dude sounds like Walter Jr from breaking bad lmfao
Nicki eh ah
Nicki eh ah Oy oldin
Watching off my Note 8. Contract ending soon will get the Note 9 or S10... android for life. I left apple when steve jobs died.
Novel Martinez
so does this mean, that the days of vertical recorded videos will be over soon?
TYTY Oy oldin
Huawei Better 😐
Abner777 Oy oldin
The Nubia X already made some of these features, Samsung is late, uzvid.com/video/video-hcDrGYyemDw.html
Abner777 Oy oldin
The Nubia X already is frameless with a rear screen for selfies, and the Honor Magic 2 also did it already with the phone sliding to reveal a front facing camera, samsung is late.
Angel Oy oldin
I still love note 9... ❤ I'm getting it for my birthday
Sugar T James
Sugar T James Oy oldin
It's the S10 or the S10+ for me🎉🎉🎉
Tristin Barnes
Dude I'm not ready for the Note 10 or S10 because I just got my Note 9 three weeks ago, Samsung needs to slow down, this is also one of the reasons they have made mistakes In the past, they need to take their time, let everyone experience the phones they buy before the new one comes out
DankStorm.com Oy oldin
Samsung s10 will be the very first phone to have a 7nm processor. WRONG. Huawei mate20 is already using a 7nm system
Hexagram 47
Hexagram 47 Oy oldin
I first thought that you were mimicking Trump! :\ sorry
AAA OB Oy oldin
5G causes cancer !! radiation is too high
Nirav Bhavsar
Nirav Bhavsar Oy oldin
These r all marketing fundas. Even if they say unbreakable but if something happens they will have plenty of excuses to make you full. Service after sales sucks for samsung. They don't care after sales and all your spending on that device gone.
Heer Ollie
Heer Ollie Oy oldin
Can we get a phone without a curved screen? preferably a plus?
XSilver21X Oy oldin
This legit cancelled my order for a black friday samsung s9 phone.
Natasha Kizzy
Natasha Kizzy Oy oldin
Waiting for Samsung 2000
Jaya J
Jaya J Oy oldin
hell i remember using my computer on a 256 mb ram.. oh hell Moore's law
Yasir Arif
Yasir Arif Oy oldin
I am watching this on my S8 plus 😂
Shad GotEm
Shad GotEm Oy oldin
Ps2 games should be super playable.
Mahakaal Oy oldin
Will it have a headphone jack?
tony zamora
tony zamora Oy oldin
So all these years using glass now they decide to use plastic.😏 I could have told them that. The first time I dropped mine from 2 feet off the ground shit broke.
JMD535 Oy oldin
LOL! Luv that Dockers commercial! LOL!!!
jack chuah
jack chuah Oy oldin
If that's true, how much will be the price?