Samsung Galaxy S10 - IT'S OFFICIAL!!!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Official Teaser, 5G Galaxy S10 Plus Specs, Galaxy F Foldable Phone Showcase & Final Specs! S10 Family & Galaxy F all in one event. The madness is officially upon us.
source: www.galaxyclub.nl/nieuws/accu-specs-samsung-galaxy-fold-galaxy-s10-5g
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11-Yan, 2019

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 671
Siete7seven 3 daqiqa oldin
Awesome new phone from SenSeng
plmoknty 41 daqiqa oldin
What is Apple coming up with while Samsung is coming up with folding phones
Piotr Bieniek
Piotr Bieniek 52 daqiqa oldin
@ 35secons ...Everything we need from Senseng? Wtf
John t
John t Soat oldin
The only time I've used my selfie cam is when I hit it by accident once...
PinkCloud 420Gaming
PinkCloud 420Gaming 2 soat oldin
*Samsung is garbage anyways*
proud_aviation yt
proud_aviation yt 2 soat oldin
Dang it also one we away from my birthday too
Wyatt Shepard
Wyatt Shepard 3 soat oldin
It’s still got an ugly chin unlike me apple so it’s trash
Blueglue. us
Blueglue. us 3 soat oldin
What about the headset jack? Is it still there?
Jeffery Chai
Jeffery Chai 4 soat oldin
Only Samsung? Nonono. There have been already two phone on the market that have a hole on the screen.
taehustla 4 soat oldin
So there is going to be a either a permanent black OVAL or a CIRCLE on the corner of the display on the screen inside the bezel? That seems annoying not innovative.
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 4 soat oldin
Clickbait as always.
Steven Woods
Steven Woods 5 soat oldin
It’s a tease of the foldable display
Salih Mahmud
Salih Mahmud 5 soat oldin
My iPhone 5 has a broken home button and I cannot survive without my phone 📱
xxsoundwave83xx 6 soat oldin
Jeez can we get rid of those stupid freaking selfie cams in the front God that looks horrible
Roger smith
Roger smith 6 soat oldin
one hole is ok but two its ugly af
Motor Sportz
Motor Sportz 6 soat oldin
Enough with notches, holes in displays. Im not buy them. ONE of these manufactures can make a phone without a camera and it will sell like crazy. They are serious about watching us. Figure it out ZOMBIES.
Jimmy Dank
Jimmy Dank 7 soat oldin
Quit talking in monotone.
man_its_edmond 7 soat oldin
Coming hard for apple
N G 8 soat oldin
It’s official, in 1 more month it will be official. Thanks for nothing
UnicornGuy 8 soat oldin
The front camera on this phone is actually very intrusive, I prefer the OnePlus 6t small notch design, as it is about the same size as the S10 front camera, and is far less intrusive.
J cruz
J cruz 9 soat oldin
Man I hope this doesn't burn my wallet
nickademas 11 soat oldin
If they turn the 10 to an X they may as well add an E
William Knipp
William Knipp 11 soat oldin
Why can’t apple come up with new ideas like Samsung?
Jgwell Banda
Jgwell Banda 11 soat oldin
Suddenly S20 and S20+ appear Out of nowhere
Giorgos Lenovo
Giorgos Lenovo 11 soat oldin
I just buy s9
Lay's Animations
Lay's Animations 11 soat oldin
Wadu_Shekt 12 soat oldin
there could be 4 models, alright but could it be a new Galaxy X? so that the S franchise will be X for the future? like X, X2, X3, etc...
shahzad bukhari
shahzad bukhari 12 soat oldin
is 5g model come in pakistan plz tell me bro
MajorrBison 12 soat oldin
Worst design ever, two front facing camera in the screen is just coocoo!
Stephen Amaza
Stephen Amaza 12 soat oldin
alexander miller
alexander miller 13 soat oldin
yes love it very holy phone
No Fix
No Fix 13 soat oldin
I'm waiting for the Galaxy S20++++.
Thee Black Ant
Thee Black Ant 13 soat oldin
Where did you get that Spider-Man screensaver from? Because I did not see it in this video
Samir thatboss
Samir thatboss 14 soat oldin
**Apple is crying**
Samir thatboss
Samir thatboss 14 soat oldin
*Apple left the chat*
jakelxxx 14 soat oldin
Just bought a note 9 last week because I broke my s8 plus I was trying to hold out for the 10
diptrollmatic relations
holding out for the galaxy F
Olivier Sebastian
Olivier Sebastian 15 soat oldin
id rather pick huawei nova 4i..samsung is so expensive
Fat Loser
Fat Loser 15 soat oldin
Do you even breathe? you talk nonstop
portedbikes 16 soat oldin
Battery capacity pretty much sucks in all models except the S10 5G... Samsung needs to give us a graphene battery if it going to be so small... under 4000mAh is no good anymore... specially when they are not removable and their last phone had a 4000 mAh battery... they kind of set the bar... and it better have a headphone jack as well.
Steph MacCormick
Steph MacCormick 16 soat oldin
Are you imitating Trump?
Cryptic Wintermoon
Cryptic Wintermoon 16 soat oldin
What the FUCK is happening to phones. Why didn't they just put the selfie camera on the centre of the screen because who needs the screen anyways.
Marc John
Marc John 16 soat oldin
Laslow mocking voice
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 19 soat oldin
I love Samsung but what on earth does four cameras do that two won't?
Gaurav Mishra
Gaurav Mishra 19 soat oldin
6 min video for samshit video, aint got tie for that... p.s. apple fan boy 😏
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 19 soat oldin
+Gaurav Mishra axing? What is axing?
Gaurav Mishra
Gaurav Mishra 19 soat oldin
Or maybe I am mad coz Apple is axing itself .!!
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 19 soat oldin
I think you're just mad that apple is dying.
Mostwanted 20 soat oldin
Camera better be hidden on the side and not a hole
Adi R
Adi R 20 soat oldin
It's throwing me off a bit with the front cameras showing in screen. What's the point of having bezel less when it comprises the screen visually. Will have to check in stores. Coming from S8+
Bob Oznek
Bob Oznek 21 soat oldin
a long awaited upgrade from my ancient s6 edge
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 19 soat oldin
Yeah I wonder if I should've waited next year to upgrade. But I got a good deal on the S9+ so I bought it. I don't think I can afford that 5g one anyway 😂
bliglum 22 soat oldin
Eww. Think I'd actually rather have a notch than this camera pimple thing Sammy's going with... Guess I'll just stick with my S9
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 18 soat oldin
I'm using my S9+ as long as I can. As much as these new phones are awesome, my wallet will suffer greatly If I get em.
vacationboyvideos 22 soat oldin
I'll pay cash for it but best buy don't like cash
Leeheang Sun
Leeheang Sun 22 soat oldin
Still using s6 edge...finally gonna upgrade to s10+
trevor brand
trevor brand 22 soat oldin
when you say samsung, it sounds like youre making fun of it
4 k
4 k 22 soat oldin
What a moment to be alive 🔥
Jermaine Reid
Jermaine Reid 23 soat oldin
You sound like a weirdo
Veronica 23 soat oldin
With all of these options.This means that the S10 plus will be more expensive than the S9 plus. I think I'll keep my purple S9 plus for now. I'll probably upgrade when the S12 plus comes out. Lol
Ralph Kowalski
Ralph Kowalski 23 soat oldin
I always wanted Galaxy to make a phone with 5000 milliamp battery I have a small business I'm on the phone a lot and that means the world to me to have a battery that's huge
Laur_ Wolf_XD
Laur_ Wolf_XD Kun oldin
Watching on S10 Special Edge +
Just a little YouTube Channel
SupImDin Kun oldin
Tbh it's bothering how he says MAH
Ghost Rider Whip
I'm waiting for Note 10
Shamera Grace Baylon
lol hahaha i thought i was wrong but it was actually pewds. haha oopsie
William Knipp
William Knipp Kun oldin
I’m so pumped to see these phones.....leaving iphone for sure!
Ali Atis
Ali Atis Kun oldin
you sound like donald trump
Certified Fresh
Certified Fresh Kun oldin
Put the camera in the middle!
Ross Carlson
Ross Carlson Kun oldin
Impressive that you turned absolutely nothing into a nearly 7 minute video.
Adam Nowak
Adam Nowak Kun oldin
Don't be offended, but your intonation is so close to Donald Trump's...
icervoid Kun oldin
This idea with 2 or more cameras looks bad because i want a 50MP instead four 12MP
Jim Kun oldin
Sorry but you just can't hide how indian you sound
Kristijonas PLU
Kristijonas PLU Kun oldin
your voice is annoying..
Goofyattack Kun oldin
Cant wait to upgrade from my note 8 to note 10
pinchechongote Kun oldin
Why is no one flipping out over 5 g? It's gonna fry our brains
something else
something else Kun oldin
Who cares about Samsung when we have Oneplus, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat Kun oldin
An infinity hole might not be perfect, but it's 100x better than an ugly notch
New Blast
New Blast Kun oldin
Heard the smasung s10+ could have 1tb storage would be perfect with 6.1 inch screen at I believe bigger
Hunter_ NX
Hunter_ NX Kun oldin
I'm si exited. But I bought a S9+ in 2018 so I won't be able to buy the S10...
Mr fariD
Mr fariD 21 soat oldin
same lol
Haseeb Khan
Haseeb Khan Kun oldin
dave comish
dave comish Kun oldin
I don't understand why Samsung has got a hole cut out for the camera when they have the screen Tec to hide it under the screen and for that part of the screen to turn off to show the camera when you use the selfie camera then that part of the screen turn back on when the camera isn't in use. I'll skip this one aswell then lol I got the s8 and this is a good enough phone for me for now
Sebi Kun oldin
Finally a company that knows how to count.
The Green Avenger X1
Galaxy S10 Lite is for me, and not because of price.... been wanting them to offer a flat screen again
RoCk-N-PaRtY Kun oldin
Dat chin doe
tripas421 Kun oldin
Im a big galaxy fan but I hate that hole :( And for this reason I am not buying :(
_WonderWoman_ Kun oldin
S10 eğer ucuz olursa alırım ama yoksa S9+ alıcağım ve S13 veya S14 ü bekleyeceğim 😊😊
Naroth Bo
Naroth Bo Kun oldin
He said like it is official but actually it is all leak. Big liar here.
Boris Marosinac
Boris Marosinac Kun oldin
the point of this cancer video escapes me entirely.
Silent Jay
Silent Jay Kun oldin
Well February 20th is my birthday! so I guess I’ll have something to watch on that day
Zodinpuia Caprio
don't take this channel serious uploaded many fake videos just for views
Just tell me how many times this 'official' is going to be official.🐯
Aldrei Manalo
Aldrei Manalo Kun oldin
you sound like a robot lmao
Zaltic Kun oldin
And I thought I was cool with the s9
Shuvam Kun oldin
Can someone send me link to the spiderman wallpaper shown in the start..Want it for my N9..thanks
Benjamin Zhang
Benjamin Zhang Kun oldin
The infinity hole is also on some of the latest huawei and lg phones
SAsukeXD Kun oldin
meanwhile iam watching this on my samsung galaxy s3 :)
Bhanu Prakash
Bhanu Prakash Kun oldin
But still my note8 is better than many self-proclaimed phones
Lenny Reiher
Lenny Reiher Kun oldin
Was ein scheiss Dialekt. Ich will was über das s10 / s10plus wissen und nicht über andere scheiss handys von samsung
The Fight Stop
The Fight Stop Kun oldin
It's not an "O" it's a Zero.
akali's ramen
akali's ramen Kun oldin
nice so the s9 will drop and i can sell my s8 and buy the s7
AmpEdition Kun oldin
Note 10 all day long 😎
matelslug1 Kun oldin
u need DayQuil and NyQuil asap buddy..forget the youtube...damn that voice...
Penn FISHING Kun oldin
Watching this video on my Galaxy s10 😂 got it in Korea that works inside Samsung 😂
Flores Kun oldin
Might switch from my Iphone X to samsung
Alphonsus Ho
Alphonsus Ho Kun oldin
It's amazin that just 3 years ago, 5.5" was considered a Phablet, now 5.8-6.2" screens are the norm