Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus "Real Review"

Flossy Carter
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus "Real Review"
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15-Mar, 2019



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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Oy oldin
#Squad Roll Call
James Robinson
James Robinson 8 kun oldin
And I have another question Who on Earth is stupid enough to buy $1,000 phone and not have a cell phone case on it if you have a cell phone case you don't have to worry about accidentally touching the screen amazing I will say that's owner-operated problem not the cell phone. I've never had that problem
James Robinson
James Robinson 8 kun oldin
The problem with any review is how well the operator is on working the phone. I mean I pause the TV when you went into complaining about that you can no longer control your TV that's absolutely wrong that is a false review and a false claim. This tells me your review is a complaint about its owner being you not knowing how to operate your phone that is not the phone's fault that is your fault.
James Robinson
James Robinson 8 kun oldin
Every phone has different features the Galaxy S Series has never had a notification LED the Galaxy no may have never owned one. As far as controlling your TV that's actually pretty damn easy with the Galaxy S10 as it controls it through the Wi-Fi almost every TV has a Wi-Fi signal to it now adays. I control my TV with my Galaxy S10 Plus and my friend controls his with his Galaxy S10
KAus 20 kun oldin
All the way up in Canada, when I roll in the ambulance at work, I play your vids, Floss. Lovin' the real reviews.
Roberto Villani
Roberto Villani Soat oldin
i could listen to floss all day long Keep rolling bro!💪🏾
Acaman 12 soat oldin
I think the honor v20 is much better for it's price. I just had to see your reviews to be sure. It's just as fast, camera is almost as good (no wide-lens but still) and screen is not bad at all. I'm all about that value for money game. I'm not hating or anything. On the side note I'm pretty impressed by the iphone's stabilization, it certainly is the best right now. Much love from Greece Floss, keep doing what you do!
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 9 soat oldin
It's definitely a great deal. You should also look at the P30 series
Acaman 10 soat oldin
+Flossy Carter I'll have to believe you bro, you used all of these devices yourself after all. My point was, honor v20 seems like a good deal for it's price, since it is 450 atm.
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 10 soat oldin
Unfortunately the camera on the Honor isn't almost as good, it's not even close bro lol. These cameras are Wayyyy better
Riley Stuart
Riley Stuart 18 soat oldin
Hey man new to the channel. Nice review! Subbed and liked. By the way, sick you like SFV!
Isaiah Cervantes
Isaiah Cervantes 22 soat oldin
I love having an IR blaster
richard rohloff
richard rohloff 23 soat oldin
This over the 10smax as well?
KJ Kun oldin
Daaamn a 50 minite vid. What a legend
Gold Expert
Gold Expert Kun oldin
What if i have a LG G6 ? Lol
Jaqavion Keen
Jaqavion Keen 2 kun oldin
Do you still want the Samsung
TheBay'sFinest 2 kun oldin
Yo floss, S10 plus or Note 9??
Nick 2 kun oldin
I got the same one as you S10+ Prism White last Saturday and I am really liking it, great upgrade from my S9+
Aiden Yi
Aiden Yi 3 kun oldin
Take the freaking s10 off the screen we want white shoes😍
Darius Hill
Darius Hill 3 kun oldin
The notification light isn't a big deal. Just turn on notification reminders in the accessibility settings
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 3 kun oldin
Darius Hill lol that has nothing to do with a Notification LED, when your phone is on a wireless desktop charger on vibrate, how's that gonna help😂 Plus a Notification LED serves more purpose than just reminders😎 The whole point of a Notification LED is to SEE it, and change the colors for different notifications.
Darius Hill
Darius Hill 3 kun oldin
+Flossy Carter go to accessibility then advanced settings you'll see it
Darius Hill
Darius Hill 3 kun oldin
+Flossy Carter no I'm not referring to the notification flash. I'm talking about the notification reminders it's to different things. The reminders just vibrates the phone, or it even plays a tone ever few minutes or however often you want it to go off
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 3 kun oldin
That's not a substitute for having a Notification LED, first of all it's on the back of the phone, and secondly it's using the cameras flash so it doesn't change colors.
Lokki Quinones
Lokki Quinones 3 kun oldin
“Ima try to make this video as quick as I can” Video is 50minutes long
ItsUrGrlKendall 4 kun oldin
I loved my note 9 and miss it. I'm on the Google pixel 3 xl right now and can't decide if I want to get the S10+ or wait for the note 10.
Eddy Jin
Eddy Jin 4 kun oldin
Samsung! I need u to calm down. Damn it floss. I almost just died right now. You almost killed me with that one. Hahahahahah
Ali DIOP 5 kun oldin
Flossy as efficient and real as usual. No more white cables, irblaster and much more for 1000 bucks...you are damn right...
Monte Carlos
Monte Carlos 6 kun oldin
Shout out to white shoes lmao
FF Animal
FF Animal 6 kun oldin
If y'all tired of not having the xvideos app, headphone Jack or split screen multitasking... come over to ANDROID.
Gleinnica Garry Peter
Purrrr.. Purrrrr. Purrrr..
netik 6 kun oldin
What about the LDAC ? You never talk about the sound specs, G
Odiseas Collaku
Odiseas Collaku 6 kun oldin
You are the best but you have just one problem you unbox every phone very fast like very fast .
darko pašalić
darko pašalić 6 kun oldin
flossy you coplicated what you need power button fast you have double tap towake and start phone
Chloe Young
Chloe Young 6 kun oldin
Purrr purrr purrr purrr
Dre 6 kun oldin
Samsung can you a PLEASE bring back the Ion blaster & design the back of the phones like some of your competitors
LBee 6 kun oldin
Samsung fixed the Multi-window with the Good Lock app from the Samsung app store. It also has a notification light activation around the cutout feature, plus a screen recording feature...
Thanks for the review boss. New to the channel, dope dope! Recommended screen protector please boss. Thanks
Muji Africa
Muji Africa 7 kun oldin
I like the clean look of just the time date and notifications, other than that i dont like the little picture
anara roberts
anara roberts 7 kun oldin
Floss sounded like he was so disappointed in Samsung
Ryan Deery
Ryan Deery 7 kun oldin
Forever the review I look forward too. Honest straight up facts. Giggidy !!!
James Breach
James Breach 8 kun oldin
Imagin if you could customise *your own phone* like battery size camera quality and features like face unlock or a fingerprint scanner and how high screen resolution *you* want
Millionaire 8 kun oldin
I love the video at the end
James Robinson
James Robinson 8 kun oldin
Every phone has different features the Galaxy S Series has never had a notification LED the Galaxy no may have never owned one.
Kijjjy 8 kun oldin
Hahaha I'm a 6'3 250 pound dude and I was pissed I couldn't get flamingo pink 😂
Kijjjy 8 kun oldin
Ps. Nice ///M brother
Roland Harper
Roland Harper 9 kun oldin
Bring back the IR blaster
νση ʀєνєʀє
Where you get the dope live wallpaper
Jorgo Simonidhi
Jorgo Simonidhi 9 kun oldin
You're honestly the only tech UZvidr who can post a 50 minute video and I can watch it entirely Edit: without even skipping
Ralph noel
Ralph noel 9 kun oldin
I'm deleting all the other reviewers I follow.
Idris Hussain
Idris Hussain 6 kun oldin
No doubt , but there are some handful great ones also
Michael Artis
Michael Artis 9 kun oldin
I’m with you 100% on the IR blaster. It’s the reason I still keep my LG V20. I need it to turn my TV off when my kids lose the universal remote. Lack of an IR blaster is the one thing that pisses me off about my Note 9.
Erik Romero
Erik Romero 9 kun oldin
Heard that Samsung might come out with an update that lets you use the light around the camera as a LED notification. Right now I'm using an app that uses the camera light as a battery indicator
Evron Anthony
Evron Anthony 9 kun oldin
Same here hope they make that update happen soon
Chanse Ormon
Chanse Ormon 9 kun oldin
The Moto Z3 Play is $500 it’s half the price of the iPhone and it has excellent battery life Apple if you’re listening please put a 4500mah battery in the next iPhone
Brad Jones
Brad Jones 10 kun oldin
The Tony Soprano at the end was hilarious. We need more of that. That was dope 👌🏼🤣👏🏻
Javier Badillo
Javier Badillo 10 kun oldin
I had to stopped helping old ladies cross the street just to watch this video. Giggity
CLKenrick 10 kun oldin
Sounds like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be a flop if they cut out facial Security features.
Jonathan Koons
Jonathan Koons 10 kun oldin
Tbh the price is pretty realistic, it has twice the storage of the XS Max and is only $150 more, the 512gb is $100 less than the XS Max at 512gb. And most people will get the 128gb which is twice the storage for and $100 less than the 64gb max and $250 less than the 256gb
Jonathan Koons
Jonathan Koons 10 kun oldin
And we had to have been expecting the LED to go away if we want all screen phones
Rodriquez j
Rodriquez j 11 kun oldin
I am going to cop one these just off this review alone i just like this phone plus time for a upgrade anyway.....
Israel Reynoso amado
Your wallpaper is dope.
seruhrgebeat 11 kun oldin
I live in Munich Germany...so you know i love your Car, Bro✌️
Overeactive 11 kun oldin
scampbell21 11 kun oldin
I dont like white cables either. That was the first thing I thought about considering switching from my S9 to the 10S or 10E. Also they should've dropped all of the colors. I'm not even sure if you can get the yellow in the US market Samsung. I saw the yellow one on Instagram and was in love, but quickly disappointed. Also why did they get rid of the lilac purple?! Purple is and yellow are my favorite colors and they completely dropped the ball. Anyway, shout out to white shoes!!! She loves that phone lol
Chanse Ormon
Chanse Ormon 11 kun oldin
+Flossy Carter I've had iPhones since the 5S and I also have the Motorola Z3 Play I love both iOS and Android
Alvin Zapata Martinez
Lol I hear White Shoes Purring On The Back It's So Funny 😂😂😂
SiR 12 kun oldin
I need that ceramic back cause I like rockin my phones raw dawg. Cases just ruin the look and feel, giggidy.
Wycliffe Gift
Wycliffe Gift 12 kun oldin
S9 plus Camera Didnt impress Me Especialy The Front Cam.i missed s10 so i wait for Note 10
colonelkfc33 12 kun oldin
So what you're saying about the cables is black don't crack....
DuD3_N0 0
DuD3_N0 0 12 kun oldin
1:41 am 😂😂go to sleep 😴
Nathaniel II
Nathaniel II 12 kun oldin
Thanks for this video. I was caught on the s10 = or the Huawei P30. I think I'll go with the Note 9 or wait for the Note 10.
Vincent Foronda
Vincent Foronda 13 kun oldin
curve display is not very convenient i prefer google pixel 3
Timothy Crowley
Timothy Crowley 13 kun oldin
Far as battery I keep on my power save mode 24/7 for extra life
Timothy Crowley
Timothy Crowley 13 kun oldin
I got GS10+ prism black it came with black charger
Michael A
Michael A 13 kun oldin
With you on the IR blaster. Use it every day on my mate 10 Pro. Actually won't consider buying a phone without one.
B. A.
B. A. 14 kun oldin
i can't understand this video because i don't know English.Should i buy s10 ? please, can you tell me ?
kiannaisntstable 14 kun oldin
I wish I watched this before letting go of my Lavender S9+ I miss it so much IT WAS THE SAME GATDAMB PHONE. 😥😥😥
Hank Wu
Hank Wu 14 kun oldin
Samsung calm down !
Gina R
Gina R 14 kun oldin
If I have a note 5 should I upgrade? Lol
David O
David O 14 kun oldin
I went for the s9 because it was cheaper and the hole punch triggers my ocd because it’s asymmetrical but I still watched this
Cassandra Paul
Cassandra Paul 14 kun oldin
So glad I found your channel. Omg!! Love it!!!
Amir Bello
Amir Bello 15 kun oldin
U pay for all this shit
Thomas McMillan
Thomas McMillan 15 kun oldin
Floss, how do you turn off that notification bubble
abdanev jopa
abdanev jopa 15 kun oldin
White shoes : floss, I need you to calm down
Fran 15 kun oldin
I can hear this guy talk all day. Great review bruh and lovely Shoes. ;3
Usman Shah
Usman Shah 15 kun oldin
Nice review good job bro😍
Usman Shah
Usman Shah 15 kun oldin
Nice video cat vs s10 😍😍
Berna Aksoz
Berna Aksoz 15 kun oldin
could you do it for the samsung s10e as well?
EpicPurpleHavok 12 kun oldin
I think in his S10e unboxing he said he would do a review for it on its own but idk I hope he does it too!
Gillian Pidler
Gillian Pidler 15 kun oldin
No led notification light is a deal breaker for me as I'm deaf & rely on that on my phones. Too many things missing for that kind of dough.
More Life
More Life 15 kun oldin
Pledge Allegiance to the Hotness
KuroTengetsu91 15 kun oldin
Using that light around the camera for the battery would be dope.
KuroTengetsu91 15 kun oldin
Just put an order in for this phone,.can't wait.
Freedom Speaks
Freedom Speaks 15 kun oldin
Heeey white shoes
Mick Carr
Mick Carr 16 kun oldin
your cat has claimed your phone as its own
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 16 kun oldin
Damn glad I just found your videos bro. Just ordered the S10+, and every damn accessory I got is off of your videos! Love the "douche bag" comments, didn't expect that, I died laughing. From NYC myself, actually went to Jamaica HS back in the day. Lived in South Ozone. Everything you say is on point!!
moe v
moe v 16 kun oldin
Good looking floss, I definitely respect your realness keeping it a buck! ... Untill the next time 1
ANDREW Tucci 16 kun oldin
DanEboi 97
DanEboi 97 17 kun oldin
For the curve display problem. I found having a case fixed it. But still, i understand that problem
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 17 kun oldin
I wonder what's floss disability rating..........
Gamer Hudson
Gamer Hudson 17 kun oldin
Wire less ear buds are for suckas
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 17 kun oldin
Suckers don't know that WIRELESS is ONE WORD😂🤦🏾‍♂️ #Fail
Harlemknight32 Tech
Harlemknight32 Tech 17 kun oldin
Floss I know im late notification around the front camera change colors to let you know you have notification..Its call Always on Edge ...Check it out ...I just giving a heads up on the missing notification...
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 17 kun oldin
Ps, that app is pure garbage, barely works
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 17 kun oldin
That's an app, that's not a stock feature bro
Nasser Alwahshi
Nasser Alwahshi 18 kun oldin
should i get a s10 plus or p30 pro?
HD Tech
HD Tech 18 kun oldin
Hey Samsung, We need an IR Blaster in the upcoming Note 10
jack 18 kun oldin
What lock screen animation is that??
OSCAR BADILLO 18 kun oldin
I got glaucoma too homie. Puff puff give....
JayB 18 kun oldin
Flossy can you please do a video of your favorite phone apps. I saw you had an app named Citizen. I love that app it helps alot. Do you recommend any other apps?
Barry Corpuz
Barry Corpuz 18 kun oldin
I love the curve displays of Samsung
Gi Ramona
Gi Ramona 18 kun oldin
1 👍 for white shoes
Tolu Winjobi
Tolu Winjobi 18 kun oldin
Hi. Awesome review, can you please confirm where you got the animated wall paper from? Thanks
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 18 kun oldin
I made it
Akil Jacob
Akil Jacob 18 kun oldin
Thot life folder! lol
Isaac duran
Isaac duran 18 kun oldin
Lmao im dead, that song is golden, "i love my white shoes"
L Gibbo
L Gibbo 19 kun oldin
How’s the speakers compare to the Xs max?
Icha Locita
Icha Locita 19 kun oldin
Your cat's purring is just so beautiful sounds
Chris Philip
Chris Philip 19 kun oldin
Floss if I have a ten S Max should I switch to Samsung I personally want something different going to into the summer and as you know everybody got iPhones
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